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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ fele announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. >> well it is a bit foggy out there tonight. but a big wind storm is heading in the bay area and will blow all out tha that. crew trimming trees doing what it can to prevent power outages when the storm comes in. good evening. we could see gust up to 60 maybe even 70 miles an hour. oakland
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international airport making sure smaller airplanes are secure and larger commercial carrier have difficult version plans. sandy is here and talking about a fair amount wind we should expect some daniel. >> absolutely dan. we could see power lanes knocked down. of course that in turn tremendous getting knocked down. could see scaffolding blowing around. high wind warning in effect at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range and santa cruz mountains. wind warning continues until 6:00 p.m. thursday. expecting gust at 70 miles an hour. especially over the ridges and peak and wind advisory for the lower elevation. gust at 45 miles an hour out of the northeast. because the winds could very erratic at take place we could sea some damage here. i'll be back to tell you what exactly it men for tomorrow and for the following day as we head in the next 48 hours. detail look at the forecast coming up. dan. >> okay thanks a lot. a little later on in the hour. >> tonight oakland police say they have identified persons of
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interest in the mass somewhating in parking lotless tonight. several people were wounded including a toddler. now this video shows the child being carried that a store shortly before the shooting tack place critically injured by was with his father at low budget rap video shoot when bullet started to fly. laura has update from police. >>reporter: norman the uncle of 23 month old lawrence. toddler who is now on life support at children's hospital. boy who was one of 7 people shot last tonight in a west oakland parking lot. >> he's in a coma. i how he's doing. if you are in a coma you just wait. >>reporter: oakland police now have at least 2 surveillance video of last nature mass somewhating. but they say these images aren't enough they need witnesss to identify the suspects. >> we know for fact there were a lot of witness whose saw what happen. we are asking that the public help us to identify who
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did this. >> we do have a lack of cooperation and we are trying to change that. >>reporter: plea for help comes less than 24 hours after 7 people were shot in a liquor store parking lot. 3 victims remain in critical condition. according to the liquor store owner before the shooting hiram father entered the store carrying the boy as it appears on the video. investigators say 20 to 30 people had gathered in the parking lot to make a respect video when the shooting started. some victims pulled their own guns and fired back. as many as 50 rounds in all. >> we need to say that's enough that we can't allow the children of our city to be senseless victims of senseless violence. >> little kid could be just whole life could be ripped away like that in an instant doesn't make any sense to me at all. >>reporter: part of out reach group that came to the parking lot today. men who used to cause trouble on the streets. who now want to help stop the violence. >> tray to deal with the peopl people. the victims. try to keep them from retaliating.
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because we want the gun fir to stop. >>reporter: now police will be out in force as well trying to prevent any retaliation rae lateed to this shooting and they have set up a special hotline for this case which can accept beth phone and text tip tips. we are shoying the number. 510-77 3-28 05. 1 other note. crime stoppers is now offering a 35,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in the case in oakland. abc 7 news. >> time may have run out tonight for occupy san francisco encampment at justin herman plaza. they are not swept out by police but many pack up and leave on their own. john is live tonight to explain why. john. >>reporter: the general assembly behind me has been meeting since 6:00 o'clock tonight and protestors are still debating what course of action to take. does he says of protestors still here are at justin herman plaza asked to
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consider a deal from the city that would move them out of here in a vacant continuation high school in the if district. san francisco wants an answer by tomorrow morning. wednesday tomorrow would be the day for protesttors to survey the logistic of new location and thursday morning would be moving day. now that new location is on mission between 15 and 16 where city workers were making prepare rigs for the possible arrival of occupy san francisco. some neighbors and businesses are there. not happy about the prospect of the new neighbors. some here at justin herman plaza are ready and willing to mav but others are not going to give up so easily. >> whether would i like to do is mav over my tent over to the other side and come back here and defend my medical tent on the busy of detroit assemble. >> a lot of drug trafficking. a lot of crime. 16th and mission. pretty well known. i love my neighborhood but it's known. to put people down by the ferry building and market
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lake 100 at from that? is ridiculous. l. >> number of the protestors at the plaza spent the day packing up and collapsing the tent. expecting to move to mission. tonight they reassemble the tent and looks like the move mit not come until tomorrow or thursday if at all. some protestors are willing to challenge police. homeless advocate with the city says transportation will be provide provided. unthe contract with the new location the city with want the protestors hear to adhere to some strict rules including no alcohol or illegal drugs. no open flames or so and no loud noise between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of course the protestors here so far have not agreed to those terms. we'll keep you posted. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. interesting to see what happens next. john thank you very much. >> some tense moments outside san jose main post office today as police were investigating a suspicious package. is that is
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how it ended when the bomb squad blew it up just to be safe for a couple hours before that police locked down the building on lund avenue after somebody reported seeing a man wearing a mask stuff a big package in a curb side collection box. but after they blew it up the bomb squad determined there was nothing dangerous in the package after all. better safe than sorry. san francisco district attorney is cracking down on people who violent traffic laws this holiday season and that includes people who are on bicycle. this is a particularly dangerous type of year on city streets. vick lae has the story from yawn square. >> oops. i stopped for the pedestrians and got hit from behind. >> too close for comfort. playing with your life. are you crazy? >> every year over 800 people in this city get hit by cars on
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our streets. that's unacceptable. >>reporter: so unacceptable that it is giving san francisco a terrible rep. >> san francisco has a higher rate of injury of pedestrians and cyclist that other cities do in fatalities. >>reporter: drosh george is asking everyone to slow down and follow traffic laws especially during this hotel difficult season. l it's an annual message but this year it carries more significance in the past 6 months for pedestrians have died from traffic accidents. holiday season is a perfect storm for even more fatality. >> merry christmas. >>reporter: more shoppers. traffic. and shorter days. holiday message? slow down. >> if you are going 30 miles an hour you are 6 take place more likely to kill that person than if you are going just 20 miles an hour. 10 miles an hour slower. >>reporter: jay walker and
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driver not the only offender. bicyclist the culprit, too. >> in the last 4 years the number of people biking has increased by 58 percent. >>reporter: da is pros caughting randolph a biker who ran a red late and killed a pedestrians along the embarcadero charged with miss at the mean or manslaughter. meap time the mayor task force on pedestrians safety is almost ready with a plan to increase safety on the streets. >> mayor already set out the goal of reducing serious fatal injuries by quarter if 5 years and by half in 10 years don't be a red lit runner. okay. you made a mistake. but don't do it again. vick lae, 7 news. starting this week mcdonald's in san francisco will start charging customers 10 cents extra for toy ins happy meals. the chin found a loop hole in new ordinance that goes that effect this thursday. so-called happy meal legislation allows toys to be included only with meals that
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meet certain nutrition standard. over the summer mcdonald's added apple slices and rusted the portion size of french 48 s but that's not enough to meet the san francisco standard. company says the money charged for the happy meal toy will good to the ronald mcdonald house charity. we have a lot mr. to bring you tonight. coming up. facebook admits mistake and settle with the government for going public with private information about you. >> also tonight. sentencing of michael jackson doctor turns out he won't be going to prison after all. many. tichlts here. end result of fire in downtown berkeley last weekend. this. seems demolition is the only answer. stay with us. news at 9:00 contin
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on the network they deserve. like the powerful droid charge by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. jeans investigators believe
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this shooter 29-year-old watson was the gunman. still on the loose. police say this video shows watson and 3 others trying to rob shoppers in the become of the wal-mart parking lot. watson and 2 of the bandit sped off in car but shoppers tackled the fourth
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suspect and held him down until police arrived. 21-year-old christopher of san lorenzo shot once in the neck. released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. in los angeles a judge show in order mercy today to michael jackson doctor. he threw the become at dr. conrad murray giving him the maximum sentence of 4 years for involuntary manslaughter in the pop singer death. the judge called him a disxwrais to the medical profession. >> tm he had absolutely no sense of remorse. absolutely no sense of fault. and is and remains dangerous. >>reporter: murray will do his time in county jail because of overcrowding in state prison system. he's likely to be out in less than two years. well if you are on faceboo facebook, how much privacy should you really expect? tonight the federal trade commission says it has sear tolerance when face back says
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one they think but does anothe another. as business technology reporter david loui louie. >>reporter: users can control the privilege situation settings. but the federal trade commission claims facebook wasn't honoring them or was changing them without any. >> on numerous occasions it vailted privacy commitment to the hundreds of millions of users. the settlement order ensure this is should never happen again. >>reporter: facebook promised to not share personal information with advertisers but it did. it gave third party applications limited access to personal data. even when users deleted the account photo and video still accessible. goldman director of the institute at santa clara university. >> we expect company to respect privacy and translate that go respect for brave situation into an operational practice is where company staples can go astray. >>reporter: facebook ceo posted on the blog that quote
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we have made a bunch of mistakes. i'm xooit committed to making facebook the lead intertransparency and control around brave situation. facebook has 800 million users worldwide. 200 million in the u.s. the settlement calls for the appointment of 2 chief privilege situation officers. 20 year government audit of the privilege situation practices and 16,000 dollar fine per day for each violation in the future. facebook users are pleased. >> l how important is privacy to you. >> it's pretty important. i'm very careful what photo i put on and just i try to be as careful as possible. >>reporter: facebook now joins google and twitter to agree to fcc privacy settlement however analyst worry that the large social media company have been hobbled. >> smaller company that start up that are going to have more ability to innovate in this area because they are not going to be dealing with a bunch of bureaucrat telling them what to do. >>reporter: critic argue facebook could have fought this in court but may not weren't any distraction as it prepares
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to go public early next year. this is abc 7 news in san francisco. google mapped out the new digital mapping feature today. mountain view base search giant can now give you directions inside stores mall airport and transit centers in the united states and japan. not just how to get there but what to do once inside. l the first retailers that are part of this new service are listed here. indoor direction and floor plans only viewed for now on smart phones and tablet that run on gaggle android software no. doubt that will change. >> on the subject of technology and what is likely just the beginning of tradition until year-end list binge rae lease most searched list of 2011. at the top if ♪ justin bieber was no. 1. fld by kim kardashian. jennifer lopez was fifth. replacing president obama whether now dropped to 49th. as for news stories
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caseython trail was most searched ahead of the death of osama bin laden. we have a lot of list as we hit the year end. sandy is in for spencer tonight and really we have a pretty serious wind storm coming in. >> absolutely dan. wind gust potentially up to 70 miles an hour on the hill. >> hurricane strength. >> close to it. absolutely. so we have to wendy burch out for things blowing around obviously rough going on the roadway. between tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening is when we expect the strongest win. so let me show you live picture though in the short-term. we have a dense fog advisory that has just been issued. pretty mostly clear why as you look from high definition sutro camera. we have fog out there. the fog is really creating poor visibility across parts of the bay area. let me show you where it's at writ now. it's coming in from both sides. come in from the central valley impacting east bay and fog coming in from the coast as well. that's of course reducing the visibility. look at some of the visibility right now. fairfield no have
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the 0quarter of a mile. 3 quarters of a mile in oakland. mountain view has dropped now to about a quarter of a mile and same thing for concord. 2 miles to san jose at the airport and sfo reporting 7 miles vibilitys. here are the current conditions. it's in the 40's and the 50's. so the highlights 80's of dense fog tonight strong winds develop tomorrow and we are looking at high wind warning for the hills with wind advisory for the lower elevation set to begin tomorrow morning continuing until thursday afternoon. as you lack at the dense fog advisory hear it covers north an east bay. also covers the bayshore license down to the santa clara valley until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. so dolack for adviceability quarter of a mile or less at times as you head into your rning commute. as if the morning commute is not going to be rough enough the afternoon evening commute is also pentagon to be rough going with this cold front coming through. it's a dry front but what it is going to do is as it mavs across the pack northwest falls and continues down across
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the sierra nevada. see the cold air upper layer of the atmosphere mixing down near the surface. high pressure down behind it with wind northeast winds so we are really concerned about that as we head that the next 24 to 48 hours. morning time give yourself a little extra time. going to slow you down. that's the fog. upper 30's east bay valley north by valley it's definitely going to be on the chilly side and those locations and you will sea some fog creating really l pea soup like condition for that morning commute. tomorrow afternoon the fog gets blown away by the wind as the wind really stirs things up. it will be a warmer afternoon as a result. low to mid 60's across the bay area. 66 in santa rosa. 63 san francisco. half machine bay. palo altoment san jose. concord. all in the mid 60's. fair field 64 degrees. for the monterey bay down sloping wind is going to create a very mild end of november beginning december. low 70's for your wednesday afternoon. here's
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accu-weather 7 day forecast. morning drive. dense fog. afternoon evening drive the wind. dray pattern really with us for the next 7 days. turning a little cooler as the wind drops off heading in the weekend. >> wendy burch out for the wind? once past this. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. >> still to come here tonight. herman cain is deciding whether to stay in the race after new allegations of an affair. >> let's play space ball. one astronaut out of this world way to pass time at the international space station. >> why a kidnapper is suing his hostages? >> why a kidnapper is suing his hostages? yes. i'll explain as the
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>> bit by bit historic building
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near berkeley starting to kilometer did you know. crew began to demolish 100-year-old apartment building on telegraph avenue severely damaged by fir week and half ago. 68 resident and several businesses were displaced. the original plan was to preserve the bottom 2 floors pending an investigation but now only the facade of the businesses on the bottom level will in fact be preserved. >> prescription cholesterol drug liptor best selling drug ever goes generic at midnight tonight. and it will men a big loss of profit for the company that makes it but big savings for those who take it. it's 30 to 50 dollars every month for liptor and drop to ample of 10 dollars a month now. and in 6 months when more companies will make the generic form it may drop to 4 dollars a month. but generic inagreed gentleman aren't the same as those in name brands as you know. dr. richard vesser dresses those concerns. >> people think about generic they this i about product in
9:26 pm
the supermarket. these drugs active ingredient has to be identical. some filner there different but for most patients it makes no difference what solve. just as effective. >>reporter: liptor generated more than 5 billion dollars in sales just in 2010. gentleman couple of legal maneuver in the news tonight. first threatened lawsuit over a bad book review. harvard historian wrote civilization to west and the rest. while writing in the london rae view of book this pan didn't lake the back and he said he's like other people who write witness people history. he demaned an apology. now ferguson is threatening a lawsuit. and then there is this. colorado man who is trying to sue the couple he kidnapped. he's serving 10 years for the abduction happened back in 2009 after breaking into the home he
9:27 pm
says the couple agreed to hide him for unspeaks $50 amount of money. now he's now suing for breach of contract. believe that? he wants 2 35,000 dollars from the couple he trade to kidnap. only in america. when we continues tonight. democrat first campaign commercial target mit romney. tonight a fact check on the accuracy. >> those of you that will be 21 by november the 12th i ask for your support and your vote. >> what's wrong with that campaign flub for republican rick perry. >> prescription for ailing economy. we hear from the experts tonight and then we want to hear from you on the subject. stay with us. another half hour of fuss subject. stay with us. another half hour of fuss begins here in just a moment [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> good evening again. thanks for tuning in. we focus on politic campaign of republican cain. on the brink tonight. pizza magnet who soared to the top of the republican presidential race. tonight cain is deciding whether its to bow out after the new alleges of long time affair. here's january thon karl. >> faced with new sexual alleges and campaign in 43 fal fall, herman cain says he could drop out of the presidential race. in a conference call today cain told his staff. >> reasymptoms. we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some people's mind. >>reporter: new allegations come from an atlanta woman named jipger white.
9:32 pm
>> my heart goes out to them. i hope he reaches whatever is the writ decision for them. >> you see all the camera following me around? >>reporter: cain had been a campaign roller coaster when we sat down with him in the sprin spring, he was the pets a guy. >> crust is got just the writ amount of chew. >>reporter: by october he shot to the top. >> i feel in pretty good today. >>reporter: economic plan dominating the campaign. >> 9 plan. >>reporter: then came the harassment allegations. 4 separate women. >> he put his hands object my leg. >>reporter: even more damaging to cain was the interview with milwaukee newspaper. >> so you agreed with president obama on libya or not. >>reporter: he seemed unable to answer. >> libya. l. >>reporter: steadily slying in
9:33 pm
the polls last debate he only broke through when he mangled the moderate ritor name. >> no blitz that is over simply finding this. i'm sorry blitz i meant wolf, okay. blitz. wolf. >> on the conference call with the staff the allegations of emotional toll on himself and on his family he said. but he said he will go forward with the campaign schedule over the next several days as he completes an assessment of how or whether his campaign can continue. this is abc news, washington. men time wreck perry slipped up again today. twice in the same sentence. he was expecting to group of students in new hampshire. listen. >> those of you that are 21 by november the 12th i ask for your support and your vote. those of you who won't be just work hard. tm. >>reporter: perry apparently for got that voting age is 18 since 1971. election isn't november 12th either. it's november 6. campaign spokesman later said that perry simply
9:34 pm
misspoke. democratic national committee is rae leasing new television attack ad aimed at republican mit romney. message is that romney is a flip flopper but the motive makes it more interesting. mark tonight with a fact check. >> from the crator of i'm running for office for pete sake comes the story of 2 men trapped in one body. >> movie trailer take off of mit versus mit starts with romney ption on abortion. >> i will pre-serve and prosecute text a william right who choose. the next step is to zero versus weighed overturned. >>reporter: it's accurate he rae versed his position on abortion rights. the ad second charge isn't accurate. >> we have put together an exchange and president coping the idea i'm glad to hear. that obama care is bad news. >>reporter: fact check. ad attempts to show that romney supported the national health care plan that was supported by
9:35 pm
the president and now romney opposes it. but with romney supported was the massachusetts health care plan that he signed as governor. while that plan has a lieutenant in common with the national plan they are not the same. romney opposed the national plan from the beginning because it contained a public option. after congress dropped the public option room any is not on the record supporting the national plan and to say that he did is not accurate today. romney told reporters the ad shows the democratic party is afraid of his xaichbility shows they are afraiding of facing me in the general election. want to throw the primary process to anybody but me. bring it on. we are ready for them. >>reporter: our analyst says romney is right in assuming the ad is aimed at influencing the republican primary. flip flopping is much more likely to turn off the republican conservative base than more politically moderate voters. they attack romney for changing position they hope the ads will
9:36 pm
put romney in a position where he has to fight a long battle spend a lot of money, maybe get roughed up. or dnc best case scenario. heless ins the primary to a candidate that will be easier to beat in the gem election. in the news ram ramp, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> over seas. britain promising serious consequences after hundreds storm the embassy tehran today. st scene resembled whether happened when militant seized the embassy back in 19 sfain. remember those images. demonstrators burned the union jack and american and is israeli flag. some made it in the compound where they ransacked offices broke window and burned a vehicle. this attack comes 2 day after britain parliament voted to support increased sanctions against eye run over tehran nuclear program. british workers escape to safety through back door. police fired tear gas to regain
9:37 pm
control of the embassy but again britain promising cirrus consequences. >> well back here. his peer say one of the best around. stand up comedian o'neal died today at the able of 41. >> if [ telling joke]. >> o'neal appeared on comedy central, conan o'brien and david letterman and he died of complication from his a stroke he suffered last month. as we continue hear tonight. money may goes the world good round. >> public spending infrastructure has fallen not good up. >> continue to maintain our spending. >> from rampping up spend to go cutting unemployment benefits. top economist offer prescription for ailing economy. i'll have the report prescription for ailing economy. i'll have the report as we continue. stay with us look! here she comes!
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>> news tonight biggest company in europe is banning the provide from spending or receiving e-mail. head of the company says e-mail is tremendous electric of time and pollutes the work force and encroaches in our personal lives. employee will have to communicate now by instant message, text and talking. how about that? old fashion oned way. >> american air licenses took a long expected step today and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. airline board made the decision last tonight after debating it for years. officials say the manufacture was federaled to cut cost and unload massive debt. built up by high jet fuel praises and labor struggles gentleman and glass shut down today. maker of hand crafted crystal started back in 19 03. president
9:42 pm
trauma an and clinton bestowed them as gifts. they have been in trouble since 2008. most of the 60 workers are lasting their jobs. that news notwithstanding there are small signs that the economy is beginning to recove recover. but are we diagnose everything we can to help it along? for answers we went to some of the top economist in the country. the just how do you fix the economy? we asked the people who know that subject inside and out. rbt rice former u.s. secretary of labor and professor at uc berkeley goldman school of public policy. shawn randolph president and ceo of the bay area economic institute. public private partnership of business, labor and government. david henderson is a fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university. and was on the president's council of economic advisors under ronald reagan. christopher thorn berg is chief economist for the california state controller and owner of private economic
9:43 pm
research term in los angeles. scott anderson senior economist with wells fring o. nation second largest bank. and advisor to the federal reseven. we asked this panel of economist to comment on the state of the u.s. economy. offer advice on how it could be fixed. the economy bottomed in and out mid 2009. since then it has been on a slow crawl to recovery. they all agree that the root of the problem is job jobs. and most believe the government needs to step in to create them. rice thinks the great depression should be used as road map to recovery. >> we need a new w p a or civil i don't know conservation conference mottled after the 19 30's get people to work long-term unemployed. >> henderson says the way to fix the economy is to russ unemployment benefits. >> that gives people incentive to be picky about a job and estimate are unemployment writ could be as much as a percentage point lower which is one and a half million jobs more. >>reporter: henderson believes business owners would higher
9:44 pm
more if the federal minimum wage dropped from 7. 25 to 6.25 an hour. >> that would make it easier for young unskilled teenagers to get jobs. and their unemployment rate is close to all time high. >>reporter: local government can do more as well. bay area is home to a burgeoning oning green economy. >> so already power. big part of the cost of installing a solar system actually relates to the bureaucratic cost of inconsistent standards across different cities actually get the stuff on your roof. >>reporter: randolph believes that unified regulation lake solar pan well eliminate the bureaucracy putting more people to work. >> if we had a single standard and yep fight permitting process in the bay area for solar or other renubble energy installation. >>reporter: that combine with investment in infrastructure lick roads and schools could benefit the work force as well. >> domesticcly i think we need to continue to maintain our
9:45 pm
spending on education infrastructure near term private sector isn't in a position to support demand. i think we need long-term debt solution that is credible. >>reporter: but local and state government have struggled to balance the budget. in fact number of jobs created to work on public projects has fallen. >> over the past year and a half public spending on frbing has fallen not gone up because the small amount of money the federal government lodge entered infrastructure has been more than offset by the decline in state local spending because of their own budget problems. >> cheap for the government to borrow these days. long-term treasury bill is still about 2% yield. that's unbelievably cheap borrowing cost. >> take the money and spend it on infrastructure. spend it on domestic investment. make sure the money gets spent now. >>reporter: we hear more from those economist in the coming weeks. we put together a special. we let you know when it airs. >> we continue. power of name
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names. just ahead whether is in and what is out. for names[ male announcer ]her is for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> check this out. jp that's astronaut passed his tile on the international space station recently playing america favorite past time, baseball all by himself. of course baseball is big in japan as well. check this out. he pitched the ball quickly floated to the other side of the ramp to hit it with a bat. there he guess. not finished. then he jumps and makes the catch. he was in space for 6 months so plenty of time to get this down. returned to earth this month. with some new skills. that's consolidate picture. >> let's go back and update the forecast. sandy is here keeping track of some serious wind coming our way. >> absolutely dan. dense fog advisory 7:00 a.m. wed. visibility less than a quarter
9:50 pm
mile covers the northeast bay valley santa clara valley including san jose. so during the morning drive it is going to be slow going due to the pockets of dense fog. high wind warning guess in effect at 6:00 a.m. wednesday continues until 6:00 p.m. thursday. covers all our hills and at the lower elevation we are talking about a wind advisory. hilltop could see gust to 70 miles an hour. watch out for down tree and power lines. tomorrow afternoon with the wind kicking up the 60 will clear. temperatures in the low to mid 60's except santa cruz in the low 70's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's a dry pattern that will continue really for the next 7 days. although it will get a little bit cooler as we head into the weekend dab. >> all right thanks very much. didn't it several times. choosing a baby name is a big deal. a lot of decisions to make. also an industry. predicted top names and trends for 2012 here. modern hero electric at cuss and gather by.
9:51 pm
. sunny and true could be very popular. unusual special are pop already names. alex is alec. isabel spelled that way and old fashion oned names lake betty and on the which out brooklyn. apple. and names ending in ly and lye ashley, or bentley. i point out that ashley as a first name. not as last name. >> that's my daughter's 98. >> good appointment for got about that. >> growing trend. people won't say ashley is a last name. >> thanks a lot. >> is not knocking her. part of the family that's all. >> okay. >> larry not on the list. >> nor sandy. by the way, what is more seriously. what is what the this man. >> we have no idea.
9:52 pm
>> mouthful. >> the andrew luck knows and ♪ true love gave to me... six geese a-laying. five new tops... i want to be very specific about this because last year i got some gifts i wasn't exactly feeling. especially from you, uncle dale. were those acid wash jeans? i just hope you all stuck to my list this year. a new digital camera or a new suede shoulder bag would be really ideal. sorry to be so frank. i just don't need another needlepoint throw pillow, aunt carla.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. raid on occupy los angeles appears imminent. police getting ready right now. we have the latest sky and mate not be the most famous wane maker but definitely the tal tallest. ming new venture in the nap valley more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but mr. beall is here with the sports tonight. >> tango x-ray. >> calling in an air striking. >> that's what luck does when he sees the defense. he started the season heismann trophy front runner. question is will he end the season as the winner of the award. as make reports stanford head coach shaw made his case of the quarterback today. >> as i walked into the auditorium on the stanford campus quarterback luck was sharing the screen with the history man trophy. the coach explained why an draw should win the award. >> i just know that there is nobody that does what an drew
9:56 pm
does at any position at any other team. >>reporter: his presentation then went in full heismann mod mode. stanford game day play become has over 250 plays andrew has mastered. and each play called has 3 different options. that's 3 plays called in the huddle. an drew making the decision at the lane of scrimmage. it's unheard of. >>reporter: andrew is basically calling his own plays. these are the intangible he has that others don't. >> guys phenomenal. diagnose something that in my opinion hadn't been done in college football. >>reporter: he's the total package. >> this is the fay that you want. if toughness arm strength competitive fez leadership he's the ideal quarterback and ideal football player that you want on you are a team. >>reporter: luck was 23 and 2 the past 2 years but both losses coming against other again. he's if he ever been about statistics only victory. >> every game he's not going to
9:57 pm
throw for 400. we had the conversation 2 years ago. coach i don't weren't to do that. i don't play the game for stachlts i i play the game to win. to be as good as i can be. i weren't to see how gi can be. >>reporter: turned out to be pretty good in his contrary throwing school re passes for o0 yards 31 31 victory. would mane a lieutenant to the school and andrew to win the heismann and hope they done fall for players with big statistics. >> this is most outstanding player. who is doing what other people can't or not doin doing. we can after we can after week. to me that's what an draw has done. >>reporter: at stanford, abc 7 sports. >> my vote. penalty for stomping 2 game suspension that's what sue got from the nfl. the defensive lane man earned the reputation of being the dirtiest player in the nfl. stomped on opponent on thanksgiving day. initially denied he did it then he
9:58 pm
apologiesed. suspension cost sue 2 gyms and that's 164,000 dollars. jaguar fired head coach del rio in the 9th year. he grew newspaper hade ward. 3 and 8 this season. team sold to illinois businessman today raising question about his possible move of the franchise maybe to la. baseball. giants extended contract to general manager brian and bruce and extension both men through 2013 season with option after this. bruce heads into the sixth season with the giants highlight bid last year world series victory. and brian longest gm in baseball having started with the giants in 199 1996. red sox all right he ha hadly hiring haveen tiny as the new manager. he has a lot of big league experience with rangers and the mets. rub some people the wrong way. but also has a way of getting maximum effort prosecute his players. college hoops. james wade court side in columbus for no.
9:59 pm
2 ohio state and number 4 duke. wait. throwing out the souvenir there. william beauford reversing. buckeye with a lead to open the game and using the muscle inside 11 nothing and duke stunned rivers and this rae versus. duke within 1 but ohio state blows this game open. thomas tonight lucky bounce. buckeye by 19 and then craft when your friends with him you call him the bucky. any way l throwing it down. 21 points and 8 rebounds in an 85-63 which would you rarely see. >> thanks very much? that's this edition of 7 news. for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you gooden in an hour on the big 7. good be and hope to see you gooden in an hour on the big 7. good be for now


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