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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  April 10, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the breaking news is about the bay bridge. we have first word that the labor day opening of the new eastern span could be delayed unless engineers can find a way to shore up the deceptive bolts in time. >> the broken bolts were supposed to be part of the extensive construction of the new eastern span to keep it from falling apart in a major earthquake. the country eastern span was damaged 23 years ago in the earthquake and cost taxpayers nearly $6.5 billion so far. abc7 news reporter joins us from oakland. how real a threat is the delay? >> we are just learning that it could be a very big reality.
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we stepped out of a meeting about the bridge, the bottom line here is, repairing the bolts, the faulty votes on the new bay bridge will take a lot of time. for the first time caltran says the labor day opening will be delayed if the problem is not fixed. several weeks ago a very big embarrassment for caltran when workers discovered a third of the 96 bolts installed on the new $6.4 billion span snapped days from being tightened. they became brittle in the process of used galvanized. a second group are holding well but how to fix the faulty bolts? that is a big question because they are encased in concrete and the repair could last well into the summer. >> as mentioned two weeks ago this introduced more risk into the schedule. anything is possible. if crews work on this on labor day weekend more than likely we will not be opening on labor day
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week. >> a portion of one bolts was shown as the bay area toll authority meeting still going on. today, they are actually at 9' to 17' long. the plan is to try to fix them. there are about four plans floating around out there. the price tag is still a very big mystery. >> cornell, thank you. until it is officially delayed the opening of the new span is still set for labor day weekend and that is 145 days away. stay with abc7 news for the latest updates as construction continues. antioch police are investigating a triple shooting that rattled the normally quiet unable. a man took his own life after shooting two women. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in antioch with more on the developing story. >> police say the man who died is 23-year-old jimmy bills. it doesn't look like they are
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sending if any suspects. they do believe he shot two women inside their home and killed himself. triple shooting on this quiet street came as a shock to those would live here. >> unbelievable. really. when something like that happens near to you, because we see the things in the news and it looks like it is only the news but, now, it looks like we are leaving the real thing and i am concerned. >> neighbors her a woman screaming for help last night and many were worried for the young twin boys who live here. they were okay. bliss -- police say the mother and her adult daughter were shot by a man who shot himself. friends remain heartbroken to hear the single man of four has been shot. >> she is a good man with great kids and a wonderful lady. i feel bad. >> the two women survived and are in critical but stable conditions. neighbors say the man who shot them was an ex-boyfriend of the
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adult daughter and she had a temporary restraining order against him. >> i have known the mom since she was in elementary school. we know them very well. it is shocking. >> the pastor at the family church came by to check on the family this morning after hearing the news. he said this is not the first time the adult daughter has been the victim of violence and her mother worried about her. >> she was shot last year but she wasn't the target. it was just a shooting in a club. >> he says the mom has been very worried about the adult daughter and busy raising four kids on her own as a single mom. a neighborhood said she has been studying trying to become a nurse. neighbors say the twin boys, young elementary school age boys are okay. they are staying with a neighbor right now while their mom and big sister are recovering in the
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hospital. >> thank you. investigators in san jose are working to identify a burned body found on a freeway on-ramp. firefighters discovered the body while putting out a brushfire on the on-ramp to highway 85 after 9:00. investigators believe the victim may have been sleeping at a nearby homeless encampment. the body was is badly burned officials don't know if the victim was a man or a woman. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> we have developing news in the past two hours two senators from opposing sides of the aisle have announced a bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun buyers. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with details. katie? >> the deal is a person has to get a background check to buy a gun at a g shower online. california already requires background checks at gun shows. now these senators behind to nation-wide proposal, are calling it common sense proposal, not gun control.
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>> i want to make it clear from the start this is a start and it is not the end of our work. >> democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia and republican pass toomey of pennsylvania are both gun owners and both have a ratings from the national rifle association and were looking for a common-ground solution to curb gun violence. they found it. >> criminals and the dangerously mentally ill should not have guns. i don't know anyone who disagrees with that premise. >> from the premise comes this: ground checks expand to include commercial sales at gun shows and online. the sales would have to be channeled through licensed firearm dealers and they would have did keep reports of the transactions. senator toomey says nothing in the bill restricts gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. >> this is a genuine compromise. in addition to expanding background checks it includes a number of measures that help to secure second amendment rights of gun owners. >> republican house speaker boehner says it is one thing for two senators to agree but it doesn't predict what the other
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98 will decide. >> as i made clear any bill that passes the senate, we are going to review it. in the meantime we will continue to have hearings. we will look at the source violence in our country. >> the n.r.a. says in a statement that expanding background checks at gun shows will not prevent the next shooting. >> the deal sets the stage for a senate debate tomorrow and minority leader harry reid says he wants to schedule a vote as well. of course, president obama is also seeking a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. those items appear to have almost only a slim chance of clearing the senate. >> president obama did unveil the 2014 budget this morning, nearly $4 trillion spending plan that aims to cut the deficit and close tax loopholes for the richest of americans. >> these reforms have to go hand in hand with reforming our tax code to make it more simple and more fair so the wealthiest
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individuals and biggest corporations can not keep taking advantage of loopholes that most americans don't get. >> for the first time ever the president's budget calls for slowing the growth of social security, medicare and other federal benefits. it is being done to drawn support from senate republicans and projects deficit reductions of $2 trillion over two going aids and calls for double of the tobacco tax and includes $50 billion on public works projects. >> still ahead, just when you thought you had seen enough of him, he is back, this former congressman anthony weiner is considering a comeback. the policemen race which he may be an underdog. >> the controversy over cutting mail delivery, the announcement this morning after a wide-spread copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party.
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>> a florida couple accused of kidnapping that two young sons and sailing to florida are back in the united states and be willing held on charges. the father kidnapped the two boys great his mother-in-law's house north of tampa and he and his wife boarded a boat with the two and four-year-old and headed to cuba. authorities happened them back over to the united states overnight. the children have been returned, now, to their grandparents would have official custody. >> new this morning, the narc d
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new york congress plan who resigned over a sexting scandal is considering coming back, weighing a run for new york city mayor this year, anthony weiner tells "new york times" magazine conceding he would be an underdog. he represented queens and brooklyn for a decade until it came to light he was texting naked pictures of himself to young women he met online. >> new this morning, the postal service will continue to deliver your mail on saturdays for now. this morning the postal service announced they were canceling plans to switch to five-day a week delivery. there were plans to stop delivering regular mail on saturday starting in august to save the agency $2 billion a year. now the board of governors says that congress has passed spending measures that prohibits a cut in services. >> i saw the temperature gauge on the car it was 70 degrees at 9:30 this morning. >> in san francisco!
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>> no doubt. 76 is the high here so if you are headed to the game, i will have the forecast. check out the beautiful picture from east bay hills back to the west, no low clouds in the forecast. temperatures today will be nine to 19 degrees warmer-than-average. it will change. i will show you when the sea breeze comes back and the marine layer of clouds, too. ought most popular pooch in the pound. what will happen next will make some people unhappy. also, the hottest ticket in town is finally happening tonight in sacramento, the first of its kind event for california that everyone is
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning a new deal is signed between china and california that aims to boost trade and investment. it was brokered between chinese commerce ministers and governor brown on a trade mission to beijing. the agreement would set up california and china task force to look at ways to expand investment and trade. governor 100 says he is not inclined to offer deep incentives because the state resolved a $27 billion budget deficit. >> a train engineer has saved the life of a dog that was tied to the train tracks in southern california. it happened in the desert 45 minutes east of palm springs last week. the engineer spotted the man
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leaving something on the track and slammed on the brakes. that "something" turned out to be this den-month-old mix terrier poodle which officials have nicknamed banjo. police tracked down the 78-year-old man who tied banjo to the tracks but they say he didn't understand what he had done and may suffer from dementia. banjo is great and up for adoption. >> he was treated gently and gave him the kind love he needs because he has been through so much. >> the shelter says it is getting flooded with phone calls from people across the country. right now they are reviewing applications and they hope to select a new home for banjo by monday. san francisco is the list of best cities for travelers with pets, the travel site named albuquerque as the number one city for pet friendly hotels,
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and dog parts and portland and tucson were two and three and san francisco was ten. the only california city on the list was san francisco. >> part of the great highway is still shut down today as work crews try to clear the sand dumped on the road by highway winds. crews cleared tons of sand between skyline and near the zoo but the great highway remains closed today and one section after 75-mile-per-hour winds triggered a sandstorm on monday. >> calm now, though, right? the morning did not feel the winds and now we feel the warmth. >> without the winds do bring us the free air conditioning of the ocean it gets warm quick. from mount tamalpais to ocean beach the water temperatures in the low 50's but the air temperature could get into the 60's today. nice place to stay or nice play to get away from the heat if you don't like the mid-70's in downtown san francisco. that is what we are getting close to right now.
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live doppler 7 hd shows high pressure, a lack of clouds, it is dry right now. you need an umbrella to shade yourself from the strong sunshine. that is what we have in the forecast. it is calm and today will be the warmest day in the forecast. the sea breeze that comes back, we will wake up tomorrow morning and see an increase in clouds as the cool arrows in. it will cool us but it will be mild, just a little breezy as we head through the weekend, the coolest temperatures at the coast. check out how much warmer we are now than 24 hours. hayward is not impressive at 2 or sfo at three, but everyone else is in double digits around livermore and concord and fairfield and santa rosa. we are 69 in hayward, 68 in fremont, everyone else in the 70's until the coast is 59 at half moon bay. the warm spot right now? that is 80 degrees in walnut creek. the financial district is 75. can you see how quickly the temperature changes in a mile in san francisco from the official reporting station to the financial district we have gone
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up four degrees. 78 in santa clara, and, also, 72 right now if richmond. here is what is happening, high pressure democratnating our weather, holding this next cold front away from us so we are seeing a buildup of warmth today. temperatures will be significantly cooler tomorrow because of the sea breeze. upper 70's to mid-80's from north to south across the santa clara valley. we are at 72 at millbrae and look how we hit the upper 70's to 80's southbound on the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast. what a difference from 24 to 48 hours ago. we will have low-to-mid 70's around downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mainly low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degrees cooler at the beaches. today, upper 70's to low 80's for most of the east bay shore and berkeley could be cooler at 78 with richmond but 82 in fremont is the warm spot and a lot of mid-80's in the east bay valleys today, a nice day to throw on the windows if you can.
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watch out, though, the tree pollen is exceptionally high. if you are headed to the game today, 12:45, look at this, 73 degrees, heading down to 72 and we will be in the low-to-mid 70's. it will feel warmer in the sun but you also will be sunburned without the sunscreen. tonight, check out the clouds, temperatures are even this morning. the seven-day outlook shows we drop eight to telephone -- 12 degrees tomorrow, we are still above normal. friday and saturday we will have cooler weather. monday, the storm system that is bringing us the cooler weather will bypass us to the northeast and on tuesday, another warming trend is on the way. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you,
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following us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine, and get video forecast, and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. today the tweets are talking about warm weather. a lot it. >> you do not forecast lottery numbers, do you? >> tonight is california's first ever powerball drawing and tickets have been flying out of the store. in the first 24 hours lottery players snapped up $3.1 million in tickets, and that sets a national record. that number was up to $4 million as of last night. there are $21,000 locations across the state selling the tickets. the jackpot is $60 million and the odds of winning are one in 175 million. yikes. it will take place in sacramento. good luck, everyone. >> now mixing animals and home video and a field day for jimmy
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kimmel. >> a rare instance when the star of an amazing animal video is not the animal but the woman recording the animal. >> that is a raccoon walking from one side to one side using the tennis ball. very, very clever. >> he airs weeknights at 11:35 following abc7 news at 11. "nightline" is after that. >> it looks like a circus act. >> still ahead, some wishes do come true. >> we will tell you about this little girl and what she wished for: a surprise reunion. >> today we are tackling a super size epidemic, childhood obesity. we will introduce you to some kids who are going the road to better health. we dreamed up with ""people" magazine" to bring you incredible weigh
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>> on "katie identity secrets of childhood weight loss and children across the state including this 8-year-old girl are recognized for heroic 9-1-1 calls. well hear how she helped her mom. at 5:00, the food and drug administration has banned a potentially dangerous chemical from baby bottles now ten retailers are urged to remove other potentially toxic products off the shelves.
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