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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  November 15, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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israeli are have is with. >> and breaking news is happening in the birth place of the occupy movement. new york city. the mayor's office has ordered protest trs out of dukati park where there is a large encampment. >> demonstrators have live stream from the scene. police surrounding the park. protestors can return eventually. there are unconfirmed reports the city wants to clean up the areas not pem permanently remav the camp. >> hundreds of protestors march to frank ogawa plaza tonight and reoccupy oakland. it comes just 12 hours after the mayor ordered police to clear them out. >> encampment became place with
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repeated violence and this week a murder. we had to break the camp to an end before more people were hurt. >> in all 33 people were arrested this morning. only 9 from oakland. good evening. >> so far tonight there are no arrests and no tent set up in the plaza. >> only few dozen protestors remain. thomas is live at frank ogawa plaza where there is a noticeable police presence as well. thomas? >>reporter: there ace large police presence but there are no tent and there are fewer than 20 protestors now left in the plaza. now earlier tonight oakland police told us that protestors had put up tent in the plaza they would have waited until the early morning hours to take them out to the avoid any huge confrontation. but at least one city official is furious that so many resources have been waebingted on occupy oakland. >> hundreds of occupy oakland supporters streamed into frank ogawa plaza yelling and chanting as they filled the plaza occupy oakland got back that the business of setting up
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a general assembly and making plans. machinist gary looked out at the crowd tonight and was impressed by how quickly it seemed to take up where it left off. >> it's quite resilient isn't it. there's something going on here tonight. can't be stopped or killed. >>reporter: but officials say the cost of clearing the protestors out and cleaning up the plaza is killing oakland financially. so far the city says the cost of the raid by police cleaning services and patrols is 2.4 million dollars. >> unfortunate because this is costing the city millions of dollars. don't even know what the future cost is. >>reporter: city council member is furious occupy oakland is back in the plaza. he blames the mayor. >> i think she better get to making a decision that that you have the right to demonstrate. trite express your frame of speech. but not at the expense of the people. >>reporter: andre little camped out here in the plaza since the beginning. tonight he discuss sat and looked out at the muddy empty lawn of the plaza. heavily watered today
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to help clean the lawn surface. he says he's not dissuaded and doesn't think any of the other occupiers are either. >> i think it just fuels the fire. more people here that came out than after the first raid. >>reporter: there is one huge difference. this time clearing the plaza and throwing out 36 ton of debris and material oakland police say no one is going to be allowed to overnight here again. >> plaza is open. just like it is for everybody to enjoy. as long as people don't camp out or set up tents. then they are allowed to stay. >>reporter: now the city says it cleaned up the plaza as much as possible but they can't guarantee there aren't any biohazardous material still left in the plaza. caution oning anyone who wants to visit this area. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you thomas. few block away at snow park near lake merit occupiesers there have no plans to the leave. the city has said they could stay until tomorrow but if people started coming over from frank ogawa plaza the area would be shut down medley.
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tonight there are about 25 tent at snow park. >> right now i'm staying. if it comes did you know to it. we'll see what happens. >> we will see what happens indeed. this is just the beginning of what could be an intense week of demonstration. 2 big events being planned by protestors tonight and allen has a bead on them live in oakland with details. what have you found out. >> st tomorrow the oakland occupiers are planning to support the reoccupation of the camp at uc berkeley. on saturday they are planning an even bigger move. reoccupation of frank ogawa plaza. >> only 10 dollars. >>reporter: there would be no need for gas mask at this rally in march. nearly 500 protestors march peacefully to frank ogawa plaza where they plan their strategy. at the general assembly organizers announce a march tomorrow from
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oakland city hall to uc berkeley where they plan to support student occupiers who tried but failed to set up a camp on the plaza last week. if st protestors also plan to establish the camp again after police raided it and took down tent for the second time since october 25. >> if they think they are going to set up tent or set up lodging we are fought going to allow this to happen. >>reporter: protestors planning to occupy vacate apartment buildings around tow town. what is going to happen when the police start to stop you by force. >> we'll have to see won't we. >>reporter: it has been a roller coaster rid for local businesses. especially around the plaza. many reporting flat sales since encampment popped up and no end in sight. >> the the way they handle it here is not damaging any big
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business. it's damaging all the small business here and i think that's not, that's not their purpose. >>reporter: oakland occupy movement hase involved into more organized body with group of leaders and at least 6 sub committee but the goal still putting them on a collision course with police. reporting live city hall in oakland, abc 7 news. thanks allen. >> 2 key members of mayor kwan leadership team rae sin today following occupy oakland raid. deputy mayor stepped down. no reason was given for her departure and long time legal advice or to the mayor dan seigle also resigned who tweeted this morning raid was tragically unnecessary. the mayor issued a statement saying she will be restructuring her administration and making additional personnel announcements in the coming days. >> uc system is pwraiing raising for upcoming protest at campus around the bay area. not just hear. walk out scheduled uc berkeley tomorrow
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to protest last week confrontation with police over occupy cal. faculty member pulled by the hair as police broke up the protest. and board of regent cancelled the meeting at the uc san francisco mission bay campus after learning that an anti-wall street rally planned at the meeting on wednesday could turn violent. well mellow night at the occupy sf encampment at justin herman plaza along the embarcadero some campers were about here about 40 new tent joined them over the wean. occupy sf regular say they have a dialogue with the city and do not expect police to caid their encampment. man in san jose got whole lot more than he paid for when he bought a used minivan. turns out it was loaded with cocaine after driving around in it for more than a year charles taking the 2008 chrysler minivan he bought from thrifty rent acar in for service because he couldn't get the window to roll down. mechanic discovered cocaine packed in
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the doorjamb. investigators can only speculate it was left hand by someone who previously rented the van. thrifty agreed to give preston a new car. >> here's a warning for all of us. state appeal court ruled today that drivers can still be pros caughted for using a cell phone were you the a hand free device even if stopped at red late. man challenged the law after he got a ticket for using a cell phone at red light in richmond. court clarified 2007 law by ruling that motorist is indeed driving during fleeting pauses in traffic. doctors at stanford say formally conjoined twin girls are recovering faster than anticipated. medical team at the children hospital today said 2-year-old angelica and angelina are expected to return to their san jose home within the next two days. they were connected at the chest and abdomen and underwent surgery november 1st. doctors say the girls are acting lake normal 2-year-old. >> they were beth crying because they wanted the same toy. so the parents now have
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two, 2-year-olds that are going to be running around the house and not together any more but separately. >> can not wait to see them playing f-walking, and running. >> the twins are now off pain medication and they are learning to walk without the support of each other. their mother says they seam to enjoy being apart. tl doing just great. wonderful news sky coming up next. report card tinkering. bay area university is lacking for whoever broke that their computer and started changing grades gentleman also. stunning development treating heart disease using stem cell. >> and what to expect for the start of this year crab season. >> then later tonight on "nightline". >> sfl coming up next on night lane. special broadcast tonight. we take a look inside congresswoman giffords battle to come back from beinghot through the head. and what her story is teaching us about our
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brain. astonishing ability to story is teaching us about our brain. astonishing ability to heal. that's on nightline.
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>> fbi is helping santa clara university figure out who hacked in the network. changing the grades of dozens of students and lump 98. sophisticated intrusion that a sophisticated system. as lil i don't know kim reports, it all came to light when former student noticed something unusual on her transcript. th the. >>reporter: whoever hacked into the academic records database at santa clara university changed the grade of more than 60 students and alumni. administrators believe it happened some time between june of 2010 and july of this year. in every case the grade had been improved. sometimes as dras ick as turning an f into an a. >> other grade were the changed from maybe a b to b plus. >>reporter: no one knows if the ha! hacker is a student, former student or someone unrelated to the university. motive is also unclear. so whether hacker changed the dwrid to help people he or she knew or doing it as a prank is anyone's guess. >> we notify each student or former student that one of
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their grades may have been changed. at that point we will hear a reaction from the student who were involved. >>reporter: students doubt that anyone from the school was if on it. they say even here signs an honor code. >> we have some of the best students. like cheating is really not an issue at this university. for the most part. >>reporter: in fact it wasn't lump any who first alerted santa clara university that grade on her transcript was different than what had been trnted in the past. >> very admirable at any rate for her to step forward and say that. that the grid was changed. grid was wrong. that says a lot about atmosphere at santa clare. >>reporter: administrators say they have improved the university network security sense the hacking accident was discovered in august. will continue to implement additional security measures. >> i'm glad they found out that this happened and hopefully can get it all fixed and everyone grade set up. really affects the integrity of the work that all student have here. >>reporter: in santa clara, lil i don't know kim, abc 7
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news. turning to health news now. promising new research shows heart damage can be reversed using stem cell therapy and in this small study there were in dangerous side effects. 16 patient's with severe heart failure had infusion of stem cell green from their own heart tissue weeks earlier. within the year the heart function had markedly improved. researchers at the university of louisville were surprised at the magnitude of im practice. since traditional therapy make much less of a difference. results are publishe british journal. >> corporation of menlo park said money props problems have forced it to discontinue the stem cell research on peri perilizeed patient's. they will im late 66 jobs. 40 percent of the staff. sell off the stem cell asset to focus instead on developing cancer drugs. they are conducting trail for more than a year now. while it will not enroll any new patient's researchers will continue to follow those already enrolled. >> white house officials say they are confident supreme court will uphold the president
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health care overhaul. justices anewspapersed today they will take on the case. decision is possible in june. 4 months before the presidential election. republicans say the health care law is unconstitutional because it requires everyone to purchase health insurance or face a fin fine. >> if you ever lacking forward to some fresh local dungness crab, you have to wait until at least wednesday. the crab fishing season will not begin as scheduled because fishermen and wholesalers have yet to be able to come to terms on a price. they should be able to set one on wednesday after they get an idea how big and aabundant the crabs will be this year. according to buy oly gist the dungness population appears to be robust for second straight season. so it could be very goodyear. >> lack at the terrific conditions they have as they head out today. >> that's right indeed. sandy is her with the forecast. cool and getting cooler sounds like. >> yes. it's going to get real cold the ownedth week in the bay area. afternoon highs. get really cold but in the meantime near 70 degree
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temperatures coming your way for tomorrow. really mild weather ahead. just lick today. want to show you a you report photo and fog in napa submitted by serena p. you can sea how poor the visibility was this morning in napa and you will be encountering similar conditions as we head in tomorrow morning commute. beautiful sunset from the ferry ride submitted here. you can see these were clouds from yesterday. sunset from yesterday. we bring you up to speed showing you a suns from tonight. no includes at 4:59 from the east bay hills camera when the sun went down. but one thing that has just formed. it's fog. santa rosa reporting 43 degrees visibility down to 3 miles. napa right now also foggy. visibility coming did you know to about 4 miles and in half moon bay you will run that some going as well. 45 degrees. so here is the way it look ins terms of the rest of the temperatures. it's getting cool out there. we have low 40's up in the north basement upper 40's fair
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field concord. 45 in mountain have yourave grease also in half moon bay. so here are the highlights. patchy fog morning commute. sunny mild through wednesday. we look at colder conditions with possibility of showers by week end. overnight tonight. certainly some cool pockets. 13 in livermore. santa rosa. 38 grease for new nap a.low 40's right along the coastment once again during the morning commute watch out for some patches of fog. the fog may get dense once again lick this morning. poor visibility slowing you down for the morning commute. give yourself extra time. high pressure ceiling the weather today. temperatures in the 60's except interpacifica when we had mid 50's. the ridge holds on through wednesday so do enjoy under this area of high pressure some nice mild weather. things changing dramatically by the end of the week. colder air will come in from the arctic region and by the end of the week temperatures really going to drop considerably. down to the
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mid 50's warmest location. looks like tomorrow afternoon in the south bay. 64 if san jose. milpitas santa clara blue 60 for his menlo park 64 greets, 65 in palo alto. coast loon upper 50's to low 60's. certainly will need the sun screen around san francisco. 60 in the sun set direct. 63 don't san francisco. north bay community this is where you knee near 70 degree readings. 68 santa rosa. 67 for no have the o. east bay 66 oakland. hercules. head inland up in the 67 agree range for dan ville, please an than to, monterey bay 62 in monterey. accu-weather 7 day forecast mild couple of days ahead. cooling off a bit on thursday. chance of showers by friday then another round possibility of rain over the weekend with temperatures really only in the mid 50's. yes. that's cal for
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you. that's november leak. that chance of rain could go away it right now the storm looks like it will skirt the california coast. >> coming up next. promise kept. >> date justin says he will kept. >> date justin says he will never forget @ is is.
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