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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we support chick-fil-a in their stand on family values. >> this is an issue of freedom of speech. it is an eshoe of equality and human dignity. >> chick-fil-a restaurants become rallying points as suddenly eating a sandwich becomes a stand in support of traditional marriage. i'm larry beil. dan ashley has the night off. the company's ceo announced his personal po opposition to samex marriage. this is the scene live in fairfield outside the bay area's only chick-fil-a restaurant. they ran out of food this afternoon it was so busy. more on that in a moment. first, steve has the story from atlanta where the company has its headquarters. >> reporter: for the thousands of chick-fil-a supporters who today crowded the company's
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restaurants a chicken sandwich never tasted so good. today they came to line up with support of traditional marriage in houston, miami and at food courts across the country where the lines wrapped around the mall. >> this is my second one today and i will do another one tonight on the way home from work. >> reporter: chick-fil-a has long handed out millions to group that fight against protections for gay americans but it was these words from the company president that sparked the fire. >>hink we are inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our first at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. >> in atlanta, where chick-fil-a is based sonya holmes told me she came out today to support mr. kathy. >> from my standpoint you can believe in what you want to believe in. i happen to agree with his beliefs because i do believe in marriage is between a man and a woman. >> reporter: at home, reverend billy graham got himself a taste today and so did former governor mike h huckabee he who organized the event and this
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week the palins are all about chick-fil-a, too. mayors from three major cities vowed to block new stores. >> chick fill playmakerchick-ft chicago values. >> some said they support gay marriage but plan to support the chicken anyway. >> i don't support the politics but i support the food so go chick-fil-a. >> go back to fairfield. alan wang is there live for us tonight. alan? >> reporter: larry, this chick-fil-a was supposed to stay open until 10:00 at night but support was so huge out here that they ran out of food and had to close around 5:30 this evening. supporters began lining up here around noon today. at its peek the line stretched around the parking lot of the mall here in fairfield. many of them were incensed at san francisco mayor's ed lee's tweet warning chick-fil-a to stay out of his city after the
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company's ceo expressed his views against same-sex marriage. >> just because somebody comes out and voices their opinion that they are are scrutinized lie mainstream figures like the mayors and politicians and demonizing this man simply for voicing his opinion. >> we serve jesus and so because they are standing for righteousness we are going to support that. >> i see nothing but a long, long line of people who support discrimination and hate and bigotry. >> my hope for them is that they realize god has a way out from that and that they can be free and don't have to live in that bondage. >> the restaurant owner says they began running out of sandwiches and everything else on the menu and started turning customers away around 4:00 and giving them coupons for are free chick-fil-a sandwiches. look live here, more than three hours since the restaurant closed but still seeing a
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steady stream of customers driving up to support chick-fil-a. we will have more on this story tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. larry? >> all right, alan, we'll see you then. >> there was a counter protest today in san jose, much smaller than what we saw in fairfield. supporters same-sex marriage picketed outside this restaurant set to open later this month. on friday they have a larger protest planned. same sex couples across the country are expected to converge on chick-fil-a locations for national same sex kiss day. this is far from over. san francisco police tonight are explaining why they failed to search the car of a homeless man after he admitted having a shotgun and rifle. they confiscated the two weapons and later found an arsenal that included 5800 rounds of ammunition. lyanne melendez brings us up to date. >> reporter: this is what police found in robert john's car one day after the colorado
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theater shooting. weapons, 5800 rounds of ammunition and survivalist gear. this is how the police chief described the find. >> substantial. >> reporter: yet police admitted they had the chance to search john's car in late june when they first confronted him. at that time he voluntarily gave them only two weapons. the homeless man was also rambling and making threats. >> he made other statements regarding the fact that he might want to harm his family so the decision was made that he would be bound over for amental evaluation at general hospital and officers took him there. >> reporter: police never searched his car even though they had probable cause. >> his car was not towed at that time. we didn't do a toe inventory search of the vehicle. >> i believe that if the officers had taken this as a criminal case in the beginning they he wouldn't be wrong to do so and a search of the vehicle would be lawful. >> police did on july 22 after he was released from general
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hospital and began harassing neighbors near golden gate park. in neighbor says john's car was parked near his house for weeks. >> so it fed the homeless situation here there was that massive homeless thing going on for four weeks. >> the district attorney's complaint also states that johns imported one of the guns into california and planned to sell it. police also revealed that names of national politicians were found inside the car. the fbi confirmed it is assisting sfpd in the investigation. chief sur stands behind the decision made by his officers. >> and now we have all of the weapons and nobody was harmed. >> reporter: neighbors also told me another man hung out with johns and he were concerned he was still out there but police this afternoon told me they have arrested the second man on unrelated charges. that is all they would say. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a group representing the families of the patients at the sonoma development center is demanding an outside investigation into the tasings
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that took place last fall there. abc 7 news reporter vic lee tonight with new reaction to the story we investigated with our media partner california watch. >> very upsetting and that somebody would do this to our family members who are pretty much helpless to defend themselves. >> reporter: kathleen miller heads the group of family members and advocates of those who live at the sonoma developmental center. this is home to people with severe disabilities. miller's autistic son dan is a resident. fortunately, he was not a victim of the taser attacks. as president of the parent hospital association she he wants answers. >> the families are going to want to know and be realize assured that things are going to be taken seriously and handled in an effective efficient manner. >> reporter: but were they? the investigation was conducted by the o srm or offense of protective services the center's in-house police department. last september the director of the center received a message
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on his answering machine. the anonymous caller said someone had a stun gun and a was using it on patients. the man was identified as psychiatric technician assistant archie malora. he worked at the center almost 14 years. doctors confronted him the day after the phone call. they found the taser in h his car and a loaded glock semi automatic pistol and a separate magazine with five rounds. he was placed on administrative leave but never arrested. a subsequent probe by the state public health department reveals that nurses photographed patients in his care and found suspicious abrasions on the buttocks, arms, and back of 12 people. a forensic pathologist concluded the marks were consist eastbounent with a tas.
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all of the reported victims have extreme difficulty communicating. when questioned one person uttered the words stunned and malora's name. malora was eventually fired. we tried to talk to malora but he did not respond to our requests for an interview. court records show in april malora pleaded no contest to misdemeanor possession of a loaded firearm. he got probation and a $190 fine in lieu of jail time. but malora was never charged with the reported taser assaults. charges that if convicted could have given him serious prison time. we may never know why because our requests for interviews with officials for the center and the offense o office of pre services were denied. we also wanted to know why it didn't ask help with more seasoned investigators from the sonoma county sheriff's
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offense. a spokesman for the state developmental services department sent us a statement saying the sheriff's office made the determination not to intercede but the sheriff's department told us we offered to assist in their investigation but we were told they didn't need our help. miller believes an outside law enforcement agency should be to investigate major crimes at the developmental center. she he can't believe there has been no arrests. >> it is devastating to the families. you have to let people know that we are serious about this. that is how you prevent further abuse. >> the d.a.'s offense tol offis they only went after him on the gun charge because the office of protective services never referred taser assaults for criminal prosecution. now, the d.a. office has received additional information and they will begin reviewing the taser case. vic lee, abc 7 news. a lot more to get to on this wednesday night. coming up, millions spent and little to show for it. the latest black eye for the
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oakland police department. also, they came in it guns blazing to rip off this store and then they couldn't get out of there fast enough. what had the robbers running for their lives. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. one more hot day inlanded before the weekend arrives. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and hanging by a thread. a california hiker clinging
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a scathing new report accuses of the oakland police department of wasting almost $2 million on high tech equipment some of which it never even used. four of the 12 tech systems the department bought were never deployed. the audit called another the shop spotter underutilized. the report places much of the blame on a crucial lack of communication between the police department and city's department of information technology. >> and we have every intention of looking at every recommendation and doing whatever we can to comply with those recommendations. >> right off the bat, oakland has authorized the police department to hire a head of technology of its own to help make sure that nothing like this happens again. well, dramatic video of a jewelry store robbery in southern california that did not go the way the robbers had
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planned. five suspects running into the store, two armed with handguns. they point the guns at the employees and a customer and the other three men demanded that money be put in pillow cases. the female owner of the store saw what was going on and grabbed her own gun. >> she fired two rounds towards the suspects which caused them to flee the store. as one was running out he fired one round into the ceiling of the store. >> fortunately, nobody was hit by any of the gun fire. the suspects took off. police are investigating whether this incident is connected to a robbery at another jewelry store which took place on monday. a pres fresno county sherif says he has never seen anything like that. one of his deputies executed a death defying move to save a hiker. lawrence bishop was sure he was living the last moments of his life. he was clinging for two nights and two days. he was on dog tooth peak east
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of fresno. he was hurt and hallucinating and trembling on a small ledge. he thought he was a goner when saw half a dozen rescue drews. he tried to grab ahold of a rock and a deputy looks up to see him starting to fall and the deputy sprinted up the side of the mountain that is usually so slick people fall on it. he grabbed him and pushed him back up on to a safer spot until he could be tethered and flown off the mountain. that is a very lucky man tonight. >> amazing. let's get to the forecast. spencer christian is here. >> thinks looking good much like all week long. warm inland and cooler at the coast. a live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. cooler and calm conditions. the bay bridge there. san francisco in the background. fog at the coast which is pushing a little bit out towards the bay but not all the waycr a the bay yet. another view of that from live
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doppler 7 hd. all is calm and all is quiet here. a little bit of coastal fog. a closer look gives you a better view of the fog basically south of the golden gate from the golden gate southward along the coastline of san francisco and san mateo county. santa cruz county the fog pulls away from the coastline. 83 degrees still in antioch. warm inland east bay. 75 con card. 27 liver more. 62 -- 72 liver more. 62 oakland. fog near the coast and the bay -- locally over the bay tonight. we'll see hot conditions inland again tomorrow. that will be the last of the really hot days for awhile. cooler pa torn begins to develop on friday and settles in for the weekend. let's take a look at our forecast animation starting at 11:00 tonight. notice little patches of coastal drizzle developing during the overnight and early morning hours. mainly just a foggy event around the coast and bay but could be spots of drizzle as
9:19 pm
late as 5:00 tomorrow morning. low temperatures overnight mainly in the mid 50s. pretty mild as it has been all week long during the overnight hours and, once again, we do expect patches of coastal drizzle. let's resume the animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. high of 60 at pacifica with fog. oakland with a high of 73 as we move inland to the east bay a little bit and then in the far inland east bay brentwood a high of 97 degrees. that is our typical 60 plus degree spread of temperatures from coast to inland in the summer time weather. here is a look at how things will develop in the south bay tomorrow. sunny skies. warm. with you not hot. look for highs mainly in the low to mid 80s. 83 cupertino and san jose. 82 santa clara. on the puniness that mild. 76 san mateo. 79 redwood city. highs of 60 at pacifica and 62 at half moon bay. easy for me to say.
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downtown san francisco a high of 67 tomorrow. 61 in the sunset district. in the north bay nice and warm all across the region. highs mairnly from mid 80s to mid 90s. 86 napa. 884 ped due84 petaluma. 93 at danville and pleasanton. monterey bay highs in the low 70s near the bay upper 80s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast. big cooltown coming for the weekend. saturday inland highs only in the mid 80s. mid 70s around the bay and 58 to 60 on the coast. that pa patients tern will hold until mid week next week. one more to the day. >> it is a major curiosity. coming up the replica of the new mars rover and the excitement this weekend's mars landing is creating right here in the bay area. plus, fans hope he makes a
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th is amazing. nasa a date with mars. the curiosity lover is due to land late sunday night and with every passing hour the tension is building. a full kale replica on display in san francisco and wayne freedman got a look at that and the scientist who has a pretty big stake in this mission. >> reporter: in a hall at nasa ames in mountain view the sound of expectation is silence mostly. in the corner of room 205 b dr. jen blank can tell you all that. >> is this a glamorous business? >> no. >> a nervous business? >> yes. >> reporter: because after 125 million miles the space craft carrying the curiosity
9:25 pm
rover has locked on to mars and now we are waiting for sunday night's incredibly complex landing that goes by the unofficial name 7 minutes of terror. >> actually it will be more like 14. >> 7 minutes to get down and then 7 minutes more for the confirming radio signals to reach earth. there is one other dramatic back story that will play out through monday night's landing. has to do with all of the people that work for nasa who are what they call contractors. her income is partly dedrived by the work she does on the mission but if curiosity doesn't get down in one piece. >> if if it crashes i will be looking out of a job. >> earth lings came from near and far to what would on mars be an alma sheen. >> an ain mazing feat that they are trying. today he helped explain curiosity's functions and goals. >> this mission is about carbon
9:26 pm
and organic mo molecules, the building blocks of life. >> dr. blank will be analyzing data from staff small laser on top of the rover that can shoot beams at target 7-meters away. she will be able to could chemical analysis. think of her as part of the martial scout team. >> bel be able to say hey, that rock is interesting or that target is interesting and we should go there and maybe dig. >> and so the best laid plans now awaiting an outcome. from mass a ames in mountaineer view and the exploratorium in mountaineer view. the exhibit runs until september 16. eye sore no more. dozens of goats gone from a north bay home and neighbors have the abc 7 i-team to thank. a home owner's solar panel
9:27 pm
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, just a couple of weeks ago they were friends and they were all within the same gang, if you will and now all of a sudden four of them have been killed since saturday and in june it was the same case but with the gang to the western
9:31 pm
end. so whoever needs to talk to whoever to decide that this needs to stop, that is what needs to blow this thing out. in the meantime, we will be out there trying to save them from themselves. >> that is san francisco police chief greg sur asking for help from the the community to solve a series of homicides. the latest deadly shooting in visitation valley occurred last night. abc 7 news reporter heather ishimaru with a look at what might be behind the outbreak of violence. two suspects suspects shot two men standing in front of of a building. the two male suspects got away in a white four door car driven
9:32 pm
by a woman. one victim died at the scene. the other was shot in the head. he was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. this follows a double homicide monday where two men were killed after a broad daylight brawl on burr avenue and an 18-year-old was found dead in diamond heights sunday morning. police commissioner and omega boys club founder dr. joe marshall says homicides have been down for the last three years running and calls this an
9:33 pm
outbreak and hopes it will soon be over. >> a lot of good people here. multidiverse neighborhood. go is ting to be a grave yard here real quick. >> reporter: police say there were ten gang related homicides in this same neighborhood in june. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. tonight we have a follow-up to an abc 7 news i-team investigation in rural sonoma county from last week. residents of the private estate section of penn grove have been complaining for years about the goats and junk on their neighbor's property. when calls for help went unanswered by sonoma county government officials they called the abc 7 news i team and they are getting results injuries owners agreed to remove the goats by today or
9:34 pm
risk the county teaing the animals. the i-team was at the house this morning when sonoma animal control officers went to the property and they were expecting to remove more than 50 goats and other animals. the goats were all gone. the couple moved the goats to an unknown location. animal control did remove one llama left behind. >> i hope that they keep them in good health and cad watley confined. >> i think it is wonderful. >> the goat is may be gone but there is still a whole bunch of junk that is left on the property. neighbors hope the next step is
9:35 pm
removing what is left there. a neighbor says he could not believe what he was seeing. a mail truck rolling down the street crashing right into the garage of a home. the mail carrier didn't set the parking brake. reporter nick has the story from fair oaks about half an hour outside of sacramento. >> reporter: the post cal carrier was make the rounds when this happened. trevor dotson saw the whole thing. >> he came by and barely missed the tree right here. caught the bricks right here. you can see the indentation. he just came launching over and vroom. he came running down the road just with the keys in his hand going oh, my god, oh, my god and there is goes. >> reporter: and there it is. he the road has a good slope and that gave this truck enough
9:36 pm
momentum to do this. >> thank god that nobody was in the house and nobody was hurt. >> the homeowners are in tahoe. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: clearly they will have a lot of work to do and right now we do not know what is delegate to happen to the postal worker. the normal one is on vacation. to other homes and businesses along with pg&e and the power grid as well. however, one home owner says he is giving away too much power for free. michael finney has his story. >> the reason i got them was because of the pitch that they have on going green, number one. >> 92-year-old harry is talking about a solar panels he installed on the roof of his pedaluma home. 18 in all. they get so much sunshine around here harry is often generating more electricity than he uses. >> like a little bit of the independence.
9:37 pm
>> he does get independent on this summer day you can see his electric meter running steadily backwards. that means he is sending electricity on to the pg&e power grid instead of taking it off the grid. harry received a $94 credit on his electric bill for june alone. it all seemed terrific. that is, until harry received his year end electric statement from pg&e. >> it doesn't seem fair to me. they are taking what i generate and selling it some place else. >> here is why he is upset. it is hair arery's annual true up statement that tells him how much electricity he generated and how much he used during the 12 previous months. he used more power during the winter months than he supplied while in the summer he put out more electricity than he used. all totaled up he generated 310 more kilowatts than he used over the course of the year. he ended up with a credit of $279. however, harry found out he won't get that $279.
9:38 pm
and e won't get the credit either. what he will get is $10 and 35 cents. >> we come to the end of the year and i am shown with a $200 plus credit and i get $10 and something for it. where is all of the rest of it going? >> harry called 7 on your side and we checked in to exactly what happened to his credit. >> the program is not designed to help customers make money. the program is designed to help customers reduce their electric bill. >> beth lindsay of pg&e she points out the solar power rules are all guided by a 1995 state law. here it is. public utilities code 2827. it created what is called net energy metering. it lets home owners receive credit on their electricity bills for are energy they send to the grid. if they use more power than they generate they must pay the
9:39 pm
difference at the end of one year. however, if they supply more energy than they use their credit is actually wiped out. no rolling over, it is just gone. >> once-a-year their bill is reconciled in what we call a true-up and what that means is any outstanding charge that are owed and any remaining credit is zeroed out. >> harry says it doesn't seem fair that he gave away his extra energy not power company. however, pg&e says the law intended only to let home owners generate as much power as they use not to become mini power plants. >> under the net metering legislation, customers are required to size their systems to their annual use wage. >> the state public utilities commission declined an on camera interview for the story
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a wild morning on wall street. the markets thrown that turmoil. 150 stocks saw prices plunge and then surge. companies like radio shack which surged 25% in minutes and then fell back. officials blame a rogue computer at a brokerage firm which kept buying and selling millions of shares. prices eventually settled down. we spend a lot of time with e-mails but a july business magazine has quantified it all and said that 28% of our time 28 about percent on average is now spent reading and answering e-mail. that is about two hours and 14 minutes every day. no wonder i get nothing done! add it all up and e-mail consumes 78 days of work per
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year. and no, this does not take into account our e-mail at home. or your facebook time. for decades, movie critics rated citizen kane as the top film of all time. tonight it is second best. >> it shouldn't have happened. it happened. >> we are in love. that is all that counts. >> alfred hitchcock's vertigo has taken over the top spot as determined by the once a decade survey by the british institute site and sound magazine. it was filmed in locations around san francisco and received mixed reviews when it was released in 1958. >> he is actually the guy there. do you know how could run a newspaper? >> i don't know how to run a newspaper. i just try everythingky think of. >> or son wells citizen kane slipped to second after holding the top spot on the esteemed list for the past 50 years. the exact reason behind its
9:45 pm
decline is not known. maybe tastes have changed since 1962. be obviously they have. the most recent film on the list is 2001 a space odyssey released in 1968. harry kumar go to white castle is d. not make the cut. i'm transporter fan. all that. classic. up next unbreakable bond. the story of two brothers who showed their family what a true [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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now, to a story about brothers and champion. two boys that know that the only finish line that counts is the one you crossed together.
9:49 pm
>> the unbridled joy of a carefree life. when 9-year-old conor goes out to play 6-year-old kadeen is all too often unable to joan join him. >> that had been on his mind more than we know as a parent. >> he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth. doctors believed he would never walk or talk. >> when you are special needs in a wheel chair you won't be able to get out that much. >> and formed in that commitment, conor found a way for him and ka caden to becomet just brothers or play mates but teammates competing together in triathlon. conor pulling and pushing caden, each willing the other, experiencing the thrills with each other. >> i see him smiling and laughing that means he is having a good time. >> for the first time, they finished something as brothers. so it would come as no surprise
9:50 pm
that they set their sights on the biggest race they could find the iron kids triathlon. organizers didn't know if they could accommodate their special equipment. their dad asked conor if he could consider competing alone. >> if he isn't going to do it i'm not going to do it because i like doing it with caden and i feel bad for him sitting on the sidelines. >> organizers would eventually clear the boys to compete. while they came in last it wasn't about where they finished at all. >> did you have a good time? >> because finish they did. together. >> i know it did something inside him. i know it changed h him with the help of his brother he has found something that e ca e heh expert can do. wow. that is a great story. >> what a story. >> so 77ing. inspirational as well. all right, check the forecast now, spencer christian. >> here we go. tomorrow another day much like
9:51 pm
today. we'll see a wide range of temperatures from 60s at the coast to mid 49ers in the warmest -- mid 90s in the warmest inland locations. sunny for the most part. maybe a little coastal fog. warm again on friday. then cooling down sharply over the weekend and a cooler pattern from saturday right into the middle of next week. >> tomorrow hot? >> tomorrow still hot inland. mid to upper 90s. >> giants not. [ laughter ] >> i have to do sports now. giants trying to take the second straight from new york.
9:52 pm
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9:55 pm
>> hosting the mets tonight before hand. recently acquired right fielder hunter pence trying to get acquired with new teammates at pnp park. pence went from the last place phillies to the the first place giants. not a bad deal. >> a lot of change and just kind of go with it. it is exciting. there is a lot of like i said there is a lot of adrenaline and a lot of staff take care of off the field to get you situated. it is worth it to be in a race and to be playing ball here. >> all right. hunter is grateful on former grateful dead singer. likes the chances when matt cane is on the mound. tejada's first homer of the year. 1-0 metz. pence with his first at-bat as as a giant. two on with two outs. pops up to end the inning. 0 for 3 night so far. new york leading 2-0 in the fourth. play of the game from greger
9:56 pm
blanco. show cone grab. extra bases. bolton with leave after five innings, his shortest outing of the season. buster posey. solo shot made it a 2-game and that is the score right now, in the 8th. complete highlights coming up tonight at 11:00. hunter pence seeing his first action in the nation's capital. in the fifth inning goes deep. a solo homer that would prove to be the game winning run and the play of the game in the 8th. harper to shallow right. nate comes in. the slide and catch. phillies the a winner 3-2. why did we trade him? another former philly welcomed into the dodger locker room. he went 0 for 4 tonight against arizona. crist johnson a solo homer in the fourth. the giants currently one and a half up on l.a. in the west. well, the a's understand the month of july is over.
9:57 pm
19-5 best record in july for an american league team since the '56 yankees and a franchise best. a bit of a jekyll and hyde in them. they also lead the league in beg shut out with 12. tampa bay in a matinee rubber game. for the three game-set trailing 2-0 in the fifth. inge deep to left and over the out-of-town scoreboard. that was the extent of the a's offense. former a car less pena. off jarred parker. scores from first. 3-1 rays lead. alex cobb a 4-8 record coming in. penaings, 6 ks and then pain wasn't done. last in the 8th. oakland has now lost two in a a row. we been talking about the niner offense the past few days but the real strength of the team will, once again be its defense which is the main reason they went 13-3 last season. didn't allow a rushing touchdown for an nfl record 14 games.
9:58 pm
number two in points allowed and went 36 games without allowing a 100-yard rusher. they are led by the two inside linebackers. boubin led the team with 143 tackles. >> i think i have to stay grounded and stay humble and never get complacent. >> he is a good tackling against the run and pass. when breaks up on things in the passing game does a good job of tackling. >> and has two young twins at home. cal has 45 representatives at the olympics the most of any pub you lick university in the unitepublic university in the d states. spoiler alert. if you don't want to see today's american winners come on back when music stops.
9:59 pm
♪ here is your medal count. china and usa neck and neck with totals and, of course, china leading the way with gold 17-12. and if you are like my wife you prefer gold over silver and bronze. >> all day long. all day long. people don't realize that shu actually has an orchestra that follows him around and the music comes on naturally. >> any music. >> real quick, your thoughts on the giants. get hunter pence but the bullpen still has some question marks. they need to make a move in your -- >> that is where i thought they needed help. if they don't get somebody to help them in the bullpen theyville trouble in the playoffs. >> dodgers are are coming. >> right. >> thank you. for shu around spencer, larry beil here. thanks for watching. our next newscast coming up at abc 7 news at 11:00 over on


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