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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  November 12, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and
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they got the call 4:30 this morning to go to the neighborhood. police found four people inside the home. they also found marijuana, guns and a lot of ammunition. they arrested four people and say two are confirmed members of the taliban gang here menlo park. there's a shooting in that neighborhood a week ago which also involved the taliban gang. police say they a gang problem in the bell haven neighborhood. >> we put extra bike patrols out, we are going to be putting extra foot patrols in the area. we have to see what happens next. we are taking it very serious. >> reporter: police held a town hall meeting about this issue. they had a good turnout, people are very concerned. police get the impression that many are terrified when those four people were shot a week ago. they said no one called it into 911. that indicates to them that people are very scared.
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when we were in the neighborhood this morning people were hesitant to talk. no one would admit to hearing or seeing a thing this morning. police say they do need the community's help, not a lot of people are coming forward. they are hoping that will change. they say it is going to take the community and police to crackdown and solve this gang problem. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. police in union city are investigating the death of a 21-year-old man found in a trash bin a woman discovered the man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning many she called authorities who rushed him to a hospital where he die. this morning police -- where he died. >> my mom and i -- my mom found him. we just don't know, you know. so many questions, we don't know. >> a memorial is growing
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outside the home where he was found. police say he occasionally stayed home they are pursuing active leads and would like anyone with information to call the police. driver faces driving under the influence charges after a frightening accident in pinole along i-80 and appian way this morning many this picture sent by the pinole fire department that dodge durango, rolled over and flattened. police say the driver crashed through the guardrail off the overpass landed on his roof on i-80. amazing the driver and passenger were able if get out sail. picket lines -- lines this morning at hostess plants nationwide, including one in oakland. thousands of workers are on strike now three days the company imposed a contract that would cut wages 8%. workers in oakland and sacramento are among those walking off the job. hostess says products are still being made and shipped,
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for now. contract talks underway again between raley's nob hill chain and striking employees. ,000 workers, including these in alameda in morning, walked of off the job a week ago. raley's wants to freeze pay for two years and eliminate premiums for working nights, sundays and holidays. >> everybody struggles. at the same time, we know that they should be able to at least meet us halfway. >> raley's says it has to make cuts to remain competitive. on this veterans day observance, dozens of veterans are getting first glimpse at new housing they will move into thanks to a 30 million dollar project. katie marzullo is in san francisco. >> reporter: right now, the door are opening for what is being described as a casual open house. some of residents, the
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veterans are going to be seeing their rooms for the first time, today. the rooms are really nice. this video we shot inside, the rooms are brand new, incredibly clean each has a new donated mattress, provisions to prevent bedbug infestation. the facility is going to have onsite medical care, calf tear cooking class, -- cafeteria, cooking class even meditation, 75 veterans are moving in, all disabled the for that reason the rooms have been adapted for disabilities. most are frail and he will . -- and elderly many some are world war ii veterans. they are not going to get them off the streets but help keep them out of harm's way. >> it gives them a safe place to be even in a shelter and emergency housing, they are vulnerable to predators, you
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name it. here they will be safe. >> reporter: the housing is permanent, most residents will live here for the rest of their lives. the project cost 30 million dollars paid for with state, federal and city money as well as donations. the building is a san francisco city landmark, built in 1916 and it used to be juvenile hall this open house today casual, community member, neighbors and residents can come in, check it out see what it is like inside. grand opening and move-in day should be in the next couple of weeks. katie marzullo, abc7 news. update on a story made possible thanks to a viewer tip to abc7 news. missing historic cross we found in the bay area is back home in the mojave desert. a group of vets returned the cross to its original site this weekend it was erected in
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1934 to honor vets killed in war. two years ago, somebody cut it off at the base and it after a long court battle over its legality on public land. thanks to a tip a abc7 news crew found it last week. city, county courts, state and federal offices are closed today, no mail delivery, post offices closed, as are banks. you should not have trouble getting around the bay area mass transit is on a regular schedule in san francisco no holiday from parking meter enforcement. drivers will be ticketed if they don't pay. still ahead, more fallout from former cia director david petraeus' extramarital affair. how his wife is reacting. do you have a shopping addict in your life? experts have tips on how to deal with compu
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>> a close friend says david petraeus is devastated over the harm he has caused to his family while losing one of the best jobs he's ever had. the spokesman says petraeus' wife is not pleased. he ended the affair four months ago. matt greenblatt has more on the woman who call the fbi. >> reporter: without jill
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kelly the affair may never have become known she seen leaving her house in tampa bay sunday evening. it is now known kelly call the fbi asking them to investigate threatening e-mails. she began receiving the e-mails around the same time paula broadwell's affair with the cia director was ending. the fbi traced them back to broadwell's computer that led officials to conclude the nation's cia director was involved in the affair with the woman who just this january publicly complemented petraeus' wife. >> he's married to holly petraeus, a wonderful military spouse and has done so much for their children and children of fallen soldiers, i respect her. >> reporter: at issue now, if the affair began while petraeus was still a general he could be prosecuted for adulty. broadwell spent plenty time with petraeus in afghanistan. >> for him to allow the first biography to be written about
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him, to be written by someone who had never written a book before, seemed odd to me. >> reporter: a retired colonel and longtime aide to petraeus came to his does. >> there was no relationship then as far as affair. the affair started after he had been in the cia, after he retired from the arm >> reporter: even if true, petraeus' timeline reveals he was carrying on the affair for majority of his tenure as cia director, serious error in judgment for any intelligence official, at risk of being blackmailed. tens of thousands of homes still without power in long island in new york they are expected to have power back by ther -- by the end of the day. 75,000 have been in the dark for two weeks that i taken to the streets protesting and
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demanding -- answers from the utility. there's word the governor will ask for 30 billion dollars in federal disaster aid. the owner of a house that exploded says he wonders if a faulty furnace was to blame. the homeowner received a text message last week from his daughter about a problem with the furnace, luckily, no one was home at the time. authorities are talking with utility companies as he try between the cause. mighty cold today. >> something to think about watching that maybe get your furnace or heater checked before you crank it up. it has been chilly, three days in a row in our valleys that may be over a warming trend on the way. couple chances of rain and another cold snap. plus, serious accusations against the voice behind elmo. did the man behind the muppet have a or i should say puppet
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according to the website tmz, 52-year-old kevin clash has reportedly acknowledged a relationship insisted only after the accuser became adult. sesame work investigated the claims and found them to be unsubstantiated. officials say the character of elmo will continue to be on the show. new study links a mother getting the flu while pregnant to autism in her child. the study looked at 97,000 children ages 8 to 14. they found mothers who reported having a fever or the flu for a full week during pregnancy at least twice as likely to have a child with autism. dr. besser says no need to panic. >> if a mother reported having flu during pregnancy, her risk of having a child with autism increased from 1% to 2%. if she reported having fever for seven days the risk went from one to three percent. while it is doubling or tripping it is still small.
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>> the doctor says dark -- more research does need to be done. he recommends pregnant women get a flu shot. lance armstrong is officially cutting all ties to his cancer-fighting charity, livestrong. he's walking way to avoid residual damage. he had resigned atlystrong's chairman now stepped down from . the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped armstrong of his tour de france titles and banned him from out competing a livestrong spokesperson says armstrong has personally donated more than seven million dollars over the the years. mike i heard a touch of rain may be on the way. >> a little, then the big touch a week from now you have a little bit to prepare. not going to be assange as it was last week. off to a yet start sunny no record highs. bull picture downtown san jose
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this morning. 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais back towards ocean beach, haze, no need to worry not a spare the air day. live doppler 7 hd, clouds on top of us, well away from the bay area up to the north that's where the storm track is going to stay over the next couple of days. a dip or two may try to fall in the north bay, i think mendocino, those counties probably closest it is going to get. as far as clouds, to the north visible satellite, all that snow that fell over the weekend up in the sierra, that hooks dining room than it did last week. temperatures 60 in oakland now los gatos everybody else mid to upper 50s san rafael 51. 52 santa cruz, upper 50s to low 60s the rest of the monterey bay and inland sunny here. today mostly sunny, warmer, not only today, tomorrow,
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wednesday, thursday. first chance of wet weather tie day, better chance of colder wet weather sunday through tuesday. today temperatures jump two degrees in oakland, san francisco, fremont three, concord east bay valleys jump the most up to 7°, also the east bay valleys and north bay had frost the last three mornings that is going away soon. low to mid 60s taking over the entire bay area and inland mid to upper 50s coast, low to mid 60s monterey bay inland everybody around 63, 64 or 65°. around the state best chance of showers near eureka and 63, 59 chico, 60s central valley. low to mid 70s in the southern sections of our state. back home tonight, 30s in our valleys not as much frost if any compared to the last three mornings in the low to mid 40s around the bay, upper 40s
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san mateo and san francisco. high pressure down to our south pushing the storm track north, because of that, a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds each day modify the air mass two to four degrees and make it warmer until we get to rain friday storm track to the north, gets close, even during the overnight hours to the north bay, still, nothing falls there. 3:00, wednesday morning cloud cover another reason why taking frost out of the forecast, clouds blanket effect keep temperatures up tomorrow in the low 60s coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland mid 60s coast wednesday near 70 around the bay and inland and then first chance of showers friday. saturday the drier of the two days this weekend, sunday looks like rain. but it holds off until the evening. . >> just in time for the holiday shopping season former shopaholic is sharing trade
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secret. sarah downing, recovering shopping addict was pending more than she could afford her obsession within too far when she realized it was causing her financial problems, costing relationships. her most -- >> you dumpster diving, was that your rock but tom? >> no, that was -- was my high. you will see affluent women jumping into dumpsters. >> sara says thrift shops were her other weakness and now dreams of making money instead of losing money, spending that money by opening her own store. think she sounds recovered? >> i don't know, maybe not with die-hard fans of the twilight series camps out in the cold for days. >> the big event that ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family,
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judge judy the toughest talking judge on daytime tv today she is on katie. she admits using an old school cell phone and never using a computer. >> they said how could you have a website? i said i can talk and somebody else can do it. i learned how to do the ipad which is friendly to a brain like mine. but i've never i'm happy to say in myselfy years turned on
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a computer. >> wow. is that like an ahh, good or like wow! >> and i'm alive! >> that's judge judy on katie at 3 p.m., right here on abc7 >> at 4, goodwill shopping for a deal many michael finney shows the tricks you need to know to find good bargains. at 5, the reason an arrest warrant for thousands of parole violatorses could be dropped. why the department of corrections -- does not think it will endanger the public. those stories and more later today. finally, it is the end of an era tonight for twilight fans. "breaking dawn part 2" the last film in the saga premieres tonight some fans are going all-out to say good-bye. >> more than 2 thaw have been camped out in chill -- more than 2,000 have been camped
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out in chilly weather. the movie opens nationwide friday. >> are you going to see it? >> yes but not one of those midnight showings. >> i enjoy the series it is fun. will the weather be good? >> a little cool tonight, today closer than average, still below average even with the warming trend today we will make up temperatures, near average tomorrow to above average wednesday and thursday. this time of the year it can't last long, wet system coming with showers friday, cooler through the weekend. that is going to do it for now, thanks for join
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