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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 23, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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barry bonds legal battle and the steroid scandal takes another turn today. >> a judge gave federal prosecutors more time to decide if bonds is going to face another perjury trial. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us outside federal court in san francisco. amy? >> reporter: cheryl, barry bonds did not comment today but he and his legal team appear anxious to get this over with and be able to move on. that is not going to happen. barry bonds arrived almost an hour before the court hearing started but it lasted only six minutes. the judge came out and said if the prosecutors want more
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time, they should have it. the defense wanted the prosecution to announce today whether they want to retry bonds on the three perjury counts. the jury in april deadlocked over. i thought for a long time and maybe you thought the government has had months to decide whether they intend to retry the counts as to which there was a hung jury. they said in court today if i heard it correctly, they haven't decided. >> bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice and he has asked that conviction be tossed out. prosecutors told the judge it's not sense to believe set retrial date on count tas caused the mistrial until they know whether the convicted counts will be thrown out. the judge agreed. the defense pointed to a federal law that says the defendant has the right to a speedy retrial. >> the judge rule today that the time was excluded at the time the motion was filed until the date of the hearing.
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>> the defense says bonds won't let the setback get to him. >> we said from the beginning that barry has confidence in the system. being vindicated by the system. that hasn't changed. >> so, three-and-a-half years after barry bonds was indict and there are still outstanding issues, whether his conviction will be tossed out and whether he willace a retrial. evyoneill bac i courat t ef aust. liven safransco, am hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. another high-profile baseball player pitching legend roger clemens is getting some ammunition for his defense in the steroid case. federal judge today ordered the authors of the mitchell report on performance enhancing drugs in major league baseball were told to give clemens more of the evidence they used to accuse him of using steroids and human growth hormone. his trial is next month on charges he lied when he denied using drugs. . the drug scandalvoing members of the -- involving members of the contra costa
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enforcement team was back in court today and we found out the explosive charges involving four men selling stolen drug evidence is now the focus of a grand jury investigation. abc7's cecilia vega is in walnut creek with new information. it seems the case is expanding. >> reporter: it does, karina. lawyers for the former officers today are telling us that a grand jury is looking in the allegation that in fact multiple witnesses have recently been subpoenaed to testify. we could see indictment come down as soon as a matter of months, possibly involving more officers. the offices were here in the courthouse today to chance charges of stealing drugs and illegal weapons charges, bribery and conspiracy. christopher butler and former officer lewis lombardi and danville officer stooeb labobi and one head of the cnet team
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norman welsh all entered not guilty pleas. while defense attorneys say they welcome the f.b.i. and the u.s. attorney's office, some predict it could lead to the arrest of more officers. >> the real thrust of the investigation is to look at what if any other police officers are involved here. they want to bet all the facts they have to see how deep this runs in this community. >> i welcome the federal investigation because they will be less committed to a certain position and certain stories that people said or statements made. they will look at it objectively. >> today we learn the list of charge against the officers has grown to include number of new allegations. they uncovered evidence of exchanges of ecstasy pills between the officers. discussions about how to make money in the marijuana business. even the sale of a half-pound of marijuana.
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allegations were discussed publicly some of the offsers may have been involved in operating a brothel. so far there have yet to be charges filed that allegation. the officers will be back in court in october. cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> thank you. later today we learn agreement of a settlement agreement involving bay area school district and families that say the children were subjected to violent environment for years. naacp will be part of an announcement this afternoon involving the new haven unified school district. it stems from the 2007 shooting death of a black student. the class action lawsuit accused the school district of allowing a situation to exist for years. which latino gang members targeted african-american teens. the $725,000 settlement will out line steps they need to take to address gang violence. the chief of staff says he supports obama's troop
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reduction plan in afghanistan but he told armed services committee today the president's plan to withdrawal 3 #,000 troops by -- 33,000 troops by next sum ker be safely executed. he admitted he was not originally sold on the timetable. >> i do not intend to discuss specifics of private advice i rendered with respect to the decisions. as i said, i support them. i can tell you his decisions incur more risk than i was prepared to accept originally. >> secretary of state hillary clinton backed the president's decision before the senate committee as well. afghan president hamid karzai also welcomed the announcement saying it's a sign his government is ready to take control of security in the war-torn nation. >> group of congressional members including oakland representative barbara lee introduced legislation today aimed to end federal laws making marijuana illegal. the measure would limit the federal government role of pot enforcement to interstate substance.
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it will let them grow, use, sell marijuana in states that allow it without fear of federal prosecution. congresswoman lee backed previous marijuana reform efforts and says the war on drugs has been costly in terms of dollars and human lives. obama administration decided to release 30 million barrels of oil as an international effort to pump more than 60 million barrels on the world market over the next month. the u.s. energy secretary said it's response to oil supply disruption caused by turmoil in the middle east and africa and libya. high oil prices inyees cost of gas as we know. according to triple-a the average price for gallon of regular unleaded gas in california is $3.88. in the bay area, prices in oakland are $3.86. san jose, is $3.87. san francisco drivers paying $3.97. fewer people bought new homes last month. the latest sign that the struggling housing market is
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resisting rebound. they say new home sales fell 2% in pay. housing remains the weakest part of the economy. sales of new home have fallen 18% in two years since recession ended. still ahead, an old school criminal is finally caught. federal agents use at new strategy to catch a former mob boss who was on the run for 16 years. >> the popular plan to run bart trains later on a friday night raises some new problems. 
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one of the f.b.i. most wanted criminals will make a court appearance today after a tip led to capture of whitey bulger. the 81-year-old had been on the run since 1990s. many thought he would never be found but monday authorities launched a new tactic. they focussed attention on his long-time girlfriend kathryn. it worked. yesterday a tip came in leading authorities to a santa monica apartment building. >> using a ruse, they lured whitey bulger out of his apartment and they determined that the individual was in fact mr. bulger. >> i thought he was trapped, though, in the u.k. somewhere. after 9/11. i think a lot of people did. that is the surprise for me that he was hiding in plane view. >> bulger was the inspiration for jack nickelson character in the
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oscar-winning film the -- "the departed." he was also an f.b.i. informant. bart riders have mixed feelings about a proposal to change weekend service hours. the bart board is trying to decide whether to have late, late night services but that could come with a human cost the next day. abc7's nick smith joins us from oakland to explain a proposal. this could really hurt low-income people the most. >> reporter: absolutely. the bart board of directors are meeting right now to discuss the results of this survey and how best to address the needs of their passengers. >> the bart board of directors held a meeting to discuss a plan to add late-night service to trains on friday night. >> when the trains turn into a pumpkin, people would rather see trains running. >> not all passengers are crazy about the idea of late-night rail service. >> i don't think it's
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necessary. it screws up saturdays. people who work on saturdays have to wait another hour. that doesn't work right. >> this is because of a possible six-month pilot project to extend train service an hour. from midnight friday to 1:00 a.m. on sunday. begin train service an hour later 7:00 a.m. saturday instead of 6:00 a.m. bart administrators say later friday hours must be coupled with a later start the following morning. >> we have to have crunch time, the time that the crews can get out there and keep the track in operation. when the trains start running again so that way there aren't problems. and services on time and safe. >> through internal survey, bart found that early saturday riders as a group had larger percentage of low-income and minorities than bart riders on average. also, 33% of the early saturday riders surveyed said they had no other way than bartto reachork. that same survey found that 81% of the late night friday
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riders favored a later service. >> the weekends, they probably be nice to stay out in the city and, you know, take bart home. don't worry about drinking and driving and things like that. >> the survey was provided to customers and passengers in several language, including chinese, spanish, korean and vietnamese. to see the fult results go to nick smith, abc7 news. >> thank you. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> open the window and see the sunshine. hazy, a spare the air day. notice clouds are to the coast where it will hang around. the sea breeze bring temperatures down today. see how long they stay below hot levels we used to have. >> thank you. harry potter in the digital age. announcement today from the author j.k. rolling about the boy wizard adventures.
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i am thrilled to say i am now in a position to give you something unique. online reading experience unlike any other. pottermore. the same story with crucial additions. the most important one is you. >> how cool is that? whoa! harry potter is going digital. the author unveiled pottermore this morning and promises to immerse users in world of wizard. combining computer game, social networking and an online store. she has written 18,000 words of new material for the site. pottermore goes livejuly 31. she also said the seven potter novels will be sold as ebooks starting in october. >> she held out for a whale but looks like she got it now. >> yeah. >> we have cooler weather. >> yeah. absolutely.
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the temperatures are not in 90s anymore. this is churchill downs in louisville, kentucky. check this out. can you see the damage there? i know it's night but hard to see the five barn. there you go. five barns torn out from the cinder block wall. fefell, because of the tornado. 125-mile-per-hour winds. only on the ground for three minutes. it travelled 1.2 miles. had 125-mile-per-hour winds. only 120 yards wide. interesting that, when you see a land mark like that. get hit by a tornado you know nothing is sacred when it comes to tornadoes. back at home, hazy sunshine. looking down to mount tamalpais. saucelito. tiburon. the marine layer is trap the pollution and humidity in lower level. you can see a clearing trend on the visible satellite. northwest winds are whisking away the crowds from the coast. monterey bay, total sunshine by the end of the afternoon.
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temperatures, warmest inland. it should be around 85 in antioch while rest of, are in 60s this morning. antioch is waiting on the cool weather. it will get there. it moves farther inland today. next couple days, morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. because we have a standard summer pattern, the temperatures won't take too many dips or spikes. san francisco is one degree warmer. fremont is oakland, two degrees cooler. san jose four. concord is nine. this is the last big change in temperatures this week. we have a big change in south bay. the closer you are to the water, of the bay, the cooler you will be. sunnyvale, 76. farther away is warmer so los gatos is 84. 68 in millbrae. low to mid-70s for most of the peninsula. los altos is a warmer. 78. half moon bay is 60. everybody else in the upper 50s. mid-60s in downtown san
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francisco. 80 in petaluma. 84 in petaluma. big spread also. sunshine and 60 at the beaches. richmond, berkeley, hayward, upper 60s. low to mid-70s for rest of the bay valley. may get away without the air conditioner in rest of valley. morgan hill and gilroy, mid-80s. cooler 70s in santa cruz. 60 in monterey. day game at at&t park. sunshine and high sun burn potential. 12:45. 64 degrees. we wrap up our set with the twins. the cool weather making it to sacramento and chico. upper 80s there. 100 in fresno. 111 in palm springs. back home tonight, cloudy. tomorrow morning when you get up and everybody in the 50s. notice we may warm up two degrees tomorrow. we could lose degrees saturday and sunday. temperatures in the low to mid-60s at the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay. and mid-80s inland. >> normal now. >> it is. the longest stretch of
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normal weather we've had all year. >> thank you very much. >> good observation. >> it now apears yahoo ceo isn't going anywhere. the yahoo chairman says he is pleased with the company turn-around progress and the performance of ceo carol bartz. he made the comment at the shareholder meeting that appeared to diffuse speculation that they might replace bartz before her contract is up in january 2013. she has be at yahoo for two-and-a-half years. the chairman said bartz has support of yahoo's board. nearly a quarter of california same-sex couples are raising children. that is according to the latest census. the 2010 census found same-sex couples are living in just about every corner of the state. that is 1% of all california households which are 26,000 homes. in the bay area, the city with the same-sex couples included guerneville, san francisco and oakland.
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>> if you
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today at abc7 news at 4:00 -- the new species at land and sea. we tag along with the california of sciences on the ambitious expedition. we have that at 4:00. it's pride weekend in san francisco. arts and entertainment director don sanchez has "what's hot." ♪
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♪ >> they are one of the most innovative music groups today. the jazz mafia orchestra will have you enthralled at stern grove on sunday. annual pride parade on sunday is the highlight of pride weekend. the biggest lgbt event of the year. ethnic dance festival keeps traditions alive through music and dance. explore rich cultural heritages in the yerba buena center for the arts. ♪ ♪ >> the le jep dare joan baez is back -- legendary joan baez is back, in tiatroa tinzani. electric land celebrates a tribute to michael jackson on saturday reliving another era. thanks if for memories is a concert for uso saturday in palo alto. >> making you please stand up for this at this time.
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>> the absurd, met the morphosis is about a transformation from man to insect. ♪ ♪ >> grazing in the grass and playing music to make us smile. yoshi in oakland. it'm don sanchez. >> a lot to do. from all of us here at abc7 news thank you for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is@
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