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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  July 31, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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an argument during an online game led to gunfire and vicious stabbing. it happened between two childhood friends. i'm larry beil. one minute they were playing a video game online, next minute one teenager racing over to his friend's house with a rifle and knife. the result was a stabbing in oakley. alan wang is at the contra costa sheriff's department. >> the sheriff's department says
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the suspect has been booked into the juvenile detention center not far from here. the mother of the victim says her son and the suspect have known each other since childhood and this will likely end a long time relationship between the two families. >> he walked into my house. i told him to get out. he pushed back and had the gun aimed at me and shot at my son. >> her son's friend fired a rifle and the bullet pierced several walls. the teenage boy begin stabbing her son, 16 times in all. >> all the way through his back. he stabbed him with something. >> no vital organs were damaged. after the stabbing police found the suspect at his oakley home where they chased him and arrested him. somebody closed it without commenting. >> he has been booked in
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juvenile hall for attempted murder. the two of them were online playing video games against each other. >> while this they were talking on online the suspect accused her son of interfering in a deal to buy marijuana. neighbor reacted to the news. >> it's nothing to fight over. it's california. >> many of the sfab wounds were superficial and he is recovering home tonight. the state public utilities commission tells us that the party bus operator involved in fatal accident had been fined for past violations. natasha loland died on southbound 17 while returning from a concert at shoreline. party bus of santa cruz passed the inspection in march but in
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2010 they were fined for failing to perform pre-employment drug testing. they got into a fight and the bus door opened and they both fell out near los gatos. noland was run over by the bus and her friends are still in shock over the zbleis kind of went numb. it's surreal. i'm expecting a text from her. it's pretty hard. it's not the same without her at all. >> driver has not been charged. the two passengers were arrested for public intoxication. it could take weeks to determine how the accident happened. >> passengers aboard a virgin american flight had quite a scare on a flight to san francisco. it started hits takeoff when the pilot suddenly hit the brakes. passengers were taken off the plane and put on a back-up plane that landed here before 7:00
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p.m. nick smith joins us live from sfo with the story. >> one passenger described it to me as being in the car that is going full speed and then all of a sudden have the driver slam on the brakes. that is because the flight from las vegas to san francisco usually takes about 65 minutes gate to gate. hers was delayed by more than seven hours. they aborted takeoff as the plane was speeding down the runway. >> they were slamming on the brakes and we knew it was not the normal thing. we were never in the air. >> if you are going really fast and you slam on the brakes. >> according to an a spokesman the pilot aborted the takeoff after receiving a warning from an indicator light. they are still investigating the specific issue but ultimately it's the pilot that the
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situation required a maintenance inspection and chose to return to the gate. >> it was really traumatic for me. >> her flight kam companion was rather philosophical about the whole thing. >> things happen on takeoff before you get up in the air than any time in the air. >> no passengers were injured and virgin did rebook those passengers on a separate flight on a different plane. they offered a travel voucher for future travel. pentagon announced that two northern california soldiers lost their lives late last week in afghanistan. a first lieutenant was killed by an ide and he was 23 years old. benjamin plates died a day later.
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no words on his death were released. >> the grad student involved in the massacre was charged with murder and 160 sounts of attempted murder. two murder counts for each of the 12 people including, include murder with deliberation and extreme indifference. both carry the death penalty. several spectators wore batman t-shirts to the hearing. it happened july 20th at the midnight premiere in the city of aurora. oakland police hope an unusual wallet will help them lead to a killer. a picture of one thousand peso note is on the outside of the wallet. the mechanic had arrived home when he was confronted by the man and that man shot him and took his wallet.
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six flags discovery has ruled out mechanical problems with it's new superman ultimate flight rollercoaster. they are voofg the incident and park crews are conducting tests on the computer programs that help run the ride. passengers got stuck 15 stories above the ground yesterday. the operator was able to restart the ride 90 minutes later and they brought the passengers down to safety. some people were disappointed that the ride was closed while others were more cautious. >> i had been wanting to ride it but not until what happened yesterday. >> everybody it was like, i was saying, yeah, come on. >> the $6 million rollercoaster opened one month ago and will now be closed indefinitely. welders that were working on historic pier accidentally started the fire.
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the building is slated to be a staging area for next year's america cup sailing races and welders had been working there the day of the fire. investigators say that is how a sponsoring got into a concrete wall and the whole thing went up. >> street crews used kitty it willer to clean up a slick situation in san francisco. a barrel full of used frying oil fell off a truck spilling 100 gallons of oil on fourth and howard street. crews had to block most of the lanes and dumped a bunch have kitty litter to soak up the oil. lanes were reopened by 5:30 this evening. >> water coming out of the tap in marin county is smelling kind of funky but it should dissipate in in a few days, they blame it on algae, because of warm sunny
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weather we're having. crews treated reservoir with safe chemicals. officials say the water tastes a little off but it is perfectly safe to drink. >> up next, home dna testing. in search of a seal of approval. they are exactly what is in our genes. 12-year-old defines grace under pressure when her granddad suddenly fell ill at the wheel. possible fix for santa clara's $30 million stadium problem just as the first steel beams start going up. coming up next on "nightline," olympic champs to tv stars, everybody seems to be ditching food. should you try going gluten
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do you wonder how long you are going to live?
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a company wants to give you the answers and is seeking fda approval. lilian kim as the story from mountain view. >> for $299 you can have this container shipped to lab. workers will analyze the cells and determine for getting everything from sorry system to parkinson's. >> the level of customers need to grow rapidly. we want to see explosive growth. >> ashley, chief legal officer for the company. so far 150,000 people have signed up for the company's service but in order to attract more customers, they are seeking fda approval. >> over the last few years, it's clear to us that th industry needs some oversight in order to
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grow. >> genetic testing industry has been criticized for offering misleading information and insufficient evidence that the test measures significant risk for diseases. many people we talked to say even without fda approval not interesting in obtaining it. >> if i did get the testing done and i'm predisposed to disease, i would be freaked out. i don't want to know. >> i think i would rather live my life. >> 23 and me is hoping for fda approval as soon as possible. the company says it could be a matter of months. she and her grandfather were driving home from an after noon of go-cart go.
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she slid under the steering wheel and tried to stop the car by pressing down with her hands, whether it didn't work she grabbed the wheel. >> i panicked. i started screaming. i unbuckled my seat belt. i avoided the telephone pole next to me. quick thinking. air bags deployed and she walked away with only a few bruises. >> a state senator is introducing a end of session bill. first steel beams of the stadium were installed today. meanwhile, a senator's measure would restore $30 million in funds earmarked for the stadium. that was diverted to local schools by an oversight committee. but they say the money promised for the stadium, quote, was
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enforceable obligation and the 49ers are also suing santa clara county to try to get that money back. we are gearing up for football season. we will broadcast two n.f.l. network games this year. first up the 49ers hosting seattle and then on december 6th raiders versus the denver broncos. it was a great weekend. especially if you like the warm weather and it looks like it's going to be here. sandhya patel joins us. >> i think you will be happy to hear the heat will stick around in the inland valleys. high temperatures for today, wide range of conditions, 61 in half moon bay this afternoon. all the way to 98 in antioch and livermore 37 degree spread from coast and inland. 93 in santa rosa. got up to 77 in oakland. 71 degrees in san francisco. do counted on another day of ride range conditions. east bay hills camera, a
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stunning sun set as you can see, sky chris cal tal clear. tonight as we check out live doppler 7, fog is really hard to find at this hour. you'll notice a few patches around gilroy and salinas. it's so thin that half moon bay is reporting fog but it's not showing up on the satellite picture. temperatures, 50s at the coast and look how warm it is in the inland valleys. 84 in antioch. that is not a typo, it's still very warm there. hot days inland through thursday. we're cooling down for the weekend so if you don't like the heat, relief is coming but it's this hot air mass that is dominating the southwestern united states and parts of our state of california. so tuesday through thursday, do count on hot conditions inland and mild at the coast. do you ever wonder why we get a wide range of conditions.
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higher pressure putting a lid on the fog, basically underneath than area of high pressure and as the air sinks, it suashes down the fog layer. and coastal areas remain comfortable but away from this marine influence inland gets cooking. low to upper 60s in the upper valleys. we start on out with the patchy fog. right through 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning and then the fog will hang on through some parts of the coastline. 60s along the coast, 90s inland. 86 in san jose.outh bay and sun. 82 redwood city and palo alto. 62 in pacifica. 68 in downtown san francisco get you up to the north bay. low 90s around santa rosa and calistoga.
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sea breeze will come in slightly sooner than this. heading inland and it will be hot. 95 in livermore. 96 in antioch. 65 in monterey. seven-day forecast, hot inland the next three days, mild at the coast. cool it off starting friday and you won't feel it in the weekend numbers in the 90s. mike nicco will be here at 4:30 with complete updates and weather forecast. up next, shedding light on risky behavior among college students. we want to take a moment, thank you bay area for helping us raise thousands of dollars for foster kids. here are a few names we want to pass along. you can still make a difference and maybe get mention order the news. like us right now on facebook and one dollar gets donated to the sleep train dream campaign.q
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a new study found college
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students that drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks is more likely to have sex. it may play a role on hookup culture. mixing alcohol with energy drinks increases the kraivg for another drink. caffeine makes it harder for people to assess their level of intoxication. >> somebody out there holds a winning lottery ticket worth $52 million and he or she may not know it. it was bought in fremont at the quick stop convenience store. nobody has come forward to claim the prize. regulars came by after hearing the news. pretty sure mike shumann doesn't have the ticket because he is here. >> what a night in our local, both are at home. a's hosting tampa bay and giants
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the giants and mets four-game set at at&t park and what a wild one it was in game one. torres, gets a standing. 1-0 in the fourth, double down the line, two runs score, mets go up 2-1. madison bumgarner's only mistake he gave up two runs, struck out nine. sergio romo gives up a 2-1 shot and game tied at 4. still in the eighth, double to wall, brings in another run. giants rally after a buster posey r.b.i. double but the
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score is tied at sixth. on the mound, he does it with a solo shot. mets go up 7-6? >> still in the tenth, a bunt, he looks to second, clay, there is a guy coming home. one scores. meth dodgers also lost. 8-7 is your final. >> a's return home for ten games stopping off with tampa bay, struggling home with an r.b.i. double and former a, carlos goes off of a.j. griffin and pena's double we're tied at 2. and they take the lead in the sixth, matt joyce, see ya! bottom of seven, that is out of
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here. we're tied at 3 in the bottom of the 13th, larry beil will have your complete highlights coming up at midnight. all right raiders kicked off the training camp with a new head coach, dennis allen. you can tell right away there was a different feel. players were flying around from drill to drill and sense of urgency and this on day one. biggest challenges will be eliminating penalties. raiders led last season with a record 163 penalties for another record, 1358 yards. >> to win in the national football league you have to learn how not to beat yourself. that is one of the things thing that causes you to lose. at the


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