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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  September 3, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm eric thomas. kristen sze and cheryl jennings are off today. in vallejo develop activities of a man who was shot to death bay the police say they don't buy the story that the man got out of his car with a with again. the shooting happened yesterday morning. amy hollyfield is live at the vallejo police department with more. >> reporter: so far today police are not talking. yesterday, they talked to reporters and said the man they shot and killed did point a gun at them. they said they later fond a
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pellet gun in his car. his family is talking today. his relatives are very upset and they don't believe what the police department is saying. >> my brother was hunted down. my brother was a good guy, he did not deserve to die like he died. >> reporter: the family of mario romero wants the department of justice to investigate. they don't trust the vallejo police department and don't think the story adds up. police say she shined a spotlight on his parked car and romero got out of the car. police admit they did not identify themselves. >> as they did this the driver of the vehicle exited the car. both officers noticed he had a handgun from his waistband they could see the grip of the gun. >> reporter: family members and witnesses say romero didn't get out of the car and he was shot for no reason. >> my son never got out of car. the lies that the vallejo police department is telling, is that he got out the car and
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was doing a gun, he never out of his car. >> reporter: police say they fired about 30 rounds, stopping at one point to reload officer climbed up on the car and shot through the windshield. romero's family members aren't the only ones concerned about the shooting, residents on the advisory commit you are concerned. >> this is the -- this is the 7th officer shooting since may the fifth fatal one. >> i was not there. my question is, was deadly force required? i believe the department needs to take a serious look at why police officers seem to be resorting to deadly force. >> reporter: more -- more this year than in the past. >> reporter: there was another man in the car he was also shot in the intensive care unit and is expected to survive. loved ones of both men are planning a march tomorrow at 11:00 tomorrow morning they plan to start here at the
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police department. in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. east palo alto police are trying to find out more about the stabbing of a man early this morning. officers found the man inside a home on new bridge street before 3:30 a.m. the man had been stabbed several times. paramedics rushed him to a trauma center no word on his identity or condition. caltrans says, they still plan on opening the dumbarton bridge by 5 a.m. tomorrow, before the morning commute possibly earlier. here's latest video the bridge is closed for the weekend so crews can do a seismic retrofit replacing an expansion joint lifting the bridge five inches to put steel bearings in place. the 153 million dollar project is expected to wrap up early year. san jose and ff investigating a dangerous incident -- someone shined a blinding liaise near the cockpit of a plane on takeoff.
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>> reporter: -- the flight was a jetblue flight departing the airport 9:30 last night. the plane only got three miles southeast of the airport and 13,000 feet altitude before the incident happened. the pilot reported a green light illuminating the cockpit of his plane coming from presumably, a laser on the ground. we talked with a retired pilot he says it happened to him once, 20 years ago in las vegas. that it is dangerous on two counts, within bad for the eyesight for a person's vision it would hit a passenger through one of the side windows or the pilot through the cockpit and worst-case scenario it would incapacitate the pilot. >> sick people out there, maybe they think it is funny or fun to see if they can spot the plane and hit it. but they don't really realize
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the danger of what they are doing. >> reporter: the faa reports 53 incidents of this happening at the san jose airport in 2011 and 20 incidents so far this year, just through mid august. san jose police say they are investigating and it is an ongoing problem for them. fortunately, in this case the flight was able to continue to its destination. katie marzullo, abc7 news. now to voice your vote. president obama took his campaign to toledo, ohio he spoke at the united auto workers labor day celebration. the president offered his own critique on the message republicans shared last week. >> the president: we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century. it was a rerun. you might as well have watched it on black and white tv with some rabbit ears on there.
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[ laughing ] >> the president: should have been on nick at night. >> republican nominee mitt romney watched his wife ann takeoff and a jet ski before he followed in a boat in new hampshire. the former massachusetts governor plans to stay off the campaign trail during the democratic convention that will romney a chance to prepare for next month's debate. his campaign said far too many -- for too many americans today is another day of worrying when their next paycheck will come. new poll found mitt romney did not get a big boost from last week's convention. the new poll finds the presidential race in a dead heat. support for romney 46% and president obama 47%. the democratic convention officially begins tomorrow in charlotte, north carolina when the first lady will speak. former president bill linton wednesday and the president will speak thursday.
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mark matthews will be live all week from the democratic convention get instant updates all week by following him on facebook mark is also tweeting. coming up, what happens to your itunes music when you die? we'll tell you what one famous celeb is planning for and why he may have to sue apple to make it happen. new allegations about tom cruise's personal life. reports out today about his search for a for a girlfriend and what role scientology may have played in it who russell crowe is thanking today after getting lost at t
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bizarre new allegations about the church of scientology and tom cruise's love life. a story in the new vanity fair claims the church launched a top secret effort to fan cruise a girlfriend. actresses who were scientologies were -- scientologists were selected to be his significant other. >> on top of his divorce it is one more thing. nobody wants to be exposed to critical arts like this. true or not, if -- articles like this. true north, if it is not it is frustrated if it is true some of his most personal moment. i'm sure this is one more
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headache for tom cruise. >> vanity fair says they tried to match cruise up with an iranian-born london raised actress but that didn't work out instead he wound up marrying katie holmes. scientologists deny they did any match making. according to the daily mail woo bruce willis is concerned rights to his -- -- russell crowe is thanking the u.s. coast guard for a little lift after he and friend got lost while kayaking. you can see russell in the center with coast guard officials were on routine
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patrol late saturday night when they heard one of the two calling for help. crowe hitched a ride back with them to hunting bay. he sent out this tweet: not lost, we knew exactly where we were pad ing around. -- paddling around, we ran out of bay. >> see all that sunshine out there, a lot going on this labor day, good morning. let's look at some of the clouds still hanging around. today probably warmest in the forecast. plus, isaac's aftermath. the long and difficult process of cleaning up and rebuilding for residents along the gulf coast and the threat of flooding still exists. >> later, the special connection one diver found with a grey seal the underwater video going viral today. mack lyon. a timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the to have you visit one of worship assemblies. just do that? you will. week, will you?
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a few hours from now president obama will visit with victims of hurricane isaac in louisiana before heading to the convention in charlotte. the storm left damage and misery out of proportion to its strength. t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: hurricane isaac is gone but not forgotten in louisiana. >> lost my vehicle, my home, my motor bike, i lost everything. what i have with me now is
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actually what i own. >> reporter: it continues to wreak havoc. the parish north of new orleans is expected to -- homes still in danger of flooding. on top of it, hundreds of thousands have had no electricity, no air conditioning for six days. the heat index this weekend topped 105, as storm victims struggled to cleanup. >> i can't take the heat. >> reporter: residents keep a nervous eye on this canal lock in st. tammany. saturday residents were told to evacuate quickly over fears the lock would rupture unleashing a wall of water 11 feet high. evacuation was later cancelled. >> everything is stable, the integrity of the structure is fine. >> reporter: throughout the south tornadoes are still possible today, the system is forecast to bring heavy rain and blood together east over the next several days the rains are beneficial in the long term, especially in the
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south and midwest which have been dealing with severe drought. then there's tropical storm leslie in the atlantic, it is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane and likely effect bermuda later in the week. president obama will get a firsthand look at the damage in new orleans later today when he visits one of the hardest hit areas st. john the baptist parish. t.j. winick, abc7 news, new york. some of it was good, some areas that were in a drought did receive rain a lot did runoff which is unfortunate. for us, no rain. a lot of sun outside the coast this morning. we are seeing sun santa cruz this morning the clouds just offshore more to the coast than around the bay, head there as everybody is going to do, i bet that place is going to be packed in the next hour as everybody enjoys a family afternoon together looks like a lot of fun. here's that fickle finger of
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fog still rolling across the golden gate bridge, 8 feet deep is the marine layer -- 800 feet deep is the marine layer now pretty stout the next couple of hours. see clouds hugging the cost nothing falling out of 'em may have a little drizzle this morning especially when visibilities were down to a quarter of a mile more likely mist you can see on the satellite pretty stout. i believe we'll see a little sunshine everywhere, 60s san rafael, san francisco, redwood city, 70s until you get out to fairfield, antioch and livermore 80° there already. today, summer warmth just about everywhere more clouds as marina layer will deepen with the sea breeze will bring cooler temperatures the next three to four days before a warming trend for the weekend. a little warmer today in santa rosa up to 91, fremont 84, concord 92, oakland, san francisco and san jose the same as yesterday.
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south bay temperatures 85 in san jose, everybody else either side of that. 82 palo alto down to 72 millbrae, low 60s coast to mid 60s. upper 80s to low 90s north bay valleys, low 60s beaches mid 70s mid 80s east bay shore warmest inland low to mid 90s monterey and carmel sunshine in the afternoon mid 70s -- mid 60s there, santa cruz going to jump with all that sunup to 79 same in watsonville warmer inland upper 80s to low 90s. two games at the same time today, both teams coming home, both very impressive a's a little more impressive for the second 20 game stretch they've gone 9-1, 73° as they take on the angels up to 76 grab shades and sunscreen. and you will need it at at&t park taking on the
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diamondbacks warming up to 71 by 4:00. if you are traveling around the state today, mid to upper 90s through the central valley, 78 big sur also tahoe yosemite 94 warmest palm springs 108, 80s san diego and an los angeles, if you are heading south a chance of thunderstorms probably tuesday and wednesday, something to keep in the back of your mind. still have time to go out to sausalito for the arts festival, temperatures in the low to mid 70s, brezzy but a lot of sunshine the rest of the afternoon. let's take a look at that accuweather, there you go not a dramatic cooling trend, a couple december here, couple degrees there, before you -- before you know it, thursday, friday 8 to 10° cooler from the coast to inland warmer for saturday and sunday. september typically is the second or third warmest month in the bay area. it is going to be warm at times. >> i like your math i can do
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that kind of math. thank you. the memorial honoring victims of the 1991 oakland firestorm has been vandalized again. vandals damaged the sculpture at the entrance on tunnel road over the weekend that angers gordon piper who lost his home in the fire. he's dedicated much of his life to the memory of 25 people killed in the fire. somebody cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell. it is now up to volunteers to raise more money to repair the sculpture. prince andrew repelled 800 feet down the side of europe's tallest building today to raise money for tragedy. it began on the 87 inn floor he finished on the 20, after the stunt andrew said it was difficult to step out over the edge he said his training with the royal marines gave him the confidence. he also said he will never do it again. if you love rollercoasters
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today is your last chance to ride a favorite. the last day to ride the hurricane before it is dismantled and stent to a new mexico amusement park. it will be replaced by a new ride next year. the hurricane has been on the boardwalk since 1992. many people have lined the sidewalks near the san francisco waterfront to watch cyclist race. you can see the pack zipping along battery street in the 38th annual race. two locals say it is a thrill to race through the streets of san francisco. >> i think what makes it fun it is a race in downtown san francisco, downtown is also special because you get a lot of spectators it makes it fun for sure. >> the great thing about it, everyone is packed together so you get the group feel going there's a lot of action in the pack. >> the races will continue from now until 3:00 this afternoon if you plan oncoming, you might want to consider
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public transportation, many streets and parking lots have been closed for the race. up knicks, underwater video you have got to see. special connection one diver foun
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just one week from today katie debuts at 3 p.m. right before abc7 news at 4:00 katie couric's new show. today at 4:00 growing holiday tradition on labor day, shopping. more and mover people are spending part of the long weekend at 9 mall. then at 5, meet the dog on water patrol duty this labor day. he's not searching for drunk boaters. he's sniffing out another problem in bay area lakes. those stories and more coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5. finally, here's your daily dose of cute video.
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wildlife cameraman was diving off the coast in the united kingdom when a seal got curious first it tried to nibble his shoulder then he grabbed his hand. he posted this video on youtube it is one of the more popular items today. the front flippers of the seal can grasp like a human hand i guess you can see that there. handshake? ahh, that's nice, great. mike is here with a final check on our weather. can't democrats and republicans get along like that? [ laughing ] . >> not going there. we are seeing warmest weather today will taper slowly, will hit the beaches first like today and tomorrow move inland. wednesday keep an eye to our south chance of thunderstorms probably to our east also sierra coolest days thursday
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and friday. >> there's your political weather forecast. from all of us at abc7 news thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. see you tomorrow morning.
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