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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 23, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the homeowner who found this man, the boston marathon suspect hiding in a boat in his backyard is answering the questions tonight that all of america has been waiting to hear. good evening, every. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. as you are going to hear, some of those answers were really quite emotional for a man suddenly thrown into the when police surrounded car nave last week it was -- surrounded tsarnaev it was only because of a boat owner. >> people said there is blood on the boat and he saw blood and went in. not true jie. not true? >> not true. >> the word is you saw the boat and pulled back the wrapping and you saw a body and it moved and you called
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9-1-1. >> no, no, that. >> no? >> no. >> he wept to the garage and grabbed a stepladder. >> i got three steps up the ladder and i will roughed it up and i -- i rolled it up and i can see through the shrink wrap of the i didn't expect to see anything. i look in the boat here and on the floor and i see blood. >> a lot of blood? >> a good amount of blood. >> then my eyes went to the other side of the engine box. the engine box is in the middle -- there was a body. >> and at that moment what did you do? >> oh my god. >> he couldn't see suspect number two's face. he was glad he couldn't see his face. >> well, i know i took three steps up the ladder. i don't remember stepping down off the ladder. it hits you more afterwards when you think, my god. we probably slept last night and he could be in -- you
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know, i don't know. it is surreal. >> in that instant police responded and he and his wife were taken away. >> people are calling you a national hero. >> people were killed. >> you know, in many ways they do. >> ed harding for abc news in watertown, massachusetts. well, a big step in the healing process for boston is less than an hour away when the streets where the attack happened will finally reopen. here are the latest developments. tonight at midnight, boylston street opens to the public. the city is offering counseling services and other assistance in the area. investigators continue to try to piece together what lead up to the bombings with reports that dzhokhar tsarnaev is pointing to his older brother killed in the manhunt as the
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mastermind. "nightline" will bring you more so the explosioned and more at 12:35. >> now breaking news in san francisco. police are on the scene of a shooting that critically injured a man. it happened around 9:00 in area. officers believe it was a drive by shooting and are trying to determine if it was gang-related. >> and breaking the 12th street bart station in oakland is closed. there was a shooting in the last hour or so and a man was killed. the trains will not stop at that station. >> governor jerry brown revealed today that even he is not immune to crime and it is raising some questions about the security assigned to protect him. police say jamal johnson managed to prowl on to the balcony over the weekend and this isn't the only such incident. abc7 news reporter john alston is here with more. >> this is a touchy subject for the chp whose job is to make sure that suspicious or potentially dangerous people
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don't get near the governor or his homes. today he revealed that is exactly what happened twice over the past year in both oakland and sacramento. governor brown was speaking at the capital in sacramento to remember victims of crime when he announced he too almost became a statistic. >> a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break in. i live on top of pf changes on the fourth floor. luckily i wasn't home. >> the governor lives on the top of this loft several blocks from the capital. a man got to the roof and jumped on to the governor's balcony. 26-year-old jamal johnson was arrested for prowling after a neighbor called police who don't think he knew who lived there. then the governer wept on to describe an insurance department at his home in the oakland hills a year ago when he says three men tried to break in around 1:00 in the morning while his wife was alone. >> the chp luckily came to the
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scene and held them for 20 minutes. they said they were looking to buy real estate in the neighborhood. the oakland police let them go because the chp said that is not going to happen anymore. >> a chp security detail is assigned to the governor and his wife at all times even though it is not always obvious. unlike arnold schwarzenegger who traveled with a wall of chp officers brown enjoys mingling with the public. now some men mingle too closely at his oakland home. they are not aware if they knew the governor lived there. >> i was surprised that came out in the public. i wasn't aware that happened. it makes you more conscious about how safe -- unsafe places can be. even up here. >> the chp would not discuss security measures for the governor or how it handled these two incidents when strangers got so close to the governor's homes. we have heard no response from the oakland police department about how officers dealt with
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the possible threat at the governor's bay area home a year ago. dan? jay remarkable they got so close. john alston reporting. to the weather and the fog rolled in and the temperatures began to drop today. meteorologist cabbed yaw -- meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> 5 to 10 degrees cooler around the bay area. let's check out doppler 7hd. it is not only foggy near the coast, but over parts of the bay. first thing tomorrow morning give yourself extra time for the morning commute. compared to 24 hours ago, check out fairfield, 17 degrees cooler. better sleeping weather. a 10-degree drop in san jose compared to 24 hours ago. and from our emeryville camera you can see the fog. santa rosa is 47 right now. fairfield is 57. it is running cooler in livermore. 56 degrees. we'll show you how much more the temperatures will drop as we head into your wednesday. carolyn this. >> sandhya, thank you. >> well, little league officials in the north bay are pleading for police protection after gun violence forced the
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north vallejo league to suspend the season last week. players are back on the field tonight, but there is concern that more police should be patrolling these games. abc7 news reporter alan wang has the story from vallejo. >> the bats are swinging once again after a season suspended by violence. a domestic argument at a game last week lead to gunfire and now north vallejo little league parents are stepping up to the plate and requesting more police presence around the parks. >> it is a dangerous community out there. these are some of the faces that get on the field out there. don't let tragedy happen to these guys. >> and little league officials say nearby gunfire had the players running into a dug out for shelter. but police say it is not that simple to assign an officer there. >> our officers are stretched pretty thin in a sense that we have to go from one priority
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call to another. >> in a city that filed for bankruptcy there should be 160 sworn officers on duty. 24r* are only 85. -- there are only 85. >> we hope we can get concessions and can hire some more police. we have a new tax measure that we are talking about. we approved hiring new officers and hopefully there will be more coming in the future. >> right now any assignments would cost over time pay the city doesn't have. the best they can do is drive by the park when they are not overwhelmed with priority calls. in vallejo, alan wong, abc7 news. >> a fire at a south bay women's shelter forced women and children out of their temporary home. the fire started at 5:20 on the envision shelter on south 11th street in san jose. firefighters attacked the fire from the rooftop. they are not sure how it started. they are glad to say no one was hurt. the red cross will help those displaced by the fire. the city of los angeles has agreed to pay more than $4 million to two women who were
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hurt when police mistakenly opened fire on them during the manhunt for fugitive excop christopher dorner. a woman and her mother were delivering newspapers when lapd hired a a hundred rounds at their blue toyota tacoma. one was shot in the back and the other injured by broken glass. the women received $40,000 for a new truck. coming up next, the twitter hoax that really rocked wall street. >> and the tiers bay area city to order mandatory rather restrictions. what thousands of people are being asked to do. >> big mystery at the giants ballpark. who took a flag dedicated to one of the team's most famous players? >> and the incredited only -- incredible sight captured by hikers. how everyone managed to escape this avalanche. all of that is coming up and then late other jimmy kimmle live,. >> we have music from pain and gain, anthony mackie is here and from the movie "42" harrison ford is with us. i don't know if i told you, but i once hit a homerun in a
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softball game on espn.
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after one of the driest winters on record in the bay area, the city of santa cruz is taking drastic action. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian explains what a water shortage alert means for residents. >> the water level in the san lorenzo river is extremely low. normally this time of year the rocky river floor would be covered. officials took their worries to the santa cruz city council and asked they declare a water shortage alert. >> all of those in favor say aye. the opposed? it passes unanimously. >> starting may 1st, no gardens or lawns can be watered between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. spraying down surfaces or decks will be banned. and all hoses must have a shutoff nozzle. >> you can't wash your car or hose off your deck. it gets dirty.
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when we have a dry year things get dirty and you want to hose them off and you can't. >> santa cruz is forced to balance the needs of residents with environmental requirements. for the first time state and federal fishery agencies are putting the water level mandates on the city. >> we are under additional regulatory scriewnt tee to which they draw their water and for endangered species. >> by increasing the river and stream levels for the fish, the water department can't store the water for human use later. some residents admit the water rationing is getting tedious. >> the water district will be in charge of making sure people follow these orders. anyone who doesn't could be fined $100 to $500. in santa cruz, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> that's a much different story in the east bay. the municipal utility district says there will be plenty of water to make it through the summer without extra restrictions. the utility says the water in the reservoirs along with the
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water from the sierra and nearby rivers should be enough to meet current demand. the fbi is investigating the hacking of an associated press twitter account after a tweet hoax sent wall street into a panic. the tweet reads "breaking, two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." a group calling themselves the syrian electronic army claims responsibility. a stanford professor says it was an unsophisticated breech. >> if he had the same problem that you or i have which is somebody got hold of the pass word on their twitter account. i wouldn't question ap's news feed. this is a problem in twitter. >> twitter is testing a possible security solution that requires two pieces of uh then tau location to access an account. here is a look at the impact today's hack had on wall street. with fear plunging the dow 143 points before rebounding minutes later. >> new at 11:00, the u.s.
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government is going after millions of dollars. lance armstrong earned it during his pro cycling career. armstrong's attorney says the lawsuit is opportune nistic. arm stropping road his heart out -- armstrong road his heart out and gave the bran brand exposure. the titles were stripped last year because of doping. >> there is a big mystery to serve at the giants ballpark. who took a plaque honoring barry bonds? it used to sit in the spot where the 756th homerun ball landed. the 6-foot plaque commemorates that record. and now only glue and residue remains. stadium officials have no idea where it went or when it was taken. they are hoping to review security video to get a good look at who did it. ma skis toe -- mosquito populations are being sprayed. it will start early.
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the crews will be spraying insecticide for an hour and a half. the fogging though could be postponed if there are high winds. >> tiz the season for that. >> it is a good bit cooler out there. >> let's check in with sandhya patel. >> we have the cooling breeze, dan and carolyn and that is what knocked the temperatures down along with the fog. it is socked in not just at the coast, but we are seeing the fog over parts of the bay and heading out toward oakland. you can see the bay bridge surrounded by a little fog. watch out first thing in the morning and you willen counter low clouds and -- you will encounter high clouds and fog toward at&t park. you can see the low clouds over the bay. so we are watching the skies. it is 56 in mountain view and 52 in oakland. san jose mid50s, but 48 in half moon bay. here are the highlights. we are looking at coastal and bayside fog. cooler days through thursday and a milder pattern is setting up for the weekend. we will knockdown the
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temperatures for a couple more days. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog as i mentioned around the coast and in over parts of the bay. poor visibility expected along parts of the coastline and even over parts of the bay. temperatures in the upper 40s and the mid50s. certainly cooler. you will need a sweater or jacket compared to the last couple mornings where we started with mild conditions. here is the fog in the morning. and it slowly pulls away from the bayside communities and it doesn't clear the coast. the coastal areas you will stay in the 50s. most other locations will be in the 60s and 70s except well inland. we will get a few low 80s and today's highs are from the upper 50s in half man bay to about the mid80s. fairfield was 85 degrees. we are going down compared to today. the temperatures will be noticeably cooler in our inland community. here are your highs, seven-day forecast 8 in san jose and 76 for santa clara. watch out for the fog lingering into the afternoon.
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61 degrees and 74 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, 68 degrees in millbrae and filed weather on the peninsula. 74 in palo alto. look at the fog. 58 in half moon bay. keeping it cool in daly city. downtown san francisco, 65 and you will see the sun in the north bay once the fog and the low cloudiness. 71 in san rafael. gray along the coast. the temperatures in the low 60s there. oakland 73 and castro valley is 75 in the east bay. inland communities, livermore 79 degrees and closer to average for this time of year. 77 in concord and 76 in walnut creek. if you are going to the giants game tomorrow, they take on the d-backs. it is a day game at at&t park. breezy temperature at 12:45. mid60s. dropping to the low 60s at the end of the game. i would take a sweatshirt with you if i were you. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. considerably cooler and temperatures in the low 70s inland and mid50s coast.
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the numbers will start to rise in time for your weekend plans. you will see a slight drop, but to rain in the accu-weather seven-day forecast the carolyn and dan? >> terrific. steady as she goes. thank you, sandhya. what a warriors' game. >> larry beil is here with highlights. >> it is shocking. it is in a great way. denver hadn't lost a home game in three months. what were the warriors going to do about that? it is a franchise record 64%. how going small proved possib
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good evening. without david lee the allstar forward they took a play from the don nelson playbook. back to small ball and it worked beautifully against the nuggets nuggets in game two of the playoff series. lee joined rush in street clothes on the warriors' bench. that was a jump shot right there. here is steph curry with a sweet reverse, up and in. then the big pick by andrew
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bogut and a career 24 points for barnes. then curry knocking down three's and finished with 30 points in this game as the warriors shot 64.6%. what could stove steph? only his left ankle twisting, but that's not the surgeonly -- surgically repaired ankle. he hobbles off and then comes back and shoots more threes. daggers as the warriors go on to stun denver. barnes with authority on the reverse jam. somewhere nelly is smiling tonight. 131-117 the series tied 1-1 as they head to oracle on friday night. >> without d-lee, short landed, the 1-0 deficit we wanted to get this win and go back to oracle with a 1-1 split. big win for us. everybody stepped up. >> to the ice now. sparky dressed for success in the tank. sharks and stars and san jose just needed one point to clinch a playoff spot.
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torres and it is 1-0 men in teal. down late and stewart fires and redirected by pavel ski. 30 seconds later and the sharks attack again. your game winner and the sharks hang on 3-2 and with that victory they lock up a playoff spot for the 9th consecutive year. to baseball and matt cane is winnless, but the slow start is off for brandon bell. cane is 0-2 with an e.r.a of 7 to start the season. she struggling. gold schmidt and the interest >>- q. killer, gold member.: they open up a 4-0 lead and the giants cut it down 4-2. belt with the game winning hit last night and here is the game tieing one. one hop and into the cove. at&t park going crazy as they go to extras. tied at four. but santiago was castilla wild
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in the 11th and it is costly. arizona tacks on another run. it is 6-4 and d-backs the final. the giant win streak is over at 4. the a's were in boston under a steady rain and cold and windy. 6-0 and adding to the lead and this is a golf shot. two-run homer into the boston bull pen. as you can see the bad weather kept everybody at home. the last of his three hits would knock in sogaurd. the game was calle innings. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> go warriors. >> exciting. thanks, larry. up next, one of the most amazing avalanches you will ever see. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone.
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