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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 17, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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right now dozens of volunteers are searching for a missing nursing student. >> michelle le was last seen in hayward may 27th. searches are going on right now in niles canyon. we want to show you video of sky 7. this is the first of three-day search for le. they have reclassified the case as a murder investigation. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: one of those search teams took off about an hour ago here into niles canyon road. they are looking for something,
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anything to shed light on the disappearance of michelle le but before that crew or any other crew went anywhere, they got a crash course about finding missing persons. >> 70 volunteers turned out this friday morning to learn the basics of searching and apply those lessons to michelle le. she was last seen on may 27th in hayward. some searchers know her from a hospital and others know another way. >> you feel that bond. >> for some volunteers there was no direct connection to michelle le? >> i wanted so see if she is alive. i think the family should know that. >> they are investigating it as an homicide but family members
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aren't look at it that way. this group of volunteers are from orange county in southern california. two months ago they banded together to find joe lee and they found his body on a river bank. >> we wanted closure. we didn't know if he was injured or passed away but being able to find out helped us. >> mark klass brought his organization to help. his daughter was murdered in 1993. >> as soon as we realized that poly had been recovered and she was dead, the fear evaporated and was quite frankly with a lot of anger. >> i just want to see the best. i am hoping we will find her alive. >> this is one day effort, it's
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tomorrow as well as sunday, on to find out more about that, go to and click on see it on tv. we have all the information you need to join in the search. this is situation where a san francisco city worker was shot what may have been a road rage incident. a 42-year-old painter was shot in the shoulder around 8:30 in this morning. there were multiple gun casings scattered on the street. the two city workers were in the truck when they had an altercation with other people in another car and as they drove away somebody in the other car shot at them. police and federal agents are questioning a man that was found in a well known d.c. area landmark with a backpack full of suspicious material. he was discovered inside
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arlington national cemetery. he was american citizen of ethiopian descent. i moneyium nitrate was found in the backpack. sources say pro al-qaeda literature was found inside the car and notebook with taliban rules but at this point he has not been charged. >> police are stepping up patrols and asking neighbors to be on the outlook for anything suspicious after a fifth small fire near an antioch park in the two weeks. it burned a quarter of an acre about 7:30 last night. another fire broke out three hours earlier. the fire last night came dangerously close to homes. they saw kids running away from fires last week. >> the unemployment rate is still falling but so is the number of available jobs.
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california's jobless rate fell to 11.7%. it was 11.8 in the month previously but the employment development department says the state loss 29,000 jobs last month. >> all those lost jobs means that struggling homeowners are trying to find a way to avoid foreclosure but relief is in sight as hundreds of people lined up for free help. this is part of a nationwide effort to help. >> reporter: they are doing this in seven cities on the west coast coast. look at room. it's full of people who want help. they are going to do this for six days, longer than a usual tour. the demand here is high. >> organizers of the dream tour say there really is no reason to
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camp out on the sidewalk to get into the event. the goal is to see everyone during a six-day run in san jose yet the line started forming 15 hours before the door opened. >> i hope it will be worth it. i got here at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we'll see what they can do for us. >> how was night? >> not too bad. all the people are in the same boat. >> he owes $370,000, it's appraised at $176,000. the line is full of stories like this. all these people are here for a chance to reconfigure their home loan for free. alex brought his nine-year-old son. >> when you are in a situation that you are in, what can you do
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>> this is 33rd dream tour that naca has put on. they started these in 2008. >> one i get angry because nobody should have to stay overnight in the cold to get an affordable solution. >> lenders will meet face to face with homeowners and 80 of them will cut their mortgages down by hundreds of dollars within 30 days. but getting the banks here wasn't easy. naca has staged several protests of 2,000 people of storming the corporate offices of chase bank. chase is now here. >> sometimes big men grabbed me and hugged me and those tears streaming down their cheeks, now i can go home and i look my children in the eye and say we
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have a place to live. >> reporter: they will be here through wednesday, full six days longer than a usual tour. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. live in san jose, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news." muni's judah and church lines are back up and running again after a huge mess yesterday. people crowd on the buses when under ground light rail service came to a complete stop yesterday afternoon. a train was damaged overhead equipment and it dragged down 500 feet of wires and pulled down their support. crews worked through the night to make repairs. just ahead, historic road to give same-sex couple more rights. >> and protest by women in one of the largest arab countries. >> and congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords, what her astronaut husband says about his wife's
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historic moment at the united nations. this voted for protection of gay rights. it was the first con condemn nation about discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. it was supported by the european nations and brazil and other
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latin american countries, but islamic nations did not endorse. >> it they are meeting refugees in turkey today. angelina jolie is goodwill ambassador to the united nations. human rights tastes say more than a thousand syrians have been killed in the crackdown. they traveled to tunisia as thousands left libya. >> saudi women are making a bold move in getting behind the wheel. this video shows a woman driving her car through read. they are trying to make a rebellion against the male only driving rules. it follows the nine day did he did tension of a 32-year-old
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saudi woman after she posted her video of her driving. she was released after signing a pledge she would not drive again or speak publicly. >> one of astronaut's husband of gabrielle giffords is talking about it for the first time. giffords left the hospital on wednesday and now living at her husband's home in houston. she has made a remarkable recovery less than six months after she was shot in the head. she will make daily visits to the hospital. the husband mark kelly says gabby was apprehensive at first. >> she was a little bit apprehensive but she was happy to get here. we had a busy lifestyle. different places in any given year she was here very rarely so it's very familiar to her. she is looking forward to getting back to tucson.
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>> doctors say life out of the hospital is a key milestone that could help stimulate her progress. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> looks pretty cool outside. things will change as we head into father's day weekend. beautiful picture up at lake tahoe. we'll have that forecast where temperatures will be mild. big heat wave coming our way. >> and president obama opens up about being a dad just ahead of father's day. how he is preparing for one of his daughters entering the teen years. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat... a question already! my mom says cable can't bundle cell phones. you mean wireless voice service? nobody does that. mom says at&t does, so... uh...uh... [ female announcer ] get more bundle choices than cable.
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if you forgot this sunday is father's day. president obama is reflecting life a father. the president described both malea and younger sister, smart, funny and kind. she credits first lady michelle. malea turns 13 and backs teenager. he is not anticipating mayhem. >> i understand being a teenager is complicated but i should point out i have men with guns
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that surround them often. a great incentive for running for reelection it means they never get in a car with boy that has a beer. that is pretty good thing. >> president also says he may ask other questions. he was quick to say he was just joking. >> we know he was just joking. >> and he gives michelle all the credit. >> i'm going to get in the crossfire here. >> mike is here with the forecast, father's day weekend. >> i think a warming trend or grilling for dad or just leaving him alone whatever he wants on sunday, the honey do list gets
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shelved for one day. we have hazy sunshine but still pollution levels are below anything that would cause a spare the air. let's take a look what it's done compared to 24 hours, breezes and how they dropped our temperatures unless we want to take one more picture as we looking from sutro. everywhere it's cooler except for antioch, one degree warmer and only is exactly the same as yesterday. what are those temperatures, upper 50s around half moon ba and san rafael. upper 50s to low s in the south bay and north bay valleys. 80 in antioch. look to ntmoey bay and inland a lot of cloud cover. sunshine n and near 60 for gilroy and hollister. it will be sunny and cooler than average. more clouds tomorrow morning, even cooler afternoon, probable the coolest day in the forecast. a warmingrend starts on
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father's day. for today, fremont two degrees warmer. san francisco, concord and san jose all about one to three degrees cooler than yesterday. low to mid-80s for most of east bay valleys. mid to upper upper 60s most of the valleys. low to mid-70s in the south bay. even an upper 70 like 78 in los gatos. look at the clouds at the coast. to keep you to near 50 at the coast. mid-70s to low 80s in north bay valleys. low to mid 50s around the monterey bay with mid to upper on 70s inland. bay bridge series over in oakland, 62 degrees tonight you can see the widespread cloud cover, marine layer back temperatures in the low to mid-50s.
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watching an area of low pressure to our southeast and a highs to our west. air flows from high pressure to low pressure, that is why we're getting this cool sea breeze today today and tomorrow. as you head up to the high country, looks like pretty quiet. watch out for the flooding around yosemite. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and tahoe, mid to upper 60s. 2-4 degrees cooler but 4-6 degrees warmer on father's day. new study finds that one out of every four american high school students has a soda every day of the week but only one in ten gets enough exercise. cdc says 12% of high school kids get one hour of exercise per day and girls are less likely than boys. but nearly 25% students drink a
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soda a day and sports drinks and sweetened water it jumps to 75%. coming up, friday's perfect pet. >> mike will be back to introduce us to sock. starting monday on the "700 club" secrets of the supernatural... a woman hopelessly trapped... suddenly lifted by invisible hands. god sent an angel to pull lisa out of that car. a fatal heart
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attack victim. he's dead. he's gone. there's no life in him. returns to life... one hour later. meet these and other ordinary people... touched by the hand of god...
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today at 3:00, an eating disorder. >> and just ahead of father's day at 5:00, michael finney look
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at the most popular gift for dads and then how do you feel about arnold schwarzenegger now. a new pole, people have lost their loved for the former governor. >> friday's perfect pet. >> hello, how are you. >> he very comfortable c sclvtd he is about a year old. he spent most of days in crate but he really likes people. very active name, sock. >> he is cute. >> so he is sweet and loving and
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be a great dog for a family. >> he is part of our small dog, big hearts program which adoption of a dog under hundred dollars. we have a lot of little dogs right now. >> a lot of i washingtons. >> tell me about some of your other programs. >> we have small dog play groups small dog once a week check our website. it's a drop in class. $15 and great way for little dogs socialize. >> and other programs? >> it's all on the website. >> i'll put it on our website on my weather blog. call the san francisco spca if you are interested in sock. they have a lot of small dogs and you get hundred dollars for
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adoption fee. >> little ears. >> thanks for joining us. >> happy father's day to everybody.@
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