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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  September 15, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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ght, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. and immediately you knew something was wrong and people were screaming. >> a safe landing in san francisco for the passengers forced to evacuate a plane in washington, d.c. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. among the passengers on that flight, supreme court justice ruth gator ginsburg was forced to slide down an emergency
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chute along with everybody else. >> 179 passengers were oh so grateful to land here safely around 7:30 tonight after a very harrowing experience on the tarmac in washington, d.c. >> when the united flight left several passengers noticed smoke. >> the plane had to be evacuated. >> you don't know whether the plane is on fire and whether or not this is about to become a disaster. there is no way of knowing. >> you hear evacuate, evacuate. >> seated at the back of the plane was the 78-year-old supreme court justice. they were escorted by what appeared to be four us marshals. >> another guard stayed on the plane and helped passengered
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off. >> three-month-old eloise was in her mother's arms when she went down the emergency slide. >> i went and there was no one at the bottom. you go so fast. i was so scared, but she did great. she did great. >> you fell at the bottom. >> i fell. i think i stuck my arm out. y everyone who didn't get caught fell. a lot of people fell. >> everyone plays the professionalism of the flight crew. >> it takes like 40 minutes to load a plane. but it took two minutes to get 200 people off the plane. >> it was surrounded by fire engines. passengers were taken back to the terminal and boarded another plane four hours later including justice ginsburg who was whisked away by us marshals. >> and some passengers even criticized fellow passengers who they say just made them
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because they took time to take purses, suitcases out of the overhead bins and took them down the emergency chute. but it was a happy end. reporting live at sfo, leslie brinkly, abc news. >> that's the good news of course. and justice ginsburg came through without injury. she was seen tonight entering the san francisco opera house ginsburg is here for a speaking engagement at hastings college of law tomorrow. >> banks are cracking down on homeowners setting the stage for a dramatic rise in fore foreclosures. the defaults are up from july. that's the highest month to month increase since the meltdown began in 2007. in california that number is even higher with an increase in default notices. california has the second highest foreclosure rate behind nevada. the banks are starting to take
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swift action a year after processing lead to a sharp slow down in fore foreclosures. >> and the crisis is leading to a multimillion-dollar drop in property values. in oakland, the collective property values will drop $12 billion by the end of 2012. the real estate experts say when a home goes into foreclosure, it drops an average of 22%. in the past four years, 28,000 oakland homes have gone into foreclosure. some prominent women are in san francisco this week for the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. it is the primary forum for promoting trade among 21 pacific rim countries. alan wang is here now. this is the first time women are the focus. >> that's right, dan. despite equal pay laws, u.s. women still earn $.77 cents for every dollar a man makes on average. women make up half of the workforce and many countries are recognizing that they can't get ahead if they are leaving half their people
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behind. the asia-pacific economic cooperation conference is ushering a new era that includes more women. this guest speaker, a senior advisor to president obama stressed the importance of working for companies who value women. >> i raised my daughter on my own. it was very important to me the people whom i worked with, valued that being a mom was the most important thing i did. >> the chief ef staff for the first lady says mrs. obama, a working mother, is pushing for more workplace flexibility. the council of economic advisors say companies with flexible work schedules are actually more productive. >> you have a lower turnover cost because the workers don't have to leave their jobs. they have to care for a sick family member. you have people who stay longer in their careers and develop better. >> across the pacific, the race is on to educate more women.
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she is the president of the women's business council. >> we want to make sure we are not left behind. >> she is the chinese equivalent to oprah winfrey. a media talk show host. she says the wage gap between men and women is similar to the u.s., but the country's one-child policy has created a generation of young women who are the family's only hope for the future. >> they have more demands for their personal life. they want to realize their dreams instead of fulfilling a family responsibility. you see a strong will of women in china. >> and the u.s. companies are taking these cues. wal-mart who is accused of paying female employees less than men will spend $20 billion over the next five years on female-owned businesses. dan? >> interesting. thank you, alan won reporting.
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secretary of state hillary clinton will deliver the keynote speech on friday. we spotted her tonight leaving a san francisco restaurant. clinton is the driving force behind the effort to feature women at the conference. >> in contra costa county, the crew is battling a house fire in martinez. it broke out around 8:30 in bear creek road. that's near the regional park. so far the fire has burned about 50 acres. firefighters do have it 50% contained and no homes are threatened. >> hundreds of hotel workers say they will return to work at midnight after a week long strike against high yet hotels. the members of local 2 have marched from union square to the high yet regency. the contract expired in twiep. the union claims hyatt is representing some of the nonunion hotels. the high yet argues that the union wants a strike clause that gives them unprecedented power to call a strike at just about anytime.
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>> san francisco police believe a man killed his wife and now they hope you can help them find it. the search for william billy waterman and his wife started in february after her daughter reported them missing from their home in riverside county. san mateo county sheriff deputies and the sfpd divers scoured the area near devil's slide after their car was found there. colleen waterman was found murdered in a hotel room in the marina district. investigators hope someone recognizes this picture of 59-year-old billy waterman, there he is. he has red hair and about six feet tall and weighs roughly 160 pounds. >> we are learning more about a convicted felon in san jose, arrested for having a stockpile of explosives, guns and ammunition in its home. police arrested 63-year-old mark sedlock for making criminal threats and illegally possessing weapons. yesterday the bomb squad blew up eight explosive devices found in their home. they evacuated 10 neighboring
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houses. they found 40 to 50 firearms with ammunition. the explosives were left over the 4th of july fireworks. the convicted felons were banned from possessing the weapons. >> he knows that, but he still has a right to bear arms regardless of what anybody else says. >> he has 15 prior convictions, but for some reason he was not on a state list of felons banned from weapons. >> the investigators worked into the evening trying to figure out what started a fire that left eight people homeless and injured two men at a condo complex in san jose. the fire moved quickly through a six-unit building on bear valley lane. the flames gutted two units and damaged four >> i just started banging on all of the doors, the windows and ring the door bell. if anybody was sleeping in the houses next to it, i wanted to make sure they were fully aware of the fire. >> i don't know what started it. there are six garages detached.
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i can see that they were involved in the fire as well. >> the firefighters had to pull out of the building after part of the roof collapsed. the paramedics took one man to the valley medical center to be treated for second-degree burns to his legs. they treated another man for smoke inhalation at the scene. >> up next, the war in afghanistan and the exchange of bullets turns into dueling tweets. >> and what would you pay for the absolute cheapest house anywhere in northern california? >> and a stunning announcement from the giants. why the man who lead the team to the world series is now being asked to leave. and then late other "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. carolyn and dan, coming up on "nightline" we meet the hottest moted -- model in women's fashion, a teenage boy. how did he become the standard for women? and controversial megachurch pastor on the power of positive praying. that's on
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at&t. in pakistan for an insurgent attack in kabul, afghanistan.
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authorities say all 11 attackers died during several hours of fighting yesterday .'s and that fighting on the streets of afghanistan's capital triggered a cyber war of words on twitter. they launched this digital post, "how much longer will terrorists put innocent afghans in harm's way"? they said, "i don't know. you have been putting them in harm's way for the past 10 years. raised whole villages and markets and still have the nerve to talk about harm's way. >> two uc berkeley graduates held in iran for two years appear to be a step closer to returning home. the lawyers for josh vital scpe shane bower tells abc news their bail is being paid and they should be freed in the next few days. the government september a plane to tehran to pick them up. the details are a little unclear. they will be freed in just days, but today they said the deals -- the deal to release
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them is still under review. governor jerry brown accused republican lawmakers of creating an unconstitutional delegation of power that is being controlled by the anti-tax group. the governor told members of the california nurse's association in san francisco that some republican senators told him they wanted to vote for his tax and jobs plan a few months ago, but they say they couldn't because of the political clout of the jobless group. right now all 24 lanes of the u.s. entrance along the border crossing between san diego and tijuanna have reopened. they shut down after a construction canopy collapsed this morning at the san ysidro port of entry. that's the nation's busiest border crossing. at least three people had to be taken to the hospital. >> the white house is on the hotseat over the obama's administration ties to cyl ny dra. they left them stuck with a $525 million loan. today at a fiery hearing in washington, the members of
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congress demanded to know why the loan was fast tracked when there were warning signs the company could collapse. >> we are in the hole so much, and you are dealing with this in a cavalier way. whose faults is it? >> first let me say that the 200 odd professionals working in the loan guarantee program are exceptional professionals. >> and you would throw them under the bus. but you are the driver, mr. silver. >> new e-mails wanted to accelerate the loan despite deep miss givings including the warning that the company would run out of cash in september, 2011. >> the city of stockton considered the epicenter of the housing crisis has a new distinction tonight. it is home to the cheapest house in northern california. the two-bedroom house is listed as a fixer upper with a sales price of $9,000. a retired general contractor just closed escrow on the
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house. that is a deal. >> it is a deal. as you probably have noticed, it is a little cooler around here. >> here is sandhya with what is in store. >> and it is getting cooler. we are talking late october-like weather coming to the bay area. there was a picture submitted by cindy to you report. you can see a cool looking cloud in ukiah. it is a lens-shaped cloud. it will be dropping by 2°. down 11° in fairfield. 76 in santa rosa and napa 70 stwo. -- 72. both were 9° lower. san jose came in at 74°. 59° and 8 cooler than yesterday. we definitely saw the downturn in the temperatures. it is the beginning of the cooling trend.
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high definition east bay hills camera showing you why we saw cooler weather. the marine layer deepened today, and we are now standing at 1600 feet deep. the wind is pushing the marine layer along. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a wind is gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's an onshore breeze that also helped to knock our temperatures down. the onshore breeze will keep the marine layer moving along. we will see the valleys moving in with low clouds. the widespread low clouds and the morning drizzle at the coast and the cooling continues through friday. here is a look at the satellite and the radar. this area of low pressure responsible for the thunderstorms around the sierra nevada, parts of southern california today. some areas in southern california picking up several inches in a few hours with strong thunderstorms. that's all going to settle down even though we may see
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some isolated activity. another system is coming down our way. this is the change and the cooler conditions that started today. it will continue right through the next couple days. do look for temperatures to drop even more. overnight, the temperatures in the 50s. we will see patchy drizzle near the coast and around the bay as we head into tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon, 70 degrees in san jose. 69 in santa clara. on the peninsula you are looking at partly sunny conditions from san mateo to red rood city. a cool sweater weather day around the coastal area. mid50s there. downtown san francisco is mostly cloudy. 59 degrees. you get into the north bay and it is well below average. 72 santa rosa and 70 for novato. east bay, 64 in oakland and up to 68 in castro valley. inland areas are mild and sunny by the afternoon. nowhere near where you should be. livermore's temperature, if that's what you expect to see in late october, a good 10 degrees below normal. 73 in danville and around the monterey bay. 64 in santa cruz.
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here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a cool pattern for summer. upper 70s inland and mid50s coast side. and then the warm weekend begins. it is much warmer as we head to the early to middle part of next week. that's a long distance. >> coming up next, celebrity hacking. >> the hollywood star who some say had personal information taken from her computer. ( grunting )
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hollywood. agents are investigating a series of attacks on celebrities. no word on who was attacks. several identified one of the victims as scarlet johansson. they have been targeted by hackers who stole personal information from their e-mails and the other accounts. winkler, promisely best known for his roll as "the fonz, was given his high honor for for his work on dyslexia in the united kingdom.
12:24 am
he was beaming. winkler was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult and toured the uk talking about learning disability for the past two years. >> quite an honor for "the fonz." >> when he meets the queen does he go ey. >> a shocker from the giants. the man who lead the team to the world series title, he's out. who is taking over and why? that's next in sports. it's a new totino's pizza stuffer. [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun! ♪ [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's whoa! stuffers. do you know what our favorite part of shooting hoops is? 3...2...1... overtime! ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh
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upon taking over the giants, bill newcom wrote a book called "the giants way weigh." now the giants are going another way. she leaving as ceo. they call it a retirement, but the san jose mercury news, said it was a group of 10. apparently they felt het keep tf day-to-day decisions, especially on spending money. newcome was a hero for guiding the giants to the first world series in san francisco. that was last year. the chief operating officer is specked to to move up and fill
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newcome's shoes. the giants and padres and this is so cute. the girl dressed as mrs. lincecum. welcome to the carlos beltran show. gone. in the first, a drive off lay toes. career homer number 299. a solo bomb and it ties the game at one apiece. tim lincecum won 7 innings and he got a little help from his friends. look at the panda. sandoval off balance and guns down guzman. in route to his 13th win. giant fans have to be thinking, do we have the money to resign this guy for next year? did newcome leave us any cash? a splash and the kayakers are back. giants stay six and that halfback in the wild card chase if you are keeping track. here is the skipper on carlos beltran. >> he makes this park look small at times. even at first when he hit, he


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