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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i'm sheryl jennings. one fire victim waited all this time to hear from pg&e about the money it owed her for the damage to her home and the payment happened only after abc 7 news contacted the utility today. wayne freedman has the story. >> this rental property is a house but certainly not a home. ing but every day she lives in it gilda becomes more and more anxious. >> my blood pressure is up. i have been on ms. guy to counseling twice a week. i don't sleep. >> such is the stress of dealing with pg&e after surviving the san bruno explosion. >> i am lucky to be alive. but once you get over that, and you thank god, you know that your life is not what it should be. especially at my age. >> reporter: this is what remain is of the house she used to live in on claremont drive. gilda and her boyfriend have no
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desire to rebuild or return but they have not been able to buy a new home in the area because while insurance covered $700,000, pg&e has paid nothing including money that should have gone to the cost of the lot in san bruno plus more for the home's destroyed contents. >> it is like trying to deal with the david trying to deal with the goliath. >> they owed me over $400,000 that they have committed to in their purchase program. >> they do not want to talk to our lawyers. they want to delay things. they don't want to pay moneys that more or less we had signed up for. >> reporter: the level of frustration by some san bruno residents is so high that 50 have filed a class action suit against pg&e. neither pg&e nor their lawyers would comment on the status of that case today. when abc 7 called the utility and asked specifically about gilda, pg&e reacted quickly and
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surprisingly. by mid afternoon. >> she shouldn't have had to gone to you to get this taken care of but what is important here is we have committed and we are going to work with her attorneys and we will be paying her what she is asking for to close the sale of her home. >> reporter: as to how soon exactly pg&e would not say. nor would pg&e talk about paying for the contents of the house but for one family at least definitely progress tonight. in san bruno, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in san francisco, an investigation tonight after a muni bus hit a pedestrian and killed her. it happened around 18th and hartford streets in the castro district. tomas ramon is there with more. >> people have been stopping by and lighting candles and saying prayers for the victim of this tragic accident. this is the 9th fatality in fran? fran this year.
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the woman made it all the way across the street in the cross walk before she was hit by the muni bus. >> the bus was traveling at a slow speed. a woman was crossing hartford at the same time. >> she was in the cross walk. at this point we believe she was approximately 95% of the way across the street when the bus left-side of the bus contacted h her. >> brian brody was across the street when the accident occur. >> we saw a victim being sort of pulled out of the bus and then they were wrapping her. obviously she seemed like she had passed away. >> reporter: the woman believed to be in her late 20s or 30s died at the scene. san francisco police and muni investigators investigated the scene for hours. police placed him in the patrol car. >> the driver remained on scene and he is cooperating with the investigators and he will be tested for any signs of impairment. >> reporter: police said he didn't exhibit any synthase was impaired.
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this is the 9th pedestrian fatality in san francisco so far this year. >> every year, over 800 people are hit by cars in san francisco. we really need to have safer streets. when this many people get hit by cars that is just not okay. >> reporter: now, edward reskin the director of the san francisco transportation authority put out the statement i express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the pedestrian killed in the tragic accident this afternoon moving a muni bus. the victim in the accident has not been identified and the hit-and-run detail of the san francisco police department is investigating but neither the results of the investigation nor the victim's identity will be released any time soon. reporting live in san francisco, tomas ramon, abc 7 news. thanks very much. the suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash that took the life of a 4-year-old santa rosa boy had been arrested twice before for driving without a license.
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police say that 22-year-old marcus garcia was ordered not to drive until he appeared in court. something they say he diso dis. the boy was in the cross walk when a car hit him around 6:00 last night. he had been lagging behind his twin 6-year-old sister and their mother. the boy died this morning at children's hospital in oakland. a person listening through a police scanner heard a description of the car and that helped lead police to the suspect. the witness saw the suspect peeling off a decal from the car's rear window. neighbors are organizing a petition to get a signal light for that intersection. a stanford student had disappeared in malaysia after going on tour with the choral grou when everyone else returned home he went touring across asia. he contacted his family daily until several days ago. his parents last heard from him on sunday. his choral professor says jacob
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is a very experienced traveler. >> jacob is a very adventurous soul. he is a very savvy traveler. done a lot of solo traveling all around the world. when took his year off he did a lot of traveling. >> he didn't have a specific eye ten rarery but had been updating a public google map. he was traveling on u.s. and german passports. he was last soon in malaysia. most, california 7th graders will soon be taught the benefits of using plastic over paper. an industry group lobbied to put a spin on plastic bags. more tonight from abc 7 education reporter lyanne melendndez. >> reporter: san francisco was the first to outlaw plastic grocery bags four you years ago. san jose and sunnyvale
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followed. this year, marin county did the same. all of them were looking for something more environmentally friendly. while city and counties were talking about a ban, the american chemistry council, a lobbying group for the plastics industry was hard at work proposing changes to a section of the 11th grade environmental textbook. for example, a section in that textbook focused on problems with plastic bags. the chemistry council quickly recommended another section on the benefits of plastic shopping bags. susan rust is a reporter with california watch, which began the investigation. several environmental groups told her why they have a problem with the american chemistry council's input. >> what has happened here is that the government has opened up our children's curriculum, our children's education to private interests. >> reporter: here is how it started. in 2004, the california environmental protection agency was preparing a new curriculum
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and looking for input from the public. that is when the american chemistry council stepped in. the cal epa assigned a consultant, gerald lieberman and his staff to oversee all comments. lieberman has helped several state departments of education to enhance environmental education in schools. the california epa talked on lieberman's behalf. >> ultimately all of those comments and the revisions that stem from them were ultimately reviewed by the curriculum commission, by the staff at the california department of education and by the state board of educations. >> and apparently no one opposed it. here is an example of what was added to the textbook at the recommendation of the chemistry council. plastic grocery bags require 70% less energy to manufacture than paper bags. >> absolutely false. >> reporter: mark murray is with californians against waste an environmental lobbying group. >> the production of plastic grocery tech bags consumes more
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resources, more energy both to produce them and transport them to the grocery stores than the equivalent amount of paper bags. >> reporter: he and other environmental activists insist plastic bags are bad for wildlife, leach toxic chemicals and take years to decompose. another example of what was put in the textbook. plastic bags can be reused. for example to line household waste baskets. the american chemistry council issued this statement today. the purpose of our comments was to correct factual inaccuracies and present a more complete view of plastic bag's environmental attributes. according to rust, students must be give and test on the benefits of plastic shopping bags. >> if you were told list the advantages of shopping bags and if you don't get those right you get five points off.
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that teaches a child this is a correct answer and this is a valid point of view. >> reporter: the senator who introduced the legislation requiring that environmental principles be taught in california schools. she now asked that a change be made to the textbook. >> i'm asking the state board of education to please consider that. >> reporter: and the full list of school districts using this curriculum can be viewed at california in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now, you the incredible lengths police went to so bust a child predator. a child molestor from elk grove offered enough clues in his photograph to lead to his arrest and conviction. reporter george warren has the story. >> reporter: pedophiles often their share garbage on the internet and the garbage shared by one pedophile in particular
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included dozens of images of a single child and one image of an actual garbage container from elk grove, california. >> we steve the pictures from the national center for missing and exploited children and then found online from another country receiving the pictures all we know is that it happened in elk grove and from there we had to try and use every other detail we could to narrow it down. >> the detective organized a canvas of every elementary school in elk grove and even neighboring communities but nobody recognized the girl in the pictures. so he began looking at the houses in the pictures for any distinctive architecture or other unique markers. he drove around this community of track homes essentially searching for a need until a heystack. after a month of searching it was here on this street that detective p api neau finally found his needle. in the side yard of one of
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those homes was a split fence board that perfectly matched the fence in one of the pedophile's photographs. the owner of the home at the time the picture was taken was brad daily who had since moved. a search of his new home led to even more pictures and videotapes of the same child, enough evidence to effectively send dailey to prison for life, thanks to one garbage can, one split fence board and one tenacious detective. >> the time we found her and saw that she was the real girl after looking for months was the most rewarding thing i ever experienced in law enforcement. >> reporter: in elk grove, george warren, abc 7 news. a lot more to tonight. michael finley follows up on the smoke alarm recommendations of the state fire marshall.
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they fall short of what many experts hoped for. who is telling the truth about the government and the economy? an abc 7 news fact check on taxes and spending. plus, the annual mid august ritual. back to school shopping. the sticker shop that retailer trying to hide. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. how cool will the weekend be? find out in the accuweather forecast coming up. also ahead, why you might
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recommendations released today by the state fire marshall fall short of endorsing new smoke alarms that many believe could save lives in california. michael finney reported on the new generation of smoke alarms last night and has an update for us now. >> the dual sensor photo ion alarm will go off sooner.
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now, we have the photo ion alarm starting right now. >> reporter: a demonstration conducted by the pail tow alto fire department for 7 on your side shows how photo electric alarms can save valuable minutes. this this experiment a photo electric alarm alerts home owners of a slow smoldering fire less than two minutes after smoke begins to form. >> now, the ionization. one went off. >> reporter: the more common ionization alarms used in 90% of homes took more than ten minutes to sound the alarm. the state fire marshall wasn't available today for comment but a spokesperson told us the state fire marshall does not endorse one technology over another. gordon sim kinson of the palo alto fire department sits on the state's smoke alarm task force and supports the use of photoelectric alarms over ionization. he believes if the recommendations are atonighted
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ionization eye lams would eventually be phased out. >> one of the reason they are selected is they are less expensive. the price differencial will start to go away. >> reporter: the recommendation includes that ionization alarms be placed no less than 20 feet away from cooking appliances. that is because they are prone to false alarms, leading people to pull out the batteries. the recommendations call for clear instructions on packaging about where the alarms should be placed. sim kinson things those would drive consume hes to photo electric alarms, thus driving down the price as the demand increases. >> the fact that we made some significant recommendations to me represents a solid step forward for fire safety in california. >> the state fire marshall is recommending that smoke alarms be replaced every ten years and that ten year batteries be used. we attempted to get a comment
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but the national manufacturer's electric association did not return our call. state legislators introduced a new bill that would give landlords the power to ba to ban smoking. nor alex padilla says that measure is long overdue when you consider the restrictions on other tenants. >> we have lease agreements or rental agreements that can prohibit pets and noise or loud activity for the sake of the quality living environment for the other tenants yet we haven't done it for whether people can smoke or not smoke. >> padilla says the measure will give families more smoke free housing. almost a third of housing in california consists of connected multidwelling units. the weekend is here. spencer is here. what is in store? >> it's cool.
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pretty cool. >> you're coolle. weather's cool. >> thank you very much. >> some followings are complaining but i would rather have cooler than average than hotter than average. a look at the high definition cam looking back at the skyline of san francisco. evidence of the marine layer there. the cooling marine layer which was quite evident on this closeup satellite image from this afternoon showing the low clouds and fog up against the coastline. marine air that brought temperatures down in all parts of the bay area from the coast to the inland locations. temperatures on the cool side but pleasantly so. 60 degrees in redwood city. 60 san jose. 65an 65 in antioch. a cool pa torn through tomorrow, actually through the entire weekend and we will start to warm up next week. overnight tonight we will see the low clouds and fog pushing all the way across the bay into many of the inland locations to
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the delta towards the strait by 5:00 tomorrow morning lots of clouds around. they will slowly burn back to the coastline. overnight lows early tomorrow morning drop into the mid 50s again it rally but we will see upper 40s to low 50s in parts of the north bay which will be the coolest section of the bay area. an upper level low offshore that is enhancing that onshore flow, keeping our temperatures well below normal through the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow in the south bay certainly on the pleasant side but also on the cool seed for this time the year. upper section at sunnyvale and milpedas. on the coast, look for highs of 56 at pacifica. 58 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees tomorrow. 58 in the sunset district. up in the north bay highs of 82 at clover dale. 75 santa rosa. 76 at sonoma. 71 navad.
9:22 pm
of 8 at san rafael. 62 richmond. 64 oakland. 70 castro valley and fremont. inland east bay mild bir well below the average for this team of year. generally mid to upper 70s. 80 pittsburgh andle 82 at brentwood. 62 monterey. 65 watsonville. inland, mid 70s. that is about as mild as it will get. morgan hill 76. gilroy 74. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the entire weekend will be pleasant but way cooler than average. start to warm up a little bit on monday. then finally tuesday and wednesday inland highs approach 90 degrees. we will see upper 70s around the bay. mid 60s on the coast and then we start to cool down again. this entire summer actually has been generally below average temperature wise. >> just kind of skipped summer. >> there is still september. we do warm up sometimes in september so there is hope. >> spencer, thank you. still ahead, giving locally.
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technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. get the latest smartphones like the more powerful than ever droid x2 by motorola. buy one for $199.99, get another one free. when it comes to donations many people have res expectations about giving money and not knowing where it is really going. a silicon valley company is hoping to ease the anxiety by letting them choose exactly where it goes to and how the money is used. >> they play. we play all day. we fight all night. >> single dad reginald thompson struggles to take care of his three young kids in san jose. >> i work all night, a grave shift and then come home to baby sit my kids and get very little sleep. it is challenging. >> he found help on a website called give
9:26 pm
the website lets those in need request assistance for specific needs. donors can then read about them and pick and choose where their money goes. >> i have gotten rent assistance. i have gotten help with the pg&e bill, the water bill and groceries. >> aceta is among those who helped him out. >> it is crease to use and you can pick the family you want to help and really see where the money is going. >> reporter: the idea was intriguing to andrew bowe young iii son of the kill rights leader and son of former atlanta mayor young. he now serves as the ceo. >> tell me about the concept of give locally. what is it designed to do? >> to be able to help working class people assist one another with needs that arise that force them to deviate from their standard budget. >> the website accepts donations as small as $5 and
9:27 pm
keeps 18% of the contribution to cover operating costs. charity watch dogs recommend nonprofit groups keep no more than 20%. the rest should go to people lick samantha banks from palo alto. she will start college in august. >> we needed help. >> she got more than a thousand dollars to help with tuition. mostly from anonymous donors. >> it was a big ego boosting knowing that we could find h help. >> all potential recipients are prescreened before they are posted on the site. to make sure the money is given where it is supposed to they collect the money and pay the expenses on behalf of the recipient. >> because we don't oversaturate the site with recipients very rarely do we have recipients whose needs don't get met. >> shows there is good people out there with good hearts willing to give and help. >> well, there is one tradeoff in knowing where you money is
9:28 pm
contributions your are not tax deductible. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight. your taxes and government spending. a fact check on the truth and consequences of the economic stimulus. three men plead guilty in the murder of three memphis, tennessee, cub scouts and they are set free from prison after almost two decades. >> a judge4 8
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9:30 pm
we turn now to three men who are free tonight for the first time in 18 years. they were released after serving half their lives in an arkansas prison insisting all along they did not commit a
9:31 pm
brutal triple murder. the men who came to be known as the west memphis three were convicted of killing three young cub scouts in 1993. the case quickly became a legal lightning rod. nor from jim avila. >> nearly two decades after they were convicted of murdering three boy scouts hog-tied and left in a ditch and four years after abc 7 news first broke word of dna evidence that could exonerate them, today the west memphis three walked three. three outcasts with mullets and dark clothing who dabbled in the occult. damien, jesse and jason. teenagers then. in their mid 30s today. convicted in what many labeled a literal witch hunt, no physical evidence against them. >> we are innocent and they sent us to prison for the rest of our lives. >> damien echels was sentenced to death but then a long road
9:32 pm
to redemption. three documentaries produced by hbo and dna tests from hair found on the victims that did not match the jailed the hair belonged to someone else. and since the trial witnesses changed their testimony amid claims that an initial confession was coerced. a new trial likely an all deal was struck. the prosecutors would only let them go free if they agreed to enter a guilty plea. >> guilty plea today. >> confusing some in the victim's families who now think the real murderer is at large. >> i'm still standing and fighting for justice because they are innocent. they did not kill my son. >> reporter: it was a deal the youngest of the west memphis three first resisted, wanting to fight for total exoneration until reminded that damien had been in solitary confinement on death row for ten years and was three weeks from execution back in 1994. >> didn't want to teak it again and i recognize and acknowledge
9:33 pm
that he did do it almost entirely for me. >> that was jim avila reporting. the prosecutor says despite releasing the men he believes they murdered the boy scouts and that explain why he is not looking for any other suspects but is this case really closed. legal analyst dan abram says there are two factors at work. >> considering all of the new evidence that has come forward. considering witnesses who recanted their original accounts it is very hard to believe that ness prosecutors don't have serious questions about what happened. there is no way these prosecutors would have let three men walk out the door including one who was on death row if they believed that at a retrial they would even get anywhere close to proof beyond a reasonable doubt. now, to a judge's ruling. work life balm coulds up frequently. a court said basically don't expect your company to help, none of us is legally entitled
9:34 pm
to have it all. sharyn alfonsi dials into the debate. >> they said after they had families they were punished and passed over for promotions. a judge said there was no companywide discrimination and mandated the law does not -- writing the law does national mandate work life balance and making a decision that preferences family over work comes with consequences. does that surprise you? >> yes, it does. it seems like a step backward. the best and most productive employees are those who have satisfaction and feel engaged at home and at work. >> reporter: jennifer owens says companies should not legally be able to pass women over for jobs just because they are mothers. >> isn't the person who is at the offense 23 hours a day, 7 days a week a better employee than me who goes home to run to feed their children at 7:30 every night?
9:35 pm
>> no, there comes a moment when the employees become recentful as is to all they have given up. >> the judge gain voice to managers and workers who said working mothers shouldn't receive special treatment. >> megyn is still on maternity leave, right? >> are you complaining. she is bonding with her baby. >> what a racket that is. >> what is it about nine months that you don't think deserves a few months off so bonding and recovery can teak place? >> new moms are so worried about backlash they cut maternity leave short. >> owen says companies that don't value families are hurting more than just the moms in the offense. >> workinoffice. >> working moms. working mothers are always the vanguard but it's everyone. >> that was sharyn alfonsi
9:36 pm
reporting. fortune 500 companies with the best records of putting women in executive positions are on average 40% more profitable. something to think about. high pitched battles are again breaking out in libya. rebels are claiming to have made progress, clearing out the last proquaddafi troops. they are being backed by nato's bombing campaign. twitter abuzz with reports of clashes at the airport in tripoli and other locations around the city. a rebel spokesman said a town in eastern libya is now completely under rebel control. that a is where the country's main oil fields feed into four refineries. violence i in this damascu. thousands marched through the streets somehowing bye, bye to the president. human rights groups say nearly 2,000 people have died in syria since the uprisings began in
9:37 pm
march. assad said he would no longer use violence against protesters. gun fire constant today in kabul, afghanistan. even hours after the taliban stormed the british council offense, killing at least 12 people. the council have an international charity that gives leadership training. the taliban says the attack is to mark the anniversary of afghanistan's independence from britain in 1919. >> we heard more than three explosions. strongly believing that two of them were suicide bombers. as a result of this attack we have lost 8 police officers that we cannot confirm the number, maybe it will go higher than this. >> sadly it did go higher. three security gars and one new zealand official died in the gun fight. all of the attackers were killed. analysts say the incident is
9:38 pm
far worse because it undercuts a critical goal of nato strategy which is to increase security and confidence in the afghan capital. the republicans campaigning in iowa and the president's midwest bus tour this week. seems like a good time for a fact check. political reporter mark matthews tonight with economic myths you are likely to hear from the the campaign trail. >> reporter: the candidates taking swings on the campaign trail, michael grabel took a look at the most common economic ex-agations. we talked to him via skype. >> the one taxes being the highest they have been or higher than other countries. >> reporter: the high tax claim is just wrong. america's tax burden season the lowest it has been since 1958. as for taxes being higher here than in other countries, economist allen auerbach is the director for public finance at uc berkeley. >> are very few developed
9:39 pm
countries that have lower taxes than we do. most have higher taxes. >> and the repeated claim that u.s. businesses pay more taxes. >> we had one of the highest corporate tax rates in the industrial world. after you take out the deductions we end up closer toward the middle of the pack. >> republican presidential hopefuls often call the president's stimulus spending a failure. the president says it saved the economy. >> neither of these are actually true. some where in the middle. >> economists can disagree on the impact of the stimulus. it comes down to speculation on what would have happened had there been no stimulus. >> people differ in the views of how strong an effect the stummels had but i don't think it is a common view that the stimulus didn't help. >> but the contention that it was full of fraud and abuse. >> the facts show there has been some fraud and abuse but it is minimal. >> reporter: the inspector general found $1.9 million in fraud tied to the stimulus but
9:40 pm
out of the nearly $800 billion, that is less than 1/100 of 1% of the total. how about the claim that the stimulus may fill potholes but it will leave no lasting legacy. >> right, and that martons are about to land on earth. there are a lot of things people can say but a that doesn't make them true. >> you need look no further than the tunnel board to see a stimulus funded project with a lasting impact. why do they get all of the attention? the professor believes it is because outlandish statements draw attention. saying there isn't a lot government can do but it is doing what it can and if we all pull together we will get out of it eventually isn't all that excite jag, find a link to the fact check at look on the politics page. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. apple plans to begin production of an ipad three in october. the "wall street journal" says
9:41 pm
it should launch early next year. and you remember the discovery of two 22 fake apple stores doing business in china. investigators have zeroed in on several stores in queens, new york, which are selling fake merchandise. apple filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against two companies. and the court has issued a temporary injunction. retail analysts say stores are trying everything to disguise the fact that you will be paying more for back to school clothes this fall. some are using less fabric and calling it a new look. others adding cheap stitches or calling it a redesign. still ahead tonight, the chicken with the alligator snout. what? >> the possible promise from reverse evolution. plus, a good samaritan saves the last of a whale andú
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
we are going to talk about chickens and science now because we can. scientists altered the dna of chicken embryos so they have alligator like snouts instead of books. snouts are thought to have been
9:45 pm
lost millions of years ago. it could pave the way for altering dna in the other direction, that is using the same process to create species better able to adapt to earth's climate. the marine mammal center in sauce lida was caring for king nope shot in the back with a large caliber weapon. this is the second sea lion they have treated this summer. humpback whales. their world and ours rarely collide. tonight this he do in a high stakes rescue mission and one heartfelt thank you. >> reporter: michael fishback has taken his friend george brasington, their wives and michael's five-year-old son on a whale watching trip in the sea of cortez. michael spots something on the horizon. a young humpback. the whale is breathing but in a battle for its life.
9:46 pm
200 feet of fishing net wrapped the great creatures in a straight jacket. at risk to his own life, michael slipped into the water to take a closer look. >> a good idea to go up to the eye of the whale and try to meet the whale and let the whale know that you are there to help. i got within one foot of the eye ball. it was the most incredible thing that i will experience. >> we realized we would not be able to live with ourselves if we did not act. >> with michael and the boat's captain pulling on the net. at any moment they are at risk of being ensnared by the net themselves. but bit by bit, the tide is turning. after nearly an hour of treading the noose is loose. >> was there a moment when you made a final cut. >> yes, there was just no more resistance on the net. >> whew! >> you saved the humpback whale
9:47 pm
inkjet. >> like a giant exclamation point the whale rises to the occasion. >> the humpback while is swimming away and going across the sea only because of you. >> you can see more about this whale tale on 20/20 right after this newscast over on abc 7. and still ahead, stopping flintstone style. up next, one man's unique driving method because his
9:48 pm
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watch this video. michigan police sayold man trip his pickup truck fred flintstone style by using his feet. does he even have shoes on. in this is police dash cam video of an officer trailing the truck on wednesday. the man knew he didn't have brakes but decided to drive anyway. he drove two and a half miles at 40 miles a.b. hour down a major highway with his feet dangling out the driver's side door. >> thought he colorado it. wanted to get home. he said he had a long day at work and had to work today. no alcohol, no drugs. just a serious lack of common sense. >> you think? along the way he crashed into four vehicles before putting his pickup truck in park and
9:51 pm
finally coming to a stop amazingly. you saw that video. no one was hurt. as for the police, the chief says the incident was so stupid it was funny. >> spencer, you don't do that, do you? >> no, what a description. serious lack of common sense. i guess that is true. statewide, warmer. cool are along the coast. only 77 los angeles. 92 fresno. 89 sacramento and 91 at chico. in the bay area, sunny skies inland. clouds at the coast, once again. inland highs mainly in the 70s but up to 81 antioch. 82 clover dale. generally 60s right around the bay and here is a look at monterey bay. 60s near the bay. mid 70s inland and now the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler than average weather right on through the weekend. warm up a little bit on monday. highs approaching -9d 0 degrees
9:52 pm
tuesday and wednesday but then temperatures drop off again on thursday and friday. temperatures way below the average for august. >> thank you very much. larry beil with a preview of sports. >> getting a little punchy now. >> i'm getting punchy. >> i think the guy driving his car are stopping with his feet good to you. we continue the eternal quest to score a you happen to have any brilliant silver altimas? yea, right over here. look at 'em all. what about a black frontier with utilitrack? absolutely. oh, great, that's awesome. what about a platinum graphite rogue with touch-screen nav, bluetooth, and...a moonroof? with or without leather? we got 'em both. [ sighs ] i gotta get back.
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coming up at 11:00, new concern
9:55 pm
about computer hackers. why lawmakers are looking into the security of wireless medical advices. what to expect in apple's next version of the ipad. reit now, though, larry beil with sports. >> the giants oh financially running on fumes. even more, jr. pablo sandoval out with a shoulder strain. cabrera's strained groin. whiteside to the disabled list. absolutely no offense tonight in houston. but a serious, serious stash. we are in envy. giants starting a three he game-set with the astros who came in a major league worse 44 gapes under 500. doesn't matter who you play if you can't score. aubrey huff toast at the plate. bottom of the third. j.b. shock doubling to right. clint and carlos score. make it 2-0 astros.
9:56 pm
giants make two errors in the inning to set this up. the pitcher rodriguez. the magic wandy with a two-run single. he also threw 8 shutout innings. get shut out again. this time 6-0. they stay two a and half back. willie hams hung runs. speak and you shall find. willingham rips one almost to the willinghams out there. rich harden a no hitter through the fourth. trouble with a runner on second. weeks. got you backs. strikes out 11 in 7 innings of work as the a's win 2-0. on to football. the raiderettes and 90s have played in the preseason. fairly even in the games themselves are usually pretty close. if you think these guys don't
9:57 pm
care, it is preseason, think again because they do care. the raiders after the saints blitzed the liner, his defense cannot wait to go after alex smith tomorrow night at candlestick. >> they are probably licking their chops at us just like we are of them. they have to go out and learn how to score the football game. you know whey mean, in the nfl, every week is different. >> we are going to be ready this week. we built and what we had going this week and just continue to continue the process and i'm confident we will have a game that can be done over on sunday. >> one of them said tell jim harbaugh we are going to bring the house. >> roger federer couldn't read
9:58 pm
his opponents serve today. raphael nadal was tired and supposedly playing with burned finger tips. both men knocked out. the second seeded nadal burn his fingers while picking up a hot plate at a restaurant. the match went more than three hours. beaten sadly by marty fish. the an uncharacter 29 unforced errors. also a loser in tripes at 62 h and a 7-6. golf. second round of championship. a three-shot lead on the rest of the field. 31-year-old derek lameley. didn't take the cut but leaves with an ice, one hop and in. for that he gets a lifetime of vacations courtesy of windham. the man is in time share
9:59 pm
heaven. randy bee bennett has the kindf job security no one else has. a ten year contract that keeps them there through 2021. all he has done is post a school record 208 victories. taking them to the ncaa tournament repeatedly and coach of the year twice. we finish with visual proof that celebrities should always be careful about their behavior. spencer christian captured in the newsroom effortlessly hoola hooping while discussing the barometric pressure. look at the form. look at the hip rotation. spencer, comment on your -- >> why? >> pics don't lie. >> a ten. absolutelyen


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