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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  June 23, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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pass. >> good evening i'm dan. we are getting word of tsunami warning for the coast of alaska. earthquake hit near the islands in the past hour. it was magnitude 7. 4. national ocean atmospheric administration noaa says the tsunami warning is only for the mead yacht area along coastal parts of alaska. there is no
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tsunami warning for california. we'll bring you the latest update as they develop but we have on the telephone with us from the usgs rafael abrew are you there. >> yes, i am here. >>reporter: thank you. what can you tell us about this earthquake. 7. 4 obviously a significant event. what do you know about it. >> okay. yes. actually as we speak we have just downgraded magnitude from 7.2 and the magnitude okay comes from one of the model method a more reliable value of the actual release of energy. also they review location that came up with data was integrated into the location is now giving us the depth of 62.6 kilometer as opposed to the 46 that we had previously >> all right so it is not quite as powerful as initially thought. tell me a little bit more about the sue
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seam warning this created. >> yes. basically i was over hearing what you were saying. you were right on the money basically l these tsunami warning issued by alaska west coast tsunami warning center was for immediate area of the epicenter basically the region within the aleutians. we know the earthquake was 29 miles of the little island hit in the region. the area is largely unpopulated, okay. although i'm not familiar with the demographic but i would assume there are some people living in there so i think actually tsunami warning about was the thing to do. we have known even if we don't have a pacific tsunami generated by the sea floor movement itself, earthquake of this size have been known to generate on the water land slide which of course create local tsunami and those can be as danieling as
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about real tsunami would be the only difference being if they don't travel as far as what we saw with. >> they don't travel as far not across the ocean like the one in japan. >> exactly. however for the local region l they are just as damaging and just as powerful. >> very good. usgs rafael abrew thanks for coming on with us. >> you are welcome. >> again just to recap very quickly. 7.2 now the upgrade magnitude of the earthquake from the usgs. rafael abrew just speaking with updated us on. that 7.2. not quite as powerful as initially reported but significant event off the aleutian islands in alaska triggering a tsunami warning. update you as need be. >> moving on. bay area school district asked to pay a huge price for not adequately protecting the stawnlts. parents say they made a cash settlement with union city school after 14-year-old student was shot to death 5 years ago. the district says final details are still being worked out. more on this
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tonight from l thomas. >> he is actually been diagnosed with ptsd. >>reporter: her son was a witness to the 2007 shooting death of 14-year-old student that happened at the school in new haven union sfid school district and says her son and other boys present at the time are sharing the same symptoms. >> emotionally an mentally l he's not himself. he didn't graduate from high school this year. he has been to 4 high schools in the last 4 years and so it's drastically affected his education as well as his mental state. >>reporter: he's lead plaintiff representative mother in the suit. the sanders is the mother of vernon ed who didn't want to talk. at today news conference at the naacp office in hayward attorneys announce 6 family affected by the shooting death and the shooting of several students here at south land mall last year have settled a suit against the district. pamela price filed the class action suit. >> on behalf of african
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american students attending schools in union city who have been chased, assaulted, attacked and targeted by the dakota a gang. >>reporter: the suit charge the school district didn't adequately protect the african american students from the dakota a, local latino gang. school district says while cash settlement has been reached other terms have not been finalize. they issued this statement this afternoon. any settlement is contingent upon self events taking place in have in the yet occurred. no final settlement as of yet and to say otherwise is premature. in the 7 25,000 dollar settlement prices was reached there policy and program to be implemented by the district in an effort to curb racial violence. she outlines the most important. >> the district will begin to look at the issue of gang violence in the schools affirmatively with the police department. work affirmatively with the restorative justice programs that are available in alameda county. >>reporter: money paid in the settlement coming from the
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district insurance company. no district funds are involved. outside of the cash settlement the district says it still has to work on those remedies and that still may take some time. in union city abc 7 news. headache. skin rash. bloody nose. those are the symptoms some people living in san francisco hunter point neighborhood are complaining about. they say it is from toxic dust blowing off the old naval shipyard. now there's an investigation into allegations that the city tried to cover up the danger. jonathan the bloom reports from an emotional hearing today at city hall. >> we know we have a conspiracy and conclusion. >>reporter: angry activist group say san francisco health department has gotten too cozy with the developer promising to turn the old hunter point naval shipyard into a vibrant neighborhood. shops. housing. maybe a football stadium would line the new streets but first they have to clean up decades of toxic waste left on the site including asbestos. >> it don't take whole l cup
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full of asbestos. it takes one particle to come down that your lung. >>reporter: vivian donohue claims she's had chronic headaches and her granson has suffered from nosebleeds since the clean up started half block from her house. >> we have been to the health department p.m. & and they tell us that it's not, nothing wrong with us. we know we are sick. >>reporter: health department reported accept bring low levels of the dust but watch dog group filed a freedom of information act request and got e-mails that show the company reviewed the reports before they were presented. in one e-mail environmental engineer told the company go ahead and change any way you want. i may change somof it back but i'm willing to read your version. >> asking a developer here's what i want to say. you can rewrite this in any way you want to. what do you want me to say. i mean, all trust is lost. >>reporter: activist brought those e-mails to supervisor dadavid campos who convenes the
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public hearing. >> i think that the e-mails raise serious concerns as i indicated because you want to plead objectivity by the department. >>reporter: those who support the development dismiss the concerns. >> fv coming up with is pure plain old paranoia eric's al norman of the bay view merchant associatiolaim the activist are simply anti-development and trying to stop the project in his neighborhood desperately need. >> get people back to work to try to stop some of the killing and some oath other negative activity. >>reporter: health department launched its own ethic investigation but the watch dog group want an independent audit especially if city engineer amy brown. >> everything she had her hands on, everything she commented o on, we want it revisited, reviewed and investigated. >> amy brown wasn't present at the hearing and declined our request for interview. we tried to get a statement from the company but more than once they rae applied with simple no thank you. in san francisco, abc 7 news. bay area lawmaker wants the
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state to stop doing business with southwest air lines after one of the pilots went on a rant against older women and gay flight attend ants. payment was unaware his make was open during his tirade. he was suspended without pay but now back at work. san francisco assembly woman today proposed stopping allstate funded flights on south west. shis also investigating california law that protect work versus a hostile work environment. they have been violated. >> "wall street journal"reports tonight that federal regularlytor day away from issuing subpena to google as part of an investigation into its business practices. google handles 2 third of all the internet searches conducted in the united states. the federal trade commission is looking into whether google has abused its monopoly to expand its dominance in other areas such as mapping, shopping and trave travel. pl rival company complain that google manipulate the search result to steer users to its own site and
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services and away from its competitors. gooling ellis not commenting tonight. remarkable statistics out today from the assessor in santa clara county. 1 out of every 4 properties is now valued below its purchase price there and that's an improvement actually. around the country the sale of newly built homes fell 2% last month. prices are up a little but real estate is the weakest segment of the economy by far. today at convention in san francisco governor brown told builders to buck up f.california is still the land of opportunity even if the government is grid locked and economy is sagging. more tonight from mark matthews. >>reporter: band played somewhere over the rainbow. and like dorothy jerry brown told his audience no place like home. >> i mention solar. i mention the computers. i mention the social networking. tourism. agriculture. california is
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still an engine of economic advance. >>reporter: but parts of that engine continue to sputter. nationally sales of new homes are down a whopping 18 percent. past two years pl asked what he could do to get the economy going the governor encouraged his audience to get involved in breaking the political deadlock in sacramento. >> those who have more capacity and more position have got to go get out of the comfort zone and work for the betterment of the state. >>reporter: and brown added he will try to point out the way including extending existing taxes to avoid furthe cuts. in the audience the chair of the uc berkeley real estate and urban economic is even more upbeat than the governor. >> i think price have bottom in the bay area especially silicon valley and i think we are beginning to see a recovery. there is not a question in my mine now is the best time to be a home purchaser in 30 years. >>reporter: on the floor manufacturers of building materials told me business is getting better.
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>> consumer confidence is coming back a little bit. i'm a little bit more encouraged than i was at the same time last year. >> we are in the black. we are operating fairly efficiently and we are kind of happy with the results compared to what has gone on in the rest of the world. >>reporter: couple years ago i covered the same convention. couldn't find a participant not singing the blue. this year very different tune somewhere over the written bow seems a bit enclosures than was in 200 2009. in the newsroom, mark matthews 7 news. >> should barry bonds be put on trail again. why throwing out his one conviction could be a plus for the prosecution. >> folks laiving in san francisco that are absentee landlord very wealthy are taking our tax dollars. >>reporter: also tonight. you don't have to be an actual farmer to rake in big farm subsidy. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weath forecas cente. if y have out door plans this weekend i think you will like the weather coming your way. i weekend i think you will like the weather coming your way. i have the forecast coming
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pass. >> documents show that 2 men who planned to attack a military recruiting station in seattle were inspired by the fort hood massacre. one of the men is from california. 33-year-old seattle resident the man seen in the mug shot and 32-year-old pl of los angeles were arrested last night. agent became aware of the plot through someone the men tried to recruit. >> law enforcements monitored the suspect actions including a weapon transaction where they acquired automatic wechlt unknown to the suspects the weapons they acquired had been rendered inoperable by law
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enforcements ahead of time and they posed no risk to the public. >>reporter: 2 men appeared in federal court today. detention hearings are set for next wednesday. you could soon get a break in benefit from the lack of state budget agreement. temporary 1% sales tax increase enacted 2 years ago is set to expire a week from today. with negotiations at a standstill in sacramento, it appears more and more likely there won't be a deal in time to stop that decrease. >> republican have no plan on extending the taxes. or voting for new taxes. they will expire. >> i'm not giving up. i'm going to keep working until we get the tax extensions and we will get them. >>reporter: board of equalization has already told businesses to acrust their cash registers. sales tax reduction is expected to save the average california household 2 33 dollars a year. but it also means the state which is already dealing with a deficit as you know will lose about
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another 4 and a half billion dollars. california not alone. across america budget where teachers firefighters roads bridges are being slashed to the bone. why are taxpayer dollars being given to rich people who get them for farming? when some of them don't even own farms? here's jonathan karl. >> it doesn't look much like farm country. but 2 90 people in new york city 7 federal farm subsidy last year. one of them mark rockefeller. heir to one of the most celebrated fortune in american history. he lives from manhattan received nearly 330,000 dollars in taxpayer farm money over the past 10 years. the apparently for the property he owned on the snake river in idaho. it includes up scale fishing lodge. 500 dollars a day just for fly fishing. and get this the. 330,000 dollar he's received from the government is called a conservation payment. that means he's paid not to farm his
9:18 pm
land. there are city slicker like rockefeller all over the country on the farm subsidy goal. in chicago last year 7 34 farmers got 2.2 million dollars in federal subsidy. in miami 2 03 people received a total of 2.5 million i don't know in farm subsidy. san francisco 179 farmers got 1.1 million dollars. list goes on. >> folk whose live in city like manhattan or san francisco that are absentee landlord very wealthy are taking our tax dollars and using them to help pad their bottom line. >>reporter: we trade several times to get ahold of mark rockefeller. i'm calling about the money that mr. rockefeller receives. isn't it time for this to end? >> it is time for it to end. the more you find out about this government the more absurd it is. >>reporter: the city slickers are still their payment. january then karl, abc news washington. >> we have a little conveniently table garden behind the house. maybe issued
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get a subsidy. >> tv rae tire fv that not farming. >> spencer here. good out door weather. >> whatever at the time day. this is east bay hills camera looking at the western sky and it is clear. there is no marine layer tonight. no coastal fog. clear all day and most of the night. this afternoon the cloud were swept away from the coast by nice dry flow of air from the north northeast and coast inland and very, very pleasant day around the bay area. high pressure range from 63 at half man bay. 63 at san francisco. to 89 antioch warmest inland location and right now we have temperatures in the 60's in most inland location although 76 at antioch and 50's as you get closer to the bay and coas coast. these are the highlights. we see some patchy low clouds developing late night. hurry main below afternoon through the forecast period and little change prosecute the pattern now over the next few days. tonight overnight we see low pressure dropping into the low to mid 50's for the most part. one
9:20 pm
cal spot santa rosa with expected low of 48 and relatively mild spot antioch with low of 58 degrees. the satellite image looks like thi this. we have strong on shore flow continuing. sea breeze reinforced by powerful jet stream flowing in our direction. that sea breeze will keep us relatively cool at least with temperatures below average next several daisy. start forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. be some patchy low clouds at that time but quickly burn away and move out to sea and then we have the sea breeze cooling us and keeping us in a rather comfortable range of high tomorrow. 60's new year's the coast. 60's to 70's near the bay and 80's in the warmest inland locations. here's how things shape up in the south bay. sunny sky with high in the mid 70's. 75 at santa clare. 76 at san jose. peninsula high of 71 at san mateo o. 74 red wad city palo alto and mountain view. upper 50's to 60 on the coast. downtown san francisco 63 degrees tomorrow. north high
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range from 74 at san rafael up to 82 at calistoga. 82 clear lake and clover dale. east bay high upper 60's to low 70's. 72 at castro valley. 71 at union city. inland east bay a little bit milder with high in the upper 70's to mid 80's. 85 at brentwood. high of 68 santa cruz. accu-weather 7 day forecast. this range remains in place through the weekend and temperatures will drop on tuesday and by wednesday the coolest day in the forecast period we'll be lacking at inland high in the upper 70's quite bait below the ample for this time of year. low 70's around the bay and 60 on the coast and temperatures bounce back on thursday of next week. mid 70's around the bay. pleasant steady pattern through the next 7 days. >> nice looking 7 days. thanks very much spencer gentleman this is interesting. toddler and toys. how kid know the difference between operator error and faulty hardware.
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>> she is newest member of popular group, in japan. take a good luck. she's not even
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>> young people items. stunning all right from the u.s. department of he had kailtion today on students and school. despite decades of reform the achievement gap between hispanic students and white students is the same as it was in the early 1990's. this report comes as congress is considering how to reach no child left behind. federal law attempted to narrow gap in race income and other factor. >> now to look at toddler and toys. new study shows that when given a toy that does not work children at very young age are able to determine whether problem is with them or the to toys. here's dr. timothy
9:25 pm
johnson. >>reporter: infant are attracted to toys by color. shape. size. texture or even the sounds they make. author of study publish in the journal science found that children as young as 16 months seem to be able to figure out whether a toy does not work as it should because something is wrong with the toy or because of the way they are playing with it. researchers show toddler the same toy but in different clea clear. green yellow and red. green toy played music when the experiment pushed button. they gave some infant the green toy. others the yellow. and they placed the red toy on a cloth near the infant. when the toddler with the green toy were unable to make it play music they would hand it to their parent im playing they thought their own reaction were the problems. given the yellow toy
9:26 pm
were more likely to reach for the red one. suggesting they thought something was wrong with the yellow. author concluded that infants learn whether they should ask for help or explore on their own. with this medical minute i'm dr. tl tim johnson. >> listen to this in january pan there is a popular all girl singing group their version of the new kids on the block and recently introduced a new member. watch. her name is written here and guess what she's not a real person. she is a robot. fans apparently started getting suspicious after she appeared in a candy commercial with the group. after a lot of inquirey the candy company revealed that she ace digital composite with 6 character faces. looking real.
9:27 pm
>> when we continue here tonight. delay of game. latest legal twist in the bonds perjury case. >> and ballots over bart service. the coming up. tl night owl versus early birds. >> chase is on for the giants between timy and the panda. game reaches very exciting between timy and the panda. game reaches very exciting finish. >> never thought they with catch them. never thought. >> also tonight. 16 years of running is over for legendary crime boss. downhill he loves running is over for legendary crime boss. downhill he loves and her hair. anothe
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. >> good evening again thanks for being here. update our lead story tonight. 7.2 earthquake off alaska aleutian islands. tsunami warning
9:30 pm
center of alaska has now cancelled the tsunami warning that was in effect. there are no reports of any damage or injuries. this happened apparently in fairly sparsely populated area of alaska. more to follow. one of the most famous and certainly most elusive monster in the country is in fbi custody now. james whitey bullger was so notorious he was the inspiration for the jack nicholson character in the film the departed. >> when i was your able they would say could become cops or criminals. what i am saying to you is this. when facing a loaded gun if, what is the difference? >>reporter: agent rae move weapons guns and cash when they arrested bullger in santa monica cam. he's now set to be returned to his native boston to face a long list of charges. tj explains how the whole thing went down. >> for 16 years whitey bullger stayed one step ahead of authorities. even wednesday
9:31 pm
night after he was finally arrested at this apartment complex in santa monica, california, a bearded bullger smiled into the camera. >> today marks the moment of when james whitey bullger will finally face justice for number of his crimes including murder related to 19 individual. >> former boston mob boss and long time girlfriend made first court appearance thursday. he was laughing as he looked at the gathered media. he waived identity. waived all the process that he's entitled to in federal court in los angeles and ordered by the court to be transferred to boston forthwith. >>reporter: it turns out the now 81-year-old along with this woman lived in the apartment for at least 10 years unthe alias charles and carol gas fbi carried out becomes of evidence including 60 weapons and 800,000 dollars in cash. >> fv just this past monday authorities announce a new
9:32 pm
strategy in the search for bul bullger forecast using instep. >> tips redding to her whereabouts. >> in the wake of the new campaign the fbi got what seemed like a promising tip. they put the apartment complex under surveillance and last night they got their man. >> this is a legendary story about whitey bull year and we are uses pleased that we can bring it to this excluding. >> bringing an end to one of the intense longest man hunt ever. abc news new york. >> former giants slugger barry bonds back in court today. perjury case decided back in april but doesn't mean it's over. june today extended the case by at least two months. heather explains why. >>reporter: bonds lawyers want the judge to throw out the obstruction of justice conviction on grounds that since he wasn't convicted on any of the perjury charges the conviction is groundless. if she does akuwait him the
9:33 pm
arguers say it would be more efficient to or let it stan maybe there welcome back in need for a rae trial on the remaining count. government hasn't tipped its hand on how it is leaning. >> one thing the government clearly wants is they want to put the label convicted felon on barry pwndz and want him to do some time. they are going to, i think they have proven now they are going to do whatever it takes the to achieve that goal fichlt confidence in the system and vindicated by the system. that hasn't changed. >> giants fans dumbfounded at the possibility of another trial. >> i think it's a west of mone money. they should just call it quits and let it go. >> at this point it's just been so listening and drawn out i think drop it. i think everybody knows what he did and need to move on. >>reporter: not just giants fans who feel that way this twins fan is here from
9:34 pm
minnesota. >> there's bigger task at hand than to try somebody for lying to grand jury. >>reporter: bonds jersey came here all the way from nashvill nashville. >> think it is crazy. i like until hall of fame. this rate that may happen at this case. item taking its not does not vote well for bond. >> government may be looking for evidence to help bolster its case in any retrillion that might occur. >>reporter: bonds grand jury testimony was in 2003. indictment 2007. trial originally was supposed to start in 2009. finally got under way two years later. everyone back in court we should note the next entry in that time line. in us sum new. >> president obama held 3 big fund raiseers in new york including the first of president geared specifically to the gay community. he told
9:35 pm
the leadership council that he has believed in gay rights since he was a boy growing up in hawaii. you. >> i believe that discrimination because of somebody's sexual orientation or gender identity fenl counter who we are as a people. it's a violence of the basic tenant on which the nation was founded. i believe the gay couple deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country. [applause]. >>reporter: 600 people paid up to 35,000 dollars each to hear him speak. some protestors chastised the president for not supporting the legalization of same sex marriage. the president says that is state issue not a federal issue. republicans in congress mean time blasting obama administration for the decision today to release 30 million barrels of oil from the u.s. strategic petroleum preserve. what it houses the uprising cut production by 1.5 million years
9:36 pm
of oil per day. further should dry up gas price. republicans however say tapping the emergency stock pile is a political move that and that boosting u.s. oil production is a better way to deal with supply shortage. >> rising praise of gas led the irs to increase tax duck for people who use their car for work. in a rare mid year move irs reset the mileage rate to gave and half cent. 6 months of the year, this rate goes into effect on full first. >> wanting to save on gas a reason is convenience. bart board may expand by loving late late service on friday night. so people can stay out past midnight and still use the train. but there is a catch here. of nick smith explains. >>reporter: bart board of director held a meeting to discuss a plan that would add
9:37 pm
late night service to the train on friday night. >> trains turn into a pumpkinbar see that the transare rung. not all passengers are crazy about the idea of late night real service. >> i don't think it's necessary. screws up saturday. if people go to work on saturday, then they have to wait another hour. the that doesn't work right. >>reporter: this is because of a possible 6 month pilot project to extend train service an hour from midnight friday to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. >> 7:00 a.m. saturday instead of 6:00 a.m. bart administrators say later friday hours must be couple with hater start the following morning. >> we have to have that our crew can get throughout and keep the tracks in operation. when the trains start running again so there aren't any problem. service is on time and it's safe. >>reporter: bart found that early saturday riders as a
9:38 pm
group had a larger possession of low income and mort than 33 percent of the early rider surveyed said they had no other way to bart reach work. that same survey found that union percent of the late night friday wrirts favored a stay out in the season and start is he have to worry about drinking and driving or anything like that. >> the survey was offered in several language and example can be found on our web site. in oakland, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> one last item about bart. board of director approved 300 million dollar contract warm springs in fremont first propose entered 1991. expected to be completed in november of 2015. all right coming up her here. remarkable expedition to the philippines. we went along with researchers from the academy of science and found hundreds of previously
9:39 pm
undiscovered species. come along with us. >> plus drop and give me 10. first lady demonstrates how she got the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future.
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♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. is. >> show you pretty cool image from oakland today. check this out. extreme dancers known as anti-loop. troop perform
9:42 pm
impressive fete on the side of the a building. they held open rehearsal on oakland great wal wall. on broadway street. it holds another open rehearsal next month july 8 and 9 at the great wall. had to show you that pretty cool. >> scientist at the california academy of science believe they have discovered at least 300 new species of life. discory were made in thlast feweeks byay arcienst o travel to the is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world which is why the academy chose it for biggest research we went along. >> we are going in. >> dive after dive hike after hike. academy scientist and filipino colleague join forces for more than a month. mission and to document license of all largest of 7000 island.
9:43 pm
>> there isn't a dive that i have made here that i haven't seen unexpected and something new. >>reporter: expedition was put on by terri in the under water vitd why shot which an academy photographer. money for the project was gift from margaret and will hurst. scientist estimate about 90 percent of all life on earth still has not been discovered. and many unknown treasures are believed to be in places like the philippines. >> it has riches and tropical forest and high mountains all the way down to the coral reef which are the rich interest in the were under water like colorful see in slug. if you swell shart sharp with kim colorful see in slug. if you swell shart sharp with kim xleez. 1500 feet it's exciting. rare event. >> this is believed to be a new species of sea pen. not a
9:44 pm
plant. animal because it feeded on other animal. some members of the people are long time profession. respect in filed there full of excitement of the chase. >> don't get bit by that thing. oh. oh. oh. shoot. oh. pl my gosh. >>reporter: it is fun. bit is still serious science. back at the lab, researchers will spend months examining specimen and analyzing tna to confirm new species and find potential uses for the future. >> some soft slug that i study in the ocean are being studied to develop new drugs to fight hiv/aids and cancer. >>reporter: scientist also hope the research will help the philippines protect its rich natural resources under constant threat from plugs and has been bat p. scientist say
9:45 pm
they welcome this collaboratio collaboration. >> there is very little appreciation of why they work of what we have here and so large group of scientist to come over without realizing what they have done. >> fascinating stuff. would weeks in the philippines and we report all summer on this expedition. week from tonight the academy presents some of its findings at their museum in gonld gate park. with hope you can check it out. own a piece of san jose history for 36 million dollars. that's according to the silicon valley business journal. upstate claaf
9:46 pm
the expansion. more on these aid lines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> all right. check this out.
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9:49 pm
the evenly of a cliff. not these folks. workers that embrace it. they are in china and building a road. it is 3 pet wide and made of wooden planks. all being didn't on the face of a mountain thousands of feet up. engineer often work without safety harnesses. they say they don't think much about how high they are off the ground. that's trawchlt you would be terrified new did. once finished it is hope sightseers flock to the edge to monitor the view. that's a joychbility become to expense tore update the forecast. >> before here's a look at the satellite image showing a steady seabreeze in our direction reinforcing the cooling trend that began couple days ago. inland high in the low to mid 80's. 60's, 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. spot to travel to over the wednesday monterey mendocino meanly sunny skies. high pressure over the 3 day
9:50 pm
period. go to the sierra a.tahoe. high in the 70's. yosemite high in the 80's. lovely weekend coming our way. here's our 7 day forecast. sunny skies and dry conditions cooling down sharply early next week tuesday wednesday and coo coolest day of the forecast period and temperatures bounce back to more summer like levels on thursday. no rain in sight. no temperature extreme. >> excellent. love tonight thanks spencer. >> all right now to south africa. and the tone arm that made michelle obama the envy of women around the world. first lady appeared to rae veal the secret behind her sculpted bay accept. push up as you can se see. she exercised with archbishop tutu an event to encourage fitness and raise awareness of hiv prevention. final day of her visit to south africa. >> pretty cool. tutu on the push up. >> i was watching the first lady. >> she's pretty ripped. >> sher form is perfect. perfect foyvrment we have a 20
9:51 pm
minimum limit in the sport. can't get into our sports department unless you can do 20 push up. >> left hand or right hand? >> very good. very nice. all right. >> take it away. >> give me 20. >> warriors drop and give me 2 20. warrior another high scoring guard in the draft. which really makes you wonder how long ellis will be around these parts. warrior pick
9:52 pm
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>> coming up at 11:00. san jose teenagers scared of gang
9:54 pm
violence gather tonight to express their concerns to the city police chief. that story. >> perhaps most unusual reason we have heard of yet for a flash mob. see you tonight for those stories and more coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. but larry is here with business of basketball tonight. >> nba draft. warrior make some interesting selection. they want to get bigger and get better defensively but they uses could not resist when they had a chance to select a shooting guard with the 11 pick in the nba draft. >> with the 11 pick in the 2011 nba draft the golden state warriors select clay thompson from washington state university. >>reporter: clay thompson son of former laker center and 6 foot 7 guard. he can flat out shoot. for now gives the warriors a nice 3 guard combo with clay size potential back court of the future if the warriors decide they want to trade ellis. a lot of
9:55 pm
speculation and pair thompson with curry. here's the newest warrior. >> best feeling i have had in my young life and it's the moment i want to cherish since i started playing basketball and l surreal it's already here and it feels even better that i am playing the bay, home for great organization with amazing fans. >> we'll have some room for a back up 3 that may be a which for clay thompson to get more minutes. this in no way affects the potential for us to trade any player as far as that goes. >>reporter: and with the second round pick no. 44 over all the warriors took? anher guar chlesharles jenkin jenkins. 6 foot guard classic new york city point guard average 23 points per game this past season. top 5 pick pretty much as expected. l irving to the cavaliers. williams to the t-wolves no. 2 and jazz take cancer center
9:56 pm
from turkey. texas forward thompson goes to cleveland at 4 and lithuanian center if goes fifth to toronto. it is win or go home for the cal baseball team college world series. didn't work out well today facing the team that beat them in their opener in omaha. top rank virginia. all kind of pressure come that the game. spotter in the sniper and kind of what they needed against virginia. top of the third. 2 minutes scoring position dixon anderson wild pitch. king. cavs up 1 nothing. 2 nothing game. pl lane to center. look out. ball in front of matthe matthews. might have lost the ball in the subpoena because it goes to the wall and circle the bases ruled a single 3 base error. 3 fog virginia. break it open. bar through the hole. 6 nothing and cal tremendous season unfortunately comes to an end with an 8-1 loss. >> very uncharactestic of us. not how we wanted to go out.
9:57 pm
made it to omaha some people said. >> they have learned a lot of lesson about perseverance and strength and be better husband and fathers and i think it has been a year that really has taught them as well as myself a whole lot about about hum an spirit. >> they have a great year. tim has been a little shakey lately but vintage tim against minnesota. striking out 12. former congressman weiner. no. that's not him. that was wrong. tim was dealing today in the standing swinging in the fifth. mat has no chance. tim against riverra get nothing and like it. now i'm in trouble. tim struck out 12. scoreless. added 1 nothing lead. ross up the middle. huff 2 nothing. brian wilson gives up a run. luke grounder at third. pablo throw it to first. what are you doing? chases down michael. barely
9:58 pm
gets him. this is the new sleek aerodynamic maybe to make the play at giants win 2-1. a's and mets wrap up the series. two hour plus rain delay today bottom of the second. single score lucas. mets on top 2 nothing. in the sixth now 3 nothing. 2 down. 2 down. pop up. carter just up from the minor. first appearance of the year. no. pl come back to haunt you. very next pitch. up the middl middle. base hit. another run in. mets win 4-1 and take 2 out of 3 from the a's. casey 1 eye on the track and 1 eye on the calendar. race sunday in sonoma big race of the year but red bull pulling out of nascar at the end of the season. currently sponsors 2 racing teams. cane has his rated for 2012 with motor sports but more than 150 employees on the 2 red
9:59 pm
bull teams wondering about their future here's cane on rather tenuous situation. >> i don't know how much red bull welcome back involved in the sport after this season but i think through the end of the season they give everything that they have and work hard to keep those teams alive. >> one final nba note. lakers forward ron filed for papers to legally change his name to l metta world peace. l because when we think of world peace we naturally think of the guy who started the malice and palace. big brawl in 2004 back in indiana. metta world peace. good but not as good as one time warrior world b free. start out as lloyd free and changed it to world free. >> think of our new names here thanks that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your tim


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