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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 14, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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@ closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc encampment became a place where we had repeated violence and this week a murder. we had to bring the camp to answer before more people were hurt. >> mayor quan joined by officers from around the bay area to dismantle the occupy oakland camp. police arrested about 30 people who refused to leave. i was a peaceful operation that involved in injuries. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. >> crews are cleaning up frank ogawa plaza right now after police evicted protesters using a different approach from last time.
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>> abc7 news has live team coverage. jonathan bloom was one of the few reporters at the plaza when the tents came down. >> katie marzullo attended the mayor's news conference let's begin with amy hollyfield. >> reporter: i watched the whole thing go down it appeared as if the protesters and police decided to make an effort to keep the situation calm. everything went so smoothly the police union issued a statement thanks for the protesters for keeping it peaceful. hundreds of police officers from several cities gathered at the coliseum around midnight to start preparing for their invasion of frank ogawa plaza. protesters had been tipped off they were coming and created a different scene than police were probably expecting. instead of being angry and confrontational protesters were chanting againstu!nh corporate greed and rallying for the 99%. >> we are peaceful people making a point.
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>> reporter: police had a different tactic too. instead of roaring in on motorcycles and storming into the camp like they did three weeks ago, they quietly surrounded the plaza and took their time rifed around 4:00, but didn't go into the -- arrived around 4:00, but didn't go into the camp until 4:00. >> if i was playing chess this is the move i would make too. big public thing, nonviolent to show that they weren't, you know doing the same tactics they were before. >> reporter: police didn't use any chemical agents or nonlethal weapons on the crowd like they have this the past. no protesters threw bottles or anything at the cops, as some previously had done. >> there were a few people trying to egg things on. nobody supported them. people basically turned away interest them. >> reporter: leaders in the occupy oakland movement said they worked hard to make sure those anarchists who usually cause trouble stayed home or
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stayed peaceful. >> we talked to them. we told them there's a time and place for everything and now isn't the time or place for that activity. >> reporter: the rum was a peaceful clearing out of frank ogawa plaza. those who refused to leave were realized. protesters say it was hard to watch police level their camp, but the action they said made them feel more energized to keep going. >> it makes things stronger. it makes the young people come out and make them do something positive. >> reporter: now there are crews here in white suits wearing surgical masks, clearing out the plaza getting all of the stuff out. there are police officers still here. the right gear is gone. all of the protesters have left. many have said they want to reoccupy this plaza. they are going to meet today at 4:00 at the main library. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. one of the only reporters allow inside the police lines at the occupy oakland camp was
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jonathan bloom. jonathan is joining us live outside oakland city hall. you were right there when people started dismantling the tents. i was a little nervous watching them. >> reporter: with good reason. there was very little visibility in that camp. behind me you see what a difference a couple hours make. leveled, cleaning the remains of what was a twisted mess of tape and cables. any police officer would have had a little hesitation going into that camp because so many tents were set up with so little visibility between them there would have been lots of places to hide in that camp. the police had a lot of people, it seems as if it went smoothly. anybody would have had a little hesitation. i want to show you the video we shot when we were standing close to this spot. a long behind of cops brought out barricades to keep protesters in the streets from
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interfering with the police coming in to clear out the plaza. a second wave of cops lined up in the middle of 14th street and marched into the camp. the first stop a makeshift church where protesters sat on the ground surrounded by a ring of candles. police asked them to leave. arrested the ones who didn't. the camp had been there for weeks itch was disgusting. a lot of -- dirt and grime, tends haphazardly tied and duct taped to other tents. police put on rubber gloves before going in with flashlights and starting to turn tents over, cutting through tarps and looking for anyone who might be hiding out. police did find a few more people. own one camper was left running wolf, a professional tree sitter of sorts who stayed outside in a tree outside frank ogawa where he had hung an american flag. police defendant him alone because he was outside the
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actual plaza. protesters will get their stuff back, but it could be a few days in the meantime, city workers as we come back out here live are making quick work of this park. most of the is gone. there will be a little beautification work left. police are going to ensure that the cam. ers -- campers do not return. they are promising to make sure it will be open for first amendment free speech sorts of activities. but the tents and sleeping bags will not be allowed back at any time in the near future. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. oakland's mayor analyst chief explained the reasons for their actions this -- this morning in a news conference after the protesters were evicted. katie marzullo joins us live for that art of the story. >> reporter: good morning i'm live at -- snow park the campers here quiet and so far untouched per the police chief in that news conference it is okay for them to be here right
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now. but, their time will come as well and they will be evicted as the campers were at frank ogawa plaza. >> encampment became a police where we had repeated violence and this week a murder. >> reporter: mayor quan says the occupy oakland camp at frank ogawa plaza was no longer about the abuses of the financial indust street and its time was up. >> we are asking everyone to respect my city's decision to close the even if we support the movement. >> reporter: this morning's raid was quiet compared to the last time. police arrested 3. but the chief says there -- arrested 32. but the chief says there were no injuries, no force and no resist. at snow park, no action at all. >> everyone i know will be leaving peacefully. they will be waiting until they are directly asked by police. >> we have been working with some of the occupiers at snow park. that doesn't mean that snow park is not going to be removed. it is not just not going to be
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removed today. >> reporter: the future of frank ogawa more defined. the overnight occupation is over. >> going forward the plaza will be open for demonstrations and peaceful assemblys. absolutely not open for lodging. -- >> it should never been allowed here in the first place. >> reporter: the city opening its winter shelter earlier to -- early to accommodate protesters. >> the city administrators' office has not played any role in facilitating a private property or for private property it is not the role of the city administration. >> reporter: the city of oakland call in seven other agencies for mutual aid. because it was planned and not an emergency the city of oakland will be paying for it. the estimated cost at this time for the mutual aid is $300,000 to $500,000.
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the police chief says there will be strong police presence there 24/7. katie marzullo, abc7 news. mayor jean quan's unpaid legal adviser dan siegel resigned overnight because of the raid. siegel sent a letter to quan saying i cannot be part of an administration that sanctions police attacks on peaceful protesters attempting to reverse the society's cruel and undemocratic policies. given your his attorney -- your history and oakland's -- it -- [ unintelligible ] both bart and ac transit saw slow downs and detours. bart kept 12th street station closed until 8:30. oakland city officials say parts of 14th and broadway will stay closed until 6:00 tonight. every commuter is advised to have a back-up plan. right now we get bart has
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reopened that 12th street station, city center station. get the latest at more than a dozen student protesters have filed a lawsuit against uc berkeley police. they claim officers used excessive force when they tried to remove protesters from the california us last wednesday. police say pushing protesters with batons was safer. organizers are encouraging students to walk out of class tomorrow. they are planning a protest oeuts side wednesday's meeting in san francisco over stat cuts to education that are pushing tuition higher every year. >> san francisco spca will be at the occupy san francisco camp this afternoon to address an outbreak of disease among camp dogs. officials have confirmed the presence of a highly contagious parvo virus that affects young dogs and puppies. they will assist those in need.
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the occupy san francisco protesters say there is no evidence supporting police claims that demonstratorss slashed two identifies during saturday's mar. growing accusations -- the new witness coming forward right now that could leave republican presidential candidate herman cain doing more explaining on sexual harrassment charges. more fall-out from the child sex assault scandal at penn state. the charity that is now being pulled into the investigation.0
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new development unfolding right now against herman cain. attorney gloria all holding a news conference as we speak with a man who says he can corroborate sexual harrassment claims made by sharon bialek another of allred's client who made claims last week. the doctor is a former bialek boyfriend. he's expected to corroborate the woman's claims she met with cain in 1977 to get help finding a job. bialek says cain groped her as they sat in a car. cain held a news conference last week denying ever meeting bialek. cain has denied allegations made by at least three other women. >> president of the charity ed to the penn state child sex abuse scandal has resigned.
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ed founder of the second mile organization jerry sandusky is facing charges. today the board of directors says it has accepted a ctor's resignation served as ceo of the charity for 28 years. the second mile will conduct appear internal investigation of its program. this morning a former san francisco giant payroll manager pleaded not guilty to federal wire fraud charges. robin o'conner is accused of embezzling more than two millions from the team. prosecutors say she diverted funds from a team dank account to her personal account between june of last year and this year. she scheduled to appear in court again this afternoon which usually indicates she may have cut a deal and will change her plea at that hearing. glorious sunshine we check in with mike. >> a lot of nice sunshine for early this week possibly the middle parts of the week beautiful at ocean beach. winter storm, two for the
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weekend i'll tell you when they will get here and what kind of weather they will bring. we hear from the mother of a set of formally conjoined twins separated bye-bye area doctors. >> why apple is recalling some of those old ipod nanos the potential problem that could be dangerous and how you can get one for free.
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an update now the family of two formerly conjoined twins reports the girls are doing well. children's hospital provided this video of the family. surgeons separated the girls on november 1st, during a 10 hour operation. they have been connected at the ab -- they had been connected at the abdomen minute. >> they are doing great. they are sleeping in -- separate beds, sleeping and taking their first steps. we are so greatful to the children's hospital. >> the 2-year-old girls may be ready to return home in san jose later this week. of course that is the older footage. the new footage one sitting on mom and the other on dad, that's great. >> we are so happy it came out really well.
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the weather outside was crisp, beautiful. >> pretty crisp this morning. a little bit of fog. >> i'll take it. >> three, maybe four, but not five in a row. it is 11:21. good morning. look at all that sun as we look down from mount tamalpais to the south. from south beach towards the port of oakland downtown east bay hills look how the air is right now in the 50s to 63 in oakland and mountain view monterey bay cloudiness especially in the valleys around sonoma lean and gilroy mid to upper 50s -- close to average today die pattern holds -- today this dry pattern holds to at least thursday. santa rosa 67, concord 66, san francisco 62. fremont 65 oakland and
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san jose 66 one dee warmer than yesterday. 10 hours and 10 1/2 minutes of sun before it sets at 4:59. mid 60s along the east bay shore into the south bay mid to upper 60s. low to mid 60s on the peninsula coast cooler upper 50s to near 60 low to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco north bay valleys mid to upper 60s beaches upper 50s. mid to upper 60s the rest of the bay inland 60s dominate a lot of california today with 50s around eureka, tahoe, yosemite clouds l.a., san diego mid to upper 60s there. tonight watch out for the fog in the north bay valleys. most of our temperatures in the 40s may hold on to 50 around oakland, san mateo and san francisco. dominant area of high pressure hurt not going to move the next couple of days. with the jet stream farther
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inland is where the storm tracker is going to be a few clouds here and there temperatures close to average. 5 p.m. thursday, next system diving down the coast from the gulf of alaska through thursday looks like we should remain dry until overnight drizzle will start to break out heavier rain will start rolling in friday you could see friday morning into the afternoon and evening it is going to be wet. once the system dies past saturday during the daylight hours dry. saturday night into sunday next system cooler could see snow levels to around 3500 feet by sunday, temperatures for the rest us that live in the valleys, 10 to 15° cooler than the mid to upper 60s during the week. apple is issuing yet another recall over a battery issue if you owned a 1st generation ipod nanoyou could
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get a new one for free. in -- in rare cases the battery may over heat and pose a safety risk. sold between september 2005 and december 2006. the company has traced the problem to a single battery supplier. the problem worsens as the battery ages. to find out if your nanowas part of the recall go to saying good-bye to regis in his final week on air. we'll hear about his biggest regret. @@
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today at 3:00 what is cheaper buying kitchen staples or making them yourself? and michael finney will tell you a few things before you buy a kindle reader. protesters regroup for a march those stories at 4:00 and 5:00. this is the final week on the air for regis philbin. he's been a morning television staple for 28 years. katie couric will host a special edition of 20/20 thursday night. >> it includes a trip to his boyhood neighborhood in the bronx. >> you hold the record rebusiness for having accrued the most hours of anyone on television nearly 17,000 hours is there anything you wish you had done that you haven't? >> i wish going national, i
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didn't have to wait until i was in my late 50s. >> the special edition of 20/20 with katie couric airs thursday night at 8:00 right here here on abc 7. >> that's a lot of math. >> let's check in with mike. >> the man is 84 he looks great. >> it is going to be quiet, watch out for rain friday, especially sunday. >> thanks mike. that is going to do it for us thanks for joining us. >> get the latest news on twitter and talk about it at
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