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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 8, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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[music] [music] now on "abc 7 news" at 9:00 what is being done to fight a rise in crime.
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and deal made between the president of egypt and his opponents that fought against his power grab. we'll share a new popular series how dinosaurs and "abc 7 news" starts now. >> good evening, i'm baitsabilities. man was killed blocks from jack london square on third street. they say the shooter pulled the trigger and hopped in a vehicle and drove off. they are searching surveillance video trying to identify the person responsible. >> police and security patrols are being expanded in oakland and other east bay communities. it's helped by an crease in burglaries and other crimes. >> reporter: this is small shopping center that sits oh oakland hills and has seen an
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increase in crime. >> we had break-ins and robberies and even robberies people that took purses. >> they will patrol the area in an effort to help the oakland police department. the company will respond to calls from existing customers as well as any other merchant. monitored clare resident says more security is needed. >> we have been seeing seen a lot more home invasions and burglaries. anything that can help control it i'm for it. >> there be increased patrols including piedmont shopping districts private security firms like bay alarm. david owns camera shop and member of merchant association. he doesn't think its deterrent to criminals. >> you see it out there, oh, it's nice, i don't think they do
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any good. detriment we would like to think they are i don't believe exists. >> reporter: the district needs 24-hour patrols which is financially unrealistic but for cecilia, more patrols by the sheriff's department chp or police are welcome. >> i think it will work. it's a very good idea. we pool the resources. >> oakland police will be getting help from the alameda sheriffs department, bart police and the department of justice to try and stop the rising crime in oakland. >> tomorrow a four-hour standoff ended in sacramento. a man two people hostage but let one of the persons go. police tossed in concussion grenades and one of the shots hit the armed man. hostage managed to escape in the chaos. the standoff begin with robbery
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attempt. >> investigators in alameda alameda that a fire is suspicious. it started about 6:00 this morning. they quickly put out the flames. there are indications that the fire is of a suspicious nature. they estimate it caused about $200,000 of damage. >> an n.f.l. player killed after a late night accident in texas. jerry brown from dallas cowboys died early this morning. he was a neang a vehicle that crashed. his teammate josh brent has been arrested for intoxication manslaughter. police say he was drunk when he lost control of his mercedes. he hit a curb and flipped. he faces up to 22 years in prison if convicted. >> egypt's president has agreed to resipped the near absolute power he acquired for himself in the last few weeks. it's part of a compromise he agreed with opposition leaders, but it isn't the only big news
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from the region tonight. an arrest linked to the attack. >> it's one of the most important arrests in years and may be linked to benghazi. ambassador creation stevens and three americans died in the attack on the anniversary of september 11th. mohammad jamal is in your nou in custody. he admitted to traveling to libya and is member of the group that seejd the consulate. thousands of protestors protested morsi's power grab. 600 killed and 700 injured. but today he met with opposition leaders and announced a compromise. he gave up the additional powers and relented to most of protestors demands. the two sides in the u.s.
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important ally seemed to back away. in san francisco, demonstrators rallied of president morsi's power grab. they didn't want him removed from office but his actions are not how a democracy should be run. >> not accepting what is done by president morsi. we wanted more equality for all egyptians not just the muslim brotherhood. >> some of the powers granted them, power to declare emergency laws and immunity to trials. >> state consumer advocates, shipment of toxic toys from china will not be used for gifts. they seized a shipment worth $18,000. the toys contain toxic levels of a chemical that is used the in making rubber and plastics. it's especially dangerous to small chin. it's been linked to birth
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defects. >> and tonight marks the first day of hanukkah. hundreds packed union square to watch the menorah mark the holiday. seven more will be list through december 15th. this is the 37th year menorah lighting. >> a new theory how the dinosaurs were wiped out the face of the earth. it involves the volcano. we'll tell you what may have happened 65 million years ago. a tragedy in london, how two djs are being punished after a prank may have led to a suicide. golden state warriors go for a third road win. mike shumann has highlights in sports. >> valley fog is developing. >> valley fog is developing. i'm leigh glaser. lots of prepaid cards
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>> ama: new data suggests that dinosaurs died from a volcano. a massive volcano near india spew toxic gas into the atmosphere for thousands of years. it poisoned the earth and eventually killed off the dinosaurs. they traced ancient lava flows to come to their conclusion. they were wiped out about 65 million years ago. the scientists behind the volcano study don't believe the asteroid had a big enough impact to caused ex tings. >> scientists in thentarctica will explore part of new area. its remote section to search for
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ancient life. this is video provided by the expedition. crews will drill through two miles to reach the lake two miles below. >> we actually find in the lake will be very interesting. we could find any number microbial life and it will be interesting to see how they are surviving. >> and how extreme. temperatures averages around 13 below zero. a prank involving the british royal family is being blamed death for n london. how a joke may have led to a suicide and how they are being punished tonight. plus, a live look at the bay area with leigh glaser up next with the forecast. >> and kid named johnny and warriors away from home. warriors a[ laughter ]e. [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> ama: angry backlash after a phone crank involving the british royals. it may have triggered a tragedy. >> with anger mounting over a crank phone call gone horribly wrong, the head of the australian radio station is defending himself refusing to fire two djs that has called the london hospital pretending to be royals inquiring about kate middleton and her pregnancy. >> nobody could foresee what actually happened in this case.
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it's incredibly tragic. >> the nurse who first picked up the phone at the hospital was found dead in the nurses' housing compound. >> i feel table for nurse. >> it's often all of the to see what happened. >> the 46-year-old took her own life, so devastated by a prank that made headlines around the world she just couldn't go on. >> hello there, could i please speak to kate, my granddaughter. >> the australian djs have apologized and since been suspended. advertisers are boycotting the radio station and australian media regulator is investigating. her husband is so distraught set this message on facebook. i am devastated with the tragic loss of my beloved jacinta in tragic circumstances. >> the chairman of the hospital
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says he sent a letter to the australian radio stations owners demanding that the incident never be repeated. >> ama: leigh glaser is here. bit chilly. >> santa rosa and novato about 33 degrees and high clouds started to drifted in so i don't they think it will be as cold tomorrow morning. put an extra blanket on the bed just in case. here is a look at mount tamalpais camera, embarcadero and san francisco, we are dry out there. live doppler 7-hd, going to keep us dry the next several days. going to pick up high clouds continuing to drifted from north to south. this is going to blanket us a little bit more so this evening. temperatures do not bottom out as much. we are getting fog developing in the valley areas. santa rosa five-mile visibility.
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visibility around the santa rosa nine miles there. as we work our way through the overnight hours, the fog will redevelop and visibility will start to come down in most locations. current temperatures, 43 in santa rosa. 53 in san francisco. 47 in livermore. 51 in san jose. our forecast, we'll go with patchy dense fog overnight. warming, you can expect the next couple of days and enjoy it because temperatures will sharply start to cool down as we head to mid-week. that is when the showers will return to the bay area, as well. lows tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold but maybe not near the freezing mark in the north bay. mid to upper 30s in most locations. 39 san rafael. 47 for san francisco. low 40s for the coast and san jose 41 and some low 40s mid to upper 30s.
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overnight tonight, we're going to get a northeasterly wind shift and some of that fog could migrate out back to the delta and north bay areas. keep that in mind, early travel tomorrow morning, reduced visibility in some locations. tom talk about next couple of days. high pressure starting to build in, it's starting to spill over and as it dominates tomorrow we will get into a slight wind shore component. and by tuesday this high will weaken that will allow moisture to move back in. here is a look for highs on sunday and high clouds and sunday. get enumerate ready for nice mild trend. santa rosa, 65. 53 for vallejo and in the east bay. mild temperatures, mid to low 60s for this time of the year. san jose, as well.
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65 degrees even santa cruz, morgan hill you see there and salinas in the mid 60s. even warmer or milder depending on how you like it with temperatures in some locations near 70. then cool things down and bring clouds on tuesday night and showers and much colder temperatures wednesday and thursday. dry day on friday and now the forecast model suggesting a big storm could move in next weekend. we'll keep you update on that. >> ama: thank you so much. mike shumann, warriors are going to pick up momentum. >> they got it going. they won their first two including win over brooklyn. number three should come in washington today. wizards have won only two. they are warming up their legs but it did slow i am down. he drains a three. he had 22 points. curry, he would come out limping. he did come back later in the game.
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golden state had a strong performance from clay thompson, 91 healing 85. david lee double-double tonight and another one tonight. 101-97. warriors have won ten of 12. heisman trophy handed out in new york for the best player in the land. three finalists, notre dame linebacker. johnny manzel and colin cline and your winner is .... >> and now the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is... johnny manzel. >> throwing for 3400. >> leading them to a 10-2 record. he becomes the first freshman to
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have win the heisman. >> what a pleasure this is. i would like to thank everybody that makes this weekend possible just great guys off the football field, as well. >> is the army navy game, winner gets the commander in chief's trophy with the best record. trophy is up for grabs. for the first time since 2005 navy strikes first. here is 12 yards and midshipman is up. here a 11-yard run, 13-10. navy quarterback slips the tackle and scores. he ran for 40 and 17-13 navy. last call for army, minute to go larry dickson fumbles and trent
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recovers, crushing loss for army. 17-13 is your final. >> the niners are in need of some reinforcements of wide receiver -- i'm available. randy moss and a.j. will have to pick up the slack. he suffered his injury against the rams and one man's injury is another man's opportunity in the n.f.l. that want would be a.j. jenkins. even though he hasn't seen any regular action. he was very impressed with this young receiver. >> and for a.j., he has been added assignments. he has executed well when he has been out there. he has given great effort. >> raider season, suffered their sixth straight loss. carson palmer has done what he can. and looking to the future. it's not what the raiders
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expected when they got him last season. including this one inside the five-yard line against denver. carson can't do it alone and there is a lot of dropped balls. with three games left, looking forward to next season and take to look at tyrel pryor. >> we have had package of place to get him in the game. the some point we'll get him in the game and have a package of plays for him to run. >> it would be interesting. coming up de lasalle trying to win another state title. >> ama: thank you, shu. still to come, we have a story about a cool piece of memorabilia going up for auction. >> turbine speed.... >> bat mobile could be yours.
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, they are known for bell ringers and buckets. one group wants the salvation army out. restaurant receipt that left a group of women in tears and could leave one waiter out of a job. >> several bat mobiles featured in movie and tv and there is only one original. it's going up for auction. it's being sold by the creator. it was used in the batman tv series. he made it by taking a concept car and customizing it. man behind the car also created the knight rider and monster's family car. it w


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