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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 25, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. developing news. police are on the lookout for a man that stabbed another person in the head and neck. it happened at jackson and columbus around 6:15 tonight. police aren't sure what led to the stabbing. victim was conscious when we is taken to the hospital. >> also developing, 11 people were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide building. with we have a crew at the scene and update for you tonight at 11:00. >> tomorrow a father is in custody tonight accused of killing a teenager who was
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fighting with his son. vallejo police say what started as an argument over a girl escalated in a shooting. the victim 17-year-old gary wright, jr., john alston has the story. >> reporter: family members returned to the area to see where the spotted had been shot to death. after a party a block or so away. >> i could never picture myself burying my youngest brother. i could never picture that. now, i got to live with that. i have to. i got to move on. it hurt right now so bad that don't nobody know, but i'm going to keep it that way. >> reporter: relatives identified the victim as gary wright, jr. a local high school student hoping to get a basketball scholarship. just after 3:30 this morning, neighbors were awakened by a group outside the house. >> next thing i know i heard somebody screaming. i couldn't understand what she
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was saying. next thing i know, you just heard shots fired, at least four to five shots. >> one teenager called his father who returned with a gun. >> one of the combatants con tktd a family member, in this case his father. he responded to the area and was identified by witnesses as being the person responsible for the shooting. >> the father? >> correct. >> police tracked down 44-year-old man and took him into custody. >> we were able to obtain information as to where the individual lived and we made contact with him and constituently took him into custody, subs subsequently took him into. >> you had this is the 23rd homicide in vallejo. >> tomorrow a san mateo man is
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in jail after deadly hit and run at bus stop. the driver hit a 67-year-old man. he was stand behind a concrete garbage can when the driver lost control of his car. he slammed into the garbage can pinning the man between the can and the tree. they arrested a man of san mateo. he had a five-year-old child in the back seat. >> a southern california woman is in custody after police say she hit a pedestrian and then drove with him on her hood for two miles. other motorists tried to stop the woman. the man died. the woman said she panicked. she is being charged for drunk driving and manslaughter. >> early morning weather is being blamed for a car crash. roads were slick and roads were heavy. cruiser slammed in the corner. the officer was injured but is
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expected to be okay. >> investigators admit they overlooked 200 searches on on casey anthony. anthony was acquitted of the murder of the two-year-old. this weekend the orange county sheriff's department said they only checked the search history for internet explorer. they did not check fire fox. they admitted the day the daughter died someone searched for foolproof suffocation methods on fire fox. >> they could take on same-sex marriage case. they will sift through appeals on prop 8 decision. it found the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. prop 8 supporters asked the supreme court to rule on the appeal. this friday they will decide if there is a reason to take on the case. if not same-sex marriage could soon be legal in california.
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>> more americans shopped than ever before. 247 million americans shopped at stores or online. that is up 9% from last year. they spent $59 billion, nearly 313% more than 2011. and it's not over by a long shot. >> reporter: shopping, it's america's biggest past time this holiday season, one huge sales event following another. >> it's become free cyber week. >> cyber week started with cyber monday. that is when people return to their work computers after the thanksgiving week and start by christmas gifts online and the shopping frenzy turns from this to this. buying is just a mouse click away. online sales are on the rise. here are the numbers. consumers spent $11 billion on black friday that is down 2% from last year. early shopping on thanksgiving day may have cut into numbers.
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they rose more than 17% for online sales and 20% on friday. you may not find the cheapest deals online. some merchants may hold back on steeper discounts until the first week in december. >> there are still deals to be had. you have to shop smart from now until christmas. >> once the final deal is clicked, it just faces one more hurdle. safe home delivery. it doesn't always work. a ups driver dropped off a package without knocking at the door. just a few minutes later. >> a car pulled up, they passed the house, a lady got out and. >> a grinch caught on camera. >> on scientists say above ground search on mars isn't enough. i they hope to test out the terrain to see if what they can find down there.
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and republicans could back away from oath they made on raising taxes, colin kaepernick made the start today. >> after a wonderful weekend, mild temperatures, the storm door opens by mid-week and we're talking a series of storms with wind and rain what are you doing there? i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right?
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>> ama: republicans are considering raising taxes to reserve is the fiscal cliff. it's a big change for those who swore an oath they would never raise taxes. david curly tells us why they are working on the change. >> with some of the holiday shopping done, president obama may be getting a gift from some republicans. republicans who signed a pledge never to raise taxes. this morning, a leading senator.
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>> i will violate the pledge, long story short, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> he says he won't necessarily abide by the pledge. support from a local house member, too? >> i agree with him. a pledge you signed 20 years ago is for that congress. the world has changed. the economic situation is different. >> they are talking about this man's pledge. americans for tax reform grover norquist who has gotten hundreds to sign. >> do you feel like you and your pledge is under assault? >> no. what the pledge allows elected officials to make it clear to the voters where they stand. are at the they going to be able to raise taxes or continue more of the tame saim. >> he will help fund republican challenges against any member of congress that violates the pledge. >> what i think i hear you are saying, we won't go over the
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cliff? >> i think we will continue to raise taxes but not raise taxes $500 billion. >> while he tries to keep republicans in line, major unions have spent $300,000 targeting democrats hoping to stop any cuts to entitlement programs. >> congressional staffers met over the holiday week. they hope to meet w with the president in the coming week. they hope to have it rapid wrapd up by christmas. jimihendrix has a new album coming out. rolling stones played a rare show in london. a look at the few songs. crisp night. leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> i'm mike shumann, 49ers rode the arms and legs colin kapernick. kapernick. monday night debut
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>> ama: nasa wants to their search for life under ground on mars. curiosity rover can't go under ground. nasa would need a smaller vehicle to repel down lava tubes. it's possible one of the lava tubes could hold water or organisms that can survive on the surface. curiosity has made a discovery above ground which is one for the record books. they will introduce the discovery in san francisco in two weeks. >> rolling stones celebrated their 50th anniversary with a special show in london. they play their classics.
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mary jay blige gave joined them. jeff beck joined on guitar. they featured the new song doom and gloom. stones will play one more show in london and three more in the new york area. new jimmy hen directional -- jimi hendrix contains 12 fraction. you will be able to hear them on keyboards, drums and, of course, guitar. forecast is rapidly changing. >> especially by mid-week. low clouds out there right now. you may have noticed a little bit of dense fog in your neighborhood this morning. especially north and east bay locations. we will have that again overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning but probably not as widespread this morning. let's get to live doppler 7hd. we are clear in the north bay right now.
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current temperatures already in the 40s about napa 46. 54 in san francisco. oakland 53 degrees. 50 in mountain view and los gatos, 49 degrees. this is our forecast, low clouds and fog developing overnight. it will be dry and cooler for your monday afternoon. then it looks like the storms, at least two will roll in by the end of the workweek. it will bring moderate to heavy rain and very gusty winds. fog cast by early tomorrow morning, just in time for the 5:00 commute time we're going to find pockets of fog once again in the north bay out towards the american canyon and fairfield area. so you could find some definitely flight delays at sfo once again tomorrow morning. we'll have numerous delays this morning. here is a look at lows tonight. 45 in san rafael. 51 in richmond and 45 for san jose.
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let's get to the series of storms. you see them pretty much centered off the coast. storm number one should hit on wednesday. a little bit of a break here for thursday. very brief break as storm number two will roll in thursday night and be with us off and on until friday. here is a look at the timing. monday and tuesday should be dry. it will be early wednesday morning when the first front starts to move through. storm number one, 5:00 a.m. wednesday, a wet commute. 10:00 a.m., moderate rain moving in and then by 9:00 wednesday evening, all this moisture should start to lift a little to the north. that is a little bit of brief break for us. by thursday night into early friday morning, once again 5:00 a.m. friday morning, heavy rain starts to move across the bay area. check out 3:00 friday afternoon, some very heavy rain moving across the region, as well. how much rainfall between wednesday and friday, north bay, higher elevations could see as much as five inches.
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quite impressive three inches elsewhere in the north bay. two inches around the central bay and lesser amounts as you head to the east and south. once again, these are estimates, these storm systems still building off the coast. the timing may be off a little bit. we'll keep you updated tomorrow. how about some highs. 61 in san francisco. interior east bay, oakland locking livermore valley, mid to low 60s. 66 in santa cruz. here is how the week shapes up. monday and tuesday should be dry. clouds thicken up by tuesday night. rain and wind, storm number one on wednesday. brief break on thursday. storm number two on friday with more wind and rain. then we'll look for periods of rain to continue saturday and possibly another storm moving in next sunday. >> ama: thank you.
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mike shumann with the sports, the talk who is going to start as quarterback. >> colin kaepernick got a win in new orleans after alex smith was cleared to play. smith was active and frustrated, but ready to play. kaepernick got on the board first. after a punt, drew brees will find his receiver for a touchdown. 267 yards and three td pennsylvania. under a minute to go. the pick, he goes 50 yards. first career touchdown adds to the momentum. 14 apiece at the half. kaepernick to frank gore his first td catch of the year. these through for 321 yards. brees to gol sow and dante wood
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ends up with the ball. first time since 1995 the team had two pick six, a huge road win, 31-21 the final. >> my teammates have always supported me. it's a huge reason i can go out and play as well as i have. they have always been behind me and keep working we're going to get a touchdown. >> colin played well. again it was a tough environment. >> i this thought he did a great job with managing the game, calling the game and moving the team in and out of the huddle. >> one thing i'll say about the raiders, they don't quit that is a credit to the dennis allen. raiders in cincinnati, first half, bengals, three touchdowns what a catch by homeland sinu.
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bengals 289 yards in the first half. up 24-0. raiders don't quit. dominating the third, carson off the blitz, he had 146 yards and one touchdown and a pick. this is where the raiders, hansen gets the ball and knocks it back and raiders scoop and scored. they say the whistle had blown. it said bengals ball, ridiculous. false play on cincinnati but houston throws dalton to the ground. houston and kelly were both ejected. raiders lose their fourth straight 34-10 that final. >> let's switch gears, hoops, championship game with the direct tv classic. alan crab led the team with 28 points. here is the foul puts them up
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16-8. justin cobb, 20 solid points. final six minutes here a one-handed slam, cal winnings big off to the great started. >> st. mary's facing georgia tech. tech had eleven 3 pointers. gales turn the ball over 21 times. georgia tech takes third place in the tournament. south ranked stanford women hosting long beach state. feinth the bottom of the net for 3. stanford is now 6-0 with a dominating 77-41 victory.
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>> hand us the game or hand us the win. we are fighting and doing everything we can to get it. it mots motivates us. our starting growing bigger and big weernd want to keep it there. >> coming up at 11:00, your plays of day. we'll see you then. >> ama: still to come. a clash at the box office. who came out on top. we'll find
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shioltd track for a $11 billion year at the box office. final installment of twilight led the way earning $64 million
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during the five day weekend which started wednesday. james bond adventure skyfall came in second with $51 million. lincoln got $34 million and life of pi rounded out the top of $34 million. it hit the best all time for a thanksgiving weekend. good movie watching on a couple of days. >> the system on wednesday, locate my accu-weather seven-day forecast. the system on wednesday may rush through here pretty quickly but that will be storm number one. we get a nice break on thursday before storm moves on friday. forecast models right now are updating and a little bullish on the friday and saturday storm systems. we'll see rain but not as much but we'll keep you posted as the week goes on. >> ama: thank you for joining


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