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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening. we are going to start with developing story tonight. multiple shooting in oakland. 8 people are hospitalized including 3 children. you can see the yellow evidence markers for the shell casings there from the helicopter. on the ground. it happened interseventh and willow street not far from the west oakland bart station just to give you a point of reference. allen is live on the scene for us tonight. walk us through this. >>reporter: we are told that
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2-year-old boy is in surgery tonight. witnesses tell us a crowd of about 20 to 30 people were gathered in the parking lot behind me to shoot a music video. we are told they were waiting for a letting crew when at least one suspect began firing automatic weapon if the crowd. witnesses say they could cease spark flashing from all the bullet bouncing off the street and the cars in the lot. 5 victims were driven by friends to high land hospital and 3 people driven to children hospital oakland including that 2-year-old boy. >> call of large fight pwrawing out hear involving probably up to 20 people. we got information that a gun battle was going on. >> so many gun shochlts i never heard that many gunshots before in my life. >> 2-year-old boy and his father who was also shot were driven to children's hospital by the boy's grandmother. third victim unidentified was
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also taken there. they pulled up to the er in the cadillac suv and rushed the boy inside. grand pots was overheard saying the boy was still breathing and crying when they arrived. back here live we are told by a neighbor that that little boy actually lived in the apartment above me here that overlooks the scene that is taking place over there. not sure how he got shot whether in the home at the time or whether outside when it happened. so again, dan, eight people injured in a shooting out here earlier this evening. bullet flying all over the place. witnesses say obviously it was automatic gunfire still searching for suspects at this time we have more details tonight at 11 on abc 7 news. i'm reporting life in oakland beings back to you. >> what a shame thanks very much. >> state firefighters and war veteran dealing with the battle of his life right now. albert
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bart was rundown by a car and witnesses say the man who do sot is in critical condition and his mother told us that as long as he draws breath, she has hope. albert bart, california forestry firefighters. former marine sergeant. serve entered iraq. father of 2-year-old elizabeth. son of patricia bart. >> loving. caring. respectfu respectful. him if a wonderful father. and just the best son any mom could want. >>reporter: son who is now fateing for his life at san francisco general hospital. >> he endured eight hours of surgery. he's endured 4 days l on life support. i believe god has a purpose for his life. i don't believe that purpose ended on thursday. >>reporter: thursday. early thanksgiving morning the 29-year-old and friend stopped
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by jack-in-the-box on geary and 11th avenue. they got into an argument with this man. shown here in a police photo. the suspect is on the left side of the counter. jack in the box surveillance video. after the altercation bart walked to the nearby gas station. investigators say the suspect got into his car. followed bart and ran him down. this jack-in-the-box is one of the few places in the west side of the city which stays open 24 hours. investigation commander mike beall says it has been a source of concern for police. we have had issues in the past. i believe the community advisory board has spoken to the owner and manager of the premises for additional security and additional lighting there inside and outside. >>reporter: neighborhood businesses say little has changed. >> richmond station have had a lot of issues over here women. face. problems in the parking lieutenant. noise complaints.
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>> i don't know why they can't have a security guard to keep everybody away. >> fellow firefighters from the california division of forestry set autopsy trust fund for his daughter and of course to help pay for his medical bills. it's the albert bart fund in care of san francisco police credit union. all the information is posted on our web site abc 7 go to see it on tv and all there. vick lae, 7 news. 24-year-old iraq war vet ron scott olson gave first interview since he suffered traumatic brain injury at occupy oakland. he spoke yesterday at frank ogawa plaza. he was there the tonight of october 25 protest ago pre-dawn police raid when hit in the forehead by some kind of pro psychiatric tile. there he is lying on the ground bleeding. he was in the hospital for weeks and still working to regain full speech. >> i was texting or something to a friend of mine and fx
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thing i know i'm down and on the ground and there are people above me trying to help, help me. >>reporter: oakland police department is still investigating exactly what happened. we have a link to the entire 9 minute interview on our web site under see it on tv. through as they might uc regent on fore campus couldn't escape the ire of students today. >> mike check. mike check. >>reporter: students and supporters interrupted today meeting by the university of california regent. officials had taken special precautions to prevent disruption but to no avail. more now from lee ann. >>reporter: for security reasons uc regent attended meetings at one of 4 campuses. this way there were no large crowds gathered in one place. students made several demands following charges of excessive
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force by police during recent demonstrations. >> in future at all campus there won't be any use of violence. l non-violate protest. tm veils shouldn't be used. buck stops with you guys. >>reporter: the president and regent were then asked to sign a pledge asking for reform to proposition 13 and higher tax on the wealthiest one percent. >> go ahead and open that up and. >>reporter: he said he would review the demand. but when the public comment period ended students decided to take over the meeting. >> facilitate this discussion. many. >>reporter: the protestors were so loud the rage interest could not continue with their meeting. all of them cleared the room. the only ones to stay was lieutenant governor newsom also a regent. he was then have inited to join the protestors. >> would you join us? many. >> what the hell. >>reporter: interruption
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caused the regent to delay the meeting. eventually resumed and voted to ask the state legislature for more funding for the campus system. governor brown already asked the department of finance to negotiate with uc president. he's trying to avoid any tuition hike. >> i don't want to privatize university i'm sick and tired of sacramento privatizing university of california. i didn't cut our budget by 900 million dollars. that was cut in the last 2 years by the state of california. so if they have a gripe that's my nightmare that it's privatize. him if. >>reporter: protestors decided not to confront police and eventually left the building. the president his now asked former california supreme court justice now a prominent civil rights attorney to be part of the task force that will investigate charges of excessive force by police. the judge accepted. this is 7 new
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news. while uc rage interest got an earful uc berkeley police defen the action they took early this month. officers and student protestors clashed when police tried to remove tenths that had been pitched in the plaza on november 9. use of force was the no. 1 item on the agenda at special forum this afternoon. more on that from nick smith. >> uc berkeley chance lor robert stood before packed ramp of teachers students activist to apologies for the events of november 9. >> extremely unhappy with how the events unfolded on that particular day. >>rerter: early this month uc berkeley police used baton to break through a line of protestors who link their arm. video went viral sparking national outrage and called for the chancellor resignation. she was part of the demonstration on november 9 to protest higher tuition and says
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she was beaten by police. now she and others are here to address the academic senate directly. >> i think it was outrageous. shouldn't happen on a university campus. >>reporter: the role of the senate is to provide the framework for university government. decision made here carry the weight of the entire faculty. >> finding a way to good forward that helps us as campus and university is very important thing to think about. >>reporter: professor brian has one of several proposal presented today. >> protest that are non-violent with the violence initiated by the police. unjustified and even to the level of injuring our student and our colleague this is what we really want to have stopped. >> today the uc berkeley police officer association issued open letter to the public. in it they mention the mission to better serve students and faculty members and how they welcome ideas to avoid future confrontation. >> of course we have a right to peaceful protest. listening history of that here at
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berkeley and we hope that we will not see a repeat of what appears to have happened on november 9. >> academic senate will now review and consider each proposal. they will then take a vote and decide how to move forward at the university at uc berkeley 7 news. >> here we good again. >> i'm more worried this is going to hurt my wife and my family. >> tonight the woman accusing republican presidential contender herman cain of an affair that lasted 13 years. also better late than neve never. crab season is a go. when we can eat it and how much we will be paying. many some parts of the bay area clear right now. other parts already seeing the stubborn fog rae develop. visibility around the bay area and talk about giingt wind due in here the next couple days. coming up in a bit. right back
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>> young orca whale found dead along the sea shovrment video from the california academy of science. whale shows signs of trauma. marine mammal officials say they swim fast enough to 0out maneuver most
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boats probably scuffled with another whale. >> we were over the napa county airport where small plane crash landed this evening. pilot of this cessna 172 was practicing touch and go when he skidded off the runway. he walked away with just minor injuries. >> some richmond resident are fuming over a cal-trans repair project that will force them to make a lengthy and expensive detour for the next two years. draivrs will need to make an 11 mile detour across the richmond bridge and back 22 miles a day round trip just to make it out of the point mile naichbilityd we have the story. >> western drive. route so forgotten that a person must squint to see its name. with pavement so empty that when people do drive it they ignore stop signs take in the view. now a road at the center of a misunderstanding at best and controversy at worst. >> tl i'm hoping that it is
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just, you know, a staff member who just wasn't paying attention. that's what i'm hoping. >>reporter: here's the proble problem. 8 million dollar cal-trans plan to reconstruct the richmond bridge approach in the process there would be no eastbound access to interstate 5 80 off western drive. cars and trucks nearby quarry need to go 11 millions out of the way to marin county and back before going even one exit east. local officials are upset because they say cal-trans never consulted them. >> the there should be some discussion whether this is really necessary to did he tour people. is there a better way to do it. there has been no dialogue. >>reporter: not exactly true. at point san pablo yacht harbor johnson says cal-trans came to him months ago offering free toll passes among other solutions. >> it's just the reality of the situation. stuff wears out. has to be fixed. cal-trans spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to make
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access for everybody the safest way. >>reporter: clearly not the best way in terms of relations with local governments. >> i would say that we got to do a lot better and i think we are going to see some responsiveness from cal-trans right now. >>reporter: late this afternoon we did finally hear from a cal-trans district manager who told us that in his opinion this entire controversy has been blown out of proportion. he told us it is still in the preliminary stage stages. cal-trans will not be moving ahead until everyone is on the same page. from point richmond wayne friedman 7 news. >> another roadway project talked b.west of the caldecott tunnel. this week crew scheduled to break through the rock that separates the 2 side sides. break through will mark the completion of the excavation of the top portion of the fourth bore. 130 ton piece of excavating equipment will do that work. it will add 2 lanes to the opportunity that
9:18 pm
he will connects oakland to 0rind a.lanes expected to be open by late 2013. xhirts hardly wait for that. big breakthrough happening this week as they break through. >> oh, yes. >> spencer is off. lee is here with the forecast. >> yes. we see a lot of clear sky. exception in the north bay where the fog is sort of creeping back in. ge get to the visibility come down here in just a moment but beautiful shot for you this evening. isn't this nice? from sutro cam all the lights out there. you can see market street in san francisco and it's clear across most of san francisco and oakland writ now. as you head north of the golden gate bridge. you head that the novato area and also santa rosa that's when the visibility really start to come down dense fog redeveloped. less than a quarter nile no have the o. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. better to fairfield with 10 miles visibility but check out sfo international. 2 and a half mile visibility. 2 mile
9:19 pm
visibility at half machine bay. nerous flit delay this morning at bay area airport as the fog continues to thicken up over tonight tonight. that could be the same scenario tomorrow morning. keep it in mind and allow extra travel time for you. 51 in san francisco. 41 in nap a.from ix in livermore. 49 antioch and 49 as well in san jose. here's a look at the highlight work our way through the work week area of dense fog overnight tonight. it is going to be mild and dry for about the next 4 to 5 days around here. the only caveat is that high pressure brings us gusty winds that will develop mainly higher elevation in wednesday morning through wednesday nature and thursday. more on that in just a moment but here's a look for the low tonight with the clear sky developing in the north bay. bring temperatures down a little bit midñi upper 30's. 39 santa rosa. 48 for san francisco. livermore 42 and 45 tonight for san jose. high
9:20 pm
pressure will continue to dominate. keep the jet stream tl stormtrack well to the north of us so get ready for dry weather pattern head through the work week. we keep a close eye on the area of low pressure and notice that it is just going to kind of swing right up and over the ridge then head down the spine of the sierra. kind of clockwise spin. wind around the low will set up the offshore win. strong offshore wind developing wednesday morning through thursday. in fact high wind watch already posted for the higher elevation above 1,000 foot level across the bay area. higher hills around the bay area northeast winds gust to 40 possibly as hay as 55 miles per hour. of course any time you get the heavy wind speed there is potential for down tree and power lines. so we'll continue to update you on that. look at the high for the tuesday. a little bit more suchbility more heating. so mid 60's in the south bay. 62 for half moon
9:21 pm
bay. lack for 62 for redwood city. 60 for downtown san francisco. hazy sunshine for you in santa rose tomorrow. 6 64, 63 for oakland. interior east bay morning fog. afternoon clearing. low 60's for your high with concord and water so thatville 64 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast winds pick up northeast offshore head that wednesday morning and thursday otherwise i'm telling awe dry weather pattern. not a lot of changes. bring in a few more clouds next weekend and drop temperatures. enjoy it. >> you are not kidding. can't bet that at all. thank you very much. >> as we continue tonight. another sex scandal at another university. secret tape got another coach fired. that university. secret tape got another coach fired. that story as 7 news at 9 continues.
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>> politic. congressman frank is retiring after 30 years in office. frank was the first memb of congress to voluntarily come out as gay. he says after his massachusetts district was recently redrawn it became very mostly clear that he would have to fight harder than he wanted to for reelection. so he is stepping aside. republican presidential candidate cain is on daniel control once again tonight after a woman has come forward claiming they had a 13 year extra marital affair. atlanta business woman ginger white says the affair ended eight months ago. moments before she went public, cain made a preemptive denial. >> i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i have known her for about this period of time. but the accusation that i had a 13 year affair with her, no. >> he made it very contributory innegligenceing. it was fun. it was something that took me away from my sort of hum drum life at the time.
9:26 pm
>>reporter: at least 4 other women accused cain of sexual misconduct or harassment. he denies any wrong diagnose and says he has in plans to drop out of the rest for president. there are new details tonight about the sexual abuse scandal at syracuse university. until this weekend the allegations against assistant basketball coach were just the complaints of the accusers versus the denials of the coac coach. but a recording of the coach's wife surfaced over the weekend and that changed everything. espn mark schwartz has the story. >> after syracuse university fired associate head basketball coach bernie fine espn contacted his alleged victim bob davis by phone. he told us i appreciate the university doing the right thing. it means a lot. that bernie will not be in position to use his power to hurt little kids lake he hurt me. syracuse fired fine after 36 year coaching stint accused by davis and his step brother mike lang of sexually abusing them while
9:27 pm
they served as ball boys for the team as far back as 1978. at first syracuse head coach jim bay hooim defended long time colleague. >> i have been friends for 50 years with the coach and l fine and that brings a lot of loyalty to me. >>reporter: espn obtained an audio tape which davis recorded legalfully 2002 of phone conversation he had with fine's wife lori. on the tape lori fine says she knew about the alleged abuse. >> i know everything that went on with himñr. he has issues. maybe he's not aware of but he has issues. >> do you think i'm the only one he has ever done that to. >> no. i think there might have been others but there was something but. >>reporter: these latest allegations of sexual abuse claim the job of yet another college coach. after similar
9:28 pm
charges at penn state. and recent allegations of coaches sexually abusing olympic swirm and gymnast. fair to ask how prevalent sexual abuse has become in this nation locker room. >> this is water shed moment. penn state, syracuse, other stories out there. for to us look at these coaches. lack at the institutions and find out what is going wrong because clearly something is going wrong. >> espn report jag when we continues hear tonight what started as a gimmick turns that the real deal. >> consumer is basically saying we have got frugal fatigue. we are tired of not spending. >> the stock market sores as half of all adults good shopping this cybermonday. >> don't shop here. company telling consumers not to by the product today on this big sales day. >> also ahead. special delivery. why 2 giant panda
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>> about busy weekend of holiday shopping helped accept the dow jones industrial soaring 2 91 points today. rae tailers are enjoying record sales and on line shopping sales are up on this so-called cybermonday. in fact, half of all american adults are expected to shop today. more on that from business and technology reporter, david louie. >> in silicon valley people are on land all the time. so with no surprise shopping on cybermonday comes naturally. >> didn't have to go out and be in the christmas rush for shopping. >> you want to avoid the crowd.
9:33 pm
>> yes. it's crazy out there. >>reporter: and this year shop remembers crazy about using their mobile did he advises. john squire tracks on line commerce. >> mobile did he advice is the really stand out as consumers are starting to use the i-phon i-phone. i pad and android devices more than they did last year. the growth of just on line sales going through mobile device is 250 percent. >>reporter: on line site are using the usual come on such as free shipping and limited time offers. however best buy added a twist. pick up the on line purchase at one of the stores and you get a 10 dollar e card. professor of santa clara university retail management institute says it is a novel l way to lure new to do impulse shopping. >> if you want to buy on line great. if you want to come pick up in the store, great. but if i let you pick up and walk away you want to walk awa away. probably on the item i'll lose money. i have to try to keep new the store somehow i give you an e card. >>reporter: consumer say they
9:34 pm
shop on line precisely to avoid impulse buying. >> so i search for sweaters instead of walking all the way to where the sweaters are and seeing everything on the way and impulsively picking them u up. >>reporter: 150 web sites have been put out of business for selling bad product. they are blocked from the internet. many had ties to china. we discovered that retailers also turned on license shopping for competitive reasons. l he owner 2 clothing shops. >> there are some really good deals out there. but i think it keeps us up on our toe and we are able to offer really good deals this year. >> cybermonday sales are expected to hit 1.2 billion dollars up from 1 billion dollars last year. in san jos jose, david louie 7 news. odds are were you inundated with ads for cybermonday. one of them stood out more than the rest. here it is. this pat again why ad. don't buy this
9:35 pm
jacket it says. out door outfitter asks con assume investigators bay less of everything this holiday season including its own products. ad explains the production of its fleece jacket and how the environment is affected. >> our way of doing business. has out green our planet. now merely runs on reserve. new economy must rise in its place. >>reporter: they are taking on what it sees as rampant consumerism with the common thread initiative. company says people should consider what they deeply need and not just buy what they vaguely want. pat againia insist this is not a publicity stunt. >> business news for you. facebook planning to file long anticipated initial public offering i p o some time between april and june. what sources are telling the wall street journal. the company is considering raising 10 billion dollars in aneurysm p o could put the net worth at more than 100 billion dollars. in the this economy home value plummeted. jobs very
9:36 pm
scarce. but whether needs to be done to fix it. that's what we are going to be lacking at over the next two days here. tonight i talk with every day people how they have been affected by what is happening out there and what they see as solutions. >> how many of your deeply concerned about the state of the economy? raise your hand. we recuted this group on facebook and twitter and inserrated them to the 7 leif voice box to hear what they have to say about the economy. >> a lot of people are being left behind. >>reporter: these are relevant people facing the reality of the biggest recession since the great depression. >> we became a little bit too needy on the government and we federal to did for ourselves. >>reporter: great many people in the bay area are frustrated by the slow growth of the u.s. economy. federal government says it grew just 2.5 percent from june through september. consumer confidence in october fell to the lowest level since the height of the recession in 2009. home praises are flat. unemployment sits at 9 personally. and many feel politic in washington is
9:37 pm
playing a role in preventing it from getting any better. >> i think the parties can have disagreement on principal. i think what we see now is compared to say 20 or 30 years ago is unwillingness for any sort of bipartisanship. >>reporter: at the heart of the problem lack of jobs and stagnant wages. is that a common experience you have heard people aplaying for dozens and dozens of positions, one or 2 offer. >> i have been aplaying to few places recently i applied 10 so far in the past week or so, nobody called me back yet. >> because of the excess at the top because of the did he children of the real value of minimum wage, decline of union jobs and so it its shrink wages areñi should rinking at the bottom and growing at the top whichlt they try to do is raws our wages because want to make profit. >>reporter: state unemployment writ hovers around 11 percent. bay area as a whole is doing slight better at 9 percent. >> one of my neighbor had to
9:38 pm
sell the house because they can not afford to pay. >>reporter: home value plummeted more than grave percent since mid 2007. that's when they were at the peak. medium price in the bay area 2000 7 was 6 65,000 dollars. last month? it was down to 365,000. >> big bank too big to fail now too scared to makeoans. >>reporter: taxpayers believe now is the time for the banking industry to give something bac back. >> hold off on the foreclosure eviction. let the people pay what you can. pay what you ca can. they will get back to it. the pwachx will survive. corporate america will survive. >>reporter: they want to see home loans readjusted to today's value. >> mortgage craze wouldn't have happened if bank kept safe investments. >>reporter: it was taxpayer money that if you saided federal bailout of the banking industry in 2008. that's just one of the ideas this group has to fix the economy the. >> drastic change have to be made and i think, you kn, the
9:39 pm
people on the top all wait down. nobody wants to give uping in. >> we are going to fix the labor market we have to fix education. we keep making cuts to education. kids aren't learning what they need to learn to enter the middle clas class. it's either you have enough money to an a degree and make the big buck or you are stuck below poverty level. >> everything you want is not going to come tomorrow. president is fought going to khping everything just because he's president there is in magic what happened. this is reality. we have to work hard. >> are ville to take a lack at the labor market things to fix the labor market and not increase the safety net service and that sore of thing. that's in the really where the problem is. >>reporter: how many of you feel by show of hands that it will be okay ultimately? that america will return to broader prosperity? him if great discussion with that group. i appreciate them coming in. we want to hear
9:40 pm
what you have to say about the economy. join in our on line conversation by going to facebook or twitter pay him. people are talking. leo d of union city says it's not a revenue issue. think more taxes. it's a spend be issue. tomorrow we talk to speed limit of the top economist in the nation and ask them how we can fix this lagging or sagging economy. >> still ahead here tonight. why saint activist are dressing up in these panda suit. what are they doing?
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>> the dungeness cb season finally got under way today after weeks of haggling fishermen and seafood processor degree to whole sale price of 2.25 a pound for fresh cab contract. agreement after two week delay that kept local crab
9:44 pm
off most thanksgiving dinner tables. fresh caught crab could be landing on dock by tomorrow night and in stores on wednesday. if you are anxiou anxiously awaiting it. >> 2 giant panda play to scott lapped this weekend on board the very own aircraft. the 8-year-old breeding pair will travel in two custom built transport containers provided by fedex. panda will stay for 10 years. it's hoped that the female will give birth to cubs. roughly 1600 panda remain in the wild. while we are talking about pond a. there are scientist in china who are required to which are panda suits to work. it is all in the name of saving the giant bear and the cubs being raised in captivity. david wright reports from panda research center. >> nature most fragile species. for years researchers at the pond a research center in china have worked hard to help them bounce back from being nearly extinct. recently they adopted
9:45 pm
unusual new uniform to help them in their work. may the only scientist in the world who dress up like teddy bears. this is how the researchers actually dress whenever they check on one of the cubs. even though no one but the pa and a bear is watching. this little guy is 4 months old today. so think of this odd little scene lake a working birthdayarty every month they measure him fr snout to tail. take h weight. othemeasurements. researchers dressed lick this because they hope one day to release him into the wild. they don't want him to grow too attached to humans. they go about it so earnestly. >> they are. it's an interesting way of going about that. i feel in that they still can smell a person no matter what they look like but i think it's a step in the right direction. >>reporter: do you think it will help the panda if and wherever rae leased in the wil wild. >> oh, yes. less hum an
9:46 pm
contact they have the better chance they have when they get rae leased. >>reporter: this is from china 8. david reporting why we have a withiner. 3 men claim bi biggest power ball lottery in history. and there is a reason they may look a little sheep issue about the whole thing. they may look a little sheep issue about the whole thing. stay with us. i'll explain ♪
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9:50 pm
at any of the city 51 fire station. wonderful and important effort that they make every year. >> let's go back and touch base lee glasser about the forecast. lee a little bit warmer tomorrow. >> a little warmer. not as much wide spread fog as we saw this morning so looks like we see a little bit more sunshine. 64 for santa rosa tomorrow. 60 san francisco. go 62 for livermore. san jose sunshine 64. 63 for santa cruz and start off with fog. end up with sunshine in holster moto afternoon sun. 62 degrees. it is going to be a dry next 4 to 5 days. we are going to have to deal with strong gusty winds out of the northeast. painly over the hills head that wed and thursday otherwise get ready for some sunshine and enjoy a little dry weather. >> we will get ready for that. that looks like fun this time of year particularly. >> talk about the rich getting richer. 3 money manager in connecticut have won the big
9:51 pm
one. i'm talking 2 54 million dollars power ball jack pot. [applause]. >> feels good. >>reporter: drawing took place on november 2nd but the men perhaps a little embarrassed by the whole thing didn't come forward until new. group held news conference but answered very few questions except to say that charity would say benefit from the windfall. the money manager. again this was the 12th biggest lottery in power ball history. they do look a little uncomfortable there. >> rich get richer. in fair. >> larry off and mick is here. >> all right. look ahead raiders and niners next and head coach and 73-year-old former quarterback do in their spare time. if you are gentlemen and alumni events are
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>> coming tonight 7 news at 1 11:00 we continue to follow the somewhat with multiple victims in oakland tonight. we have a live report from the scene. >> uc berkeley police rae respond to complaints about the way they broke up a protest this month. what they say
9:55 pm
really happened. the stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. mike is here with all the sports. we have the crab season and we have a football season to be excited about. >> 2 first class teams. rai raiders despite injuries several key players held off the bears yesterday. 6 field goal and solid defense. offense was missing. daryn was on the field today working with a trainer good news. running back jones also out. wide receiver and moore both out also but the silver and black percent veered. franchise record 6 field goal from l sebastian and scoring in the fourth quarter first time in 6 games winning 25-20. first mace in the afc west. >> one of the characteristic of championship football team that you have to do sometimes you just to put the head down and keep working. that's what these guys are doing. 7 an 4 at this point in the season. 11 gyms into it. 5 more to play with an opportunity to control our own destiny like i
9:56 pm
said before it's all you want. >>reporter: well 49 ers are over the turkey they laid in baltimore on thanksgiving. looking forward to hosting the ram on sunday. blythe or not the loss might have been a good thing. worst game they played this year but also a wake up call to the fact that even though they are 9 and 2 they still have work to do if they want to go deep that the play offs. clinch the west title with win on sunday against the ram but coach har but not looking past st. louis. >> the we may ahead in the chip count but we are not we don't have a seat at the final table. so we need to focus on this game. definitely going to be aware of if what winning disfor us. and yes we would like to clinch this sunday. >> monday night football new orleans saints and greg williams fared up. so is breasts. saints go 88 yards and 34 seconds with a touch down. breeze 3 63 yards. 4 td passes plus 1 on the ground.
9:57 pm
21-3 at the break. 2 td catches. twain yards and stretch for 6 and saints win big 49-24. sharks with one road gym during the 6 game home stand. hosted by the state rival kings tonight. tom team 7 and 2 on the road coming in. not to start they wanted. sharks unable to clear. monroe slides out of position and 1 nothing kings in the first. we good to the second. 4 on 4. mitchell to situation money behind to richard. kings up 2 nothing. sharks can't beat goalie quick or the iron. dan boyle hits the post on the power play. 2 and a half minutes later. another power play. another post. this time marlow. 2 nothing in the third. we have the complete highlights for you tonight at 11:00. stanford ended season 11-1 after beating notre dame on saturday. currently rank fourth in the bcs poll guaranteed but one week left in college football.
9:58 pm
today pack 12 coach of the year first year as head coach of the car nationals. luck named pack 12 offensive player of the year for second straight season. an draw threw for 3170 yards and 35 touch downs surpassing elway with 80 contrary touch down pass as 23 and 2 record the past 2 seasons. across the bay cal line about a beinger defensive player of the year. senior was third in the conference with contrary high 85 tackle despite missing a game this season. also picked off 2 passes and registered 3 sacks. all right coaching carrousel began today. ax fell on erickson fired by arizona state after 5 years. 31-30 record coach sun devil in the bowl game. ucla fired rick. pack 12 title game friday against oregon his last game and myers taking over at ohio state after last year in the broadcast booth. >> former cal coach gentlemen cap trays to give nemesis a
9:59 pm
peace offering in the form of a flower in friday canadian football league luncheon. he refused the flower. cap rubs it in his face. gets slapped by the cain. joe rae tall 88th with a right to the jaw. back to 1963 break up when he knocked the running back out of the game with a controversial hit. the crowd there thought at first it was a little joke. but then it was more than that. he got hit in the face with the cain. >> joe is most competitive guy i know. hit in the 58's a cape you might retaliate. >> he provoked it though. thanks very much is that wow! that's this edition on the happy note. 7 news at 9 here on tv 20 for lee and make and larry and spencer all of us here i'm dan thanks for watching we appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour over on the big


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