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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. police say man high on trucks when he crashed through san jose wal-mart and started attacking people on sunday. car red oldsmobile cutlass smashed into a beer display at the front of the store and little saigon district of san jose. other shoppers subdued the driver after he got out of the car and began swinging at people with a blunt instrument. 33-year-old man was taken into
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custody on assault charges but not before 4 people were hurt. 7 news reporter mark matthews talked with police about the suspect and rampage. >> remarkable nobody was run over as the car came that the store. most serious injury happened when the man got out of his red cutlass and attacked a 61-year-old store employee. he hit him with a metal rod or metal pole. worker had just clocked out and stepped up to tell the young man to calm dow down. >> he hit the cashier and i believe that guy is a mexican guy older man. >>reporter: victim on the ground with serious wound to his head and in this cell phone video you can see customers went after the attacker. they are holding him down until police could arrive. >> few of them stepped forward. of in valiant effort in my opinion and actually subdued the suspect. some mention that his leg were his tied with belts that they pulled off their waist. >>reporter: police praising the customers who stepped up and so are shop that's we talked with today.
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>> customers are brave. of heroic and they fought for what they believe. >> this makes me really happy that there are people out there willing to risk themselves just to help somebody out. >>reporter: pretty crazy. i was told he was holding a weapon? he was swinging it around and people were just willing to help out by jumping in. >>reporter: suspect told police freeze sea side near monterey. in sea side his mother told us that he does not live with her. and that he has never been in trouble before. she said he is an independent contractor and an auto mechanic and that she doesn't know of any connection with wal-mart. police say it appeared that the suspect was under the influenc influence. >> not talking to us. very uncooperative yesterday. as well as under the influence so again until we can actually talk to him and willing to discuss what happened and what the state of mind is, we won't know any of that information until later. >>reporter: store employee instructed no to the talk with reporters but we have heard from a wal-mart spokeswoman who
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says counseling is being made available to those employee whose want it. we also spoke with the daughter of the 61-year-old employee who was hit on the head here. e remains hospitalized but wound not life threatening. she tells that you say he's out of intensive car and -- care and family very grateful to those customers who stepped up to stop the suspect from hurting anyone else. reporting from san jose, abc 7 news. >> 2 oakland police officers on trial for killing an unarmed man are now free to resume the duties after they were cleared in civil court today. patrolman shot and killed derek jones 37-year-old barber back in november of 2010. they thought he was reaching for a gun. officers perez and left federal court without speaking on camera but told us they feel vindicated. federal grand jury tluld there was not enough evidence to proceed with the trial. suit was brought by the widow of jones and family attorney says the ruling today
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was in the a surprise given earlier rulings made by the judge. >> very difficult to put on a trial when more than 75 percent of your evidence has been excluded prior to trial. not to mention the fact that witnesses were secluded. captain and sergeant. and coroner you. >>reporter: june felt the evidence she is talking about were unsubstantiated claims made against the officers. family attorney says they will appeal today's ruling. >> muni confirmed tonight that there is survillains video o ofless nature shooting on san francisco bus. muni has turned it over to the police now. the hunt continues for the man who opened fire on 2 people on the number 14 mission bus. it happened shortly before 10:00 10:00 o'clockless tonight as the bus was heading to valencia street on mission. woman shot in the stomach and man hit in the leg. police are lacking for man with long curly hair who was wearing black bea at the time but there is video. that should be extremely valuable. police arrested man suspected of breaking into san
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francisco city hall and then defacing the building. police believe shawn watkins wrote graffiti on the marble wall of the second floor yesterday. this is video of the clean up effort today. scrubbing the walls down. watkins being charged with burglary as well as vandalism and currently being held on 48,000 dollars bail. >> state lawmakers constantly grappling with overcrowding at both state prison and in the jails now there is a plan to send drug dealers back to state prison as way to keep them from sitting for years in county jail. 7 news capitol correspondent annette has the story tonight from sacramento. >> governor brown 2011 realignment plan shifted many low level offenders from state prison to county jail. but 18 months later sheriff's are finding drug traffickers are taking up way too much room at the jail. sentences 2 decades long. >>reporter: he wants drug traffickers back in state
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prison. freshman democrat believes local facilities aren't the place for them any way. under realinement the state gives them money to run rehab and community pwraits program to stop criminals from reoffending. something cooly thinks can not help criminals like hard traffickers. >> these inmates is a problem. doesn't fit the direction of what these county jails have become. >>report: one of the main reasons behind governor brown realignment plan is to relieve prison overcrowding. not put more people back in. in fact, the feds have taken over the prison medical system because they determined overcrowding contributed to the unconstitutional care. shifting certain incarceration responsibilities to the county is a way to answer a court order to reduce the prison population and proof health care and get out of federal severeship. >> doubling down on the incarceration only policy will guarantee that severeship continues long into the future
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and krl state expense. >>reporter: district attorney says she had a case where a drug trafficker was convicted of possessing 15 pounds of met meth. street value? nearly 700,000 dollars. >> as apparent i don't want hard drug traffickers staying in my community have the benefit of services here let them go to the stwlait they belong. >>reporter: going back to an obviously broken system doesn't make a lot of sentence. it's not just drug traffickers taking up so much room. california sheriff's association recently found that locals are housing more than 1 1100 inmates serving sentences of 5 years or more. tv generally designed for stay of one year or less. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> police in san rafael distributing fliers showing several so-called hot zone for the homeless to avoid. fliers developed after complaints from local business owners and intended to discourage thehe h e homeless from hang out at fourth and a street and fourth
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and b and thrift store on lincoln avenue that you see represented there on the map. police chief says the map is not so much a threat as it is a gentle reminder an way to open up communication with san rafael homeless population. >> is san jose firefighters is back at work after suffering a massive heart attack on the job seven months ago. 41-year-old frank ryan went in cardiac arrest while fighting a fire at st. patrick's ka that he had rall last august. the 17-year-old -- 17 year veteran returned to active cute today at station one. he says he feels great since he left the hospital and he's thankful that he was with the right people when he suffered this heart attack. >> we do this every day. i was lucky enough that it happened at the fire and everybody did their job and recipient of survivor so i'm pretty the thankful. >> he's had little has had to
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change the diet a little bit but mainly stayed modest about the stride made since last august. good to get frank back on the job. >> coming up. city of stockton is the largest city in the united states to be approved for bankruptcy. as we continue here. look at the perfect storm. financial problems that led a judge to this remarkable decision. >> also why last week 3 38 million dollar power ball winner was in court today. spencer is here with the spencer is here with the weather. >> okay. accu-weather forecast on the way. thanks very much. more rain as he says kochlingt. >> the confrontation between officer and driver busted for talking on his cell phone. talking on his cell phone. stay with us. 7 news
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l. >> stockton just become the largest city in america to go into bankruptcy. today the city was told that it had no other choice not exactly the kind of victory city leaders dream about. but as reporter tim explains it appears it may the only way that stockton financially can survive. >> nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy. but there's a certain sense of vindication.
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>> federal judge after hearing three days of testimony and examining thousands of pages of documents agree was stockton. there is no other option. the city is eligible for bankruptc bankruptcy. judge christopher klein first recalls stocktonó[ perfect storm of financial problems. property value down 50%. sales and tax revenue plummeted. generous health care benefits for workers, city staff reduced by 25%. all at the same time city leaders had if you build it they will come mentality. judge klein said they did not come. bob dice isn't happy stockton had to spend millions proving it didn't have millions just laying around. >> we should have been doing today is confirming bankruptcy exit plan. plan of adjustment. instead we just finished the first chapter of a two chapter book. >>reporter: chapter 2 involves meeting with the same creditors it just fought with in court to negotiate much, much smaller
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payments. >> now a question of okay we have so much money to spend. how can we spend it and make deals and get out of bank situation and stop spending money on me and start spending money on creditors and service safety officers and the like. >>reporter: in sacramento, ti tim, abc 7 news. >> new state law designed to improve breast cancer detection takes effect today. it requires mammogram providers to notify faishts the breast tissue is dense and to recommend discussing additional testing with their doctors. connecticut texas and virginia already have that requirement. mayo clinic study found 75 percent of cans interwomen with dense breast tissue were missed by mammogram alone. 4 in every 10 women over the age of 40 have tissue dent enough to make it difficult to detect cancer. with any luck this will help identify those cancer earlier. >> highway patrol and local police around the state hunting for distracted drivers. so be warned that could be any one of us if we reach for our cell phone behind the wheel. we
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spent time riding with officer jiminez patrolling the bay bridge today. he gets suspicious when he see as driver with only one hand on the wheel. one driver questioned why police can legally use variety of electronic gadget while they are driving after he got stopped. >>gob how do youxd initiate a c i see you on nextel all the time. >> lack i'm out here enforcing the law. >> you can't define the law us just busted me for. >> can't use the cell phone while driving. >>reporter: that didn't go over very well for the driver as you can tell. fine court fee cost defender more than 500 dollars so we all may want to think it was before picking up our cell phone while we are driving. >> this weekend apparent deal on guess worker program in washington is not sitting well with bay area immigration reform advocate. >> dozens of students use the
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day off from school to march through oakland this afternoon. we were overhead. 40 teenagers walking along international boulevard downtown oakland. want the dream act to be included in any immigration reform granting citizenship to undocumented young people brought to the country at young age. >> not fighting with the movement. not going to win what we deserve. right now i don't know if there's a dream act as part of new legislation. that is completely unacceptable. >> 50 oakland teenagers travel to washington for massive immigration rally next week at the nation capitol. >> national park service now says it's at least until next rainy season before section of the coastal trail and presidio is repaired and reopened. brand new multi-million dollar segment of the trail near lincoln boulevard was closed in december. as heather explains, hikers are not the only ones being affected. >> the pedestrians detour
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includes a climb over the guard rail. traffic has been shifted to the east on lincoln whereby sick list and cars now have to share the road with no shouldersth. >> not grit for cyclist to have it narrow like this. right. because creates very narrow space and basically force to block car traffic to be safe. coming either wayal here as cyclist. >> national park service says public safety is it's no. 1 priority here where a segment of the coastal trail was closed in december. new and improved trail and overlook just opened in the summer but after torrential rain the trail started to slip. running hear for 15 years. she knew this would happen and couldn't understand how the cliff could stay stable with all the old growth true and vegetation removed. >> probably should have built crosswalk and go that direction and leave the road here and leave that alone because it's
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going to slip. >> improvement part of 6 million dollar projectest. national park service says the engineering planned fortunate coastal erosion but the december rain was something else. >> saying it was a 30 year rain event. first time in 30 years this kind of rain event happened. >>reporter: 60 foot cement of the trail closed and will be indefinitely. park service dug out soil and rock as safety measure. monitors were installed to track soil and ground water movement and independent engineer has been hired to assess what to do now. >> people who are lacking at the trail want to see how water is moving through the area. was it drainage that needs to be addressed or was it pattern flow pattern that needed to be addressed. >>reporter: park service says repairs are delayed because the engineer studying the site need rain to see exactly what happens here in those conditions and it's been a very dry winter. in the presidio,
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abc 7 news. >> about sure has been a dry winter but rainy couple days. more on the way. spencer here watching it all for us. >> we didn't have a rainy season. >> rainy day. >> the i hope we saved for it. let's go take a look at live doppler 7 hd. which shows dry conditions right now. no green showing up on the radar screen no. precipitation. has wound counsel. live view coyote tower from high definition roof top camera. right now under partly cloudy skies. 56 in san francisco. 59 across the bay oakland. san jose fwechlt santa cruz 56 on we go another live view from sutro tower lacking out over san francisco. again partly cloudy skies 52 in santa rosa. fairfield 55. union city 57. these are our forecast features. we see areas of fog developing tonigh tonight. it could be dense in patches so may reduce visibility for the early morning commute. dry and warmer next two days and rain comes back at us again on
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thursday. right now looking at the satellite radar compass it image there's the storm moving inland to our east that brought us the stormy weather yesterday and today. so we have a little quiet break in the weather right now. but fog will develop overnight once again. interfere in the early morning hours. animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. during the overnight hours it moves on hour by hour low clouds fog pushing across the bay into some of our inland locations. will start to recede during the daytime hours. sunburn it back to the coast line. left with mainly sunny afternoon and very pleasant and mild one. overnight tonight though we see low generally on the mild side. mainly upper freeways right around 50 degrees in most location and then tomorrow by afternoon the fog will be gone few low clouds at the coast. sunny in the south bay with high pressure in the upper 60's to low 70's look for high of 68 at santa rosa -- san jose rather. santa rosa is 60 also but up in the north bay. san
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jose 68 tomorrow. los gatos 70 degrees tomorrow. on the peninsula 66 at redwood city. menlo park upper 60's to low 60's on the coast. did you want san francisco high of 62 degrees tomorrow. now north bay. we find :3u8h)osa with high of 68 tomorrow. also 68 at calistoga. 69 at napa. on the east bay high will rise to 66 degrees at oakland, 65 san leandro. 68 at fremont. the inland east bay just a little bit milder with high in the upper 60's at concord walnut creek pleasanton 70 degrees tomorrow at fairfield antioch and livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have dry and mild conditions 2 cop executive days then on thursday another rainy day. partly cloudy and dry and mild on friday. but we see a slight chance of morning shower on saturday become breezy sunday chance of showers windy so basically sort of unsettled pattern for the weekend but then mostly sunny and mild again next monday so
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spring is trying to find its identity right now. >> all right thanks spencer very much. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. bay area home was scheduled to be cleared out today. however when clean up craw arrived they were told to stand down. find out why a judge postponed the cleanup. >> plus tim cook forced to make mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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>> city of san mateo poised to move in and clear a home of debris and junk today. judge in february gave the homeowners 30 days to clean up their own mess. vick lee explains why city crew showed up today but did not clear out that house.
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the. >> here they come. >>reporter: city inspectors accompanied by police arrived at mark's home. began the walk through waiting in the wing. clean up crew to hall away debris from the front yard. watching anxiously were his wife kim and son. this is what the front yard looked like before they were ordered by the courts in february to klein their property. it was littered with debris. the city called it an unsanitary hazardous dumping ground that needed to be cleaned newspaper think days. >> they were given more than enough time beyond the 30 days that the court ordered. >>reporter: this is what it looked like today. they spent the last month taking loads of junk to the dump. hoping to satisfy the judge's order. take another look. before. and after pictures. >> they have independent contractor come in and take out whatever it is they want to take out. >>reporter: so the inspection began. walk through included
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the back yard where construction equipment and supplies were covered with large tarp. a contract or by trade remodeling his house for the past 10 years. faced with numerous code violations during that time. he even lived in a tent on his lawn for a while after the city red tagged his home. the city declared the tent illegal as well. the the he injured his back and has been out of work for a year. he says money and health are the reasons the sentence i have renovation has taken so long. >> i'm not trying to buck the system. i'm not trying to do something that is illegal. >>reporter: inspection lasted about half hour. for he an his family everyment was filled with anxious. >> you are causing me so much stress you don't know. >>reporter: after conferring with each other city staff reached a decision. they said they weren't totally happy with the clean up but it was good enough. >> it appears that according to city staff that they are in substantial compliance with the
9:28 pm
court's order. >>reporter: the family polite not over yet. city threatening to get a permanent injunction ordering them to finish construction of the house by certain date or else. now the family meets with the city next thursday to discuss the newest legal threat. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> that was in san mateo o. house like that in san francisco you can report it with touch of button. city attorney office today wants a new smart phone app for telling city hall about neighborhood news an and non-emergency code enforcement issues. called up to code and it uses the phone camera and gps to stream line the reporting system. available for both the i-phone and android device or anything with internet connection. >> well 30's little chance the neighbors complain about this house. check this out. former home of ex san francisco mayoral yot 0is for sale. going for 8.9 million dollars.
9:29 pm
8,000 square foot home is located in the exclusive and gated presidio terrace neighborhood. home was built by the same architect behind the legion of honor. features 5 bedrooms. 6 and a half . home theater. wine cellar and home gym. lacks like hotel. >> man accused of killing a dozen people in court today. why prosecutors say they feel obligated to pursue the death penalty if james holmes is convicted. >> why 3 38 million dollar power ball winner could have again to jail if not for his court visit today. >> purse snatcher on the run when he suddenly stopped in the track. what brought him to such a quick halt. coming up such a quick halt. coming up in the
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>> friends and relatives of the aurora colorado shooting victim crowded courthouse today. accused gunman and deadly movie theater shooting appeared in court to learn if he would face the death penalty. we have more on the district attorney decision. >> prosecutors want the accused gunman behind last year movie theater massacre in colorado to be executed if convicted. for james holmes justice is death district attorney told the judge. several of the victims relatives cried in court. >> thumb up to the death penalty. thumb up. >>reporter: brian beard friend alec was one of 12 people killed last july during a midnight movie premier. dozens of others were also wounded. prosecutors say they spoke to 800 victims and the family leading up to this decision. and rejected the defense offer for holmes to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.
9:34 pm
>> i don't know how much pain my friend went through. painful or not i want him dead. i want to be in the room when dead. >>reporter: he looked at both parents in court monday always the case now heads into a lengthy death penalty trial. new judge has been assigned. and the trial date has been pushed back from this summer to february of next year. 18 months after the deadly shooting spree. >> it's anguishing. frustrating as a victim. you are talking whole other calendar year before you get to a trial that we already know what the outcome is going to be. >>reporter: this will be a long and emotional trial. holmes defense said it could last 9 month. the june said it should take 4. abc news los angeles. >> extra security is in place tonight in kaufman county, texas where the district attorney and his wife were shot to death in their home over the weekend. law enforcement agency throughout texas were placed on high alert today. at the kaufman county courthouse in east texas employee escorted that the building. officers
9:35 pm
were seen carrying semi-automatic weapon. sources tell us that the gunman who is still on the loose used assault style rifle in the killings saturday night. motive is not clear but investigators are reviewing the cases of both the district attorney and assistant prosecutors who was also murdered two months ago. >> new jersey big 3 38 million dollar power ball winner has avoided jail. he paid the money that he owed. tony yates reports now from new jersey. >>reporter: at some point the media frenzy over following every movement of superpower ball winner dies down. but not today. of 45-year-old pedro came to court with 'see of male family members to fulfill his responsibility of paying more than 29,000 dollars in child support arrear for 3 of his 5 kids. >> your honor it was paid early today by certified check in the amount of 30,000 dollars, judg
9:36 pm
judge. >>reporter: it was a different face. remember the big winner grin. this now is the face of a concerned father says his attorney. father doing more than just paying up on child support. >> he's paid and over paid the amount that he was due. his children are with him he's a family man. and it's all concluded. >> investing in chirp most important thing. best investments. wisest investment you will make. >>reporter: shut down after winning fourth largest power ball in history 3 38 million dollars with take home of 152 million. word he was paying the rent for all of his neighbors. is he going to pay the neighbor rent. >> no. >>reporter: where disit come from. >> rumor. next question. >>reporter: his attorney says it's time to let him get to his new life privately. >> tony yates reporting. his children will live with him apparently at home where that is yet to be decided. he will
9:37 pm
take home the lump sum cash prize which is about 152 million dollars. >> apple chief executive tim cook today issued the second major apology of his tenure on the job. apologiesed to customers in china where the government blasted apple last week for not responding to warranty complaints. in a letter posted on a el web site in china cook promised to improve the company repair policies, provide clearer warranty information and offer better training at apple retail stores. china keep in mine is expected to become apple's no. 1 market. might also remember that cook poll jaysed in this country for the mapping service that apple launched last year which most people didn't think very much of. >> deal on necklace at macy so so you knowed too good to be true and guess what, s it was. still some shoppers were able to get a 1500 dollar sterling silver gold diamond necklace for 47 dollars. thanks to typo in macy ad mailed nationwide there it is. 47 dollars. well
9:38 pm
the sale price should have read 4 79 dollars. one man in texas says he went to buy the necklace but macy had already sold out so he bought 2 on back order. and it didn't take long for macy toñi contact him and tell him he couldn't get the necklace for just 47 dollars. >> i'm very, very bothered by it because i just want i don't want nobody tolls feel the way i feel in. >>reporter: macy poll jaysed for the error but won't say how many people were able to get this deal of a life time. >> more to bring you tonight. 3d printing as you may know complicated and expensive but bay area college students are working to change that. the project that his investors project that his investors lining up. really unbelievabl
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>> this is really quite something. there is a new future tool that presence out 3d objects right before your very eyes like something out of a sci-fi movi movie. tonight jonathan explains the creation kobled together by some uc berkeley students. >> at the end of a long empty hallway in uc berkeley building a vending machine. >> people are wow! that's really cool i want to try this. >> it's the dream box. box that quite literally turns dreams into hard plastic reality. >> one of the more interesting items that the fraternity and sorority seem to like a lot. we have got aneurysm beam that we had a group on campus test. stress test, it's not magic. printer at the heart of the dream box is the same kind engineers use to make prototype of new product with corn base plastic build object that cool
9:43 pm
and harden in minutes. there is a few if you are willing to wait. >> end of a semester or break you can get up to lake two wee week. >> how long for this. >> it's about 16 to 24 hours. >> the dream box runs itself. no staff member which means no brake. no holiday just print print print. send 3d computer file and pay with credit card. goats work and e-mails when done. arm drops the finish model into a shoot that directs it into a locked drawer. show up with the 4 digit code to claimant as the printer cleans itself an moves on to the next job. >> turns out the dream box isn't just a good idea here at uc berkeley. creators quickly finding out it could have limitless possibility in education and in business. >> like to essentially put this in at elementary middle and high schools. >> plastic not the only material can we say custom retail product. >> as soon as we got print silicone then i-phone case or as soon as we put metal
9:44 pm
printing do jewelry dream box. >> students already have interest from investors lacking to own a little piece of the 3d future at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> incredible. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. robber nearly foiled by a glass door. kind of breaking [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. seized about.
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>> fewer tourists are visiting india after the international out cry over several violent rapes there. associated chamber of commerce and industry of india says that tourism dropped 25 percent since december and there have been 35 percent fewer female visitors traveling to india. commerce leaders say the drop started after a young woman was raped and killed in december. and in the following week swiss
9:48 pm
woman gang raped and british woman jumped from her window. to the avoid an assault. >> woman in brazil is one lucky commuter. she was nearly killed by a train after climbing down from the platform to recover the cell phone she dropped there on the tracks. the train driver so you knowed the horn but the woman couldn't lift back up over the ledge two men helped drag her free. just as the train arrived. she made it out alive. >> purse snatcher barely made his get away in australia this wean. watch this guy. followed a woman that a store grab the purse took off running before slamming straight into sliding glass door. dumpy. he broke through the wrong section of glass almost wrapped around him and entombed him. bystanders didn't know what was going on but there you see. before police showed up an accomplice helped drag the robber away. a little worse for wear lacks shaken up as you can see. russian authorities detained man in a polar bear
9:49 pm
outfit. green peace activist paddled down the river in moscow today yelling help and the ark particular is not for sale. lack at him on a little phase fake ice berg drawing attention to a plan that would allow a search for untapped oil preserve in russia behring sea. activist rae leased without being charged. but he made his point. >> check thought view from space of new york city. u.s. member of the expedition 35 crew snapped this photo from the international space station fairly dramatic. is of the big apple at night on march 23rd. expedition 35 crew is mix of american canadian and russian astronauts who spend 6 months with experiments and maintenance at the space station. some tim for a little photography and got a net shot. >> okay. let's go background level. spencer is back with the accu-weather forecast. >> okay dan. i'm happy to show you that on 7 hd rate now we see no rainfall at all. showers from earlier today have
9:50 pm
long since depart sod skies are partly cloudy conditions are dry tomorrow state wide lack for mainly sunny skies and mild conditions. we see high pressure in the mid upper 70's at chico, sacramento and fresno over in the sierra. 65 yosemite. down south high of 71 at los angeles. 90 at palm springs. here in the bay area after some early morning fog which could be dense in some spots will see the sun burn through clearly and brilliantly in the afternoon hours. high pressure will rise to the upper 60's to near 70 in our i object land location and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. couple of mild and dry days coming our way through wednesday. rain returns on thursday and cools down partly cloudy dry on friday but the weekend features unsettled weather with chance of showers again by sunday. >> okay thanks spencer very much. >> sports director larry beall is here and had a fun day ballpark on opening day. >> great atmosphere. remember this ancient biel pro verb.
9:51 pm
okay? goes back to very difficult to win when you score zero. okay. very difficult. pretty much every game is like that. >> opening day for the giants and a's. oakland anderson make history. both bay area teams end up in pitching school. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to upgrade. get 10% off energy star major appliances $399 and above at lowe's. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. new map designed to keep certain people out of certain neighborhoods. we told you about it earlier in the newscast. tonight we good out to the streets of san rafael to get reaction to exactly what is going on. >> plus the food that can help you live longer and something you might already like. those stories and a lot more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> larry is here now with great moments in philosophy. >> yes. i gave you one and the
9:55 pm
a's and giants have combined to score zero. >> there you go. >> professor everybody proven. >> world champion giant open in l.a. pitcher duel. the new owner to throw out the first pitch. pulls a dodger great co-sandy who has had an up and down relationship with the team in recent years. allowed 4 hits struck out 7 complete game shut out. meanwhile cain making first opening day start for the giants. 6 scoreless struck out 8 through 92 pitche pitches. go to the bottom of the 8 and we are still scor scoreless. first homer of the career comes off and first pitch tore toss a shut out on opening day since lemon in 53. spencer was there for that gam game. 1 nothing dodgers they had insurance on wild pitch here by santiago a. karl
9:56 pm
crawford as dodger get 4 in the eighth and final out of the game as he goes the distance. 4 nothing dodgers. they win. opener for 2013. a's open tonight. hosting seattle. history not on their side. came in having lost 8 straight season openers. sell out. 3 36,000. waving the towels. anderson ready. came first pitcher ever to strike out the side in the 1st inning on opening day. nice little stat there. despite striking out 6 and 7 frames mariners scored against anderson in the sevent seventh. up the middle. 2 nothing seattle. all the support that king felix would knee. went 7 and two-thirds. 3 hits. that's why they gave them 178 million dollars. threaten. bases loaded. out of pen. gets norris and
9:57 pm
fielder choice and this game just went final. mariners win it behind felix 2 nothing. l cal women basketball team in the elite 8 for the first time ever. one win away from the final 4. bears facing georgia tonight in spokane. lindsay what a job she's done in the second year for teams in new orleans. bull dog with other ideas. james to the rack. up 8. cal on 13-1 run. tied it at 50. 12 seconds left cal up 2. too at fwoochlt over team. nip of 18 from the floor. pull up jumper there. 25 points. cal up 6. 2 seconds left. georgia desperation 3 and it's over. cal moving on to the final 4 for the first time in program history. 65-62. >> i knew this was possible. i believe more in this group than anyone ever and this is still better than my mildest dreams.
9:58 pm
>> i kept asking. we have one more sneak up on us one more game. going to new orleans. i was like. i was so excited. >> going to new orleans. tread deadline wed. shark traded to the blackhawk for fourth round pick and ryan on the verge of being dealt. shark with 4 game win streak as they took the ice tonight. i like the kid in a mask. serious about the business. andrew snatch the past snyder first goal of the year for him. 1 nothing shavrjt 51 seconds later. doesn't shoot off when he does. able to wrist it home. with 6 minutes left the shark leading the canuck 3-2. carson era over for the raiders. mat flynn from seattle today. expected to start for the seahawks last season but lost to it wilson. started only 2 games in the entire career. back with green bay that's how raiders gm mackenzie knows him.
9:59 pm
raiders gave up a draft pick next year and conditional pick in 2015. refused to restructure the 13 million dollar contract so trade him to arizona. 49ers were looking for a back up to replace smith behind collin and traded for cleveland colt. gave it a two pick. started 21 games in 3 years in cleveland. he was relegated to the bench after they drafted himless season. >> i don't know if he can play but mccoy sounds like a quarterback. >> great name. unfortunately with the browns. and they were awful in recent years. >> that's a good quarterback name though. >> all right. >> colt anything is a good nam name. >> thanks larry that's this edition of 7 news. for all of us we appreciate your time see you again at nip and 11 thanks you again at nip and 11 thanks for watching


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