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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 5, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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a second larger wave of rain is moving in. >> and here is the first snow of the season. it is falling at heavenly ski resort. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. we can expect a good amount of wind and rain overnight. >> sand yaw patel is tracking it all on radar for us. -- sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> the wind and the rain are beginning to intensity. you will see that all of the bay area is covered in green. it is just an indication that the rain has begun to spread. look at the wind. half moon bay is gusting to 28 miles an hour as the cold front approaches. and i just want to take you around the bay area and show you where we are getting some downpours from vacaville toward fairfield. you can see on the 101 getting so far a third of an inch of rain. most of the areas are less
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than a 10th of an inch. as you will see the sierra nevada is picking up some snow. there are some chain controls around highway four if you are heading in that direction in advance of this storm. snow will be amounting to about a foot or more in the high country. rain here in the bay area will be counting in inches. i will be back with a look at your morning forecast and talk about the thunderstorm probability in a few minutes. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. crews in the bay area spent the day getting ready for the rain. san jose they cleared debris from streets and storm sewers where it could back up and cause flooding. they also checked the pump stations to make sure everything is working properly. employees were out in force filling potholes while it was still dry and cleared the storm sewers. cal trans closed three mountain passes in advance of the storm. highway four, 89 over monitor pass and highway 108 over
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sonora pass is all closed because of the coming storm. and now if you would like to share your pictures send them to you report at abc news .com or mail them to you report at kgo-tv .com. and join us for the morning news at 4:30 with more on the storm and its impact on the morning commute. >> right now though the city of oakland is looking for ways to stop the violence. the council is considering several measures tonight including curfews and expanding its gang injunctions. they are face august lot of opposition to those ideas. alan wang is at the council meeting that is expected to last into the night. alan? >> carolyn, we have seen these crime-fighting proposals strike a nerve out here. we have seen a few people in each other's faces over this. what we are seeing are those who are sick and tired of
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those being sick of crime versus those being sick and tired of being harassed by the police. more than 200 people swarmed oakland city hall to speak out against three crime-fighting proposals. that includes expanding to east and west oakland and anti-loitering and creating a day and nighttime curfew for juveniles. >> on tuesdays and thursdays we are going out. police will be harassing us. >> opponents asked the city to invest in job opportunities instead. >> yes we need a better school district, but we need this too. our children are at risk. our elderly at risk and our babies are at risk. we can't take in any longer jie. they questioned research showing 72 mayors across the country show curfews reduce crime and truancy. >> why do something that doesn't have any evidence that is going to make a difference? >> if we don't try, how will
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we know it won't work? >> larry reid and de la fuente are pushing the proposals to give police crime-fighting tools. but they fear an increase in racial profiling. >> there is a history of discriminatory law enforcement. when you tell the young people we will have one more law, there is obviously that concern. >> but oakland can't escape statistics that show blacks and latinos commit a majority of the violent crimes. >> people always use racial profiling to get you to back away. >> it put things in perspective oakland's crime rate has gone down almost a third. there are 81 murders out here so far, but that's down from 103 murders five years ago. the debate is going to go late into the night, and de la fuente says the council will put before they vote. reporting live from oakland city hall, alan wang, abc7
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news. >> thank you. >> in the east bay, intruders targeted two homes in search of drugs. police say four people were injured in -- and one hospitalized after two home invasions within the space of about 35 minutes. two men forced their way into a home and left with some electronic equipment. the second home invasion two people ransacked an apartment on catalina drive. they attacked a neighbor who came to investigate. the police are not certain if the two indents are related. >> feelings of betrayal as two of their own are now in custody. officer marco ibarra and former officer villaraigana are invested for embezzling money from a police charity fund. they served as chapter president and treasure treasurer. $120,000 was stolen over four years. >> we were hoping it was going to be one of those things where they were good at raising money for charity, but
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bad at accounting. >> investigators say it didn't turn out that way though. the two men face felony grand theft charges for making large cash withdraws and writing checks to themselves from the front. money from the charity is supposed to be awarded to kids going to college. the local chapter though is now bankrupt. a demand for safety improvements in east palo alto. they want the city to upgrade a crosswalk where a young boy was injured and a little girl died last week. six-year-old -- a six-year-old was killed on her way to school. john alston is live at east palo alto city council live with the story. >> residents made it clear they want improvements at the crosswalk. it has been a traffic hotspot. so far this year police have stopped 62 drivers handing out 19 tickets, mostly for failure to stop for school buss and pedestrians. at the spot where a little
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girl was struck and killed, children cross bay road and look at the growing memorial. but some adults are trying to do much more. >> it should not be the death of a child. wake up and do the right thing. >> the east palo alto resident gathered more than 400 petitions named asking to make safety improvements where six-year-old torres-zamora was killed walking to school with her mother. >> i was hit in the front of my house when i was five years old. and it touched my heart. >> reporter: she presented her petition to the city council. she is trying to figure out how to make crosswalks safer. city officials say they have made improvements like re-doing the crosswalk lines so they are brighter, but the residents are calling for bolder changes like flashing lights and more stop signs and more crossing guards. >> we believe it is going to be a combination such as
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enhancing the traffic designs and increase enforcement and definitely increased education. >> investigators have now identified 20 more possible witnesses to the crash. the driver is 49-year-old alicia white parker, a teacher in the district. on friday the residents protested upset that she was not arrested on the spot. >> the evidence on the scene would not have justified an arrest. it would have hindered the investigation completely. we would have had 48 hours to present the case in front of a judge. there are no additional witnesses and not a complete picture. >> police are hoping to give the case to the d.a. for possible charges. the city is hoping that the government money can help them implement the changes. but to put in things like stop lights and stop signs they would have to meet some strict guidelines. live in east palo alto, john alston, abc7 news. a school project sabotaged and police in marin want to know why.
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they were mysteriously let go overnight. someone purposely cut the nets much to the dismay of students at the casa grande school. because of the vandalism, they cannot hold the jewel farewell ceremony where they release the fish back into the wild. coming up next, a chopper down in the east river. the harrowing rescue in new york city after a helicopter filled with tourists crashes into the water. and then this. >> 11:58 p.m. >> it is not the iphone 5, but it has plenty of new bells and whistles. >> and giant sequoias come down a few feet from a tourist with a camera. all that's coming up. and then a little late other "nightline." >> i'm terry moran, dan and carolyn, coming up next on "nightline" the emotional homecoming of amanda knox. the student jailed in italy for four years now home. and an eighth grader is shot execution style in a
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classroom. the question, should his teen killer go to prison for
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back home after four years in an italian prison. knox and her family landed in seattle late this afternoon. the 24-year-old was freed after an italian appeals court threw out her conviction in the fatal stabbing of her roommate amid doubts of the dna evidence. overwelmed and emotional knox thanked everyone who won her freedom. >> i just want to say thank you to everyone who believed in me, whoefended me, who supported my family. my family is the most important thing to me right now, and i just want to go and be with them. >> prosecutors in italy though insist knox was among three people who killed 21-year-old meredith kercher. they plan to appeal yesterday's court ruling. if they are successful it could set the stage for an extradition battle over
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returning knox to italy. a woman celebrating her 40th birthday died today after a private tour helicopter crashed into new york city's east river. you can see the desperate rescue attempt. the chopper plunged into the water at 34th street right after takeoff. the victim was trapped in the backseat as the chopper sank. she was pronounced dead at the scene. three other members of her family and the pilot were taken to the hospital. the national strains pour station safety -- the national transportation safety board is investigating why this helicopter went down. they are calling on congress to reopen a popular off-road vehicle area. we told about you this last month. the area southeast of hollister was closed because the epa found dangerous levels of naturally occurring asbestos in the soil. but state officials and off-roaders have yet to identify a single case of asbesd cancer or illness. they voted to ask the feds to reopen clear creek and designate its the area a
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national recreation area. are you looking at a giant sequoia that came crashing down in the southern sierras. it is one of two trees that toppled near the trail of a hundred giants in the sequoia national forest. it is not clear why they fell, but the trail has been closed until further notice. this video was captured by a german tourist who happened to be there at the time. some trees in the area are as high as 245 feet. >> must have scared that tourist to death. in arizona at least one person is dead in a highway pile up that police blame on a blinding duststorm. dozens of vehicles collided on interstate 10 between tucson and phoenix. at least 15 people were seriously hurt when the duststorm hit reducing visibility to near zero. look at this mess. the interstate was closed in both directions as emergency crews ferried the injured to the hospital. and here in the bay area it is already getting wet. >> yes, wet and windy tonight.
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sandhya patel is live with a look at the forecast. there is more to come, sandhya? >> our rain gauge is clicking off the embarcadero. we do have the rainfall picking up in intensity. the winds are gusting 35 to 40 miles an hour. look at live doppler 7hd. the cold front is approaching and the rain is certainly picking up in intensity. santa rosa is reporting heavy rain. you can see around marin county and novato and heading out toward the fairfield area we are getting heavy rainfall right now. it is around 680 and toward her could youly. -- hercules. the heavier rainfall is coming downright now. as you look across the rest of the bay area from san francisco down the peninsula to the south bay and out toward the east bay, most of this rain is light to moderate. but it will also pick up later on. in the high country, it is all amounting to snow at the highest elevation. down at the lower elevation we have seen rainfall. blue canyon has been reporting
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some very heavy rain. want to show uh time lapse from an hour ago. 8300 foot elevation. you will notice that snow accumulating on the ground there. they will be seeing snow about a foot or more when all is said and done. here is a beautiful photo of rain at napa college submitted by serena peck to you report. and yes it has been raining. they reported a quarter of an inch of rain in the last six hours. more to come. heavy rain and wind and thunder overnight. the winter storm warning is in affect and the showers will continue into thursday morning. here is the satellite and the radar and here is the cold front coming in from the gulf of alaska. powerful jet stream 180 miles an hour. it is driving the storm through here. so the next couple of hours is when you will see the most intense rainfall and the gustest -- gustiest winds. the stormy weather starts to shift south and east. by 5:00 a.m., the morning
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commute is just really looking at a few showers behind the cold front. but don't let your guard down. later in the afternoon as the sun starts to breakthrough, the cold air comes in here, and we may see some thunderstorms developing in the north bay first at 2:00 and heading into the east bay by 4:00 or 5:00. it could be a very active afternoon, and when all is said and done the showers continue into thursday morning. look at these rainfall totals. for early october this is impressive. up to 2 inches in the north bay mountains. up to an inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains. the north bay picking up three quarters to an inch and a half of rain. in the sierra nevada winter storm warning is gone. it has already gone up. it continues until 11:00 on wednesday night. a foot or more above the 7,000 foot elevation. 48 inches above 6,000. that snow level will be dropping down below lake level, as low as 5,000 feet. chain controls are likely already on state route 4. you may want to check in
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advance. this is winter-like driving conditions you will be facing. overnight temperatures in the 50s. couple of showers certainly a possibility, but the showers will intensity in the afternoon. upper 50s to upper 60s. thunderstorms with small hail not out of the question. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a few showers linger into thursday morning. after that we are going with a sunnier, milder forecast with temperatures 60s coast side and 70s and 80sand our inland -- 70s and 80s and our inland areas. >> we all love to eat, but some of us eat less when we are in the presence of the opposite sex. >> the new study that explains what is going on here. stay with us. [ mom ] hey guys. guys...
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of the box tonight. it is not an iphone 5 as tech blogers reported, but instead it is an iphone 4s. it is faster and has a better camera and a futuristic voice activated service called siri. >> i am in the mood for sushi. >> i found the number of saw she restaurant, 22 are fairly close to you. >> it reads text messages and will transcribe and send dictated e-mails. it goes on sale in 10 days. despite the bells and whistlesin vesters want more and it sent the company's stock plunging 4%. but the stock came back to close at $372.50 down $2.10 on the day. here is something you might have guessed, women eat less in the company of men. they analyzed the eating
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