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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 15, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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good morning, cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze kristen sze. >> he is not getting his five million bail reduced. mark lugo is facing charges in new jersey for stealing $6,000 worth of wine. >> good morning. mark lugo remains behind bars. the state's attorney call him a flight rick saying he was a threat to public safety and calling his crimes brazen and order immediately he surrender his passport. >> he appeared in superior court
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before the honorable sam fang. they ordered not to videotape the accused. he asked a reduction in his bail. he is accused of stealing art from a san francisco art gallery. the july 5th theft of this pencil drawing worth more than $200,000 is believed to seen here in this video. a man identified as lugo is seen walking up geary. street. he was arrested next night in napa. sketch was found undamaged but ready to be shipped. a police raid on his new jersey apartment turned up half a million dollars in stnlt artwork among the pieces was pi wasso art. he is also charged with stealing $6,000 worth of wine from new
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jersey store. in requesting the bail reduction his attorney cide overhyped media reaction. >> no one got killed here. nobody was assaulted here. if you look at the evidence and what was found in my client's apartment, all the things were taken were tearnl taken in the last 45 days and that speaks more to a birth of compulsive energy than someone to go out and steal the paintings. >> his next court date will be august 23rd. for the later go to our website at a new search is under way this morning for missing nursing student michelle le. police consider the case a homicide. the volunteers are looking for clues that might lead them to a woman last seen in kaiser permanente in hayward. amy hollyfield is live in
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fremont with the latest. >> when you get up in those hills and you see how much ground they have to cover and how small the group looks it feels overwhelming. >> it will take them three hours only to cover one-mile before they set out they were warned about the risk they were taking. >> mountain lions. >> volunteers keep showing up to search for michelle le who was last seen in hayward on may 27. one of big driving forces behind this effort is le's family and especially her brother who refuses to give up hope. the u.c. berkeley student has dedicated his summer break to finding his sister. when he does, take a rare break. he feels he a letting her down. >> i feel horrible. i feel like i've wasted but i
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know i needed this to stay sane. >> his efforts have helped raise $100,000 in reward money, an amount that surprised him. >> i've never even used $100,000 as an incentive before but i hope it appeals to anybody. >> professional searchers of the klass foundation. they agreed to take on this case in part because of the le's family commitment. they hope more volunteers will join the effort. >> they can definitely make a difference. volunteers are needed. this is an opportunity to give back to this family. >> she is all the world to me. having to live without her has been a struggle, it's been almost more than i can bear. >> this is the sixth search. it's the smallest group yet.
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the family members say they are disappointed but they would like to see more people helping. they will be at it all day and also tomorrow. we have more physician at and click on see it on tv. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." new clues are emerging in the fatal accident involving a shuttle bus, witnesses tell police that the shuttle driver may have run a red light shortly before the crash. the shuttle was taking 16 people to work when it collided with the big rig about 6:20 yesterday morning. one was thrown from the bus and killed. >> angelinos may be ready to leave work in droves because of
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carmegeddon is near. live from l.a. we talked about it so much what is it? how does it sound? >> we haven't heard that yet but t-shirts being sold and a lot of people capitalizing on the 405 being closed. you can also feel the anticipation growing as carmegeddon nears. right now the 405 freeway is pretty busy. if you want to take a look at 405 you can see how many cars use the stretch of this freeway and a lot of people are found stay away. heavy construction equipment is put in place. piles of dirt are on the side of the freeway. those piles will be spread under the bridge to protect the freeway from falling debris when
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crews have to demolish the molholand pass. this is a me particular us only planned out -- meticulously planned event. there are signs in northern california warning people of the 405 closure. this is one of the busiest freeways in the country so it's definitely going to impact a lot of people. i want to show you what we're also seeing down here. a lot of people capitalizing on the 405 closure. these t-shirts are being sold all across our area. it says i survived the 405, but, of course, only time will tell if that actually happens. reporting live from sepulveda pass, "abc 7 news." thanks a lot. >> in san jose more than a dozen
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action groups is calling for the latino community to boycott the san jose police department. they held a meeting earlier this week and threatened to stop to work as informants and witnesses unle rid of two homeland security agents. they have been working with the police to battle the growing gang problem but many are sure say they are not sure if they can trust the police. >> new cameras will be unveiled in fruitvale district. the first installation is outside the mexican restaurant where the owner was murdered during a robbery in april. the city is paying for the new high definition cameras. the plan is modeled after oakland's chinatown where a string of robberies stopped as soon as the camera was installed. >> president obama is a tough
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battle dealing with top senate leaders in a desperate race to get a deal done by august 2nd. terry mcsweeney is here with more. >> president obama announced a deadline of his own. he is giving congressional leaders of both parties up to 36 hours to consult and come back a plan that has a chance of passing. that would require compromise and there was little sign of that this morning. >> the president would like a deal in the $4 trillion range to cut the debt and increase the borrowing limit. republicans are offering $6 trillion cuts only plan. democrats are offering $2 trillion in cuts and sticking point is tax increases. >> we shouldn't be asking sacrifices from middle-class folks. we should not be asking them to make sacrifices. >> republicans today announced their plan called cut, cap and
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balance which includes a balanced amendment in we want to go able to go home and show them we're not going to allow this kind of spending to continue. we don't have the money. >> the president says he knows what the american people want and why they haven't gotten it yet. >> 80% of the american people support revenues, it includes cuts. so the notion that somehow the american people aren't sold is not the problem. the problem is members of the congress are dug in ideologically. >> he is willing to trim medicare benefits and make three dollars in cuts in every dollar in taxes to achieve the figure but has not come out with a plan in black and white. >> we asked the president to lead and put forward a plan, now a speech -- not a speech but a real plan and he hasn't but we will. >> he ask president is asking to
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set politics aside and do the work. still ahead new treatment option for thousands of children with autism after settlement today between the state and two large health insurers. >> a scare on the runway, two planes rammed into each other on the tarmac.
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my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. a federal investigation is
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under way after two planes collide order tarmac at boston's airport. both planes were on the taxi way and preparing to fly out. the wing clipped the tail of a smaller aircraft that provides regional service for the same carrier. both planes were significantly damaged. the crash sheared off the wing tip of a boeing 767. take a listen to the conversation between pilots and air traffic controllers. >> we're going to have to wait here for a moment. i think we hit it. >> absolutely, we're going to hold. >> they say they have lost hydraulics and cannot move at this time. is there any leaking? >> affirmative we have severe damage to the tail. >> frightening but no injuries. they say both aircraft have been
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removed from service for inspection and repair. >> ra lahood is calling for every airline to report the fees they charge and also the number of checked baggage and wheelchairs. airlines receive $3.35 billion from baggage fees and $2 billion for reservation change fees in the year 2010 without paying any federal tax on them. revenues of onboard sales of drinks and pillows were non-taxed. airlines report more specific information about those fees and can make ticket pricing more transparent. >> we have more airline delays at sfo. >> we need to get used to them eventually. still about an hour and a half last time i checked. here at reason why, clouds hanging around but not everywhere. warmer weather on the way for your forecast.
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>> and a long distance phone call. what the commander in chief had to say to the astronauts.
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mr. president you are talking to the crew of the space shuttle atlantis. >> that is funny because i was down for pizza.
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[ laughter ] >> crew of nasa's last mission. they are scheduled to return to earth on thursday. and one of atlantis astronauts, they had another computer failure and they switched to another computer and were able to go back to bed. >> did the president get his pizza? >> they are over the earth several times a day, don't they? >> i think -- i'll look it up. 17,000 miles an hour. i wish our clouds would move out that quickly. a lot of people will see some sunshine, its friday and not much has changed weather-wise the last couple of days and not expected today. over the weekend we'll start to see this less likely this dense
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cloud deck we're dealing with. let's take a look at the cloud cover in the north bay, we don't see any. same thing in the south bay, but westerly wind is pushing it right over the east bay hills and push it into the east bay valleys and temperatures are cool this morning. still in the mid to upper 50s. half moon bay, oakland, fremont everybody else in the 60s, almost 70s in antioch and los gatos. monterey bay, low to mid-50s. highlights we're going to be partly cloudy, maybe even mostly cloudy at the coast with a cool breeze keeping our temperatures below average. slow warming trend especially early next week and cloudy nights and patchy drizzle possible at the coast. as far as what is happening today, well below average, 6 degrees in oakland and 10-12 in napa and san jose.
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sun will set at 8:31. san ramon, in the low 70s. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. east bay shore you can see the clouds coming over keeping richmond down to hayward low to mid-60s. upper 60s to low 70s with most sunshine down in santa clara valley. on the peninsula some of the clouds and mid to upper 60s for you. definitely cloudy at the coast to low 60s. low 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito with upper 50s at north bay beaches. low to mid-70s through most of your valleys even with all the sunshine. around the monterey bay, 63 there and low to mid-70s inland to morgan hill. a's are taking on the angels, 60 down to 56. accu-weather seven-day forecast, the warming trend will be slow and then monday through thursday of next week, temperatures closer to average.
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we only have two days until the aids walk san francisco in golden gate park. you still have time to register if you call 615-walk or go on line at aids >> two california's largest health insurance followed through with a promise. blue shield and anthem blue cross they will pick up the initial costs for autism that they had been denying. they say applied behavior analysis is not a medical treatment. to train them on things like eye contact. they are working on a similar agreement with kaiser permanente. >> coming up, mike will introduce us to speedy.
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(speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause)
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today at 3:00, a new technique to fight wrinkles involving using your own cells. then at 4:00 and 5:00. >> old rule, follow the money. >> she left the world of finance and changing women's lives in afghanistan. plus, a new push in california to report missing children. we'll have those stories later today. >> and finally, friday's perfect pet. with a cute little buddy there.
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>> and cynthia brought her friend. is stevie giving you a hard time. >> good to see you. >> stevie is anxious now. >> once the cameras are rolling he got camera shy. yeah, but stevie is one-year-old terrier mix. he came to us at first but was in a foster home for a while but she has gotten social and sweet. >> love kids and kisses. >> and kisses and she is warmed up and good with other dogs and great with a family, not too small. she is very good to take care of.
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>> you have special thing, autographed beds, right? >> they have donated two dog beds. >> go to their website or call them. i'll put it on our website and learn about that and stevie. nice see see seeing. >> you that is going to do it for us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day and great weekend. >> bye-bye.
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