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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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breaking news tonight. a neighborhood car accident sends the occupants of the house to the hospital. a former university staffer facing criminal charges. how he landed in court accused of mismanaging your money. >> a new nightmare at the bay bridge tonight. dozens of saiflt bolts may have to be replaced if they aren't broken. >> and a -- resistance polling up on charges against a north bay teacher. >> sky 7 hd of a two car
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accident in a west san jose neighborhood. one star smashed into a house. good evening. >> this is the latest now on a story we brought you at abc 7 news at 5:00. police are on the scene. sky 7 shows us the scene, one car crashed into the house. that car around 4:30 this afternoon on lee avenue near amway. so we have one of the people injured right now, let's go live on the phone to -- fire captain dos. what can you tell us about the scene? >> at approximately 5:56 we were dpatched to a two-vehicle accident we've,
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found one car and another car into the home. they're able to extra indicate all personnel from the home. >> what can you tell us about the patient we understand one patient is in critical condition do you have anymore nfs? >> no. i do not have anymore information in regards to the critical patient and all of the other patients dispatched were transported to trauma center autos do you know how this happened? why the car crashed like this? >> no. that is going to be something the san jose police department investigation. >> so we do know six people injured five taken into the hospital including a child. and we can see an active scene here now in san jose. thank you for your time.
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>> well, a a former director of san francisco state university is facing 100 fell niz for allegedly bilking the university out of millions of dollars. more on what the district attorney deemed a bribe ti charge. >> robert bud sherr was hired back in 1994. the da says things started to go wrong. prosecutors say in 2004 he came to the university a proposal to hire a new company to handle the waste disposal. saying he got a contract allowing the company to grossly overcharge. >> we know there are $4 million. we know a lot that have was
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overbilling. >> the district attorney says he is certain of the overbuild billing because when he left the expenses dropped more than half a million dollars in the first year. there are those gifts to the environmental health director. >> receiving 64 checks from d conamounting to $183,400. >> on top of that, the d.a.says he was given 44 flights to china and singapore and a solveo automobile and none was reported. it's nothing more than a post office box inside of this store. the d.a.says the company owner, steven k chung is charged with 100 felony kounlts of bribery this, scheme allegedly
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happening while the university was seeing massive protests and hikes. >> students and the it is very upsetting. people should go to jail for doing things wrong. >> sher arrested in his home on thursday in fremont. chung arrested yesterday after a brief car chase, both behind bars, bail set at $5 million. they're facing 100 years if convicted. they will be charged on friday. >> thank you. bay area transportation officials sent one batch of a bolt on the bay bridge may have to be replaced. the bridge scheduled to open on labor day but officials still aren't sure whether that
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can happen on time. we're live near the bridge with the story. laura? >> there are lots of questions tonight on how to retro fit a batch of bolt that's failed. they need time made two years later that. may also need to be replaced. >> we'll have an answer, i hope in, two weeks. >> caltrans can't say for sure the new bay bridge will open labor day weekend. he besides retro fitting a bad batch of wolts now, caltrans will test another batch made in 2010 from dies oncorporation. >> pending information coming from tests conducted on the bolts today, between now and then, we'll determine whether or not we can make the call in 2010 bolts.
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>> caltrans is deciding how to retro fit 96 giant bolts that managed the way of the bridge in an earthquake. one third of those broke. the bolts can not be removed because they're embedded in concrete. engineers have come up with two options for reinforcing twhem a steel collar or saddle. >> the system will be placed for the retro fit like i said earlier is going to be as good, if not better than what was there. >> cal trens accepted the bolts though a sample failed aichl crucial test five years ago. still, an official signed off on the bolts as is. >> a mechanical and material engineer, an expert in determining why steel fails. >> they did it, it failed. you know? they mentioned this is third
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incident since november, 2007. >> caltrans claims to learn from past mistakes. >> this is not identified before utilizing this and developed a longer list we'll subject future bolts to, going forward. >> now, initial estimates of the bolt fix would cost just $1 million were dismissed today as quote, premature. they hope to have a real estimate and a solutior the retro fit may 8th. >> a house fire in petaluma through out heat until firefighters managed to get it under control. crew arrived to find the garage engulfed in flames. only injuries reported was a fireman suffering a steam burn to the arm.
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what sparked the fire is unclear. reports that are one two of dogs survived. one of stwo sisters are accused of abusive swaddling of babies. 35-year-old and 33-year-old face three counts each. police investigated claims that children were being restrained at the universal ski pree school. >> we found these kids were tied in knots. their arms and legs bound and restrained from moving and they're doing it more to, i guess, just keep kids still. and really endangered their lives. >> the sisters are being held in the jail in lieu of $700,000 bail. officials working to block either sister from getting a
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license to operate a day care center ever again. a criminal case against a high school teach year accused of striking a special ed speed stooudent is over. at least for now. the i team brought accusations to light seven months ago and dan noyes is back now from court with the latest on this. >> the teacher, 67-year-old willy was placed on leave from santa rosa high school after i reported the complaints against him and i saw him again this, morning. >> willy swindle didn't wanltd to talk about what happened in court today. he sprinted from the camera. but agreed to a diverse program if he under goes counseling, three misdemeanor counts of child abuse will be dismissed in a year. the father of the special education student is accused of striking this as a victory. >> looks like he's taken responsibility. that is great. i wish this would have happened a year ago. >> man yule's son told me
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swindle would take him into the hallway for what the teacher called a p.o.w. wow and would thunder clap here. >> he would go -- with both hands, yes. on your ear? but this is on my face, pinched my cheeks. >> swindle couldn't talk but denied hitting michael last year. >> the sfaemz that you struck michael? >> yes. >> is that true? >> no. unfounded. they didn't -- . >> it was unfounded. >> yes. >> the investigation found witnesses confirming swindle clapd another student on the ears and clapped chee two a flipped or pinched ears asking does this hurt? swindle's lawyer refused to comment today and got physical when i tried to take a picture of the client. >> what are you doing? maniac? you're kidding me?
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you're going bud body chuck me in a public hallway? you can't touch me. >> he began to run after me until i turned the camera on him. his legal troubles may not be over. delgado is planning a lawsuit against the teacher and district for how officials handled complaints. >> they can't go on doing this to our special needs kids. this is setting them up for life. we, as parents have to deal with it. which we would but it's not right. >> the sheriff's deputy asked me if i wanted to press charges. i declined. it is important to bring the story to you than to spend the time to file that police report. >> the attorney hit you that way? >> it's been a long time in this business. a lawyer went after me that way. >> and you had a camera. it's a dangerous position, really. >> yes. >> it was -- i was blind
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sided. >> good wor >> thank you. >> still head tonight here on abc 7 news home coming of a bay area marine. how he's being honored tonight at the east bay high school he's attending. a victory for the environment. a cement plan agrees on a plan to clean up its act. >> saying no to this idea but sh sm lawmakers think it's a good one. new plans for a state wide soda tax. >> homeland security in post marathon bombingsera. tonight one city where surveillance cameras are required. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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a native son honored and helped a marine returning to his high school for a special event. and david louie is there live tonight with the story. i know they're so glad to see him. >> you know every high school is proud of its alumni but in this case renata high school is proud to honor a man for his bravery and service to his country. an escort led the way. jason ross returned to the trampus but life changed for the wrestler. he'd become a marine returned home a paraplegic.
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returning home with a transport vehicle. $14,000 came perfect owners of carls junior restaurants and customers. another $6,000 is contributed to veteran's foundations. ross invited back today where the flag was raised. >> it's humbling. and i wasn't expecting this. >> his mother has been with his son at two military hospitals. this was the first trip home. >> well over 220 surgeries already. and he's got more to go through. they voted -- noted these are the worst physical injuries they've seen on a patient and have the pairnent survive. >> he got cheers and applause when the pitch was declared a strike. the community created a circle
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of support starting with fellow veterans. >> they were very instrumental in this. saying yes they're going to dedicate this baseball game to veterans in livermore, it's taken many organizations being involved. >> ross told me he's proud and moved by the spirit of livermore and sees today's ceremonies as support from all branches of the military. a sewage bay cement plant operates this plant in cupertino. discharge from the plant can kill fish. the firm agreed to restore three and a half miles of the. a court still must approve
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this agreement. >> san francisco water front is celebrating a big milestone. mayor ed lee joined other officials to sing happy birthday to the port of san francisco, created 150 years ago today. including tourists spots, exploratorium and coming soon, a new cruise ship terminal that will be needed. sky 7 gives you a view of the celebrity century arriving this morning. take a look at the size of this thing. this sunday the court will hold a big birthday bash, happy birthday. >> lovely weather today, all be it cooler. >> and breezier, too. >> yes. >> we have fog at the coast. it's part of the region and cool down, however, by sunday things will be warmer.
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you can see mainly clear skies inland. low clouds have begun to work locally out towards the bay. we've got clear skies, breezy and cool conditions now. a live view from our camera, looks like water mark camera downtown showing low clouds and fog entering the sky. oakland 62. 65 mountain view. another live view looking towards western sky. 57 degrees in santa rosa. los gatos, 69. and our mount tam camera giving you a look at the sharp temperatures changes from monday. several records highs tork todz. this shows highs into the game locations today. jant rosea, 91 mob. a high of 64 today, 27 degrees cooler,
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oakland san francisco 24 degrees cooler today than on monday. so things that changed. here is a look at the forecast features, low clouds, fog overnight pushing extensively inland. a sunnier pattern continues. not much movement, high pressure lodged giving us a quiet weather pattern, we'll see milder conditions as we approach the weekend. fog creeping inland .s mid to upper 40s and then, tomorrow, starting at 5:00 in the morning fog still aaround. reduced visibility. could slow down the morning commute. highs about into mid-50s and 60s around the bay.
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south bay highs up to 70 degrees, 69 in santa clara. only mid-50s on the coast. tomorrow, downtown san francisco a high of 59 north bay valleys highs into mid to upper 60s. near east bay, highs of 64 iaccueaerfore st. tomorrow will be the coolest day in the forecast period. we start to warm up friday. by saturday, sunday, we'll see highs back into low 80s and by mid week, upper 80s to 90 inland nice warm up our way next week. >> coming up next the fate of fleet week canceled in new york. >> find out what that means for the bay area show this fau. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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a controversial proposal to tax soft drinks is closer to reality in california. would it add 12 cents to every can of soda and other drinks. that is on top of recycling fees.
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under 25 clories are exist yempt. it will help fund programs that find fund and fight childhood obesity. >> we hi singling out one source of calories for people is not the best way, not mayor it's not appropriate to i lay the burden on soft drink consumption. >> the bill got approval from the state senate finance committee. >> new york city officially cancelled it's fleet week today and san francisco may not be far behind. new yorkade the decision after the u.s. navy said it would not be sending ships because of cuts. mayor lee told abc 7 news today he will meet with organizers to decide if the show will go on.
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>> without the navy and marines and parade of ships it would be hard with the blue angels. disappointing. >> mayor lee says he will try to get answers during the trip toed with wad. fleet week brings in about $65 million to the local economy. >> hard to imagine san francisco without it more still to come tonight at 6:00. new details on the boston marathon bombings and aponsthe t terrorist attacks. >> plus, vurz video so bad that cameras made mandatory downtown. >> nobody tells him the date changes. he misses the
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a crash sent a car into a home in west san jose. neighbors on lee avenue in the
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cambrain area tell us two cars hit each other ask one car went flying into a house. >> two people inside of the home went to the hospital. three people were transported no. word on the extent of the injuries. a solemn tribute for an mit police officer killed three days after the boston bombings. james tailor paid their respects today. a line of mourners stretched to get into the area. >> they can never overthrow us, they can never occupy us.
7:32 pm
so why? why whether it's al qaeda central or two twisted perverted cowardly knock off jihadies here in boston. >> police believe collier was ambushed by the suspects. >> merging details on the two suspects in the bombings. new york police commissioner ray cello reported jahar tsarnaev was photographed in times square last fall. we have a booking photo of tammerlan from his arrest on a domestic violence charge. massachusetts officials now confirm and he his family were on welfare until last year, declared ineligible and cutoff. investigators have recovered one handgun used in a shootout with police last week, these photos were taken. the gun had numbers scratched off. police say 250 rounds were
7:33 pm
fired in the gun battle in which tammerlan was killed. and records from a fire works manufacturinger show tammerlan bought two pyrotechnic kits in january. it's not clear if used in the marathon bombs but a large device found in his brother's dorm room. >> with the focus of security cameras following boston bombings getting pictures of the suspects there is one city that requires many businesses to install their own surveillance systems. vic? >> the city of el cerrito has an ordinance requiring certain businesses to install cameras inside of the premises. it does not cover outside cameras. not yet. the city passed the law years
7:34 pm
ago. >> we were victims of a robbery. and my husband was killed in this place. in front of me. >> sylvia witnessed her husband's murder seven yearsing ayochl a robber shot him to death. they'd just bought the business the month before. there are no security cameras. koit have helped police identify the killers, today there are four cameras here. >> the clients feel safe about it. >> this murder and that of a clerk in a gas station prommed the city to pass an ordinance requiring merchants to install cameras in businesses likely to be victims of burglaries. including convenience stores, fast food restaurants and
7:35 pm
shopping jerntz. in the convenience store murder there was a camera providing a close up of the killer but captain reagan says the quality was so bad it was no help to police. >> the date stamp was across the suspect's features as they walked out of the store. >> the city ordinance goes further than requiring cameras and covers other aspects of the system autos location, viewpoint of the cameras and kault quality of the cameras. >> today 100 businesses have high quality digital cameras. the city gave loans to help buy the systems on terms too good to pass. >> every time they pass they near the inspection. >> residents said the bombings took away doubts they may have had about the presence of cameras. >> one of the necessary things. if we didn't have cameras how
7:36 pm
will we know who did what? >> police tell me they've had calls from other cities wanting to know about the program. calls as far as philadelphia now they'll probably receive more in aftermath of boston. vic lee abc 7 news. >> no doubt. thank you, vic. >> a production company shooting pornographic videos is trying to be more family friendly. it has has a huge space converting into a 40,000 square foot community center. the chp today used it for k 9 drills. next month there will be a play there. not everyone is thrilled at hosting events in ear shot away from porn production. >> it's not adult content is existence so this is just another way to express them self autos the community center will have a separate
7:37 pm
entrance and visitors will not have to go near the porn side of the armry. >> the return of the 76 -- 787 dream liners. the 787 grunded in january after a series of fires it has not been cleared to fly but 19 of the 50 planes in circulation have now been mixed -- fixed. boeing's stock hit a five-year high. apple was a disappointment as well. google reportedly bought a seattle start up company whose app condensing news stories into easy to read paragraphs. google paid $30 million for the company planning to relocate employees to mountain view this, sunday, marks the 10th anniversary of apple's i tunes now the biggest music seller offering apps, movies
7:38 pm
and books. imagine how it changed. >> it's hard to believe only 10 years. >> just ahead tonight a new strategy developed by bay area doctors for fighting skin cancer. >> one involves a treatment that includes tanks. stay with us.
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melanoma is responsible for nearly 10,000 deaths per year in the united states. newer drugs have been only partially successful in fighting the disease but a discovery by researchers could help change that. laurie has survived a particularly deadly form of skin cancer. a stage 3 mel lan yoma appearing on her foot. >> when i was diagnosed i mean, original treatment was surgery. >> laurie was treated with gene therapy and check forward signs of recurrence but it's a cancer should reappear researchers believe they may soon have a new way to fight it this is an exciting time to
7:42 pm
be around. >> dr. dodd says a new drug has shown a high success rate treating patients with a mutation called braf. the challenge has been ability to become resistant to the drug after time. >> so the tumor may have shrunken down or a small tumor can start growing again. >> studies vee veal the cells became addicted to the drug at the same time, borrowing molecules to help the tumor grow. that is when they used animals developing drug resistant tumors they stopped treatment. >> the surprising observation is removing the cancer that thaifd shrink. >> he says the team now wants to test the stallered strategize on human autos if
7:43 pm
we put patients ton a intimatent dose schedule and then give them a drug holiday four weeks and put back back that we'd prevent the onset of drug resistance disease. >> trying to turn the current regime into a longer stage therapy. >> i love it. it's -- gives me a lot. a lot of hope. that there is something out there. >> it's marketed by genenetech. >> we have breaking news at southeastern part of the united states. take a look at the flames. this mulcher is burning in the north part of atlanta.
7:44 pm
it's been raging on as you look live. and as you can imagine mulch is nothing but fuel. so difficult to put out. and they do say it's under control but again, it's raging for by the looks of it will continue to burn. >> coming up next, michael fib finney and the story of a fan missing out on a
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you talk about disappointing but what if you bought concert tickets and the date was changed and no one told you? >> that happened to a man wound up missing an event he said he waited a lifetime to see. that is a hard breaker. >> usually they postpone a date it moves to a later day. in this case it meant heart break for one viewer who came
7:48 pm
to 7 on your side for help scott fielder is a fan of meryl hagger. >> their stories, you know kind of the outlaw country singers. >> one regret watching may be the only way scott will get to see the country legend in a concert. >> his band started playing and then, it started pouring he missed two chances to see his idol. he went to a concert in 1982 but was rained out. then, scott bougts tickets to see him. >> i found tickets early. and i was ready for it. >> scott went online and found the concert had been postponed
7:49 pm
until september 24th. >> so this is disappointing. >> he went online to check, then, the blow. >> the show had actually played the day before. >> scott found out the date changed again. this time to a week earlier, maerl haggered played the night before. and scott missed the show. >> once again i was not notified and again, i kagted the agency. >> scott had purchased the tickets at part of the golden voice promotion autos they tried to tell me they'd notified me and i explained they happenedn't. >> it was disappointing because he says the 76-year-old may not be performing much longer. >> a let down. you know?
7:50 pm
>> scott said he couldn't get a refund. he contacted 7 on your side. we contacted golden voice. a manager says the company will refund the credit card but the account had been cancelled. he was mailed a refund check and offered two free tickets to a show. >> thanks to 7 on your side, you guys just kept after it now, everything would be perfect, he says if only maerl would come back. >> it would be awesome. would it be. >> the manager tells us the company does attempt to e mail when there are changes of dates or venues but customers should check for updates online. i want to thank them for refund if it's good there are no tickets.
7:51 pm
>> what a disappointment. >> all right. well, spence jer back now. >> fog at the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay, inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. starting to get milder weather over the weekend. temperatures into low 80s inland. by mid week we'll see 90 degrees inland spots. it's going heat up more drama for giants. >> yes. muscles up as giants and d backs lock it up. stay with us. sports is coming up next. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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quick correction we told you it was forge yij county georgia it's forsyth county maryland where this is burning. it's maryland now. we know that it is a mulch fire burning 24
7:55 pm
under control, but still burning. >> good evening, giants turned late inning come back into kind of an every day event. they did it again this afternoon against arizona for the third game. but d backs had the last rally of the day. oh, baby. warning baseball is not edible. not hitable, either. scoreless pitchers you duel into the 7th. down the line what are you doing? warming up get your head in the game, fair ball. double for hitski. driving in and leave was a no decision. d backs get another reason leading in the 9th.
7:56 pm
we go to extras. that would win it. d backs lead at and t. >> it was one win and two losses so we know, we can come back. you can never count us out. >> beautiful day at fenway. chris young snaps an over 17 slump. so that would be with authority. fed anderson didn't have it. three more for boston. david ortiz, big poppy third straight to allow six innings,
7:57 pm
again look where this ball ends up. and now ninth inning former a andrew bailey strikes out on jed laurie. harrison barn showed flashes of stardom. barns had a break out performance. from golden state's 131-117. a day later warriors still talking about that play. >> it was impress yismt looking at it on the replay. then, looking at photos of it. this is an opportunity for him to be recognized.
7:58 pm
>> just aggressive. and played like he was sure of himself. i'm still trying to faj ym how he was able to muster that dunk in. oof game two, roll players coming up. they go up four in the fourth quarter, kevin durant out with his three gets okc. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply and hardware. >> that old saying truth shall set you free. tonight i'm going to explain how that will help you lose weight. >> then at 9:00 you might call it mile high floating. a new service redefines friendly skies.
7:59 pm
>> starting with middle followed by two episodes of modern family. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. they want it to end, laura. it's not about the money. honey, we have to let go. well, maybe you can, but i can't.


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