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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 6, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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ctimin aomen soma coty, ne cntry,al ree thunsh wnds. i'danashl. >> i caryn johon. instigors e no sing chtonit,but th a llinthis a trle mici. it hpene i a sml to1 mis nohwes o san sa al wa is sona coty wi theatest f us al? repter:till ver acti sce outhere inact, e bdiesre il inheome toght. th noma cntheri's partnt isayi ve littbout i. on thathe ltime the n rember iple hicid ouhere was bkn t 80s. >> don knowhat gng , nest. >>eporr: elark fod te ple whe he led apped cri sneapewith tectes aming th sce of aripl hocide >> undstanthereis ooti andhat'what hed fr a frid onhe one. beyo thai'luels. >> rorte the arehree mes this wded poper locad aew les wesof bastole.
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>> it is noty hou so it muste thack cin. viimsound in e beoom d n le re,ut ons assiatewith the nantho w nothome en hapned meti thi morng. >> ware eroce of inteiewi ppleassoated th the dease bjec. wereoteleang tir mes thitime peing siti ideificion. a ma loking ris otheoldpoli he diover the diesroun 15 tsfteron a onef theicti iis bther >>here diot apar t be atruge, a tey edf nshowoun. sort oxecuontyle? >> im nogointo dcuss >> iisot a rderuici? >>t isot a murd-suide >> ne of t vicms had a crimal htoryand th belie th kilr or kiers taeted thr viims. ey s the is lot of worko be do ic mes the bies ll remn athe scen uil morng. newsg li,alan ngab
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>> a crical newluein te rderf a irfid teager. poli relse aurvelanc photminus bere s was st en. d sh hoween idenfieds 13ear-d nell conyalan hebody was fnd at irfid pa. that whe joh olss liveithhi new inrmatn. john repter:an, e shne bend m has en gring all day d nit. a srt te ago pice sa thad not ma any aests t th wou nay wheer ey we qutiongny suects th relse chling pce ofvidee. thisas thehoto ten bere h murr. jalle nee nway al i ossi thetreet wring ay saterndlue jea leingshile caring aink backck. themage wa cauredy thi survllan camaear gran cire. is ew mil from h ho in saon cy an fou
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milefromhe an wit rk wher hake by ws disceredroununre o fray rnin r coin h bee he ery y sie mang re t cands stlit whi plningor viln fray it apenommuty ing. wou lik popleoome d sw sport aould ve t cmuni to g geth to eventhing like th fm hapningn e fure tpre aweness >> frfie pole relsed e idtityf nellonw an, t di not real h shdied the -yeaolas aoste ild o atndedgree vall mide scol in irfid. counlorsere rkin wh stentshere >>eall deessi f eryby. everody h beequie a crng aot eve kidnhe hool ey cr and ty misng hr, e frnds. theirlas las seear ilro avee inhe cy of saon le thsday afteoon. ey he the otosog meons mery aprove aners.
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>> don kno whwoul th kl he >> pice areplanng aew brfingomorw. thvigi iset r 60 p. fray hreat an wiark. jolsto abc new >> a e gnooy togh magehree-a tnami damad thevilles ihe soh pafic. seral ople are pesum de and dzens home damad by asuni vef near fivfeet. e tsamiarniwas iued r tharea aftan 8. gnitequak sruck undeaterear e iands. ere e no repts oama om t eahqua itsf that tsumiarnihas bee ncel. > the is in ihe reca, bufor the mont its clr dcoolut the. sanda pal isereith ve dplerhd. sahya? the rdain aven rd i qte se tim gs backolmos two weks ago. les chk outive dpler 7hd,nd aoumentned
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is car oer tn a f patcs ofloudarouome pas ofhe b are teerates rht nare i emid4 f sta ro anairel a alady wn to8 in front an mntai vi and2no l gat. xtra yeril co in ndy. chilwille inhe a firsthinin t morng. i wi be ack to ltou ow actl wen a coldstorm wl arve. e ting ohe syem a whenou wl nee t rn ar cing . >>hanketchave. tnks ry mh. n fanciooli pn to sre infmati of te dippeance a yng y inran in 14. nvols pso ofntert nerio ols kno as kell he dd fi yea ag theyeceny caldhim the y suect e dippeance thi bo 10-yr-olkevi llin ken wa lt see leing sscho ipri984. thion ved --crosh
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reetrom echoevin atteed. theime poleeared the me and und nhing la week as abc ns las repoed, liceeturd wi caver dso srchis bamentnd ckya. theyound sll be frmentthat ve bn st toa lab f anasis. liceell hewill ho news cferee torrow afrnoo c7 ns wi be the,nd weillrin youll o the lastevepmen. > al newt 1:00,n abc ne soue saylanc armsong bei inveigat by deral auorits. itspart o arimal instigion. e soce ss tyare lookg in chaesof obructn, witss tperi anintidati b artron. s feowyclis hav sd artron coeed tem io using rfornce hancg drug artronwas eareof arges in sthercalirnia d toy the samattoey itered ttrmstng uld note crged bu an a new surceays the tornoes tpeak for e feral vernnt a a who. s pris tionde hve
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jued 1centin aeek. at'shebiggt sev-day spikn nely tyear time e avage iceorallon regar i n3.54 a gaon. expes ble itnisi oi icesnd tsion he ddleast. here i caforn of urse is en hier,3.9 a gaon. that inpart bause reneri are ppario swit fro nterradeo summ gra fel. safransco tical has me othe ghes g ices inhe ste. but ok atump pces in s gele one atiois chgingmore th $5 gllon. a nw ampgn hes to lu calorni js ouof ate texas >>uildg ausinss ugh,uti heuildg a bunessn calornis ne tomposble. th is tex govnor ric pey, a i hemesse foalirniausinses. me cck ot tas. thas tradi vsion perry h an -line veion and anso a pssurin rsonhen ill pch caforn comnies gornorerry brn fds it
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lahabl espiall nsiding hasust $2000 dget >> iis baly a bur deithe pih th caforn is bador bunessthe ate adng compies. ectr vicle inrnatnalelotedere om mexo a toyunveed a eet grn s trks i cramto. > ovseasor amome a iran predentidot t a rm wcomerom eryon durihis hisricrip to ypt. w at1:00 polerresd roteoror thring oen ciro. thshoe did no u pr hi-- aear hit hi shing ur se inhe ara worl i si of exeme disrpect remeer ts inaghd in 2008nn irieporr thw hi sho atorme pridengeor bus >>the laestatheng o pele o ear isetti derw. its haeninin ina. lar th weeone yrea man ll bjoing the te of mlionofindu for wt
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he eectsill the expeencef a lifime. he isabc7 neisamin legi. isamin do. >> iis aelignestil d it ppensnce ery2 ars. is yr mo tha00 lliowill dcendnhe areaandhe wlake a d thesacr riv. >> tse a thehing we ke ithe ver. >>e isackiight anying takend i py godo vee theoura and reng t tak th lgrige. th plgrige s gro dramical sin 20,he st o. >> y are talng abt 0 10illneop. itsn o locion e largt gaerinofuman o eah ji thi i a telle photake fm spebov l of theark d dotare pele e reon f the re in
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atndan, tenolo and cialedia u can s her hi-f cames ar erywrend theyaveheir owaceok n pa tha are crting zz >>etwos lke oglelu d the a seval socl netwks tt ar grinvery ickl. even lik thi cn ealy ive lot oiral trfic. >> ey aract haard univsity. stunt a fulty membs tveleto t feivalo stu t logiics ivolv increang popp ga cit inan je, la an gulean, c7 ns. > throcure atca rn bk t clon ur los h jus bome betr. whei loin th mirr, i dot sea tred, rnut pers. now am hapnside d t. >> uext, aspecl rort thereatnt tt is avinpatits lokinyear unge >>lsothe frida enag who monsateshatn to wh you aear fore
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judg you llot belvehat she saido tudge tice. >> a tn ojim kile ve." tonht fm "use o card emyand acamyward nomie adle coor wo st aed m to gtohe carsith m. >>o, aedyou to go st-cwith m. >>ven bter. >>okay.
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> onof tellte sig of agg is a ce sests funess impveme i at tenolo is lowi patits t morffecvely ve f fro one rt o the bodyonoth. >>o you mi if te anheroupl ptos ? marnn tilled wh e cors inerheek her ce velod asunk lookthat she fe me r
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loired >> ias gtingaunt loing. do u wa to ope it . jash tued - she tnedo a asti rgeowh recmenda f traner. by llinouthe fac y can storthe eful- uthf fuless the fa. >> ftraftg is n n. its drangat froone areafhe by, in tsase e tighsto bsed as fill inther aeasik e brst oface. bu prov chnogy i maki theechnue f mor efctiv thfirsstep aeremov volvpuricati. >>his a diasis sysm. its a bgithiag tt eanshe f. aft theat is pifie it traferr to a new genetion mcrosingenown the clrus eac dl ofhheel alws tdelir a 10 of mlilir of fach time tnhehee i am putng sll auntsf t in. he ys ticrojectns
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noonly enre smth diribuon, t it incases e dshatthe gra wll beco a lingart the rrouingissu evepartle of fateed it ow ood suly. yohaveouttin sma dropts somef thrror ade rly he t gfting ocesis tingout t ch f in aynespot. >> rorte shead silar predurafte losg0 undsn aorkt proam th had anninnded coequee. unftunaly yolose weht iyourac dhat's whatid it f . at i reayliked abtthe t grtingoos hedid i arnd m - oundhi aa at thten up e nec >> theek bonhave bn stor comred the attecheebonen th ght. oncin pla the sa th ces wi livtheir nmal li cyc athe naral t inhe fe uld. rian is pingor a lo laing rult, butts readchanng h ouook. >>hen lookn t rror don'see tid, wrn o
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pers. noi am hay iid an out. a faal ft trsferost abou $6,0. woma inmiam leaed a less thearde abt reecti the law chec o whahapped aer the dgeet he bdt $500. ye-e. aos. >>omeack,ma'a th feillno be $1000. >> a yo seous? >> iam riou ios. >> wl ten gets wse. e 18-ar-o did no le the dge doling hr bo s shflipd hi o and bltednxplave. >> [bep]. >> ceacgain comeack ain. d yosay [bep]ome? d yosay ts? >> y, si iid. >>ou d sahat? i fi u inontet. 30ay in t cotyail. oay.
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th's fe. >> s was sl leaer e wainourt ofn lega posssionfanax > souch fr wnti. colikaepnick isgettg in so timwithis reivers intlaa. th 4rs andoach sd goode. e plarsack uthei beloings theyhatt witfries an signautoaphs fne othe. fresoffheiruperowl ss, meare eag te ba to wo aer aittl re ad relatio. taka ekff or twond thenet bkto hting i ain. younow uhave toest. haseenong sson. alst 3week firsthins fit. t do and rend a ttleacatn te, b in thend w g back t it a gereador anherong ason >> wle t ayer re,he fronoffiis by lking at clege ospes. the nirs wl ha the stick thenfl daft ail. it i aazin howuick theyet bkto bines > chges the freca. you ow iis cold tsid >>anda pelis her wh
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looat the accweatr fo. >>arol andan, im looathe wte cloes an theumbrlas. yowilleeedithem ase ad tthuray. ve dolerhd, andyou wil see few pch closout ther ad nhingtherhan that our dar i coinatn of e daror t naonal weatr seice d th saa uz mntai wlleeepg you ead thetorm a t orm riveon trsda not epect toring lot o rainbut i thoht iould sh you wh weypicly avere inan fncis i mon mth. and is i whenwe e o wettt weher. deceer tical over ur d a hf chesan ju der at feuary marccan wet asell. sa fraisco typallyets ov thr incsof rn. e la mearableain for sanranccowas janry 23rd itas benwhil buits cong. stly car ernit, col owerthuray arida sunnr anilde weaer this upming eken isooki odfor pns is wkend drcoldrontoveshrou
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tempatur mony an tuesy. calyn d da ware huing. are3 to 97%formal in termof raiall. nta sa ithe nly ple at 15%. it nt hrtintoad. >> we uld e thain. it uld uite wt. than you >> lry bl isoff an rk an i in. >> w tnk lry be ba fromew oeans he cod be sil haing ound urbostre. yhin iwent to bobon stet? >> n >> hwasorki all te me. th's wt heolde. jiharbgh tks authis quesonab pla calng le in theuper bo,and just callimhe inedib. callimhe inedib. y ar's
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he hey an.y , he... m bo we lkedt th x ste. i d yo tax. , he... majotax oresdverse for epars toda i'm masr plber.t? wi "noax eeriee neceary. turtax,ou oy ge aners
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e fil-3 and s jeas lo thr strght. o da aeralli sho in t sup bowlhe 4rs clned t thr lkers th afrnoo asouightexpe the mo wassomb as tlays we ckinthei bs. is uikel sith dandy moss wi be bk. lin keperck wl b ba. he pns ttart tininfor nexteason in atlta. >> i wl ke aot har workiket dd isast ye. weill ve o a lite mo wortoake see win. suay'same, dt hp veloyou and mke yo bett as a fooall pler anaybe t me cld be said authe tam? >>t isoodo t th expeence we suld vewon thaame >>it didt ce ou r wa we dn't me t o tp. i ad, be stl ha a eat ar. >>ot beg aeo sre afr hang fst d go frhe will botr the er fthfufor a lonime.
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whenskedbouthis ay llin cch harug adts he sul ve caed someing ffert. >> y domeing at doest wk, wouhave lid to hedoneometng diffent,t let trdit buyou n't. the wod ha, cldave, shou hav isefead. itaseve filed >> andabc srtsas bught youy rir ro csino hisighs0/2 >> aot o mday mning quterbking and he flsorsethan ybodtheyidn'get in >> tnks ry mh. > th vong is in >> w wilfindut whi monoly pce i gtinghe advaed ditaletwo, &t uere offe morspeeoptis, reabily goo ouwebse bew toet
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