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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 9, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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first national test. >> it was done to make sure the system works the way it should in the event of a real emergency. >> the wait to see who will become san francisco's mayor. the winner has to capture 50% plus one to take the top job. here's how it looks this morning ed lee 30%. avalos 19%. herrera 12%. terry mcsweeney joins us from city hall with more. >> reporter: i've been talking
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to some of the campaigns this morning and the spokesperson for lee's campaign says the mayor is extremely confident he's going to win. the announcement may not come today, tomorrow, at some point the ranked choice system is going to rank hill the winner this is the scene this morning at if's city hall. >> processing -- at san francisco's city hall. >> processing throughout the day. at 4:00 we'll use the ranked choice method for the first time to give a snapshot of what the outlook is at this point in the election. >> reporter: at 4:00 the ranked-choice voting system will produce candidates from 1 to 16. if the number of votes the top ranked candidate leads by is greater than the number of ballots remaining to be counted. one didn't wait for the final tally. >> thank you san francisco! >> reporter: mayor lee last night sounding like his 30% was 50% plus one.
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>> i think san francisco wants us to do four more years. >> reporter: is he celebrating too soon? remember the oakland race. >> he had the most first choice votes when you use the rank choice system you bring second and third choices into the tabulation that's where prada lost that could happen here. >> we did it with less money than anyone else we are at second place, an made of amazing. >> reporter: lee's spokesman says there is no comparison more candidates here 16 compared to five in oakland, lots of asian candidates more likely to give their second place vote to lee. this race they feel is over. director of elects says the official election will not be certified for another 10 to 14 days but we may have a winner before then. hopefully, we will. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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>> we'll have more results throughout the show. real-time results on our website occupy san francisco still in place at juszkiewicz even though the annual holiday -- at just -- justice herman plaza. abdulmutallab is there live. -- police are out here everyday say they have their concerns. they say the occupy sf group does attract an element that isn't so familily-friendly. occupy sf has been mostly peaceful and the lead activists have been working with the city and the local vendors. police say they did get a call to get protesters off the new ice rink and intercepted a man who had a gun. officials say they have no comment. they want to focus on the positive. they opened 10:00 this morning
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and say this is a great environment for family holiday fun. the rink has vendors in justin herman stkwa as a buffer between occupy sf protesters and them. vendors say sales are down they don't think the rink will have too many problems and the protesters think things will be fine. >> any time you have an element as unregulated as this and diverse as this, there's going to be problems. it has impacted us. >> more about the image. i think it would make some comfortable. i would be. i don't think there's any real danger. >> families need to see this. this is reality, that's not. this is definitely family-friendly. >> reporter: the city of sf has largely left protest areas loan. some point out lee was in the middle of an election season. protesters have said they
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wouldn't be surprised if the city turns to the protest once this election is over. also, now all of this holiday traffic could also have city leaders watching all of this and wondering how everyone is going to co-exist in this plaza. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> we'll see. it appears oakland police may be making plans again to clear out the occupy camp outside city hall. a source told the chronicle all training exercises for next week have been cancel. which is a good indication that officers are making plans to clear out the camp. mayor quan has started a new dialogue with protesters hoping to resolve growing concerns over violence, destruction health and safety. protesters have been camping at frank ogawa plaza nearly a month. officials say daily inspections have turned up petition al fire hazards. the action is a week after a general strike ended with
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downtown businesses. occupy movement will get underway on the uc berkeley campus in the next hour. demonstrators plan two days of action in opposition to the large fee increase for students and continued cuts in budgets at all levels of public education throughout the state. thousands of teachers, students, faculty and community members will hold a rally around noon before a general an ably. police are concerned the protesters -- may tempt to occupy a building on campus. nancy pelosi is the target of a "60 minutes" investigation set to air this sunday. abc news says pelosi was questioned thursday about legislative action she oversaw in 2008 as house speaker back then, that might have benefited her husband's stock investments. the correspondent asked pill leslie were it was a conflict of -- asked pelosi whether it
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was a conflict of interest. pelosi husband purchased between one and five million dollars in visa stock earlier in the year. pelosi said that his story was false. fugitive wanted in the murder of a san francisco police officer and shootout with police plans to turn himself in tomorrow morning. after spending the past four decades on the run. vic lee has learned that bridgeforth will surrender for a shootout with police officers in 1968. bridgeforth was a member of the black panthers involved in the shooting death of sergeant young. bridgeforth is wanted for the 1971 shooting in san francisco. his attorney tells abc7 news he will fight that charge. people who work at george
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lucas' skywalker ranch assessing damage done by a fire around 5:30 last night. it was confined to one of the chimneys and fireplace. a spokesperson says the fire caused little damage to the property. there are jobs in the bay area and abc 7 will tell you where you can find them today. the 16th annual hire event starts at noon on market street. katie joins us with a preview. ro >> reporter: were live at the hotel vendors just starting to arrive and set up this is the second job fair in as many days. we were in concord yesterday about 400 people showed up. this one is going to be bigger. it is more diverse, a lot more
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companies showing up and a lot of openings in customer service and administrative openings. i want to introduce stephanie simmons with manpower one of the companies that is going to be inside. how many people and what kind of jobs are you going to fill? >> we are working on 25 openings. the jobs range from entry level bookcasing to sales management. >> reporter: things are looking good or better? >> they are. manpower's outlook survey for the bay area shows about a net 8% increase in employers want to hire through the end of the year which is still guarded. but it is looking up. >> reporter: wonderful. thank you for joining us. manpower just one of several companies here today to he did had you fan a new job. 185 positions open here today. hotel whitmore job fair runs
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from noon to 4:00. -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. we take you inside the jury room of dr. murray's trial trial. >> do you believe michael jackson would be aliveañ t;ée if it were not for dr. conrad murray? >> yes. >> as we said for the first time one of the jurors talks about the stress and screaming during deliberations and their decision to convict michael jackson's personal doctor. have you seen this little guy? the case nine caper that has a local pet shelter asking for your help today.
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. this morning for the first time a juror who convicted michael jackson's doctor is talking the difficult decision. debbie franklin says she believes jackson would be alive today if it weren't for dr. murray. the jury convicted him monday of involuntary manslaughter. franklin says while nearly all jurors decided on guilty during the first day of deliberations not everyone was convinced murray was solely responsible. >> towards the end of the day we took a vote it was not unanimous. we talked a little more about it. let's think about it over the weekend. i was stressful. we did yelling. -- it was stressful. we did yelling.
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then we had to say nobody talks if this person is talking raise your hand if you have something to say. >> as murray sits in a jail cell, preparations are underway to auction off the don'ts of jackson's home. paintings, furnishings and even his death bed will be up forbid next month. end of an era this morning at penn state in a sad way. coach joe paterno announced his retirement at the end of the season in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal. students helped pain over the image of sandusky. a long time friend of paterno was arrested on charges of child molestation. a player stressed his sadness. >> a lot of emotional people now. felt like maybe coach didn't get what he deserves. more emotional. >> paterno issued a statement saying this is a tragedy. one of the great sorrows of my
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life. with the benefit of hindsight i wish i had done more. he has not been accused. but critics say he should have reported sandusky directly to police rather than just his boss after he was told about it. the san francisco spca offering a $500 reward for a puppy stolen out of shelter yesterday before an adoptive family was going to pick him up. he's only eight weeks old. the spca has footage of the suspects, a couple with a child diving a white sedan. if you have information -- driving a white sedan if you have information call the san francisco spca. outside clouds, a lot of sun. clouds are a sign that things where to change. rain on the way. it may not last through the weekend. update coming up. fighting to keep your saturday mail delivery. new legislation unveiled today that would help&l+ rescue the
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u.s. postal service. 0ñ
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it was super chilly this morning with >> warming up nicely i hope? >> afternoons warmer overnights not as cool rain comes in and
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that keeps us warmer: beautiful picture we love to showcase this picture this time of the year the different colors with the golden gate bridge northbound from sutro tower here in san francisco. anywhere else? high clouds as we look east from south beach. high clouds are a sign that warmer weather is on the way. warm invection warm air invection clouds when warm air comes over cold like we had this morning and adds moisture you see those type of clouds. 50s to low 60s. 65 half moon bay how often is the coast the warmest spot? monterey bay inland mostly sunny low to mid 60s will continue the mostly sunny theme with that slow warming trend continuing today partly cloudy tonight extra clouds mean won't be as cool tomorrow morning rain friday changing
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over to showers less likely they will hang around for the duration of the weekend that's the big change in the forecast. today oakland 66 the same as yesterday, santa rosa 66. san jose 68. concord, fremont, san francisco, five december warmer than yesterday. sunset 5:03. mid to upper 60s east bay valleys pleasanton warm spot 68. 67 castro valley fremont mid 60s east bay shore south bay mid to upper 60s may see a 70 around los gatos peninsula temperatures mid to upper 60s low 60s along the coast mid 60s downtown and south san francisco through the north bay valleys low 60s and sun at your beaches monterey bay mid to upper 60s even 70s as you head inland. around the state warmest count to the south mid to upper 70s. mild mostly sunny 50 tahoe today. tonight temperatures barely in
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the 30s inland valleys because of the extra cloud cover most of us 40s tomorrow morning. couple areas of high pressure still dominating still pushing the storm track well up to our north. the storm track is slowly moving to the east. it will arrive friday. in the morning hours we'll wake to drizzle even pockets of light rain for the morning commute. as you can see here the bulk of the wet weather will stay offshore until late in the morning hours into the afternoon hours. then it will break up during the evening and become scattered showers those will linger overnight and possibly refire saturday. sunday dry. albeit cooler, 10° cooler than today and tomorrow which are the warmest days. sunday, monday, tuesday, drying trend and slight warming trend back to average early next week. neither rain nor snow nor sleet or however that goes for crushing -- or crushing
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deficit will keep the postal service from delivering mailing six days a week. new legislation proposed will keep mail going monday through saturday. the postal service will tap into a seven billion dollar over payment to the retirement system. the senate said the service needs to be fiscally count to compete with new technology. >> call cindy. even i can figure that out. >> i know cindy and i think she would like to get a note from you. [ laughing ] >> a handwritten note. >> cindy is his wife, as you may know. the six day proposal would cut workers and other services. the senate panel considers the legislation next week. this is time for flu shots today you can get within free. clinic by the bay is offering adults free vaccinations to celebrate its first anniversary. the health clinic is staffed
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by volunteers and serves working uninsureed in san francisco and daly city. today's clinic is open to any adult. shots from 1 to 5 p.m. on america street near geneva. even funnier -- an even sunnier california. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ]
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[ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ]] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] >> a new study shows a switch to standard time is bad for
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kids' health. the state makes small strides keeping weight off kids. what is working and what's not those stories later at 4:00 and 5:00. california has hit a major solar milestone. >> one gig what the -- one gigawatt of solar power has been installed on rooftops across the state. >> to give you perspective, one gigawatt of power is enough to power 750,000 homes. >> residents and businesses in the state of california have installed more solar power than all of france, china or belgium. >> pretty good. >> encouraging. >> the green state here. >> that's right >> thanks for joining us today. >> who s to be a millionaire is next.
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