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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 29, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>>. >> tonight break in one of biggest cold cases. exclusive development in the 1984 disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. >> we have team coverage for you tonight. 7 news i team talks exclusively with missing boy's mother about the man with the big black dog. >> also tonight. late ruling on san francisco no more nudity ordinance. >> who gnaw wearing hat was so funny. we are in new orleans funny. we are in new orleans as niners share
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>> brother and sisters all grown up. he's still 10 years old. >> mother of missing boy talks to the abc 7 news i team about her son disappearance 29 years ago. as police conduct a new search today near the place where he was last seen. this is exclusive video from the wlous investigators were literally digging for evidence today. good evening. it is a missing person case that drew national attention and has baffled family and investigators for decades. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared in 1984 on his way home from school at saint agne agnes. last seen at bus stop at oak and masonic in the haight. that's just a block away from today search unfoldd with crime scene investigators
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and the fbi. 7 news reporter vick lee was there all afternoon and broke the story on 7 news at 4 and tonight he has details that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> i will be happy to hear that if this is the case it will be solved and give peace to the family. >> police close off the sidewalk in front of the house as they began the probe. homicide inspectors members of the csi unit and fbi agents went in and out of the house all day. 2 sources with knowledge of the investigation told 7 news they believe a resident who used to live in the lower flat of the house may have been responsible for the abduction of kevin collins. 10-year-old boy disappeared almost 3 decades ago from this neighborhood. he left basketball practice at saint agnes school and waited for bus down the street at oak and may tonic. house police searched today is across from the church school. after kevin vanished a nationwide search ensued. picture placed on milk carton
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one of the first missing children to be publicly size that had wait a minute posters up. volunteer scour the city. thousands of tips poured into police but nothing materialize materialized. decades went by until a new cold case unit began reviewing the case again. the evidence led them to the resident of this house. person of interest who was interviewed the during initial investigation. police searched the home at that time but found nothing. cold case unit wanted a more thorough search. this afternoon kadafier sniffing dog found something in the basement floor. city cw brought in a jack hammer and began digging through a portion of the concrete. crew from the medical examiner office was called in when bone were his discover in the ground. our sources say a man named kelly lived in the house at the time. but that he has since died. michael sharp has lived next door for 4 decades. he knew kelly and his roommate. >> never thought it they would do something like this. never. they never showed it. they
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were calm. they were cool and everything. >>reporter: no trouble. >> no trouble. none. >>reporter: so now the bones will be sent to the state lab for analysis to see if they are animal or human. by the way, our sources say inspectors the investigators believe this man called kelly is their strongest suspect. vick lee, 7 news. >> now the 7 news tonight team brought you an exclusive investigation into the kevin collins case three months ago looking at other possible ladies. dan spoke with kevin's mother ann this afternoon and she is shaken obviously very concerned about the developments. there have been many ladies over the past 30 years. all coming up empty. told dan that the so much site at masonic is a block from where kevin was last seen at the bus stop 29 years ago. just across the street from the search site the collins family rented an apartment to serve as the collins foundation. search headquarters and collins told she would look out the
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window and wonder if kevin was buried at one of those basement nearby. imagine how painful that was. watch dan's report. >> part of me wants to know. whether happened to him. you know. >> part doesn't. >> part doesn't. afraid to find out what it really was. >>reporter: that's ann colonel lips from october of last year talking about her son kevin who went missing on february 10, 1984. for ann he's frozen in time. >> his brother and sisters are all grown up. and he's still 10 years old. >>reporter: search was intense wartime. volunteers fan out across san francisco and northern california when the case made the cover of newsweek magazine thousands of ladies came in but never paned out. >> it has been 29 years and other cases are being solved and maybe, maybe it's time kevin will be solved. >>reporter: ann told me in october and today by phone about what seemed to be the most promising lead. someone spotted kevin with at the bus stop.
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>> 2 witness saw him standing on the corner near a man with a black dog. >> ann remembers the police tracked down the map with the black doychlingt he had a house in guerneville but lived on masonic. same street as today's search. >> i don't know if anything ever came of it. but that was the only witness that remember seeing him that evening. on that corner. >> sf pd investigators told me in october they hadn't worked the case in years. we don't don't at this point what led to today's break d.some old lead finally break out or did our series of reports three months ago spur somebody to call police? for the i team, dan, abc 7 news. >> man would was shot in the head at pittsburgh gas station this morning has died. man father tells 7 news that the victim is 20 years old. father raced to the 76 station on railroad avenue right after he heard about what had happened. s.w.a.t. team surrounded a neighborhood to search for the gunman. police have named this man 22-year-old brian fox a person of interest in the shooting. police found his car
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about 5 miles away in bay point but they did not find him. fox is considered armed and dangerous. berkeley police say stabbing suspect barricaded himself inside a home then set it on fire. you can see from sky 7 hd the response from the team on harmon and sacramento street he was captured trying to run out of the back door. the 2 stabbing victims are recovering tonight in the hospital. >> federal judge has upheld san francisco ban on public nudity. judge edward chan dismiss add challenge filed by nudist activist after a city passed ordinance that out lawed disrobing in public. chan says being naked was not protected by the first amendment and didn't violent freedom of speech or expression. attorney representing the plaintiffs says they are considering an appeal to a higher court. >> all right. now to our soup well coverage. media day in
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new orleans. reporters and photographers from around the world by the thousands get to know the players just a little bit better. today alex smith drew them in spoke about the future with the team. but media day is always spectacle. here's the team picture of the 49ers. clearly having a very good time ka. a lot of people both reporters and players actually dress up for media day. sports anchor mike in new orleans and he met quite a few of them out to have a little fun. >> super hero. soup boy. you know it. superdome. everything. list goes on. player bowl like hands on fire. to bowl with sustained. that is sublime in the essence. how did you get in here? the they wanto hit me. nothing to do with violence. just want to maybe kick. >>reporter: could you wrestle somebody down. >> that's the thing. don't want none of this guy. don't even want to wrestle the kirk.
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>>reporter: i want to interview your hair you could get cut. >> i throw did you know the zen warrior wisdom and hone to it a sharp evenly my brother. >>reporter: a little crockett going here. can you describe. >> samurai warrior. >> this is so crazy. >>reporter: what is your your supervisorer power. >> super hero. greatest kicking. eyes as blue as mine. >>reporter: who is your pick. >> well, i said it spoils it for everybody. did you want to take that responsibility. >>reporter: i will take it. >> really? by how many? and and wow! loss. not to mention. >> that's impressive. >>reporter: where do you get all your than. right. >> it's a gift. >> it's a 55th all right. abc 7 news wayne is also in new orleans and tonight he looks at
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how you can cook for 70,000 people on superbowl sunday. >>reporter: depending on the experience level this is either a kitchen nightmare or else a cooking nirvana. begin with pot of vegetarian gum would. how many does it serve. >> 80. >>reporter: how many times do you make it today. >> one pwachlt. >>reporter: only 80 people. >> yes.what if other people of the superbowl want this. >> we will make it. >>reporter: make it all right. answer to the question nobody asks until they get hungry. where is the food for 70,000 people in new orleans on superbowl sunday much of it will be coming from here. >> for a lot of us this is probably the most major event we will do in a lot of our career. >>reporter: also known as the superbowl of cooking. are you nervous. >> about what. >> they are executive chefs of a company called center plate that feeds crowd and stadium across the country including at&t park. they have been planning the sawp bowl meal for months if not years. amounts
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are staggering. >> we serve over 6000 pounds of slim. >>reporter: multi-play the servings by hundreds of selections. how many salad today. >> this is what i have made so far. 16.  i have 35 to do. >>reporter: another 2000 pounds of barbecue smoke pork. this stuff doesn't just materialize. it comes out of refrigerator. they have 12 of them this one in here. meat. >>reporter: how many pig. >> 1200. >>reporter: bad day for pig. >> writ ill is. >>reporter: superbowl sunday isn't just pig skin on a field. it's a lot of work. >> what do you make when you go home at the end of the day e-not much. >>reporter: if he does home chances are not inside a horse drawn karen. this is a great way to look at new orleans. the old french quarter at 5 miles an hour. in new orleans wayne abc 7 news.
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>> horse drawn ride. katie larry and wayne sending out a lot of great behind the scenes update. we tweet them all and live report all week through superbowl sunday right here or over on abc 7. and turn to abc 7 news right after the superbowl. we know you will watch the game but check us out afterwards because our news team in new orleans and the bay area will be live on the air with up to the minute look at how niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. we will keep you covered all the way through the superbowl. >> there is more to come tonight here on 7 news at 9:00. up next. our follow-up to the oakland freeway side show. you hear some of the 911 calls to the chp. and from a tipster who is helping them track down the drivers. >> coyote mystery. animal found in san francisco and now rescuers are trying to find out where she came from and how she got so far into the city. also
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spencer is here with the weather. >> forecast center with a little taste of spring in january. and february. details in my accu-weather details in my accu-weather forecast coming >> and back to the big game. forty-niner patrick willis and baltimore raven michael or real baltimore ravelook at you guysl with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download.
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you. >> c p p gets tremendous amount of help in the effort to track down the drivers responsible for the outrageous scene on interstate 8 80 on saturday afternoon. they just took over the freeway. this incident has sparked a lot of frustration and anger. not only for the chp but the public as well. now investigators are hearing loud and clear from them. public. tonight 7 fuss has that and newly released 911 tape from the incident. >> at first i thought it was it was reckless. >> highway patrol says the tips are coming in from people who know those involved in the brazen illegal side show on busy oakland interstate saturday afternoon. they include add call from young man who doesn't want to be identified. but says he wants to do the right thing. >> by providing the name of the person who knew someone in the
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video in hopes that that might lead to figuring out the rest of the group that were in the video. >> 911 emergency what are you reporting. >>reporter: highway patrol released the nip 11 recording from saturday afternoon. >> they are swinging do nut in the middle of the freeway rate now. they have blocked all lanes of traffic. >> do nut in the freeway. >> yes ma'am. guys are hanging out. guys are hanging out with sun roof of mustang. other guy hanging out the window of the car. >> all lanes of traffic blocke blocked. i guess road rage or reckless driving side show. >>reporter: where is this at sir. >> on the 8 80 freeway. >> calls started streaming in at 4 on saturday. inundating the chp dispatch center vallej vallejo. >> incident involved at least half dozen cars and video of the dangerous activity all over you tube and other social media. this comes at time when city leaders thought they had the illegal side show under control. in 2011 2 were killed when somewhating broke out at
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street party that turned into a side show. 7 news asked oakland mayor kwan about the latest display at busy interstate. >> could have gone away and we have very high profile one and we'll see if it's a long-term trend or one time thing. >> also heard from members of car club in the bay area who participate in the legal he investment. mike owns auto supply store that caters to those with high performance cars. >> what they are doing is fairly dangerous. and we definitely don't condone it and i believe the vast majority of enthusiast. >>reporter: they believe they are closing in in on the drivers involved. but they are waiting to make arrest until they consult with district attorney because this was an unpress denied event and they want to make sure they identify which charges apply. in vallejo, abc 7 news.
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>> injured coyote found in the mission district is recuperating at wild life center. this is photo of the animal. she was found in the back yard of home near cap and 18 street on january 18th. coyote was captured and impounded by animal control. wild life experts are asking for the public help for details on how the coyote ended up in the mission district to begin w.very odd to be found there. animal is being treated for dehydration and bad infection but fingers crossed will be okay. we hope. >> beautiful animal. >> let's talk to expense ber the weather forecast. before we do. that look at the 16 behind us. this is spectacula spectacular. new kind of art display on the bay bridge. led lights. full picture from our roof top camera with the moon hanging overhead. spencer spectacular. >> awesome. >> really neat. >> nasty view. clear nature. thin high clouds but obviously not obscuring our view of either the moon or the bay
9:21 pm
bridge. light display jaws cool event there cool visual delight. here's a lack at live doppler 7 hd showing you that we have mainly clear skies. a little bit more thin cloud cover early in the evening and moves south a bit. so on this clear evening these are our temperature readings at 9 p.m. 52 degrees in san francisco. 50 in oakland. 45 at napa. 44 fairfield. 49 fremont. 48 at mountain view. and the forecast feature are these. clear and cool overnight. sunny mild tomorrow and this mild dry pattern will remain with us through the weekend into early next week. low pressure tonight will drop into the 30's in some of our interior valley lack for low of 37 at santa rosa and fairfield. 36 at nap a.39 at concord. 37 at livermore. upper 30's low 40's writ around the bay. 46 the low here in san francisco. satellite radar composite image shows massive ridge of high pressure dominant feature in the weather picture deflecting jet stream well to the north
9:22 pm
form ago blocking ridge here and we have no weather disturbance headed our which. however circulation around the center of high pressure is bringing down a few thin high clouds. we've seen in the sky last couple days from the nort north. again not enough to give us cloudy skies. enough to give us what we call filtered sunshine. more of that tomorrow in the south bay high pressure will climb to about 63 at san jose and santa clara. 64 at campbell and saratoga. on the peninsula look for high of 61 at san mateo. 62 at redwood city. 64 mountain view. coast, pacifica 57 degrees. high of 60 expected at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 60 degrees tomorrow. 58 in the sun set district. up in the north bay nice and mild. look for high of 64. santa rosa calistoga and napa 63. sonoma and novato. 65 up north at ukiah. nearest bay high 63 at oakland. union city 64 fremon fremont. castro valley. inland east bay high of 63 at
9:23 pm
pleasanton dan ville con cord livermore 64 at walnut creek and near monterey bay we see mid upper 60's up to about 67 at salinas. 66 at holster. gilroy and santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. this mild pattern just hangs in there. stay ins place through the weekend and into monday. it will start to see few more clouds in the sky open tuesday. cooler. slight slight chance of shower or 2 on tuesday. by the way saturday is ground hog day. sees his shadow as legend has it 6 more week of within the every. if this is winter we'll be happy about that. superbowl sunday big day. nice outside but we'll be inside watching the game. >> absolutely right about. that thanks. >> that is pretty the i have the keep pointing it out. >> coming up. move over maverick. up next where one surfer may have ridden in the record book. >> overcome so much in the last 4 years that i wasn't worried about the risk. >>reporter: also. amazing story. amazing young man.
9:24 pm
story. amazing young man. iraq veteran with new body a
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>> dow jones closed at highest level in 5 years. the pharmaceutical company helped the dow to 72.gain today. nasdaq closed down slightly. but the s&p 500 headed for the best january in 16 years. >> new york teams says boeing was aware of problems with the battery in the 787 jet even before the planes were grounde grounded. the air way tells the times it had already replaced 10 battery before the fires and that it reported these issues to boeing. all 50 of the boeing 787 in service are grounded after the battery on 2 planes either over heated or caught fire. >> now to incredible picture to
9:28 pm
share with you. underground explosions link to electrical fire caused several manhole covers in downtown omaha to blow the covers last nature sending flames in the air. resident captured this image. of what happened. really weird scene. apparently the problems began with cable that failed. at the peak thousands of people were without power. that includes local police and courthouse and local utility office as wechlt interestingly enough. >> non-stop vandalism at pennsylvania highway school forced officials to remove toilet paper from the boy bathroom. yes it has come to this. that means boys now have to go to the office. ask for toilet paper and then sign out the roll prior to going to use the facilities. now parents complain the boys are too embarrassed to ask and are going home sick to use the bathroom in privacy. school denies that. principal says he's not budging. two years of clogged toilets are now down the drain. >> well he looks like a tiny spot on giant mountain of water. look at this. hawaiian
9:29 pm
surfing legend may have topped his own world record. this is here he is on wave off the coast of portugal yesterday. still need to be verified but this ride could top the record setting 90 foot wave ride in 2011. pretty amazing. >> well the other blind side. baltimore ravens michael or had a movie based on the life story but frainer patrick willis could have the wealth the. stunner from sacramento. number of californians would own gun illegally and why the state is vrtally powerless to do anything about it. >> egypt on the brink. dire warning from top official and why the chaos there matters to why the chaos there matters to americans. stwell, well, well.
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>> we are hearing from the first officer would responded to the newtown massacre at sandy hook elementary school. 7 of terse tell the story to "the new york times". one of the first officers to arrive on the scene says one look and the life was absolutely changed. another says he heard gunshots. they sounded close. we were all lacking around for someone shoot back at. officers swept the hallway until converging on classroom where they found the gunman dead. his body among other children and adults. officers went to each person. one officer found the little girl with the weak pulse. picked her up and ran outside the whole time telling her you are safe now. your parents love you. little girl did not make it. once the officers cleared the building of any other shooters they again to coax other students and teachers from
9:34 pm
closet and locked rooms. scared to death and revving to open up. officers were yelling police police we were ripping our badges off and putting them up to the wind 0so people could see. one officer has ptsd and yet to return to work and authorities estimate more than a dozen officers will eventually be dealing with the with that condition because of what they saw at newtown. none of them will ever forget. gunman killed 20 children and 6 teachers dis14th. it was one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history. in fact the worst involving children of that age. california lawmakers say they will not move quickly to further restrict firearms however they do want to take reason steps to keep people safe. members of the state assembly and senate public safety committee watched demonstration today of what weapons are legal and which are illegal in california. lawmakers wanted to know more about the weapons and ammunition that they are targeting before they make any decision. committee also
9:35 pm
received a stunning revelation today. federal authorities know that there are thousands of prohibited weapons in california but can not afford to remove them. >> get those guns out of the hand of people who are prohibited. how many people? how many guns? as of yesterday 19 7 84 people identified in the prohibitive person system basically our bag log. linked to 38 6 82 handgun and assault weapons. >> the department of justice says it would cost about 25 million dollars to remove the prohibited guns from california alone. >> now to egypt. country spiraling ever closer to the edge of kind of political chao chaos. the stability is violates to the u.s. of course and looks like the new egyptian president is losing control in the country. we are there. >>reporter: this violence is taivring up the country. it lacks like it's on the brink of
9:36 pm
civil war. troubling turn for egypt and america. running battle. violent barrage of rock and tear gas. road engulfed. clashes with police. last night rioters smash into the luxury 5 star intercontinental hotel. tonight the hotel tweeting out once again surrounded. earning is all too familiar. this is different. very frightening. egypt most popular arab country is america no. 1al lay in the region. with the longstanding peace treaty with israel, egypt helped america with stability in a dangerous region and in the fight against terror. now the head of the army is warning america friend is on the verge of collapse. they tell us new president morsi is acting like a dictator. like the one every day egyptian over threw just two years ago. these are
9:37 pm
carpenter tour guide teachers. and they believe if they don't rise up the country will be turned into islamic state. we are bringsing for another violent night. many of the people we spoke to here say they won't let up until they get their freedom and democracy they have fought so hard for. abc news cairo. and still ahead here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. >> i just want to get the most out of these arms and just as goal come up knock them down. >> first soldier to survive lasting all 4 limb in combat lasting all 4 limb in combat given new happened and
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9:40 pm
>> first service member to survive losing all 4 limb in combat has now been given the gift of new hands and arms. he
9:41 pm
is as you can imagine incredibly grateful. diana perez has his story. >> his story is one of bravery and heroism. brendan lost both arms and legs in iraq 4 years ago. roadside bomb blew up the humvee the private was driving. his attitude is admirable. >> still aleif so that's really all that mattered to me. >>reporter: still life without limb was not the same. >> not having arm takes so much out of you even out of your personality. >>reporter: transplant team at johns hopkins no, sir maryland seen here in the operating room connected bone blood vessel muscle tendon nerves and skin. surgery the most complicated and extensive perform in the u.s. ever. and the first words he uttered to doctors afterward. >> i was happy that surgery was over and i had arms. yes i love you was the first thing i said. >> today he still does not have
9:42 pm
full range of motion but we watched him wheel himself in to talk to reporters. scratch the face. touch his hair. >> lake i went back 4 years and i'm me again. >> now he's sharing that positive attitude with other amputee. >> not give up hope. a lot of people who will say you captain do something. just be stubborn do it any way. >> the doctors say the nerve ins his arms and hands regenerate one inch per month. they say that means it will take between 2 to three years before he can fully use the new limb. diana abc news new york. >> car sharing service extremely popular in san francisco is rolling out new wheels to give disable customers a lift. city car share adding three-wheel chair accessible minivan to the fleet. 2 of them will be based in san francisco. third will be positioned in berkeley. van will be will enable we'll chair users to use the service. >> any car share member any city car share member can utilizes the access mobile. we
9:43 pm
have a special program for those who weren't to self identify as needing the van. >>reporter: each van can carry 2 wheelchair and hold 3 passengers. the cost to rent the van starts at about 8 dollars an hour. >> testing started new the new totalling on the golden gate bridge and will take two months then the bridge becomes the first in the country to convert to all electric totalling system. just fast track e toll accepted no. cash at all. e toll projected to save 19 million dollars over 8 years. >> we have talked a lot about the superbowl tonight but nothing like this. this weekend more than 100 million people are expected to watch the game in this country and they will see inspiring chapter in another story. it is a story about 2 men who trudged through different and difficult paths and on sunday will find themselves on the very same stage. here's steve of. >> for all the talk of the 2
9:44 pm
brothers coaching on opposite sides on superbowl sunday there's another incredible story on the grid iron. 2 of the best players who aren't brothers by birth but brothers in life. >> big mike why going to the jim. >> because it's warm. >>reporter: michael or the story made famous in the blind side film. son of poverty and broken home who found football thanks to the kindness of strangers who took him in. >> never had one before. >> room to yourself. >> a bed. >> today offensive tackle for baltimore. >> first one that ever told me she loved me. i never heard that before. >> patrick willis teammate at old miss and traveled the same difficult road to sunday game. >> this is where the game of football all started for me. i couldn't afford to play pee wee football. i didn't get running water until 8 years old. >> 28-year-old lane backer for
9:45 pm
the 49ers considered one of the best in the business today. he escaped abusive father in rural tennessee who beat him with pots and pans. both or and willis cared for or adopted by white family who had to explain themselves to the neighbors. >> well yes. yes. we can help them. of course by the time we got you don't have a clue what you are doing twoyshtion have become life long friends. outside practice tuesday they told us how much they still truly love their adoptive parents watching in joy from the side lines. >> they have been there through thick and thin. good and bad. the crazy years so just to have them down here this weekend, enjoy this experience with me it's really a blessing. >> trawl amazing man. knowing where we came from and it made us work a lot harder. knowing that not taking anything for granted. i never take anything for granted. >> no matter who wins the ring they believe that greatness is no the what they have achieved but what they have overcome.
9:46 pm
this is abc news atlanta. >> coming up next. san francisco bar gets a high hond honda. that story. >> not the ferry building or palace of fine art but the bar here in the bay view has just been designated a san francisco landmark. i'm carolyn tyler coming up i'll tell you why. co[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. weather outside is delightful let's go back and update the forecast. spencer is here. >> okay. delightful as opposed to frightful which can be this time of year. here's live doppler 7hd cloud 43 sky over the bay area right now. where do we stand with respect to the normal rainfall at or above the normal range in all location and will open right almost dead on at 100 percent. 99 percent.
9:50 pm
despite the fact it has been a very dry january. rain faul level okay. state wide tomorrow weather looking okay. sunny sky from top to bottom. mild conditions almost everywhere especially in southern california with high in the upper 60's here inñi the bay area mid 60's. 63 in oakland and concord. 64 in fremont and santa rosa and accu-weather 7 day forecast lacks leak this. high pressure will hold in the mid 60's right on through the weekend into early next week. sunny skies. lovely weather. low 60's on the coast. for several days during the 7 day forecast period. start to cool down next tuesday with slate slight chance of rain. that's 2 days after the superbowl. worry about that on monday. >> right. another day. as scarlet would say. >> take a walk on the mild side. i like that. walk on the mild side. >> appreciate it. >> may not be coyote tower or famous painted lead but a bar in the bay view creek is designated historic landmark. board of supervisor took the final vote on the designation
9:51 pm
today and caroline explains why. >> it's easy to pass sam jordan on third street without notic noticing it. but this bar has been a vibrant spot in the bay view community for decades. >> sam jordan originally wanted a place where african american people could come. feel welcome. and be at home. >>reporter: back in the day it was called sam jordan personality club. because the owner was larger than life. he was a long shore man. golden gloves boxing champ and entrepreneur who opened his night club in 1959. >> artist lake sammy davis junior and of that era would come to san francisco. hang out downtown but they want to come here and really lounge. >>reporter: the bar was also a political hub. jordan first african american to run for san francisco mayor in 1963. district supervisor malia cohen
9:52 pm
helped push for the bar landmark status. >> we were discussing politics. debating any kind of social matter. there was a loved one lost. everyone seemed to congregate around sam jordan this. >>reporter: week generation of customers gathering to celebrate the bar 54 years of operation. including historic preservation consultant who volunteered his help with the landmark process. >> i have just always believed in using landmark program to recognize cull tawrl history. >>reporter: more than the building itself the designation honor life and walk of sam jordan who died in 2003. >> i think he would be most proud that the family is still involved keeping this legacy going. >>reporter: in san francisco, carolyn, abc 7 news.
9:53 pm
>> historic landmark. larry in new orleans covering the superbowl. rick is here. >> randy most usually doesn't talk to the media. >> right. he did today. >> he kauls caused a stir. coming up in sports. after behaving himself the entire season. moss raises eyebrow at superbowl media day and with 3 starter out with injury warriors have enough fire power warriors have enough fire power to getíáf-
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9:56 pm
>> well coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. much more on the search for kevin consolidate licenses story we break on 7 news. his mother talked to us about this latest development. remember kevin disappeared twain years ago. >> also robbery committed few hours ago with pepper spray and sledge hammers. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. hope you can join us on channel 7. rick is her with the storts. >> media day just a lot of nutty crazy things in costume but if you nugget out of it today. media day at the superbowl and among the more
9:57 pm
controversial quotes to come out of it was randy moss saying he should be considered the grit east receiver of all time. to honor he's not even san francisco all time grit east. hello jerry rice. but at least in moss mind he's no. 1. >> now that i'm older i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't really life on numbers. i really life on impact and what you are able to did out on the field so i really do think that i'm the grit east receiver to ever play the game. throughout the whole season i have been healthy. i have come out of games where it felt like that i didn't even did anything. and i always want to compete. always want to contribute to the team so for me to be here like i said i think it's just like a dream because i warm front never thought of this in a million dwlers would happen. something like i said you keep the finger cross and hope to get here. always told myself i wanted to win the championship on this level. so for having the sawp bowl ring i think that my career will be complete. >> moss was trying to get some
9:58 pm
attention. smith was trying to down play losing the starting quarterback job to kaepernick. almost a sure thing smith playing somewhere else next season but he tried to keep the focus on the team, not himself today. >> how bitter sweat is it for you alex? >> this is great. it's amazing thing. as a team you work so hard put in so much time our goal since last year. difficult envision myself as starter yes but still a great thing. >> where do you weren't to be next year. >> i haven't given that any thought at all. for me after sunday plenty of time to think about that. >> no thought. >> no. alex is grit. done everything he can to help me and help this team and to have veteran quarterback like that on your side making sure you are seeing the field well is always great. >> once the 49ers left the stage bottle mir riff instant took their turn meeting the
9:59 pm
media head coach harbaugh talk about his career choices and some advice he got from his da dad. >> i think of something clever to say lick president obama mentioned about not letting his kids in football. our dad wouldn't let us get in politic maybe that's what it was. i wanted to do that. dad said no it's not safe. which it probably isn't but football has been good. >> now to the nba. warriors display the depth tonight even with curry, an drawshtion karl and barns all out with injurie injuries. golden state no problems with the cavaliers. lets go out to cleveland where kaepernicking fever is spreading. despite the fourth road game in 5 notes the warriors look are sharp. david lee to thompson for the jam. led by 11 at the half. then lee to jack for the basket. he had 26 points and 12 assist. lee nearly had a triple double 20 point 13 rebound


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