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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. i'm dan ashley. president obama is facing some backlash tonight for comment that he made at the tail end of his trip to the bay area. we are in sacramento tonight with the compliment that got the president in
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trouble. >>reporter: hours after president obama silicon valley fundraising visit he reached california attorney general harris by phone andxd poll jaysd for calling her quote by far the best lacking attorney general in the country. >> you know he believes and fully recognizes the challenges women or fully recognize the challenge women continue to face in the workplace and that they should not be judged based on appearance. >>reporter: even though the president also praised the san francisco democrat for her brilliance, dedication and her toughness, before he xlimentd her looks the president comment caused a national debate over whether saying anything about a woman's appearance has any place in a professional setting. obama and harris do share a friendship seen here greeting her with a peck on the cheek last year. she doesn't appear to be offended by his comment. in a statement her office said the attorney general and the president have been friend for many years. they had a great conversation yesterday and she strongly
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supports him. rebecca heads the state women commission. she's glad an uproar erupted because it shows prague 40's a time just 15 years ago when no one would have complained over such a comment. >> what ends up happening is the looks then take away from the accomplishment. and the idea is that you can be very accomplished but lack make it that much better or that muchçó worse. then don't have to deal with that. >> i think it's unfortunate that he felt like he had to apologize. >>reporter: ceo of her own social marketing agency saw humor in the president remark because the pool of female attorneys general in the country is so small. >> when men are afraid to say something to a woman about how she looks i think that that's too bad, too. i just like us all to relax a little bit about that. >> president obama compliments men too on the looks. he's used the term good looking guy when referring to the housing, interior and navy secretary. in sacramento, abc 7 news.
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>> now president obama is not the only one clarifying comments today. coming up later first lady michelle obama doing explaining herself after remark she made about her married life. twhaev in a few minutes. >> oakland police investigating the second shooting involving officer in the last three days. sky 7 hd was there as police swarm to chest nut near 34 street and west oakland this afternoon. police spokesman says officers were respond to go home burglary when they confronted 2 armed men. one had a knife and the other what appeared to be a gun. man with the firearm was shot by police in the shoulder and officers later determined that gun was a fake. >> exactly liked my handgun. smaller version. the other one with the knife, real knife yes. >> police say the wounded man has a history of some home burglary on wednesday police shot grazed teenager in the jaw. officers thought he was a robbery suspect but later determined that the teen was not involved in the crime in
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any way. >> 41-year-old man from castro valley drowned while swiming in kauai. authorities identified lung today clearly in distress bystanders tried to save him and could not. waves extremely high reaching up to 25 feet in that area at the time he was in the water. >> east bay tonight. chevron ready to return its richmond refinery to full strechblingt atravel came today 9 months after a disaster fire. heather tonight with the decision. >> chevron richmond refinery fire last august was the result of ruptured pipe. investigation since then shown the company knew the pipe was in danger of failing as long ago as 2002. yet did nothing about it. today the chemical safety board told east bay legislators that the nominal fine and citation that come after the fact are more like emergency management than prevention. the csb says the state and nation whole system
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of regulating refinery has to be overhauled. >> whole system needs improvement. no one component you can identify that doesn't need improvement to be part of a package and i think the bi biggest point i weren't to make is the life blood of safety is continuous improvement. >>reporter: csb says in the u.s. the regulatory emphasis is too much after the fact. the board says the system in other country demands company proof safe practices as pre-condition to being allowed to operate. and that is making their refinery less accident prone than ours. >> for example the csb is received reports from large reinsurance company called swiss reid that the losses per,000 barrels in the u.s. sector are three times that of europe. >> 3 cal/osha inspector spent this week at the refinery and gave chevron the all clear to restart the repaired crude unit danieled in the fire. chevron says it has not restarted it
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yet and isn't giving a date for when it will. contra costa county supervisor john joy says the health department will be doing a top to bottom audit of the refinery. >> we weren't to the make sure that they operate safely and history recently caused us some concern. so that's why we need to make sure that from the bottom up the practices are safe and that's what this audit will allow to us see and allow us to enforce. >>reporter: so even though the refinery has cleared the osha inspector, still under the scrutiny of the county for some time. chevron says even though it has been given all clear to restart the crude unit it has not yet and it's not giving a date for when it will. in richmond, heather, abc 7 news. after hours of searching police this evening arrested a bank robber in san jose. robbery took place just after 1:00 o'clock at the wells fargo on bran lane. man got away with unknown amount of cash after threatening a teller. officers used canine unit and tracked the rob tore nearby sky
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way apartments on snell avenue. officials with golden gate bridge considering crack down on people who illegally use the new car pool lane on the bridg bridge. this is live picture of the bridge. second lane from the right is designated for car pools automatically providing discounted 3 dollar tochlt regular fast track toll is 5 dollars and pay by plate is 6 dollars. keep in mind more than a week ago the bridge went all electronic which means there are no toll takers to count head as they go through the toll plaza. how many people in each car. bridge officials acknowledge that some people are probably just confused since car pool on 101 is 2 people but 3 for the bridge. district plans to do more education about car pool the chp about enforcing them going forward. in oakland set back tonight in the murder of off duty paramedic. witness the police have is not as strong as they had hoped. boyer was shot as
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he drove through the oakland hills tuesday morning. vick lee with the latest now on the investigation. >>reporter: dave keingter lives in the neighborhood facing keller drive across the street from paramedic was fatally shot tuesday. he says there have been a rash of violent home invasion in the community. >> there were some home invasions where they actually injured the owners. they pistol whipped him things like that. >>reporter: keller avenue weaves into 5 yichlt get out one way app get down the road and be on 5 80 this way or that way. >>reporter: resident believe the highway has become a convenient route for predators. would you be theory is boyer may have been the victim of robbery attempt. shot near the stop sign on keller and handsome drive about noon tuesday. the killers were in another car. it was brazen act. >> we believe that the suspect exited the vehicle. approached our victim and shot into,
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inside the vehicle. >>reporter: sergeant told us investigators do have shell casings. and they have been sent to a crime lab. the casings images will be entered into a national database to see if there's a match with a cartridge from another crime. if so, police may able to determine who fired the gun. police did find the witness early on. elderly woman who in the area. but the officer that's witness was of little help. >> witness that was there really provided limited information. didn't really get to see what happened before is so very limit entered terms of what we have. >>reporter: witness did tell police she thinks the sheert may have been in a brown car. even though police have yet to establish motive, investigators believe this was not a random act of violence. >> people are approaching people as they are traveling. in the cars stopping them. we haven't had anything like that so we think it's kind of isolated event. >> late today boyer wife family
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issued a statement that says in part his passing leaves a gash in our heart that will never heal. we ask for your support and prayers. >> police are hoping that a memory. crime stoppers is offering 10,000 dollars for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. vick lee, 7 news. more to come this friday night. apple new headquarters is already controversial but tonight how the cost are sky rocketing now. coming up. 80th is costing 1 billion dollars more than the new world trade center. >> fans treated to giant home opener today just the festive ceremony at the park and why it was so hard to find parking one fan even ran out of gas. >> also spencer here with the weather. >> accu-weather forecast center. will there be more sun than cloud this weekend. i'll have the nancy my acknowledge weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. nasa idea straight out of star trek. space agency
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>> on the ground to third. you doubles it. get a pair. >> the boys are back in town. and dreams of another pennant take flight tonight as the
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giants win the home opener against the cardinals. if you are a giants fan all is right with the world. fresh off another world series championship fans are pumped. as wayne explains, there is nothing quite like openingçó da. >>reporter: you have been there. you have lived this. in the orange and black sea that was san francisco today the continuity of baseball is back. begin with a burger. how many burgers will you sell today ivt a lot. >>reporter: then rock the outer orange. >> bribery. i think they ordered this from china eric's bring lots of money especially if you drive a car. did we mention how san francisco meter parking around the stadium now tops out at 7 dollars an hour? >> 7 dollars an hour? that's like minimum wage is only 8 dollars an hour right. >>reporter: yes parking is a fare. it used to be a place where gentleman's fans could park but now the warrior are putting the arena there. all of which is bad news for the
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people in this car. >> we ran out of gas. >> you ranko out of gas. >> as a good wife i'll say i ran out of gas. >>reporter: on this of all day. baseball people say hope springs eternal. even in the freight elevator at at&t park. >> make the world go round in here. >>reporter: even for keith a gay most of us never meet. >> nationals here. >>reporter: guy hasn't missed a game in 4 years but who mit see every third pitch plus the important ones. >> i was here when king had the per game. i was hear. i left the elevator to go see the last out. >> don't tell anybody. >> they all know. >>reporter: maybe keith peaked in on this last throw back to 2012 as mat cain, tim, angel, hunter and certainly yo hosted the world series championship banner in center field. ticket and getting this as front row seat.
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>> amazing. incredible. fantastic. 2013 champion baby. >> another team. another season. more madness. >> once again if you really weren't to meet the hardest core fans this ballpark get in the freight elevator couple innings. they know every ball every strike every inning. going up and down but not missing a lot. outside the ballpark abc 7 news. >> fun day out at the giants ballpark. stick around larry has highlights of the game a little later on in sports. spencer. nasty day for baseball. great opening day. >> tomorrow nasty day as well. clouds in the morning and maybe even a sour or 2 but by afternoon should be pretty good for baseball. look at live doppler 7 hd showing that we still have rain free conditions here in the bay area although there may ab sprinkle or 2 overnight. reason for that is the area of moisture way up to our north which is actually beginning to dissipate a bit now so we might not get the sprinkle although we are still
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calling for chance of sprinkle officer knight. live view from our high definition base camera in emeryville looking at conditions there it's dry. temperature readings right four 55 degrees in san francisco. 57 in oakland. san jose 57. 57 also in santa cruz. another live view from the high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge. it's 53 degrees in santa rosa right no now. 55 in napa union city. 57, 56 in los gatos. forecast feature and expect cloudy skies overnight. pg&yibly few scattered light sprinkle. spotty showers likely tomorrow morning and showers are possible again early sunday but most of the weekend appears to be dry. tomorrow afternoon 105 game time at at&t park once again. giants take on the cardinals game 2 of the weekend series. game time it's painly cloudy few break of sun. shining through. spring el are possible but not likely. temperature about 61 degrees at game time. nice baseball
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weather here in san francisco. high pressure ridge of it still dominant feature in the weather approaching frontal system that might bring us some showers tomorrow morning but now we look at sprching el to the north and could work their way into our area overnight but it's this active stormtrack out over the pacific that's moving in our direction that could bring us some showers over the weekend. let's start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. at which point we sea clouds around and see the little weak band of showers approaching 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and could see showers pushing into the north bay. right around the golden gate parts of the coast line. quickly move on through and partial clearing in the afternoon tomorrow so looks like nice conditions from the giants game tomorrow. then sunday morning another band of weak showers push through. rather early about 6:00 o'clock or so. that will also manufacture through quickly and dissipate giving way to partial clearing in the afternoon so both day this is weekend look like they are fairly nice in
9:19 pm
the afternoon hours. maybe a little bit wet in the early morning. overnight tonight lack for low pressure mainly in the low 50's. relatively mild. then tomorrow pleasant day in the afternoon after showers move through. few cloud break of sun. high pressure range from mid 60's to about 70 around the bay and inland. here's the accu-weather 7 indicate forecast. we are going to have a big time warm-up next week. painly sunny skies. entire week and we have high pressure in the mid to upper 80's inland by wednesday of this week. really going to warm-up nicely. >> i'm ready for that. ready for that too. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. l wild police chase involving stolen taxi. thief still on the loose. find out what police are counting on to find him. sta
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>> investigation under way into underground vault explosion in downtown san francisco. yes it has happened again. viewer sent thus picture. you can see the smoke coming from underground. pg&e says underground power cable came apart and blew off 2 manhole cover. one hit a parked car. power was out in the area for 2 hours. >> meantime san francisco them on a chase that took them through several cities before coming a dramatic end at san francisco state university. the story tonight from 7 news reporter miss clapper. >> pursuit of stolen taxi all started about 1:15 this morning with cab driver just trying to
9:24 pm
be nice. >> taxicab was parked in the bell district. he got out of the vehicle to help passenger who was not feeling well. at that point the suspect jumped into the cab and fled the area. >> man led officers on a chase from san francisco to daly city and back. as he approached the san francisco state campus he slowed the taxi and ran as it rolled that campus barricade. police took off after him but lost him. some students saw the end of the chase unfold. >> see this taxicab roll up and this guy jumps out of it even before it stops and sues slams into the parking pole here and soon enough cop pulls up hand him. jump out both start runed. >> tom also drives for yellow cab. 40th year behind the wheel of taxi. he says he has seen a lot but the facts of this morning event surprised him. >> just desperate people doing stupid things. you know. you
9:25 pm
have to be perceptive out here whojf you let in the cab. somebody wasn't even a passenger. just jumped in when wasn't looking. can't guard against that at all. like a bolt hitting you. >>reporter: san francisco csi collecting evidence from the taxi and looking at dash cam surveillance video that is integral in catching the man who stole the cab. >> in 2013 there is video surveillance everywhere and part of our investigation in any crime. >>reporter: reporting in san francisco, abc 7 news. drum beat of war growing bait loyrd tonight. north korea telling foreign embassy safety can't be guaranteed. how the u.s. may respond. also tonight outbreak new deadly bird flu. top scientist in this country are race to go come up with a vaccine. >> also the end of pork chop as we know them. the government sanction attempt to make meat shopping easier. >> also here. all women all ages all the time. ruling that puts birth control in the hands
9:26 pm
of teenagers. stay with us. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> good evening again. apple new headquarters in the bay area is reportedly over budget big time. about 2 billion dollars over budget. that's more than was spent on the new world trade center in new york. this the is artist rendition of new cupertino building that could now cost nearly 5 billion dollars. thomas has the story. >> it's a lot of money andé-ñ apple valley asian is dropping pretty sharply at the moment. >>reporter: rob is a silicon valley tech analyst who says this proposed wheel campus for apple is actually attribute to the collate founder steve jobs. when he unveiled the plan for
9:30 pm
the building in 2006 the cost washington slated at 3 billion dollars. now recent article by business week states the cost may balloon to 5 billion. site originally 50 eric's but spread to encompass the campus buildings and taking up 175 acres. some tech watchers wonder if the new chief at apple cook will build it. >> cook is the exact opposite of steve jobs. so i have my doubts whether we will ever see the building built but you are rate this was steve jobs dream and this is probably going to be his physical legacy. >>reporter: others want to see the gleaming 4 story structure from germany and rare wood furnishings go up as soon as possible. michael miller with the santa clara builder exchange says the jobs created would be a boone to silicon valley construction industry. >> and city cupertino benefit as well too. not only with tax revenue but people being there and keeping the jobs close to home. >>reporter: campus has already been delayed a year from posed 2015 opening. business week speculated that maybe due to sub contractor busy elsewhere
9:31 pm
finishing the 49er statement in santa clara. miller says more than 23,000 unemployed construction workers ready to get to work. question remains is 5 billion dollars annex on or about tants price for a building. no matter whose dream it is. >> apple lostzv third of the valley in the last few months. probably less exited about the building in a moment. >> let them no one returned our call or e-mails did this. this is abc 7 news. >> santa clara county value transportation authority celebrated 1 year milestone for bart silicon valley today. federal state local officials gathered in fremont this afternoon to acknowledge significant progress in the bart extension project. construction on the 10 mile extension start add year ago and completion of the project is scheduled for 2018. >> event in san francisco today drew hundreds of struggling homeowners with the promise of meeting the lender face-to-face and getting some help.
9:32 pm
jonathan bloom explains why events like this are still in such demand even as the economy recovers. why they are so effective too. rachel is hanging on by her finger nails. no mystery why she's having trouble making her house payments. >> i'm a real estate broker. >>reporter: how much is the economy impacted your xhbing. >> tremendously. like 50 to 60 percent. >>reporter: she is stuck in adjustable rate mortgage since 2008. borrowing from family after wells fargo refused to moderate fight loan. that's why she came to this event put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america in downtown san francisco. >> a lot of folk tried and failed on their own with the lender didn't get anywhere. probably can't ge:/ the same deal they can get here. >>reporter: the spokesman says the biggest mortgage lenders here ready to meet with borrowers face-to-face. and made agreement to lower interest rate for borrowers that can't pay. >> do you have the mortgage payment with you. >> yes. >>reporter: the key to the
9:33 pm
success the binding agreement it has with some of the biggest bank requiring them to negotiate with their borrower. how they got those agreements could be called a bit unorthodox. this is video shot three years ago when they marched on new york headquarters of chase bank. they demonstrated on executive front lawn. goal to be a nuisance and fountain of bad publicity until the bank caved in. >> not easy. we fought the bank in court on the streets with protest0lñ to get the deal for homeowners. >>reporter: they have been doing these events for several years but now see a different kind of problem. >> my house is under water sought bank continue give me a lower rate. >>reporter: sonya has a fixed rate mortgage. good low pressure. she simply can't afford now that bad loans have dragged the economy down. >> current interest rate is 5.fichlt interest rate is high. >>reporter: they can lower the rate sometimes to 2%. >> if you have all the documents and mortgage is unaffordable great chance you can walk out of here with a lower rate nishtion san francisco, abc 7 news.
9:34 pm
>> remark whabl they are able to do in some instances. mortgage relief event continues through next tuesday so there is time. 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. ñi >> now to the rising fear over an outbreak. new and dangerous strain of the bird flu that so far is contained in china but tonight here in america the cdc is race to go develop a vaccin vaccine. chief medical editor dr. richard vesser explains wh why. >> across asia travelers warned. new flu has arrived. target of technician today hazmat suit birds. shutting down the upholstery market of shanghai. officials suspect the new flu called h 7 n 9 that spreads from bird to bird is now spreading from bird to people. so far 16 have fallen ill. 6 have died. the real fear? the new flu mutate again and learns to pass from human to human. because it's brand new people would have no natural
9:35 pm
immunity. there's no vaccine to fight it. if one infected person with that mutated virus flew from shanghai to los angeles the virus would you say easily spread across the u.s. the reality so far? it appears that those who have gotten sick were in direct contact with bird. still contained just in china. >> dr. richard vesser reporting vl as for the level of concern from the center for disease control here in this country d dr. vesser says they are quickly trying to get ahead of it. >> they are jumping all over this. preparing the virus so that manufacturers can make a vaccine if needed. developed a diagnostic test so americans go to china they can be tested to see if they have this and aler alerting people what to watch for. you 97 know which outbreak will go. >>reporter: they seem to be working quickly. now another health issue tonight. federal judge ruled today that girls 16 and younger no longer need prescription for the morning after birth control pill. until now plan b pill has been kept behind the pharmacy
9:36 pm
counter. safe guard after decision in 2009 by health human services secretary kathleen to require girls 17 and younger to have prescription. today's ruling reverse that is decision. >> people can get quicker access to a very good method of preventing unintended pregnancy and they can get it without having to good through unnecessary hoops. problem here in having this over the counter here in the united states is that these teens are avoiding medical screening by doctors so these stk and any increase std the result of increased sexual behavior among teens are going to go unid identified and untreated. >>reporter: the ruling will go into effect within 30 days. opponent say they hope the fda will appeal the decision however the fda says they are not commenting because it is an ongoing legal matter. >> all right overseas. another warning tonight from north korea. government is selling 2 foreign embassy to leave the north korea capitol because the
9:37 pm
safety can not be guaranteed. general motors is closely watching the crisis in korea big operation in south korea. the company provided this video. facility there are big part of company global plan and korean headquarters. just miles from the demilitary zone that divides the north and south. more fit from bob woodruff. >> image show nation tonight ready for a fight. north korea issuing the ominous warning to foreign embassy the safety can not be guaranteed after april 10. tension now rattling businesses. general motors saying it's making contingency plans for the safety of its employees if the conditions days tier 88th. prospect of the north flexing the muscles firing missile even target is the middle of the ocean puts the nuss a tricky place forced to make a sdichlingts does america shoot it down to show support for south korea and japan. >> only going to be seconds to
9:38 pm
react and they have to be almost on auto pilot when they see the launch occur. >> if we shoot it down could be very provocative it would be a big embarrassment to kim. >>reporter: that could provoke the new young leader even more. >> downtown zole the streets are full. markets you can see are busy. >> even the music is playing here. big question is we are only about 30 miles away from the border of north korea so what good if he launch another missile? leaders of this country do about it? >> if south korea responds with force it too could setoff a bigger this, they are aware of the risk there but life goes on. >> i'm feeling the rising tension personally these indicate this is man says. we met the wives of american soldiers too. they are all too used to the tension. >> that's the only difference they are talking about it. new guy. different ruler. everything is the same. >> bob woodruff abc news. >> more to come tonight y.would
9:39 pm
anyone steal a sign? coming up. weird crime all caught on video. you will see it. >> plus what first lady michelle obama said that raised a few eyebrow. 7 news
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>> in oakland proof tonight that some people will steal just about anything. even signs encouraging people not litter. it happened in the diamond district neighborhood. that's the area you see on the map between highway 13 and mcarthur boulevard and 35 to just beyond fruitvale. we have surveillance video that was taken captured by an area business and it shows these bayern and you see some thieves drive up jump out of the van and actually steal these banner that encourage people not to litter in this area. and ghaes? some of the ban remember worth
9:43 pm
600 dollars stolen for some odd reason. >> i turn the information over. i filed police report yesterday on behalf of the diamond improvement association who owns the banners and it's been turned over to the investigators. >>reporter: volunteer were clear that they simply want the banner back. that's all. diamond district takes its trash collection and litter program seriously. so this is quite a blow. >> barbecue fans brace yoursel yourself. pork chop will soon be a thing of the past. that's because the industry is retooling and renaming pork pieces. it's an effort to boost sales and make shopping at the meat counter easier. national pork board says when consumer see pork top loin chop they walk away empty cart. apparently people understand beef sought new name reflect that familiarity. few example. pork loin chop will be called pork porter house chop. pork rib chop will be pork rib eye chop and pork top loin chop
9:44 pm
pork new york chop. get it. industry spent years on this trying to figure it out. all the name changes have been have the blessing of the usda. so look for that in the supermarket. >> nasa move. according to florida senator nelson they plan to launch robotic space ship that rand view with asteroid and tow it back to earth for exploration. senator nelson says the president is propose to go spend initial 100 million forth mission and research in it. first step to identify the asteroid ideally 1 25 feet wide and weighs about 500 tons. when they can get the rope around. >> bit of a faux pas today for first lady michelle obama. she might have some explaining to do after remark about married life at the white house. listen to what she said. >> believe me as a busy single mother or i should say i sunt say single as busy mother sometimes when you have the husband who is president it can
9:45 pm
feel single but he's there. >> mrs. obama talking about busy single mom struggle to make health meal. the kim and daughter during the easter egg roll. remark came on the same day the president got flagged for same miss harris guess looking so witness house diagnose a little bit of back meddles from both of them tonight. >> coming up next at 9:00. big changes coming to the popular competition here. hear what is competition here. hear what is going tooo
9:46 pm
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9:48 pm
l he. >> big changes coming to the popular competition this year. may know that's when the world wildest home made human powered aircraft attempt to take to the sky. they don't make it very far generally. last year held in san francisco. not this
9:49 pm
year. instead they will be holding competition simultaneously in a number of cities across the nation. long beach washington chicago miami llas. none in san francisco. that guy made ate decent distance. all happens on september 21. just cracks me up. applications are now being accepted. i will tell you could i sit there and watch that endlessly for some odd reason. but we know experience is doing this wean. he's in the garage building one of those things. >> oh, yes. >> trying to catch up with the wright brothers. lack at leif doppler 7 hd. picking up no returns writ now. no precipitation in the immediate bay area. up to our north there is a little area of moisture that seems to be dissipating right now but some of that could work its way that the bay area overnight. if it does we could have some light scattered sprinkles about all we expect out of that. tomorrow state wide look for mainly dry weather picture. lots of cloud around. more sundown south than up north. high pressure sfaechlt los angeles. 90 palm springs. 70
9:50 pm
central valley bay area a little wave of showers pushes through in the morning hours we have partly to mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. mild conditions high in the upper 70's about 70 around the bay and inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. after weekend of unsettled weather we have assign warm week next week with high pressure in the mid to upper 80's by wednesday of next week. that's spring weather. >> fair enough. >> use the knowledge of meteorology to build a craft that takes to the sky. >> i'll just watch others do that. >> okay. >> check it out. >> opening day we talked about earlier. >> no. 7. is that there you g go. >> about live. very good. ye yes. very good. doppler thing on the top. very xwchlt i like it. >> more from the giants home opener as barry continues to
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. how an in-flight movie forced a pilot to divert his plane. get the full story. >> and the vitamin d potent test. are the pills in the bottle as good as the claims on the label? that's the question. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> still chuckling if we had that we could have flown it over opening day. >> we could have landed it. >> exactly. >> it would have been part of a big celebration as giants conducted. if you are a fan, doesn't get much better than home opener world series champion. packed house on sun splashed afternoon and 1 nothing win with barry baffling the cardinal. terrific
9:55 pm
pre-game festivities. the skip we are the trophy exploratorium fire department. bringing in the championship banner on the the racing the flag to the stop on top the park. we are the champion in the back ground. fourth inning mat hotel day. giant fans love to hate him. because he injured skawt row in the play off. bottom 4 bases loaded. jake walked angel on 4 pitches. that was the only run of the game. barry the big hook. 7 scoreless innings. striking out holiday. 26 innings to start the season without giving up earned run. hand off to romo would gets craig to end it and giants victory news the home opener 1 nothing. now won 15 straight games started by barry. >> i wish could i say i was locked in for 15 games but baseball is really unpredictable games. anything can happen and sometimes it's a
9:56 pm
grind and sometimes you feel pretty good and that also doesn't dictate the results. so today was battle for me to keep consistent pitches and got out a you couple jam difference maker was the defense. >> a's open the first road trip of the season getting lack at the huh stop astros. now members of the american league west. blast from the past. this jersey played for the a's for 11 years. leading what you have a back first home run of the season. dan most likely september but they struck out 11 in this game. allow $2 runs on 5 hits throwing smoke. a's erupt for 7 runs in the fifth. double twice in the 5th inning. score a pair. chris with 3 rbi as the a's roll in huh stop
9:57 pm
8-3. warriors down to secure a play off spot one step closer tonight in phoenix. about sweat a little bit in this gam game. the suns led by as many as 18. big part of. that hits the 3. had a game high 32 points. michael had 25. beat the buzzer. and does it toen the first half. warriors with 15 steals tremendous. 18 points. 15 assist. harris and barns with authority. down to 4. golden state with 25. nice take strong drive to the hoop and warriors up by 2. of fawrt quarter. jack icing it with a huge 3. largest come back of the season. l ride them baby. 111-107 clinch a play off spot if they beat utah on sunday. final game of best of 3 series for the college basketball invitation championship. santa
9:58 pm
clara and george mason. mark, 1 handed thunder there much to the delight of coach. kevin foster and 24 points. 3 seconds left. patrick for the tie. no. santa clara wins the championship not quite the ncaa. 80 to 77. finish the season with a victory. 6 game winning streak outside the play offs all the way up to tie for fourth in the standings trying to keep the streak alive against calgary. the net for the flames here and saw the team taking a lead. defense man with a wrist from the power play. sharks would tie in the third. logan to dan boyle her here. right in the slot. his second goal in the last 2 games and right now this game is tied 1-1. in the third. raiders have released lane backer mclane who had issues on and
9:59 pm
off the field. suspended by raiders last season for conduct detrimental to the team. never developed in the player they were hoping for. when you got a guy like collin you need some very large human to protect him that's why the niners give dave is a 5 year, 37 million dollar contract extension. highlighted rate tackle. 23-year-old davis started 58 games for the frainers. including all 5 post season games in the pastwo years. >> pay him by the pound. >> well he's a big boy. 325. another one of the nights where giants a's warriors and sharks, shark pull it off go 4 for 4 with victory. 5 for 5 if you count santa clara in the college basketball tournament. >> good night. >> ounce snooing that's this edition of the news at 9:00. for all of us here, i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. appreciate your time. see you in


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