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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  July 18, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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. >> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. it is happening in san francisco, sky 7 hd is live over the scene where police have shot an assault suspect. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. we'll have more on that story in a moment. right now this story a rowdy and bizarre protest -- we are going right to vic lee at the scene of that shooting. >> reporter: shooting san which is the corner of davis and washington behind me at the embarcadero just moments ago an ambulance
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carted away a man who had been shot by an officer on that corner. police tell me the man rushed the officer with a knife and that's when he was shot. it all began on pier 17 this morning when police say the man stabbed a fellow worker at the pier. we don't know the condition of that victim. paramedics would not tell us. that man, according to police, apparently ran from the pier to the corner of davis and washington that's when police saw him and that's when the shooting began. we are waiting for the assistant chief to appear here at this crime scene. she will be here shortly to talk to us. we will keep you updated. right now rowdy and bizarre protest going on at usc f mission bay in
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san francisco where students are turning to theatrics. amy hollyfield is live outside the meeting. >> reporter: it was quite entertaining. as police were ing in and telling everyone they wanted the room cleared the protesters left willingly, no arrests were made but they made sure they finished their rehearsed and choreographed statement. they were dressed as zombies but came to life during the uc regents meeting dancing to the song "thriller" while regents tried to call the meeting back to order. students say their tuition debt is killing them that's why they look like the walking dead. before they broke out into song and dance they used the public comment time to make their case for no more tuition hikes. >> i've come back from the debt, the debt that you all have dumped on me and tens of
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thousands of other students. >> reporter: the regents have a plan to freeze undergrad tuition for the fall. if the tax initiative on the november ballot doesn't pass tuition will likely group in january. the zombies say that is unacceptable. >> we understand that we have money at the uc and reject a 20.3% hike. >> reporter: uc officials seeped amused by the style of protest today but say students need to take their demonstration somewhere else. >> we hospital zombies will get out there and campaign for the initiative that's the key thing here. that initiative passes university california will go forward without deep cuts and more tuition hikes. >> reporter: one regent says he's as frustrated as the students. >> i'm glad they are here, stepping up and stepping in, it is remarkable there are not
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more people that show up to these meetings. >> reporter: the regents are still discussing the proposals, including a controversial one that would increase fees for grad students. they plan to vote later this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a san leandro woman helped catch the man police say burglarized her home in month, thanks to craigslist. he was arrested after he posted the stolen property for sale on craigslist. here are some of the items that were stolen, the victim began looking at craigslist follow burglary just in case the suspect was going to sell some of her goods. she saw items that looked like her property, they called the police, uncover officers posed as buyers and arrested him after determining those goods were stolen. santa clara deputies arrested one and looking for another after dis a large pot grow. these are pictures from questioned -- from yesterday's raid. deputies found between 10 and 15,000 plants and plan to
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destroy them. it took place near mount hamilton and kincade -- and kincade roads. one was taken into custody. today oakland's police chief thanked his officers for their patience with the new radio system that doesn't work well. the report was released yesterday and found the system didn't work properly from the beginning. 18 million dollars was implemented last year to replace a worse system. oakland police officers are dealing with that as they host miss from mexico today. never teaching and learning in the process. terry mcsweeney went for a ride along earlier today and joins usly from the police station with more. >> reporter: the oakland pd latino's peace officer's association and kaiser permanente thought it would be good to bring the mexican officers it turns out they
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have a lot in common. this is not your ordinary vehicle stop. the oakland police officer giving the ticket for an illegal u turn is being watched and documented by a member of the mexico federal police force. there's a lot learn about interacting with the public. a lot to learn about the far bigger issues of the day. according to ramon chavez that includes all the problems of organized crime. >> drugs, kidnapping, homicides. so many organized crime. >> reporter: oakland police can learn from them about one topic in particular. >> drugs, drugs, it is all about the tells right now. finding out -- about the cartels right now. finding out not necessarily their motivation obviously that is money but some of the methods they are using for
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packaging, some of the carriers they are using. >> reporter: today's ride along may lead to a ride along in mexico sometime in the future at the least it could lead to better corporation. >> we saw crimes we get the community engaged the way we use our technology is something we can share with others to make them better. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the welcome mat in oakland is out not just for those from mexico but other countries. any officers who want to come here to teach and learn. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. on the peninsula redwood city police department has a new crime fighting tool that they say is the first of its kind in the nation. the chief launched a video chat system with an officer call live guide allowing residents to chat with a police officer from their laptop or desk top about anything except a life-threatening emergency. the program is online monday
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through thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we have a link on under see it on tv. >> the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to testify today at her husband's continuing ethics investigation. eliana lopez is scheduled to appear before the ethics committee 5:00 this evening at city hall. a panel will died whether to recommend her re-- recommend ving mirkarimi over a domestic violence incident in which lopez suffered a bruised arm. her neighbor reported the incident. lopez has been in venezuela since march. in may she told i-team reporter dan noyes in an interview in caracas she feels the investigation is politically motivated and is taking a toll on her family. governor brown is in los angeles right now signing an eight billion dollar bill funding california's high speed rail. the state senate narrowly passed the bill two weeks ago, six billion will be used to start construction of the
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first segment of the train. caltrain will get nearly 600 million dollars to modernize its system with electric trains. the governor will be in san francisco this afternoon. we are staying on top of our breaking news in san francisco, sky 7 hd live over the scene of a police shooting on washington and davis streets police blocked off a couple blocks while they investigate. we'll go live back to reporter vic lee in a few minutes. rebel forces in syria say they hope it is beginning of the end of the government's regime. next, how the violence
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>> syrian rebels have hit the heart of the regime a bombing in the capital has killed three top officials and president assad's government president obama has already reacted imposing financial sanctions. katie marzullo joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the obama administration announce within hours of the bombing they freeze any assets those officials have in the u.s. and prevent american companies from doing business with them. here's the video out of syria now you can see the smoke billowing from the government offices in damascus. syria's defense minister was killed. the deputy defense minister was killed. he also president assad's
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brother-in-law. there are reports a former defense minister was killed. u.s. defense secretary panetta spoke today he paltz for -- he says that calls for assad to step down peacefully have fallen on deaf ears and today's event represents a real escalation in fighting. >> the violence has only gotten worse and the loss of lives increased which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. >> reporter: the regime is calling today's attack a suicide bowling. the rebel leader who is claiming responsibility says that is not true. that a bomb was planted in the building and those who orchestrated it are unharmed. also today the u.n. security council was scheduled to vote on a resolution to end the civil war in syria that vote has been delayed until tomorrow. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. clouds starting to break up, flight arrival delays into
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sfo okay san jose and oakland clouds look like fall clouds, we'll talk about how long below average temperatures will last. sky 7 hd still still following breaking news in san francisco where a police shooting has taken place following a stabbing. we have a live update from we have a live update from reporter vic lee on the scene. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now
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we want to bring you the latest on a police officer shooting in the financial district that happened this morning after stableing. vic lee is at the scene of the shooting on washington and davis seats way can you tell us? >> reporter: the latest here at the crime scene -- the shooting occurred on days and washington which is about a from me here. when we got here half an hour ago we saw a man lying on the ground being tended to by paramedics. of course with a lot of police officers around him. police say that the man rushed an officer with a knife and that's when he was shot. paramedics say that when he was put into an ambulance he was still alive but they did not i go us a condition report so we don't know what his status is. -- at san francisco general being treated. it started earlier in the morning when police say the man stabbed a co-worker on pier 17 which is a couple
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blocks away. the man then ran over to days and washington and that's when police cornered him that's the latest from the scene. the san francisco police public information officer is holding a press briefing about a away from here and that's where i'm headed to. we switch gears now and look at weather. just a matter of time as you can see the clouds are breaking up, pattern is opening and the threat of drizzle that we had this morning is just about -- over. let's take a look at one other place we can show you right now. that is down around san jose there we have a lot of sunshine going around and because of that temperatures are starting to warm nicely. you can see how -- live
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doppler you can see it is pretty dry right now it is showing that those clouds are starting to break up. lets head up north where we have the low from yesterday that brought the left of showers and cool conditions still spinning weakened as we talked about it would but still influencing our weather with cooler air pattern from the south showers and thunderstorms flirting with los angeles and san diego and that system is going to come up at us tonight could be thunder south of monterey and hollister overnight that could head into tahoe during the afternoon. something to keep an eye on during tomorrow's morning show. right now 71 los gatos everybody else in the 60s. monterey bay inland to salinas 60s, 71 gilroy impartly cloudy today and tomorrow, afternoon temperatures cooler than average by the weekend, away from the coast summer warmth will return today we are two
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degrees cooler than average in san francisco, 66, 69 oakland, four degrees cooler than average napa 74 with san jose, 73 redwood city, 10 in livermore, 11° cooler than average today many here's the low notice it hanging out not moving stuck in the bottom of this trough it will start to move out tomorrow. today it will keep us cooler 60s around half moon bay, san mateo, san francisco and oakland mid to upper 60s there everybody else in the 70s with the warmest weather inland in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s there as you head towards the southern sections of the santa clara valley around morgan hill. mid 80s throughout the central valley to upper 80s chance of thunderstorms and 71 around l.a. and san diego partly cloudy around tahoe and 72°. back home we have a day game over at coliseum only playing two games against the rangers they won last night, 6-1. today 12:35 first pitch, sunny,
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61, mild and 67 take the sunscreen going to be a bright afternoon tonight clouds roll back, hang out at the coast mainly around the bay a little fog up in the north bay valleys any drizzle you see in green mainly confined to the coast. for today none of us get out of the 70s tomorrow a few areas will tip the scale above 70 inland and then by friday mid to upper 80s there for your inland neighborhoods low 60s at the coast there's summer heat, saturday through tuesday low to mid 90s inland near 80 around the bay head to the coast for low to mid 60s. >> i love the way you put a positive spin. thanks mike. a drugmaker preparing to start selling anti-obesity dug before the end of the year. vivus shares are soaring today
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now that qsymia has gotten the green light. it combines an appetite suppressant with anti-seizure drug and has proven effective in trials. dr. besser tells us, it is not right for everyone. >> this is the drug for someone who is obese or someone who is severely overweight and has diabetes or high blood pressure or another medical complication of being overweight and they've tried to modify diet and exercise, they've worked at it and not making any headway. >> dr. besser warns there are side effects the drug must carry a warning about potential heart and birth defect risks specifically cleft palates pregnant women should not take qsymia, prescription only. right now, he would like to thank those of you who have helped us raise thousands of dollars for bay area foster children by liking us on facebook.
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>> if you want to make a difference in the lies of foster children locally go to our facebook page click the like button, one dollar will go to the sleep train dream campaign. still an the baby boom at the oakland >> we'll show you some of the newest additions. josh elliot has a look at what coming up on good afternoon america. hello! coming up here on good afternoon america we are keeping up with the kardashians. kris gender will be weighing in on moms and -- daughters okay for them be best friends. also we'll welcome the craft wars. lara and i competing to see who is the master crafter she has been running her mouth all morning and for good reason. also, actor jesse metcalf from does from it housewives family
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now starring in the remake of dallas we'll talk to him about @
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today at 4:00, michael finney shows the bargain white wines that are at the top of the consumer reports rankings. if you have $10 you can afford them. then at 5, new mystery behind da vinci's mona lisa unearthed
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behind a convent in italy. love is in the air at the oakland zoo. the results lead to a baby explosion. here are pictures of the little ones. >> they range from a squirrel monkey to milipedes, lizards and turtles and three baby wall radios. -- wall rules. >> bib squirrels -- >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be
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