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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> everyone works really hard to not have this outcome. and heart go out to the family of member of the racing team. >> olympic sailor dies on san francisco bay as training turns deadly for america cup racing
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team. good evening. according to wired magazine operator error not to blame for today crash of the sailboat. magazine says preliminary reports indicate the problem was with the either boat either with engineering or construction. it killed andrew simpson a two time olympic medallist from the quantityed kingdom. team mates devastate devastated. this is video of the crew bringing up the sail from the catamaran and into the team compound late today in alameda. the 72 foot yacht capsized while practicing for the america's cup races at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. as 1 person said catamaran are stable until they are not. sail is 130 feet high and the solid wing is susceptible to capsizing. the wind were between 25 and 30 knot. 11 crew members were open board. similar so that was trapped under the boat when it flipped over. now the other crew member suffered serious --
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minor injuries. ceo gave the brief statement today. >> we obviously had a tragic day today on the bay. is and our thoughts and prayers are with bart simpson, andrew simpson, family, wife and kids. and also with my, rest of the team mates. shocking experience to go through. we have a lot to deal with in the next few days if terms of assuring everybody well-being. >> doctors with the team on the water worked on simpson for 20 minutes trying to revive him. unthe water for 10 minutes before team mates could pull him out from the wreckage. he was 36 won gold medal at the olympic and silver in lon done. he has wife and young son. >> very difficult day for great many people. the effort to revive andrew simpson took
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place in full view of vacationers. joggers. sightseers who saw what was happening. wayne has that part of the story. >> in a year of america cup expectation this was not the kind of scene anyone expected to see on the san francisco waterfront. the body of dead sailor on the dock of the st. francis yacht club. day of practice turning to tragedy. >> the person apparently submerged for approximately 10 minutes. eventually rescued by some of the crew members. >> those details from san francisco fire department chief joanne hays white still sketchy compared to what we learn later on. san francisco police department boat responded first and spent 20 minutes performing cpr on the 36-year-old sailor before pronouncing him dead at 1:43 this afternoon. it's the third time one of thesets has capsized. >> beginning to wonder how safe these boats are. >> i think all of that will be looked at in light of some recent incidents. i'm not a
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sailor. i wouldn't consider these extreme conditions. it's fairly windy out here today. i think any time there's a sport of any kind there's risk involved. >> risk that steven knows wechlt captain on one of the race marker boats. these accidents he says are no surprise in a sport where part of the game means pushing a boat to its limits. >> catamaran have inherit problem. very stable until they are not. and that's -- i sail a mon0hull. i can go out in the wind. lean. not a problem. but as soon as you have a platform under you that is not able to lean with the wind it has a point. when you reach that point it's gone. >> it would seem we are going to be hearing a lieutenant about the stability of those very large catamaran. so he believes the speed of the wind out there on the bay was roughly 25 knot. he says that is rate on the limit of what makes it safe. also it's also
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what make these races quite exciting. then another sailor came by today and started comparing the america cup to nascar. he says they are beginning to get very simir. on the marina in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> may recall there was a similar incident involving oracle racing yacht last year. the catamaran capsized near the golden gate. last october. this accident left the yacht seriously damaged and couldn't be salvaged. thankfully all the sailor made it off safely. but there have been increasing concerns about the stability and safety of these sailboats. they can achieve speeds exceeding 40 knot and require the crew members to wear crash helmets on protective gear. several sailors said the yachts now simply over powered. >> well while this boat is swedish the san francisco 98th and crew largely british and american. one of 3 teams
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entered in the before cup series of racing race that is begin in july and determine the challenge that face the oracle team in the america cup race in z.again the investigation is exactly what happened on the bay today. just beginning but it had tragic results. let's move open for the time being. tonight the people running the oakland police department claim had a they welcome a new report that is critical of the command staff. that report comes out one day after the chief howard jordan suddenly quit. 7 news reporter allen wong tonight with new details of what the report claims. >> they break my door. in the house. when i opened the door in the hallway. >> neighbors in the redwood heights part of oakland say the burglary are becoming more freak went and more brazen. >> crime rate in the neighbor has gotten worse and worse and worse. police is less and less and less. >> critical report of the oakland police department released today shows only one
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part-time investigators was assigned to continue,000 burglaries cases last year. pall connor one of the victims. >> took them over app hour. the respond. by that time if the thief is in the area he's gone. >> initiation of new program mayor kwan says response time will im paragraph. 25 newly strand civilian soon taking burglary report allowing officers to focus on violent crime. >> sfl wait to see difference on ground level and another big step in community policing. >> one program already introduced by the hired consultant is called comstat exploratorium already has it. it uses computer statistics to target hot spots creating hyper local policing. >> when this is full yim memented this is going to have impact on crime and reduce crime in this city. they need to really try to do something
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bit. >> one major problem pointed out in the report is the command staff failure to implement the comstat plan properly even though the recommendations were spelled out. police chief jordan rae signed yesterday leaving interim chief anthony in charg charge. >> we are improving the processes and we are going to become more efficient and effective in fighting crime. >> now a renewed will to carry out the plan but the question is whether oakland can deliver with 25% fewer officers due to budget constraints. despite the obstacle the police consultant and the mayor are expecting significant results within the next 6 months. oakland police headquarters this is abc 7 news. >> home day care center in milpitas shut down after disturbing discovery. they were operating since 1995 but recently the california department of social services conducted an unannounced visit there. news reporter with the
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stunning results of that investigation. >> this notice posted on the door of stephanie day care is there to alert the community. it will remain closed for the time being. california department of social services had received specific complaint against the owner. stephanie and on april 25 an investigators was sent to the home on stratford drive in milpitas. the investigators was there for nearly 2 hours. found an infant boy strapped in a car seat in a closet. findings reviolent child was facing the back clothes wall. neighbors of the milpitas community were horrified. >> it's pretty bad. surprise me. >> the owner license has been suspended. she has until mid may to appeal. department of social and health services services is asking that her license be revoked. that
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department also contacted milpitas police. >> we 7 alleges from his the listening which is a division of the department of social services and we are currently under investigation. >>reporter: when the investigators went in she found 9 children 3 of them infant under the care of the owner and helper. according to social services the owner was complying with state regulation which requires 2 child care providers for up to 14 kids. owner didn't return our calls. if police find there was any kind of child abuse the district attorney will likely press charges. in milpitas, abc 7 news. you. >> more to bring you. most wanted man in santa cruz county has been captured. we have details on that coming up. >> attorney general takes on another pwavrjt illegal practice she says j p morgan chase is committing. >> this was a 21 century bank heist.
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>> how to steal 45 million dollars in 10 hours. as we continue a classical new way to get the money and run. >> also spencer is here with the weather. >> i'm here accu-weather forecast center. chilly conditions now but going to be a warm weekend. i'll have the mother's day weekend forecast coming up. >> talk about team work. high school baseball team springs in look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house,
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with qualifying bundles. is. >> california has filed lawsuit against j p morgan chase demanding the major wall street bank stop using pwivs and illegal practices to collect debts from credit card holders. state attorney general used robo signing practice involving the automatic signing of documents without reviewing bank records. chase also accused of accusing sewer litigation where debt collector fails to serve notice of complaint then files a false affidavit claiming the notice had been served. chase has no
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comment on the lawsuit. >> berkeley police nabbed suspected serial burglar. investigators say the storm was arrested on tuesday. while trying to brick into a car in the berkeley hills. accused of stealing 10 cars and breaking into 40 others across a number of counties. video captured by a theft victim in santa cruz county. it show as prowler believed to be storm in action. >> danville man facing new charges tonight in a real estate fraud scheme. the government is indicting andrew cat on obstruction of justice. they say he tried to get rid of on line accounts after he was notified grand jury subpenaed his bank account. already charged with conspiracy to rig bids at foreclosure auctions. >> 7 people arrested and charged with carrying out one of the largely east financial heist in modern history. they did it without ever stepping foot inside a bank. they took money from atm every few minutes every few blocks until
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they halled away 45 million dollars. here's rebecca. >> this is how he usually think of bank robbery. guns. mask. but with this 45 million dollar bank heist not even an alarm bell. >> scheme organized for months. planned down to the minute. reminisce ept of the casino heist in "ocean's 11". >> arrest today after 8 man team of 20 something who in just one day worked their way around new york hitting more than 100 atm collecting more than two million dollars in cash like trick-or-treater. >> halfway through the heist they came to this bank of america where in 3 transaction they allegedly stole almost 2 2500 dollars. authorities say the suspect had the loot in the photo. prosecutors say the men guided by unknown cybermastermind who hack commuter at middle east bank with home made debit card
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distribute to other small time crook and hit atm in 26 country notch customer accounts were compromised. but still we could feel the affects when increase in security gets passed in fees. >> rebecca, abc news new york. >> really stunning. 45 million dollars. >> all right let's talk about the weather. experience is looking here. >> chill in the air now but won't be here long. much warmer days ahead. that will take us right open through mother's day. we see low clouds fog at the coast. pushing locally inland across the bay tonight. but tomorrow pull back sunny day right now looking at live picture from the high definition roof top camera looking along embarcadero 52 degrees in san francisco. windy 2. 55, 59 in santa cruz. another live view from our east bay camera in emeryville. looking at traffic moving along nicely there. 53 degrees in santa rose and napa
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58 fairfield 57. los gatos now live view at the golden gate bridge as we look at our forecast features. we see low clouds again moving locally inland overnight. then sunny mild tomorrow and there are warmer days ahead and warmer weekend for mother's day coming up. temperatures sore back up to 90 degrees inland spot. satellite radar composite image show the storm pwrouts unstable unsettled high pressure now taking over. controlling factor in the weather next several days bringing us sunny skies in the afternoon w.dry and very mild conditions. of night tonight foggy in some spots. reduced visibility in the early morning hours start of rush hour. low pressure mainly low 50's so start animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point areas of low clouds and fog but should burn back rather quickly to the coast and away from the coast although coast will remain relatively cool tomorrow. high
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pressure there only in the upper 50's for most part. see 60's into the 70's right around the bay upper 70's to low 80's in the warmest inland locations in the south bay for example high in the upper 70's to around 80 at morgan hill. los gatos. 77 at san jose. los altos peninsula 77 degrees. 75 palo alto. 74 in redwood city. coast 56 at pacifica. 59 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco have a high of 64 tomorrow. 58 in the sun set district. up in the north bay high of 81 at clover dale. 77 at santa rosa. 80 at nap a.east bay high 68 at berkeley. 70 oak land. san leandro 73. fremont inland east bay a little bit warm we are high in the upper 70's. wall future creek concord and pleasanton. 82 degrees tomorrow fairfield and antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. what a nice warm weekend coming our way. high pressure open sunday mother's day upper 80's inland. up to about 80 around
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the bay. 60's on the coast. warm all week actually with high remaining in the low mid 80's inland throughout the wee week. mid 70's around the bay. a little cool on the coast next week the typical late spring summer pattern not unusual. >> warm but not too hot thanks very much. >> as we continue. bike to work day turns into steal a bike day. this crime was caught on abc 7 news camera. see it.
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♪ male narrator: there's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people,
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amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >> this is unbelievable. ñi tonight thief still on the loose after he stole an expensive bicycle and he did it right in front of our news
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camera. we were there when the thief made escape. incredible. the bike owner made quick stop on the trip to work when the thief popped on the bike and pedalled away. i have. >> i couldn't chase him. he was on his pwichblingt he was on my bike. and i was on foot. i imagine myself in this situation so many times but i couldn't, i couldn't catch up to him. >> we were right there. saw the whole thing happen but police have the video that may help once they catch the guy or maybe it will help identify who this was. unbelievable. high school baseball team in sacramento jumped into action and helped sav i stawnt life. 2 of the athlete describe what happened and they spoke with reportert is susan. >> i look. i seept girl go under and everyone else screaming stop under the car. fear didn't stop the valley high school baseball players and the teammate from jumping into help. practicing tuesday they heard the commotion in the parking lot. beside the
9:25 pm
baseball field. woman accidentally hit a car in front of her. panic. then threw the car in reverse. she ended up hitting backing over her own daughter. >> mom came out she was just n no. no. >> nearly a dozen baseball players ran over to help. unimaginable. >> took about 7 to continue people all ran over to carry the car and then one person pull her out. i have heard stories about one person lifted the car never believed it then i seen the tichbility teenager girl was rushed to the hospita hospital. fortunately her injuries are not serious. >> i'm just glad we were able to help. save a life. i think we did a good job. bothered me at school today. i was traumatized it saved my life. >> young people dot right thing. castro secret world. coming up. suspect in the cleveland kidnapping. one of the mothers says she knew castro passing his house. never knowing her daughter was
9:26 pm
inside all along. also of of we go insidexd the lab where the bay bridge bolts being tested. see how well they are holding up under laboratory scrutiny. >> near perfect score for tesla model s with significant draw back. parachutist who had a very close call. another half
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so you want to protect your place from burglars? buy a lock. buy a dog. mow the lawn. get a sign. hang curtains. plant something thorny. buy another lock. and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi! ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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so you want to protect your place from burglars? buy a lock. buy a dog. mow the lawn. get a sign. hang curtains. plant something thorny. buy another lock. and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi! ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ >> i am absolutely so, so sorr sorry. >> heart felt comment from the daughter of this man aerial castro man accused of holding 3 women hostage in cleveland for more than a decade. good evening once again. aerial castro appeared in court for
9:30 pm
the first time accused predator now captive. judge set his bond at 8 million dollars. abcq news has new details about the secret world. >> aerial castro. >> today castro the one in captivity with community looking on. handcuffed in court in blue jump suit. head down. charged with murlt pel counts of kidnapping and rape. >> this child kidnapper operated ator cher chamber in private prison in the heart of our city. >> prosecutororors words come jt 24 hours after the homecoming decade in the making. we have now learned that inside that van gina overcome overwhelmed by the crowd. hugged her mother inside the have been who told her you can do it. give the thumb up and she did. aller guiding her da]u over again. >> she's still the 14-year-old girl. >> in my eyes she is. >> so much lost time st. >> yes. it's awesome, though.
9:31 pm
no matter how hard it is for me but it's awesome. >>reporter: you got her back. >> yes. that's the most important thing. >> we learn something else. her mother nancy says she has known castro for years growing up in the same community he spoke to her on several occasions even after her daughter had disappeared. most recently this past year asking her how are you doing? >> would you see him and he would say. >> how are you doing? >> like nothing was wrong. >> yes. the the the if. >>reporter: that's chilling. all the while he had your daughter. >> yes. >>reporter: she told me it was not uncommon for castro to a her similar questions never revealing allegedly holding her daughter gina captive. >> do you know how many times i have been through the streets? i pass by that street.
9:32 pm
>> sister 2 block and a half from there. >>reporter: also girl amanda berry daughter item believe aerial might have been taken amanda berry daughter to visit his own mother. investigators suspect the biological grandmother. today she spoke for the first time. telling reporters i am really sufferin suffering. i ask the mothers to forgive me and the girls to forgive me. my son is sechblingt i have nothing to do with what he did. one family ruined by secret. 3 other family relieved. >> the st most beautiful thing the that they can smile now. >> police in the city of wooster, massachusetts now confirmed that tamerlan tsarnaev have been buried. they refuse to accept the boyd but rae maynes after police
9:33 pm
describe as courageous and compassionate individual came forward to help. they would not say where he is buried only that he is no longer in the city of wooster. of course tsarnaev one of 2 brothers suspected in the boston marathon bombings. younger brothers is still alive and facing charges. older brother now killed during police shoot out. >> pivotal vote today in manipulate society means the state is about to become the 12th in the country to the allow gay marriage. as matt explains, issue of gay rights has taken much higher profile ever since president obama threw his support hyped it quite publicly one year ago. >> the land of 10,000 lake is poised to make history. >> i believe in the people here and i believe that people want equal rights for all citizens. >> with today state house vote minnesota is on the verge of becoming the 12th state to approve gay marriage.
9:34 pm
>> just in the past week both delaware and rhode island legalize same sex marriage. >> i think same sex couple should be able to get married. exactly one year ago today president obama reversed his earlier position and came out in support of gay marriage in exclusive interview with abc news and since announcement more americans have opened up to the idea. >> later this month the boy scouts of america will consider a plan to admit gay scouts. >> i know in my personal life i'm ready and i think the country is ready. >> last week nba center jason collins became the first active player on major professional sports team to come out. abc news "washington post"poll finds 68 percent of americans support jason collins announcement. 63 percent support the boy scouts plan and 55 percent say gay and lesbian should be allowed to marry legally. that's a 26 point
9:35 pm
indegrees a decade ago. minnesota democratic governor says he could sipe the bill as early as next week. this is abc news new york. >> cal-trans provided insider view today into the process of testing bolts help anchor the new eastern span of the bay bridge. state test took place at lab in sacramento bolt tested came from the bridge itself. injuries look for signs of failure that occurred in 32 other bolts installed on the bridge. those bolts failed because they contain too much hydrogen. one local lawmaker think cal-trans should have kept a closer eye on the construction process. >> this means the public legislature has had the trust their trust in cal-trans seriously eroded. i don't think we can in this insubstance. it's in come bent upon to us get a third party to evaluate whatever the work is. >> third party engineers will analyze today results. new brimming is still scheduled to open labor day weekend.
9:36 pm
consumer report magazine awarded near perfect score to the tesla model s electric car. magazine created the car power pinpoint handling and well crafted interior giving it a score of 99 out of 100. the only draw back the magazine mentioned are limited range compared to gas powered car and that it takes 12 hours to charge the battery. all this follow as tesla earnings report yesterday showing the company has turned a quarterly profit for the very first time. tesla stock has risen 24 percent since the market closed yesterday. one analyst predicts it could good as high as 100 dollars a share. closed today under 70. more to bring you tonight. some of silicon valley greatest invention have been made in garages. well just ahead do it yourself team building a satellite. you will see what they hope to prove by sending it into space. stay sending it into space. stay with us. ñáçwçñ
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i have. >> this is a bit scary. military footage shows pair a trooper sucked out of the back of airplane when the reserve parachute accidentally triggered. you see it happen. jump master is lacking for the drop zone when the rip chord catches on the ramp triggering the chute. out he fwochlts elaned 30 miles away from the intended drop zone. slow it down sow can really see it. representative from the fifth special forces group says the soldier was uninjured than thankfully. still not mostly clear how it happened but you can see the chord get caught there on the plane and there he goes. out the plan. >> ruling tonight in the case of montana man wrongly diagnosed with brain cancer and told he had 6 months to live. mark believed he was dying so he quit his job sold the pickup truck. celebrated last
9:41 pm
birthday and even contemplated suicide. judge today said the doctor was neglect. hospital has been ordered to pay him 59,000 dollars in compensation. >> well twitter is heading to the south bay exploratorium base company has leased an 8,000 square foot office in downtown sunnyvale near the cal train station between 40, 50 employees expected to be at the new location. no word on when the office will open for business bit is in the work. >> we talk about silicon valley that is famous for start up. launched in garages hewlett-packard and apple most prominent you may have heard o of. now some young men using their garage to build a satellite and launch it into space jonathan pay as visit to the team behind sky cube. >> hunched over a small table in a cluttered garage. working toward tight deadline these are
9:42 pm
not charged. we are not sure holding a charge for us. >> there are countless variable in play. >> what bothers me is that the shift mode. >> only one chance 0get it right. >> building a cube set. satellite that will launch into orbit in october of 2013. >> this little science project will blast off on a rocket and fly high above the earth. powered by the sun. pack a tiny radio and 3 camera. able to request picture of the earth and next time the satellite goes over that part of the europe take the picture transmit down to earth and send it back to the phone. >>reporter: tim is app developer and space nerd when last app did so well he quit his day job and decided his next project would boldly go where no app has gone before. >> about doing something that previously only big company or national government could do. >> rounded up a team and created sky cube. tiny satellite orbit the earth for 6
9:43 pm
month with tweet and picture to people willing to pay a dollar for the privilege. >> this is code for high world. that's what i am transmitting right now. >> some of the parts in here off the shelf but the sky cube team built a lot of things themselves like solar pan that he will they built from scrap to save tens of thousands of dollars. >> measure with the best. >> engineer pieced together the little left over solar cell triangle. cost a mere 1.50 each. satellite deployed fvt panel unfold charm the battery and reveal the camera. then comes the tricky part. >> physics come later when tumbling through space and we have to predict the tumble. can't do that until it gets up there. >> team has to write the code that picks the perfect moment to take every picture. then they have to get the pictures back. >> this cost about 40 dollars. so pretty cheap. >> scott showed us the kid radio hobist build to listen to the satellite thanks to deal with the navy they post all the transmission to the internet.
9:44 pm
but all good things must come to an end including this one > >> this is grand finale. >>reporter: at the end 6 month term in space tiny satellite pop out this giant balloon. >> hello. hello. >> there you are. >>reporter: this will drag it out of orbit and sintd back that the atmosphere. that's when you might catch a glimpse of it as fast moving star in the night sky. >> kid contributed on the kick spart campaign that's a wow! moment at the end of the whole thing. >> end only the beginning. they raise 117,000 dollars on kick starter enough to build a second satellite. >> if this work we pull this off won't be the last satellite we do. we talk about that one when the time comes. >> san jose, abc 7 news. >> pretty cool. coming next on 7 news at 9:00. california teenager wanted to see the dodger play against the giants. it's what happened after the it's[ male announcer ]er the citibank's app for ipad
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easier banking. standard at citibank. >> well young doctor fan is still on cloud 9 for grit reason after selfless jen gesture by dodger superstar matt kemp. after los angeles dodger played the san francisco giants. >> josh friend shot at the phone. josh dad asked the third base coach earlier in the game if matt would come say hi when the game was over. >> he came out and gave me the thumb up with big smile on his face. would you it's going
9:49 pm
happen. >> not just hi. he gave josh the hat. the engineers even the shoes. >> definitely remember it forever. if one in a life time experience that would happen there. >> josh long time dodger fan. now he can wear the kemp jersey so that's his own hat he's wearing for our interview. >> s his hat was kind of sweaty i don't want to put it on. >>reporter: video become very popular on the internet. jones can't believe how well that request turned out. >> i thought kemp that was kind of a guy but man now i know it's really true. >>reporter: josh has a message for any other youngster dealing with the same pain and suffering. fichlt stay strong. >> stay strochblingt all right let's go one last check on the
9:50 pm
weather. touching story. yuck man terrific. ball player did is terrific. >> absolutely. mainly clear sky in cool conditions around the bay area tonight. some drift inlistened overnight. state wide tomorrow sunny warm with high in the 90's. at chico fresno at palm springs. 83 yosemite. here's bay area. we have a mild to warm day as well. except at the coast where high will reach only to the 50's. we see low 80's in the warmest inland location and at&t park 7:15 game time the giants taking on the atlanta braves again a little cool at game time. 57 degrees but some daylight left until 8:09 or so. 7 day forecast it's a nice warm lovely mother's day weekend. sunday high pressure inland. up near 90 degrees. up to 80 around the bay. low 60's on the coast. nice warm week ahead as well. beautiful weather. >> perfect thanks spencer very much. >> sports director larry biel
9:51 pm
as always. baseball to talk about tonight. >> yes. first versus first. division leaders squaring off. giants. braves. buster the big fly. but ryan the big big fly. but ryan the big trouble. sports next goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email.
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(speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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>> is come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we learn a lot more about the sailor who lost his life on the bay today. his love of sailing in his own words. >> no cars. no back up. so why is cal-trans spending hundreds of millions of dollars to relieve traffic there when it could be helping us here? abc 7 news investigation hope you join us coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. but larry here to talk giants braves baseball. >> giants need help here. giants open 4 game series with
9:55 pm
the braves tonight battle first place team. another chance for ryan to try to rediscover the magic he had last season. family night. cute girl on the left. she's camera shy a little bit. one nothing giants in the second. brian mccann off disabled list. deep off and first homer. 3rd inning. buster no doubt about it. if giants on the fifth of the yea year. tv can you come home and make a play. i thought he had a shop. would have been tight. sure out. tied it at in the frame. free man single in a run for braves. 4 innings. allow 6 runs on 7 hits. strike out 7 but braves rolling 6-3 in the seventh. upon further review major league baseball admitted what everybody realized last nature everybody but those working the game.
9:56 pm
they blew the call. 2 outs in the 9thth. adam appeared to tie one solo homer. ump call it a double and then as you can see it was like a foot over the yellow line there. they went to video review. ♪ 3 blind mice see how they run, see how they run, ♪. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> we often play that underneath the spencer forecast as well. any way who know what is they were looking at but the ump somehow didn't see the ball hit the railing above the yellow line. today the vice president of baseball operation said it must have been a home run but by rule reverse the call it would be sole discretion of crew chief. judgment call as such. it stands as final. a's indians back at it today. bob didn't mention it to the ump when he
9:57 pm
brought out is the lien up. if no doubt about that one. 2 nothing cleveland in the third. oh, he has clout. fifth of the year. this kloep didn't smell that good. 6 runs 4 innings. 6 nothing in the fifth. mark reynolds why the independent yns lead the american league in home run. they pound the ball. that was off eric as they complete a 4 game sweep of the athletic. 9-2 the final. a's continue the road trip going to seattle next. before last night last time the warriors had won in san antonio clay thompson was sixth. curry was 9. i was only like 14. coach jackson led the league in assist while he was playing for indy. all right 15 okay. it seems like an eternity ago, though. that 30 game losing streak ended at the hands of thompson who went for contrary high 34. people talking about how seth may
9:58 pm
shooting guard tandem in nba history but the team difference also vastly improved. >> overlook the defensive evident. out rebounded the spurs in the past 2 games. we have to limit second chance place but other than that playing great defense. really grind it out. >> playing well as well so no matter who has big nights or making big play we find a way to get it done. about we have to maintain that. >> told from day one if we want to sfb relevant and get the recognition that great team do we have to do it on defensive end. >> game 3 tomorrow night at oracle but point out game 4 of the warrior spurs play off series sunday at noon on abc 7. >> pga tour unofficial before saw glass florida opening round shot of the day. michael thompson tee shot on the par 3, eight. he's looking looking
9:59 pm
hole in 1. thompson 3 under 69 6 back and rory never made the cut in the event. pretty good shape is here. tied for second. 6 under 66. 3 back of castro. little known. tied course record with nine under 63. almost is as signature hole at 17. castro 9 un. tiger 4 back shark waiting for the next opponent. blackhawk and marian scored twice if the game. blackhawk victorious 5-1 and take the series 4 games to 1. >> very good. >> thanks very much larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news here on tv 20 for all of us here, i'm dan. we appreciate your time as always. next newscast abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. always joins on line at abc 7 thanks so much for 7 thanks so much for being
10:00 pm
frank: damn, i'm bored. come on, let's do something. dennis: well, we're a little busy here, frank. what the hell are you reading? in touch. in touch? why would you read that crap? we are trying to stay in touch with what's happening in the world. yeah, i'm sorry if we like to keep ourselves informed. you want to be informed? read a newspaper.


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