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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 16, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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. >> [ bomb] terrorism streaks on american street. 2 bomb explode bringing the boss monmarathon to sudden chaotic end. 3 people are dead including an 8-year-old boy and at least 144 injured. >> any people up there, medical tent. >> of course the boston police department is on high alert tonight. chief saying all officers are working around the clock in 12 hour shifts in effect days off are cancelled. >> among the injured 11-year-old martinez boy. we have more on his condition in just a moment. but first
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here's marsie in boston. >>reporter: first explosion went off near the finish line near the boston mile an hour thon. 4 hours into the race. seconds later another explosion nearby. >> i literally saw the garbage bar relevant explode flash fire smoke and ran inside as fast as i could. >>reporter: chaos followed. smoke filled the air debris and blood covered the streets with injured people everywhere. those who could ran for cover. >> cowardly act will not be taken in strid. we'll turn every rock over to fine the people who are responsible for this. >>reporter: police send emergency scaw scramble to taken to the wounded. many transported from the scene in wheelchair and on stretchers. >> i saw one guy legs gone at the knees. some ankle and feet missing. shrapnel wound on people at the side of the head.
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>>reporter: local officials find out who is responsible for this cash annual. >> it is a criminal investigation that is has potential is a potential terrorist investigation. >>reporter: boston marathon premiere race in the country. security ramped up more throughout the city and the governor is asking the public to be on alert. >> we are also asking that everyone be on a state of heightened vigilance. that is really required of everyone. >>reporter: chairman of the house homeland security committee says a person of interest is being questioned tonight here in boston. that person not considered a suspect that the upon the. fbi has now taken over the investigation. this is abc news boston. >> all right. well at this hour we have reports that a large police fbi raid happening right now as we speak in apartment dmrex reveer, massachusetts. that city just north of boston. >> among the victims is an 11-year-old boy from martinez
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badly wounded by shrapnel. he was in boston to watch his mother cross the finish line. tonight he's in the hospital where he's expected to stay for at least a week. 7 news reporter is live in martinez where word quickly spread. >> aaron is sixth grader here. 12 years old in just a couple of weeks. family friends here have been getting calls and e-mails from boston screening what happened to aaron. >> he was waiting for his mom to go through the finish line. to take pingt of her and then shortly before she got there the bomb went off. >> 11-year-old aaron was in the middle the chaos severely wounded by shrapnel that dug to the bone in his thigh and hip. father was near by on reviewing stand and aaron at street level waiting for his mother who was a few hundred yards from finishing the race. >> dad up on the bleachers loo looking down l and crowd got
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chaotic and if he found him laying down. >>reporter: paramedic apply tourniquet. horrifying situation grew even worse when aaron father wasn't allowed to ride along in the ambulance and for awhile his parents didn't know which hospital he was taken to. back home martinez neighbors just learning about the explosion. >> so i medley thought of the family and the first thing that happens is you worry about people you love. >>reporter: family was exited to is he catherine compete in the first boston marathonment her husband allen the head football keep at alhambra high school martinez. 11-year-old boy couldn't wait for the boston trip soil. exited to go with mom and dad to see mom ru run. in the marathon. and he missed he pissed going to the other again game but wasn't going to gift up. he was going to go see mom run in the marathon. >> never think something leak this will happen. to someone
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you know or care about but then when it does, you really do realize how precious life is. >>reporter: alhambra high school where both parents work sent out e-mail letting the community know what was going on. aaron mother posted on facebook her son is in icu in stable condition underwent a one surgery and probably have to have more open rigs. he's expected to be at better ton children hospital for 7 to continue days. martinez, abc 7 news. >> all right john thank you. hundreds of people from the bay area tack part in the boston mile an hour thon this year with race records showing 154 people registered from san francisco alone. some of those local runners witness the terror firsthand. >> knowing that someone, you know, ruined such an amazing event. so many people came to do. >> choke up with emotion april dire from moraga one of the
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many who traveled from the bay area to run this prestigious race lick this person from san francisco. >> people were noticeably shaken. and level of anxiety. people were embracing each other. there were people crai craig. >> just 20 minutes before the attack dina well known marathon from ross was at the exact spot of the blast. all of a sudden the wave of terror came over people. which way to turn. where was safe. what was going on. it was kind of a number be. surreal. absolutely surreal. >> very somber and upsetting really because it went from being such an amazing exciting positive day to just like heart breaking ichltd tonight first time we are getting a runner view of the explosion. someone on you tube posted video of the mother running the race. then
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boom the he can motion. you will see it happen here. wearing camera on her head when the bomb went off just down the street. the woman was not hurt and did not finish the race. >> president obama is vowing justice for the victims of the boston bombings. here's a picture of mr. obama as he received the news from boston and short time later he addressed the nation. >> make no mistake we will get to the bottom of this. and we will find out who did this. find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> members of congress observe a moment of silence tonight for the bombing vichlts chairman of the house committee on homeland security says this is a terrorist attack and the question is whether terrorism is foreign or domestic. >> people in boston pitching in to help those affected by the bombings. hundreds of people offered to host them in their homes for free. offering a bed
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or couch or ride whatever they can do to help. it's going on right now through google drive. >> mean time boston police relessed phone number for people to call to try to reunite with family friends. that number and we have it on the bottom of the screen is listed here. all that information is on abc 7 new as well. >> security stepped up across the country tonight especially at places that bring large numbers of people together lick sporting events. in oakland this evening both a's and warriors played within crease in security many fans didn't notice. allen is live at the coliseum with the story. alle allen? >> major league baseball celebrating jackie robinson tonight and the warriors were jock using for better play off spot so the event staff wanted to avoid any distractions while maintaining a heightened level of skuvrment it looks lick they pulled it off tonight. on the surface it was busy as usual.
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fans at the warrior game went through metal detector and a's fan bag searched at the coliseum. but hyped the scenes bomb sniffing dog swept through both stadium before the game. >> very used to sweeping this coliseum because we do it for every raider game. we have more knowledge with that. arena we have done in the past. >> i try not to think bit but it's hard. >>reporter: kurt lives from 0written today but grew up outside of boston. >> getting together in big crud after something like that can make you nervous but i have noticed extra security presence around tonight. >>reporter: fwlu were some breaches in security. carol says she and several other fans walked rate through the front gate of the coliseum before the game. >> we just weren't to get out of the wednesday. it was so windy. we were being blown away. >>reporter: how easy was it for to you one right through. >> just opened the door and went it. it wasn't locked. >>reporter: under the cheer of the game tragedy in boston not
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forgotten. in some way many of these fans felt a sense of duty to attend the games. >> heart goes out to everybody there. i'm not going to change anything we do. i'll still support our team. >> i have kind of keptd tonight my head if ferry ruled my life i will never do neglect. >>reporter: before the games both teams held a moment of silence for the victims in boston. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. allen thank you. people are showing their support for everyone in boston by sharing this badge on the face book pages. it reads our hearts go out to everyone in boston and to each person with loved ones running in the marathon. share this badge by going to slash abc 7 news. >> all right we are going to have more on the boston attack coming up including some changes for airline. manufacture on for the time being and other top story. strong wind hit the bay area hard today as you may know. knocked down tree in several
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cities in burlingame this afternoon. it blocked california avenue until crew could remove it. viewer sent the video to you report thank you for that. with more on the wind now. let's check in with sandhya and live doppler 7 hd. >> wind reach gust up to gave to 60 messrs. earlier today. let's check out live doppler 7hd and notice that we are picking up a few sprinkle especially in the east bay right around livermore, not whole lot expected other than few sprinkle. we do have wind still gusting along the coast 29 miles an hour at half moon bay. 38 at sfo. so gale warnings in effect until 3:00 a.m. tuesday and we have a wind up for the straits beginning at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow running until 5:00 p.m. gust at 40 miles an hour. when those winds really drop-off i'll show you the changes that are coming in my accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thanks very much. >> up next. air travel became a big challenge for some people today. what passengers say
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happened to them in the hours after the boston attack. >> also the 78-year-old man who was just 5 feat from one of the explosions. he was the first to fall. how he's doing tonight. >> then later on nightline. >> hello thanks. latest on the double explosion near the finish of the boston marathon. 100 wounded 3 dade including a child. latest
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is. >> this is the so-called green building at the massachusetts institute of technology tonight. just a couple of miles from the blast. it's lit up now in the colors of the american flag. >> after the bombing in boston airport there closed for a tim time. officials tried to sort out what they were dealing wit with. for other passengers flying today they felt the tension as well. lillian is live at sfo tonight where lillian you spoke with a number of passengers. >>reporter: that's right dan. we even spoke to someone who race entered today marathon. he says he learned about the bombings while on his way to the airport. . travelers who flew into
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boston arrived a bit shaken. mike of san francisco says he's thankful he ran the marathon in the time he did. he says set back on the course could have changed everything. >> if i had an extra hour haddaded to my time we would have been there. so it was it's quite a realization to think that something so brutal occurred a place we were at an hour before. >>reporter: jennifer of rhode island neither raced or watch the marathon. she was at the airport during the bombings and quickly found out brother close friend ratesing were okay. still she says the flight was a quote rough ride. >> so many people that have worked so hard to do this. the fact it's patriots day and tax day. i don't know. just all sorts of things running around in my head with regards to being an american and new new englander that i think it's just a terrible, terrible thing. >>reporter: passengers say before take off the pilot offered anyone who was too shaken up to travel to get off the plane if they wanted. people arisk from chicago say they have learned about the
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bombings in mid flight from the pilot then ordered to stay in the seat fanned they had to good to the before the room they had to ask. >> had you to press and they would literally come to you. it's like in school. one at a time. we were in coach so we couldn't go up to firsts class and vice versa. >>reporter: as restrictive as it may have been the pilot did tell us passengers that standard operating procedure during times of uncertainty. live at sfo, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> among the images from the boston bombings resonating across the nation is one of a runner knocked to the ground. take a being loochlt you can see the power of the blast push bill to the ground. 78-year-old from washington state says the he can motion happened just 5 feet away from him. >> i got within about 15 feet of the finish marker and terrible explosion, so loud it just deaf ended everything and
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the shock wave must have hit my body and my leg just started going like noodles and i knew i was going down right there. >>reporter: he did manage to get back up and finish the race. he then walked back to his hotel. >> abc 7 news bring you continuing coverage. amma is on her way to boston writ now. her live report will again tomorrow here on abc 7 news. she will be tweeting update at this site. nightline bring a special edition tonight on the boston explosion with the latest details on the unfolding investigation. >> and some other news tonight. one person dead if san jose fire. broke out just before 8:30 this evening on south daniel way. firefighters were able to pull an elderly woman free but unfortunately she died from her jersey. there are reports that a second person is unaccounted for. crew have knocked down the fire and now witness to go did a thorough search of the home. >> battered parts of the pay area today. anna september in
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this photo from union city. heard a crack grabbed her baby and ran out of the house. it was the neighbor tree collapsing on her property. it is still blowing out there tonight. >> it is blowing all day. zappedia is here with update. >>reporter: yes. we still have wind gust at 35 to 40 miles an hour so we continue to see the gusty winds. live doppler 7hd right now showing you few spring el in the east bay. writ around livermore you can see very light returns her here. in the sierra nevada it's snowing as you can see here in the tahoe area. they are requiring chains on highway 50, 88 and 4 right now. sutro camera you cap see a nice view of san francisco. temperatures rate now falling 47 degrees in san francisco. 47 in san jose. 46 degrees in half machine bay as we lack at different vantage point along the embarcadero mess of the bay area winds have really started to drop-off and although we still have a breeze lacking out to the bay bridge.
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santa rosa 46 right now. livermore 48 degrees in and here are the highlights. we look at chilly start in the morning. sunny breezy in the afternoon. warming up by the middle of the week. temperatures really going to start to rise as we head that the weekend. this is the cold front that came through brought a few showers overnight last night. behind the front high pressure started nudging in and we had the cold windy pattern that developed today so you probably noticed it was really kind of a cool afternoon. we are expecting changes tomorrow. tonight continue to see the strongest wind along the coast as i mention the wind have really started dialing back. dropping off some more by morning. we lack at the wind in the 25 to 35 miles an hour wind gust range but fairfield at 5:00 a.m. start to peculiar up again and we are looking at gust to 40, 45 miles an hour possible. that's why the wind advisory is going for the strait and delta fen am tomorrow until 5:00 p.m. other than that though it's nice
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sunny afternoon for the entire bay area but breezy. chilly first thing in the morning. make sure you bundle up. 35 in nap a.37 santa rosa. 36 clover dale. mid 40's right along the coast. down the peninsula, san jose, fremont, antioch condition cord vallejo all in the low 40's. definitely need that extra layer. in the afternoon mostly sunny in the north by. 65 clear lake. 68 santa rosa. nap a.mid 60's around san francisco. san mateo breezy here. half machine bay 58 degrees. it's nice and sunny mild san jose 68. 68 in concord. temperatures running a little bit higher than today. 67 in livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast featuring warmer weather up into the mid 70's by wednesday. low 80's warmest inland location as we head through thursday through saturday mid 80's sunday and monday. so coastal areas upper 50's to low 60's. >> thanks. ♪
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♪ [ dog barks ] [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring, customize your own allen and roth patio set exclusively at lowe's. >> warriors move back into sole possession sixth place in the west with assist from the spurs they rested everybody today. duncan. parker. sitting it out. ready for the play offs. curry 9, 3 away from the
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record. shooter touch there. then he turns neal inside out like a pretzel. i'm over here. hits the jumper. the highlight wheel dunk with authority. owner joe san antonio playing minus 4 best players but hanging around. mills had 23 points. up 3 at the half playing back up. then if the 14-2 run. warriors go to 19-run and 2 more 3 wed nature to break ray allen all time nba record 116-106 the final. suns offer helping hand and behind the back pass all night long. one to johnson and dudley on the break. suns beat houston 119-112. warriors one up on the rocket with secretary seed in the west with one game to play. after being beaten up by the tigers over the weekend
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a's open new series with the astros tonight. over after the first being. 2 event night. warriors and robinson day. everybody wearing from a and moment of silence for victims in boston. couldn't get out of the first engine. nate first mainly league homer. 3 run and end after third of an inning. wind swirling. i have one of these too. gusting 40 miles an hour michael taylor i got it you take it. nobody. a's win and giant the night off. sharks in phoenix scoreless into the second period. hoopd the net he fires and rebound. less than 2 minutes later tom off the face off. top shelf. high degree of difficulty. 2 nothing san jose. sharks acquired ralph and called an
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irritant. inference the scuffle this followed. sharks get 3 goals in the second period. joe off the 2, 1, 1. they shut them out. 35 saves. that's sports. brought to you by river rock casino on night when sports was strictly a diversion >> that's right. thanks for the diversion. >> we'll have update on the boston bombing >> right after
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