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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  November 29, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. police on the-for gunmen and on alert for retaliation. eight people were injured, including a toddler. we have a new update on his condition. let's begin with terry mcsweeney live at the police department. >> reporter: police are saying there were a lot of witnesses to last evening's shooting, not many have stepped toward to help investigators. it is not just police concerned about retaliation the neighbors are concerned too. the surveillance video shows three again men in the upper right of the screen and firing
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away. some of the people in harm's way scattered. some are hit. at least one can be seen on the back. police say several returned fire. >> there was some type of argument that end sued and during the argument, shots were exchanged between multiple individuals. >> reporter: this morning in the parking lot of state market liquors at 7th and willow bloodstains remain, 14 hours after the shooting. one neighbor says she expects more shooting. >> i think they gonna retaliate if the baby passes, these people don't -- they not really thinking right now, it is just at the minute, whatever happens, happens. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened during a taping of a rap music video by khafani. he said he wasn't there. he says the van is owned bay
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his promoters. >> i don't know if the video was finished or what, i was at the studio. all i know i started getting twits saying i was shot and it was going crazy. >> reporter:oñtcñ all eightqñbzt to hospitals by private vehicles. when police got to the scene no suspects, no victims and not much cooperation. >> they are asking anyone who has information regarding the shooting to please come forward. we know there were a a lot of people out here and a lot of people may have information that can assist the oakland police development with this investigation. >> reporter: -- police >> reporter: maybe this video will jar some memories this is willow here in oakland. better angle of gunmen you can see the shooting going on, again eight people shot,
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including a toddler who is going to be two next month. laura anthony will have the update on the situation from oakland pd at 4:00, 5 and 6. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> amy hollyfield is standing by at oakland children's hospital with new information on the little boy and the other victims. >> reporter: the mood is grim. we spoke to the aunt of the little boy we asked how he was doing. she shook her head and said, not good. a family member told us doctors say it is going to be a few days until they can say how or if he will pull through. hiram lawrence was shot in theqk head while in his father's arms last night he's one his second birthday is next month one relative said he did make it through surgery now it is wait and watch. several family members are here the wait looks agonizing. they were with the toddler all night long. police have been here.
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we saw eight investigators stop by this morning at about 4:30. they for about an hour they are not any closer to making any arrests. officers were here last night closely watching who came to the hospital and talking to family members, even searched one of the relative's cars. relatives say they are hoping witnesses will help police solve this crime. >> just a sad thing. just sad that people can do this can do such a thing. right now i'm asking for everybody to pray for my family, my sister and my nephew. >> reporter: he just arrived from reno to be at his enough few's -- at his nephew's bedside. he says he hasn't been able to see him yet. there's a lot of hope this little guy can survive this. a total of eight were shot, including hiram's father hit
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in the hand while holding his little boy. one woman is also in critical condition. we just received word that the police chief has scheduled a press conference about this shooting for 1:00 this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> we'll be covering that, amy, thank you. one person died after a fire broke out in a moment in an unincorporated part of alameda county near hayward this morning. the fire started around 7:50 inside an house on princeton street in an area called cherryland. fires found the body after they put the fire out. >> there is no indication that there's any foul play. it is going to require investigative work to determine if this was a fire accidental fire or malicious fire. >> sheriff's crime lab team plans to search the home for evidence once firefighters determine it is safe to do so >> the man accused of killing
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a vallejo police officer after robbing a bank has pleaded not guilty. henry albert smith appeared in a courtroom this morning charged with murder, bank robbery and special circumstances. that means he could face the death penalty if convicted. a memorial service for officer jim capoot will be held tomorrow morning at 11 at have a highway high. the 19 year veteran -- had been a basketball coach at that school. protesters from occupy oakland say they will retake frank ogawa outside city hall. protesters say they won't pitch tents but will build a teepee. they plan a vigil 24/7 this is video of police tearing down the occupy encampment two weeks ago. mayor quan has say the plaza will be open to peaceful protests, but camping won't be allowed. the doctor convicted of killing singer michael jackson was sentenced by judge who also chastised dr. murray.
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katie marzullo with the story. >> reporter: after nearly two hourlong hearing the judge in the conrad murray trial sentenced the doctor to four law. >> court has determined that the appropriate term is the high term of four years imprisonment. >> reporter: the judge gave conrad murray the maximum sentence with 46 days credit for time served and good behavior. >> he has absolutely no sense of remorse. absolutely no sense of fault. and is and remains dangerous. >> reporter: murray sat stoically and blew a kiss to his family as he left the courtroom. the jackson family did not speak, a family friend read a statement on their behalf. >> as michael's parents we could never have imagined that we would live to witness his passing. it is simply against the natural order of things.
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as his brothers and sisters, we will never be able to hold, laugh or perform again with our brother michael. as his children, we will grow up without a father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad. >> reporter: there was also the issue of restitution. prosecution claims murray owes michael jackson's family 100 million dollars in lost wages and future earnings itch the judge said he would need more information -- more information before he could make a ruling on the money. because of prison overcrowding doctor will serve in jail not prison and may only serve half of the sentence which would be two years. facebook settles with the government over claims it deceived customers. major announcement from herman cain's campaign one day after a woman said she had a 13 year extramarital affair with. new controversy over the
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age when women should begin getting mammograms.0ñ@@
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herman cain is reassessing his campaign following accusations of a 13 year extramarital affair the first time he has expressed doubt about continuing his run. he told his staff he needs to decide whether the accusations will cloud the minds of supporters. he says the allegations made
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yesterday by a woman name ginger white have taken a toll on his wife and family but he also denied the affair. >> i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i've known her for that period of time. but the accusation that i had a 13 year affair with her, no! >> at least four other women have previously ancus accused cain of sexual miss -- misconduct or harassment american airlines took a long expected step today and child for chapter 11. the airlines' board made the decision last night after debating it for years. officials say the move was needed to cut costs and unload massive debt built up by years of high jet fuel prices and labor struggles. >> the people of american airlines have worked very hard and very honorably over the past decade to avoid that path. but weather now at a point where it is time to turn the
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page and move forward. >> so, what does this mean for you the customer? american says it will continue regular schedules but will make modest changes. all current reservations will be honored. the airline will continue its frequent flyer miles program. u.s. home prices are falling again in most major cities. the 20-city index shows prices dropped in 17 cities, san francisco posted one of the biggest declines. today's report represents the first serious decline after five straight months in half the cities in the survey showed monthly gains. analysts say high unemployment and weak job growth have deterred would be buyers record low mortgage rates have not been enough to lift sales. facebook settling with the ftc over charges it deceived consumers. claiming the site told people they could keep the
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information they share private and then allowed it to be made public. that information included a person's list of friends. the charges go back to 2009. the settlement requires facebook two get approval before changing how it shares data. record breaking cyber monday. a report says sales were up 33% this year. 80% of retailers offered online deals, online traffic peaked after 11 a.m. our time yesterday nearly 7% of all surveyed use a mobile device to shop. cyber monday numbers indicate americans are growing more comfortable with using personal computers, tablets and smartphones to shop. google today unveiled indoor mapping, now directions inside stores, malls, airports and transit centers in the u.s. and japan. home depot, ikea and macy's are the first that are part of the new service.
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indoor directions and floor plans can only be viewed for now, on smartphones and tablets that run on google's android software. meteorologist mike knee kwhaoe is going on? >> still thick in some areas, other areas it is lifting. flight delays at sfo and san jose. we'll talk about hugh the winds are going to keep the fog away but how they will be dangerous the next couple of days. let's play space ball. one astronaut's way to pasttime at the international space station. also, new service that could help thousands of drivers avoid pricey parking tickets in san francisco.
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an astronaut from japan recently playing america's favorite pasttime, baseball, by himself. he pitched the ball and then throw it to the other side of the room to hit it with his bat. there it goes. he's a 47-year-old father of two he was in space for six months a this month. >> obviously something to do
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to past the time. >> creative. mike i'm afraid that is not going to improve his game too much. >> not all of us get to play in zero gravity to make the ball move. if you are pitching -- never mind too complicated. speaking of complicated, check out this forecast. there you go, memphis, tennessee where it has been snowing. you can see it coming down last night even accumulating on some of the grassy surfaces, cars, trees, up to three inches in west tennessee that system pulls away today heavier amounts in eastern÷ tennessee, their mountains up to four to five inches. at home the fog is starting to break over san francisco, two pillars of the golden gate bridge still sticking through the fog as marin headlands are covered as is most of the for the bay as we look from the other direction the valleys. where we are seeing clear taking place the fastest in
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the east bay valleys where fog had a hard time developing and north bay, a little northerly wind starting to develop that is going to take most of the fog away and leave us hazy sun. heading to the central valley, fog may never leave until those winds kick up tonight. right now quarter mile visibility around fairfield, concord, oakland, hayward starting to see improvement. santa rosa 10 miles, that means limited you can hardly see any clouds. 48°, a lot of us still in the mid 40s. more sunshine around the monterey bay inland. gilroy just now breaking into the sunshine 50. partly cloudy, mild, dangerous winds tomorrow and thursday get rid of fog then dangerous winds extended periods no rain here, no snow in the sierra couple weeks, possibly. upper 50s to low 60s most of us mid 60s ukiah and clover
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deal -- cloverdale they didn't have fog this morning. extra sunshine making you warmer than everybody else. tonight 30s confined to cloverdale 32, upper 30s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, livermore. most of the stays in the central valley three years of high pressure dominating this low going to drop in between them and it will break out the high pressure but won't have moisture with it. still think even though a low associated with moisture and you can see it, it is going to lose most of it in the mountains to our north comes through quietly overnight into tomorrow morning look at the tight lines of pressure low pressure the way the wind going to blow. that wind could gust up higher elevations 70 miles per hour from 6:00 tomorrow morning to 6:00 thursday evening.
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7:00 tomorrow morning to 6:00 thursday evening all lower elevations except santa clara valley could get 55 miles per hour. anything not tied down could be in your neighbor's yard. which is good if you have a lot of leaves, other things, not so much. high profile vehicles could be dangerous. we could have power outages and trees down. >> take brownies to the neighbors after. san francisco transportation officials planning a new service that could save you from getting a parking ticket. the san francisco chronicle reports the service will send you a text alert if the time on your meter is about to expire. you can add more money to the meter using a cell phone for a 45 cent transaction the program will be tested in the castro district and expand if successful. new study adding more fuel to the recommendation that women start getting regular
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mammograms in their 40s. a study found women between the ages of 40 and 49 have a high rate of developing breast cancer even if they do not have a family history of the disease. two years ago a federal task force recommended women wait until their 50s. the american cancer society and gynecologists disagree. what is your ideal weight? americans appear to be re ing our of our perfect selves as we get larger as a society. men say their ideal weight should be 196, up from 180 10 years ago. women from 129 to 138 now. the report shows with this adjustment we are getting further from our die eel men are 15 pounds -- over women 22 pounds above their perfect selves.
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>> it is a constant battle. >> yeah, always a losing battle, we'll be right back.@ @
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today at 3:00, fabulous gifts for loved ones. then at 4:00, michael finney has a taste test on the best store bought chocolate chip cookies. and we'll be talking with police about their investigation into the shootings in oakland that
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critically injured a toddler. the latest on any suspects and the motive hope you will join us later today at 4:00 and 5:00. if you are thinking about putting holiday decorations out today i would wait because the winds are going to be fast for most of us. >> that will do it for us. thanks for join us. >> keep track of the latest on 
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