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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 13, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. >> community in shock. family torneby murder. fit a father defends his 12-year-old son now accused of taking his sister's life. good evening everyone. >> it would of course be hard for any parent to accept their child committed such a shocking crime. little miss fowler found stabbed to death april 2 27. john is live in valley springs tonight with the arrest of her brother and john reaction to it. >> some new development dan. crime scene is vacant. sheriff's office here put out release saying that tomorrow afternoon the parents of miss fowler wanted to make prepared statement to the media and to the people of cal varies county then few hours ago the sheriffs
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office said that the parents had cancelled the event. nobody is saying why but something similar happened two two weeks ago. >> i want to give them an opportunity to say something. i can say it for you. >>reporter: 2 day after the murder the father and stepmother had planned to make a statement but suddenly changed their minds. >> i don't think she wants to speak. >>reporter: now after the arrest of her 12-year-old brother whose identity we are concealing because he's a minor the parents have decided again to avoid making public comment comments. >> i don't blame them because i don't know how i could ever talk to anyone you know if that happened to me. i would just want to crawl in a hole and di die. >> out of curiosity, maybe i would want to hear what they had to say but i can understand and respect who they are. the loss of not only the daughter but now the son too. >> barnie fowler the children father told the associated press that his 12-year-old son
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is innocent quote until they have the proper evidence to show it's my son. the boy claimed intruder stabbed her in the valley springs home two week ago and he found his dying sister. today his classmates returned to the middle school first time since the weekend arrest. some describing him as always in trouble but never violent. >> he was really sweet and i thought he would never do that to his little sister lake that. it's really kind of scary. >> he seemed night and funny when i hugged him on friday. >>reporter: and that was the day before the arrest. tonight the boy is in a juvenile detention center in nearby el dorado county until his first court appearance which will not be open to the public because he is a juvenile. live in john abc news. >> thank you. >> check out this new video we just got in from martinez. shows a fire destroying a car about an hour ago on highway 4 near the pacheco boulevard exi exit. s ickly put
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it out. nobody was hurt. crew have closed did you know a lane of traffic on highway 4 as they work on the cleanup here. search for missing 9-year-old girl with autism scaled back tonight in lake county but it will resume with greater intensity in the morning. little mykala reported missing at clare lake -- clear lake yesterday afternoon. lillian talked to her san francisco neighbors tonight. >> neighbors describe the lync lynches as wonderful family. during the school week mykala, parents and younger brother live in san francisco. but weekends we have been told are spent in clear lake because mykala does so well up there being with nature and being able to run around. it's been more than 24 hours since she disappeared but authorities haven't given up hope. >> could she survive this long out there. it's possible. we have had some fairly mild weather. i'm still optimistically hopeful. >>reporter: more than 100 people searched the mostly clear lake area in hopes of finding mykala lynch. 9-year-old girl with severe autism doesn't talk and has
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mental development of a 1-year-old. mykala wandered off in the family yard after her younger brother left the gate open as he was running away from a bee. search crew are lacking in the water hand the house and on the ground. mykala attend sunset elementary school in san francisco and some teachers took the day off to go to clear lake to help found her. >> she's very inquisitive and she lakes to explore and climb and just kind of part of who she is. >>reporter: authorities say mykala isn't wearing any clothes or any shoes. she was reported to have been wearing a diaper before she disappeared but diaper believed to be hers was found near the water about 1 house away. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00 photographs just released offer glimpse in life at cleveland home where police say 3 women were held captive for a decade. image show the back yard of aerial castro house. you can see large pile of debris next to child basketball hoop. photo show bashed wire and rusty
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chains. neighbors even castro own brother say they never suspected anything sinister was going on inside that home. >> torn my heart apart. it killed me. i'm a walking corpse right now. me and pedro are innocent. we didn't have the slightest idea this was going on. >> both brother were arrested then released. aerial castro faces charges of kidnapping rain. neighbor helped free the women last week. >> it's clear outside tonight but we will see some changes by tomorrow morning. if sandhya is here with look at live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. and on live doppler 7 hd you notice that the skies are clear but we are starting to see some development of fog. half man bay visibility rate now 5 miles most other areas nip to continue mile visibility you can see for yourself from our camera looking good. there as we can clear see back across the bay. santa rosa 60 right now. same thing for livermore. it's 58 degrees in union city.
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patchy fog in the morning and we are expecting cool conditions. want to bundle up as you head out the door. big changes coming this beek. tell but them in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. a shocking statement tonight from angelina jolie who has revealed she underwent preventive double mastectomy surgery. she writes about it in a "new york times"piece. she says her doctor estimate she has 87 percent risk of getting breast cancer and her mother died from that disease. she started process in january and had reconstructive surgery. she says she does not feel any less a woman and commends her partner brad pitt for his full support. she write west gnaw this was the right thing to do for our family and would it bring us closer and it has. she says she hopes other women can benefit from her experienc experience. >> congressional hearing later this week will focus on charges of the irs inappropriately took aim at conservative groups including the tea party. tonight l allen has information on some california groups that were also targeted. >> president obama promised to
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get to the bottom of a scandal in which the irs admitted to singling out conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. groups with the name of tea party or patriots had the application delayed through tedious question air. >> that is outrageous. it is contrary to our tradition. and people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >> the irs targeting was limited to its cincinnati branch but tonight the "washington post"is reporting irs offices in el monte and laguna niguel gel, california also singled out conservative groups exploratorium tea party that has 1800 members spread across the bay area says it does not know of any conservative groups out here that are being scrutinized. they say this behavior is reminiscent of mccarty. >> i don't know what the administration is about. they don't semi-like they are about the truth. not transparent at all. >> the tea party says it's worrisome that the government is none monitoring and targe
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targeting people based on the political view points. >> then today obama comes out and says if this is happening. well it did happen. it was admitted so why is he still trying to cover it up. >> conservative group like the tea party long suspicious of government motive. now they say they have good reason. in the east bay allen wong abc 7 news. >> cal-trans officials will have to answer some tough questions about the bold failure on the bay bridge. state senator mark will oversee committee hearing tomorrow on this issue earlier today the federal highway administration agreed to look into the problem of bolt cracking. cal-trans requested review to help determine whether bridge con still open on labor day as planned. state investigation blames manufacturing area -- era for making the bolt brittl brittle. >> expected traffic delay along highway 101 in san jose tonight. crew removing graffiti that covers a rail crossing at 13 street. city leaders call it an eye sore. it took awhile to get approval to client up because the trestle owned by cal trans so
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bit tricky. work will continue tuesday and wednesday evenings too. >> tl kit sitting on shelves all over the bay area. >> 7 news reporter dan is here with an exclusive eye team investigation into this. >> there are thousands and thousands of these dna kit. they contain evidence from dangerous crimes. most are never tested. tell you about the valuable evidence that has been overlooked. >> also kicked out for singing. the song that got a woman tossed from a plane. >> he went up and astronaut >> he went up and astronaut came home a superstar.
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>> san francisco is one of a handful of cities that mandates all sexual assault kits collected as evidence must be tested. >> but an exclusive abc news i team investigation show still untested kits from years ago just sitting on the shelves. >> dan is here now with his investigation. >>reporter: it tack over a month to get our questions answered by the san francisco that'sg compared to the years one rape victim waited to see her kit tested. >> i think something really bad happened to me today. i think that i was drugged. i think that i was raped. >>reporter: that's what
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heather told her friend after she was assaulted in may 2010 during bay to breakers. while at the race heather says someone drugged her drink. several hours later she woke up at strong house with a man telling her to the leave. >> i was in complete shock and trauma. >>reporter: she went to san francisco general and got a 4 hour long sexual assault examination. >> it's not pretty. it's not, it's very invaivs. >>reporter: marlo remembers police detective saying her sexual assault kit would be tested soon. but months turned into years and her kit remained untested. sf pd informed her the case was not a priority. >> is that hard to hear. >> yes it's horrible to hear. >>reporter: san francisco police decline to speak about her case citing confidentialit confidentiality. but the department handling of sexual assault kit has changed. >> every kit we get at the crime lab is tested. >>reporter: san francisco board of supervisors passed an ordinance in december 2010 mandating the sf pd test every
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sexual assault kit goal in two week. >> measure put in place at our crime lab since 2010 have all guaranteed there won't be another victim like miss marlo that has to wait. >>reporter: but they have not gone back to test kits from before the ordinary naps was passed. in fact, after our public records act requestñi sf pd brass told us they have 196 untested kits from 2009 and 2010 in the property room. because of our investigation all 196 cases are being reviewed. sf pd also conducting full audit of the property room to see how many untested sexual assault kit there before 2009. we asked other agency how many sexual assault kits are in their property room. and lick san francisco, we found agency with kits sitting on shelves. law enforcement agency in alameda county have about 2,000 untested kits in property room throughout the county. san jose has over 1800 kits.
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sunnyvale has 207w3 in the property room. and city of santa clara has 49 untested kits. >> kits we do send down are where there is physical exam and we have who done it type of case. don't foe who the person trytor is. >>reporter: agency we spoke with say sexual assault kits are not tested when the suspect is nope and consent not an issue. they believe no biological evidence has been collected. or the victim does in the want to move forward with the case. >> when we are able to identify sex offenders we prevent other victims. >>reporter: alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley working on getting her counties 2000 untested sexual assault kits to a lab but not ñ c0 dollars to test a single sexual assault kichlt you have my d na suspect dna. >>reporter: she wrote to one woman show about her assault. she says audience member pressured the sf pd to finally test her kit. 2 and a half years after she
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believes without that pressure her kit would be part of all those we found sitting in the san francisco police property room. she feels for the victim of untested kits throughout the bay area. >> part of me that just glazes over. you know. it's just so hard to hear. >>reporter: nobody has been)]ç arrested in marlo case and sf pd not given up the time frame when it completes the property room audit. here's the most important point. to give you an example of what could happen when city test all of the kits detroit officials say after only testing 153 of its property room back recognize they caught 20 serial rapist they were identified and caught because of test every kit. that's the important point. our investigation continues tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 6:00. we look into how bay area agency handling their sexual assault kit. >> very interest snooing remarkable numbers there. >> absolutely. >> the american airlines flight had to be diverted halfway
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because of unrulyy woman. here's a look what she was doing. the well that's her belting outey houston version of i will always love you. flight heading lfr. to new york on thursday. federal air marshall on beard the plane decided she was being unruly. had the plate stop in kansas city. woman not charged. she blamed the incident on her diabetes. >> all right we'll lets get a check of the forecast right no now. >> sandy hum a few bar of that for us. >> i think i'll stick with my job. shatterzv some window. as you look at live doppler 7hd no real clouds around. we have only a patch of fog forming right around half moon bay. show you why the marine layer not there look from the high definition roof top camera early tonight. sun going down. see the wispy clouds going through weak system moving through the bay area that cleared out the fog even at the coast today where it was sock
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have had in spots. this is what you get sparkling visibility. sutro camp are looking at san sam are. oakland 57. san jose 59 degrees and in santa cruz it's 60. this is view from the camera transamerica pyramid financial district. gone shot patchy fog in thes. but not monk. sunny breezy tomorrow afternoon. we look at much cooler weather by thursday. we may even see a few sprinkle around thursday. this is a system that cleared out what was left of the fog earlier today. and now we are going to see some pattern changes comin coming. tomorrow temperatures about the same as today. but then the system coming through will actually cool us off so wednesday through friday we see a cooler pattern and temperatures will be dropping well below normal for this time of year. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. patchy but could be thick in spots. 50's. few upper 40's showing up so it will be a cool start in the morning. make sure you
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bundle up when you head out the door. need the extra layer but probably be able to shed the layer because watch what happens with the fog. 5:00 a.m. it's there it. it quickly dissipates moves out of the area. sun out. it's a breezy afternoon. temperatures 60's coast side 90's inland. as much lake today. we go with a wide range of conditions. high for the tuesday in the south bay 78 degrees in san jose. 74 for santa cruz. 84 in los gatos. it's breezy on the peninsula. 76 degrees redwood city. 58 in pacifica. downtown san francisco<  66 degrees north bay communities upper 50's low 60's breezy along the coast. but up to 83 in santa rosa. 85 for clear lake. breezy blue sky 74 in oakland. 75 castro valley. inland community still going to feel the warmth there. antioch 90. 87 in fairfield. 86 degrees in livermore. look at the temperature trend for the rest of the week for oakland. tomorrow is going to be a pleasant day. 74 degrees but downhill from there. thursday
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friday only in the upper 60's before we start to see some recovery heading into the wean. as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast you see the temperatures bottoming out thursday friday low 70's inland. mid 50's coast. by the weekend temperatures start to head up. low to upper 80's inlistened for the weekend. mid 50's to low 60's coast side. warming it up. time for your plans. >> up next. warriors getting
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>> a's happy to be home after 10 game road trip where they struggled going 3 and 7. facing american leading west rangers first time this season and hoping to cut into the 6 game lead. aj griffin starting for the a's. looking nervous. he was solid. 7 inningsñi allowing 1 run striking out 8. he was on his game. aj got
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plenty of run support. 3rd inning. facing justin grim. he was grim after the shot to center. had to leave with stomach virus. next batter moss. see you. also dead center the 7000 home run in oakland a's history. they roll on to a 5-1 victory. warriors new darlings of the nba play off. on their way to san antonio yochlt game 5 of the spurs visital game in the series. talk of the lead and nobody thought the they could hang with the veterané@ team ad neither won consecutive game. jackson proud of the team performance so far. >> great story incredible blessing. i lack at my guy obviously. job they have done. great to see them getting recognition. >>reporter: in the east. bulls and heat game 4 in the windy city. lebron. continues to dominate. check this out. 27 points. 7 pwovrmentdz 8 assist. 8 up 11 at the break.
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bulls shot 26 percent from the field. miami wins easily with 3-1 lead in the series. meanwhile thunder grizzly game 4 durrantnb. ties it at 94 wih 6 seconds remaining. had he 2 27. we head to over team but marcus nothing but net. 23 and grizzly win and take a 3-one series lead. >> sharks face defending stanley cup champion kings tomorrow in the western conference semi. split the season series 2-2 with home season winning automatic game. shark off since tuesday. something that 24-year-old logan thinks benefit the older guy. >> always enjoy a nice little break. older geico use it.en joytd. nice couple days off. if back 4 days now. guys are sharp. we are excited to play.
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>>reporter: older guys come on. eastern conference. game 7. bruins maple leaf. 11 minutes left in the game. score 3 straight including 2 goals in final minute 30. bergeron ties it up with 50 seconds left. o t bruins complete the come back. who else? bergeron second goal of the game. the bruins moving on semifinal to face new york rangers. with a 5-4 victory. abc 7 sports report to you and older guy i throw it backt( to you. >> if up next. astronaut who came back to earth. came [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> look at the wake up weather. light jacket needed heading out the door. cool conditions patchy fog out there. upper 40's, 50's 8:00 a.m. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> okay sandhya thanks so much.
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>> space now web superstar chris hat field is back on earth. ♪ floating in a most peculiar way. >> he became a hit on you tube just yesterday after posting video singing caved bowie classic space odyssey from space. >> canadian astronaut left the international space station in a capsule today. ground control to kazakstan. he landed safely. >> after one day the video has 3.9 million view and even david tweeted hole space boy to the astronaut. >> how cool is that. >> he can sing. >> he sure can. >> "jimmy kimmel live"up next and music. >> they are not singing from space. >> thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. >> we appre


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