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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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be vice president of the united states. i accept. i accept. [applause]. >> joe biden tonight accepting the nomination for vice president of the united states. good evening. president obama also accepted his party nomination tonight for second term of course. he made the argument that he had rescued the economy from disaster. and that it would be im peril by return to republican leadershi leadership. here are some of leadership. here are some of the highlights of the >> on every issue th!d choice you face won't just be between 2 candidates or 2 parties. it will be a choice between 2 different paths for america. a choice between 2 fundamentally different visions. for the future. our friends down in tampa at the republican convention offer same prescription they have had for the last 30 years. have a surplus, try a tax cut. deficit too high try another,
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field a cold coming on tashtion 2 tax cuts roll back some regulations and call us in the morning. america i never said this journey would be easy and i won't promise that now. yes our path is harder but at least to the a better place. yes our road is longer but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. we pull each other up. we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes. but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon. knowing that providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. thank you. god bless you. [applause] god bless these united states. >> president obama speech tonight before delegates at the convention. some in the audience at the democratic national convention in charlotte were moved to tears when former congresswoman
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gifford delivered the pledge of allegiance. watch. [applause]. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible, liberty and justice for all. [applause]. >> congress william giffords continuing to show remarkable recovery after being shot by a gun man in arizona. the other big story tonight. the death of highway
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patrol officer kenyan youngste youngster. the single toll of the bell marks highway patrol calls the end of shift. for officer kenyon youngster killed in the line of duty in the east bay. >> it's sad he got shot. sad. i cried. i was crying when i heard about it. >> we work with chp all the time on the freeway. to lose one is like losing a family member. >>reporter: across the state people are remembering officer. he had been with the chp for 7 years. martinez a point an ceremony gathered at the field office where he reported to duty. they were there to lower the flag to half staff. and in sacramento governor jerry brown expressed his condolences and ordered the flag at the state capitol to be flown at half staff in honor of officer youngster and his death however tragic and certainly is that is giving others a chance now at
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life. of we have that story. >>reporter: it's not the way california highway patrol men wanted to begin their day at the contra costa county office the contra costaj5they do everyn lowering it to half staff for their fallen brother officer youngster. out toring of community support followed and continued throughout the morning and all day. >> you know, we just don't understand why these things happen you know. it's just, we are all, we all want to go home at the end of the day and want to go home safe and unfortunately he doesn't get to do that. >> we wanted to bring these balloons to show our support. >>reporter: dana and kelly did not know officer youngster. >> officers throughout serving us and protecting us at all times for our safety and this officer was injured and killed in a senseless act. >> i drive down the road that way every day and i got caught in the traffic when it first happened. it was like happened right in front of me and every
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day now i drive that way and it's like, you know, it just happens again and again in my brain. >>reporter: impact of yu his death reaches far and wide. as registered organ tissue donor the fallen officer has potential to help save more than 50 lives. >> we can impact as many as 8 lives from organ and more than 50 lives from tissue. so the organ we can transplant are heart, liver, lung, kidney pancreas and split liver into 2 on occasion for very younl@[ 3 healthy donor. we can split the liver and give a segment to 2 different individual. >> officer organ will be recovered with the next 24 hours. recipient and family will be notified that the officer's gift will give them life. the officer family issued a statement regarding the oficer organ donation. it reads kenyon was also giving to others and serving others as chp officer and in his life with us our grieve is
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overwhelming but in his special waylp kenyon carries on in helping others. those who knew him would not be surprised to learn that ken i don't know chose to register as an organ and tissue donor. when kenyon graduated from the police academy he was told his job was to save a life. he does so now through his decision. through this gift he will save the lives of those who need transtake plants and potentially improve the lives of many. this was our kenyon our hero and in the midst of our grief we are comforted to know he continues to help others. at john muir medical center in cal nut creek, abc 7 news. and the need is so great. to become a donor yourself contact the california transplant could nor network. reach the oakland office at this number on the screen. or link on our web site. see it on tv. trust fund set up for
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officer's family. grouse any wells fargo branch in the bay area mention his name to the teller and ask your money be placed in the trust account in his name. finally, there ace movement on facebook to rename the stretch of interstate 6 80 where officer young strom was killed. there is a link on our web site under see it on tv if you would like to become a part of that effort. moving on. family friends of missing college student are using a massive facebook campaign to help in the search for young lafayette man. 20-year-old brett olson cal polly student vanished sunday on raftñring trick along the sacramento river. nick smith tonight from lafayette where family and friends hold vigil. >>reporter: at this high school fliers plastered in the window of cars throughout the parking lot. but the sacramento river and heavily wooded area surrounding it is ground zero for the search of the whereabouts of 20-year-old
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brett michael olson. cal polly student missing since sunday. today law enforcement team using cadaver dog to sniff for human remains and so far turned up nothing. olson parents have joined the search effort handing out fliers with his picture. >> it's the parent worst nightmare. >>reporter: she was principal at this school and maintenance a close relationship with the family. >> brett was a big part of this campus and still is. >>reporter: brett has 2 younger sibling still students here which is why the news of the disappearance is particularly difficult. >> very emotional. campus is emotional about it. the community is too. our thoughts are with them and hopefully this will end okay. >>reporter: after learning that brett was missing some students constructed this message of support for their former classmate and friend. brett was one of hundreds whose came to chico for annual labor day gathering this video posted on you tube taken on sunday at spot they call beer can beach.
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last place he was seen and according to investigators the parents are combing through video clip like this one to see if they can spot their son. social media is raising awareness. walsh posted this message on our page with the tag find brett olson. page dedicated to olson titled let's bring brett home has more than 48,000 members. >> he has to be found. >>reporter: at this church in lafayette where the olson family wore ships regularly they are using one more tool to find brett. >> we jae power of prayer and the power of the support of the people in the community that are coming together. he will be found. >>reporter: brett olson 6 foot 1. 160 pounds with hazel eyes. glen county sheriff's department is leading the investigation and they are asking that anyone with information contact them directly. you can find that information on our web site at abc 7 n.lafayette, nick smith, abc 7 news. third person has now died of hantavirus contracted at
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yosemite national park. latest victim lived in west virginia and visited yosemite since outbreak began back in june. health officials believe the victim contracted hantavirus after staying intent cabin in curry ville annual. these. 8 people including 6 from california have developed hantavirus. park service has taken steps now to rodent proof and clean tent cabin in the outbreak area. 10,000 people may have been exposed to this curable virus. >> east bay police still searching for killer tonight. contra costa county deputy swarmed home on marina road searching for man accused ofe shooting and killing a man at bay point. happened just before 2:00 p.m. deputy were told the suspect ran into home when officers entered nobody was in. shelter in place warning issued for nearby schools and neighbors while authorities searched for this guy. it was lifted about an hour and a half later. we are just getting started here tonight on 7 newst( at 9:0.
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still ahead. update on the a's pitch her who was hit in the head by line dry. he had surgery today and we let you know how that turned out. >> from sacramento this evenin evening. keeping california competitive in making movies. but how much is a hollywood job worth to state taxpayers? >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. summer is winding down but bay area warmth widen up. i have details in my accu-weather details in my accu-weather forecast. >> and music capitol of the world shifted to charlotte, north carolina. we have the north carolina. we have the highlights
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>> one of california biggest industry, i]film making, under scrutiny this evening. governor has to decide whether to extend a movie making tax break and as we explain, not everyone thinks that we are getting all that much bang for our buck. >>reporter: to help keep movie television production in california the legislature and former celebrity governor arnold schwarzenegger gave hollywood 500 million dollars in tax credit in 2009. now governor brown has to weigh proposal to give the industry 200 million dollars more. >> great investment for
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california irngs coalition representing the teamster union and others in film say the first tax break has created 3 39,000 jobs and provided 325 million dollars in state and local tax revenue in the three years it has been in effect. in contrast the institute says in the decade prayer to the tax credit california lost 36,000 production jobs and 200 million dollars in tax revenue. just last month san francisco able to snag woodie allen new movie. >> we want to keep tonight california and we face a lot of competition in states and other country that provide similar kint of incentive. >>reporter: but the state is broke critic think. money could be better spent on programs drastically cut during the bad economy ucla study found for every dollar the state gave in film credit, california got back 1.04. it might even be less than that according to the non-partisan legislative office. >> it seems like misplaced priorities. >>reporter: public schools
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could use the money and create jobs by hiring more teach ertion or they could buy new text book. >> so while we are cutting public education to the bone and we are making all of these really tough choices and we are giving away 200 million dollars to hollywood for something that doesn't have a return, we can't afford that. >>reporter: supporters of sentencing the hollywood tax break say the studies don't take into account the big picture. >> there's a multiplier effect for each of these dollars. many more dollars are spent. but those are not always measured in these reports. >>reporter: governor must act open the proposal by the end of the month. in sacramento, abc 7 news. and bit of hollywood found at tonight democratic national convention. 3 actress ins particular explained their support for the president. listen. >> mitt romney would raise taxes on middle class families to cut his own and mine. and that's not who we are as a nation let me tell you why. because eva who worked at wendy flipping burger she needed a tax break. but the eva who
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works on movie sets does not. [applause] this year on november 6 i am filled that same pride that same enthusiasim to press the button reelect president obama. [applause]. >> you may not be thinking about politics. but politics is thinking but. today there are people out there trying to take away rights that our mothers, our grandmothers and our great grandmothers fought for right that we fought for. our right to vote. our right to choose. our right to affordable quality education. equal pay. access to health care and we, the people, can not let that happen. [applause].
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>> it was not just actresses in charlotte. singers kept the things moving at the convention from mary j blige to the 52 fight investigators jaim taylor. here's a sample. >> in my mind i'm going to carolina. ♪ can't you see the sunshine. can't you just. >> 52 fighters. ♪ ♪ come on everybody get we got to get it from. mary j in the spot tonight and make you feel all right. come on baby just party with me. ♪ about. >> they were rocking in charlotte tonight. pretty good entertainment 30. if i had
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known eva was flipping burgers at wendy i would have left mcdonald's in the dust years ago. >> ladies and gentlemen spencer christian. >> that's my endorsement for tonight. how about the weathe weather? okay. >> i think we better. >> super size the weather for you. live view from our high definition mount tam camera on the bayfá. partly cloudy very pleasant evening around the bay area. clouds haven't pushed up against the coast line yet. here's live doppler 7 hd. bank of clouds offshore and few clouds touching coast line but mainly clear evening at the moment around the bay area and very pleasant one but to the our south showed you earlier this evening stream of moisture moving in to southern california producing rainfall around santa barbara. see it's tapering off to a trickle but still worth watching because that's very impressive flow of sub tropical moisture producing showers at this time of the yeart(. back to the bay area. temperature readings 56 degrees in san francisco. 62 across the bay in oakland. we have low to mid 60's in most of our
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inland location and these are the highlights. we see some coastal clouds developing overnight. mild pattern friday through sunday. mild to warm and some even warmer days next week. so summer is not done with us yet of night low pressure mainly mid 50's up in the north bay valley cooler with low dropping to the upper 40's at clover dale santa rosa and nap the satellite image shows in the orange coloring here the return of dry air aloft so we have a nice dry pattern for the next several days awarm one as well. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning coastal fog at that hour but quickly burn away giving us mainly sunny skies again from coast to inland high pressure in the coast right around 60 or just above. 70's around the bay upper dwroys 90 in the war warmest inland location. meanwhile a beach hazard advisory issue for monterey bay tomorrow the night friday night through sunday afternoon. chance of strong rip current because of the big northwest
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swell developing. waves not as high but energetic and could generate the strap rip current and concern for locations like l monterey state beach and marina state beach. beware of that if you are in that area. back to the bay area tomorrow sunny skies to the south bay. high pressure mainly in the low to mid 80's. 82 at cupertino. san jose 77 redwood city and 61 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 65 tomorrow. 60 in the sun set district. up in the north bay high mainly the low 80's up to about 80 at sonoma, 83 at calistoga east bay high 72 at hayward 75 at newark. inland east bay much warm we are high in the upper dwroys about 90 at brent wood and livermore and down near monterey bay look for high in the low to mid 70's near the bay and up to about 90 inland morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 nice warm summer like day coming our way tomorrow and saturday. slight cooling on
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sunday and monday. temperatures bounce back by midweek next week in the low 90's our inland location. weather persist for awhile. >> thanks very much expense near music at the dnc in charlotte. up next a different tune as we continue tonight we listen in on the cable car bell ringing championship. annual event get a look at the technique the that it takes to ñ#ing home the trophy. stay
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>> 25 turkish soldiers dead after someone accidentally dropped a grenade at an ammunitions depot. explosion and fire consumed the building. government minister ruled out terrorism and sabotage. officials say the grenade was dropped during an inventory check. >> back here late this afternoon oakland a's reveal
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pitcher mccarty underwent brain surgery after struck in the head with line drive yesterday. he got hurt when the angel eric you cane there hit a line shot right at his head. he never lost consciousness and walked off the field on his own but caught him square in the head. ct scan revealed bleeding in the brain and skull fracture. he underwent 2 hours of surge are toy repair the damage. he's currently alert >> well new report is painting from the institute of medicine painting troubling picture of health care system. 18 member panel from the institute of medicine found that the system squawn ders 750 billion dollars a year that's roughly 30 cents of every million dollar wasted. panel blames the waste on unneeded care. outdated paperwork. fraud and other waste. report concludes that if banking worked like a --xd
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health care system does atm transaction would say take da days. >> well students at one bay area school are giving up meat. at least for one day a week. meatless monday into effect next week in mraen pleasanton school district. it's part of international movement that began in 2003. the goal to promote healthy living for students and planet. this is the second school district in the bay area to give up meat one day a week. novato unified school direct also participates in the program. welch more to get to here for you tonight on 7 news at 9:00. just ahead. remarkable recovery of a wounded war veteran and how his local supporters are bridging the gap to a bright future. powerful story. >> new fine arts building named for south bay lottery winner. but not because she paid for i it. find out why it now bears her name. that's next. >> high price of politics. revealing new book that painlts ugly picture of last year debt show down and how bad things
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show down and how bad things coul
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>> fast growing bay area grocery chain serves hispanic customer is getting pressured to check immigration status. there are now plans to start a boycott as a result. david is on the story in san jose. >> this is an insult and betrayal of the community. >>reporter: organizers of a boycott don't mince words aimed at 21 store grocery chain started by immigrant and targets hispanic shoppers. they began to use federal e.verify program to check immigration status of those who shop. this is verified in california. >> this is wrong for workers
9:32 pm
and we believe we have a work at decent place. not to be fearful of homeland security or anybody else. >>reporter: opposition from labor union and religious leaders who targeted the peeb lo in the past for over time parish. immigration status and social security against owe him land security action. >> this decision weighed heavily on us. not something we were lacking to do but we must embrace what is asked of us by the federal government u- >>reporter: however critic . boycott is set to beg early next month. >> employee verify and doing this kind of work they are doing they are instilling fear among the people. >>reporter: they acknowledge government pressure. >> we make under extreme amount of pressure unthe federal government. across the country other hispanic grocery retailer are facing the same pressure and pushed to adopt and verify. >>reporter: company plans to
9:33 pm
expand nationally that may behind the need to join. the customers may or may not accept the e verify decision. >> most of the xunt this come and shop here they are immigrant. so it would be like ab offense to them. >> there's no indication that the owners will sit down and talk with the opponent of the verify program and that means the that i boycott scheduled for october 8 is on. in san jose, abc 7 news. all right to politic again. new book by bob woodward the reporter claims a combination of discord, miscalculation partisan poll trick brought the country to bring of catastrophe during the debt crisis. jonathan karl has the story. >>reporter: president and speaker that talk were secret and woodward says stake higher than anybody realized at the time. >> talk about it as essentially a 44 days that were the equivalent of financial equivalent of the cuban missile crisis soil. sear that you say they couldn't tell the world
9:34 pm
how bad it was at the time. >>reporter: in the price of politic which is tub lishd on september 11 bob woodward gives brother by blow account of the effort to reach a grand bargai bargain. spending cut and tax increases to cut the deficit. the deal was close but broke down near the end when woodward says the president asked boehner to agree to more tax increases. for boehner that was a deal breaker. wasn't going toi] get a dime more out f me boehner told woodward. critical junction your boehner didn't even bother to return the president phone call. when they finally connected boehner tells woodward the furious president was quote stewing coals. president acknowledged he was angry. but also tells woodward he had quote some sympathy for boehner. because he just couldn't control extremist in the new tea party kchlingt see how crazy the people r.i understand him the president said. to woodward the total breakdown of the talk reflected badly on everyone. it was increasingly clear that no one was running washington.
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that was trouble for everyone but especially for obama. >> jonathan karl reporting for us. >> san jose city college named new art center today after long time employee who also happen happens to be a multi-million near. carmen castle worked at the school for 33 years. that's before she and her husband hit the california lottery jackpot winning 141 million dollars. her name now graces the school fine arts center there it is. officials say they named it after her not because they got a big donation but because she always supported the arts even before striking it rich. >> nobs millionaire where people build the community with side by side along the way always seeking to improve conditions. >>reporter: the cup cell another tie to san jose city college. you see their son is a music professor there. celebration first step today in the expansn of packard children hospital at stanford. dignitary took part
9:36 pm
in a ceremony ground breaking. officials say the expansion is needed to meet the growing need for specialize pediatric and ñ facility adds 520,000 square feet with more than 100 patient rooms and hybrid operate are rooms that operate very efficiently, too. actual construction begins later this fall. officials hope to have it completed by the winter of 2016. well in mountain view today a case of life improvement through home improvement. you may remember the story of army medic injured by roadside bomb in afghanistan we reported it to you. wayne stopped in today for update. >> when a couple says i did, they include the words for better or for worse. no one appreciates their significant more than 19-year-old jennifer of mountain view. >> no soldier comes back the same way they left. >>reporter: though army medic he returns from afghanistan last year his condition push
9:37 pm
the envelope. roadside bomb took his leg, part of hand, hearing and caused brain damag damage. man has come home but still a long way back. are you angry orbiter about what has happened in your life? >> him if that's a good question. >>reporter: he can't change what happened in afghanistan but happy to have a permanent home on the field in californi california. future he appreciates the work that went on outside cam. volume treers from hands on bay area and home depot combine force to put rail on wheelchair ramp. chris boy couldn't think we do enough for returning wounded veterans. >> helps them with being able to be on his own and do his own thing if he wants toyshtion the goal is to good to college and study medicine. did serve as medic after all. >> beç real cock toyshtion
9:38 pm
that's a lochte goal down long road but compare the then and the new anda brier has become a very long way. >> i dispute my husband coming back to the man i married. >>reporter: for better and now through the worst. wane, abc 7 through the worst. wane, abc 7 news. l. >> slow progress san francisco firefighters 7 the state hig highest honor in ceremony next week in sacramento well deserv deserves. he's awarded governor of valor for saving tree lives in china town last yeevrment vol he risked his life when he shim he'd down the ladder to third floor 10ment win 0where he pulled a safety cup toll the apartment. medley rushed back to rescue another vick. governor brown will present that of enter a medal.
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>> well there is no maybe about it. 1 tune definitely the song of summer. find out what that is as we continue. >> stretch of highway soon have the highest speed limit in i didn't know strawberries where in season right now.
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ññ >> it would be pretty hard to avoid hearing this song this summer. >> i just met you and this is crazy. but here's my number. ♪ so call me maybe. snet ♪. >> karlie rae has been named the song of the summer. it's a quarter billion hits on you tube. >> well if that song doesn't get your blood pumping a highway in texas certainly wil will. the stretch of highway with highest speed in the
9:43 pm
country will be opened. draivrs will be able to zip along at 85 miles an hour in texas on this 41 mile long toll road between austin and san antonio. 80 miles an hour is already legal in state transportation officials in texas study show 85 just as safe. >> well, just much slower but more pleasant way to get aroun around. san francisco cable cars and the bell ringing contest. crown add new champion today. [ bell ringin ringing] it's all in the wrist. that's the winner. whittaker showing off the championship bell ra#.jn÷ technique along with plenty of rhythm and style. he's had a lot of practice. he has been on duty for 10 years. dethroned leonard oath would won three years running. 49th year the contest hell. cancelled last year because of labor problems. always fun. >> well movie fans say it's the funniest film of all time.
9:44 pm
comedy that generated an average of 3 laughs a minute. stay with us. 7 news at 9
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>> this is bury4é okay race at fine egg. mark saw man a little more than angry tonight. why. the city tore down his house. they were speaksed to tear down the one fix door. >> i want to see them finish getting this mess out of here and pay pe for my property. >>reporter: he has a right to be mad. he has received no apology. very little explanation and no compensatio compensation. jessie has been planning on renovating his 3 bedroom home. now just waiting for a check to try to rebuild. can you believe it. >> more than 20,000 people are asking to be granted citizenship on a piece of land
9:48 pm
called nowhere island. here's the land mass in question. british man purchased it and tugging it around england as art peace about democracy. potential citizen get to issue possible law. free after work drink and no shopping one day a week. sountdz like utopia. christian back with the forecast. >> rainy country is that oh, yes. start with time lapse view this afternoon from our high definition san jose camera looking at few clouds taking on more a lovely day and lovely state wide painly sunny conditions over most of interior california and warm in the bay area. even warmer than today in some location. sunny sky from coast to inland. low 60's near the coast. 60's 70's around the bay. maybe even 90
9:49 pm
degree reading or twovlt here's accu-weather 7 day forecast both tomorrow and friday we produce high pressure near 90 inland and then we cool down few degrees sunday monday but temperatures will bounce right back up by midweek next week. nice stretch of summertime weather. >> movie fans pick the funniest film ever and it's the spoof disaster movie airplane. . flight. >> we have clearance clarence. >> roger roger weighs our victor vick oyvrment i picked the wrong week to quit smoking. i picked the wrong weak to quit amphetamine. >> can you fly the plane and land it? >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious. and don't call me shirley. >> l mavie subscription see air plan has more zinging one liner than others generating 3 laughs a minute on average. i don't know why that movie gets me every time. >> i love snait good mavie. larry is off. and speaking of
9:50 pm
laughs. 3 a minute is what you are trying to beat >> just in the that good. i want this. fichlt bruce tells us what we can expect prosecute this weekend big series with la. in new york we show you why the new york we show you why the net had to
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. police are lacking for a father accused of kidnapping his children on a stolen yacht. we have the very latest on that. also dallas bound flight turned around after someone called in a bomb threat. all of it stupid hoax by ex girl friend. those stories and more come up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now collin here with all the sports and again the horrible situation at the a's game yesterday. had surgery. >> look ago lot better for him that's for sure. recovering after surgery last night rae leave pressure on his head. he struck on the right side of the game against the angels taken
9:54 pm
to the medical center in oakland. scan revealed epidural hemorrhage. brain contusion and skull fracture. gm quoted we are glad to report he's stable awake and alert good news for him. >> a's already had the work cut out for them heading down the stretch. only going to magazine any few tie. 17 of the next 20 games on the road and combined 77 games over 500. >> the schedule is the schedul schedule. if we have a lot of games on the road means we have a lot of games at home at some point. nothing to do something we have done well the road at trips and have to do it again. statute unveiled today. a's half game back of the orioles after they went homer happy tonight. tag new york pitchers for 6 home run. matt shot in crashing two 8 home runs in the last games. tl giants can put
9:55 pm
strangle hold with winning series again the dodgers. san francisco currently 4 and a half up on la. team open of 3 game set tomorrow night. pitching match up. tim opposite former 3 time nl cy young award winner beckett. both a struggle. combine 14 and 26 but this is september. pennant race so expect a dual and emotions run high. >> we fight for first place t.we concentrate. try to do our team. l important for he shall. >> i think both teams look at this as big series. it's going to be intense out there and that's why you play the game. why we are here. this is what you should look for if -- forward to. beckett 3 time all star. nelson won 5 players but ended the hall of fame for what
9:56 pm
he did as a mech. he won a record. 11 35 games. during 2 stint here. often settled with under size team withñi strategy simple. >> out score them. we can't battle but it's open the kourpt and have some funny and score a lot of points and we one a lot of games doing that. former on his of the browns and baltimore ravens passed away at age frer. l he was league president and negotiated the launch of monday night football on abc but best remembered probably may lined for the browned baltimore in 1996. each year raiders open monday night football. both teams 8 and 8 last year. both failed to make a play off what to expect tomorrow night. he
9:57 pm
has no idea. >> week one you never know exactly what you are going see. what you have to be of ready we are not real real comfortable going into this we are ghooing this. we have had to agree great start tovt to the week. working extremely hard but we go in and we have to play our best football to come out with a win. >> maybe 2 there. for years the tl tiger woods finds himself trying to keep one ror rory. both men with 3 win but close to major and coming off the windlass week. rory bang in and tied with the lead with 3 others tiger part 36. looks like it's going in. lip out. make things worse. ace would have led the tournament. 7 under 65 for tiring. one off the lead. pest point so far
9:58 pm
the juan martin at the top. i only second the second half of this point. lasted 1.33 seconds the entire match lasted over 3 hours. into the semi. face the human backboard in spain. marathon caughter final against match and goes the distance match point. back hand. in the net. 4 hours 31 minutes on court. fortunately they face him in the soup statistics on semi-i'm. big world day. >> toughest player. amazing that was 3 set match between djokovic night and del pet row 3 hours. that is grul. thanks that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for everyone else, thanks so much for watching.
9:59 pm
thanks so much for watching. dan ashley print your time over frank: dennis, stop acting like a child. dennis: i don't want to hear it, dad. deandra, move the pool table so you and your brother can lay some grout.


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