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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 15, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc . good morning. two movements may come together today. protesters in oakland appear >0 be on their way to berkeley let's begin with terry mcsweeney at sproul plaza uc berkeley. >> reporter: this is where the two forces are believed to be coming to the this afternoon. right now the scene is not terribly unusual. people milling about. there have been classes taught out on the steps of sproul plaza, part of a full day of campus strike activities.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: a piano, couch, rugs brought out by uc art department students to make this a more inviting place for teach-outs. come noon organizers are expecting oakland protesters to come here and linkup. tonight they say they will set up tents to occupy cal. when they tried last week police took the tents down and arrested 40 people. the university has launched an investigation into that. and has granted amnesty to all arrested. a university official told me he's not going to see if -- going to say if there is a zero tent policy tonight >> we hope our students understand the need to act respectfully and respect the fact there are thousands here, studying, teaching and conducting research and they need to let that continue. >> if anything goes wrong
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because students aren't following the law that will be troublesome. and i don't think it will help with the cause. >> my other classes are cancelled for the day i plan on being here letting my voice be heard. >> reporter: occupy oakland protesters expected here about noon. then there is going to be a joint march to berkeley high and berk community college to put a spot height on the -- education funding in the state. also a general assembly this evening. tonight as part of the mario savio speaker series, former u.s. labor secretary robert reich will be here on the steps of sproul plaza giving an arrest on class warfare. mario savio the person who led the free speech movement in the mid 60s, right near this . a lot of history has been made and maybe more tonight.
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-- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. amy hollyfield is at snow park in oakland is that becoming a hot spot or still quiet? >> reporter: there are more people here now. this area is definitely in transition, this movement is. they don't all agree on how to run this camp. they have to do some regrouping now their spot in front of city hall is no longer an option. 10 police officers watched over frank ogawa plaza overnight to make sure no one set up a tent. their plan to revent occupy oakland from creating another tent city -- prevent occupy oakland from creating another tent city here. the question is where to go now. three stayed overnight, they did not pitch a tent. >> i'm here to stay and i will stay no matter what and i will get arrested again for the fourth time and fifth time and again and again but i'm not leaving, this is my home. >> reporter: others moved over to snow park where a branch of occupy oakland set up weeks
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ago. >> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: the two camps could have trouble merging. those relocating from frank ogawa would like to see fee thursday here they had before such as an interfaith tent and a learning area. >> i think that can be fixed with more people coming and telling them what to do here. >> reporter: those occupying snow park say they hope the visitors don't expect them to change. they don't want a general assembly meeting everyday like they had at frank ogawa plaza. >> if it needs to be done, do it. >> reporter: other protesters believe it is time to branch out. some set up an occupy tent at veterans memorial hall. >> [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: even city officials recognize that occupy oakland needs to regroup. a spokeswoman for the mayor's office said they will be allowed to stay for a day or two until they can fan another spot, possibly on private property. she says the tents will not be allowed to stay forever. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. warning for drivers, several hundred protesters will participate in a march expected to create traffic headaches. starts in oakland at frank ogawa plaza at 14th and broadway 2:30 this afternoon. demonstrators will march five miles down to telegrah avenue to sproul plaza at uc berkeley. this march begins at 2:30. drivers should avoid the area or expect detours and major delays. hundreds of police officers in new york city's zuccotti park right now. that follows an overnight raid. officers in riot gear cleaned out the encampment 1:00 this
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morning. they evicted hundreds and demolished the tent city. officials say about 200 people were arrested, including a city councilman. mayor bloomberg says intolerable health and safety conditions made that sweep necessary. >> there is no ambiguity in the law. the first amendment protects speech. it does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space. >> bloomberg says the city's intent was to clean the park and let the occupiers back in without tents or camping equipment. lawyers on both sides are battling. today is the last day for oakland residents to cast their mail-in ballots. the main issue is measure i. an $80 parcel tax. if approved it is expected to raise 11 million dollars a year for five years. tax would 3 majority to pass. ballots need to be returned no
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longer -- no later than 8:00 tonight. the city council will vote on whether to use 10 million dollars in tax funds to prepare the stadium site for construct. the san jose mercury news says the cash strapped city will have to borrow six million dollars of the funding from the team used for moving utilities and installing sidewalks in preparing for construction. this story should be some relief to anyone who drives highway 101 in marin during peak commute hours. the highway patrol has just launched a new program with the single goal of keeping traffic moving. traffic 101 san rafael, light we are off-peak now. under the new plan called clear several officers will be assigned to do nothing except clear minor accidents quickly during peak commute times. the units will not investigate the accidents that will be done by other patrol officers
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later on after the vehicles are off the road. more victims come forward claiming child sexual abuse. the former football coach denies all charges. next hear his explanation for what happened in the school's shower. the great inflation, we'll tell you the latest about these two conjoined twins leaving and going home doing great. >> also the great inflation that is now an fbi investigation. the hacking that turned if's into
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just horse play. that's what a former penn state football coach is calling the shower contact that triggered an avalanche of sex abuse charges against him. even as jerry sandusky claims he's innocent, new victims are coming forward. katie marzullo is here with the latest. >> reporter: 10 more accusers have come forward that would make for a total of 18. in his first interview jerry sandusky admits he showered with boys. but he says it was never sexual. former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky gave an eye-opening phone interview to bob costas on rock center with brian williams. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their legs without
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intent of sexual contact. >> when people hear he got showers with kids, oh my goodness he got showers with kids that makes him guilty, right? obviously anybody who gets a shower with a kid who is adult has to be guilty of something. but jocks do that. >> reporter: assistant mike mcqueary walked in on sandusky in march of 2002 he was taken criticism for only reporting it to head coach paterno. mcqueary is now on administrative leave but he sent an e-mail. he wrote, i did the right thing. i didn't turn and run. i made sure it stopped. despite the case against him sandusky denies he's a pet file. >> are you sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> sexually, attracted? no, i enjoy young people.
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i love to be around them. i, i -- but no, i'm not sexually attracted to boys. >> reporter: costas asked him if paterno talked to him about his behavior or expressed disapproval? sandusky answered no. u.s. senator casey is asking for a hearing on how federal laws may apply in this investigation and whether current laws adequately protect children. >> the fbi is joining the investigation into a grade-changing scandal at santa clara university. officials say a hacker broke into the database and tampered with grades and transcripts. one student reported that incident in august when she noticed a grade on her transcript was better than the one on her previously printed trip, she was honest. officials say the hacker khaeurpblged the grades of more than 60 -- changed the grids of more than 60 students
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some grades went from an f to an a and very upsetting to the honor students. >> cheating is not an issue at this university for the most part. >> i'm glad they found out this happened. hopefully we can get it fixed and get everyone's grades set up. it affects the integrity of the work that all students have here. >> the university officials have improved network security since this incident. they don't believe personal information was compromised no arrests have been made. we would never inflate the temperatures mr. honesty up next. forecast it as i see it. right now a little haze the air quality is fine. a little moisture that will translate into some rain come this weekend. a couple shots, i'll tell you when it gets here. congresswoman gabrielle gifford's remarkable recovery. the audio mess sam she has today. >> what everyone is dying to
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know -- did they kiss? the marine corporal dishes on her dream
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i'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't have frost i need one more week of sun for my little tomatoes. >> i think we'll have that. next week things change quickly probably saturday,
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sunday you want to harvest that. to we get any? >> sure. >> i'm kidding. 11:18 this morning. i'm sure they are wonderful growing in the weather we've had. northbound from sutro tower some of the haze high clouds spilling over this ridge of high pressure dominating right now. one more like this time from south beach to the north, not too bad on the water today. a little chilly but the winds aren't blowing as fast as maybe they would be in the summertime. most of news the upper 50s to lower 60s. 63 santa rosa and mountain view for the warm spot monterey bay inland mid 50s santa cruz to near 60 in gilroy. sunny and mild this afternoon dry through at least thursday. then that pattern changes it becomes cool wet weather possible friday, saturday, sunday. today a little warmer than yesterday except for santa rosa 8, the same.
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oakland 66 -- 68, the same. oakland 66. san francisco 63, biggest jump fremont from 61 to 65. four free jump. sun will set at 4:58 this afternoon. mid to upper 60s east bay valleys. mid 60s along the east bay shore mid 60s most of the south bay today 64 san jose up the peninsula mid 60s like everybody else around the bay shore 60 half moon bay sunset everyone else upper fives long the coast low to mid 60s south san francisco and downtown mid to upper 60s north bay valley north to -- mid to upper 60s inland. tonight close to being chilly in cloverdale and napa coolest there mid to upper 30s. the rest of us 40s to near 50 san francisco and half moon bay. dominant area of high pressure you can see where the jet stream is nice air shield this
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ridge remains through tomorrow and keep us dry through at least thursday afternoon then this cold system comes in, in several ways. the first wave comes in thursday night starting about midnight into the north bay. by 7:00 friday morning the northern half of the bay getting wet. friday morning into the afternoon hours we have pretty healthy amount of showers. then it goes away friday night through saturday morning. most of saturday during the morning hours should be dry. in the afternoon that the evening heavier rain when the snow level drops to 3500 feet by sunday morning. sunday afternoon looking drier than saturday afternoon this going to happen that weak forecast is going to -- that weekend forecast is going to ebb and flow. we'll keep you upseted. mid 60s today, tomorrow and possibly into thursday before that chill rolls in friday with those showers. >> thanks mike. we just have this word in.
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san francisco public utilities commission says power on treasure island will be down for three hours. crews have to make repairs. formerly conjoined girl twins are expected to return home tomorrow. they were connected at the abdomen and underwent surgery november 1st at children's hospital. the mother says they seem to be enjoying being apart you can see they are doing great. the arizona congresswoman wounded by a bullet to the head is sending a new audio message to her constituents today. she wants to go back to work. it follows the interview she and her husband gave diane sawyer. karen travers has the story. >> reporter: gabby giffords has endured 10 grueling months of surgeries and rehabilitations through it all her husband astronaut
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commander mark kelly was by her sigh. he documented the long -- road of recovery through hours of videotape in the beginning no words just a few gestures. >> that's nice. that's better. >> we see giffords struggling to remember. and slowly learning to walk again. along the way moments of joy. also, immense frustration and sadness. one constant during giffords' journey, music helping her regain her voice. ♪ girls just wanna have fun ♪ >> reporter: and give her hope for the future. >> tomorrow, i love you tomorrow. >> reporter: as for her political future. >> we have to proceed like she is going to take the step and run this next term.
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>> reporter: today giffords posted on facebook a special audio message for her constituents. >> i want to get back to work reprrepresentingngngngngngngngne was a complete gentleman and we just all gave hugs and parted our ways. i was more of a group thingititg than an actual date. >> there was no kiss to end
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the night. both walked away with a lifetime of wonderful memories. @
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're looking at a live picture of a rescue. a man was in a boat taking on water the boat sank he has face and hand lacerations. the coast guard picked him up they are taking him to marin for medical a if there is more we'll bring you new information.
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calling all romantics. you have to watch who wants to be a millionaire after in newscast. >> maybe we should call it who s to be a married man. >> the man from -- san rafael surprised everyone proposing to his girlfriend. >> she say yes. >> how much did he win? you have to watch the show to find out, next. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. 0ñ
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