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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  July 25, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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described as a wall of flames broke out and started spreading quickly toward the roof. photos were sent in by viewers of that wall of flames that broke out at that apartment building. there are three victims, one has died. two others have been transported to the hospital. firefighters say the fire broke out on the second floor and rapidly spread to the third building and that fire took about 10 minutes for firefighters to get water on and another few moments after that for it to get knocked down. we want to show you video from sky 7 this was the scene as firefighters climbed on top of that building and began tearing into the roof. spectators watched from the hill above this is sort of on cathedral hill. the firefighters ripped open the roof in order to damp the flames and try to get people out. people left in such a hurry they left breakfast dishes on
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the table, ran out of that building. as we told you, two transported to the hospital. a third not yet identified, has unfortunately, died. as we look back at the live picture you can see firefighters gathered outside the building they are in the mop-up stages trying to make sure all flames and embers are under control. that building not habitable. there is a section of the building that was not damaged that may be because of the stairwell that stopped the fire from spreading to the other part of that building or perhaps the separate structure next door we are not sure which is it now. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. now to the north bay where the city of vallejo had so much fire activity to deal with overnight it almost ran out of resources. they battled fires at a church and house across town from each other. the church on sonoma boulevard. amy hollyfield joins us from
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vallejo with more. >> reporter: we are in front of the house this fire was huge. everyone on duty was here trying to tackle it. firefighters say when that second call came in, they got an eerie feeling. only one fire engine pulled up to this fire in vallejo at 2:15 this morning with businesses on both sides of this burning church, they needed more resources but there was no one left in vallejo to call. >> initially, knowing we were by ourselves, i feared for the worst. i thought we would lose the building. >> reporter: all the other fire crews were at this fire which broke out 15 minutes before the church fire. when the second call came in, firefighters on this scene said, it was tough to watch a crew leave. >> we needed resort -- we needed resources to stay and we needed resources to the other firefighter. that's the price of doing business. >> reporter: doing business in vallejo has been tough since the city filed for bankruptcy in 2008, closing half of its
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fire stations. firefighters felt the shortage overnight. but, they say it could have been worse. federal grant has helped them start rebuilding the fire department. >> in the past year and a half we've hired 15 people which allowed us to open station 25 and put additional personnel on the truck. >> reporter: without those additions they say there would have been no one to attend to the church fire. they are still down six firefighters and to rely on mutual aid from other cities to put out the fire at the church. the church member says he knew about vallejo's budget problems. >> it do happen to you it hits you at home, whole different ballgame. >> reporter: he was devastated that his church caught on fire but relieved and great that the firefighters saved the building -- and grateful that the firefighters saved the building. the mayor thinks the city headed in the right direction. he doesn't know when they will
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get back to prebankruptcy staff levels but says that's the goal. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. state health inspectors shutdown a natural food distributor in the east bay saying it is infested with rodents. inspectors found dead and live rodents and urine contaminated products at the herb and natural food company's facility south of fremont. the company sells and distributes spices, herbs, teas and oils throughout the country. police investigating the theft of nearly 1,000 tickets to this weekend's gilroy garlic festival. $12,000 worth of tickets were stolen from the office between june th and july 2nd. some of those tickets were sold online. they will not be honored. officials say there are numbers on the tickets and they know which were stolen. half of them are adult tickets the other half for children
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and senior admissions. somebody opened fire this morning on a car carrying seven people, including four children, wounding the driver. it happened at hercules -- in hercules 10:45 last night near highway 4 exit. the children in the backseat included 3-year-olds, 8-year-old and 12-year-old. hercules police say the seven were riding in a white pontiac when somebody opened fire on the driver's side. the driver and front seat passenger were hit. the four children and cult in the backseat were not. -- and adult in the backseat were not. the driver drove to safety. >> vehicle spun out on highway 80 and was able to regain control and go on to willow and get off the freeway and go to the 76 circle k gas station where they contacted police officers already there on another call. >> police say they do not have a motive. two victims are expected to survive.
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so far, they've not been able to give police a description of the suspect vehicle. hercules police are asking anybody who saw anything suspicious on i-80 near route 4 last night around 10:30 to please give them a call. latest on the tragedy in colorado where with the first of the 12 people who died is being laid to rest today. funeral service being held for a 51-year-old father of four, he gone to the midnight showing of christian bale made n emotional visit to the hospital. >> reporter: bittersweet surprise it must have been for survivors of the massacre when they saw the actor who plays batman land like a hero in
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their hospital rooms. christian bale spent time with several people shot. he also spoke to doctors and first responders, brought flowers to the memorial near the theater and didn't announce any of it in advance to the media. >> he was amazing. he was kind. he was considerate. he was a true gentleman. >> reporter: at the same time, abc news has been learning more about the accused real life villain james holmes. a month and a half before the shooting he took a key oral exam, he reportedly failed and then he bought a high powered rifle that became part of his cache. experts say failing that test might have triggered a sickness. >> all of those things could make a dormant schizophrenia-type of genetic predisposition come out and come out quickly. >> reporter: yet n that movie theater, authorities say holmes acted like a focused
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marksman those guns and assault rifle in particular take lots of training and target practice to master. the shooter had what law enforcement officials call a high hit rate. as investigators try to figure out where he might have been trained one victim has a new son named hugo. his mother survived without sustaining any injuries. we hear mom and baby are doing great. caleb is in critical. stay with abc7 news for all the latest on the tragedy in colorado we are updating information as well on twitter. still ahead, big announcement for north korea's new young leader. what he is doing that his father never did new details in the family dispute involving michael jackson's mother and the questions raised over his will. hear what jackson's brother is saying.
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>> chad everett the blue-eyed star of the tv series medical center has died after battling lung cance he earned two golden globes for his role on medical center. his career spanned more than 40 years. he appeared in mulholland drive, melrose drive, chad everett was 75-years-old.
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this morning anaheim's mayor says the federal investigation will be launched into two deadly police shootings that sparked violent protests at least 24 were arrested last night when a crowd surged after being denied access into a packed city council meeting about the shootings. nearly 1,000 rallied in the streets. at least five were hurt, none seriously. anaheim's mayor says the . attorney's office will review the shootings and meet with fbi officials friday. >> i'm worried first and foremost about our community and getting to the truth and starting the healing process. anaheim is one of the safest cities of our size in the united states. >> this was the fourth day of protests in anaheim after police shot and killed two men last weekend, one was unarmed. we have developing news after days of turmoil among the family of the late michael jackson, there is word a judge has just appointed a nephew, tj jackson as a
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temporary guardian of michael jackson's three children. the judge temporarily suspended 82-year-old grandmother catherine jackson as the guardian because she is in arizona and had not spoken with them in more than a week. brr randy jackson raised questions about michael's will. he downplayed an altercation between janet jackson and michael's 14-year-old daughter paris, captured in security camera video footage monday. >> there was no slapping or calling of names, that never happened this is all meant to try to take the attention from a question that has not been answered. this will is fake. >> randy jackson and other siblings claim michael's will is a fake they want the executors of his estate to tell down. his will leaves his entire estate to his mother and three children and nothing for his siblings. mike nicco with the forecast. still have cloud cover, still have flight arrival
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delays into sfo. this has been the pattern we knew would it get greater before it got brighter and warmer. i'll tell you when summer will come back into the forecast. the skydiver known for going to extreme heights the big jump he did today and why he's already talking about what is next. the happiest place on earth may not be so jolly. what disney world officials @
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a skydiver pulled off amazing feat this morning he jumped from a helium balloon more than 18 miles above the earth about 96,000 feet. from austria landed safely near new mexico. next month he's aiming to make a record breaking jump of 125,000 feet or 23 miles. he hopes to break the speed of sound with just his body. we are not trying that. >> no. i get 18 feet off the ground i think that's how tall my ladder is. putting holiday decorations up. >> back to our summer weather pattern. >> kind of, we call it june gloom but it is july, it is here and has gotten deeper everyday. one of the areas that had few
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clouds this morning san jose, still a few lingering clouds east bay valleys were another area where we did not have many clouds this morning. at&t park in a little over an hour, going for the sweep of the padres sun starting to break out full forecast in a second. live doppler 7 hd you can see on top of mount omnium picking up how dry it is and how clouds thicker up to 2,000 feet didn't have the moisture in them so the drizzle was few and far between. satellite from space you can see a clearing trend, clouds hugging the coast going to be more stubborn today. 60s until you get to fairfield, antioch, san jose more sun low to mid 70s. monterey bay low to mid 70s inland upper 60s. with the slower reveal of sun we'll be about one to two
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degrees cooler today than yesterday mainly cloudy tonight in the same areas it was this morning. warmer weather starts this weekend. rebound about back to average over the weekend possibly warmer than average away from the coast next week. today 79 san jose same as yesterday oakland 69 safrancisco 66 one degree cooler concord fremont santa rosa, 80, and 75 two degrees cooler than yesterday low pressure to our north and east high pressure to our west sea breeze a little stronger also we don't have fronts or anything that would disrupt this pattern coming in going to remain this way today, tomorrow friday. low to mid 80s east bay valleys today upper 60s richmond berkeley and oakland closer to sea breeze away low to mid 70s east bay shore south bay 80s campbell, saratoga, los gatos.
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low to mid 70s peninsula, low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s downtown south san francisco, mid to upper 70s through your valleys. santa cruz 70, monterey 65, low to mid 80s gilroy and morgan hill, 12:45 first pitch mostly sunny, a little breezy, up to 64 you need the sunscreen. tomorrow just a couple degrees cooler again especially inland and then we take small steps pattern is so slow to modify we gain a couple degrees away from the coast, sunday back to average. monday, tuesday 80 bay, 90 inland still mid 60s at the coast. >> we are stuck with it and we love it, some of us do. mike thank you. interesting news out of north korea this morning. state tv there reporting
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kim jong un has gotten married. she has been seen with him recently at public events. north korea tv aired these cell pictures, she is the one in the red on the right of him. he took over leadership of the communist country after his father died in december this is unusual being seen together with his first lady, dramatic departure from the elder kim who never appeared publicly with his wife. disney world has told a park visitor he needs to look less like santa claus. he went for a family trip and people started asking for his autograph. he said he is used to be mistaken for santa and has dressed the part on occasion. he signed the autographs until a disney representative told him he needed to change clothes. he said he was not dressed like santa that day but wearing holiday-themed clothes. a spokesperson says the give was asked to change his attire
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because it was disruptive to our operations and confusing to our other guests, particularly children. disney is the parent company of abc7. here's josh elliot with what is coming up on good afternoon america. good to see you all in the bay area. coming up today on good afternoon america, the latest on the jackson family controversy. we go inside this boiling family feud with the latest details. also sizzling summer fashions, you guaranteed to love if you are a woman. and the one, the only whoopi goldberg here live. find out what she thinks about women who bring home the
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terrifying video of a whale turning against its trainer. critics say this proves how seaworld operates. then new findings that uncover agricultural tax subsidies may be contributing to america's childhood obesity problem. we would like to thank some of the many people who have helped raise thousands to bay area foster children by liking us on facebook. amber d from oak dale, jose g from redwood city -- and marsha w from fremont. you can make a difference and
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maybe get your name mentioned on abc7 news. just like abc7 news on facebook and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train dream campaign. sounds easy. >> love. >> absolutely. what do you say we talk about flight arrival delays no more at sfo now. of course oakland and san jose have been on time, still below average with sun everywhere away from the coast today, tomorrow, friday. warm they are weekend, summer is back next week. from all of us here at abc7 news thank you for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. our alarm app for the iphone wake up to the latest headlines, weather a
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