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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 30, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. investigators aren't sure what sparked a deadly fire in san jose. three members of one family including a four-year-old were sleeping inside one of the apartments. they never made it out alive. her grandparents also died in the fire. sergio quintana tells us what happened. >> she says the last time she saw her daughter was last night at bedroom time. >> she was staying with your parents? >> yes.
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>> reporter: just after 11:00, she noticed a fire in her brother's room. you go see the charred window an example of how ferocious the fire burned. she tried to put it out but it was too much. >> you couldn't put it out. >> she escaped along with six other family members, but her parents and her daughter did not. in the apartment downstairs, neighbors heard a commotion and quickly realized it was fire. she says she is scream, call the fire department and then rushed everyone out. three of her grandchildren were there for the weekend and they got out safely but it was scary situation. >> what did you think of that? >> it was pretty cool, i started to cry a lot. >> makes say fire teams worked
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fast to control the situation but they say a san jose police officer was especially heroic. he arrived on the scene quickly, yelled at neighbors to keep a safe distance and then tried to enter the burning apartment. right now the investigation of this fire continues and residents have been allowed to return to collect some essentials. for cecilia, the fire has been devastating. she lost her parents and her daughter. 56 residents remain displaceed because of fire. as for the police officer that ran in into the apartment building, he suffered smoke inhalation and he has asked the san jose police not to release his name. a funeral home is boarding up tonight after an out of car slammed into an lobby today. a 16 or 17-year-old driver was
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racing when he lost control. his car drove through the front of the concord funeral chapel. a driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. an elderly man in the lobby had minor injuries. funeral director says it could have been much worse if it happened moments before. >> we were literally five feet from where the car came in, if it came in ten seconds earlier i would not be standing here today. future services may be moved to a sister home in martinez until the lobby is repaired. oakland police are on the outlook that shot and killed a 16-year-old girl. the girl was killed. a 14-year-old boy was also hit. he is expected to live. witnesses describe the shooter as being between 13 and 16 years old and wearing a red t-shirt.
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>> nine people have died in a bus crash in oregon. it lost control on a icy stretch of i-84. it slammed in a guardrail and rescue workers had to use ropes to retrieve survivors. about 30 people lived through the crash and 20 of them were injured. >> hillary clinton has been admitted to the hospital. she has a blood clot. they found the clot in a follow-up exam today. she was admitted to a hospital in new york so doctors can keep an eye on her. democrats and republicans are wrangling over last minute ledges to avert the fiscal cliff there is no sign of a deal so far. chuck stephenson has the latest. >> they heard this prayer from the senate chaplain.
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>> look on our nation and save us from self-inflicted wounds. >> the clock is ticking towards the new year's eve midnight hour when budget cuts swoop down from the fiscal cliff. harry reid and mitch mcconnell are working on a stopgap bill. >> at some point the negotiating process it appears there are things that have stopped us in moving forward. i hope we're not there but we're getting real close. >> i want everyone to know i am willing to get this know, but i need a dance partner. >> the legislation would prevent a tax increase for 98% of american workers, extend unemployment benefits and prevent a huge cut in payments to medicaid doctors. >> we should introduce legislation to make sure that middle-class taxes stay where
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they are. >> even if they reach a deal it won't pass congress by monday night. if it doesn't everybody's income taxes will go up. the average family would pay $3,324 would. if congress doesn't passion a new bill? >> we'll come back with a new congress in january 4th and first bill will be introduced on the floor will be to cut taxes on middle-class families. >> the bargaining continues tonight. >> ama: in two dates, new laws to take effect in california. plus, we'll break down the incredible video that shows a plane crashing into a freeway. director of star trek movie is back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> ama: several new laws will take effect beginning new year's day. one is underage drinking on party buses. one person died after being on party bus in 2010. the law requires a chaperone placed on buses. few other laws, auto dealers to help finance car purchases must provide 30-day warranties for any vehicles they sell. it will be illegal for college administrators to ask to access facebook account. private companies that provide space travel will be immune from
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civil suits. the state reptile will be named the sea turtle which is day of conservation in october. >> this was the last sunday in san francisco to park at meters for free. in one week you'll have to pay from noon to 6:00 p.m. at fisherman's wharf it will be noon to 7:00 p.m. >> coming up, highlights of the niners and raiders of the and russian plane crashing into a highway. what you need to know weather-wise for new year's eve. leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. >> i'm rick kwan. pryor shows his potential in his first star
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new video shows the explosive impact of a plane crashing into traffic in russia. you can see the wreckage of the plane overshot the runway during the landing. one of the plane's tires shot across the road and slammed into a car. the driver was unhurt. the plane ripped apart into three massive pieces. four people on the plane were killed. the plane was just a few feet away from a much busier section of the road. >> and mother and three small children are recovering with minor injuries after her suv rolled into a frozen river in missouri. firemen and two policemen rescued the family. the children were all properly scrapped in the car seats. they were able to pull them out through a window.
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>> visitors to everglades national park is dealing with real life case of angry birds. they are stripping the rubber and vinyl off of windshields. park officials aren't sure they are picking on cars but the angry birds seem very determined. >> they get down on the vehicle very quickly. it only takes a few minutes to do that kind of damage. >> ama: to combat the birds, they are distributing tarps so visitors can cover their cars. in apple working on i-watch. they report apple is building a device and low bluetooth technology. they claim the watch would feature a 1.5 inch touch screen. according to sources, the device could launch within the if next
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six months. >> star trek director is making a dying fantasy dream come true. it doesn't come out until may of next year. a fan diagnosed and given weeks to live wantedo t see a nine minute clip before he died. he tried to see it during the preview but it wasn't shown in his region. man's wife posted a plea for help. the site's poster rally joining them and few days, director contacted the dying man. he will give a special screening and not just the nine minute screening but a rough cut of the entire film. >> it's cold out there. temperatures are in the 30s in parts of the bay area. this is how it looked from high definition mount tamalpais camera. we are seeing clear and bright moonshine. enjoy. that live doppler 7-hd not
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picking up any returns at all. current readings, it is in the 30s already. 39 napa as well as santa rosa. we have 48 in san francisco. 41 in livermore. 41 in san jose and los gatos checking in at 42 degrees. here it is. a cold overnight forecast for you. look for inland frost in the north and east bay locations. we'll go with sunshine and scattered clouds for new year's eve. it will be a cool day and cooler night tomorrow night and bring out sunshine just in time for first day of the new year. satellite and radar composite, clear sky here although just to the north and west of us you can see the leading edge of clouds. this is what is going to move across the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. here is with a our anticipated lows. frost is likely and north and east bay protected valley areas. 39 expected in cloverdale and temperatures are dropping below the freezing mark. tender vegetation.
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if you have tender plants you may want to bring them in or cover them and do not forget about your pets outside, as well. 43 is expected low in san francisco and 35 for san jose. here is the cold front that will be draping across the bay area tomorrow afternoon. right now we'll put a few clouds in our accu-weather forecast for tomorrow. as the cold front moves closer to the bay area, it might wring out a drop or two. and tomorrow morning, you'll notice we have clear skies by late in the day 4:00 or 5:00, clouds associated will move in. maybe a sprinkle or two across the bay area. by tuesday 1:00 a.m. the new year has arrived and system will move on to the south of us. new year's day look terrific and temperatures may be two or three degrees warmer. there it is.
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terrific forecast for the bay area. here is the highs for monday and clouds late in the day. 55 for cloverdale and 52 for san rafael as well as san francisco. still be a cool afternoon. antioch 54, same as fairfield tomorrow and 63 for santa cruz and 53 for hollister. seven-day forecast, we'll go with cold nights monday night and increasing clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two possible. then on tuesday, new year's day, the sun will be with us, temperatures in the 50s. clear skies and give way to a very hard freeze for all of us on wednesday morning. slight chance of showers on thursday. >> ama: rick kwan is in and you have the niner forecast. >> and for the niners to win the west and get a first week bye.
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san francisco was pumped up but. offense finally got gone. kaepernick and crabtree came up with drive. then on the next play. he gets away from the pressure and finds crabtree open for a 49-yard touchdown. while that was clicking, david akers continues to have problems. he had m made a field goal attempt and they led 7-6 at the half. with smith still sidelined, ricky jean got the start. he sacked brian hoyer. they team up again, crabtree with eight catches with two touchdowns. first niner to have more than a 1,000 yards receiving since at the rel oh experience. frank gore sets a record for for a rushing touchdown for the
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second straight year, san francisco wins the n.f.c. west. >> i'm extremely happy. with the win that was our mission, that was one thing we wanted to get done today. we got that done. western division champions, that means a lot to us and to our players. >> our defense had to come out and really play from this point on. today i think was a great started of what we need to do. >> he did a great job and got it going and we got it done. n.f.c. west channels. >> green bay and minnesota went down to the final seconds, peertsd son ran 189 yards but came up short for a record. that set up the game winning
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field goal as the vikings beatat the packers. niners get the number one seed in the first round bye. >> cowboys and redskins, robert griffin takes matters in his own hands. he scores and put washington on top. another redskins running back moore has had a huge game, rumbling for 200 yards and three touchdowns along waited he set a franchise single season rushing record. tony romo is picked off by jackson. romo threw three interceptions. skins take advantage of it and morse gets it, 28-18 is final. oakland closed out its season at san diego with nothing to lose. raiders went to pryor that made his first started as quarterback. down south before the contest they were practicing in a hailstorm. the weather was fine at kickoff
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but not the raiders special teams. he takes the ball, breaks into the clear and takes the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. it was 10-0 chargers after one. he throws a fake, hayward for his first n.f.l. touchdown pass. oakland rallied and pryor keeps it himself and dives into the end zone. that cut the lead to 24-14. with two minutes to go, he can't find a receiver but buys time before finding moore in the end zone. chargers hold on to win and oakland winds up 10-12. >> and broncos get number one seed and home field advantage. tonight at 11:00 we'll go over the playoff picture and show you who is make who. >> quentin tarantino
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>> lisa: coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7:00, fiscal cliff continues in washington tonight. lawmakers reach one deal that will affect our wallets snst. ♪ >> music proves to be good medicine for recovering george h.w. bush. >> a kiss at midnight and dropping of the ball. for buidists it it's the risking of the bell they welcomed the new year by ringing the bell. visitors were asked to join in to curb mortal


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