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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 10, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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andrew bruce catrel lead out of class at an east bay middle school. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. the middle school math and science teacher is under arrest, and police say he confessed to a number of sex crimes with a student. neighbors and fellow teachers are in shock. thomas roman is at diablo middle school with the story and reaction for us. thomas? >> carolyn, last week the parents of the young woman involved in this case contacted clayton and walnut creek police regarding the suspected abuse. after a week long investigation police figured out they had enough evidence
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to arrest catrel today. at about noon, walnut creek police officers came here to diablo school. they took the science and math teacher out of class. officers brought him to another room away from students and arrested him. >> he confessed to the several allegations, and at that time he was then taken to the contra costa county detention facility. >> he faces multiple charges of abuse with a student. a young woman school sources tell us he has allegedly been having relations with for the past three years. >> we have unlawful sexual intercourse, lewd acts with a child between the ages of 15 and 14. and we also have oral copulation with a juvenile. >> the child's parents found out about the relationship, confronted the child and called police. mount diablo police quickly notified parents of the arrest through the school's phone tree. >> sadly, i must share
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troubling information with you. today andrew bruce catrell one of our dye jab blow -- diablo teachers was arrested for having inappropriate relations with a student. children's safety is a paramount concern to to the district. we are actively participating with the police department to make sure they have all they need to investigate the matter. >> police served a search warrant where they say he brought the young woman and discovered more evidence of the relationship. neighbor janet abrams was speechless when she heard about the a arrest. >> i was shocked. him and kelly lived here even before they were married and they have two boys. i am shocked. >> a teacher at the immediate dill school wouldn't go on camera at how angry he was, not just for the sexual abuse, but for the trust of the parents and students he
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violated and how he says all the charges are felonies and they are also asking that if anyone has information about any other victims they give them a call. in clayton, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks, thomas. a one-year-old oakland boy shot in the head in a gunbattle has died. doctors at children's hospital removed him just after 2:00 this afternoon. the boy's parents spent several days pleading with doctors to give him more time to recover. after a series of tests showed he had no significant brain activity they reluctantly agreed. she spoke about her son outside the hospital. >> i have to remember my baby because somebody started shooting. >> community organizers came together to march for peace and a push for a community free from gun violence. but police say they cannot do it alone. abc7's sergio quinana reports.
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>> about 50 people marched up and down international boulevard. along this stretch is where 3-year-old carlito nava was gunned down earlier. lawrence is the major focus for organizers. >> we see babies being shot and it is very serious. >> mayor gene quan and the probation chief david mohamed listen edz to test mown y'alls who were affected by gun violence. derrick williams was shot when he was 13 years old. >> i was a good person going to school. >> at this forum, organizers pressed the mayor and the police chief to do something about the gun violence. mayor quan touted her 100-block plan. the specifics of which she said were delayed because of the need to handle occupy
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oakland. >> we were meeting with the principals within the 100 block. it was the first time we had a strategic tactile plan. >> this comes at a time when police are still seeking information in what is now a murder investigation of a 23-month-old child. community organizers encouraged people to contact police when they had information about a crime, and with the death of lawrence, they asked for information to track down his killers. >> they know who they are and they know who did it. we are simply asking them to come forward and provide us with the information so we can remove the people responsible on the streets. >> in oaknd la, abc7 news. >> mayor jean quan made a pitch to keep all three professional sports teams in oakland as the warriors entertain an offer from san francisco. quan says she has private
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funding ready to go to create coliseum city, a retail complex that would be constructed near the coliseum and the oracle arena. oracle is the oldest arena in the nba. that's one reason the warriors could move across the bay. >> what you have right now are two stadiums with nothing around them. we are looking of more of an l.a. alive concept with retail. >> based on the commitments ownership has made about creating a world class franchise here, the fan expectation is we will need a new facility. >> they are looking at land near at&t park while san jose is moving forward to secure land for a new stadium there. >> another possible location could be south of jack london square in oakland. san mateo county sheriff deputies hope security cameras will help them nab the thieves who made off with $100,000 worth of ipads from a best buy store. take a look. one man opened the front doors
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with a crowbar at this best buy in san carlos around 11:thift last night. the thieves then ran to the ipad display. >> they knew where they were stored. they quickly got to them. they removed them and left the store. these are at least two to three or more people that are very well trained and knew what they were doing. >> and familiar with the layout of the store. they even dragged the ipads out and to a waiting vehicle. deputies arrived a minute after the store alarms went off, but saw no signs of the crooks. a folsom prison psych gist will be arraigned on charges she faked her own rape. they sailor reanne martinez split her lip with a pen and scraped her knuckles with sand paper and had a friend punch her in the face with boxing gloves to make it appear she was raped in her home by an
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intruder. she confessed after co-workers said it was a fraud. she and her husband are now in the process of divorcing. in hollywood, police shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at more than a dozen drivers. video taken by a witness from a nearby apartment shows the man in a white tank top walking through one of the most famous intersections and then shooting at passing cars. there you can see him in the middle of the street. the gunman shot at a mercedes-benz and then he walked to sunset boulevard where he targeted a truck and another car. the investigation is on going. police say one victim is in critical condition tonight. a big night in iowa as the presidential contenders square off moderated by george stephanopoulos. now, a look at what we can expect. >> the iowa caucuses are quickly approaching and newt gingrich is looking strong coming into the debate while mitt romney appears ready to fight for the republican vote. >> mitt romney has a position
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at the top of the republican field. and now he is showing signs that he is ready to unleash the attack on newt gingrich. in an exclusive interview with abc news' muir, he stopped short of criticizing him directly, but opened the door to doing just that at tomorrow night's debate. >> we have differing views and we will be talking about differences. that's the nature of a debate. >> romney was much more blunts. he talked about the medicare plan offered by congressman paul ryan. a pln that conservatives liked, but gingrich criticized. >> he called this right wing social engineering. i believe it is a very important step to protect medicare and to protect social security. >> with less than a month until the iowa caucuses, gingrich now has big leads in three of the four key early voting states. but the chairman of the iowa republican party said today on abc news' top line that with so many voters still undecided, it is anybody's
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ballgame. >> this debate could not be happening as they try to make their mind up. >> one iowa farmer is one of the undecided voters. >> it is between two people. >> gingrich may find it difficult to dodge the incoming fire at saturday night's debate. >> he is going to be on the receiving end that blows from romney, but bachman and perry. >> again, the debate will be moderated by diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. you can watch it tomorrow night on abc7 at 6:00. the debate will take the place of our regularly scheduled 6:00 p.m. newscast, but join us for our 5:00 and 11:00 newscasts. get your local news, weather and sports. carolyn? >> thanks. coming up next, a christmas wish answered. a five-year-old cancer patient has a good reason to smile tonight. and the one thing you should not be eating this season before it goes in the oven. and then late other "nightline" -- >> i'm terry moran.
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when children write letters to santa. but some dreams came true early this season for a five-year-old boy. karina rusk has the story. >> five-year-old thomas didn't know quite what to expect this morning. but it was a day of high five's, hugs and two heart felt words. >> thank you. >> two weeks before his second birthday thomas was diagnosed with acute limb foe blass stick leukemia. chemo was part of his life for three years. >> we try to make it a routine, a new normal. >> but there is nothing normal about battling cancer. the greater bay area make a wish foundation surprised the family. >> thomas likes wild cats. he wished to meat them in person. we are sending him to san
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diego. he is going to the zoo and will have a vip tour with the cats. >> the wild cat adventure includes a lot of extras. at times it seemed christmas morning had arrived early and wouldn't end. >> i am shaking inside. i am holding back the tears because i feel like once they start they won't stop. >> thomas' wish is funded in part by a letter writing campaign to santa. at macy's each one is worts $1. and on this national believe day, they are worth $2. >> for every letter that comes to the mailbox we make a donation to the make a wish foundation. >> these teenagers were so inspired to help they collected nearly 10,000 letters. the drop off was yet one more gesture of generousity. >> people wanted to help us. >> for all of the presence thomas and his family received, the best gift came in october, right? >> yes. >> it is hard to compete with the moment the family got the medical reprieve they had been longing to hear. >> thomas knows that he has
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had leukemia. and him understanding and saying, no more leukemia! it was the best feeling in the world. >> today that joy was felt by all. just watching thomas feel good. >> what do you think about make a wish? >> i like it. >> so for all of the letters and the wishes coming true, thomas says thank you. in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> and we have a link to the make a wish foundation. go to our website at click on see it on tv. the next time you bake you will want to skip sneaking a bite of the raw cookie dough. the risk of falling ill from the batter might be greater than once thought. a new report released by the centers for disease control finds the culprit of a 2009 e-coli outbreak was ready to bake cookie dough sold in most grocery stores. more than 70 people nationwide got sick including a bay area teenager. the cvc believes raw flour may have caused the outbreak. the fda says several cookie
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dough makers have already switched heat-treated flour. let's get a check of our weekend forecast right now with spencer christian. >> things are looking pretty good, carolyn. i will tell you about the wet half of the weekend in a ement month. right now let's look at our conditions. the temperatures have fallen into the 30s. the east bay and the 40s around the bay and 51 here in san francisco. it is going to be another chilly overnight period. chilly and cold tonight. the total lunar eclipse will be visible with a few clouds around and there is a chance of showers on sunday. that's the wet part of the weekend. 4:00 tomorrow morning, if you look just over the western horizon, although we will have some low clouds just offshore tomorrow morning, there are some high clouds above. you will see the eclipse beginning at 4:45 tomorrow morning, but the total tee of the eclipse will occur between 7:05 a.m. and 6:05 a.m. and 6:57 a.m.
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don't miss that. the satellite image shows the high pressure which has brought us a string of dry days this week breaking down now. the trough in the jet stream will start to dip down in our direction. the low-pressure system will form as we start our forecast animation at 11:00. we will see clouds developing sunday, the low will, and produce enough shower activity that there is a pretty good chance we will see some along the coastline and around the bay. part of the farther inland you are the less likely you will see shower activity. overnight, cold again, especially in the north bay valleys. lows drop to 2 thine in napa and -- 29 in napa. 30s around the bay except for oakland. spare the air alert is in affect through tomorrow as the air quality has declined with the build up of smoke and par particular lat -- particulate matter. although it will be mainly sunny and we will have clouds developing at the coast tomorrow. the highs will be mainly in the upper 50s to right around 60 in places like santa
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rosa, oakland, fremont, san jose. cool at the coast with the clouds building there, highs at the coast only in the mid50s. and down near monterey bay, clouds are near the bay. highs around the bay are 60 in watsonville and santa cruz. low 60s inland at gilroy and hollister. here is the accu accu-weather seven-day forecast. chance of showers and it will not be a washout. we are not expecting heavy rain. but it will be wet in some spots, especially near the coast and around the bay. dry monday through wednesday, and then there is another chance of rain on thursday. as we start to move into a little cooler pattern and perhaps a more active one as well, maybe finally the rainy season will become rainy. >> so it is really not until thursday where there will be significant amounts of rainfall. >> the rain on sunday will be scattered showers and we expect it to be pretty light. maybe an occasional locally heavy downpour, but just a brief one. the concentrated rainfall will come next thursday. >> thanks, spencer. up next, bonding over
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basketball. how east palo alto police are giving some neighborhood young people something to do off the streets. stay with us. [ screaming ]
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this is what it looks like after a star blows up. this colorful image was captured by a spacecraft. the star exploded about 3700 years ago. what you see here is what is left of it. astronomers say the neutron star in this picture is moving at a rate of more than three million miles an hour. the bay area celebrities and the musicians came together for a san francisco bell ringing tradition today. it is -- he is the 10 time bell ringing champ and he is raising money for the salvation army. he was -- it was the 31st annual bell ringing event in union square. all of the money will be used for the christmas assistance program. it included musical perform ns -- performances and of course a visit from santa. for the first time in more
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than a decade, dozens of kids in east palo alto put on their basketball jerseys and hit the court for the new basketball team. the opening game drew more than a hundred kids to this community center in menlo park. east palo alto police chief says a $200,000 grant from the justice department makes it to funds the pal program they want to help teen sports like this one. it is a great idea. >> it is great that it is back. it is great for the community. in sports, an nba deal that will leave you absolutely stunned. plus, the warriors opening camp. what did mark jackson do to preach the importance of defense? defense? that's next in sports. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking.
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really? [ male announcer ] kate uses her citibank debit card because kate knows there are some things you shouldn't be charged for. refill? i'm ok. [ male announcer ] so does that guy. the citibank debit card with no monthly fee. easier banking. standard at citibank. coach is pumped up about his first day of practice. he jumped into a defensive drill himself. it might take divine intervention to get the warriors to become a team that can lock up the opposition. there are no results and he is back at center for now. just nine players working and no worries. >> it doesn't matter if we have too little or too many. we are not going to make any excuses. we are going to get better every day no matter what the situation is. i'm proud of my guys because i
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feel like we have done that. >> lots of rumors about deals. curry has been out there and ellis. they are both warriors a this point, and he says trade talk is nothing new. >> he is not at practice, in court in michigan. he received 18 months probation and has to undergo drug and alcohol testing. gilbert uh arenas started his career and the warriors. orlando still has to pay him $62 million. it is a guarantee balance of the contract. he gets $62 million to leave. i would leave for much less. nobody has been able to beat green bay. the raiders will try to do it without mcfaden, moore and ford who are


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