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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 3, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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a door-to-door campaign. police try to get to the bottom of a shooting rampage. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. tonight five people have been detained, and police say they are considered persons of interest in that shooting. 23-month-old highland lawrence remains in critical condition and his parents are in a dispute with the hospital over their child's care. thomas roman has been following this story for us, and he joins us now from children's hospital in oakland. >> carolyn, today mayor jane quan and jordan wept
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door-to-door -- went door-to-door. they wanted to capture the shooters that put hirum in children's hospital. they are say theeing want to catch this -- they are saying they want to catch the shooters of this child who is now in critical condition. >> he will be two in a couple weeks. but tonight he is clinging to life at oakland's children's hospital. his mother came out to say she and the hospital are disagreeing on hirum's continued care. >> unfortunately we had come to a crossroad. we are unable to agree on the continuum of care for baby hirum. as a result, we are seeking support for patients. >> she wants every opportunity to save her child. the child's uncle is asking for restraint from family and friends. >> no violence, nothing. >> the little boy was wounded
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in the head in the volley of some 50 shots fired in this west oakland parking lot. six other people were also hit. this afternoon mayor gene quan and several religious and community leaders went door-to-door to look for help to catch the shooters. they handed out leaflets and a $35,000 reward. >> we know there are people out there that saw what happened. or they know someone that saw what happened. we want to encourage them to come out and come forward. >> just getting out a little information and letting people know we care and there is an anonymous tip line. >> they say the neighborhood has been forgotten by the city and police. she called it a sideshow meant for cameras and reporters. >> this is all for you guys. the whole city needs to be cleaned up. this is the. >> now, oakland police say
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they have questioned five people of interest, but so far they have not made an arrest. oakland's children spokespeople say they would not comment on hirum's condition, nor would they comment on the fact that the family is seeking a patient's rights attorney. and hirum is in critical condition in clinging to life. thomas roman, abc news. >> all right, thomas. police are asking for your help tonight. if you have any information on that shooting, they now have a confidential tip line for to you call. the number is on your screen, 510-773-2805. you will also find that number on our website, the oakland police department will soon be hiring more officers thanks to the feds. 25 positions will be created, four filled by rehiring officers laid off last year. the funding comes from a $10 million grant from the department of justice. in san francisco, demonstrators marched through downtown for a day of action organized by the labor
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council. they rallied in front of the hyatt hotel, and then they joined with occupy protesters at justin herman plaza. that's where ama is live for us tonight. >> yes, it was a spirited group of union members who went through the streets of san francisco today. they marched through the financial district with a police escort and made several stops to rally their cause. san francisco's labor unions were carrying signs that read public interest, not private gains, and they shouted their opposition to federal and state budget cuts. they didn't actually shut the hyatt down. people at the hotel were free to come and go. this was just one of many stops the group made while walking the financial district. >> he was at the federal building talking about social security, medicare, medicaid,
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and we also marched on some of the banks who have been kicking a lot of our people out of the houses and are sitting on tons of money and not helping us create any jobs. >> tim paulson is the executive director of the council. he looked on as they joined the occupy movement at justin herman plaza. >> there are construction workers who are out here. the teachers are here. there are postal workers and obviously the hotel workers are here. the public sector workers, it is the whole span of the 99%. they are out here to get their message out. >> fred is a long shore man with union local 6. >> they are showing they are wrecking economies all over the world and it is time to start taking care of housing, edge education and house. >> students yesterday started their own encampment. >> we are so underpaid and over worked. and it is so unfair to our students that their tuition was raised yet again by 9% and
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a lot of my students are working two jobs and they can't afford it. and they deserve that education. >> once the concert was over, the union members cleaned up and went home leaving the occupy yes, sirs to their tepts. overall it was a very peaceful day. no major incidents to report. abc7 news. >> thanks, ama. peaceful today, but san francisco's police chief says his patience is wearing thin after one of his officers was injured in a scuffle with an occupy protestor last night. this video by a newspaper reporter shows police setting up barricades outside the occupy encampment when a protestor draws back and punches the officer in the face. here you can see it right here. now, the chief calls it unprovoked. it is an attack that stepped over the line. >> there is no place for violence and frankly the officers deserve better, especially with the amount of professionalism and the restraints that they demonstrated over the last two
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months. >> police arrested the man. the chief says there will come a time when police have to clear out the encampment. he is hoping though that the campers will leave voluntarily. we are learning from a death of wednesday's vicious windstorm. the wildlife biologist died when a tree fell on him in big sur during the storm. he worked in a condo recovery program for the salinas-based nonprofit. santa cruz county is dealing with the aftermath of the intense winds. they are working to remove the downed power lines. the customers remain without power tonight. the strong winds hit southern california just as hard, if not harder than the bay area. pasadena has been declared a disaster area. power may not be fully restored until sunday. city officials in pasadenaish issued a state of emergency as traveling is treacherous. 67,000 customers in los angeles county are still
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without power tonight. a man is recovering this evening after jumping out of a second story window to escape this apartment fire in san ramon. the flames started around 1:00 this afternoon. the firefighters blamed windy conditions for spreading that fire to 10 units. tonight the san francisco fire officials say they will appeal cal-osha citations that fault the department for its response to a house fire last summer. vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio died fighting that fire in june. cal-osha issued four citations over the incident citing a lack of communication and failure to have rescue personnel available. >> it has really created an environment where all involved have known exactly where the hazards were and what was going on at any given time. it could have resulted in a different response. >> it proves that those citations are not based on
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what we think happened. >> both citations could cost the department $21,000 in fines. and now a follow-up to a story we first brought you on wednesday. the president of the state senate is calling for an immediate halt in a policy that reforces children to repay their parents past welfare debts. they urge the governor to take action. the department of social services has state law mandates tt counties first go after adults when seeking a refund over the welfare benefits, and then go after anyone in the family who was helped in the case, even children. they announced that they have the money to build a new stadium. they built on the parking lot next to the great america theme park. bank of america, goldman sachs and u.s. bank have agreed to loan the city and the team $850 million. construction could start as soon as next year. the city will hold public hearings next week to discuss this agreement.
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well, it is a reunion that marks the end of an era. the bay area homecoming that has very special meaning. and a major announcement coming from the presidential candidate herman cain. why his aides say they are not hopeful. and we will take you to one of the biggest holiday light displays in the bay area. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next, the new virgins. adults in their 30s who always said no to sex. believe it or not, their numbers are growing of the they tell us highway and why. -- how and why. and it may add up to a big way to make money, and it is all about the penny. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends, so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there! yep, we got you the new at&t u-verse wireless receiver so you can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want. and that stand... anywhere? like, we can put it over there? and that coffee... or we could t it on the patio for watching the game with the guys. or in the kitchen? but, these curtains are... i can't believe you moved the tv. it's like a whole new living room.
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as the u.s. winds down its operations in iraq. camp victory is now in the hands of the iraqi government. the massive base on the edge of baghdad was signed over this morning. saddam hussein's former palace stood as a headquarters for the top u.s. military leaders for years. the last california national guard unit in iraq returned home to an emotional welcome in san mateo. wayne freedman with the return
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of the medical company. >> since 2003 we have been showing you scenes like this with signs, bo n loos, babies, people who have missed people. >> he has been gone since february. >> well, today in san mateo with the california -- the california guard told us would be the last homecoming. the 15,000 californians who went to uh -- to iraq, those on this bus would be the last big group to come home. >> are they with the same girls when they left as when they come back? >> no. >> he grew up a lot. >> that's chloe there greeting her little sister, a little sister who would thought let go. chloe who served in bas -- basra with doctors, nurses and lab technicians, she welcomed
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the family members in this tangled web. >> and she has certainly changed like everyone else here. appreciating the blue skies, the green trees and the clear air. chloe could write a book about that right now. >> it makes you grateful for your family. it makes you grateful for the food on the table. the roof over your head, everything. >> before the 297th left today, one more formation, one last gathering of this unit on this mission. and then the words they wanted to hear. they say that in missions like this, you wait for them, are you in them and then suddenly it is over. maybe yes, maybe no. but for one thing we are certain, for a family and for a daughter, the home never felt complete.
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as for chloe's immediate plans, she says she will go home and find a nice green patch of grass, lie on her back, look up at the trees and the blue skies. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc news. >> welcome home. the lead line for the rest of the troops to leave iraq is december 31st. most will be gone by midmonth. a major announcement is expected from presidential candidate herman cain. the former pizza executive says he will have a big announcement about his bid. cain is at home to talk to his wife about an extramarital affair. they are not encourage bed his future of the -- as the gop nominee. a dazzling sight in the east bay. look at this. it has been a livermore tradition for 29 years. several hundred visitors turned out for deacon dave's holiday lighting ceremony. more than 340,000 lights make up this display. but he tells us the high winds actually destroyed thousands of the lights.
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>> the wind that came in actually was a cross wind and it actually ripped some of the lights apart. and that's why we had to rally the troops here so we have the light display you can see here. >> this year's theme was, do you believe? and believe it or not, the winds are picking back up again. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> yes, you can see the palm trees swaying behind you. the very same wind direction, the northeasterly winds that are blowing right now were responsible for a record high. it was unseasonably warm. santa rosa hitting 77 degrees and close to 80 for december 2nd. that's pretty warm. a record 75 in richmond, and 73 in san francisco. 75 for mover fet field -- moffet field in napa. and you can notice some wide-spread 70s. it was a warm day. it was captured here, a sunny day in alameda. you can see the dog enjoying
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the sun as well. want to show you another lovely picture. we take you to dusk. yes, san francisco at dusk. submitted to you report and you can see the beautiful view of the city by the bay with the golden gate bridge in the foreground. now, the winds are picking up as carolyn just mentioned, and as i just said. they are gusting right now. mount diablo gusting to 57 miles an hour. ben low man mountain gusting to 29 miles an hour. let's show you what it looks like right now. live perspective, east bay hills camera. you can see the camera shaking violently out there. especially as we look toward san francisco. we are going for another round of some very gusty winds. not just at the higher elevations, but look at the lower elevation winds right now. they are coming up in spots as well and gusting to 40 in santa rosa. sfo is reporting a northerly wind to 33. 44 miles an hour. and in hayward and concord, it is breezy outside. here are your current readings.
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the wind is keeping you balmy in spots. oakland, half moon bay, 66 degrees. these look more like daytime high temperatures for december 2nd. 65 right now in san francisco. gusty understand with. wind and warmth subside tomorrow afternoon. and we are looking at common dry conditions into next week. here is the jet stream. it is well up into canada. the higher pressure will provide us with a dry pattern through next week. we don't see any rain in sight. i know it is december, but here is what we are dealing with in the short short-term. it will continue to show some northeasterly winds, and then once the two separate a little more, tomorrow afternoon we will see lighter winds, and it will be a mild, sunny afternoon. it is not quite as warm as what you saw today. but it is still pretty mild. high wind advisory remaining in affect until 10:00 a.m. gusts 50 miles an hour. downed trees and branches are still a possibility. overnight readings, a little
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bit of a tough call here. but where the winds are not so strong, mid to upper 30s. where they are going descrong, we are looking at 50s. oakland, 40s for the rest of the bay area, and tomorrow afternoon a mild, sunny day, near 70-degree readings for san francisco, san rafael, palo alto, santa rosa and monterey bay. 65 degrees in santa cruz. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. we are looking at really the dry pattern to continue well into next week. a little bit cooler though heading into next week. and by thursday, carolyn, i think it is back to reality. mid50s to the low 60s. a few extra clouds. >> back to more normal temperatures. >> exactly. >> and tomorrow, oakland, they are having their holiday parade. 9ers are playing on sunday. dry for both of those. >> absolutely. it is straight out of the movies. why one man spent years why one man spent years putting it [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure.
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the owner use itself to store his "lord of the rings" memorabilia. it is pretty cool. well, if bugs bother you, don't look at this guy. this bug that was discovered is being called the world's largest insect. the cricket-like bug is found only on a little barrier island in new zealand. it has a seven-inch wingspan, and we are told it weighs as much as three mice. it apparently likes carrots as well. >> lots of carrots. i think he is on steroids. >> that's a big bug. >> in sports, what are the raiders and the nfl saying about mcclain's arrest? and is he the tiger of old? at least one of tiger as competetors thinks yes.
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miami, and at this point it is unknown whether he will play on sunday following his arrest. mcclain allegedly fired a gun beside a man's head and was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges in alabama. mcclain's attorney says the linebacker denies being involved in any sort of altercation. mcclain is out on bail. now, the nfl will not render any discipline until the legal process unfolds here. but it is very clear that head coach hugh jackson is not happy with mcclain. >> there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. obviously there is something that has been wrong. we will go and deal with that accordingly. at this time i think what is most important for our organization is that we focus on this football game. we are going to get ready to play the game. we will deal with it when the time comes. >> the inaugural pack 12 championship game, not exactly
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what they had in mind when they draw this thing up. oregon facing a 6 and 6ucla team as they just fired their head coach. not the start he wanted either. the duck rez cover a fumble and fourth and one and gone. james, the mvp, 219 yards rushing, three touchdowns and 7-0 oregon in a flash. bruins come up with a big play. ite pass is tipped and they break a tackle and then tightrope their way down the sideline. they dive in and it is 7-7. the ducks roll up 49 points and the game is actually closer than expected because the line was 32. it was david paulson there on the score. the ducks are headed to the rose bowl after a 49-31 victory. palo alto, the central coast section finals. travis on the option, and he is a big dude. 54 yards and he had 206 yards rushing for the night. not for long. the ensuing kickoff and


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