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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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0if. >> 7 news. >> almost finished searching the entire mall. >> i got close to the door and s.w.a.t. team was coming in. they said everybody get out of the building. >> when these things happen people medley think of columbine. >> 3 people are dead including the gunman after he opened fire at a shopping mall. good evening i'm dan. police say a young man started shooting in an oregon mall filled with hotel difficult shoppers tonight. gunman killed 2 people before dying by self inflicted gunshot wound. now all of this happened in a suburb of portland. abc news reporter brand i hit on the terrified shoppers.
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>> chaos inside suburban portland mall as gunman opened fire on holiday shoppers. >> we heard a big bang. covered our ear and got down and then all of a sudden like 5 seconds later rapid fire bang bang bang bang bang bang. i just taking off running. >>reporter: shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> it was lake really loud. it continued like 20 times. >> we heard some people running and scream something we were hiding in the back but we didn't know what was going on. we didn't want to look through the window or anything. >> i was praying that no one was dead and that we would liv live. >>reporter: then the s.w.a.t. team moved into the klakamas town center. officers scoured the mall for any survivors. >> shooter is deceased. 2 dead and one transported to trauma. additionally i can confirm that the shooter is dead of apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. by all accounts there's no rounds fired by law enforcement in the mall today. >>reporter: police and eyewitness say the gunman
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opened fire right when he walked out of macy's and that the food court. >> everything became surreal. like virginia tech and columbine and he came in with a hockey mask on so obviously came in with the intent to kill. >>reporter: abc news los angeles. >> now this is developing. details are still coming in about what happened there tonight. we will have the very latest from portland, oregon on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. and updates during this hour as we get new information. berkeley man recovering from serious injury run over by 3 people burglarizing his home. it happened on fair lon drive and harvard circle in the berkeley hills. steven hill out walking the dog about 3 this afternoon when he got back he saw 2 men and woman ransacking his home. allen wong shot these pictures on the i-phone when he came on to the scene before police got there here's what he hill told polic police. >> they hit me and then they hit me when they were backing
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out and then when they pulled forward they ran over my leg. >>reporter: well the burglar took off in a white cadillac el dorado. this is the second home burglary in that area in just a week. >> well the lights are out on the bay bridge tonight. this is live picture. doesn't it look different? the outage started at about 7:15 leaving drivers to navigate in the dark with just the headlights. no light on the bridge. bridge is dark on both the western and eastern span. chp says electrician has been called out to try to fix it. lights went out just two two weeks ago during a storm. odd picture don't see it too often on the bay bridge. >> lets switch gears for just a moment. there is another storm bearing down on us not a big soaker but it is cold and it will bring some rain. here's weather anchor spencer christian with live doppler 7 hd. >> okay dan we have some wet weather. finally moving natural bay area down from the north throughout the evening and now you can see clearly on live doppler 7 hd a path of
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rainfall. in the north bay mainly getting reports of light rain in santa rosa but obviously in the last few minutes or so the area of more concentrated rain developed down in marin county novato to fairfax and out to sea golden gate patch at vallejo and solana county and more moisture offshore so it's getting organized now. and wetter weather on its way. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we'll see more wide spread and more concentrated rainfall as the front sweeps through during the overnight hours rainfall reaching into the south bay and east bay. by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour we see trailing showers behind the front. not so much wide spread rainfall but some wet spots nonetheless with morning commute so keep that in mine. further lack at the weather and 7 day forecast a little later. >> okay spencer thank you. >> major break in bizarre case in san francisco visitation valley. man and woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of the street on sunday night. today police arrested 5 people in hercules connected they say to the crime. vick
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lee with the very latest on the investigation. >>reporter: police said 5 arrested for the attack on a man and woman found bound and gagged ncaa and dumped on the san francisco street range in age from 19 to 34. one from san francisco. 2 from oakland. and the other 2 have hercules addresses. police made the arrest day after a passing driver found the couple in the middle of russell street in the ingleside district. male victim 26-year-old steven reid died later at san francisco general hospital. police source tells us the suspects are brought in for questioning to the hall of justice yesterday after investigators received ladies from the public. they were later arrested at a house in hercules today in l early morning hours. police spokesman officer says everyone involved knew each other. >> there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspects in this case. i can not get in details about the relationshitae
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relationships. >>reporter: investigators are still looking at a motive. source tells us the female victim was then to be involved in prostitution. they are still trying to find out if the victims were from out of town. >> now the teenager female victim was also beaten with a blunt instrument but she was not shot. now yesterday doctors said that her wounds were life threatening. today they are saying she's likely going to survive. vick lee, 7 news. lawyer for john mca fee says the judge ordered his release from a guatemala detention center where he has been fighting deportation. may take a day or 2 before the software mowing towel leave guatemala. he was detained last week after he sneaked into the country from neighboring belize. police there want to question mca fee in the shooting of a friend who lived near his home. well good news. fresh dungeness cb once again hit bay area market very soon. boater strike is over. crab boaters and seafood distribu reached an agreement today to
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end the 7 day strike. bay area crab fishermen had refused to set the traps since last wednesday day all to protest a p in price to blow 2 dollars a pound. well today they negotiated that price back up to 3 dollars. >> things are more expensive now days. everything that we are paying to get throughout and do our job is more expensive so the crab has to be a little bit more expensive than it was 20, 25 years ago. >>reporter: first load of fresh crab should be in by tomorrow afternoon. new million dollar scholarship fund established at uc berkeley offer financial aid to undocumented students. it is the first of its kind in the nation. and it is not without controversy however. education reporter lee ann has the story. >>reporter: los angeles person here was the only student at the high school to get that uc berkeley. >> everybody was happy because i was like yes i got in but i won't make. >> i won't be able to go. how
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aim going to pay for it. >>reporter: he's an undocumented student and does not qualify for any federal money. coordinator of the undocumented student program at cal. >> federal pel grant, work study, loan aren't eligible to undocumented students. >>reporter: rivera had a small private scholarship and worked odd jobs to help put himself through cal. but it wasn't enough money to make ends meet. that's why uc berkeley chancellor robert spear head add scholarship program to help students likely vary a.evelyn and walter haas junior fund rae responded with 1 million dollar award. >> the fund one of the core pieces of work is about equal chances, equal opportunities, leveling the playing field so everybody has a chance to succeed in life. >>reporter: about 200 undocumented students at uc berkeley from 20 countries will receive a portion of the private money. beginning in the spring. each will receive
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about 5000 dollars. there's more. in 2011 the california legislature passed a bill that will give undocumented students access to state grants starting next fall. assembly bill 131 has always been controversial. former cal state university east bay professor glen cuss tarred co-authored proposition 209 that ended ainformationtive action preferences in the public sector. >> you are asking the taxpayers to subsidize people here illegally and i think that this the is the wrong way to go. >> some people who just feel that if anybody didn't go through the proper process that that they don't belong here. that's a political view and i can't do anything about that. these are extraordinarily talented people and in the current era with all the challenges we have in california we can not afford to waste this kind of talent. >>reporter: about 200 students benefit from the scholar shp. it will cover only a portion of the fees about 5000 dollars.
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in the newsroom, abc 7 news. all right. it ace busy tuesday nature. mr. to bring you coming up here. state workers wasting taxpayer money while on the clock. one even wracked up thousands of personal on line posts. bay area recycling center facing eviction from golden gate park and the last ditch effort to save it. plus high tech feature that promise to make the 49ers new stadium a state of the art experience. >> spencer back with updated look at live doppler 7 hd and new rainstorm that is now approaching the bay area. whoever electrician was this guy. lights are back on on the bay bridge. they have been out since about 7:15. they literally just came back on. literally just came back on. all is back to normal on the
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>> late decision about 4 firehouse ins the east bay. contra costa county supervisors voted to close the fir station in lafayette, martinez, clayton and walnut creek. 4 of them. closure would save about 3 million dollars a year. the supervisors are forced they say to make this decision because voters turned down a 7 year parcel tax to keep those
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stations open. >> well this next story might make you wonder just who is keeping an eye on state workers. new audit found some funny business going on and nobody is laughing. in fact some of the behavior is down right scandalous. the story tonight from abc 7 news capitol correspondent. >> taxpayer perspective it's very big deal. >>reporter: biggest case cited this year in the state auditor report involved a bribery scheme where a courier able to pay los angeles base employee secretary of state office and the franchise tax board upped the table for processing numerous documents an letters off the book that normally cost 15 to 20 dollars a page. all 3 were convicted and must pay back the state nearly a quarter of a million dollars. >> what we see here ace lot of salute abject fraudulent activity. you add that to the waste and just the mismanagement of state government and i think it has taxpayers scratching their
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heads why don't we have more accountability? >>reporter: auditors also found an edd tech figures who is now in prison helped 2 accomplice illegally obtain nearly 100,000 dollars of unemployment benefits. natural resource agency executive allowed nearly 50,000 dollars in commuting cost to be reimbursed. fish and game supervisor required a farmer leasing land from the state to provide him with 5000 dollars in home depot gift cards. for more than a year a deputy of education employee who has since resigned filled his work take by posting almost 5000 comments to stories on the sacramento bee web site. most 7000 tips reported to the whistle blower had the line came from state workers who care about how taxpayer money is being spent. most are good, hard working employees. >> we should be good steward of the funds that are being used for our services and we should be vigilant of that. >>reporter: taxpayer group
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want more uncovered. >> day-to-day oversight of state government is not very sexy. but it's where the real action is and quite frankly it's where taxpayer money can be saved. >>reporter: since the whistle blower hotline established in 1993 5 26 case worth 31 million sdlars resulted in reprimand, termination about or conviction. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> well the city of lafayette putting repair from the last storm on fast track tonight. rate now the construction firm cc myers is working to repair mountain view drive. road was undermined by a rapidly running creek during the storm on december 2nd. all the rain we had. company was brought in after the city council declared local emergency when learning that would it take public works crews months to make repair. firm says it will work 24 hours a day to fix the road. they hope to finish the work by christmas which would be a huge thrill to folks living in the area of lafayette. company cc
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myers has done a lot of emergency repair work for the state over the years. able to beat the deadline. >> let's talk about the weather spencer is here. not a lot of rain but certainly cooling off. >> it is cooling off. we are going to get a little rain and it's pet in some spots but not a drencher but that's got news. kept umbrella handy. live view from the east bay camera in emeryville looking back to the bay bridge and lights coming on now which is good. motorist a little better visibility let's look at our live doppler an much anticipated rainfall that was holding to the northeasterly year finally beginning to reach the bay area. little pockets of light rainfall and showers pushing through the north bay right now up around bodega bay. spot on shore and parts of marin county from novato down to san rafael and golden gate in parts of san francisco now a little bit of light rainfall and some right offshore about to move on shore. so we'll see more rain more weighed spread rain as we get later that the
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evening hours. temperature readings generally in the low 50's although down to 49 already up in santa rosa and 49 at los gatos. these are the forecast feature we see rain tonight giving way to showers tomorrow. snow level down to 3500 feet. dan mention the arrival of cold air along with the system and cold air drops snow level down and could be the appearance of some dusting of snow and the higher peak and see if it develops. frosty morning thursday and friday. satellite shows advancing cold front leading edge of the cold air mass that dropped down out of the gulf of alaska along the leading edge of that air mass cold front there it is rainfall and here it comes. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonigh tonight. at that point we see more wide spread rainfall and more concentrated rain across most of the bay area as we advance the time line to 1:00 a.m. see front pushing into the east bay and south bay. mostly showers behind the front. more concentrated rain ahead of it. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour all bay area will not be wet but some wet spots
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scattered showers behind the front and then later in the day we see showers dissipate and in the morning hours we sea spots of shower activity but by afternoon it's tapering off and then later in the day it's pretty much over by late afternoon or early evening and by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening looking at by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night i should say lacking at rainfall total that could be as great quarter inch in the north bay quenlly up to half inch in the mountains and perhaps as much as half inch in the santa cruz mountains. now over in the sierra some snow. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night wednesday night. we look at possibility of 3 to 7 inches of snow above 4500 feet maybe 10 inches of snow above 7000 feet. chain control certainly likely. and we are looking for the highest high in the next three days wednesday thursday friday we'll see tide at 7.1 feet. and seven feet respectively so some concern about minor local flooding but
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the rain shouldn't ab factor as it's generally light. low pressure tonight on the cool side. low 40's for the most part. high also on the cool side. painly low 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cool weather through the end of the week. cool mass and temperatures moderate over the weekend. chance of rain on sunday. chance of rain again on tuesday. unsettled. cool. winter lake weather. >> but not extreme. that's the good news >> exactly right. >> thank you very much. >> land deal 14 years in the making. come up. open space agreement that saves the mountain top and keeps bay area landmark pristine. plus why president obama can now be called a pre-historic lizard king. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 with us. 7 news at 9:00 continuesf @
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abouout we have ignition. 2, 1,
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and lift off. lift off of the. >> launch this morning of air force rocket from cape canaveral, florida miss steer thus evening. it's carrying a top secret military spacecraft called the x 3 7 d. that looks like a miniature space shuttle on highly classified mission. it is the third launch of the x 37. last 2 landed the edward air force base this may landing back at the cape. well another glimpse that the future from the san francisco 49ers tonight. the team announced a deal to pack their new santa clara stadium with game changing technology. cooep a explains what that means for fans. >> they say sony will help make the new santa clara stayed automatic lead intercutting edge technology and give fans a unique game day experience. this is just one example of what the global consumer electronic company is bringing to the table or in this case
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the stadium. 4 k led monitor. this is 84 inch version on display at the sony store in the stanford shopping center. there will be 2500 4 k monitor throughout the new facility giving fans a view that is 4 times higher resolution than standard hd tv you can immanuel those types of display throughout the stadium giving fans replay crabtree tip-toeing on the side line better view of the replay than referee in real time. >>reporter: forty-niner ceo york long said the stadium isn't about big screens and score board but software driven state of the art network. fans won't need tv screens in the back of every seat like on an airplane because they will be connected through their own mobile devices. allowing them to person ides the game day experience through various programs and app including ordering stadium food and having it delivered to their seat. sony says some technology if place in the connect off for the season is so advanced it haight hadn't
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even been invented yet n.santa clare, abc 7 news. >> 8 of the -- state of the art. >> tomorrow is shir your holiday food drive. big day for us. it's your chance to help make the holiday season a lot brighter for so many families in need. we broader cast all day from these locations. june square in san francisco. carolyn johnson and i there. san antonio a row in san jose and broadway plaza in walnut creek. drop-off food or cash donation any time between 5:30 am until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night. now if you can't make to it one of our sites it's understandable but still easy ways to donate. call the number. if it's here on the screen. well take your contribution right over the phone or you can text the word feed to this number on the screen to donate 10 dollars on your cell phone bill. it's that easy. hope you are a part of it. it's really exciting important time for us. >> 1 in 10 suffer from it. tonight what may ab life
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changing treatment for depression. we have that story next. >> also japan mobilize the missile defense system after defiant move by north korea. i have details on that next. >> like something out of a movie what caused this massive explosion in west virginia? >> also tonight. truck driver gets the blame for a fatal amtrak accident. if he had acted just 2 seconds faster it would not have happened. stay
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent.
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but anyone can help a foster child. >> good evening again. we begin this half hour with news about north korea. yang fired long range rocket defying warnings from the united states and the quantityed nations. now you are looking at satellite pictures of the rocket launching facility. the launch demonstrates how north korea knew leader is pressing
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ahead with gathering the technology needed to deliver a nuclear war head on intercontinental ballistic missile. japan mobilize the missile defense systems and one part of the rocket landed in sea off the korean peninsula and the philippines. tension being raised there. talk about tense. hissing sound of natural gas as single police car keeps watch and sits hear in west virginia. what an image that is. that's where a natural gas line exploded level 4 houses and damaging part of interstate. the area is about 15 miles forth of charleston, west virginia. several people suffered smoke i hope inhalation. ntsb said a distracted driver in a truck with bad brake was likely cause of amtrak collision that killed 6 people last year. happened at rural intersection in northern nevada. truck slammed into the side of a train that was headed from chicago to here in the bay
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area. at hearing in washington today the ntsb said the crossing guard arm was down and warning lights were flashing in plenty of time for the truck driver to stop. they still are not sure why he did in the act quickly more quickly maybe he was tired or just not paying attention who knows. but if the brake had been properly maintained or applied a second and a half earlier the accident apparently could have been avoided. major headline for the millions of americans battling depression. anti-depressant can take weeks even months to bring relief but now the national institute of mental health health says they have discovered medication that can act within hours. chief medical editor richard vesser has more. >> a life time of depression. lifting in just a few minutes. dennis suffering for years. had tried pretty much every anti-depressant on the market. no response you have tried treatment. >> they have never helped me at
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all. >>reporter: but at the national institute for health they are trying out whole new class anti-depressant. drug that may offer a new path to fighting depression. fast. >> couple hourts yes that's all it takes. instead of couple week or 6 or 8 week can achieve the same thing in a few hours. >>reporter: typical target the seratonin a chemical that controls happiness but can't tell if it's working for 4 to 6 week but the new drug works in completely different way. tashingting the glute mate system. working on neuron that control mood. they seem to show results within hours. for dennis it has been a glimpse of whole new life. >> i can get up in the morning. i can return calls. do the things that people do without impairment. doesn't feel like i have to fight in order to do those routine task. >>reporter: dr. richard vesser abc news washington. certainly very promising. couple of business items to pass along. ia had today announced plans to spiff up the e-mail service making it easier
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an faster to use with mobile devices. yahoo may fall to no. 3 in the word and company is hoping to regain some ground on google g mail that is no. 1. and last call for twinkie. final shipment of the hostess cream cake arrived in chicago today and sold out in no time. a rush on hostess product since the company announced it would liquidate an close over labor dispute with its workers. well now to land deal that is 14 years in the making. today the sonoma county board of supervisors unanimously authorized the use of 1.8 million dollars in open space funds to purchase 199 acres top fits mountain in healed burg. the city council there approved it last night this site will be future park or hiking and biking. spectacular as you see. it was acquired from a delaware base corporation. fits mountain is considered a local landmark in sonoma. >> well the new haven school unified school district is one of 16 nationwide to be award
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add federal race to the top grant. big honor. the district came in second in the nation and will receive more than 29 million dollars over the next 4 years. new haven won because of the district focus on quality personal instruction. the district plans to spend the money on reducing class sizes, buying high tech tool for teachers and students and hiring inclassroom coaches to personalize learnin learning. new haven is one of 3 72 districts to apply. well san francisco as you well know is big on recyclin why is the city trying to get rid of a recycling center? why is the director revving to obey an eviction order? 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >>reporter: you might not expect this in golden gate par park. but the haight ash bury neighborhood council recycling center known as hank has been here for more than 3 decades. >> it has been there since early 1970's. it might be a non-conforming use but performs
9:37 pm
a public service. >>reporter: since 1996 the city recreation department has been trying to push hank out. >> it's 3 quarter of an acre at the entrance of golden gate park. our goal is to have it be a park appropriate use. >>reporter: they want to turn this into a community garden. hank has put in some planters and now calls itself an ecology center. but some in the neighborhood believe the recycling operation is attrac attracting the homeless. >> what ended up happening is a lot of people were trying to basically go into other recycling bin to make the quick dollar. >>reporter: hank director says if his center is closed under state law neighborhood grocery stores large and small will have to pick up the slack or face fines. this resident says it would be a mistake for the city to close the center. >> it's very convenient for the neighborhood. i like the idea
9:38 pm
of being able to recycle. >>reporter: but after years of legal wrangling it appears time is up. eviction notice is now in effect. hank supporters rallied at city hall today hoping for a miracle. but according to the sheriff's department the departure is imminent. >> we are confident that at least hopeful that they are going to vacate the premises voluntarily. >>reporter: if not he says there will be a forced eviction by the end of the first week in january. in san francisco, at city hall, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. all right. it's that time of year. just ahead. nominee are out for the first major film arrest ward of the season. list our don sanchez played a role in compiling. >> plus. my god my god. caught on video. scary moments for one family as they watch for one family as they watch the +1
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>>. >> nominee for the first major film award of the year announced today. critic choice award presented by the broader cast film critic association. is don sanchez is a member of that organization and he has the nominees tonight. steven spael berg lincoln ladies the film with 13 nominations. musical classic les mis 64 s 11 nomination. silver linings play book the comedy drama one of my favorite has 10 nominations. zero dark 30 about the hunt of osama bin laden getting a lot of attention lately and arg o about the rescue of iran hostages has 7 nomination.
9:43 pm
small film beast in the southern wild that has judicial effects by san francisco art community. other nominee javrng 0unchain. life of p i. master and moon rise kingdom. >> you lack nice. >> thank you. i'm not flirting with you. >>reporter: bradley cooper the lists of best actor number 93 for silver lining play book. daniel day lewis for lincoln. john hawk for the session. hugh jackman for mess and denzel in nritd and joaquin phoenix and jennifer lawrence topic for silver lining play back but support is building for jessica chastain in zero dark 30. other choice include 2 french actress and immanuel in amore. amazing sick yooeringd-year-old in beast of the wild. supporting actor choice the favorite has to be tom lee jones for lincoln. supporting actress include' hathaway in less mess and helen
9:44 pm
hunt in the session. dream work madagascar and rise of the guardian and pixar for animated feature. >> i am. >> we make the financial vote then i'll be at the award ceremony in santa monica on january tenth. that show will be a full bucket. see it live on the cw. i'm don sap chez abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> who gnaw the force was with so many people in england. >> "star wars"here they come. >> the popularity of the "star wars"mavie can not be underestimated. in the 2011 census in the united kingdom more than 1 sfaiv,000 people say they practice the religion known as jedi knight. that's less than half a percent of people but keep in mind it's more than three times the number of people who call themselves paying an, atheist
9:45 pm
and scientologist. also this. census cat a reveals that 6200 people who subscribe to the heavy metal religion that religion was establish entered 2010 by a rock magazine called metal hammer. who knew right. >> well researchers named a pre-historic lizard in honor of president obama. here's an artist rendition of what can now be called obama don chris also blue dinosaur in the foreground you see. insect eating lizard discovered in montana in 1974. wrongly classified and is in fact a new species. scientist from yale harvard say the lizard has tall straight teeth like the president. name combines the latin for obama teeth and slender. no comment from the president on this remarkable honor. >> the stars have it the celebrity leading the way in a hot new fashion trend for men.
9:46 pm
hot new fashion trend for men. stay with us. i'll have that
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>> officials in birmingham, alabama assessing the damage from tornado that swept through the city yesterday. lack at what happened when local television station was interviewing a man as the twister hit. >> my god. my god. my god. are you okay? >> skaivrment everyone inside the home was all right than thankfully. to be was hit by debris flying when the roof collapsed. national weather service says the tornado had maximum winds estimated at about 90 miles an hour.
9:50 pm
freight engine. in an instant too. >> let's refocus on our weather. spencer is back with the rain and the cold. >> nothing scary coming our way just a little wet and cold. here's a time lapse view this afternoon from our high definition mount tam camera watch clouds at various level in the atmosphere moving inland and across the bay. clouds now producing rain fall as we continue live doppler 7 hd. spots of rainfall here and there. some moving in san francisco now past the golden gate. we have had some spotty showers in parts of marin county. it's light and widely scattered. state wide tomorrow many areas of shower activity and snow over the sierra and sunny skies in interior southern california. here in the bay area after rain overnight and showers early in the day we see just isolated showers in the afternoon. a little bit of sunbreak go through. it's cool. high pressure mainly in the low to mid 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it will be even cooler on thursday and
9:51 pm
friday with frost likely in the morning hours early morning hours thursday and friday and we get milder weather over the weekend but chance of rain on sunday. chance of rain on tuesday and winter unsettled pattern is here. >> thanks very much. >> we like to keep up with fashion trends and we have one more men. leggings for men or call them meg lenny and russell and justin all like them. they all wear them. fashion lovers like them to the skinny jean trend. union i glow first west coast store in 81 square a few mowing a are telling seling them. real question is where do you put your wallet. >> i have it on good authority larry has a pair and look goods in them. >> [ laughing]. >> i had no idea. if they are athletic like you wear compression shorts that's possible. that is what you are describing there. spencer --
9:52 pm
no. compression shorts where the muscular is aided by. >> think outside the box. >> i'm not going this far outside. players beat the commissioner in bounty case thanks to the old commissioner who also doesn't wear leggings. doing the crabtree you won't catch him in a pair of these. won't happen. well take it won't happen. well take it back well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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a. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. slide and tide concern in the north bay tonight as rain and high tide converge. the move now to hire ground. why the city of palo alto says this coffee bagel sign has got to g go. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. sports director larry is here some interesting news from the nfl. >> yes the megging sign that will stay? coffee and bagel got to go we sell megging here. nfl
9:56 pm
commissioner rules with iron fist and usually wins but the predecessor just hand add major victory to the players and wiping out the suspension. he brought next commissioner to rule on the case which involved 4 saints players and several coaches involving paying bounty to deliberately injury opponen opponent. today he ruled there noise doubt about what was going on here. but the case has been contaminated to use his words and he lifted the sues pensions. sanctions however to the coaches will remain in place. next 2 games of the 49ers will tell us an awful lot about how good they really are and what the play off future might be. sun at new england and then at seattl seattle. first things first. stopping tom brady. texans got shredded last night. brady through 4 touch down pass and patriots hit and harbaugh played college ball at michigan. he was asked if he's closely followed the fellow michigan man. >> do i remember when he was there. sure. yes. yes.
9:57 pm
followed him. we weren't there at the same time. i'm a little older. >>reporter: slightly. forty-niner players get one day off per week during the season. most just want to rest. try to heal up but the niners they also get out there in the community. mike was there when the crab shake suddenly broke out. video game publisher was demonstrating the latest game yesterday hip-hop dance experience to the local boys and girls club of san francisc francisco. this game uses nfl players and all of a sudden it came to life as forty-niner wide receiver michael crabtree showed up. >> it was amazing. he was like really is in and warm. >>reporter: michael got involved with them and donates 1,000 dollars for every touch down he catches to the boys an girls club of san francisco with his crab shake touch down dance which he demonstrated yesterday e.found icap donate to my charity. man. the boys
9:58 pm
club came in mind and dance move. i always been a big dancer when i was young. just all tied into one. >>reporter: michael got involved with the club for a good reason dating back to his childhood. >> i was there every day. pool table. domino. basketball. football. all the above, you know. i just felt lick it kept me out of trouble the. >>reporter: meant a lieutenant to these kids. >> gives our kids an opportunity to see somebody on tv who is real and the message he brought out about their goal is something we preach every day. >> that's good deal man. i get to dance and give back at the same time. can't beat that. >>reporter: in san francisco, mike, abc 7 sports. >> waiting for shoe to bust out in the crab shake but not there. no tighten in the country caught more passes than stanford zacker all american by the sporting news and the associated press today as well.
9:59 pm
set school records. made the biggest catch of the year the game winner late in the game to beat oregon. offensive line man yankees named all american. preparing for rose bowl against wisconsin. >> it's something growing up as a kid you want to be all american. want to be one of country. fortunately it's come to fruition. >>reporter: san jose state decided on who will coach the spartans in the military bowl. defensive coordinator the interim head coach. also a candidate to take over on permanent basis. moves up because mcintire moved on head coach of colorado after the spartans. perfect road trip going tomorrow night here. not easy facing the defending world champion heat. ballots of new york. knicks and net in brooklyn. nets jumped tout an early 26-9 lead. after johnson buried this 3 ball. knicks scratching claw their way back in game nd


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