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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sadz. >> good evening i'm dan. we begin tonight with the latest on the bart strike. day 2 now. negotiations are going on right now. both sides are at the table along with state mediator at the cal-trans building in oakland. they are arriving earlier this evening.
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smaller union representing supervisors and professional staff reached attentive agreement. if approved by workers they would get back to work medley. taken service still dependent on bart reaching deal with two larger union still in negotiations. union members indicate that they may willing to kilometer down from the demand of 5 percent raise each year over the next three years. >> i think it's very possible. i mean, we already came down a little bit. before. so just a matter of talking about it. >> president of bart board of director called a special meeting for tomorrow morning as precaution in the event a deal is available to approve. that meeting could be cancelled if no tentative deal is reached. but we are on it we'll see. for today commute day 2. some chaos at the ac transit bus in oakland where the shuttle leaves for san francisco. at one point 3:30 this afternoon the bus stop was packed with people waiting to get to the city. now some of the passengers were forced off a bus because it was over crowded
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so they were december fruit get on the next transbay bus. now watch the mad dash for the transit bus as it pulls in the stop at 20th and broadway. got so hectic that man in white shirt tripped and fell in the curb while people continue to scramble on the bus. there he is kind of limping away. after everything t-after the bus packed in the bus the driver got out and told everyone there were too many people and just unsafe to drive. >> l i don't know spl like 400 people. >>reporter: east what's the capacity. >> 50. 60. >>reporter: are you going to drive with the people. >> not safe so i might want to make them get off the pwichlts i hope there is some concession and able to resume the service tomorrow so we don't have to go in this fiasco again. >> that man one of the passengers who got off despite saying the bus was way overloaded driver removed just 2 people and drove off. few
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minutes before that incident supervisor showed up to regulate the number of people who got on. he left and that's when the chaos broke out and pushing and shoving. we saw several instances of this happening at the bay bridge this morning. watch this. drivers backing up after realizing oops. they were driving so low in the car pool lane that 3 81 dollar violation if caught and the chp is watching. but we certainly don't recommend this as solution. this kind of driving will also get you a ticket at maybe even worse. maybe into a wreck stall traffic even more this person got away witness. >> pick up point for casual car pooler also a little chaotic as newcomers try figure out the system. extra people showing up since the striking began mean that there are not enough cars to pick them up. >> go to walnut creek. >> yes notch signs here. >> none. >> what are you going to do? >> a little puzzle right now but i'll figure it out. >> i have heard it's hard to find somebody picking you up to
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go where you are going so at this point i'm trying to get anywhere in the east bay find my way from there. >> people taking that approach. nothing wrong with this picture. traffic this evening up embarcadero and going nowhere fast. believe it or not this video is sped up by 500 times. this is our cell technology sped it up for you. that's as fast as you are going. took our news producer more than 2 hours to go one mile. slow going. the as for the ferry. we show you how packed they were just jammed today. people say they are getting up earlier trying to get a seat and even though the official numbers show 400 fewer people boarded them this morning, lines to get on are sure line. hour twice get open. >> bay bridge congestion compounded this morning when several cars broke down or over heated. causing this back up near treasure island. that was captured also by our cell 7
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camera. one driver in the cash only line told us it took her 2 hours, 2 hours to go 15 miles from walnut creek to the toll plaza. so it has been slow going for so many people and very frustrating and according to the bay area council the keri is costing at least 73 million dollars a day in lost productivity. but for others it's not business as usual and that is actual lay good think. here's of lee ann. >> rather than get stuck in traffic again f oakland person hear went on line to find a work space that didn't require crossing the bridge. >> rather than spend the few hours or so trying to make it across the bridge i felt my time would be more productive working from a place closer to home. >>reporter: she used a web site called liquid space which finds venue like this one in berkeley called next space. the guy next to her did the same. of this man walked to work instead of taking ba
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>> awesome. just nice people. everybody is friendly. nd something you get it. >>reporter: david vancouver also works in san francisco. he told us this space definitely provided a dip experience for him. >> i tried the cafe but noisy. couldn't get the phone calls to work. couldn't make phone calls. so i did research and found this space and it pretty reason price. >> cost is typically $25 a day but they were handing out discounts because of the bart strike. >> we offered across the board 50% discount to all venue. all members in the bay area. >>reporter: discount cards for cab rides in the city were also given to those getting off the ferry. the discount is for the new app called fly wheel. >> obviously helping our company out but we are also trying to help the public and citizens of san francisco and everybody coming into the city. >> business hasn't been grit
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for everybody this dental office in san francisco reduced office hours because of the strike. 2 of the dentist stayed home yesterday and today one of them arrived late. patients were also scarce. >> not come to work. definitely come in for dental appointment that's for sure. >>reporter: extended strike could make the situation even more painful. this the is abc 7 news. >> ripple effect for complete list of transportation resourc resources go to our web site. we have real time traffic. map and alternative transportation option plus down load our exclusive way traffic app to navigate the freeway. and follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area for any breaking development. plus this. our morning news team chris at at any z and leila here half hour earlier than normal. tomorrow they do this again at 4:00 o'clock instead of normal 4:30. 4 a.m. until 7:00 and
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later if necessary and again we bart negotiations ongoing once again you have to see what tomorrow brings. tune in to morning news for the very latest before you head out the door. now to the other top story. the heat that just will not let up. let's get to sandhya with the accu-weather forecast in for spencer tonight. >> i want to show you live doppler 7hd first and notice we do have some fog along the coast line here. fog is beginning to increase in coverage and it has deepen now we see 1700 feet deep so we are certainly getting some relief today along the coast line around the bay but inland spots you are still really hot. 103 in livermore. 104 in concorde. check out middletown. that's excessive heat. 115 degrees between calistoga and clear lake. 109 ukiah record setting 110 with tie for today. 92 santa rosa and san jose. right around oakland. 73 in san francisco and 65 in m
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the temperature down. excessive heat warning extended until thursday 7:00 p.m. risk of heat related illness. these are the areas covered i'll be back to let you know when we will finally cool off fourth of july forecast coming up. >> 7 n was out in the heat all day long. for some of the differences of few degrees for some people the difference of few difference. >> sometimes the value of weather story shiring of experience. case in point the so-called cold snap. residents experience in contra costa county today. >> well at least felt warmer yesterday. >> or so srendition of human heat gauge jennifer pick who spent 3 hours on concord corner and lost about 5 pounds advertising the virtue of nearby lunch buffet. >> how did you get this lucky to get this job this week. >> you know i have been asking myself all day.
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>> immanuel working construction on this day. no wait don't. it will make you thirsty. try selling fireworks in the heat. no wait don't. that make you even more thirsty when you hear about how martha and her friend tried to keep cool in the wood and tin box baked by the sun in dublin. >> we use the scarves we put around our neck. >> we might have used the music from lawrence of arabian why for these shots of desert style mirage in wall future creek no. we won't. we are already too thirsty. along with the bird and any living thing happening by the farmer market in downtown concord. abe ri ham may have been the most thirsty person after hours in front of this grill barbecue chicken and hot link. didn't sell as many as expected. >> why didn't you call them. >> poor jennifer still waving
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the sign. >> where does your mind go. >> oh. if wander by itself, now e.amazing. i mind my way back sometimes. way actually. han't all >> the more we complain the worst it is. i do. i do. >> who is complaining? >> who is not. >> in concord. >>reporter: wayne abc 7 news. >> not just contra costa county of course. 0prs i have dangerous heat in the south bay and how people without air conditioning trying to cope with it. also the lake tahoe mansion to the stars. now for sale and why a bargain 75 million dollars. >> plus the controversial land fill that got the green light [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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he. >> controversial toxic waste dump in central valley could be expanded. today state regularlytor approve expansion permit that would add 5 million
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cubic yards of the land fill near kettle man city in king county. it holes hazardous waste biggest dump in the united states actually. neighbors are protesting this expansion. they say toxic spills and leak acknowledge cause birth defect and dangerous to young children. final decision will be made in 60 days. >> east bay regional park workers called off fourth of july strike after reaching attentive contract deal. the tentative agreement includes wage increases but work versus to contribute more to recover requirement cost two day walk out planned for thursday and friday by more than 600 park workers including rangers, firefighters and lifeguards but now that will not happen. >> lets talk about the heat once again. south bay. dealing with some of the hottest temperatures around which is why the city of san jose is offering some refuge for neighbors who are still sweltering in the heat. that story tonight from of david. >>reporter: enough is enough for the new san jose dad. he
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scooped up 3 box fans to cool off. >> it's too hot. either way too hot. we have brand new baby and we have to keep the place cool. >> that's important. >> yes. >>reporter: 3 fans do it. >> i think so. yes. >>reporter: joanne complained fans were only blowing hot air but finding room air conditioner wasn't easy. >> completely sold out unless we drove to tracey so i definitely didn't want to drive to tracey so i decided to stop by here they just got a shipment so got lucky i guess. >>reporter: even if you have central air wouldn't you know it coverage out during a heat wave. >> i started looking at everybody, everybody had the same issues. >>reporter: technician found faulty issue common problem she said everyone wants immediate service and demand for appointment has repair people hopping from job to job late that the night. >> some of the guys aren't getting home until around midnight right now. >>reporter: long hours. >> yes it is. we ask this people be patient with us. >>reporter: city own pool providing relief for sap jose
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children. cooling centers for people needing relief. the pool hear at may fair center is open until 8:30 so kids can cool off. when the heat is home it's stifling. >> they get cranky a lot. so we come out to the pool every morning before fwov or 3 where it gets really hot. >>reporter: some take advantage of swim lessons. other just splash in the refreshing water. >> so if you could be in the water all day long all tonight long is that what you want. >> yes. >>reporter: the cooling centers will be open wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to continue p.m. in san jose, david, abc 7 news. >> that pool looks nice. it does. >> tomorrow we can anchor the news from the pool. >> there you go all take a dip. >> all right experience is off again. sandhya is here and you have sires heat. >> we have 2 more difficulties of the triple digit then we start to really feel the difference here. by friday. all right sought fourth of july
9:18 pm
barbecue not the only thing cooking around here. it's going to be hot inland for the fourth of july. here's live doppler 7 hd and we do have some fog along the coast lane as i mention earlier. it's starting to increase in coverage so just patchy this morning. all changing. winds gust totalling 26 miles an hour at sfo. 35 at fairfield and it's the wind direction south west wind indicating pretty good sea breeze getting out towards the delta. so that's really what is going to be a big factor in our forecast in the coming days. golden gate bridge camera showing you foggy skies right now. oakland at 62 so comforted by the breeze and fog. 68 though still in san jose. where pretty clear stil still. 67 in santa cruz we look at live picture from our emeryville camera you can see a little bit of the gray sky there as we lack back toward the west. santa rosa at 60 degrees. mid 70's around livermore. 69 in los gatos and here's one last view from our
9:19 pm
camera. this is pretty dramatic because you can see the fog rolling in as we look to sausolito richardson bay and like i said that's what's going to really keep you comforted at the coast. triple digit through thursday. witnessed range of temperature fourth of july much cooler this weekend so hang in there if you do not like the heat. i know it's tough. especially some of you do not have air conditioning in san francisco san jose on the peninsula. 2 more days above 100 degrees inland with the hot air mass overhead but it's going to weaken. we'll see the sea breeze really start to get into the inland community in the fog returning around the bay as well very soon here. we see it in patches out there. temperatures first think in the morning. fvl coolest readings. you notice the 60's and 70's around the bay inland for mailed to warm. tl high clouds out there and keep the high clouds filtering our sunshine for your wednesday afternoon. 92 degrees in san jose tomorrow. 99 morgan hill. 98
9:20 pm
in los gatos. the milpitas and peninsula you look at warm day. redwood city 90 degrees. committees tall area mid upper 60's so you still get enough of a breeze and enough fog to hold your temperature down. downtown san francisco 73 degrees and north bay you see the 60's coast side. the triple digit up to ukiah mostly clear lake clover dale summertime micro climate at wide range of conditions. 109 in clear lake. 92 santa rosa 94 in sonoma. vallejo 90 degrees out to the east bay and it's a mild to warm day. 79 in berkeley. 81 oakland. 86 union city. head out inland 102 degrees. antioch livermore 100 please anton. accu-weather 7 day forecast heat starts to back you have a bit on the fourth of july but you really don't notice it until friday when you get out of the triple digit. low 60's coast end of temperatures will drop some 0moreover the wean. back down
9:21 pm
to normal. upper inland. few more day before we get that. >> hanging in 30. day 5 of the heat. unbearable. >> thank you very much. >> coming up. real i italian job. still to come on 7 news at 9. bandit stole a boat load of cash. giants find themselves on the losing end of history tonight. game against
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rethink possible. >> good evening again. daring heist straight out of a hollywood belong buster. this one rate in the famous canal of venice armed bandit ambush ago courier boat and making off with more than 1 million and a half dollars. abc news reporter nick watt has details now on this made for the movies
9:25 pm
caper. >> 1600-year-old city never seen anything like that. apart from the i tall i don't know job. that was a movie. this brazen heist played out on the same beautiful canal. >> 7:00 a.m. monday morning armed men on a vessel pull up to small boat just loaded with 3 boxes of money. one robbery pulls out a rifle telling a security guard that robbery is under way. meanwhile masked accomplice under a tarp jumps on board the money boat and opens all 3 cases. grab the 2 cases for the bank note and loads them on to the get away speed boat leaving behind one case full of coins. man disappeared with 1.7 million dollars in cash. that was supposed to pay the pensions with elderly venetian. >> robber do watch movies and they do get ideas about how to do things. >> cops are still scching their
9:26 pm
head. those robbers left not even a trace or tire mark technically not even robbers. they are pirates. >> los angeles. >> lake tahoe mansion on the market in case you are looking. asking praise is 75 million dollars and that's actually a bargain. the 210 acre estate includes indoor pool. private lake. 16 car garage. golf course. horse stable. wine cellar cinema and basketball court look at the pool. house owned by wayne newton currently owned by. co-founder of the fashion line trying to sell it for 6 years. after the cutting the praise 25 million dollars he's now offering to personally fen the sale for qualified buyers. pictures of the 27,000 square foot house are courtesy of the listing agent. they say the staircase is an exact replica of the one on the titanic. we know what happened
9:27 pm
to that. >> still ahead tonight 7 news. the only survivor we are learning who the man is that lived in the arizona fire that killed 19 other hot shot firefighters. >> plus double murder and east bay restaurant. police respond to emergency alarm but what they found show this is was not a random robbery. >> why mum is the word this year at america's cup. another [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> major announcement today on the affordable care act. obama administration is delaying the requirement for businesses to provide health insurance to their workers or pay a penalty. business was more than 50 employees originally had until the end of 2014 to comply. it's now been extended to 2015.
9:31 pm
many company had complained that they the requirement were too complicated to implement in time. they needed more time to put them in effect. other key parts including the health exchanges for individuals to buy insurance, those are still on schedule. >> plane carrying bolivia president morales diverted to austria on suspicion that fawjtive leaker snowden is on board. he has been held up for days inside moscow enter until airport. searching for a nation that would grant him asylum. late today bolivia president plane forced to land in vienna to refuel after france and portugal are evidence to let the plane enter their airspace. bolivia has strongly denied that snowden was on board. plane was flying from moscow to bailiff why. that's why the suspicion. >> well in egypt for so long critical american ally in the middle east now unrest.
9:32 pm
country president is defiant revving to step down. the alex is there. >> in cairo square the tension is rising. second tick down to deadline. military threatening to intervene tomorrow. president doesn't meet the people demand. tonight morsi admittedi has made mistake but said elected fairly and will not step down. we met the group of young eviction called rebellion that launched the protest and brought egypt once again to the brink of revolution. in the new constitution no role for women she said. in the morsi era women have inform place. the brotherhood wants to control egypt as well as the economy. look at egypt famous pyramid with american tourist before the revolution. so vailingts to the economy since then they have been practically empty. egypt famous west nile virus
9:33 pm
river used to be packed with these boats. the last american had on his boat were a month ago. how much money did you make this week? this week? 10 pound. less than 2 dollars. no work. >>reporter: he said he's going to join the masses on the square. alex, abc news cairo. >> the lone survivor of an elite arizona firefighting crew on hilltop serving as look out. 21-year-old brendan was in charge of relaying key information to colleague told them the weather was changing rapidly and that the fire had switched direction because of the wind. mean time higher humidity earlier today slowed the pace of the fire burning near yarn el north west of phoenix. as many as 200 structures have been burned. 8,000 acres charred. the fire is still at zero percent containment. >> 2 restaurant employees were gunned down in a crime take
9:34 pm
police are describing as targeted shooting. oakland police have arrested one man but they are still looking for a second. today a friend of 22-year-old murder victim kenneth broaderly spoke with 7 news reporter nick smith about the man that everyone called omar. >> he was nicest guy something like this is such a tragedy. >> from richmond home friend of 22-year-old omar bradley talked about the man she says everyone loved the moment they met him. >> he was the sweetest most generous caring person you would ever meet. so ambitious like nothing would ever stop him. >> witness told police just before midnight they saw 2 men wearing orange safety vest walk up to 22-year-old bradley and another male employee 26-year-old maria. police say one of the 2 men pulled out a gun and shot maria and bradley before running from the store. 7 news has been able to confirm that through the review of surveillance video and sales receipts no cash was stolen
9:35 pm
from the store or the 2 murder >> appear to be random. we can say it was targeted. >> news came as a shock. >> i don't know what to say about that because did it real he wouldn't hurt a fly. >> bradley lost both parents at early age and had a driving desire to succeed. recently become manager of the wing stop after starting as cashier at the richmond location. testament she says to his ambition. >> always talking about how he want to do it for his parents. >> police arrested one of the 2 suspects this morning in west oakland. man only describing at african american in 20's was taken in custody without incident. police credit eyewitness from coming forward and extensive video footage captured by security camera. >> restaurant remains closed and still part of an official investigation. police tell me they know who the second suspect is and believe only a matter of time before they catch him. in oakland, nick smith 7 news. >> unrelated to the bart strike
9:36 pm
contributing to the congestion this morning oops. big rig got stuck in one of toll booth at the bridge. look at this driver in the wrong lane to the right clearly marked for wider vehicle. missed it. the tol tolling equipment was damaged in the crash. >> america cup contend theers are headed for the race course this weekend but it's the off the water fight that is getting most attention at this point. new zealand team claims one of the safety changes is actually making the boat more dangerous. mark has the story now from the new zealand compound. >> when she is out of the water you can clearly see what all the fuss is about. bottom of the rudder they are called elevator. think of them like elevator on the tail of airplane. after the team crash in may the chairman ruled that increasing the size of the elevator would add stability to the odds. and he ruled that the elevator could also be wing
9:37 pm
extending outside the frame of the boat. tack tition said today that bending the design rule that much at this late date puts his team at real disadvantage. >> compromise our design to set within the rule and if the rule is gone then we want to completely different back end of the boat. >> new zealand can't take the time to rae design the boat. neither can the italian. they both start racing this week. >> have to take it out of commission for couple of week properly and we are racing now so we don't have that luxury. >> only the u.s. team of oracle has that luxury. oracle defending the america's cup and will not face challenger until september. nuss ceo says he can understand increasing the size of the elevator but extending them beyond the frame of the boat he says that would make them less safe. >> might just be simply when the guy pulls over the side and slides down because he is going to, already gone over once, el
9:38 pm
have itor cut in half. >> new zealand is filing a protest to the rule change. they say the regatta chairman should not be able to change the design rules without the consent of the teams. first match race this sunday. protest will be monday morning. 7 news. >> well there is one change to the race that will not effect the outcome. though it will impact the celebration. celebration shah champagne spray this year will not use this for first time in decades. instead sparkling wine from the winery mum napa will be used. this change comes one day after spokesman told new zealand newspaper he hopes new zealand beats the u.s. and team or committee. the proble problem? l they are owned by the same group and they sponsor the challenger series that starts next week. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how birds are helping bay area researchers make the next generation of robot.
9:39 pm
touching story of former football star and legacy he is creating for his son. really creating for his son. really powerful s
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9:41 pm
9:42 pm
>> cool pictures to show you. stanford students take a close lock at birds in flight to help build the next wren ration of robot. look at this video. stanford video with ultra high speed camera shooting 3300 frames per sec. in the true speed the image obviously just so quick our eye would say miss them. can't catch it. students hope this research will help them design a flapping winged robot that is as similar nimble as bird and maneuverable than current robot. they hope to learn something about birds in the process. but pretty wild. >> the skill and talent of professional athletes is always so inspiring but tonight one
9:43 pm
former football player is motivating people in a very unique and powerful way. abc anchor josh elliott filed this report for the network america strong series. >> steve once player for saints is beloved figure and city that has defined resilience. he was just one year after hurricane katrina had devastated new orleans. when this singular play by gleason that's him. number 37. rushing from the middle. made him a cult hero. >> 2011. flee son was diagnosed with als. lou gehrig disease. today ravage by the disease gleason lost most physical ability. he communicates through a compute computer. what did the diagnosis change for you. >> i chose to search myself for new avenue of joy. >>reporter: he has never been one to take the easy road. sky
9:44 pm
diving. marking the one year anniversary of his diagnosis. proposition for his good friend and former new orleans saints teammate scott. >> i'll go down to match pick you nasa peru yes up to the to top. >>reporter: he made the long mystical trek up this mountain. one time ancient stronghold built for protection where some say the soul meets the sky. it 0would carry many for much of it on especially designed sled over 11 grueling hours straight up. >> it was much more narly than we anticipated. i was definitely scared. but i just chose to embrace it. >>reporter: his son was up there too. his baby boy river born soon after his diagnosis. >> oh. >>reporter: gleason doing all this for him too creating video diary. these memory. so that
9:45 pm
one day his son can know his father. >> nobody is going to love you more than i do. >>reporter: symbol. of america strong. >> america strong one man strong. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. another man who doesn't give up. just ahead how he's running his way in the record something to pass along quickl
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quickly. new 7 news smart phone app to help you get the latest dovement on the bart strike. watch live breaking news as it happens on the phon phone. very cal. app is real easy to down load. go to our web site slash app for all the details and remember if you have our current app need to down load the new one because
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the old one goes away soon. this is the site. >> also find weather from our fabulous weather team there as well. sandhya is back to update the latest on the heat. >> yes. as we look at live doppler 7hd you notice fog near the coast line. we are going to see the fog first they think in the morning and that's also going to mean that the afternoon will not be as hot along the coast. state wide temperatures today record everywhere you see. 90 in tahoe. 108 in fresno. 128 degrees in death valley. las vegas a record setting 115. tomorrow afternoon here in the bay area 68 half machine bay. 73 in san francisco. you get out towards the bay it's warm. 81 in oakland. walnut creek 98 degrees and this is where you find it steamy again. antioch 102 degrees cut off from the seabreeze and fog. accu-weather 7 day forecast more heat for the fourth of july but some cooler weather araving coast bay and everyone cools off heading into the weekend. >> very is in. thanks very much. now to man who makes
9:50 pm
most of us look like slackers. meet orville rodgers dallas resident 95 years old and set running record. just setting them rate and left. look at them. started running 45 years ago after reading a book on aerobic. >> keep going. i a little feel very teared afterwards but i feel in good. two week ago i broke the 400 meter world record. back in march i set 6 new world rohr in my age group 95 to 99. don't give up running because you got old. you got old because you stopped running. >>reporter: get that that's great. didn't give up running because you got old. you got old because you stopped running. next track meet 2 and half week away. 95. >> not just he's going for it. >> i do fell like a slacker. >> we all do. >> larry is here. >> i feel in good for him. if giants no hit. 10 years ago
9:51 pm
but the homer took care of that. no hitter this season.
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. waiting game. bart and union return to the bargaining table. we are at the site of the talk. we bring you late details at 11. right there on top of it. plus mud slide that shut down interstate 80. what triggered the slide tonight. look at that. 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. those stories and good deal more hope you can see us over on channel 7 but now shoe has all the sports and giants. they have been having. >> the giants have hit rock bottom thanks to homer bailey. throw the first no hitter in the major this season against your san francisco jichbilitys we start with fifth pitch of the game with to deep right. hit the wall. ball bounces off the glove on to the warning track. umpire signal home run. starts around the bases. out
9:55 pm
comes bruce. battle with the fan who clearly interfered with the ball. upon review ound rule double for shoe. now pitch well in the sixth. phillips 2 run homer for 3 nothing lead. after 5 and third. story of the game. bailey per game into the seventh. he walked but still has no hitter. this could have ended no no. the jam. close at first with bailey covering but blanco takes off. gets nailed to third. ever know that could have been a hit. bailey struck out 9. sandoval swing at the high heat to end the seventh. chance to atone. >> what is going to happen. on the ground to third. frasier. no hitter. >> giants no hit for the 16 time in franchise history. 11 invite san francisco. 3 nothing the final. giants
9:56 pm
offense tell bailey throw the first no hitter this season but done it before. he was the last 1 to throw no hitter in the major when he blank pittsburgh on september 28 of last year. only ryan has done that before in 1974 and 75 here's homer. >> had 1. 2 is definitely just a special. i go out here every day and try to win a game. to have no hitter is something special. very fortunate for m me. all right let's go back to the time machine. 50 years ago today the giants and from a-year-old pitcher battle in a 16 inning instant classic. both pitcher went the distance. this is when men were men. may hit walk off game winning home run in the 16 for 1 nothing giants victory. lucky if modern day pitcher go more than 6 innings. official box score 8 hit shut out in 16 inning pitch. struck out 10 through 227 pitches for the
9:57 pm
win. caught up with the giants legend early this season and asked him about the magical day 50 years ago. nulty pel conversation during the game with manager alvin dark. >> take me out in the 19 i didn't let them. take me out in the 14 inning. i didn't let him. i said you see that man pitching over there. yes what happened to him. i said well that man is from years old. and until that man is on that mound nobody going to take me out of this game. >> that was a no no. >> never forget that day. all right the a's resume inner league play in the national league central. hoping to keep it going hosting the cubs tonight. debut for chicago pitcher chris acclimated to the coliseum. first time the cubs ever played here every time in the big have visited. josh donaldson visiting the left 2 run homer in the left. 14th. chris young total shot to left. eighth of the year and griffin
9:58 pm
to early 3 nothing lead. griffin though finds trouble in the fourth. alphonzo. smoke to left center. 2 on. 3 run homer. tie the game at 3. over young head. one run scores. 2 run score. griffin taking for 7 earned runs. cub lead rate now 7-5-8 complete highlights for you tonight at 11:00. >> organizers at the bank of the westin is in classic. semifinalist in the drew at stanford 3 week from now. that means american sloan did not make the wimbledon semi. stevens last american men or women draw facing 2007 runner-up. bartolla leading the first at 5-4. rain delay and play resume took the set then broke 5 consecutive time rally but didn't have enough in the tank lattering straight set 6-4 7-5. match of the day last year runner-up. facing lead.
9:59 pm
this match had 2 rain delay and 10 minute final game 3 and a half hours to complete. she saved 3 break points first woman to reach the finals last year since 1939. she will face the thursday semi. >> less than 24 hours after knocking serena williams out of the tournament become on the court here. took only 61 minutes to mav into the semi-finals. broke serve in the first game and never lacked back winning l with second semi-time in the last 3 years. and finally. shark traded forward. shark have traded forward -- there he is. tj l calgary fourth rou pick in 2015 and last 2 season with the shark. expendible in the draf draft. >> thanks very much. >> quick update. expect striking to continue third day. negotiation also not going negotiation also not going well. see y
10:00 pm
mac: so like you said, when you come face-to-face oh, hey, buddy. yeah, what's going on there, pal?


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