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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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next. >> good evening. is criticism and condemnation for uc davis n.the outrage is intensifying over the way police handle peaceful protestors on friday. dousing them as you see here with pepper spray. the chancellor at uc davis spoke before an angry crowd on campus
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today. many of whom called for her resignation. annette reports from davis. >> are you going to resign? any thoughts of resigning. uc davis chancellor ignored my questions about the increasing pressure to resign. the students and supporters are angry over friday pepper spray incident. in fact the campus faculty association called her tenure a gross failure of leadership. >> i'm here to to apologize. >>reporter: officers dressed in riot gear doused quiet seated occupied protestor with pepper spray at point blank range. sparked outrage because uc is known for the long history of free speech. >> i spent the summer in palestine. and i was in demonstration there is where we were tear gassed and i never, ever thought that i would come back to davis and experience
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that again. >> if you think you don't want to be students at the university like we have on friday i'm just telling you i don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on friday. >>reporter: escorted from the rally under heavy security. media and students following her. there were more shouts for her to resign. >> don't come back don't come back. >>reporter: students also circulate add petition calling on at least one of the officers to resign. already placed the cal pus police chef on leave and 2 officers have been temporarily re$11 of their duties. >> pepper spray is something that is used for an attacker. when somebody is attacking you. pepper spray is not used to disburse people who are sitting peacefully protesting. >>reporter: this uc davis occupy group began setting up tenths here this afternoon. 35 in all so far. meanwhile one of the officers involved in the pepper spray incident is a former u.s. marine who was given a medal of valor 4 years
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ago for saving other officers are a patient wielding scissors at the school medical center. at uc davis, abc 7 news. well in the mean time there is solidarity sleep out at cal tonight. lillian kim is there live tonight at uc berkeley with that part of the story. >>reporter: occupy callus looking to continue the momentum of the movement so tonight they have organized asleep out just getting under way. it's one big slumber party in front of sprout hall without any tenths. organizers say tenths are a contentious issue. twice now they pitch tent only to have them cleared by campus police soon after. back and forth was taking away from the message. they want the focus back on what they consider to be more pressing issues. that is cut to education and police officers using excessive force. many protestors wore pajama a bottom to class as part of the way to get the word out about tonight's sleep out but don't
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expect much sleeping to be going open. organizers have arranged for music. movies and other activities. >> we really have been peaceful throughout this whole thing. and so sleep out is a way to take back public faith and i guess to a certain accident work around their no tent and no encampment policy. >> what we are trying to do tonight is say we are here. we are still fitting for what we are fitting for. we are fought going to leave. we are putting the issue of whether or not we are going to have a tent aside for the moment. >>reporter: no telling how many people will show up for the sleep out. as of yesterday about 300 people on facebook said they would attend. live at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thank you gentleman staying in the east bay emotional show of support for the family of young marinas community members gather along his parent street. 19-year-old joshua of danville killed during combat operation in afghanistan on friday.
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laura reports now from the neighborhood that he called home. >> community in mourning turned out in mass for the family of young danville marin killed in combat three days ago. as joshua corral parents return from claiming their season body in delaware hundreds of close friends, neighbors and strangers came to pay their respects. lining the street in front of the family home. lance corporal corral killed during come about the operation last friday in southern afghanistan. like all his buddies his best friend brock mark called him cachi. >> he was a big part of my life. always there for me. always tried to protect me when i didn't need protecting. he was just, he was lick the rock of everyone's friendship. no one in the world who didn't like him. >> i think him giving his life says it all. he was very devoted to his family. to his friends and to his country. >> we know with all of you here that tl how much josh reached
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out and touched all of you and we can't say enough about the support that we have gotten >>reporter: he had only beenu in afghanistan for about 2 and a half months. he was among 10 friends who enlisted in the military soon after graduating from high school 2010. you saw the show of support. tomorrow evening here in danville there will be a candle light vigil for corral at 6:00 o'clock at oak hill park sun valley road. this is 7 news. on to other news. arraignment for the man accused of killing vallejo police officer has been postponed until next week. officers jim cap was shot and killed last thursday while chasing a bank robbery suspect. henry albert smith is that suspect. he's being held on murder and bank robbery charges. brazil is finding chevron nearly 28 million dollars for oil spill off the coast of rio
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chevron says it underestimated the pressure in the well-being targeted and 2400 barrels of oil leaked out as a result. huge offshore field with at least 50 bill i don't know barrels of oil discovered deep in the ocean off brazil. the government there says the spill underscores the inherit environmental risk is and could delay development plans for that area. as you well know thanks giving is jaws few days away and most bay area households that usually means turkey. but some are also hoping for crab. maybe long way dungness crab season has started however the boats are not going out. carolyn tyler explains what is happening. >>reporter: if you are looking for crab at fisherman wharf forget local fresh dungness. rich is crooking frozen fish. it's not the same. >> no crab. the it's terrible that we have no crab. >>reporter: the crab pot are stacked up. boats are idling in the bay. like thanksgiving itself a prison dispute has
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become something of a traditio tradition. this year the fishermen want 2.50 a pound. the processors and distributors want to pay 2 dollars. >> 50 cents. which is on thousands of pounds 50 cents is a lot of money. >>reporter: mike mitchell has been fishing for 41 years. he and the other crab boat owners say the price of fuel is up. so is the cost of bait and gea gear. they believe it's worth forfeiting the lucrative thanks giving market to get what they are asking for. >> we have always crumbled first year we stuck tight together so we'll see who pushes harder. >>reporter: different perspective over here. buyers in the business since 1940. >> what you see on our side is we can only offer so much tm because consumer only able to pay so much. >>reporter: in the battle of will, the local fishermen even have their out of state rival on their side including this oregon crabber. >> all need the money but we
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don't want to fish for nothing. >> some of these small buyers did offer these guys their 2.50 and even some wanted 3 dollars and they refused to move. because retaliation. that they would receive. >>reporter: but fishermen claim bullying by large processors is keeping most small buyers in line. customers are caught in the middle. >> i want crab. everybody wants crab. this is our tradition. >>reporter: that's right. it is. usually there are these disputes but they are usually settled at the last minute. but not this time around. no talks are scheduled. by the way the fishermen agreed to 1.75 perfect pound last year. in san francisco at fisherman wharf abc 7 news. we have more to bring enthusiastic monday. no deal for the superbowl committee charged with reducing america debt. >> we need to keep the pressure up to compromise. >>reporter: spectacular failure means to you and what
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the president is programsing to do now. >> plus dramatic rescue of the driver in this burning car. why he is lakely to spend time in jail once he gets out of the hospital. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. rain ought way but may gone by thanksgiving. give you a close-up look in the accu-weather forecast coming up close-up look in the accu-weather forecast coming up as 7 news
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>> in washington the super committee as called 12 members of congress assigned to come up with a plan to cut america debt by trillion i don't know dollars has quit in defeat. this was the best chance in a generation to affect the budget mess and in the end lawmakers couldn't agree on anything. karen on why the super committee failed and what happens next. >>reporter: the deficit super committee ended in a super failure. lawmakers work down to the wire. 7 of the 12 panel members met this afternoon but said in a statement this evening that they were unable to reach a bipartisan deal. president obama said republicans were the main stumbling block. >> still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and compromise. >>reporter: this special panel createed to find 1.2 trillion dollars in spending cuts but with the all too familiar disagreement over taxes, it may have been doomed to fail.
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since the super committee didn't agree to the required cuts 1.2 trillion dollars in automatic cuts would go in effect in 2000 13. on the chopping block medicare. medicaid and the pentagon budget. the president said that he will veto any effort to undo automatic cut. effort he said already in the works. >> no easy off ramp on this on one. >>reporter: market close down sharply but analyst said wall street had been bracing for the superbowl committee to fail. the public also had little hop hope. poll last month found that 3 quarters of americans believe the super committee would fail to reach a deal. >> there is total grid lock in the national government. >>reporter: president obama said he will not let up on the pressure to compromise and that congress has a lot of work to do before the end of the year. but there's still time to get something didn't for the american people. this is abc news, washington. unemployment fraud in california is on the rise.
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that's according to the employment development department. edd blames much of the increase in fraud on the rise of unemployment claims. over the past 3 years jobless rate jumped 60 percent and demachined for benefit went up 150 percent. edd says processing that many more claims increases the likely had had of fraud. >> most common occurrence of fraud is when someone returns to work and fails to notify edd and continues to collect benefits. >> edd sent out more than 250 million dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefit checks last year. dramatic increase from the 88 million in 2008. but writ now the edd says it only has resources to go after the worst offenders. meaning many others slip through the cracks gentleman dramatic rescue of a driver in san francisco saved a man's life. his car fully engulfed in flames at 13 and folsom treat when good samaritan and police officer literally risk their lives to save his. amy has the
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pictures and the story. >> san francisco police say there's no doubt. the man who was unconscious inside this car would have died in this fire if some pwriv men hadn't pulled him to safety. one of his rescuers was asleep when he heard the car crash. he was bare foot and only wearing his underwear but he ran out to help. >> flames start shooting out of the hood. and everybody around that was standing around was yelling for the guy to what i think. he wouldn't wake up. >>reporter: this man who calls himself k 2 grabbed the folsom street sign the driver had crashed in and knocked down. >> grabbed that. started bashing the window in. couldn't do it. then other guy started helping me with the window and we both together got it. >>reporter: other guy was a taxi driver who stopped to help. 2 men still couldn't get the door open to save the driver. >> then i saw the air bag catch on fire and then his clothes started to catch on fire a little bit. another guy found a brick and helped us take out the rest of the windows. >>reporter: by then police had
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arrived. >> victim had seat belt on. i got my knife cut the seat belt out and helped pull him out of the vehicle. >>reporter: story doesn't have an entirely happy ending. police say once the driver is medically cleared they will be booking him on charge of dui but they say at least he's alive. in san francisco, amy, 7 news. you have heard of 6 degrees of separation. but tonight scientist at face back and university of my land say the average number of acquaintances separating any 2 people in the world is not 6. but 4.74. according to the "new york times"the study is the largest of its kind. other scientist debate that and say the study raises question of definition of term like friend and acquaintance. your friend and mine spencer is here with forecast as we head to thanksgiving. >> absolutely. things are lacking sort of ify at the moment but we'll get mainly dry thanksgiving day. hears live view from the high definition sutro camera here and looking
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over san francisco and it's dry here in the city right now. we have clouds thickening around much of the bay area at the moment and as kahn see on live doppler 7 hd. well to the north there is rain. steady rain around crescent city well to the north. south of eureka a. lighter rainfall pushing down to ukiah in a couple hours and head entered our direction. right now it's dry around the bay area. looking at temperature readings inland mainly in the 40's. we have got 54 san rafael. 50 oakland. 53 san francisco and 50 half machine bay. these are our highlights. rain will ariff in the north bay in the northern most part of our have you gone area after midnight tonight. weather station dry around the bay tomorrow. but rain will spread south ward on wednesday and over tonight wednesday night and perhaps out here by thursday morning. we have a dense fog advisory still in effect or will be in effect for the valley from midnight tonight to 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we'll see wide spread dense fog there. visibility below quarter mail
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so this means going is slow. satellite radar composite image shows wet weather system heading in our direction. moving rather slowly at the moment but we are certainly going to get some rain from this system later this week. if not tonight start forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. we do expect again light rain to develop at least in mendocino county down in parts of sonoma county and 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning most of the bay area dry but light rainfall well to the north. it will stay well to the north throughout the day tomorrow but towards the end of the day by 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon and in the evening hours we see the rape beginning to work its which farther south and during over tonight hours tomorrow night into wednesday morning. light rain will start to touch other parts of the bay area besides the north bay. and then late wednesday in wednesday night and over nature wednesday tonight we sea some heavy rain sweep through with the frontal system but by 8:00 o'clock thursday morning we expect drying conditions behind the front so thanksgiving at the moment looking lick it's a dry day. overnight tonight low pressure mainly in the low
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40's. we'll see some upper 30's in places like napa, fairfield, livermore down in santa cruz and morgan hill. then tomorrow tl with rain con find mainly to the northern most part of have you gone area we see high up there only in the mid to upper 50's. then upper 50's to low 60's for the remainder of the bay area and this is our accu-weather 7 day forecast. get some heavy rain late wednesday and wednesday night overnight into early thursday morning. most of the day thanksgiving day should be dry. dry weather on friday and saturday. a little bit milder also and on sunday late sunday into monday there is a slate chance of light rainfall. doesn't lack like very heavy weather system coming our way. >> pretty good week. >> pretty good forecast is that thanks spencer sky well, it lacks like play land and it sounds like play land. if coming up next. show you some of the things that are bringing old san francisco back to life of the things that are bringing old san francisco back to life again
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>> former network anchor tom brokaw says the occupy machlt needs to do what the tea party did to influence politics. that's get angry. organized ando washington. speaking at the commonwealth club meting in santa clara brokaw says the machlt needs to move beyond the tent and become more focused. his new book titled the time of our lives a takes a look at how america became so divided. >> i would have thought is that they would have strengthened the leadership earlier and sharpen up the message about what they wanted and how they want to achieve it. >> i was pleased to moderate today's discussion with tom. he also told the club that polarization has broken the political system in this country. that ex my fight by
9:25 pm
the failure of super doe trim the national debt as we spoke about earlier tonight. white house went a little bit country tonight. if ♪ about they performed for as part of the inperformance at the white house program. taped tonight and will air on pbs on wednesday. is lack for that. san francisco landmark of another era being celebrated at the annual garden railway show in golden gate park. item a tribute to play land at the beach. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez shows us some of the recycled creations. >> it is return to by gone era. the only thing missing is the
9:26 pm
smell of popcorn and hot dog. this celebrates play land and land's end in miniature. play land roots go back to the 1920's. >> we thought for anybody who is lucky enough to good to my land it would be an awesome chance for them to come and reminisce and sort of feel the old stuff that they remember from their childhood. >>reporter: it's about repurposeing. merry go round revolves around on a turn tabl table. ferries whether he wil will. >> the cars are the pencil sharpener. >>reporter: the cliff house hats fabric on the expire. buffalo have real hair. street cars and cable cars climb to the stars. there's a leif camera on one of them. did this leak? old sutro bath return these 2 sculptor didn't by inmate hung in the museum. >> new semi-was shiitely last lastser term back then. >>reporter: plenty of old arcade games and middle of this an icon. if laughing belly
9:27 pm
laugh. this is one of the original bumper cars. 1935. the way people drive today they may have learned on this in driver training. memory of time that has passed. play land was torn down in 1972. >> i don't know that you could really ever recreate play land really in the capacity that it stood in. >>reporter: play land land's end remember will 10 until april 15. in san francisco, abc 7 news. we mav on. when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. spy disaster the. devastating blow to american security. how a pizza hut help expose 2 cia spy rings. perhaps fatally compromise ago secret network of agents. >> also tonight. something very different about the food this south bay organization is giving away this thanksgiving. we have that story for you. >> thanks to by area company.
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90 pound spit fire can now hold her own against the boys. on the ice and in cyberspace. another half hour of news the ice and in cyberspace. another half hour of news begins
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why. >> devastating set become to america security tonight. at least a dozen u.s. undercover agents have been captured and are feared executed. the story tonight from abc brian ross. >> in iran the loss is a huge embarrassing intelligence set back. especially with the country on the verge of building a nuclear weapon. >> united states blimf in the middle east can only hurt this country national security. in very significant way. >> cia only realize how bad it
9:32 pm
was avenues story on state run tv in iran. usually labeled lies and propaganda by the u.s. american officials say this broadcast actually revalued some cia sources and methods. program even showed the web site of several companies that the iran said were cia front used for covert communication. >> u.s. agent use these identity to contact iran citizen for covert operation nishtion lebanon most of the cia spy network inside the terror group has also compromised. u.s. officials said today. part of the blame they say goes to sloppy procedures by cia officers in beruit. >> we have lost our touch. with spying. >>reporter: it turns out the cia met him of the spies in the same places. pizza hut. public beach. and failed to detect 2 double agents sent in by hezbollah who learned of the secret location. alex is in
9:33 pm
beruit. >> through taivl monitoring hezbollah was able to figure out who the u.s. dip lo mountain and handlers were. nishtion washington today no one wanted to talk publicly about the massive cia failure. at the state department. >> i'm certainly not going to xent on anything having to do with intelligence. >>reporter: or at the white house. >> i'm not going to comment on intelligence matters from here. >>reporter: the only public comment comes from an unnamed u.s. officials who said failure can always be expected in risky game of espionage. most likely mean a death sentence. for the u.s. it means a dangerous gap if the knowledge of with what 2 determined u.s. enemy are up to. >> egypt the entire cabinet has submitted its resignation amid growing dissatisfaction with the egyptian government. at least 24 demonstrators killed in the past three days and what has been developing that a second revolution. military
9:34 pm
leaders have been in charge since the over-throw of mubarak administration in march. protestors are demanding date soon for the hand over of power to the civil i don't know government. former fbi director free has been tapped to head the penn state child sex abuse investigation. he has been given unlimited authority investigating employee even the beard of trustee itself. free said his investigation will go back all the way to 1975. much longer period than grand jury report issued earlier this month. that report claims that former assistant football coach this manager ri sandusky had had sexual contact with 8 boys he met through the charity that he founded. sandusky has denied sexual conduct with the children but has admitted showering with boys and embracing them. as thanksgiving approaches the demand to feed the hungry certainly growing. south by traditional food box are packed with something new this year. fresh produce. here's david with the story.
9:35 pm
>> between now and wed 4000 food becomes will be distributed an increase of 14 percent from last year. >> we see more seniors. we see more folks that are struggling under the weight of hom homelessness. see more of the types those folks affect entered the economy. >>reporter: turkey or chicken comes with each box but something different this year. fresh produce. part of a campaign by secret heart community services to promote health eating. maria noticed the difference medley. brookl brookly. on i don't know. l turkey. >> very healthy eating. >> yes very healthy. >> sacred heart trained 100 family to learn how to cultivate organic garden to cult have it good diet. obesity, diabetes and other health risk an issue sandy has seen as a nurse and weight loss
9:36 pm
counselor. >> people we found with the biggest weight problems were the ones who had the lowest income. they had the most difficulty working with wet watchers because they couldn't afford the fresh produce and fresh fruts they need. >>reporter: this year have had box not only provide a healthy meal but path to better eating habit. >> vegetables cost a lot of money at the store. to get a little extra on the side it helps. >>reporter: education campaign is paying off. >> sf percent of people that respond to the survey told us they actual will i would prefer to have fresh produce instead of the can and things we traditionally vichlt sacred heart had 1300 turkey between now and we. you can see the tremendous need. if you think you can help contact sacred heart by going to our web site and click on see it on tv. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> at 7 you will find a link to the sacred heart web site and our own end hunger now campaign. to help alleviate
9:37 pm
hunger throughout the bay area. go to our web site when you have a moment. gentleman former chancellor at uc berkeley has died. she led the ask from 1980 to 1990 after leaving he ran the smithsonian mu sooechl seem. first non-scientist in the job. he died in berkeley of emphysema union years old. left field. he's there. yes, sir. big play. >> seattle mariners out fielder greg hall man has died. he was stabbed to death today in the city of rotterdam. 24-year-old born in the netherlands. police arrested his 22-year-old brother in the murder. >> as we continue tonight. scientific first. researchers discover and/or kid that pwloochls only at night. that story. >> black friday deals arrive early this year but you are still in luck if you miss out. michael is up next with
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>> cal-trans release thousands of pages of documents today revealing the accident of the safety testing that has been done on the new bay bridge now under construction. cal-trans fired duane wild after an investigation by the sacramento bee revealed that he falsified data for 3 other bridges he worked on. according to the bee the documents released today reveal that the bay bridge foundation structures which were examined by wild were tested far more extensively than previously disclosed. cal-trans has always maintained that the testing scandal did not affect the safety of the new eastern span. officialsls at target headquarters in minneapolis were handed 6 bags full of petitions today. 190,000 people signed their names asking target not to open for
9:42 pm
black friday sales at midnight the morning after thanksgiving. they say the early opening interferes with family gatherings. target says the decision to open at midnight was not made lightly and is in east to keep up with the competition. gentleman target isn't alone. wal-mart. rite aid michael and others opening on thanksgiving day as well. can't keep up with all of this. not to worry. mechanical explains. >> tito has become the face of holiday shopping. famous now for lining up at st. petersburg florida best buy store last monday. >> enj out and looking to save money and get good deals. >> americans ready for the big sale. more than 150 million of them say we will be there on black friday. if you miss black friday weekend fear not there are more deals all the way through. consumer report says last year more than a quarter of the most popular electronics were actually cheaper in the two week after
9:43 pm
thanksgiving. which is a good thing for prosecute contracts ty 98 tors and for shoppers in boston. there the law don't allow stores to open on thanksgiving day. shoppers actually have to wait until black friday to did their black friday shopping. >> thanksgiving is thanksgivin thanksgiving. start the shopping the next day. enjoy one holiday at a time. >>reporter: 7 on your side. we have a list of opening times on our web site but always check with your local stores. times do vary of course. >> study out about the section sections. women are often told they take too long to get ready to go out. now a bit of good news. researchers say british men spend more time getting ready to good out than women. hour and 20 minutes for men. that is 6 minutes longer than the average british woman. take that. just ahead here. feisty 1 14-year-old who ns hockey fate and becomes the face of the sport. worldwide. news
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jo she is 15 he twice but the new pweb is being celebrated. the chicago zoo today announced the birth of a baby gorilla at the lincoln park zoo. doesn't have a name just yet. the zoo says she was born last thursday and will be introduced to the public tomorrow. birth is significant because western low land gorilla are endangered. scientist have found a very unique orchid if flowers in the dark and only at night. for one night. a bought nightcast discovered this orchid near new begin i. he noticed the flower bud but then the shriveled up and died very quickly. he had an inkling about whether was happening so he stayed up one tonight and sure enough he saw the flower open around 10:00 p.m. and close again. soon after sunrise. one night.
9:48 pm
>> heats good back and update the forecast. thanks giving is approaching. spencer. >> thanksgiving approaching and rain approaching. see which one gets here first. hears a beautiful picture september to us this afternoon by our own david lou. clouds over san jose. beautiful sky that was. see the clouds aren't to rumbl rumble. holiday travel for tomorrow. showers thunderstorms in the east painly dry this the nation mid section and south west. rainy stormy up in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow the. now maybe things will improve in the area by wednesday. now state wide tomorrow we lack at rain up in the northern most part of the state. some of later rain pushing in the northern most part of our viewing area. perhaps even parts of sonoma county from that point south ward the state is in and dry tomorrow and mild and heres our accu-weather 7 day forecast. we may see showers way up north tomorrow but most of the by area dry rain will arrive though on
9:49 pm
wednesday touching all parts of the bay area. pretty heavy overnight wednesday nature but thursday most of the day looks like it's dry so happy thanksgiving. enjoy the dry weather and chance could rape thursday morning but certainly by afternoon. >> no wash out here. >> no. >> thanks very much. >> hockey is a sport filled with slash body check an brawls but one of this year most important hockey fights wasn't one with fist but with words of from a 90 pound 14-year-old girl. abc john has the story. >> she lives outside buffalo where she skits for the purple eagle. she loves hockey. on ice and on screen. she's been playing hockey video gyms for years. well. >> you knocked him out. >> last year something about the nhl hugely popular video game bugged her. feature allow as player to be a character in the game. but she discovered that virtual character could only be a guy. not a girl.
9:50 pm
>> i made long hair on the guy. just like doesn't lack like a girl. >>reporter: with more than 65,000 girls now playing hockey in the u.s. she didn't think that made sense. so she wrote a letter to electronic art. crator of the game. >> unfir to women girl hockey players aron the world. i have to be represented by a male. that's not fun. >>reporter: what is fun. we played her the company sent her a shocking e-mail. hi. you know what? we agreeit wu. >> pretty cool. >>reporter: more than cool really because not only do they put girls in the game. >> that's me right there. >>reporter: she's the face of the female player. >> there's like a birth mark like writ here and here. above my left eye. >>reporter: on screen she now skates with gretsky and howel wonder she has little patience forum tour. >> yes. future in hockey? >> yes. no.
9:51 pm
>> can you tell me a break. >>reporter: she learned an important lesson. >> if you have something to say and you think it's important, go for it. >>reporter: hockey fight we can all be proud of. john burman abc news, new york. >> now how cool is that. >> great story. >> good for the company. >> out of redd with city. >> she has her face on the gam game. mike is in for larry. >> all right. we are looking forward to the l turkey day harbaugh and ravens on thanksgiving night. hear from the brothers harbaugh on the thanksgiving night. hear from the brothers harbaugh on the family feud next in sports.
9:52 pm
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is. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. pepper spray backlash. community of tent popping up at uc davis following friday pepper spray incident. >> parent out remain over this talking doll. and the chain
9:55 pm
store retailer that is revving to give in. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but now on to all the sports and we have a new bowl game this year. thanksgiving day. >> we are the oldest if our family. we have younger brother. sibling arrival rifl are. this is what we have. the only thing more intense than sibling rivalry involves 2 sibling whether horsepower to be nfl head coaches. we have the if arrival ri between brothers january and jim harbaugh. head coach of baltimore and jim of course the frainers head coach. now if you have sibling you know how you bad you want to beat them in anything do you. they are in different. they keep the focus on the game and not their relationship. >> i think for our parents it's good but really it's ravens against the 49 ers. it's going to be 2 very good football teams. >> nasty brothers. next to my wife my dad and brother are my best friend. so p.m. there's
9:56 pm
that. there is all those things. proud of him. i love him. i'm his biggest suppor supporter. right next to his wife. but this week it's the team we are trying to beat. >> nobody loves the players more than jim harbaugh and they know this is just another game but also know howed about jim wants to beat john in this family feud. >> hi man it's going to be the same type of environment out there but i'm sure coach, he lives with his whole life. play against him. going to be live. >>reporter: going to be just that. 49 ers success on the field what they are doing off the field is just as impressive with touch downs for kids. bay area if i lon throw picture yshing came up with the president obama to raise funds for at risk kichltdz every touch downfeld goal interception and sack the foundation pledges money to 6 charities. over 60,000 has been raised this year and also raising money for sponsors.
9:57 pm
>> so at the end of the season we have 250,000 dollars that are going to get divided among 6 different charityable recipient. so each, each beneficiary is going to get somewhere between 40 to 50,000 dollars. >>reporter: grit cuss. rai raiders continue to find ways to win despite penalty and lack of offense in the fourth quarter. 12 more penalty for 117 yards in the win over minnesota. 103 for 8 93 yards on the season. bigger concern no fourth quarter touch down in the last 5 games. riders led the vikings 27-7 after 3 quarters and hung on to win 27-21. >> i know it's an issue but i'll not make it too big of an issue. i'll trade that to keep winning. okay. let's just keep winning. then once we put this thing together, we haven't played awol football game yet 2 havls when we do it's something special. >> patriots and chief monday
9:58 pm
tonight football. local flavo flavor. college san mateo on the punt return. grit cut to the than. he's gone. 72 yard punt return to the house. patriots go up 24-3 in the third. from one local to another in the fourth. cal first career nfl touch down. if 34-3. no better rivalry in women stanford and yukon. stanford went 5 minutes without scoring early while freshman lewis 19 of the 25 in the first half. part of a run. huskies up 60 break. but cardinal led back on 10-2 run. take a two point lead in the second half but too much huskies. 16 stanford turn overs. they get the win 68-58 the final. cans city. 18 rank cal put together best gym of the season. he had 16. part of 14-o run before
9:59 pm
the half. cal up 11 at the break. also 14 points and 7 boards. strong for the rack. wins tomorrow night in the time of the cbe classic. finally. detroit pitcher won american league mvp award today becoming the tenth pitcher to win them both in the same season. 24 and 5. 2.40 era. 250 strike outs. earning the triple crown of pitching. >> he and it. >> that thanksgiving game is going to be a great one with a lot of fun to watch. wonder what they say before the game and after. >> about parents celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary this week. >> thanks. that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see new an hour over on chance el 7. goodbye for nature


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