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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  November 18, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> father. husband. coach. and 19 year veteran of the vallejo police deputy. officer james caught and killed chasing down a bank robber. >> one man in custody but the search continues tonight for possible second suspect. good evening everyone. >> neighbors are being warned now to coop the doors locked. >> it all began with bank robbery at bank of america and ended 4 miles away on janice street where one of the robbers started shooting. ter at the have la oh, police department with more. >>reporter: steady stream of mourners have made its washington i to the police department here. we are at the
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main entrance where people dropped off flowers. cards. candles in honor of who have0 -- officer cap. swarm of officers converge on the vallejo neighborhood went door to door after reports that one of their own was gunned down. >> i just heard all the sirens and then i heard couple shots. began on springs road where robbery took place this afternoon at bank of america. he spotted the get away car on the way to the bank and began follow it. chris adams witnessed the pursuit. >> person that was driving the vehicle hit a car in front of me. my sister's car. and they were come downreood street toward i 80. >>reporter: car chase ended 4 miles away on 100 black of janice street. the officer force the the suspect suv to spin ou. suspect out of the vehicle and ran. officer chased after him. >> i heard couple of shots. and i heard a crash and went outside. and i saw guy running
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one gay running was a policema policeman. >> officers who were arriving just moments later heard several shots fired. they discovered our officer down in the back mortally wounded. >>reporter: police soon arrested suspect but they looked for a possible second. busted down doors. fences. sheds. during the search. many who live in the vallejo neighborhood took the news of the officer's death hard. they saetoff0 was good guy. >> he was fair. you know. and i believe you know god is going to give him a pass because he, you shouldn't go out that way after serving the community this long in your career. >> we are a small police department now and we are a tight family so there is nobody at the police department that isn't deeply affected by this. >>reporter: police have not yet released identity of the suspect they have in custody as for officer cap, he was wearing
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body armor at the time of the shooting. this is abc 7 news. thank you lil i don't know. officer james cap was much loved by his fellow officers and the community. >> certainly was. his death is definite stating to those who knew him. we are life tonight in vallejo high school where officer cap was well known. >>reporter: he was well loved at the high school. the officer had been a girl's basketball coach here but it's funny when i talked to the students they actually remember him from when they were in fifth grade and he taught them how to be crossing guards. they are mourning too right alongside the fellow officers. when word spread that vallejo police officer james cap killed fellow officers and friends came to kaiser vallejo to be by his side. they comforted one another and watched silently as
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his body draped in american flag was taken away. full procession to honor the forker marine who also worked for the chp for a few years. over his 19 years with vallejo police, officer cap earned 2 medal of courage. 2 life saving medal and several other commendation. recognition those who knew him sa he deserved. >> i'm going to miss him. if always being there me whenever i needed him. >>reporter: a junior at vallejo high school where the officer coached girl basketbal basketball. she's a cheer leader who knew him personally. >> he was is there when i was born. i grew up with him. and when i was a little i remember going to the races in antioch because he used to race cars. i remember going in my stroller and seeing him and everything. >>reporter: britneneney mom cad her before prosecute and told her what happened. >> it was just shocking. like i didn't i didn't believe it at first. >>reporter: fellow high school coach nicholas wayne found out at the barber shp. >> i was getting my haircut and my barber was like did you hear
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about the officer died. i was like yes. officer kap. he was my safety patrol teacher in fifth grade. from what i can remember he was really good teacher. >>reporter: teacher. coach. officer and husband and father with 3 kids and apparently room for more. >> he had daughters then recen recently 2 of his friends had passed away and he adopted their kids. >>reporter: he opened his heart and his home to those who he loved. and those are now only left with cherished memories. abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. we have heard so many wonderful things about the man. you are expression your condolence on facebook page look this i am so sad to hear the news. sending thoughts and prayers to the family of the fallen officer. >> we certainly welcome you to share your thoughts on this site. >> last time vallejo officer was killed in april of 2000.
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jeffrey was killed while trying to arrest suspect on outstanding warrant. >> in berkeley occupy cal demonstrators say they won't reestablish the encampment at the plaza at least for now. protestors gather for general assembly. group voted down proposal to reestablish the encampment tonight but said it still could happen some time next week. students marched on campus today with balloon filled tent in an attempt to fly in the face of university regular tlaition prohibit them from setting up tent at the plaza. >> san francisco occupy protestors becoming increasingly convinced that police are going to move them out and soon. while some campers have left as a result, others are digging in. lisa is live at the plaza tonight. >>reporter: these protestors aren't going anywhere. even though the city declared this camp a public health naws answer. about instead of
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packing occupy, occupy sf relevant dancing and ral rallying support and worried that san francisco police will raid the camp tonight. that's why some practice non-violent action training few hours ago. they learn how to passively resist if police manufacture in and start argue people. the reason this could happen is because the camper who have been occupying market street in front of the federal building were given a non-compliance order today telling them to vacate medley. at this hour several tenths are still up. and here at the main camp the mayor called it an unsanitary environment. public work director for the camp today admitted there has been progress. >> if i believe certain things are happening. so the leadership will continue doing what they need to did to meet the city's expectations. the mayor to come in and tear it down and to say it business health hazard i haven't seen those health hazard.
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>> we will not be silent. we will stay here all night all night and all through the nigh night. maintaining our trite assemble. pishtion officials today with not say if the improvement here were enough to stop police from come in. i have only scene few officers out here. they have been walking the perimeter of this plaza. back here live now short time ago the officer started stacking the barricade over there and when i asked them why they said they really didn't know but simply told that those barricades needed to be stored right over there. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. all right thank you lisa a.occu oakland shifting locations. according to its web site the machlt will occupy a park and empty lot on 19th and telegraph on saturday. saturday is also national mass day of action. location is leblocks away from frank plaza and interresidential areas as well as the fox theet jerry the
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east coast today is the 2 month anniversary of occupy wall stwleet all this started and certainly a day and night to revrment it began this morning with demonstrators and police officers blocking each other with metal barricade in the financial district. one man hit on the head. police officer suffered a cut that took 23 stitches. tonight protestors blocked the brack license bridge and volunteered to be arrested. all totalled at least they00 people were arrested in new york city. up next. 14 disabled adults and very quick decision they made when this shuttle bus burst into flames. >> also. case reopened. why los angeles detectives have decided to take another look at the death of hollywood star natalie wood. >> trapped in lavatory. white knuckle moment aboard plane when the pilot got stuck in the bathroom. then later on "nightline". >> if coming up next on "nightline". not just kim kardashian. shocking number of women say they know they are making a mistake. even if they walk down the aisle. we good
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>> shuttle bus carrying disabled adults burst that flames in san francisco late this afternoon. viewer shot the video of the burning bus and shared it with us by fair started just before 5 on the monteray boulevard off ramp from south bound interstate 280. 14 disable adults were on board. the privately owned bus the driver and all the passengers were able to escape. no one was hurt. good news. off ramp closed for about an hour. cause of the fire is still not known. fugitive wanted for blowing up a man with a bomb hidden in toy dog now upped arrest in south america. anthony change captured this week in venzuela according to our media partner san jose mercury news. chang accused of rig ago toy robot dog with pipe bomb 10 yearsing ago second it to the home of estranged wife in san jose. her brother patrick was killed instantly when the package exploded. chang likely extradited to the u.s. to face federal murder charges. >> cain is the first 2012
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presidential conditioned at that time to get secret service prosecute texas. cain asked for protection after receiving several death threats. department of homeland security and congress approved the request today and agents are already with the candidate tonight in fact. secret service protection is given to each major party nominee but it can be provided earlier ifrcums. new questions tonight about the death of alaska trees natalie wood 30 years after she died off catalina island. her death was reopened. los angeles sheriff's department officials say new information led to this decision but wouldn't give any additional details. wood drowned in 1981 after night of partying with her husband robert wagner and actor christopher walken. at the time her death was ruled an accident. couple stores from bart tonight. want to pass along. first gone are those smelly wool seat and vinyl coming. bart hired wisconsin company to make vinyl seat cover smell
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stain resist interest material the. seats are scheduled for delivery in april. more seats ordered if customers like them. >> bart still wants to provide late night service for its customers particularly on weekends. today bart board of director directed the staff to come up with a proposal for this and looks like buss are the best answer not the train. track need maintenance which of course can only be done when the tran not running. buses would be run from bart station after midnight when train service shuts down. bart would probably begin the service which using ac transit trains. >> good. >> scare in the air after pilot trapped in the bathroom. things so tense for a few moments military jets were ready to scramble. it happened on delta regional flight from north carolina to new york. pilot banged on the bathroom door when the latch broke. passenger tried to let the co-pilot know what was going on even using the secret code to get that the cockpit. that's when the co-pilot called for help what i'm being told he's
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stuck in the lav and someone with a thick foreign accent has given me a password to access the cockpit. i'm not about to let him in. >> pilot eventually escaped the bathroom on his own and cleared everything up airline says the co-pilot did the rate think and should be commended. >> san francisco holiday tradition took place tonight. show it to you. spencer christian em see the ceremony on powell market street. occasion was the lighting of the 162 led holiday snow flake flakes. spencer and mayor lee counted down final second then flipped the switch. snow flake on historic lamb post between second and seventh strechlt good time down 30. certainly beginning to feel a lot more like the holidays isn't it. >> a little chilly on it there and rain coming. sandy is here with the full forecast it is definitely going to feel chilly out there especially next couple days. we are going to see some showers as early as tomorrow. tonight on live
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doppler 7 hd you cap see pretty quiet but we have had a few showers around ukiah this evening. this afternoon as well. few hundred of an inch. a little bit of a blip here between clover dale and leak port area. here's our radar beam. doppler on mount saint helena. we see a little bit of mist on the coast and oakland and livermore. temperatures writ now in the 40's north bay santa rosa napa rest of the bay area in the 50's. here are the highlights. colder tomorrow with scattered showers. partly cloudy and dry saturday now. there's a chance of some coastal showers early sunday. backing off on this possibility of some rain over the weekend and i'll show you why as i show you the latest xawter model in just a minute. today satellite radar really captures a mainly dry cold front that has gone through and now down to the monteray bay. hasn't amounted to much. not expecting much out of that is where the main energy is. cold showers. upper level le. here's the
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support. pacific northwest getting mix of rain snow some spill that northwestern california. this is what we are watching for the weekend. i'll show you first the immediate forecast. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. could see few showers in the north bay during that morning commute. as commute goes on if you showers will continue in the north bay primarily and then early afternoon that the evening is when we expect most of that moisture to move through here. so look for a wet evening get away. wet evening commute for your friday and then the showers taper off as we head into friday night early saturday it's dry. rainfall total through friday nature looks like trace to 15 hundredths so not exactly the storm of the century. expecting very light rainfall totals. but hears what is going to happen for the weeken weekend. you see the system here. yes it has cold air. yes it has right die am in he can. but this system now computer model track it parallel to the coast. skirts the coast lane over the weekend so may never actual hi make it directly to the bay area which
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80's we are keeping the chance of showers mainly along the coast for sunday. this system will eventually move into north baja california. heading into sunday nature and monday. certainly will be snow in the sierra nevada wenter weather advisory goes in effect first think tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. continues until mid nature 5 to 10 inches of snow above 7000 feet. 3 to 6 inches before 5000. it's windy up there. could see snow few inches down to 4000 feet. so if traveling to tahoe take the your chains. make sure you check for the road conditions. temperatures in the morning in the 40's except santa rosa 39 degrees and tomorrow afternoon cool one mid 40's to upper 50's with scattered showers for your friday. make sure you grab umbrella. monterey bay mid upper fwichlts here's the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. it actually looks like this dry saturday. chance of rain late saturday night into sunday morning. next possibility of rain not until the middle of next week. get away for a lot of people. chance of showers for thanks giving.
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>> thanks. >> coming up here. shifting sand of mars. >> new evidence that it is sand of mars. >> new evidence that it is really windy on the red planet.
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. >> future of this is getting complicated. according to the silicon valley business journa journal. hotel owner filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. but now a lawsuit has been filed by one ownership group against another ownership group. the plaintiff are accusing the group of extortion and interfering with the bankruptcy. the hotel developer say the hotel will likely lost in a foreclosure auction. and 4 of the biggest investors planning to dump 6.two million shares of the company stock. one private equity firm invested 63 million dollars 2008. that stock now worth about 275 million. more on the headlines in tomorrow's print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> nature we have evidence this the surface of mars is very windy. these photo off nasa web site were taken almost two years apart. showing significant changes in a sand do you know. mars is known for the red dust but black sand grain are much harder to move
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unless it is really windy. and experiments show it would take 80 miles an hour winds hurricane force to move a sand do you know on mars. the picture show that might just be the case. interesting. >> very interesting. >> all right. time now for sports. >> all right we start with the nfl and tebow time. he does it again in the fourth quarter. plus the sharks another show again in the fourth quarter. plus the sharks another show down with detroit. sports nex
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>> good evening. sharks have developed a fierce rivalry with detroit over the years. they ousted red wings if the my offs each of the past 2 seasons so it's always an event when the wings come to town. back between the papers. lots of help tonight. sharks shorthanded late in the first. bang bang. we are tied at 1. to the second. sharks with 3 on 1 here. jump about joe top
12:28 am
shelf. 2-1 less than 3 minutes later. edward. the wrap around and man they call pickle with 4 points tonight. shark win 5-2. it's the if ivt straight regular season win over detroit. sharks first to did that in 11 years. tebow. most polarizing quab in the nfl. fans love him. critic love to rip him. he got it done again tonight for denver. knocking tebow down. ugly gam game. third quarter. powell. coughs it up. big guard. matt falls on it for the touch down. old carson 10-3 jets. sanchez picked off by good man. he will take it back 26 yards for the pick 6. game tied at 10. pwroching os down. tebow time. 95 yard td drive capped by this 20 yard scoring run with a minute left. and broncos stun
12:29 am
the jets 17-13. tebow 4 and 1 now at the starter. >> bunch of guy that is kept fighting and had been knocked down a bunch of times but continue to get back up. i'm proud of this is guy. for resilience, patience and determination. >>reporter: first place rai raiders visit vikings sunday. 5 and 4 record to minnesota. victory in san diego with their good record. jackson caution oning the players about the notion that this is an automatic win. >> this is our biggest challenge. they are good. hostile environment. loud. we have to handle it the right wa way. >> there aren't many times or opportunities you have in this league to control your own destiny really and we are at this position and we want to stay here. >> tiger woods lost again but u.s. team is doing okay at the president cup. day 2 down under mate.


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