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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 16, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc san francisco police removed more than a dozen tends overnight at the occupy san francisco camp and make arrests. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. right now mayor lee is meeting with several protesters leaders trying to find a solution to what he considers a growing health hazard in a public space. >> reporter: that problem got smaller early this morning when san francisco police moved on to this block of market closest to the embarcadero and took away 14 tents. you know it is going to be a topic when leaders of occupy
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sf meet with the mayor. some are telling me no matter what comes out of that meeting, it doesn't matter, they're not moving. police moved in about 1:30 this morning issuing a warning then arresting seven who didn't heed that warning and removing 15 tents from market street between spear and stewart. >> sidewalk narrowed from 30 foot to six foot. >> reporter: this morning it was back to normal the encampment at justin herman plaza throwing out trash, a little sweeping and electronic billboard in front flashing the word disruptive which police might use to describe protesters and protesters might use to describe police. within protester is grateful for the -- one protester is grateful for the police reaction. >> we got to see reaction time. >> reporter: the mayor knows how tough it is to maintain order and stay on message.
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these folks are dealing with raging alcoholics and drug addicts some of whom they've had to kick out of camp. there are and assists -- there are anarchists who grab what they want when they want out of the kitchen. >> let's try to work out something together to be cleaner, neater more organized so we can focus on what we want to do instead of constantly standing on your toes 24/7, we can keep them standing on their toes. >> reporter: person invited with -- at the meet -- to the meeting says it should be a short -- >> we are not moving. >> reporter: police and barricades as they hold the ground earlier this morning as they moved off of market street if going to be interested to see what comes out of this meeting. the mayor says this is the third and final meeting between the groups.
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and we'll see how long police can hold this ground or maybe take new ground. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. demonstrators at uc berkeley are getting support from a big name, daniel elseburg former defense department analyst who linked a study about u.s. conduct in the vietnam war. he spent the night in a tent in spite of the ban on camping. katie marzullo joins us. >> reporter: he said if he thought he was going to get arrested he would have worn a coat and tie that is what he typically does and he would know he's 80-years-old and has been arrested 80 times. with all of that experience he was surprised to learn that students were bracing for police tactics like pepper spray and maybe worse. students knew to prepare for the worst. >> we are going to hold out now >> reporter: they put up tents overnight and voted to link arms and not let police break up their camp as they did one
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week ago. >> the difference between now and then is now we're more organized and ready to fight. fight not in a physical sense, but fight for our rights. >> reporter: occupiers prepared for tear gas as rumors spread that was the new police tactic. a high profile camper and activist elseburg who released the pentagon papers joined the occupies last night. >> somebody offered me a gas mask last night. in america? in a peaceful rally, i need a gas mask? didn't make sense. i didn't like the sound of. >> reporter: it never came to be police officer remained on the perimeter of the camp. they took no action other than making multiple announcements that the camp was unlawful. >> wednesday last week obvious why, bad pr, a bad decision, why hit students that are just protesting. >> students are properly protesting that they are getting the short end,
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by debt. >> reporter: as for their encampment, university policy against it stands and it will eventually be cleared out. >> we are going to implement that when we believe we can manage the situation safely and effect . that will be a time of our choosing. >> reporter: back out here live the encampment as it were, about 10 or 12 tents still out here. about the same number of officers. really this has been the scene since the early morning hours of this morning. things have remained untouched. the university special person tells us part of what they are struggle with is balancing rights of the protesters and rights and safety of students who choose not to protest. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meantime, uc berkeley officials announced the man shot by campus police yesterday has died. he was an undergrad with it transfer student. officers say they opened fire after the man pointed a gun at them yesterday afternoon in a computer lab at the school of
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business. university says the man was 32-years-old and from california. they would not release his name. >> investigation continues today. we have a lot of questions that need to be answered. at this point there's no evidence suggesting that this was anything other than an isolated incident. >> grief counselors are at the school today. the officers involved in the case have been placed on routine paid administrative leave. occupy oakland protesters could face deportation to mexico scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. his friend showed up and meditated in the hallway of the courthouse to show support for the 36-year-old. they say he was he was meditating during the object 25th, protest in which 32 people were realized. immigration learned he is from mexico on a student visa but dropped out three years ago. protest underway right now at the csu board of trustees
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meeting in long beach where a vote to approve another tuition hike is expected. dozens of students, teachers and others marched outside the meeting. csu officials say the 9% increase is conditional and would only take effect if the state does not allocate additional funding. if it the 412,000 students would pay additional $500 in decision next fall that raises the total cost per year to more than $7,000. tuition hikes are looking more likely this morning after the state's analyst announced california is facing a shortfall of 3.7 billion dollars in this current budget year. tax revenue will fall below projections made last summer when the 86 billion dollar state budget was passed the deficit is big enough to trigger automatic mid year cuts to schools, colleges and health care programs. educators tear they may need to slash a week out of the school -- fear they may not to
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slash a week out of the school year. a 4-year-old died while getting his teeth capped. jermaine harrison died last friday he was with a heart condition and survived three open heart surgeries. his grandmother said she was told by a nurse the doctors administered gas as an anesthetic something he could not tolerate, because of his condition. >> i >> geraldo: say when he go back there they gave him -- i heard her say when he got back there they gave him gas also. >> they say his vital signs indicated he didn't receive too much. >> his vital signs were excellent the carbon dioxide coming out of him during the procedure was norm and excellent. >> the dental procedure was done at hop because of the risks posed by -- at the hospital because of the risks posed by jermaine's heart didn't condition. an autopsy will be performed to try and determine how he
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died. fbi is holding a news conference asking for help locating a man wanted for bombing two bay area biotech companies in 2003. daniel san diego has been on the run for eight years. he is suspected of a in emeryville and another company in pleasanton. the fbi says he's an animal rights active -- activist living in sonoma county. we have developing news the secret service has just announced they arrested a suspect in the white house shooting. oscar ortega hernandez was arrested at a pennsylvania hotel. they say he's mentally ill and has a fixation with the white house. authorities are investigating two bullets that hit the white house, including one that cracked a window. last friday night gunshots were reported.
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yesterday the secret service found a bullet hit an examine cheerior window of the white house, stopped by ballistic glass. a second round assault rifle also found. president obama was not home he was headed to a summit in hawaii. a certain type of milk is marketed as being healthy. but it has made several children sick. what you need to know about a statewide milk recall. was it for political gain? new e-mails that appear to show the white house tried to delay lay-offs at solyndra. a spam attack hits facebook. the site's warning to its 800 million users.
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a new report could further damage the obama administration. a memo prepared by republicans says the obama administration urged solyndra to delay announcing employee lay-offs until after last year's midterm elections. solyndra received half a billion dollar in 2009 it filed for bankruptcy more than two months ago and laid off more than 1100 workers. tomorrow the energy secretary is scheduled to testify about the solyndra investigation. another major bank is making cuts. citigroup considering plans to cut 3,000 or more workers to control expenses. 900 of the cuts in the securities and banking
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division. citigroup has notified some employees who will lose their jobs. lay-offs could take place in the next year or so. >> chase bank is scraping three bank fees it had been testing in various parts of the country. among the fees a $10 and $15 monthly checking account fee and $3 debit card fee. home sales rose last month prices -- [ unintelligible ] nearly 6500 homes were sold in the bay area in october. the median sale price was $350,000. down nearly 9% from october last year and the lowest since february itch the report says sales for more expensive -- expensive hopes were weak after caps were lowered on federally guaranteed loans. facebook says it has stopped most of the spam loading viewers pagers. the site says no user data or accounts were compromised. the attack tricked people in
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pasting malicious links into the address bars [ unintelligible ] calling users to unknowingly share the graphic content with their facebook friends. >> er in not trying to do identity theft or -- they are not trying to do identity theft they are trying to disrupt the service and shake trust in facebook. >> the website says users should never cut and paste unknown codes into a browser's address bar. >> i want to talk to mike about the dissipating fog. >> it has so far. we'll talk about rain this weekend two different storms timing is getting better. how how much rain are we going to get? peta versus mario. with and the animal activist group is tar gelling -- targeting a fictional character.0ñ
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health officials have ordered a recall of all raw milk products produced by a fresno county based dairy company. five children have become ill with e. coli after drinking raw milk including one child from contra costa county. health officials have stopped organic pasteurs from producing all raw milk
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products except for cheese aged for 60 days. consumers are urged to throw away any products made by organic pasteurs that contain raw milk. >> just about all of us are seeing sunshine now. >> changes on the way many still looking at two storms for the weekend. just how much rain? the -- looks like big game could get wet. may want to take a pancho with you to that. let's talk about what what is happening this wednesday. still have a couple of days before we get to the big storms. haze handling around moisture left if the fog this morning. still hanging around -- going the balanced budget i don't think we've seen something like that -- going under the bay bridge i don't think we've seen something like that in a long time. you can see clouds still clinging to the coast where i think they will stay for the better part of the afternoon from san francisco to
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half moon bay those areas with oakland, fremont, redwood city napa santa rosa upper 50s everybody else low to mid 60s. upper 50s to even mid 60s watsonville, salinas into gilroy. today mostly sunny temperatures close to average not as chilly tonight wet weather friday, saturday evening to sunday morning the timeframe right now. fremont 63 the same as yesterday san jose two degrees cooler san francisco four concord 64 oakland 61 santa rosa 65, five degrees cooler than yesterday. mid 60s throughout the east bay valleys during the afternoon. low 60s most of the east bay shore castro valley and fremont 63. mid 60s in the south bay san jose, santa clara, sunnyvale 64 low to mid 60s peninsula upper 50s along the coast near 60 downtown san francisco mid to upper 50s along the north bay beaches with low to mid 60s in your valleys around the monterey
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bay upper 50s monterey and carmelo to mid 60s the rest of the bay and inland. tonight clouds temperatures in the 40s and 50s thickest clouds around san francisco, half moon bay into the bay shoreline. watching our area of high pressure gets squeezed by the colder, heavier sinking down from the south one more last mild and dry day before in next weather system starts to roll in tomorrow afternoon. it will bring a small chance of really light scattered showers to the north bay tomorrow afternoon here we are and as we head into friday morning light rain breaking out, light rain to drizzle throughout most of friday. saturday morning early afternoon quiet. saturday evening through sunday morning that's when the next system comes through and snow levels drop to 3500 feet. sunday evening clearing out sunshine and temperatures back in the 60s monday and tuesday. when that system comes in friday it opens the door for
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temperatures only in the 50s, friday, saturday, sunday. listen to this one. peta the animal rights activist group has a new target,y4d= a virtual accusinge nintendo character mario of promoting animal cruelty if the new game the character can wear the skin of a japanese raccoon dog sending a message it is okay to wear fur and kill animals. peta has created a game in which the dog chases mario trying to get his skin back. >> the first american astronaut to orbit the earth on the crew of the first moon landing conceived a medal. john glenn and neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael during a ceremony at the capital. the four are the first nasa astronauts to receive that declaration. >> we must consider ourselves
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among the most fortunate we have live -- lived at a time when the dream became a reality we could travel before the atmosphere around the earth, establish laboratories in space and for the first time in history, leave human footprints on some place other than earth. >> the congressional gold medal is the highest civilian honor with the presidential medal of freedom awarded to individuals who perform an outstanding deed or act of service to the security, prosperity and national interests of the united states. we are going to talk about a different group of men now. brad pitt, george clooney and matt damon all have sexy. >> we'll tell you who "people"
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today at 3:00 behind the scenes of who wants to be a millionaire. 10 at 4:00 the livingroom between your blood type and life-threatening health condition. at 5:00 one of charles manson's first ladiers who killed actress sharon tate comes up for his 14th parole hearing. finally ladies "people" magazine has named actor bradley cooper this year's sexiest man alive. >> for his baby blues and killer smile. he told people it is cool that a guy who stent look like a model can have this honor. -- >> after learning about his new title he says the first thing he thought about was how happy his mom was going to be. what about his dating status? he says he's single and doesn't consider himself a
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lady's man. >> okay. >> that is very sexy that he thought of mom. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. keep track of news on twitter and talk about it at nice news. >> have a great day everybody!
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