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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 9, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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. >> that's happening in southern california where this wildfire continues to burn out of control. it's the destroyed 2 homes and threatening dozens more in ventura county right now. 84 homes evacuated. >> look at the fire tonight. burned 170 acres. fire reported just before 5 this evening. quickly took out mobile home and historic house nearby. >> the fire is burning through fill more and ventura county. neighboring los angeles county is pitching in on the fire fight about 400 firefighters are on the ground right now. >> crews had hard time containing the fair because of strong winds which topped 40 miles an hour. tonight the winds have calmed down a bit. firefighters hope to take
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advantage of that and contain this fire as quickly as they can. good evening. >> i'm carolyn. wild winds here blue through the bay area overnight but the damp is not. >> a tree topple today in orinda snapped power lines that landed on car. nobody was hur hurt. earlier today the wind storm knocked out power to more than 12,000 customers. most service has now been restored. >> teenager near modest to was pinned under the branch of large fallen tree. it happened on her high school campus. crews manage to free the 17-year-old. she was taken to the hospital. with broken back and some cuts and bruises. >> powerful winds talking about are blamed for blowing 2 owl chick from the nest today in watsonville poor things. this is one of the great horn owl chick. wild life emergency service reunite the chick with the parents in modified laundry basket nest. >> winds whipping through the coastal areas tonight. waves so treacherous that even the most zoned fisherman kept the boat tied up today. allen is
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in pacifica tonight where a gale warning still in effect offshore. allen? >> it's not too rough here but it's what is out there that is scaring so many fishermen. under a gale warning until 3:00 a.m. and earlier today the winds were so strong it closed down the great highway which is still closed tonight. high wind still churning up a sand blaster on the great highway tonight. gust up to 75 miles per hour had it shut down since this morning. with 15 to 18 foot sea the coast guard warning beach goers to be aware of big waves and dangerous rip currents. if the dog gets swept out, they advise you not to try and rescue it. >> nature given better tool to survive than you can. web fete feed and different dog balance of body. notes in the water as opposed to you vertical in the water. >>reporter: small craft advisory remains until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow but even the sport fishing boat decided not
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to go out today. >> today the waves the swell were 20 feet high. with nine foot chop on top. so you are looking at huge, huge wave. >> some fishermen say it's the first time they have had to tie up the boat in 12 years. due to high sea. captain frank says the salmon are really biting and he had high hope for tomorrow but had to cancel the trip. >> we charge 125 dollars for fishing trip. we had 20 people scheduled to good out tomorrow. they wanted to go salmon fishing. we can't get to the salmon grounds. it's too dangerous. officials some of the sport fishing 0boat may take you out on the bay tomorrow to fish for halibut but not willing to good out there, then you know it has to be rough. reporting live in pacifica, this is abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. with more on the windy weather let's check in with sandy she has
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live doppler 7 h dm. >> you will see the skies are absolutely clear. no fog or clouds to speak of. thanks to the winds. here are some of the reports of tries down and wind strong winds that were going as you notch many centered around the coast. peninsula. check out the wind gust earlier today. 1:57 in the morning. great highway 75 miles an hour wind gust. you look at the have you from the camera here it's still going strong. not as strong as earlier but still windy over the higher elevation exploratorium 75 miles an hour wind gust. redwood city cupertino 52. we had over 50 miles an hour wind gust in oakland san jose 44 miles an hour. big warm-up is going to come. let you know how warm it gets around ear in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> moraga police look for for man who sexually assaulted a student at her apartment on the st. mary's campus this weekend. police looking for white male about 21 years old.
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6 foot 1 with medium build. brown hair and blue eyes. the 2 met off campus late friday. she was attacked early saturday between 3 and 7 in the morning. no word on what kind of car he was driving. >> in contra costa county tonight tuberculosis scare means that hundreds of high school students now going to have to be tested for the very contagious lung infection after fellow student tested positive for tb at dear valley high school. lillian kim is there live tonight in antioch with the story for us tonight. lillian? >> dan the testing will take place here on thursday and only offered to fraction of the student population. cocoa health services will be offering blood test only to students who may have shared a classroom or in a club wh student with tuberculosis. that's 200 students. county found out about the sick child last month. then took 6 days to confirm that the illness was tb. the district says that child is no longer infectious.
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child back in school today but the district says the child could have been infect us? january. tb is airborne bacteria infection of the lung and takes three months for infection to develop into a disease. symptoms of tb disease include coughing lasting more than 3 week. fever. night sweat and unintended weight loss. thursday blood test will be the first at contra costa county school since 2009 that's when student at antioch high school tested positive for tuberculosis. live in antioch, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> one of the newen 0vait i have ways to get a ride around san francisco. so-called ride sharing businesses are getting the brush off from san francisco international airport at least until sfo can figure out a way to regulate them. john is live at the airport to explain. john? >>reporter: carolyn, there is a battle involving the airport cab drivers as well as those relatively new ride sharing businesses. the fare are said to be lower than taxi ride but
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sfo wants them to hit the road those ride share businesses until they can get the proper permit. >> probably seen them around san francisco. those cars with the fuzzy pink mustache. part of business called lift. one of several independent ride sharing company around town. one place not welcome san francisco international airport which sent satisfies desist order to 6 ride share business. cab don't care for the competitor either. >> release cab through the company and had to pay certain amount of money and these guys are coming into the city. what we have to go through. >> lift approved independent drivers who use their own cars to ferry passengers around. riders use a smart phone app to hook up paying so-called donation by credit card. but sfo says these cars don't have the proper permit to operate at the airport. >> we reached out to them right away and working together with them to come to an interim agreement. we did the same
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thing with the state p uc in california. where we are operating 100 percent legally and look forward to doing the same with sfo. >> lift drivers can go to the airport. >> do i get a lot of very snarly looks from cab drivers and sometimes they try to take e lift. >> sfo says the ride sharing cars should stay away. >> if we are attempting to do business without a permit, the risk is considered to be in a state of unlawful trespass. >> airport says once the interim permit with the p uc finalize then sfo can begin the permitting process to allow the ride share car. process should take several months. this is abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> well, march madness is over with louisville cardinals winning national championship trophy. they defeated university of michigan wolverines on campus in ann arbor. um fans started several
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street fires pro techlts in louisville there was much bigger celebration and no fires. this was the university first championship since 1986. coming up in sports. larry has all the game highlights. it was a spectacular game. >> it was. >> thousands thes of cancer patients who use marijuana to release the pain could be some changes with that. bay area researchers on the verge of breakthrough that could give patients another reason to use the drug. >> also wonders of the new exploratorium. sneak peek at exploratorium. sneak peek at the new exhibit >> all attempt to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. >> and the iron lady. talks to bay area man who was among those who knew her best. >> all that is coming up. then later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks tonight. music from kid rock and ryder and rachel is here. i had the strangest dream but last night. dream[ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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>> as you have probably heard former british prime minister margaret thatcher has died. she passed away at age 87 after suffering a stroke. thatcher took over as prime minister if in 1979 and served for 11 years in that position. she led the nation into war against argentina over the falkland islands and installed difficult vice i have conservative policy in britain. her stand made her quick friend with u.s. president reagan and we talked with reagan former secretary of state shuttle at stanford university today about his relationship working with thatcher. >> very able. she worked hard. she did her homework. and she was clear. we had disagreements with her from time to time but you know always could work at them in a problem solving way. >>reporter: margaret thatcher is honorary fellow with stanford university hoover institution. >> for thousands of cancer patients smoking medical marijuana is an effective option for controlling the pain
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and side effects of their disease. but now research project that we have been following for several years could be on the verge of using a compound in marijuana to fight cancer. itself. medical marijuana and ingredient thc provided relief and accompanying buzz for patients fighting cancer. but a little more than 5 years ago researchers at california pacific medical center in san francisco began focusing their attention on a far tamer compound in the marijuana plant. >> this is a non-toxic agent from cannabis that is also not psycho active. >>reporter: shawn and pierre are producing synthetic version of cbd which they say targets a specific gene in the body related to the spread of cance cancer. >> we found this had specific effect on l cancer cell. very agrivs tumor cell. >>reporter: in the recently published study the team documented that affect on brain cancer in large scale animal
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study. they say the images on the bottom row show dark tumor cell shrink after they used this to switch off again regulator. >> and treat witness a drug drastically reduces the size. >>reporter: believes the affect may have to do with natural defense mechanism in the plant that protects it from insects. >> there are some compounds that fight the insect and the gene we fond which is very important in progression is actually a gene very important in the development of the embryo of the larvae in sex. >>reporter: they believe the current result cup well non-toxic nature is now encouraging enough to warrant human trials which they hope to secure funding for in the upcoming most. >> develop a drug that is effective at targeting cancer. it's really a great tool. sort of in the arsenal to treat cancer. >> now at this point it's not clear when human testing might begin but the temperature has designed 2 trial model one for
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brain cancer. the other for breast cancer. >> one of the coolest spots to visit in the bay area will reopen soon. exploratorium made debut at new home on the embarcadero on april 17. not just the location has changed. there are a lot of new fun educational exhibits. here's exclusive sneak peek at one of the science display original nationally flight simulator made in germany. >> 3 dimensional image. secret is the curved mirror. every point of light on the body is reassembled into a a new point but it just happens to be upside down and switched side to side. >> isn't that wild. they have dozens more exhibits to get your hands on just just science but art and music too. remarkable this new location and this sunday at 6:30 you can get a preview when we present more to explore the making of the new explore tovrment i host half hour special here with an exclusive inside look at san francisco newest treasure.
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opening day again is april 17t 17th. i have been over there many, many times. really great place. >> new jawl on the embarcadero. some changes in our forecast. >> wind has calmed down a good bit. sandy is here with live doppler 7 hd. >> winds have dialed down the temperatures will be rising as we head in the next couple days. skies are clear. do want to show you what the wind did today. this photo was sent to me by sf under score brit to my twitter account and he said this happened at my place this was san francisco. you can see the tree crashed on to his house there luckily nobody was injured. just obviously tree come down could be a scary moment there. here are the current wind speed. they have really, really dropped off except for a few locations. currently gusting 2324 miles an hour along the coast and also around fairfield. here's look at what is coming as far as the forecast so the winds will
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remain on the breezey side along the coast. inland area still remain light overnight tonight. it will breezy tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. along the coast but nothing leak what we saw today with 60, 75 miles an hour winds. high definition emeryville camera sutro tower. sparkle view of the bay bridge. skies clear as i mention and here are the temperatures 56 in san francisco. it's 50 degrees currently in half man bay and san who say. highlights winds diminish overnight tonight. sunny warmer tomorrow and highs will reach above 80 degrees as we head into wednesday. mid 80's inland by wednesday. that area of low pressure was responsible for the wet weather we had earlier today. high pressure started building in quickly. behind the low and the sharp treasure difference between the 2. was the result of the windy conditions that we saw today. but warmer weather is coming. tuesday wednesday as high pressure starts to take control and as i mention the winds really start to relax and switch direction. we see the wind coming from land towards
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the ocean. that will warm everyone up even the coastal areas. first they think tomorrow morning it's going to be breezy. mainly near the coast temperatures in the 40's. clear sky expected and then tomorrow afternoon we look at beautiful day. south bay 76. san jose 74 for milpitas. sunnyvale. near 80 degrees in los gatos. santa cruz 72. sunshine peninsula. pretty mailed day. 74 redwood city. los altos and coastal area you are clear. 64 half machine ba bay. upset district 65 degree degrees. downtown san francisco getting close to 70 and you get right up there as we head into wednesday. north bay 76 santa rosa. sonoma. 74 in san rafael. keep it in the 60's near the coast where it's still breezy at times. and in the east bay temperatures rising to a little bit warmer than normal for this time of year. 74 oakland. hayward 72. inland areas 78 in fairfield. livermore 76 degrees in pleasanton. look at the ab weather 7 day forecast even warmer by wednesday. mid 80's inland. mid 60's coast. cool
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it off on thursday but hold through until about sunday monday when the temperatures will drop some more. no rain at least not now in the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> looks very night. >> march madness officially comes to close this evening. >> what a close what a great game. larry is here. >> this is a classic. >> instant classic. only one man coached 2 different schools to ncaa tournament title. honest go east to rick of louisville. what a day what a louisville. what a day what a night.
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>> good evening. wow! michigan and louisville played the instant classic tonight for the ncaa title. ferrari race ago maserati. both teams full tilt for the championship. 4 members of the fab 5 all together rooting chris was there but not with the team mates. wolverines out to the early lead. player of the yea year. mirn first 7 points but in foul trouble much of the first half. freshman season high with 7. 4-3 in the first half. 17 at the half. night of his life. michigan up by as
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many as a dozen but louisville luke drained 4, 3 of his own. card back and hancock for 22 points. named the final 4 most outstanding player. tim junior with authority. daddy is like i remember when i can do that sort of. michigan down 60-58. louisville respond. hancock with the pass to peyton with 18. cardinals up 67-62 then the muscle inside the tenacious shane not to be denied. cardinals win 82-76. rick first coached to win the title at 2 different schools. previously kentucky and injured kevin ware cuts down the net. louisville first titles since 1986. >> tonight was a great championship game. they were tremendous. we had to beat a tremendous team. >> just feels amaze to go get this we know. playing for great guy. trawl amaze to go
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get the win for the coach. i'm truly blessed. >>reporter: pretty good day for rick who earlier made the basketball hall of fame and so did the pride of oakland gary peyton from sky line high to oregon state to 17-year-old nba career. peyton known as the glove for his defensive skills. best known for his playing days with the sonics. giants got the rings and ceremony out of the which over the wednesday now time to get refocus down to business against the rockies tonight at home. early today crawford tweeted this photo of pweb girl wearing his world series ring. she's going to grow into it a little bit. top of the first. hunter that is gone. 3 run blast here and third of the season here and giants up 3 nothing in a flash. top 3 gonzales. up and out. one hop. into the cove splash down off madison. 5 and two-thirds allow $2 runs in the night. sergio strikes out the said for fourth save of the season. giants beat the
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rockies and a's have the night off. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino oychlt good stuff. that really was that ball game tonight was in stant classic. >> fantastic. both teams. >> high energy. >> very hi energy and very high skill level. >> ending nail biting. >> yes thanks larry. >> 7-year-old boy battling cancer gets the thrill of his young life. >> so sweep. see a wonderful act of kindness and
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