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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 20, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. >> this is abc 7 news at 9:00. good evening i'm dan ashle ashley. we begin tonight with shooting of 5-year-old girl walking whom from school. she was with her father in san francisco bay view neighborhood when it happened. two-parently caught in the cross fire. john is live at san francisco general where the girl is being treated. john how is she doing first off. >>reporter: well apparently she's up and she's talking and she is stable and she's in good spirits according to supervisor inside earlier tonight. doctors are treating her knee wound. supervisor cohen says however they have not done surgery and yes the little girl will be spending the night. now this all started at around 4:30 this afternoon. girl walking home are school with her father near the corner of
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third and blue in the bay have you district. we are told that 22-year-old man got to that corner and then started firing at another man who then shot back. one of those bullets hit the little girl in the knee. new the child's father first thought she had simply tripped. then he realized his girl had been shot. he picked her up, carried her about 2 blocks where he found a police officer in the meantime people on that sidewalk scattered into stores for their safety. >> when i came out we looked up the street and i seen everybody running. i seen the little girl on the ground and the father picked her up and he was very disvut and upset because innocent victim got hit again by senseless gun play you know what i'm saying. >> i heard she's stable. doing well. spirits are up. i heard that she was shot in her knee and she's already convinced her mother that she's out of school for the rest of the week. >>reporter: if the girl was rushed to san francisco general
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hospital where she is described as alert and talking. real cutie pie according to miss cohen who hopes this case of child being caught in the cross fire resonates with the people of by view that violence is not acceptable. places say that there is some surveillance video at some nearby business that is might be helpful. they are also asking the public to call with any tips they might have. source tells us that one of the gun men may be known to police already and they may be looking for him at this point. also at this point tonight police are not sure if this is gang related. in san francisc francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right at least the girl is okay. john thanks very much. >> in south san jose there's a hazardous situation right now surrounding a pg&e truck. the truck is loaded with 5 cylinder and all apparently are leaking. tank connected to commercial building. hazmat team on the scene trying to shut off the tankers. each cylinder can hold skaiv to up to 75 gallons. pg&e was doing construction if the area intercoyote creek par
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park. several buildings including at least one home have been evacuated. though there is no shelter in place order, no one has been injured. we'll keep you updated on that. >> the ugly scar that was daily reminder of the pg&e pipeline explosion for more than a year is no more tonight. sky 7 hd was overhead as the gaping crater that marked the spot whether the pipe blew up was filled in today. and as heather explains, people living in that neighborhood got to help shovel some of the dirt. >> heavy equipment did the heavy lifting this afternoon. but it was surverifies who got first crack at filling the hol hole. ugly remanipulateder of the death and destruction that swept across their neighborhood a year ago. >> it's the first thing i think about in the morning and last thing when i go to sleep. >>reporter: maria lives about 10 houses up the street from the crate or. she says after her turn at the shovel she wanted to keep going with more. >> it felt good. the pip is again and the hole is going to be filled so i'm really happy
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about the that. a little bit of closure. a little bit. >>reporter: carol says she normally avoid the hole but today was different. >> you know we did survive and bust the dirt on the hole is kind of like we beat the hole and we beat the blast and it's very, very important. >>reporter: 8 people did not survaichlt and 38 homes were destroyed. 30 inchnal natural gas paper line explode from four feet underground. the 3000 pound 28 foot section was thrown 100 feet from where it was burden for 54 years. the jaint blow torch that followed roared for an hour and a half. once the create or is filled and the road rebuilt there is still unfinished work in sacramento and washington. to change the way pipe lines are inspected and maintained. because of its age the san bruno line was exempted from the most rigorous andbe"aensive testing. that has now changed in california but there are still about 150,000 miles of
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untested lines across the country. >> too late for san bruno and there's some talk people back east saying it's very spichbs. they should measure the expense in lives not in footage. >> all the lovely people that are gone now. >>reporter: pg&e says there are in plans to reroute this section of line 1 that around the neighborhood. this million and a half or so segment will just stay shut down with homes getting the gas from another transmission line outside the neighborhood about border. in san bruin oshtion abc 7 news. revealing story about governor brown tonight. friends tell "the new york times"he is bewildered and stunned by how much sacramento has change since he first served as governor. he was unprepared for the way republicans don't give good faith effort to kilometer around on critical issues. he says approaches that once worked like inviting republicans to dinner offering concessions or trying to rall qu public support are no longer
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effective. one associate says governor brown is shocked by all this and frustrated and disappointed but that he is not giving up. this is deeply satisfying day for gay and lesbian across the country. tonight many in the bay area are celebrating the official end of the military don't ask don't tell policy. those who weren't to serve openly now can. those now serving no longer need to hide who they are. more tonight from carolyn tyler. >> wow! if. [applause]. >>reporter: until retirement 4 years ago commander dunning was a rare case of a lesbian military member serving openly. she challenged don't ask don't tell in 1993. today the san francisco resident cheered what she calls a milestone in civil rights history. >> never been more proud to wear my uniform. and represent this country than today. >>reporter: celebrating with her outside san francisco war
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memorial building was retired brigadier general keith car. he was forced into the closet when he john walker lindh the military back in 1953 how difficult was that? >> well, i found it a little bit, you know you were paranoid. looking over your shoulder. see if anyone was following you. and but i survived. >>reporter: 25-year-old joseph roach hopes to 35 not just survive. he served more than two years in the middle east until he was discharged under don't ask don't tell. now he wants to reen list. >> because to me the flaw was in the policy. there was a flawed policy that was upheld by l leadership that quite frvrngly doesn't exist any more. >>reporter: recent poll of active duty personnel by the military times finds 57 percent said the repel will not effect them. and 22 percent said they will accept and support the
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change. but 19 percent said it will have a negative impact on their morale and 14 percent say they will personally oppose the change. but gay and lesbian troops are already there. hiding in plain sight. there are an estimated 65,000 currently serving in the military. now they can serve openly. something this retired sergeant could not do. >> serve in the military serve the country of course. so it's not going to hurt anything. not going to hurt or harm the military. >>reporter: now not all of those policy changes have been finalize. for example some of the benefits to the troops same sex partner. so while they are celebrating here at the community center up the street at harvey milk plaza there is another gathering and it is mission incomplete. they are calling for continued fight for those rights and more. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. and just hours after the repeal of don't ask don't tell a u.s. soldier based in
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germany called his father in alabama and revealed to him that he is gay. he taped the emotional conversation and posted it on you tube. >> can i tell you something? >> ya. >> will you love me serious? >> yes. >> you always love me. >> of course. >> if dad i'm gay. fichlt always vchbility i have known since forever. you still will have me. >> i still will have you, son. about yes i still love you. >> you okay, dad? >> doesn't change our relationship. >> i'll be home before too long. >> soldier told his father that everyone he serves with know he is gay and hasn't caused any problems for him. just before he came out to his dad he said he was as nervous as he ever remembers being. as you gather there from his father he's oka
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okay. >> the lot more to bring you tonight. president of iran in an exclusive interview with abc news. what he says about the rae less of hiker with bay area connections. >> if here we good. if. >>reporter: good samaritan steps in to replace a walker that was stolen from the home of child with special needs. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. summer out with a blast. blast of heat that is. accu-weather forecast with a blast. blast of heat that is. accu-weather forecast coming up >> early warning system fo
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reminder tonight that good people always step forward when they are needed. we reported the story of 2-year-old little girl who had her walker that she needs to get around stolen recently. tonight we are glad to say she's back on the move. here's laura anthony. l. >>reporter: 3 weeks after a thief stole an expensive walker from a special needs child, san jose father and son brought her a new one. >> look at that. nice walker. him if you remember that? you remember? >> yes. >> wow! >>reporter: 2-year-old girl was born with a rare genetic disorder that makes movement very difficult. she has been fitted with a 3000 dollarxd walker but the little ready vase was stolen from the sidewalk in front of her alameda home. >> something like that happens and is it makes it just that much harder. it just, you kno know, is heart breaking. >>reporter: joel and dave bart manufacturing in san jose after
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seeing a news report about her missing walker, they decided to buy her a new one. >> we could see there was a lot of engineering and specialize equipment attached to it so we decided let's contact the manufacturer and see if possibly we could see what the value is and see if we could work something out. sfivrjts very happy. it makes us feel wonderful to see the heart of human contained coming through. >> say thank you mr. wise mart. >>reporter: how are you feeling. >> i feel in really good. how about you jolie. it's nice. >> back in business is she not. >> she can get that little sense of independence that other kids have when they, when they first learn to walk. >> watch your feet. if put your feet down. there you go. >>reporter: she has the new walker but the police have not
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closed this case. in fact they are still looking for those who stole the first one. alameda, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> all right on to the weather. spencer is here and warm again tonight. >> yes. kuwait warm tonight. low pressure tonight. something like high pressure in san francisco sometimes. here's a live. we have 2 live view for you tonight. first one is this from the high definition camera on to the bay and lovely evening it is all around the bay area. almost cloud free. i say almost because as you will see in this shot from our high definition sutro camera looking at the golden gate there is just a little finger of fog through the golden gate. not much. we certainly didn't have much this afternoon as the satellite close-up shows. we have a little bit of fog which up and off the coast of mendocino county. sunny sky coast inland area and hot inland and around the bay. here's sampling of high pressure today. mid upper 90's in virtually all the inland locations. 101 was the high today in livermore. 95
9:17 pm
redd with city. 86 in san francisco and right now temperatures are these. much cooler. everywhere. we have 60's mainly around the bay and in some inland location except the inland east bay which is a bit warmer with 80 at concord and 80 at livermore. these are the highlights. heat hold on until week end tomorrow the third spare the air day in a row turning caller saturday and sunday. temperatures tonight will be kuwait mild to warm. some locations coolest spots low in the mid upper 50's but many locations will have leover nature in the low 60's almost as mailed as some daytime high in san francisco in the summer. satellite image huge ridge of high pressure that dominate our weather next 2 to three days and will have hot conditions through thursday and kuwait warm on friday before we start to cool down sharply on saturday. i mention another spare the air day tomorrow third in a row. expect good air quality along the coast, central bay south bay.
9:18 pm
moderate air quality in the santa clara valley and north bay and expect poor air quality in the inland east bay. high pressure in south bay tomorrow. in the 90's. low to mid 90's all across the board there. on the peninsula we see high in the upper 80's to low 90's and low to mid 70's in the coast. pacifica high of 74wntown san f2 degrees tomorrow. 75 sunset district. 73 daly city. north bay it's mainly 90's mid upper 90's 100 will be the high ukiah. east bay high will be in the mid to upper 80's to about 90 at castro valley. 91 at free mont. inland east bay mid upper 90's once again near monterey bay see temperatures in the 80's if some bay side locations. mid upper 90's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. first day of fall. friday. still warm but kaling down a tad then we get some sharper cooling on saturday and sunday and saturday through next tuesday at least inland high reach only to the low mid 80's. 70 around the bay and low 60's on the
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coast. more comfortable weather but people are loving this. >> it's nice. especially since we haven't had much this summe summer. >> we are squeezing it into 4 day snas summer is over. on friday. thanks very much. >> coming up. warren buffet recall. do billionaire really payless in taxes than the rest of us do.
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>> 2 top executives at sylindra say they will refuse to answer questions when they appear at congressional hearing on frida friday. the free mont solar company went bankrupt weeks ago and laid off 1100 workers in the process. sylindra received more than 500 million dollars in federal loans. chief executive bryan harrison and chief financial officer say they will invoke tr fifth amendment right to remain silent at that hearing in the house. they cite ongoing
9:23 pm
criminal investigation by the fbi. meanwhile google chairman schmid could get a pretty good grilling at senate subcommittee hearing tomorrow. senator lack into whether company used its dominance to stifle competitio competition. company like expedia and trip advisor say google is pushing the search results lower in the rankings while favoring its own. >> now to the plan to reduce the deficit. president obama says it's just not rate for billionaire to pay a lower income tax percentage than the middle class. and it turns out they aren't. mark matthews tonight with a fact check of the so-called buffet rule. >>reporter: warren buffet worth 50 billion dollars. income tax rate? 17.4 percent. secretary pays twice that. at 33 percent. >> it is wrong that in the united states of america teach every or a nurse or construction worker who earns 50,000 dollars should pay
9:24 pm
higher tax rate than somebody pulling in 50 million dollars. >>reporter: fact check that's not the norm. on average americans making more than 1 million dollars a year pay 29.1%. almost double the rate of those making 50 to 75,000 dollars a year. on average they pay 15 percent in federal federal taxes. >> but there's a big difference across that income category of millionaire. >>reporter: robert williams is a senior fellow with the non-partisan tax policy center. crunch the numbers. he says the richest of the rich the top 400 filers pay on average just 18 percent because like warren buffet they get most of the income from dividends and capitol gains. tax at maximum rate of 15 percent. >> that's why he pays less tax than his secretary. >>reporter: williams says it's also true that 46 percent of americans pay no income taxes at all. because their deduction out strip what they would owe. the rich still have the best deal. >> rich guy much bigger break
9:25 pm
in the tax system if we zero out all the tax break rich people would pay a larger share of the taxes than they do now. >>reporter: republicans in congress argue that raising taxes on the rich will hurt job creation. >> it twidz people and doesn't grow the economy. >>reporter: former labor secretary calls that argument a myth. >> reality is moat most jobs are created by small business owners and only 1.2 percent of small business owners are in the very top tax bracket. >>reporter: fact check? professor number is accurate. l whether or not rich people should pay more in taxes matter of opinion. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight. assassination in afghanistan. the murder of high ranking official hurts the drive toward peace. >> did doubt lead to death? what officials are learning about the tornado warning system in hard hit joplin,
9:26 pm
missouri. >> and is science on trial? why government seismologist are accused of manslaughter. another half hour of news
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sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. >> good evening once again. here's a look at some of the headlines we are following for you tonight. 5-year-old girl was shot in the leg while walking home from school with her father. in san francisco bay view neighborhood. police say she was caught in the cross fire between 2 gunmen. no arrest have been made. >> historic day for the military and for gay rights. don't ask don't tell is now a thing of the past after 18 years on the books. gay and lesbian now free to serve openly in the armed forces. >> crew today began filling in the gaping creator left by the
9:30 pm
pipeline explosion in san bruno more than a year ago. blast killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. >> now to the attack that cut short the united nation visit of afghanistan president. bomb hidden in a turban killed a man so critical to the search for peace there are serious questions being asked about the fawch of that country and the american troops fighting so hard to stabilize it. nick reports from kabul. >> he was key to bringing peace to afghanistan. today he is dead. and hopes for the peace process might have died with him. he was in charge of afghan effort to talk to the taliban and while at home tonight he thought he was meeting a man with a message directly from taliban leaders. the guest was deemed so important he was escorted in without any security check. he did deliver a message. just not the one the man expected. . this man put explosive in the turban said an aide. he
9:31 pm
put his head right on his chest and he blew up his bomb. afghanistan is trying to convince taliban insurgent to leave the battle field. the former president of afghanistan led that effort. with the help of the man also there tonight and seriously injured. i met this man last year. >> we have to work with the community that those who want to lay down their weapon and pursue their goal through civi civilize opposition. they are welcome. >>reporter: but the taliban has launch add campaign of assassination. including president karzai brother and kandahar mayor who was also killed with a turban bomb. as u.s. troops begin to leave, violence is increasing in the heart of kabul. justless week insurgent launched 20 hour attack on the u.s. military headquarters and the u.s. embassy. you can still feel the tension in the air outside this house which is just behind me. his death was so important president karzai cut short a
9:32 pm
trip to new york to return immediately. he has declared three days of national mourning for him beginning tomorrow. abc news, pakistan. and in an exclusive interview with abc news, iran president today guaranteed that 2 uc berkeley graduate will be rae leased soon. today was to be the day that a judge signed off bail agreement for the 2 boys. the judge didn't show up for work. the hikers have spent more than 2 years in tehran prison cussed of spying charges they vehemently deny. today president spoke with george stephanopoulos open husband after he landed in new york to attend quantityed nation general assembly. >> do i have to provide begin tee? >> i thought of americans would like that guarantee. >> whatever you say. >> can you not begin tee? if. >> yes. we act upon whatever we say.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: sources in iran told abc news said it's unlik unlikely that the boys will be released while the iran president is in new york this week. early warning systems may save lives but what happens when people ignore them. government report on last may deadly joplin, missouri tornado says the majority of resident either ignored or were slow to react when the first warning sirens so you knowed. resident surveyed say they didn't initially respond because of decades of false alarms. the report by the national ocean atmospheric administration doesn't indicate whether delayed row spoons cost lives. powerful tornado killed 162 people and devastated much of the southern half of the city. now to warning system for earthquake. scientist are test thing out a new system here in california and you might be surprised to learn what a difference just a few seconds of warning could really make. here's ryan owen. when the earth shake as few seconds of
9:34 pm
warning could mean the difference between life and death. >> strong shaking expected in 8 seconds. >> elizabeth is one of the few dozen people in the united states who actually gets a warning. she's part of team of 30 seismologist testing an earthquake range system that might soon tell california ans there's trouble on the way. >> this is telling you that there is an earthquake going on otherwise you might sit in your chair and wonder well is this an earthquake how big is it going to be should i do anything. >> this bay you know it's the real thing. >> that's right. >>reporter: few seconds that 0give people time to jump under their desk. head up that could trigger trips to slow down so they don't derail and make el l vaitor stop at the nearest floor so people aren't trapped. rate now only japan has sophisticated warning system. credited with saving countless lives in the massive quake that triggered the tsunami earlier this year. >> if washington, d.c. had the earthquake that japan has we
9:35 pm
would have had this system a long time ago. >>reporter: japanese send out text messages and interrupt television when sensor detect a quake. their system cost half billion dollars to develop. experts estimate it would cost 100 million just to do the same in the state of california. scientist lake elizabeth cochran hope to soon give americans the same warning she has. but for federal and state government a wash in red ink the seconds come at very high price. ryan owen abc news, pasadena, california. one more note on the subject of earthquake prediction. 7 scientist are now on trial for manslaughter. they are caused of failing to predict earthquake that killed 308 people. 6.3 quake hit central italy in 2009. the government scientist formed a risk panel. pros can youtors say the scientist reassured residents that tremor before the big quake were not a prelude to larger one. city
9:36 pm
officials asking for 68 million dollars in compensation. experts say the case raises fundamental questions about risk assessment. while lawyers for the defendant say the trial is an unfair indictment of science. nfl superstar manning ignites a medical debate. coming up december president attempt to heal a broken neck and why doctors are so worried about him. not just for him. >> and sending astronauts to mars could be a real problem. forget rocket or radiation exworried about astronaut ( grunting ) we spend a lot of time together.
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♪ [ female announcer ] kraft cheese has more full length shreds in every bag. you'll see the difference. ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm >> bay area pan has become the first in the western u.s. to get embryo stem cell to treaty paralysis from spinal cord injury. hope is the procedure will allow the patient to regain some function. he's being treated by both stanford
9:40 pm
medical center and santa clara valley medical center. in the mean time debate over stem cell therapy is being stirred up by nfl superstar payton manning. after surgery failed to repair neck injury the quarterback went to europe for stem cell treatment because it is not approved here by the fda. john berman on the quarterback medical hail mary. >> all pro quarterback manning has thrown thousands of per passes in nfl games. but the latest medical hail mary causing controversy. manning out for month was a bulging disk in the neck reportedly traveled all the way to europe for experimental and some say dangerous adult stem cell therapy. >> when you leaf a well regulated environment all bets are off. >>reporter: in treatment that is not approved by the fda stem cell are harvested from a healthy part of the body then injected into the problem area. the hope is they can repair
9:41 pm
damaged cells. but the problem some doctors say is there is simply in the enough proof it works for this type of injury. >> experimenting on humans or programsing things to humans that can't really be delivered, is not ethical. >>reporter: he's one of the game mega star. clearly desperate to get back on the field. before the season he said to say i'm disappointed in not being able to play is an under statement. i am doing everything i can to get my health back. the worry is. >> if hundreds of thousands office people then go out and say well it was good enough for mr. manning, what about me. >>reporter: it doesn't appear that manning stem cell treatment was successful. he just had his third surgery in 19 months. and could be lost for the season. john berman, abc news. if you problem for nasa. doctors are worried that future astronauts could go blind by the end of long missions. multi-year trip to mars being planned. nasa concede blindness is a worst case
9:42 pm
scenario but consider this out of 300 or so astronauts on long-term flights, more than half report blurry eye sight. condition believed to be caused by increased spinal fluid pressure from micro graph. >> nasa investigates it put special glasses on the space station to see what they are doing with more comfort. one more note. now that that nasa has retired the space shuttle fleet the agency wants to hire private space taxi to transport astronauts to and from the international space station. nasa will spend 1 bill and a half dollars over the next two years out sourceing launcher ground support space ship and mission operation. >> still ahead on the news at 9:00. year best tv commercial. >> him if and they include a pair of bay area
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l. >> premier of practiced pitt latest movie raised a prettyy penny for oakland charity. long line of fans waited to see pitt last night for money ball. the premier was also a fundraiser for oakland children hospital and stand up to cance cancer. donation raised more than 370,000 dollars. so fun night and night that benefited many as well. well the best commercial of the year are being screened this evening in san francisco. they are chessen by advertising experts from all over the world. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez is here world. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez is here with some of the topic >> volkswagen ad one of the best if show chosen by independent commercial producers. >> great charming wonderful spot and great piece of production. great piece of writing.
9:47 pm
>> the other winner was naibin naibinge. >> most expensive commercial ever made at about 30 million dollars. >>reporter: sell brit the world cup with after let from around the world. international group of industry members used their expertise to choose winners 24 cat girs. if san francisco agency fared well. agency 215 won for visual effect with the x becomes ad. >> i do kevin bic on impression. >>reporter: a humor award her here. yes that is kevin bacon. motor city. this is what we did. >>reporter: this is crazeler superbowl spot with eminem about detroit and auto industr industry. >> to run something of a two minute in length in that venue was a very gutsy move. >> does your man lack like me? no. >>reporter: contrast that with new look of old product. the way commercials are conceived and marketed has changed because of social media.
9:48 pm
>> o mg. >> not only in a broadcast message but the after life through you tube and through on line messaging and the viral potential of ads is so great that the investment it created is that much more important. it's not a one way conversation any more. the viewer is going to converse back with you because they have the ability to. >>reporter: screening here is the start of worldwide tour. show off the industry best. san francisco, abc 7 news. let's go back to spencer to update the forecast. i love the force one. adorable. >> force of heat will be with us a little bit longer. here's life view, time lapse view from the high definition mountain tam camera this afternoon. as you can see there was no marine layer no. clouds. or fog near the coast. result was hot conditions all around the bay area and hot again tomorrow in the inland location and very warm around the bay. look for high tomorrow inland mid upper 90's up to about 100 in ukiah.
9:49 pm
lots of 80's to low 90's around the bay including 82 here in san francisco. and a little farther south downer monterey bay lack for high at watsonville. 84 in santa cruz and mid upper 90's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast heat stays with us through friday which is the first day of fall but the heat won't hold on after that. we have rather substantial cooling over the weekend inland high only in the mid 80's by the weekend. 70's around the bay. low 60's on the coast. goodbye heat. >> appropriate for the season. >> absolutely. you are writ. >> thanks spencer sky homeless giants fan has been found training to get in tonight's gym at dodger stadium. san francisco chronicle reporter spotted billy chamberlain in los angeles. the giants had been showing his picture on the score board at at&t park since he stopped showing up for games couple of weeks ago. he's a friend of the team. they often help him out with clothing and game tickets. he told the chronicle he just wanted to be someplace warm. at least he's okay. good to know. >> larry here with all the
9:50 pm
sports tonight. >> speaking of giants. they are in los angeles. 8 game win streak and wild card hopes. could they faipally beat the nemesis? could they faipally beat the nemesis? if sports is next
9:51 pm
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( grunting ) >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. on star tracking system can be a big help to drivers in an emergency. but you mate not like what happens if you cancel the service. >> jeopardy host alex talks about famous encounter with a robber in a san francisco hote hotel. those stories and more in 1 hour on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> but larry is here with all the sports. late news from the giants down south. >> yes. no big surprise. when you face if the jints took the field riding 8 game winning streak. still hope. 9 games
9:54 pm
left. you have tim squaring off again with the donors in the race. he went to the towel early and often because he really labored tonight. in the 1st inning the grounder right past up the middle matt scores from second for dodger lead. next inning. change up. hear it comes and there it goes. fourth of the year. giants in a two nothing hole against him. might as well be 10 nothing. moeing everybody down. freezings torrez with jints at third base. stewart owner him. make it 5 for 9. out of here. and it twice-1 jints hope. exit about and in comes him and throws smoke for sandoval. then carlos beltran come get some. this game just ended. tim knew. 2-1 dodgers the final so the giant win
9:55 pm
streak is over. a's apparently like what bob melvin has done as interim skipper. given a three year contract to stay on as the a's manager. playing the rangers tonight. zimmer men warehouse fame supporting the jersey. i begin tee it. -- guarantee it. couldn't begin tee an a's victory. bomb off rich. 4 nothing texas in the second. how about the catch of the night. cocoa crisp. full extension. nast nastily done. fans waiting for taylor to show what he can do. in the minors past few years. he's 6 foot 5, 2 55 so when he runs in one he can send it a long way. that is his first major league homer and loan highlight in a loss. san jose state coach is frustrated and reprimanded by the school and
9:56 pm
conference. >> at the play. unsportsmanlike conduct. 15 yard penalty. first down. >> wow! >>reporter: he lost his cool in the last moments. he felt the officials missed a spot on third down play that iced the game. spartans lost another heart break tore nevada 17-14. commissioner benson reprimanded him saying any further violation could result in a one game suspension. the coach had this statement saying clearly what happened was outside the scope of what i want for the football program athletic department university and our fans. i want to offer this public apology and vow that nothing like this will happen again. he just lost his cool on the side lanes. that was i it. with rumor everywhere that the pack 12 mate add oklahoma and texas and perhaps even more teams the league announced today it is staying at 12 for now. this saturday cal visits washington and mike explains the bears are thinking pay back. st. >> university of washington
9:57 pm
huskies have won the game. >>reporter: the huskies knocked out of the bowl picture with win in the final game of the season. it also resulted in first losing season at cal. >> not so much about pay back. it's different team this year and different team for them. new season but l i think that feeling that we had was first time we ever felt that. and so that really created motel vision for the off season. >>reporter: senior safety shaun has a different take. >> biggest motivation regardless of knocking us out last year is just it's starting conference play. they are a good team. it's going to be a fight. >>reporter: cal comes in with 3 and o record while washington is 2 and 1. quab zack playing in the first pack 12 contest and one of the loudest stadium in the conference. >> yes he definitely going to experience about in the one pack 12 that the crowd and crowd noise and it produces.
9:58 pm
>>reporter: husky at the bottom of the conference in total defense and bears afternooning grave points a game. >> the if we know that we have to believe to put up some good numbers. >>reporter: in berkeley, abc 7 sports. and the academy award for best acting in a sports series goes to the new york giants. from last night game this is just hilarious. ram were driving first quarter using no huddle offense. giant defender knew they needed to slow the ram down. watch them. grant and williams both good down with obvious fake injuries because espn monday night craw calls them out. >> it looks bad 2 guys go down at the same time. we gotcha. >> that is so funny f.faking slow motion. >> cal did that last year against oregon trade to slow them down. got busted also. >> no penalty for this sort of thing.
9:59 pm
>> well if the refuse rae catch you just doing a swan dive but it's hard because you could have a cramp they don't know. injured yourself. so fichlt they could it would be unsportsmanlike conduct. >> yes. but it's one of the things where they have a lot of other stuff to worry about is that they better stick with football because hotel wad ain't calling them soon. >> that's this edition of 7 news for larry and all of us here. thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again here in one hour over on channel 7. good be if 


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