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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  July 4, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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they identify the children as four-year-old, paradise mahasin. six-year-old antwaun johnson. 7-year-old zan johnson and alyaja johnson. they are apparently related to the three-year-old boy. he is in critical condition in children hospital. the children's mother, stepfather and baby-sitter have all been charged with inflicting injuries on a child. they are being held in jail tonight. missing children are likely at the home of another family member and are at risk perhaps. police are trying to obtain photos for the media. anyone with information is urged to call oakland police. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. >> breaking news, fire crews are battling a three-alarm brush fire in the southwest area of palm dale. three water dropping helicopters
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are tackle the flames from above. so far the brush fire has blackened 200 acres. the blaze broke out about 9:15 so a little under two hours ago and quickly spread to 20 acres as it was pushed by the winds. no evacuations have been ordered again this fire has been spreading rather rapidly. our other top story, developing news in san francisco police have seized a frightening amount of explosives, powerful enough to do incredible damage. john alston is live in the mission district. these are not fireworks but explosives? >> reporter: as far as police are concerned. this all started with a tip from a concerned resident. police say they got permission from the suspect to search his house. what they found was dozens of homemade explosives with a total power of 12 and a half sticks of dynamite.
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>> agnus is one of of the people oh on the street right in the middle of the scare in the afternoon. it was in the apartment above hers they found 63 homemade explosives with the power of a quarter to half a stick of dynamite. >> they knocked at the door. to go down to the corner -- that is when they said something about a bomb scare. >> she says it was her son-in-law 44-year-old jerry lopez. they arrested him on charges of possessing destructive devices and explosives, both felonies. they say he is felon in possession of a firearm. >> police say they found 63 explosives, equivalent to about 12 1/2 sticks of dynamite.
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>> the bomb squad conducted its search. >> she said that the police had knocked on her door and told her to shelter in place. they were searching the house for explosives. >> while san francisco police say they confiscate illegal fireworks these devices were in a totally different league. >> they could do severe damage especially to a person. even one if it f were to ruptured in your hand or exploded in your hand, you could lose a limb or your life. >> reporter: police are not sure if they were intended to be sold. they would not get into his previous felony convictions. she booked in the county jail. -- he is booked in the county jail. san francisco police say the illegal fireworks business is sharply going in chinatown.
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buyers are turning to craigslist for their fireworks but they have a ramped up effort to keep a profile on the streets of chinatown that sell a lot of fireworks. a new development in a story. this small grass fire was started by illegal fireworks. the 40-year-old san francisco man is under arrest for it. they were over the scene a few minutes after it started. it only burned about an acre. firefighters got it out very quickly. >> a man in the right place at the right time. that is what firefighters are saying about a good samaritan who sprang into action when he saw a house on fire. lisa amin gulezian is live to explain what he did. >> reporter: believe it or not he ran into the burning building even though firefighters from this fire station were just
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minutes away. >> as a young kid i remember elementary schools, firefighters teaching about fire safety. >> those memories came rushing back as he saw the house on fire. you can see the smoke billowing out in this photograph. as he approached the burning house he dialed 911 and saw an elderly woman standing in the doorway frozen. >> it was very smoky and i went in. >> running into the building and remembering his lesson to stay low to the ground. he followed the woman into her bedroom. meantime, the fire was starting in the kitchen was growing. >> came out for air. i went back in and helped her out. came out the side door and out the window. >> she was fine. she was wearing roberts' black
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t-shirt because she was just getting out of shower when the fire started. that is why she went back to her bedroom instead of out the front door. she was alone in the house when the fire broke out. >> her he showed me the house he had bought for them a year ago. the family spent today packing knowing this day could have ended differently as robert hadn't been walking by. >> we are happy that he was uninjured and without his life saving heroics she could have been seriously injured or worse. >> a total of eight people including three children have been displaced because of this fire. the red cross is helping out.
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>> dan: two people accused of starting a devastating pre-dawn fire in san francisco's bayview district are under arrest now. 48-year-old erin kennedy and ronald weeks told them they were squatting in the abandoned building when the fire broke out. four-alarm blaze destroyed one home and damaged three others. police say witnesses told them they saw weeks running down the street with a gas can after the flames broke out. they were arrested when they returned to the scene. >> an abandoned apartment building burned after 8:00 in the mission district. firefighters worked fast to put out the flames. you can see them hacking into the roof of the building. they are trying to figure out how that fire started. the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff r mir in mir will -- ross mirkarimi. she is here speaking with the
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i-team reporter dan noyes. she agreed to testify at mirkarimi's ethics commission hearing if the city paid for her round trip plane ticket. the mayor decided against using taxpayer money and instead she will testify by video. the mayor suspended mirkarimi after he pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge. >> occupiers return to an elementary school after police cleared them out early this morning. a group of about 30 people showed up at lake view elementary including a parent who was arrested earlier today. this time protestors did not set up a camp. they are upset. lake view elementary is among four schools that senior closing. oakland police moved in and cleared dozens of occupiers out who had been sleeping at the school. they returned this evening but did not set up a new camp. up next, brazen bike robbery, a man's $10,000 bike
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taken at gunpoint. >> look at this an suv going airborne, what had to this stretch of highway that caused that near tragedy. that is all coming up and later on "nightline". coming up next on "nightline", a missing millionaire and a nasty legal battle putting his wife against his mother inside a $100 million good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> dan: robbers have crossed into new territory in shaking the east bay cycling community. gunman robbed a bicyclist. it happened in the pine hills. >> the pine hurst is a popular route in the hills east of oakland. >> you ride a bike to get away from the city and get away from the cares of everyday life. you don't want that following you out there. >> but east bay park police say
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the tranquility was shattered after a 44-year-old cyclist was robbed at gunpoint while riding on redwood road. >> he noticed a van that came to a stop. >> the cyclist rode in here to the mcdonald's staging area and called for help. the van followed the man and that is when the suspect confronted him with a gun. >> the u.c. berkeley sociology professor said he took his gold necklace and his expensive road bike. he threw the bike back of the van and took off with another man driving. >> in that, i can't think the last time we had a robbery be it an armed robbery. >> stealing these expensive bikes is quite common elsewhere. they often end up in flea markets or craig listed.
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he tracked his stolen bike to modesto. >> i believe it got sold somewhere in clearinghouse in modesto. it's an organized group of people that like to steal here and they take it down and do the same and bring them up here. >> word of the robbery has spread through the community and many cyclists are saying to ride in groups and stay vigilant. veteran east bay congressman pete stark are gearing up for the serious reelection challenge. he was at a labor rally trying to solid my his base. he beat eric swalowel by seven points and is now referring to debate him. asked that stark got testy with political reporter mark matthews. >> why wouldn't you debate him?
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>> because stupid questions you are asking that have nothing to do with issues. i'll talk to anybody about issues but not about nonsense. >> dan: there you have it. he did hold one debate in which he accused him of taking bribes. he later had to retracted that and apologize. >> in oakland a pitcher autographed baseball to raise money for wildfire victims in his colorado hometown. he is from colorado springs, epicenter of one of state's worst wildfires ever. he gave he and his teammates $20 per autograph with every pen going to victims. the colorado springs fire is now 80% contained with full containment in the city itself. extreme heat buckled a stretch of roadway in wisconsin causing an accident looked like something out of a movie. you can see an suv go airborne
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when it hit the road. the woman who took the video was shocked but called 911. the two people in the suv were able to walk away but they were taken to the hospital with neck and back pain. crews have since repaired that road but very strange but not hurt seriously. it's so hot in many parts of the country and sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> that excessive heat is going to continue across parts of midwest and heat warnings and heat advisories are going for a good chunk of that part of the country. with heat indices they have heat and humidity of 110 degrees. our weather is mild in comparison. we're concerned about fog. we do have patches of fog beginning to form near the coastline. earlier tonight this was a short time ago from high definition roof camera. we got a spectacular shot of the
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full moon rising and the skies are pretty clear as we were looking out over the bay. big question is, will the skies remain clear tomorrow night for the fireworks in san francisco? tenancy right now 50s and 60s inland and 73 degrees in antioch. here are the highlights. fog returns to the coast and bay tonight. mild to warm for the 4th of july. really looking great for all your plans tomorrow and a warmer pattern sets up this weekend. so let me show you the satellite picture and you can see what is going on. low pressure inland and high pressure over the pacific bringing the wind flow from high to low to steady onshore flow. that keeps the fog coming in the night and morning hours and then we start to see clearing for bay side and inland communities in the afternoon. tomorrow morning we are expecting fog right now. it's patchy right now around the coast and more fog in the morning and in parts of the bay.
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temperatures will be in the 50s. if you are going to any morning parades just bundle up. that is all i can tell you. then the fog will pull away and burn off for most of bay area communities. temperatures in the afternoon, low 90s inland, and it's going to be a warm day and put much a summertime pattern. 60s at the coast. we'll see some fog hanging on to the coastline and hugging the coast. watch what happens to the fog. we'll start to see it roll back in over the bay as we head into 9:30 tomorrow night. it's a tough call but i will call for some fog right around the time the fireworks are getting underway tomorrow night. temperatures dropping down to the 50s. take a sweater or jackets. hopefully they will be able to shoot above the ceilings and you'll have a good show. temperatures, 67 in san francisco, 84 santa rosa and napa.
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73 degrees a warm 90-degree day in antioch. 64 in half moon bay. around the monterey bay, 66 in monterey. 84 degrees in morgan hill. here is a look -- and i want to show you the a's game forecast. if you going they play the red sox, sunny and mild upper 60 takes tees low 70s tomorrow at 1:00. a little cooler thursday and then it warms up as we head into the weekend. low 90s inland and mid 60s coastside. sus tuesday we'll see numbers rise even more. mike nicco will be at 4:30 tomb morning tracking weather for the fireworks. >> dan: you are part of a new effort, people are using these alarm clocks and using smarted phones. check this out. >> well, it is the new alarm clock app. >> you can download to your
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iphone and you can hear a wake-up call from the weather team, myself, spencer, mike or you can choose your own. >> also displays local headlines and traffic alerts and all all the information you need. it is completely free and available now at the apple app store. search for abc news san francisco alarm. pretty handy stuff. >> local favorite goes for the gold in competitive eating, that time of year,
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>> dan: a reminder about the sleep train campaign. for every like we get on facebook page, one dollar will go to help foster kids in need. go to, your life could change a life. south bay's reigning food king is in brooklyn, new york to defend his crown. joey chestnut weighed in at 218 pounds ahead of tomorrow's hotdog marathon. he is going for his sixth
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consecutive victory. he is also defending his record, 68 franks
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the a's are loaded with former red sox players and that is who did the damage. josh and errand on hit homers and tonight coco crisp did it. no language barriers when it comes to celebrations. colon had troubles and tied it and ee eats up chris carter. brandon moss, pay back. 2-2 game. chris started it and he'll end it. plenty of distance on the fly ball to center.
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he races home from third a come from behind 3-2 a's victory. chris will get a little pie in the face afterwards and he loved it. >> i got it in my eyes and in my nose. do this michael jordan style. >> a tradition. and in tonight's game in washington, d.c., melky cabrera one for three at the plate and jordan zimmerman, tim lincecum struggles and r.b.i. single and in the third, after a to run bomb. washington goes up 5-0 and leads in the fourth with the bases loaded. michael morse takes care of that. a career 8 run, 7 earned, 9-3 the final. this sports report brought
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to you by river rock casino. >> the pie in the face, that is enough of that. >> thanks, shu very much. >> "nightline" is coming up next. for sandhya pasel larry beil and shu. remember the alarm clock app completely free and available now at apple app store. search for search for san francisco alarm. have a safe and happy 4th of july. have a good night.


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