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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 8, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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a pilot who took off from monterey is forced to ditch his plane in the pacific. >> 400 miles from hawaii he radioed he was running on fumes. the plane took off from monterey, but just 13 miles from the big island the fuel tank ran dry forcing him to ditch in the ocean. thomas roman is in the newsroom. take us through it. >> he was attempting a flight that according to the specifications, tested the plane to its limit. the 65-year-old man was in a twin-engine cessna to hawaii this afternoon. he radioed the f.a.a. which notified the hilo coast guard to tell them the pilot was low on fuel and would then run out. >> when the pilot was approximately 400 miles out, the coast guard c-130 went out to rendezvous with him. we basically guided him in the entire way talking to him. >> before 9:00 p.m. he ditched the plane 13 miles north of the big island.
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>> he was able to ditch his aircraft safely and crawl out to the wing of his aircraft where a coast guard rescue swimmer from a helicopter that was trailing this entire revolution was able to get to him quickly, recover him and now they have taken him to the hilo medical center. >> this is a photo of the cessna t-310 involved. according to flight specifications it has a maximum range up to 2300 miles. the distance from monterey to hilo is 2315. he was able to ditch 13 miles short of his destination. the coast guard was monitoring the drama. the coast guard said the man is unhurt. >> his condition is good. there were no injuries. >> the coast guard say they coasted the pilot for an emergency water landing and dropped fleys in the water to create a temporary runway and told him how to run barrel legal to the waves. that's what made this landing
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one he could walk away. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you very much. details about a desperate life or death struggle between a san jose police officer and a 27-year-old transient that happened when there was suspicious activity on leigh avenue. he attacked the officer and wrestled his glove away from him. he got into his paw patrol car and ran into him knocking the gun out of his hand. shots were fired, but no one was hit. >> i heard one and then two or three seconds later i heard three succesively. what we determined since then is the officer was attacked by one of the suspects. the suspect engaged in a struggle. during the struggle the pistol discharged several times. we don't know if it was the officer pressing the trigger or a citizen. we do know the officer has powder burns to his hand as a result of the gun discharging. >> two back up officers arrived and fired at the man, but missed.
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evans was taken into custody and is in the hospital with a number of broken bones. he has been booked on attempted murder charges. hundreds of protesters marched through downtown san francisco blocking streets and traffic for more than two hours. it marks the 10th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. several groups including anti-war activists and educators and students were protesting funding of the war. >> the one thing i noticed is i loved all of my teachers and i love art and i'm afraid of that being cutaway from my school. >> the coalition wants the money used for the occupation of afghanistan and other wars to be spent on education, housing and most of all jobs. the protests stopped more than half a dozen union lines that service market street. now a chilling story how one man survived a cupertino shooting rampage. a co-worker believes shariff ulman targeted perceived inmes.
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days earlier the teamsters union said they would no longer defend him for unsafe driving. tonight he is telling his story of playing dead so he could live. here is david louie. >> it was quick. >> reporter: he and his co-workers sat stunned and froze as shariff ulman shot them from one end of the table to the other. ulman was shooting a handgun. >> he started at the end of the table and started shooting down. i was the last one on the table and watching everything he was doing. i don't know when i got shot. i had to be facing him. the bullet came in and came out the back. >> he was shot in the upper right rm a. he put his upper arm over his head and played dead and laid on the floor. ulman checked under the table to see if he was dead. >> he walked over to the end of the table and i closed my
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eyes and stopped breathing. i kept praying, please. i just saw him walk over and i closed my eyes. the next thing i heard was him run out. >> he was able to call for help telling 9-1-1 dispatchers what happened. he appeared to pick his targets yelling an obscene phrase at each one as he shot them. all employees attended a private company meeting at cuperto's town hall. they are being offered grief counseling to deal with the situation. as they left, employees declined to speak to us. he calls his survival the beginning of a second life. the bullet that went through his arm missed bone and he has not suffered any loss of feeling or movement. abc7 news. friends and family came together to remember three people shot and killed after a party in san leandro. two gunmen opened fire on a group of people.
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police say in an early-morning tatoo party that ended when the parking lote erupted with gunfire. they stopped coming forward with information and they know who the party goers are and will not identify them. police released this sketch of a man they call -- pardon me, we do not have that sketch. a federal crackdown on large scale medical marijuana is underway. they unveiled the details of the operation in sacramento. they will be given 45 days to shut down medical marijuana dispense res or face criminal prosecution. prosecutors say their efforts are not aimed at seriously ill people and those who care for them. >> the compassionate youth act was intended to help seriously ill people. the law has been hijacked by profit tears who are motivated
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not by compassion, but by money. >> this is an attack on patients' access to their medicine. it is a mistake and a lie to charkt characterize it as anything else. >> her first focus is on dispense res near schools and parks. a new batch of e-mails turned over to congress shows a potential conflict of interest in the solar investigation. steven j spiner, an obama fundraiser, was hired to oversee the program under which they got the half billion dollar government loan guarantee. his wife is an attorney who represented silindra. the e-mails reveal spiner approved the loan and even cory corresponded with the vice president within weeks of signing a pledge not to get involved with anything his wife's firm had interest in. they had legal fees paid for by stimulus money.
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governor brown has until sunday to sign or veto a stack of bills on his desk. today he signed off on a bill allowing californians to veg sister to -- register to vote on-line. san francisco state senator leyland ye off -- offered that bill. the governor also signed five pipeline safety bills in response to last year's deadly san bruno explosion. pg&e will be required to install automatic and remote control shut off valves throughout the transmission system. apple co-founder steve jobs was laid to rest. the small private funeral today. the current ceo says the company is planning he call a celebration of steve's extraordinary life and he died at the age of 56. his family has not released the cause of death, but jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had a liver transplant. he leaves four children and his wife.
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his last project was an anniversary project for her. >> he made her a special hand-made box and had a hand-written note and love note. he talked about how we have had good times, hard times, but we never had bad times. the love between them was so palpable and so beautiful. >> sony pictures purchased the movie rights to the authorized biography of steve jobs. the book is due out later this month. coming up next, a haunted house sent to the graveyard. why the city of fremont is saying that his charity fundraiser will not happen. >> and what workers refused to do that upset the company. >> the blue angels, where to catch their amazing show over the weekend. that's coming up. and then late other "nightline." >> danand carolyn, for the first time michael jk son's doctor in his own -- michael jackson's doctors in his own
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getting spooked this halloween season. the city wants them to shut down a haunted house they build and operate every year for the neighborhood raising money for charity at the same time. as sergio quinn ton gnaw reports, the family is looking for options to keep the haunted house going. >> for the last six years, christopher has been sharing his love of halloween with his fremont neighborhood. >> and we are going to have a lot of workers volunteering in these rooms and scaring people. >> these fake blood and toy limbs are part of a sprawling haunted house built between his parents and neighbors' homes. it is an event each halloween. >> we enjoy it so much. we help them and i wish it
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stay here. i don't want to drive somewhere else and look for another haunted house. >> they don't charge admission, but in years past people often donate food or even money. in turn they donate it to food banks and unicef. this year with the help of family, friends and volunteers from a local church to help construct this house of horrors. but his plans have come to a screaming halt. >> i got a citation in the mail from the city saying the haunt haunted house was to cease. >> they sigh it is an improper use of land and a temporary haunted house was built without a permit. >> for two months they have been a you -- uh seem assembling this hawbt -- this haunted house. but they were ordered to take the whole thing down in six days. they are hoping for a reprieve.
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>> our hope is to keep it here. everyone knows where we are. that would be our main hope. if not, maybe somebody could donate some commercial space in fremont where we could put. it. >> they talked to the city employee to see if there was a way to keep the structure up to halloween. >> they said sthut it down. >> we also tried to contact the city of fremont and are waiting for a response. abc7 news. dozens of muslim employees are outraged saying they were suspended for praying on the job. the 34 herself -- herz shuttle drivers say they were fired. the company success -- suspended them for that. >> i ask my figurer why they do this? they said we send you because you pray. >> he says this is not about religious persecution but
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clocking out for their 10-minute breaks. it is something the suspended workers fail to do. employees say herz is looking for ways to get around. >> people are excited for what is happening this weekend. practice went perfect for the blue angels. fleet week festivities kick off, and the main attraction is the blue angels flying over the bay. they had their final practice run. the parade of ships kicks off the ceremonies at 11:00 a.m. all ships will be along the san francisco waterfront. you can tour from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. the airshow starts at 12:30 on saturday and sunday. if you are interested in othery vebts go to fleet week is always fun .'s. >> and the weather is going to be perfect for it. >> it is.
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let's touch base with spencer christian. >> it is, and it will last more than a fleeting moment. here is a sampling of some of the high temperatures. inland highs in the low to mid70s and right around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. the first truly mild day, and we are looking at pleasantly cooler temperatures. 61 in mountain view and 60 in antioch. these are our highlights. clear and cool overnight. sunny weekend ahead for all kinds of outdoor activity and certainly for the blue angels. the warm pattern will continue into next week. overnight low temperatures dropping to the cool 40s. 45 in napa and low 50s over most of the remainder of the bay area. this is what is happening. the pacific satellite shows a large ridge coming in to dominate our high pressure bringing us a string of sunny days. the jet stream flows to the
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north so there is no weather disturbances. we start our animation and see a few patches of clouds they will pull back to the coastline and away from much of the coastline. we will have mainly sunny skies and highs from the mid60s near the coast to the upper 70s in the warmest inland locations. sunny with highs in the mid70s. 74 santa clara and san jose. on the peninsula, highs in the low to mid70s. mostly mid70s. palo alto and mountain view. mid60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. sunny on the coast near san francisco. sunset district a high of 65. downtown san fransisco, high of 69 in the north bay, highs in the 70s, 70 in san rafael. 76 in sonoma and 78 in calistoga. it will range from 69 in richmond to low to mid70s in all other east bay locations.
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74 in fremont. inland east bay will have highs from mid to upper 70s. 77 in fairfield, concord and livermore. 78 in antioch. and monterey bay, look for 66 in monterey. 72 in santa claire -- clarice. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a lovely weekend followed by an equally lovely and warmer week with high temperatures climbing into the mid80s. low 80s on the bay and 70s on the coast. next friday our weather pattern will change sharply, but we will worry about that next thursday. >> coming up next, the 49ers are still millions short, but ready to build. >> the plan to start construction on th [ cow mooing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural.
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on their new stadium in santa clara will begin as early as next spring even though the project, the billion-dollar project is not completely funded. the work will initially involve utility, relocation, bridge construction and a new pump station. the preliminary projects will take three years to complete. the stadium wants it finished by the 2015 season. a sacramento neighborhood is under attack by wild turkeys. >> go away. go away. oh my god, what do i have? >> the television producer ended up running scared. a mail man tried to intervene, but the turkey kept coming. the woman eventually ran to
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her car. she was a little distraught. the attacks are such a problem that some people are afraid to go outside and many are carrying sticks or bats to protect themselves. >> it is not a grizzly bear. >> the bear seemed interested. it was sudden death in the national league playoffs. both game 5's were decided by one run. and a san francisco native had a hit.
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