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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 8, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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a gas leak produced such a foul smell that people near the former naval weapons station got sick. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. is the odor dissipating now? >> reporter: it smells better out here. it was pretty awful when we got here 4:00 this morning. officials saying at its worse they insist the air was safe to breathe. we know of one family with a two week old baby who decided to day in a hotel room last night, just in case. >> disgusting. >> reporter: people living near the pipeline in concord say the smell has been unbearable. so strong last night even our helicopter pilot says he could smell it in the sky. >> pretty bad. nauseating. your whole house smells. soon as you turn on the heater it sucks it in so everything smells. >> we opened our window last
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night and it nobodied us over. it smells like a refinery in our backyard. >> reporter: crews discovered the leak in a 16 inch pipeline last night. residents had been combine plaining for days. >> today is the strongest it is getting worse. -- really bad now. >> reporter: it got worse when they found it they opened up the ground and let the smell ú?(f crews have placed tarps and dirt over the crude oil to rep rein in the odor. >> i know it is an inconvenience to say the least and we apologize. >> it has to be -- you don't feel this way with clean air. >> reporter: county officials say the air is safe. that the concentration of sulphur compound would have to be one thousand times higher than it is to hurt someone. this has left residents feeling nervous about the state of other pipelines running through here and the
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communication process. >> where are the calls to the community? we were sitting around last night wondering, do we leave, do we stay? >> reporter: a conoco phillips spokesman says he doesn't know what caused the leak or how much oil leaked out. they are working to dane the oil out and then repair the pipe. he dent know when the smell will go an by completely. but it does smell a -- will go away completely. but it does smell better. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. paoeg crews are starting to build an access road so rebears can be done on a ruptured line in woodside. it ruptured sun during a test sending mud and rocks on to the freeway. pg&e believe the pipe failed after being damaged by a backhoe. crews have injected helium into four miles of the line and they are using detectors to try and find any more
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leaks. the pipe is part of the same line that exploded in san bruno last year killing eight and damaging more than 30 them tos. a san francisco man plead -- pleaded guilty to the high profile murder of a russian hill woman. he was charged with murdering the woman in her building october 29th, 2010. prosecutors say holland killed her in a struggle after he posed as a utility worker to gain access to her building. holland pleaded guilty to murder attempted rape and burglary in exchange for a life sentence. he was waived any right to appeal. we are a little more than fours hours into election day. in san francisco state observers are keeping an eye out for trouble at polling places. the trouble might be inside the voting booth as they try to figure out the rank choice voting system for mayor. >> reporter: i'm down at
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powell and pacific there's a polling place on that block of pacific and a polling place on that block of pacific the secretary of state won't say where these observers are or when they are going to be there. they will not feel claustrophobic because there aren't that many people voting today. a quiet scene at this polling place in the marina district this morning. four workers on hand ready for more voters. at city hall, a larger number but not what the director of elections was anticipating. >> the turn-out has been an average of 50%. when i look at the numbers that we received, and the early voting here about 16%. >> reporter: low turnout despite a hard fought campaign so hard fought the secretary of state's office sent observers san francisco and nowhere else. in response to a litter signed by several mayoral hopefuls.
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lee says he's glad the monitors are here. >> there will be observers but it is not anything that is uncommon. not anything that i'm worried about. >> reporter: at this polling place in chinatown only nine vote the first two hours. that doesn't moon a low voter turnout -- >> most people voted by mail. >> question. >> reporter: not many come by here and vote in person. >> only nine people now. >> reporter: rank choice voting may come into play for the first time where voters rank top three. first, second and third. did you find it confusing with that rank choice voting? >> oh no. >> i vaguely understand it. and i have a cheat sheet at home. >> reporter: speaking of rank choice voting a supervisor
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today introducing a measure that would put it before voters in june and let the voters decide how they want to vote. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> abc7 news will buy you the election results as they come in tonight. we'll have live reports at 9:00 and at 11. also get up to the minute results on our website encouraging news for anyone looking for a job. the labor department says companies in the government posted more than three million openings in september. the most new jobs in three years. but, there's heavy competition for each job. the report says nearly 14 million were out of work in september, an average of four unemployed workers vying for each opening. >> if you are looking for a job we want to help. abc7 news is co-sponsoring a free job fair.
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katie is live in concord. what types of jobs are available. >> reporter: all types. good morning. here at center concord the job fair dent get underway for another hour still quiet. -- we expect vendors to start showing up any minute now and setting up. this is a great service put on by the job journal sponsored by abc 7 because of the unemployment rate especially in the bay area and especially if east bay. in solano county the unemployment rate 11.6%. in alameda county 10.2%. in contra costa county still over 10%. i want to introduce kathy with job journal. she is running this show out here today. answer the big question, what kind of employers and how many jobs? >> yes, we have both government agencies and private industry recruiting today. we have a wide variety of jobs,
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lots of customer service, teller jobs, member rep jobs state auditor positions. positions for security guards throughout the east bay. we even have loan officer positions for all you people who lost your jobs with the housing crash. we just have a variety of things, education, et cetera. >> reporter: thank you and good luck. it is at center concord from noon to 4:00 today located the 5298 clayton road. katie marzullo, abc7 news. our next hire event is tomorrow in san francisco at the hotel wickham on market from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.. for more go to jobs. right now professors, students and supporters at every cal-state university campus are getting ready to
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walk out of class today. san francisco state, sonoma, san jose and cal-state east bay are taking par. professors were given a 5% pay raise they would only get if state revenues met expect days. they have not so the raise is not likely. members voted to hod a day long strike next thursday the are you ready for your refinanced? why the nation's biggest bank will be returning 400 million dollars to customers. >> i will talk about any and all -- >> he's not backing down. herman cain guess on the offensive today against the woman gash owes the offense today against the woman who accused him of public impropriety. president obama and france's president caught
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he's a college football coaching legend. but it now appears joe paterno's days may be numbered. university officials haven't given an exact date but are planning his departure possibly this weeks. he's been with the university for 46 seasons. paterno was recently accused of knowing his former defensive coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulted at least one young boy and doing nothing to turn him into authorities. turn know was supposed to
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peek -- paterno was supposed to speak this morning but the university cancelled. herman cain will hold a news conference this afternoon to address the latest al guys of sexual impropriety against him. cain repeatedly denied the at s made by four women. the fourth accuser held a news conference yesterday that woman sharon bialek gave graphic details about what she said happened in the backseat of a car 14 years ago and defended her allegations on "good morning america." >> he's saying flat out you are a liar. >> i'm not and everyone that knows me knows i speak the truth. and that's why i came because i wouldn't do something i didn't feel so strongly about. >> two other women claimed they filed sexual harassment complaints against him and received settlements. last week a third woman said she considered filing a complain against cain over what she deemed to be sexually suggestive remarks and gestures made years ago.
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>> cain and fellow gop hopefuls are trying to convert americans' anger over the economy into a gop oval office. a bad economy usually dooms the incumbent. but cokie roberts says polls show americans assign equal blame. >> that's why it is so interesting. we are going into an election where the people have not selled. also, the independent vote is way up from what it normally is. partly because people are disgusted with both political parties. that's a vote that can swing either way >> she says president obama has to convince voters if they get rid of him it will only help the fat cats. his challengers will make the case that the president had his chance and failed. technical mistake could further chill relations between president obama and israel. the president and french president nicholas sarkozy were caught on an open mic!
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ing israel's prime minister. several journalists picked up a private conversation between the two during the g-20 summit last week. sarkozy is heard saying he can't stand prime minister netanyahu. then calling him a liar. the report says president obama responded, you are sick of him but i have to work with him everyday. the reporters held only fragments of the leaders' conversation. neither white house nor president sarkozy has commented on the report. >> always watch that open mic. >> that's right. we may as well talk to mike. >> this thing working? can you hear me now? let's show what is going on here's a look at some of the haze handling around leftover moisture from the fog yesterday. cooler weather and rain slated for the weekend. >> i have to work with him everyday. >> earth is about to have a close encounter.
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(speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause) astronomers will have telescopes ready for a rare fly-by just under four hours from now. an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass 3:30 this afternoon our time but not close enough to be
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dangerous. it is the largest object of its kind to get within 200,000 miles of our planet since 1976 scientists will use this to learn more about the space rock known as 2005 yu 55. you need a clear sky, good sky chart and at least a six inch telescope. >> even with a good telescope it might be hard to see. clear skies we have that. >> warmer weather on the way it has a short life span cooler and more unsettled wet weather on the way. in other parts of the country, oklahoma one of the few tornadoes that ripped across the state yesterday. they had another earthquake too during that time. this huge monster of a storm sent buyer rib brody. beautiful nature of it. -- one cargoing chose.
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one suv was flipped -- someone got too close. back at home, look at that clear sky. a hint of haze, moisture in the air left from some of the fog and the frost we had this morning. temperatures running in the 50s everywhere even up to 61 in los gatos. monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s. on this election day cooler than average even with all that sunshine. clear tonight not as chilly as this morning rain friday and another chance over the weekend. two separate storms coming in. compared to average two december cooler redwood city, three in oakland, livermore -- 63, napa six degrees cooler than average san jose should be at 70 will stop at 63. low to mid 60s east bay val hits. on the east bay shore low to mid 60s 63 oakland, castro valley and fremont.
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milpitas 62. same for the peninsula, millbrae 62. 60sll downtown and so>:o64 san francisco low 60s through the north bay valleys mid to upper 50s at the coast monseray bay 59 carmel, mid 60s for everybody else, mid 60s inland. warmer across the state warmest 70s around l.a., san diego and palm springs. 44 tahoe after lows in the 20s still making plenty of snow at all the resorts. 30s morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, north bay valleys. threat of frost tapers because of areas of high pressure and warmer weather this afternoon will spill into overnight hours. die and warmer thursday then -- dry and warmer thursday, cold front opens the door for the unsettled weather through the weekend. before we get to the weekend, wednesday, thursday flirt with 70 away from the coast temperatures drop with the
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rain friday chances of rain saturday and sunday, 10° cooler by then. let's talk money if you a bank of america customer you may have some coming to you. a federal judge in miami has approved a 410 million dollar settlement to be split among 13 million current and former bofa customers who used debit cards over the past decade for the suit claimed the bank processed in a way that:$ñrm triggered overdrafts. most people will recover only a fraction of what they paid, but better than nothing. not all holiday shopping is for your family and human friends.
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tomorrow the federal management agency and nearly every local tv and radio station will conduct a a national test. those tests will run 30 seconds starting at 11 a.m. at the top of this newscast. the test aims to identify any problems with the emergency system used to inform the publish of any emergency or disaster. the system has been in place 60 years but it has never had a nationwide test. here's what you can expect tomorrow at 11, you will hear a tone followed by instructions explaining the test. today at 4:00 and 5:00, your mailbox no doubt full of
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credit card transfer offers. michael finney will look at three that might be what you are looking for. at 5:00 the changes on the horizon for kindergarteners and why they are putting educators at odds with some parents. those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> what will your pet find under the tree in year? >> more than half polled said they will spend an average of $46 on their animals this holiday season. topping the list of gifts toys, treats, bedding, clothing or a new leash and collar. >> pet retailers are taking part in the black friday and cyber monday frenzy opening early and discounting popular items. >> $46, wow! thanks for joining us. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right, you like to take care of it immediately. ♪
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