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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i'm trying to meet with the them. don't want this downtow downtown. >> not everyone in america has the same chance. >> occupty oakland. occupty
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new york. occupty san francisco. occupty grass vale. occupty walnut creek. >> occupty oakland gets some star power as the movement turns into political quick fan for mayor kwan. good evening. mayor kwan says the city will not evict protesttors once again. they can stay for now. and in a tweet this past hour michael moore the film maker says will not meet with the mayor. today he received a hero welcome at the plaza. academy award winner spoke to occupty oakland for more than an hour. he said he supports the cause against wall street greed and considers himself one of them. he also said he asked to talk to mayor kwan because of the outrage he felt over tuesday night's violence. >> not being here and watching from afar whatook place here,e was really horrifying. to this in in this country. >> now he says he doesn't want the talk with her. moore
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criticized the military of local police departments that allow them to use tear gas against protestors as happened tuesday night in oakland. >> many oakland resident questioning why the city is letting the occupty protestors set up camp again at frank plaza after kicking them out on tuesday. dozens of tent sprung up at the same site where they were removed tuesday that started this violent clash with police. police chief jordan defended the use of force saying that he will not tolerate any assault against police officers. meantime the city handed the protestors a list of safety sanitation requirements that include asking the protestors to not camp overnight in the plaza. >> i'm trying to meet with them. we don't want them to camp downtown. but although it might create great footage, my main concern is that people be safe. the. >> right in the crowd you see mayor kwan trying to talk with the occupty protestors last
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night but she was shouted down and she left. city promises to investigate allegations of misconduct and excessive use of force by the police. certainly not the kind of attention oakland wants. yet another negative image of a city plagued by image problem. many in oakland are concerned about leadership or lack there of some say. we continue our team coverage. >>reporter: from political corruption and police brutalit brutality. to the rising crime and lack of leadership. >> showed their character last night. >>reporter: scandal almost synonymous with the city of oakland and people are tired of it. >> it's embarrassing because oakland is a great stishtion occupty movement is the latest scandal to overrun the activist rich city. many people who live here believe the demonstration is making an important point about economic injustice. but in oakland it turned into a violent clash between police and protestors.
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>> we just wish we could find a way beyond that. >> pastor hopkins of lake shore avenue baptist church is a leader within the oakland community. he says he watched in horror tuesday night as image of violence at the plaza splashed across screens around the world. the images of police crack down brought outrage from protestors and others as far away as cairo. city already down on its luck became fodder for late night t tv. >> what happened in oakland. if i were jon stewart would i probably do the same thing. and that's the frustration because the quality of the cit city, the quality of the people seems to demand so much better. >>reporter: many see a lack of leadership from city hall. >> i think we need better leaders. >>reporter: some residents we talked to in the lake shore district are scratching their heads about who they put in office. >> to be honest with you i think she's a little duplicitous and the council
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members. >>reporter: what's the solution. how do we turn this tarnish image around? >> i'm a great believer old civic teacher told because political leadership and the people that you assign to do key jobs. >>reporter: oakland mayor kwan was pressured again at cal-trans press conference today for answer about his how she happened the demonstrators at occupty oakland. >> i promise not to step on this please respect cal-trans wishes on this. >>reporter: she refused to give any answers. >> we'll talk later. mayor did make good on her promise to talk later about the incident. in fact earlier this afternoon she issued another apology for her handling of the situation here at occupty oakland but that apology may come a little too late for critic who say that she has abandoned her activist supporters and she's caved in to political pressure and as you know, there has been a movement to recall the mayor. there's actual lay petition circulating around the city now for that recall. reporting in
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oakland, abc 7 news. >> well oakland police chief today paid a visit to scott oly sen iraq war veteran critically injured in tuesday night protest. 24-year-old marine suffered a fractured skull when he was struck by a projectile while officers tried to control the crowd tuesday night. doctors say he's now in fair condition but still having difficulty speaking because of the pressure the injury caused on his brain. coup chief jordan apologizeed to olson for his injuries like mayor kwan did yesterday. >> let them know that this wasn't something we intended to happen. it was unfortunate incident and that we are sorry that that took place. >>reporter: doctors are optimistic that olson will make a complete recovery. all right moving on to other news tonight. 1998 graduate of milpitas high school has died in afghanistan. department of defense today announced the death of marine staff sergeant dunning. 31-year-old was killed yesterday while conducting combat operations. this photo
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shows him wearing glasses fitted with video display that controls a bomb disposal robot. killed in afghanistan. >> castro valley assembly woman l is accused of shoplifting at neiman mark news san francisco but claims it's a misunderstanding. prosecutors say the lawmaker was caught on the store video surveillance tape. she pleaded not guilty to the felony charge in san francisco superior court yesterday and is now free on 1 15,000 dollar bail. l security officers stopped her when she left the store. they say she had 3 things worth almost 2500 dollars on her including leather pants that she had not paid for at the region sister. the woman apologized through her spokesman this afternoon saying quote the incident in san francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding. government back mortgage lender fannie mae being accused tonight of being a slump lord. that charge is coming from a group of tenant in an apartment complex in oakland. apartments are owned by fannie mae. as
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mark matthews reports, this afternoon ease got a look at them they are in terrible shape. >> first take you into the back where the rear stairs are. >>reporter: attorney philip showed me around the apartment complex this afternoon many broken staircase. railing that collapsed last april. bathroom where a water leak is causing the paint to bubble up and crack the wall. the water heater in one of the units can not be turned on. local contractor explains it's a fire hazard. >> should be one current around the entire circumference of the pipe. >>reporter: resident in the apartment complex say when fannie mae took over the property 15 months ago they thought things would get bette better. especially after the city of oakland ordered the mortgage giant to clean the place up. but it seems when the bank doesn't comply with city code, nothing happens. >>reporter: region in addition tells me the sink has been leaking for a year. >> they accepted no one, perio
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period. no one. >>reporter: while the tenant were telling me that no one ever responds workman from the property management company actually showed up. >> i have an appointment to check smoke detector, co2, carbon monoxide. >>reporter: workman said he had only been on the job for 6 days. knows nothing about the property. gibson living in this complex for 25 years says this is one of the few times someone from the property management company has come by. do you think it's genuine. >> maybe. i'm not really sure but this is kind of late. >>reporter: spokeswoman for fannie mae told me that tenant have been uncooperative and are going to be evicted because they haven't been paying their rent. but the attorney says they have a legal right to withhold the rent because of the condition of the property. >> they have the right. they have the legal trite withhold the rent. >>reporter: tenant attorney says he's filing a lawsuit against fannie mae asking that the lenders ceo be ordered to
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live here. >> with no hot water. leaking roof. water pouring in for 3 or 4 months in the condition as is. and i think that would be highly appropriate. >>reporter: fannie mae spokeswoman says the tenants are section 810 anti-so a portion of the rent is actually subject situation skiesed by the federal government. they says they need to move out for the place to be repaired and couldn't say when the resident were told that or if only given the eviction notices after they refused to pay their portion of the rent. property management company for fannie mae has an office in hayward. they have not returned my calls. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> sunnyvale company says that syria is using debt vices to sensor the internet. people there rely on the web to spread the word about protest against president. about the web bloc blocker somehow ended up in syria instead of intend destination of iraq. company
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is in touch with obama administration about all of this. u.s. has strict trade restrictions with syria. white house today ordered an independent review of the clean energy loan guarantee the government has made like the one that went to solyndra, fremont three years ago. obama administration has been under fire ever since solyndra went bankrupt last month after borrowing 500 million dollars from the government. energy secretary steven chu has agreed to testify but house committee may issue a subpena for documents in the solyndra case next week. review will not cover the solyndra loan itself but it will evaluate tens of billions of dollars in other loans that were made. white house chief of staff bailey issued a statement today saying quote while we continue to make sure the united states remains competitive in the 21st century, energy economy, we must also ensure that we are strong steward of taxpayer dollars. well more to bring enthusiastic friday night on the news at 9:00. just ahead. big bank backlash. how the local credit union could become
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beneficiary of a growing national backlash against the big banks. him if talk about bait and switch. surprising new investigation reveals why you may not be getting what you are paying for. >> are you ready for a warm weekend? we have one coming our way. i have all the details in the we have one coming our way. i have all the details in the accu-weather forecast coming u pavement and we have a world series champion tonight. sports director larry has a
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you. >> more and more of us try to eat healthy and fish these daisy but an investigation found this. 19 out of 21 restaurants tested sold something other than the fish that was advertised. just today consumer reports found wide spread fraud at restaurants and grocery stores. dan has the fish story. >> you walk up to the supermarket fish counter and pick out what you want. but what do you really get? consumer reports bought 190 pieces of seafood from supermarkets and restaurants and sent them to a lab for dna testing. more than a fifth of
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them were not as advertised. >> it's fraud. consumer shouldn't be paying more money and thinking they are getting e kind and getting something else. >>reporter: fish labeled as red snapper turned out to be the cheaper ocean perch. zole turned out to be sushi cat fish. mostly import from vietnam where consumer report says some fish farmers use drug not approved here. and one piece of grouper turned out to be l tile fish that has so much mercury the government says pregnant women and children shouldn't eat it. not just at the supermarket. many we collected sample described as white tuna from sushi restaurants in 3 cities and found that 19 of 22 samples turned out to be a cheaper fish that can cause stomach cramp and other stomach problems. people in the fish business have known about the fraud problem for years. . even you as a professional chief fish amonger, you could
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be fooled. >> absolutely. >>reporter: press easily. >> absolutely. would you tell doubt. >>reporter: you he does have some expert tips. >> look at the fillet there's this yellow layer of fat. >>reporter: he says when buying cod watch out for the less expensive many cake. it has yellow coloring and cod has red marks. want to make sure the wild salmon you are buying is not the cheaper farm raise. look for the fat. the give away that it is not wild back to you. >> 75 anniversary of golden gate bridge is next year and the district is planning a year long community base celebration. in the end there will be 75 different tribute events. in addition the district is building a new visitor pa zillion, 2 new scenic overlook and will for the first time provide public tours of the bridge. bridge turns 75 next may. >> borrow joel california first ski resort open for the season.
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one lift operates with one reason feature ago terrain park open until 8 tonight and again tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. tickets just 15 dollars for everyone because of the limited opening there is no beginner slope or ski school this weekend but one is better than none newspaper tahoe. >> we'll take you live now to st. louis. and check it out. that was the scene of the sick try tonight. st. louis defeats the texas rangers in 7 games to win the world series. it's been chilly there for this leg of the series last couple of games but the fans they barely noticed. they are celebrating tonight. great win tonight for st. louis and last night all time classic. one of the best series games in history. truly phenomenal. exciting series actually. i don't know if you got a chance to watch it. fun. spencer is here and the team you were pulling for won. >> sort of. i just like a great baseball game. last nature was certainly a great game. i wouldn't have been disappointed with either. >> wasn't ate classic. >> a lot of excitement. happy
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for st. louis especially since tony a local guy. here's local view right now of our weather from our high definition east bay hills camera. look back across the bay from the peak. it's a clear and pleasant and mild evening all around the bay area right now. following what was a stunningly beautiful day and leading into what i know will be a beautiful weekend this afternoon we had sunny sky from his the coast to inland area once again as we have had much of the week. beach ball flying. at least on my map. temperatures 78 degrees santa cruz today. 75 half moon bay. 78 santa rosa. upper 70's in many inland location and mid 70's around the bay. right now we look at 61 in san francisco. down to 48 in novato. temperatures dropping rather sharply during overnight hours in parts of the north bay. we have mainly readings in the 50's and low 60's in other parts of the bay area at the moment. 2 nights warm afternoon that's the pattern we are in at the moment. mild conditions for halloween on monday. probably good news. and it's turning cooler late
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next week as clouds thicken and temperatures start to drop-off a little bit. of large ridge of high pressure that will continue to dominate our weather right on in to next week. that's why we have the dry pattern and mild pattern. forecast animation starts 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and this will fit in with the pattern last few days. chilly morning mild afternoon sunny skies close to inland and overnight tonight we will have some chilly spots up north as i mention. low dropping into the upper 30's at napa santa rosa over fairfield low 39. inland east bay cool spots as well. low of 42 and antioch low of 48 so big wide difference there. san jose low of 47. 51 here in san francisco. let's look at high for tomorrow. under sunny skies in the south bay. we see mid to upper 70's. 76 santa clara. cupertino 78. los gatos. peninsula mid 70's. yawn form range of temperature temperatures. 74 at san mateo.
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75 at palo alto. low 70's on the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco. low 70's as well. 73 will be the high in san francisco. 70 in the sun set district. up in the north bay mid upper 70's. 75 san rafael. 76 at petaluma and novato 77. napa sonoma 78 at santa rosa. east bay high mid 70's. 75 at oakland. herculesey, fremont 7y inland east bay upper 70's. 79 at please anton and near monterey bay lack for 70's upper 70's in fact near the bay and low 80's inland at morgan hill and gilroy. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast 7 lovely days await us. weekend nice and mild. inland high both days around 80. upper 70's around the bay. then on monday we cool down just a little bit but still pleasant halloween. breezy overnight monday night into tuesday and later in the week we see some clouds gathering and temperatures drop-off a little bit but no rain in the forecast
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yet. might make it through the week with dry weather next wee week. >> looks nice. >> very good. >> thanks very much. >> well as we continue a big birthday celebration today from lady liberty. we show you the big festivities in new york city tonight. many and lift off. many. >> new satellite blasts into orbit. role it will play in space to help meteorologist
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>> 3, 2, main engine start, 1, zero and lift off. of the delta 2 with the -- >> that's the launch of nasa newest high powered weather satellite. it was launched this morning top 13 story rocket. the one.5 billion dollar satellite will keep an eye on climate change as well
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as short-term weather conditions. spencer can't wait for to it get up and running. major milestone ka in the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. crew put that place the final section of the self averaging ordinary suspension today and it was not an easy job this last piece was the heaviest of the 28 sections. put into place. weighing more than two million pounds. >> the engineer construction crew have been working night and day through good weather and bad weather to lift all those 28 deck sections into place for this world class bridge and they deserve a lot of recognition and our sincere thank you. >> that the point the bridge is scheduled for completion in late 2013. when finished it will be the largest self anchor suspension bridge anywhere in the world. impressive to said least. speak of impressive. historic world war ii battle ship has taken a big step in what will become the final
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mission. tugboat towed the uss iowa from benecia a to inner harbor today. it will be moved to los angeles where it will become an interactive museum. it had been averaging ordinary in the moth ball fleet since 1 1990. i've washington is the last battle ship of the era to find a permanent spot for retirement, the iowa. >> more to come at 9. mimiraculous rescue. boy found alive after that devastating quake in turkey. how the 13-year-old survived for 5 days in a collapsed building. >> plus the ballot push tt could let a lot more pot clubs set up shop in san jose. >> i say it's a beautiful country. >> country newest citizens and one of our oldest symbol of freedom. another half hour of one of our oldest symbol of freedom. another half hour of news begins
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> good evening again thanks for joining us. we'll start the half hour with look at the headlines we are following for you. famed filmmaker michael moore came to frank ogawa plaza to rally protesttors today. he received a hero welcome. he spoke to the group for more than an hour. he says he supports their cause against wall street greed and considers himself one of them. >> meantime half world away pro democracy demonstrators in egypt show their support for the oakland demonstrators by making their way to the u.s. embassy. they carried signs that red from severe square to occupty oak land. one case. one goal. >> castro valley assembly woman was arrested for shoplifting at neiman mark news san francisco union square. she's posted bail. she apologized through
9:32 pm
her spokesman this afternoon saying quote this incident in san francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding. some of the headlines. >> now to occupty san francisco where the mayor is still trying to convince protestors to take down their tent. and there are many similarities between what is happening at herman plaza and past occupation in the cit city. that story from vick lee. >> no open flame. no propane tank. car battery not used properly. >> this is fire chief white. this is protestor at occupty heads up. >> we are training to be in compliance with it. >>reporter: public health safety are the same concerns that have been raised by officials through the decades every time demonstrators occupy city property. >> they were the same concerns at huge tent city that sprouted at the civic center in the late
9:33 pm
1980's. hundreds of homeless people occupy the plaza for months. this was mayor at the time. >> there were some unsafe periods. there may have been some unsanitary things. wasn't clean. >>reporter: there was mounting criticism by tourist officials. >> people wanted them out of sight and out of mind. >>reporter: mayor ordered police to tear down the camp in 1989. by then he had 500 new housing units for the homeless. >> i ordered them evicted and we had social workers working with the police to accomplish that. >>reporter: but many old timers say there are more parallel between occupty sf and the aids vij encampment in 1985 that lasted 10 years. protestors were angry at the inaction of the federal government towards the growing aids epidemic. they took over the un plaza just across the street from civic center. supervisor david compost. >> not only people camping out but you had tarp and tent.
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>>reporter: it became the city longest running act of civil disobedience two week police came into herman plaza and tore down the tarps. federal marshall tried to do the same at um plaza unsuccessfully. numerous politician have appeared to voice their support. same happened at the aids vigil. >> it became a very strong movement that was reinforced by members of the board of supervisors. marries like me. >> encampment ended in 1995 when fierce storms blew away the tent. >> i bumped into fire chief white today who tells me that public work crew will try to come here tomorrow morning and give this place a thorough cleaning hopefully with help of the protestors and consent of the protestors here apparently this was something they discussed at the mayor meeting yesterday. protestors here also tell me they plan a march 3:00 o'clock tomorrow. this is 7 news. >> some big bank are apparently
9:35 pm
backing down from the plan to impose new fees. bank of america now says the 5 dollar monthly fee for debit card is evolving. bank says it will look in ways to make it easier for customers to avoid paying it. wells fargo is cancelling plans for 3 dollar fee on debit cards because of what san francisco spokesman called customer feedback. david reports tonight on growing national backlash against big banks. >>reporter: the movement started on facebook. bank transfer day has already attracted over 29,000 lights. goal is very simple. punish the bank that want to charge 3 to 5 dollars a month for debit card transactions by switching to a credit union. day is saturday november 5. county federal credit union in san jose will be ready. >> all of our branch staffed extra for the day. we have we have banner out at our branches and posters and our web site. the information will be available. >>reporter: san jose credit union also planning a big push
9:36 pm
that includes 43 food and priz prizes. more than 92 million americans belong to credit unions. trade group claims lower fee and higher rate save members 6.7 billion dollars a year compared to banks. county federal credit union base in san jose doesn't charge for debit card use. while it has only 6 branches the 44,000 members get free access to over 28,000 atm across the country. members say they love the personal attention. >> i have the ceo of the credit union call me at home one time wanted to know if everything was okay. questions i had. questions for me or anything to talk about just come on down and talk to her. so it was great. i have never had that happen before. >>reporter: some credit union have charter restrictions limit membership to people who work in the public sector or in specific industries. others if community charter sign up members at large. christian christian who started bank transfer day says she is shocked by the number of people joining her movement. county federal says it doesn't have a target for the number of new customers it hopes to get from
9:37 pm
the campaign. >> bank transfer day appears to have won the campaign against 2 major bank, chase and wells fargo o. bank of america still mans to charge the fee. this is abc 7 news. another movement to talk about tonight. medicine marijuana activist in san jose are claiming the first victory in the fight to over turn the city new rule on pot club. they rolled 17 boxes containing nearly 50,000 signature into the city clerk office today. nearly double the number of signatures they put to the issue, they put the issue to before voters. >> we the people are telling the city council that they must listen to us. because in our opinion this is really a crisis of democracy. >> we do need regulation and hope now to come up with workable regulation with cooperation from the city council. >>reporter: again more than enough signature to put the issue before the voter. the ordinance limits the number of medical marijuana businesses to 10. activist want to increase that number. once the
9:38 pm
signature are verified the council will have the option of newly finding the new ordinance or putting the issue on upcoming ballot for voters to decide. more to bring you tonight as we continue it is no small task. big change to clean up a tiny plastic material that is 
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82 dramatic rescue in turkey today. 13-year-old boy trapped for 5 days following last sunday 7.2 earthquake was found and rescued. he says he managed to survive by drinking rain water that seeped through the track of the building that had collapsed all around him. quake destroyed more than 2000 buildings. bay area engineers are in turkey to analyze the devastation. her nann says
9:42 pm
says one of the goals is to not only improve buildings here in the united states but around the world. >> make sure when they initially design a building that it is able to resist earthquake movement and at the same time help them especially with the large many group of people, help them understand how they can retrofit them when that is needed. >>reporter: 5 75 people have died in the quake and more than 2500 people are injured. back here. unusual environmental clean up under way in the east bay to get rid of plastic material that may killing birds. workers waited for high tide to be able to skim the water at oyster bay regional shoreline in san leandro. looking for beebee size plastic pellet called girdle used to make all types of plastic product released by nearby plastic company. discharged by nearby
9:43 pm
manufacturers. >> danger is that something fish and bird can injest f.they to enough of that it fills up their gull it they feel fool but haven't gotten anything to eat and end up starving. >> worker needs to pick them. the clapper rail and the salt marsh harvest mouth endangered species. this is the first time a clean up of this type has taken place. well just ahead here. royal rule change. britain queen elizabeth announces historic changes on taking the thrown. what it announces historic changes on taking the th[ man ]what it i got this citi thank you card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at is a. >> happy birthday statue of liberty. fireworks booming in new york city tonight. lady
9:47 pm
liberty is 125 years old no less. it has been a celebration all day long there. symbol of freedom given to the u.s. by france helping to mark the occasion 125 immigrant from 46 countries sworn in as u.s. citizen. jamie was there. >>reporter: words we have all repeated and perhaps without much consideration. but when you have made a thoughtful decision to adopt a new owe him land to leave the family behind far away and a brand new life in unfamiliar place then you are truly taking the pledge. >> i say it's a beautiful country. it's a beautiful country. how friendly they ar are. i love it. >>reporter: africa he was 16. wasn't so did when i came here. it was. was were so friendly.
9:48 pm
i told my mom i'm going to stay over here. >>reporter: mawlt matly brought him here. 125 people stood at the gate way to the new world and their new lives. taking the oath to business citizen. >> like one step forward for your life for your future become a u.s. citizen. >>reporter: many wave flag with optimism. others with intense pride. >> serving in the armed services that was making me a ground. because there's 125 people became citizens, the statue of liberty marked her 125th anniversary. secretary of the state told the brand new u.s. citizen that today was not the culmination of a journey but abtor stop along the way. encourage participate in the democracy. to vote this is 7 news. >> historic change today in british royalty. leasers of the 16th british commonwealth nation reverse 300 years of
9:49 pm
tradition. they who the heir ought thrown was the son of monarch. significant change. >> let's go back up date the forecast. weather royalty spencer. >> of thank you sir. sir daniels. let's look what is happening over on the other post. this is forecast animation showing big winter snowstorm push into the up foot of snow over the weekend and interior warts before pen vein veins, new york, new england, 90 we get 2 to 4 inches out of this. nothing like back here tomorrow. mild day foy bay area. sunny and cold inland in the 70's about 80 on accu-weather 7 day forecast we have two days like that coming our way. saturday and sunday
9:50 pm
and temperatures don't off a lot of monday. mild lovely halloween. breezy overnight mopped later in the week few more cloud gathering in the sk sky. no rain yes. >> advice nyes ahead. >> halloween make over from pumpkin and gored and according will be a show pace for local trick-or-treaters when they come boy stomach. happened picked some of the pumpkins. thesz were the choices. president and first lady hand out 4000 gift bag for hallowee halloween. that's a fun way to celebrate halloween if you are a kid. go to the cresting out. what you see is what you get. >> sad cots tomb. >> already l ri with spoyvrments guy with brian
9:51 pm
williams spandex tuxedo. people are paying good money for me not to do it. necessity don't want the picture out there on the web. baseball season comes to a dramatic end. cardinals put texas into the deep freeze. jeans mr. freeze.
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every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. filmmaker michael moore electric try tie the crowd in oakland as we reporte reported. we look at the back and forth tweet between moore and the mayor. >> and foreign students facing imminent deportation. catch 22 for some students who thought they were doing the right thin thing. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. all right spencer and i have reconsidered the break. we go with larry for halloween. >> that's even worse with you 2 guys. paparrazi i would reconsider that strongly. let's get to the sports please. after one of the most
9:55 pm
memorable games in world series history the cardinals needed one more come back tonight in game 7 world series title is theirs. nelson crew and rangers eager to put the memory of carpenter in the first inning. young the other way. hamilton score 2 nothing ran had an answer. whatever he is eating i want some. the series mvp. game tied at 2. deep to right and out of here. third home run of the series. 3-2 cardinals. carpenter just 3 day restaurant feel it. 5 strike out. 2 earn in 6 innings. left in the sixth. this is going out but ail and craig brings it back. over the wall. stole home run there. 6-2 cardinal lead. murphy. to left. squeezes in for the
9:56 pm
final. cardinals 10 and a half games out of the wild card in august come all the way back and they are world i don't knows for the left time in franchise titletor tony la reduce. >> unbelievable. amazing incredible. let's not get distracted. afterwards and now it's afterwards and we are going to enjoy it. >> we are. two months ago we were p.m. watching the series now we are the world champion. >> character of the guys on the team is second to none and i'm so glad to be a part of it. >>reporter: great story. >> scare for cal basketball coach montgomery who had surgery for bladder cancer last week. operation was deemed success and former stanford warrior head coach says he's now cancer free. montgomery made the revelation at pack 12 media day in los angeles. 64-year-old coach says doctors
9:57 pm
told him he had annoy grade cancer but they caught it just in the nick of time. monty suring after. prepare with the upcoming season. >> i have no no likes getting your straight back and being 100 percent. just so you know he said three months ago he wouldn't have found this. 6 months from now you would be done. so the timing couldn't have been better so if you have an pain get checked. >> just when it lacked like the nba was close to an end in the lock out, everything fell apart today. f pwvl a cancelled all game schedule through november 30. wipes 0out first month of the season and stern says 82 game schedule is impossible. big issue? how to split up the money. noss point. stanford beaten each of the last 10 opponent by at least 25 points. that has not happened in college football in
9:58 pm
75 years. it would be a shock if able to do that to usc tomorrow. cards head into the colonel see wum 93,000 fans. prime time on abc 7. kicks off at 5:00 p.m. stanford beating them in the last 3 of 4 meetings. there is to be a rowdy scene. >> crowd will be there. band playing. horse is running around. a lot of stuff going on. and i told the guys two two weeks ago, if you want to be a good team, you have to play in big games and perform. >> this is a big game. vl so even on probation they are a quality club. stanford and sc at 5:00 o'clock over on abc 7. highlights post game interview on lexus after the game from los angeles right around 8:30 p.m. >> ice shark in detroit tonight. second period. murray off the board. look at the speed of marlo. top shelf.
9:59 pm
2 1 shark on second of the season here. later in the second. joe on the money to thornton. little joe to big joe. they add an empty net interthe third. shark win fourth straight game on the road trip by a final of 4-2. good to go with andrew luck. he's good costume right now. >> that or charlie sheen. >> winning. winning. >> good luck. >> speaking of winning. we are rae minded of how excited we were a year ago when the giants won the series. what an exciting time for st. louis. great series. >> st. louis was this year version of the giants. way out of it. late surge. got hot. unknown guys came through on the finish like david freeze. >> thanks that's this edition of 7 news at 9 here on tv 20. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again on channel 7 in an hour


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