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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 18, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. a man arrested after a high-speed chase. jonathan banks is being held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder of a police officer and robbery. tomas ramon has an update on the investigation. >> reporter: a small memorial marks the area where a 22-year-old man was thought to death during an attempted carjacking at a 7-eleven. we spoke to woman that watched in terror as she saw one of the men shoot the man. >> i saw the guy standing by the car and shooting, shooting just like that, one, two. there were three shots. >> reporter: this is one of the areas where the two men
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attempted a robbery but instead committed a murder. this jack-in-the-box at 8:58 p.m. and a spa on the 11400 block of byrd have a at 9:00 p.m. the car was spotted by police officers. one officer was shot and wounded after they shot at marked police car that stopped behind the suspects. they eventually caught up with one of the two suspects. they identified as a 26-year-old jonathan willbanks. the other suspect is still being sought. >> we spoke to the young man who was in the car when he was shot to death. he did not want to appear on camera but all he remembers of the incident was a masked man and a gun. now, the officer who was wounded was treated and released and police are now offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of that other suspect.
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>> ama: the man accused of killing seven people in a mass shooting at a oakland university is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. he has pleaded not guilty to the april 2nd massacre at okemos university. public defender is question his competency. reports from two psychiatrists are expected to be submitted in his case. >> investigators aren't sure what caused a fire in the sunset district. firefighters were called to 47th avenue around 2:00 this afternoon. crews had to climb on nearby roofs to fight the flames. >> good samaritans in half moon bay. a group of fishermen had to rescue three people after their boat overturned. it happened around 9:00 this morning a half mile offshore. three fishermen were able to rescue two people from the water. harbor master was able to reach
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a third person. all three were suffering from exposure but injuries do not appear to be serious. >> israel continues its troop build-up at the gaza border as the israelis and hamas are on the brink of war. suns among the countries trying to broker a peace deal. here is the deadly battle underway. >> from gaza, palestinians continue to fire rockets at israel, these were shot down by th israeli iron dome anti-missile system and israel continues to retaliation yate. they released this video that shows an attack at a media center this gaza city. this woman was pulled alive from the rubble. others weren't so lucky. palestinian authorities say 11 civilians died in this house including children. israel says it was targeting a jihad mastermind.
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so far 60 palestinians have been killed so far. israel blames hamas. >> they use arms and mosques to hide the arms. >> as diplomats work for a cease-fire, benjamin netanyahu says his government is preparing to expand military operations. israel is mass go tanks and troops at the gaza border for a possible ground invasion. traveling in thailand, president obama warned against ground action. >> not preferable for the people of gaza, it's deplorable for israelis because if israeli troops are in gaza they are much more at risk of incurring fatalities or being wouchbded. [ siren ] >> in israel the wail of air-raid sirens echoes in the streets. three israelis have died so far in the hamas attacks.
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neither side showing shows any sign of breaking the circle of violence. >> ama: the battle to bring the warriors to san francisco is expected to come to san francisco tomorrow. they are expected to join building trade unions on pier 32. proposal includes a new hotel across from the arena. board of supervisors voted that the one billion dollar project was financially feasible. resolution is set to become the full board on tuesday. >> next spring you will be able to go to a section of the sierra that has been private land. they purchased 3,000 acres of land north of truckee. almost all of the land is untouched. it includes weather lake and lacy meadows. the family that owned it used it for sheep grades go. thanksgiving is a huge ski
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weekend in the sierra and snow is arriving just in time. kirkwood reported 30 inches in last two days. squaw valley got 15 inches. there could be more on its way early this week. >> sign of the holiday season. christmas tree at pier 39 is now aglow. our own spencer christian led the cheers as the tree lit up. to get a hug and picture with disney characters. you check it out any time until january 6th. catch all the festivities on abc7 next sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon. why authorities believe dolphins are being targeted. and nintendo's new gaming system is on shelves. now you have to wait to play it
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and carson palmer threw for more than 300 yards today. >> we enjoyed a day today with less rain, less showers although live doppler picking up moisture
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>> ama: analysts expect to see wii u shortages, the new game console is selling out quickly. people lined up to get their hands on one. new system is $300. it features a control pad with a massive hd screen to complement what you see on the screen. tonight will look how the wii u that stacks you up against
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others at 11:00. nintendo updated the software. it will require one to four hours depending on connection speed. download, update includes netflix and nintendo classic and uverse. it creates a character to interact with friends. but even after the update it was down four four hours. they had it up and running around 3:30 this afternoon. >> you won't find any wii us on sale this black friday. we compiled a list of stores which are opening as early as thanksgiving day. you can browse their black friday sale ads at under see it on tv. just ahead, how police hope to track down the people who scared a monkey in a zoo or killed a monkey.
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>> ama: authorities in idaho are trying to track down people that killed a monkey. they broke into zoo and killed a monkey. police say the person hit the monkey in the head and neck with a blunt object. they did find a clues at scene a baseball cap and blood. they are investigating dolphin desks in the gulf of mexico. they believe someone is purposely killing them.
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>> just like a loveable pet,re e friendliest animals in the water but authorities patrolling the gulf coast are on high alert for attackers spor killing them. over the past two weeks, a disturbing sight on the shores of the gulf. four dolphins found mutilated, washing up on beaches in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. some have been found with bullet holes. one with the tail cut off. another missing the lower jaw. >> what kind of person would do this? >> this is a person that is really deranged. no normal person would kill and mutilate it. >> whether they were first tortured. the gulf is home to the largest population of dolphins in the united states and they could find more victims. >> curious animals and when they come close to boats, somebody using them as target practice.
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>> with such a large body of water, authorities are asking local fishermen to be on the lookout for anyone committing these crimes. the fine of up to $100,000 and year in jail. >> they say the dolphins are under a lot of stress because of the bp oil spill. >> forecast as we head to the holiday week. >> we get a little bit of a dry spell. showers will move back in by tuesday night. a wet one for our wednesday coming up. right now high definition vollmer peak cam, san francisco and here is the embarcadero center. much of the bay area cloudy skies. still picking up a few light returns. much of what you see is moisture in the air. it evaporates before it reaches
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the ground. you can see the returns san francisco, concord out toward the brentwood area oakley and san ramon picking up a few returns. if you look out your window you may see a little wet pavement. much of our reporting stations are not reporting any moisture at all some of the returns are coming in. san mateo down towards redwood city. current readings in the 50s. 58 in san francisco. 53 in napa. cloudy skies, livermore 54 and 53 in los gatos. here is a look at the forecast. chance of light drizzle and valley fog overnight. chance of sprinkles tomorrow mainly north at the golden gate bridge. then we'll all see the showers increase as we head into tuesday night and through the day on wednesday. lows tonight in the 40s. it will be cooler as those clouds won't be as intense as the last several nights.
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44 in santa rosa. 52 for san francisco. see a little bit of fog near the coast and interior east bay, antioch 49 and cool 45 degrees for the livermore valley area. tomorrow, two weather systems, pretty good looking cold front to the north of us. high pressure to the south. here is the bay area sandwiched between these two systems and golden gate bridge you should see partly sunny conditions and it does look like much of the rain will stay to the north of us. since the cold front will be very close to the north bay, we'll put a chance of few light sprinkles actually north bay communities for monday. it looks like our next chance of seeing some rain will be on tuesday as the cold front starts to sag to the south. by 10:00 tuesday night, start to see the rain in the north bay. by 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning that is when we'll look for the rain to move across much of the bay area. fast mover and should be out of
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here by thursday morning on thanksgiving day. front is going to be sitting right here north of ukiah, clearlake down to cloverdale will have a chance of a shower. mild temperatures in 60s. santa cruz 65 and few clouds, too. 67 that is for gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, clouds tuesday and showers begin late wednesday. scattered showers that will be a wet travel day across much the bay area. we dry out for thanksgiving on thursday and friday looks terrific with temperatures near 70 degrees. >> shu is here with sports. >> it's tough to be a raider fan. it takes a total team effort. stake are killing them. seventh loss of their season.
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they have given up 97 points in the last two games. drew brees, goes to a 7-0 lead. without darren mcfadden, carson palmer airs it out unfortunately to the wrong team. here is 55 yards the other way. he threw for 312 yards but had two picks. second quarter, raiders driving. it bounces off his hand. saints are up 21-7 at the half. kick offoff return, mark takes it the rest of the way. that would be 27 yards. 28-7 saints. brees with 219 yards adding to his n.f.l. record, 53 street games with a touchdown pass. what a throw. we do have a raider highlight. palmer great throw, 38-17. palmer goes over3,000 yards for
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the season but the raiders fall to 3-7 with a 38-17 loss. >> the great crowd but we let ourselves down and we by getting beat the way we did. >> we got beat today. the only way i know how to fix things is we got to go back work and keep grinding. those guys in the locker room, there is nobody that hurts worse than they do. >> we are going out there trying to win. to win out the rest of the season. >> shu: andrew luck facing tom brady and i'm sure he was inspired by the upset oregon in eugene. that carried over today? it did not. second quarter. game tied at 14. andrew air mails it to him.
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he bobs his way through traffic giving the patriots the lead. two touchdowns but he had three picks but he doesn't give up. here is a strike patriots win big. latest rankings came out and stanford jumped to number 8 over oregon. still ahead of the cardinals at number five. top six, notre dame takes over top spot ever in the bcs. alabama and georgia are going face off. kansas state dropped to number six after their loss to baylor. >> warriors trying to contain kevin durant. russell west, he has 30 points. 119-109 victory. final race to the 2012 nascar season was a two man battle
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between jimmy johnson and kelewoski and to miami we go. jimmie johnson got in triple during a pit stop. they made him return to the pits and lost time. shortly after that he had a part failure. that was it. the race was over returning to the garage. that meant all he had to do was finish. jeff gordon won the race. >> no person is, only a team can do that. these guys up here, they make me big and make me fast and strong to do anything we want to do. it's these guys. i can't be here without them. >> coming up at 11:00, your play of the day and player reaction and a look at the 49er visa
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coming up at 11:00, stolen valor, tonight, an i-team investigation, dan noyes exposes a man that claims to be a hero. one of earliest starts ever. why so many people are already in line for black friday deals and it could be all a waste of time. tonight at 11:00. there are no plans to make another twilight movie even though the series has been extremely profitable. this weekend, breaking down part two pulled in $141 million.
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that is eighth all time for opening weekend. overseas it made $200 million. twilight franchise has surpassed $2.5 billion. twilight did it against stiff come pe particular, skyfall raked in $41 million. lincoln pulled in $21 million. that is it for abc news at 9:00. i'm ama daetz. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on abc7. thank you for joining us. don't forget you can connect 24/7 at be a part of the holiday food drive on december 12th. as we broadcast live from around the bay area taking your donations for local food banks. for more information and location nearest you go to thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you at


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