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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 4, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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he is the suspect in the biggest mass school shooting since the virginia tech tragedy. >> advising shots coming from inside the building. people are running out screaming. >> police dispatch tapes obtained bc7 news reveal the first moments of the crisis. . she is everything to us. >> and hundreds come together to remember the victims.
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good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police released the booking photo of juan go. he is awaiting his arraignment scheduled for tomorrow. >> right now, however, divers are in the water off the oakland shoreline looking for the weapon used in the shootings. john is there live for us. john? >> dan and carolyn, so far they have not found a weapon. they have been at it for more than two hours right now. there are about 25 divers rotating in and out of the water here. they are searching a stretch of shoreline that runs a hundred feet and hoping to find a key piece of evidence in yesterday's rampage. the first diver went into the water after 8:30 in the hunt for the 45 caliber semiautomatic weapon used in the killing spree. the search at the bottom of the estuary was described as making snow angels in the mud. >> even under the best of circumstances, it is zero visibility. the decision was made to dive
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at night because it really didn't matter whether you had sunlight or not. you are underwater. it is murky. it is very difficult, and you are trying to find the item by feel. >> the searchers are from the sheriff's office volunteer dive team. 24r* are only one or two in the water at a time. colleagues on shore guide them using a rope line. before the dive, test objects weighing about the same as a gun were tossed into the water. the search area goes out about 90 feet from the shoreline. >> a weapon being as heavy as it is probably shouldn't have too much affect, especially given it is a little more than 24 hours old. the silt depending on how deep it is can cause problems. >> they used a robotic sonar scaner, but it did not find a weapon. oakland police will only say that investigative leads brought them to this park on doolittle drive. they say suspect juan go has been cooperative to a point, but but -- but he was refusing
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to tell where he discarded the weapon. he had a grudge against former classmates for teasing him, and he went to the campus on monday looking for an administrator. she was not there when the suspect showed up. >> that's when we know he took a hostage. he entered a classroom with the hostage. he directed the students to lineup against the wall. they had an opportunity to -- before they had an opportunity to do that he opened fire on the students. >> back here the search site is a painstaking process as divers tried to comb every inch of the area they are searching. they expect to be out here for a few more hours. the suspect is expected to be in court tomorrow. in oakland, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. he will be formally charged in court. he has told police he bought the weapon at this bull's eye gun shop in february. according to our media partner, the oakland tribune, all indications are that gun
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was sold legally. a nursing professor who taught juan go says he used to brag about violence. go says he used to go to the park and pick fights when he was board. he offered sympathy to the families. he lives in virginia. he dodged reporters questions, but off camera says he is ashamed his brother is accused of killing seven people. co is sorry for the victims' families. he lived in two virginia cities in the last five years and was evicted from one apartment complex where he still owes $1300 in back rent. news of monday's shooting spree shocked his neighbors in virginia. >> come and chat with us. just a little chat here and there, but i never would have thought anything. >> go left virginia in 2009 where he reportedly worked in construction. he then moved to oakland to start a new life. we now can put names and faces to those killed in this masacre. they are 21-year-old lidia
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sim, grace kim, 23, kathleen ping, 24, 33-year-old chodin, saring, 38, doris chibuca, judith see more, age 53. lisa uh meaning has more -- lisa amin has more. >> it is seared into so many minds. it is a place considered a safe haven for young minds that want to learn. >> i can't even believe that someone would wake up and go to school to make a better life for themselves and be just killed. >> amambo is talking about her friend. the. jeer yen mother of -- the nigerianer month of -- and expected to graduate with a nursing degree.
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>> she was one of the nicest, kindest and most thought p -- thoughtful people ever. >> and like doris, grace kim was a nursing student. she was going to school full time while working here at bj's in newark. >> she was the most vivacious person you could imagine. breaking into a song while at work as seen in this video was a common thing. grace kim whose family is from korea made people smile. and now those smiles are replaced by tears. >> she had a good future and it was taken from her. $disgusting and terrible. >> the one word many used to describe on you they feel is robbed. lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> we spoke with family members of the other victims tonight at at -- as well. they are finding comfort in
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their memories and prayers. >> a prior service took place at richmond's tibetan community center for chodin. she moved here two years ago from india where she worked on children's education in the exiled tibetan office. her brother says she was quiet, intelligent and wanted to help others. >> she will be on my mind every day. i can't believe she is gone. i am hoping someone says it is not true. >> 24-year-old ping worked as a secretary. she was the primary bread winner for her son, her sisters, a brother and her parents all living together in east oakland. >> last night you know my head is like blowing up it is
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really hard that she is not coming. >> ping's husband still lives in the philippines and hoping to join them. now her family is searching for the words to tell him about her death. >> my sister, very out going and caring. >> daniel lost his sister, 21-year-old lidia sim. she was born in san francisco and loved children and always wanted to be a pediatrician. >> she was one of the gentlest souls. >> and friends are rec saring who worked overnight as a custodian at the san francisco international airport who came here from a tiny indian country looking to become a nurse and then return to his home state. >> he was a man that you meet in a global city like san francisco and you remember. >> all of the victims were remembered at an emotion-fied vigil in oakland. >> hundreds of people came to
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th alan -- came to the alan baptist church. leslie brinkley is live with the story. >> whether connected directly to the shooting or not, a lot of people are looking for an outlet desperately to express the sadness they are feeling, and so they came together to both pray and reflect. >> we have the courage to tell everyone that oakland is better than this. this is the kind of violence that can happen in any city. we need to search our souls and our conscience as americans. >> reporter: the violence gave way to grief as hundreds came to alan temple baptist church to mourn together as a community. >> we are calling the communities together as a time of reflection and a time for a prayer vigil. people from all denominations and racial backgrounds who are outraged and saddened by what has happened and what continues to happen in the
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city of oakland in terms of violence. and we together are going to stand in unity and bear one another's burdens. >> no one would imagine that the family members would get shot in a school where some may feel it is a safe place to be. >> the vice president through an interpreter spoke of meeting with the family members of the victims. for them, this vigil brought little solace. the tears flowed as officials passed out flowers only one day after the worst shooting cam pages ever. rampages, ever. >> and they were dropped off at the campus tonight in an area police still have cordoned off. we have seen several patrol cars come and go from here. reporting live from oakland, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. the police dispatch tapes from the initial response to the shootings provide a glimpse to the chaos and the
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skillful handling of the situation. in fact, the dispatcher who took the first call had only been on-the-job a year. the rp she refers to is the reporting party. >> rp says there are shots from inside the building and people are running out screaming. 7850 edgewater. i have another unit at 7850 edgewater. >> we have looks like one caller saying shots coming from inside of the building. >> we are trying to figure out what the heck is going on. >> police tell us the dispatcher is doing fine, but is taking a short leave of absence. be sure to stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the deadly shootings and all of the overnight developments. you will see them on the abc morning news at 4:30. we will move on now. coming up next, there is some rain out there tonight. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> and mitt romney takes three
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more victories, but it is a big day for the president's re-election hopes. >> police get out the pepper spray. the issue that sparked the violence. >> and tractor-trailers airborne. the wild weather that rocked dallas. and then late other "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. coming up next, we will have the latest on the tornado terror in the heart of texas. but he says he is a relief worker. a government agent and even a medic. but authorities say he is an imposter. where did all of your donations go?
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parts of texas are cleaning up after being raked by a dozen powerful twisters. look at this from dallas. multi ton tractor-trailers flying through the air like airplanes. they weighed 30,000 pounds. the dallas forth worth airport was closed for most of the day. hail damaged most of the planes. dozens of homes were badly damaged. 10 people were injured and two seriously. no deaths thankfully reported. april is the start of tornado
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season in that part of the country. to the race for the white house. mitt romney hit the tri-fecta tonight. the presidential candidate won contests today in wisconsin, maryland and the district of columbia. in his victory speech, romney spoke as if he were already the party's nominee. >> i don't want to transform america. i want to restore to america the economic values of freedom and opportunity and limit the government. >> pennsylvania and half of the other people in this country have yet to be heard. >> pennsylvania is rick santorum's home state. his showdown with romney takes place there on april 24th. santorum finished second in wisconsin and maryland, and he was not on the dc ballot. as for president obama, he clinched the democratic nomination with wins in maryland and washington, d.c. obviously a near formality. a protest against a student fee hike turned violent in los angeles.
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as many as 30 students were hurt as campus police were pepper spraying demonstrators at santa monica college. two were hospitalized. at least a hundred students showed up for a two-tier system of fees due to go into affect in the summer. a san bruno advisory board recommended closing the elementary school closest to the 2010 pipeline explosion. the district says because of declining enrollment it wants to shutdown crest more elementary and transfer students to rolling wood. many crest more parents though oppose this plan. they say their children have been through so much during the devastating firestorm that damaged their neighborhood and killed so many there. the school board is expected to vote on the plan in two weeks. let's turn to the weather forecast. a little drizzle out there tonight. >> there sure is. let's check in with sandhya patel. i want to show you the light showers on live doppler 7hd. so far we have seen showers or drizzle in parts of the bay area. and it is measuring, believe
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it or not. th is along the cold front of the san jose and morgan hill is getting wet right now. we take you to street level where we are seeing showers around pearl avenue. and up to the north we go near antioch. we are still seeing a few light showers. you are likely going to run into drizzle or light showers. as you look at the winds it is gusty. gusts to 35 miles an hour out of the west at sfo and hayward and up to 31 in concord and fairfield. the cold front is going through which is why the wind is kicking up. here are the highlights. spotty, light rain tonight. scattered showers tomorrow. we are looking at cool and breezy conditions the next two days. here is how much cooler it is going to run tomorrow. napa goes from 68 today to 61 degrees tomorrow. it is going to be breezy. a 7 degree drop. san jose dropping 7 degrees and only 60 for a high tomorrow. san francisco by the way 6 degrees cooler. running cooler than where you should be for this time of year. and here is what is
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contributing to. it the cold front is coming through and bringing us the rain. here is what will reinforce the cooling. it is a trough that will come through bringing cooler air. we will go with cool and breezy days ahead for your wednesday and thursday. here is a quick look at the computer animation. a few showers behind the front. it is going to be a hit and miss shower. 10:00 a.m. we could see more moisture moving through parts of the bay area. and then we see a few pop up showers. you will see sunny breaks for your wednesday, but it will be cooler and breezy, and you may need the umbrellas as we will see a few showers developing for your wednesday. make sure you have your shades and your umbrellas as you head out the door. most areas are in the 40s first thing in the morning, whatever you want to call it. tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and sunny breaks and 56 degrees in san francisco. breezy out there. 57 half moon bay. 60 in san jose. vallejo 59. 60 in santa rosa and only 52
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in clear lake. for the monterey bay, it will be breezy as well. 61 in santa cruz and 56 for new monterey. here is jobing accu-weather seven-day forecast. scattered showers for wednesday. you will see sunny breaks out there. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. cool and breezy for your thursday. we are warming it back up just as you hit the weekend. easter sunday, low 60s to low 70s. i have to warn you, just in case you have plans on easter sunday, one computer is hinting at rain. carolyn and dan, i am going to be an optimist for now. >> i tend to find a lot of easter eggs. >> i hope you can go with dry weather. we will keep you posted. >> thanks. people have wished for a beatles reunion for years. >> now their songs are trying to create the next best thing.
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less than two weeks away. april 17th to be exact. tax experts answered questions in our 7 on your side offices. if you missed it, we have the questions and answers from today posted at just click on 7 on your side.
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of course a beatles reunion is no longer possible, but how about a band made up of the sons of the legendary fab four. paul mccartney's son, james, says he would be happy to join the group. she discussed it with sean lennon, donny harrison and they are into it. ringo's son, jason would be involved and not zach who is a drummer with the who, by the way. james mccartney is a singer-song writer on tour in the united kingdom. there he is performing. that's a new twist on a tribute band. >> you know they would sell tickets. >> for sure. >> larry beil? >>? sports, sharks are this close to locking up a play of yo spot. they are also close to missing a playoff entirely. free dental work in dallas, and then he gets pay back. sports next.
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with two games left the sharks are clinging to a playoff spot. they could still win the pacific division or drop out of the post season. it is that tight. but they took care of business in dallas.
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with all kinds of pressure on the goalie. it was a 1-1 game in the second period. it was- it was 2-1. his first goal as a shark and it tie itself at two apiece. the power play and the redirect of the pass. early third and joe thorton and ouch a stick in his face. knocked out a front tooth. back to him in a moment. savesave of the jeer and -- save of the year and a breakaway. 31 saves. a toothless thorton is a motivated thorton. he goes top shelf. they add an empty netter and five straight goals. the sharks stay in the top eight in the west and they will finish up with two games against the first place l.a. fresh off signing his new hundred million dollar deal with the giants, matt cane took the mound for san francisco in oakland. game two of the bay bridge series.
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giants take cane to a 1 h of 0 lead -- 1-0 lead. hammered by josh reddick, and he was one of the new ones they acquired in the off season. five innings and strikes out six. a little d behind him. brandon alan a base hit. he tries to score from second. ely white side with the tag and he is out. giants take the lead in the fourth. brandon belt, a base hit up the middle and aubrey huff in. giants hold on for a 3-2 win. they are back in san francisco tomorrow. warriors drop in on memphis. they came in on a five-game losing streak. robinson with back to back three's. then the grizzlies get serious. gilbert arenas, the ball was taped up and


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