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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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contract. it's a fall back position. the meeting scheduled because the district required to give 24 hours notice and again, we'd expect that to be cancelled if the negotiate yaigs continue. or if there is a settlement. >> well, as you may know the strike crippled the commute
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home only to get worse yesterday and tough again, today. folks are trying to get on to the bay bridge. >> there it is. people trying to get on the bay bridge, it's a sea of cars. some people telling us it's taken them 45 minutes to an hour to drive just four blocks. those people started their commute at 4:00 this after the. it is taking people a lot longer if they left work. much later. now, traffic control officer arrived at some of the busy intersections just after 2:00 this afternoon. that is when it started to get hairy here. very to say they're doing a good job. and there are a lot ever car asks frus traitded people. >> bad. very bad. like this. all the way back. >> we're getting through it. people are not polite. they don't let you in.
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>> took us a good what? 40 minutes to get just from financial district to here? looking forward to waiting about three more hours to get to berkeley. >> i'll do this for a long time tonight. >> that is leeand reporting. we have our cell 7 technology what has it been like for you out there driving around? >> it's still slow going out here. it's -- it's taken me about 30 minutes to go four blocks. now battery is one way out of san francisco during commute times. i can tell you nearby embarcadero heading east took me about ampb hour, 20 minutes to gets from the embarcadero
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up to the bay bridge this is a slow ride but i can tell you that it's moving very, very slow f you're expecting a loved one home, it's going to be a while. so hang in there. that is the live with the latest from cell 7 view, back to you. >> we're in the just dealing with congestion. the traffic is also compounded by the holiday get away. folks heading away for the long weekend for independence day you have to feel for drivers that are just sitting in cars, your back hurts, you've been sitting. it is a miserable drive. now, let's go through all of our by bridges taking you to dunbarton now. 18 minute as head to the east bay f we jump up to the san may dayo.
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once getting on to the bridge you're moving along heading east of tre shufr island. that drive from 101 through marin county is going to be at least a 70 minute drive f you're using that you don't want to. this time it's looking better. you're going out to for the cubs. here is a look at the drive time traffic. other areas along 80 eastbound, some lead to highway 4. >> thank you very much. >> extra buses used in the alternate commute for bart passengers are clogging up streets tonight. abc 7 news is wlif a look at
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the terminal. >> it's a gridlock scrambling out here. we're across the street from the transbay terminal between folsom and howard. you're looking towards howard there. if you can imagine just a, an ambulance had to come down against traffic. to pick up a man in the casual carpool line who collapsed and another standing next to him had to call an ambulance for him. he looked like he was qog to be but he was complained of chest pain. the line standing in the sun was too much for him. as if buses from other agsz and bart charter buses weren't enough to cause a -- clog streets there are party crashers. a start up called ride pal offering free rides across the bay gathering up people from the carpool lines and making as many round trips as they can back and forth across the
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bay between 4:30 zp 8:30. seeing this as an opportunity to promote the demand-based bus network. then, there are bart charters atding to the mess. commuters boarding buses in the morning get a card, a ticket and have to present that to be allowed back on in the evening. we spoke to a woman headed for walnut creek and a man bound for el cerrito. >> today they had more buses and monday, it tok three hours, it took an hour. commute home is smooth sailing. >> it's different. >> getting there in time? >> not really. this is better. >> so lots and lots of extra buses trying to get in and out of transbay terminal. buses hit streets trying to
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head east. and then, you have extra cars that are individuals or carpool. they have to come this way. so quite a mess. no relief is in site. that is the situation. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you. and once again commuters lining up to board ferries bound for the east bay. at last check wait was an hour plus to board. officials asked riders to show up to try to beat crowds. they estimate ridership tripled since the strike began on monday. our strike you coverage continues we'll monitor negotiations taking place now. as well as the drive home. you can find latest developments on our web site. we'll have latest on negotiations and commute
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options there. you can down load our abc 7 newsapp. and with sure to follow us on twitter. >> we need to move on. a family and members of a tight knit community trying to come to grip was a freak tragedy. a 21-year-old anaiis ritenberg was killed when a tree fell on a camp where she served as a counselor. it's a jewish camp near yosemite. >> touch a terrible accident. the victim's mother says her daughter loved nature, probably would have worked for "national geographic" one day. >> the a.cross the lake there, you can see a larger building behind that building is where it occurred. >> investigators show us where the accident happened at the camp. in a letter to parents the
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executive director says a tree suddenly fell outside of the dining hall on around 8:30 a.m. first responders quickly got to the scene because they thought the tree had fallen on the building where children were eating breakfast. turns out the tree hit a group of five adult staff members nearby, killing one, a 21-year-old anaiis ritenberg this, was her second year here at the camp last year she was a counselor, this year, an art teacher, her mother talked about the loss. >> it's really very hard. and we were so close. like especially now with all of the stuff with nature she was my teacher now. she was teaching me. >> investigators believe the tree was weak perfect disease. the children were not hurt. in fact they were taken away for other camp activities. it's unclear how many are here but the sheriff's office says as many as 300 kids attend from one to three week sessions with 100 staff
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members. >> when arriving they found that there were no children injured. all children have been accounted for. the camp providing their services, summer camp services for the children. and keeping them away from the affected area. >> the other four were taken to local hospitals where the director says they're doing well but the accident leaves one family asking why a promising life as nature's care taker was cut so short. >> this child was a life force, it's the most terrible tragedy. like why didn't that damn tree fall on saturday? when nobody was going to be at the camp? >> not -- back live here, pg&e there is trying to repair service. when that tree fell, the area lost power. meanwhile, the camp will continue as planned. parents may pull out children necessary if they want to.
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but the executive director says there is no need to. >> she would have started her senior year at uc the santa cruz in the fall. david you spoke with some of her friends at campus radio station? >> yes. students are very numb this evening. she was very well known, campus wide as well as beyond because of a sunday night radio show she did on the campus radio station. she volunteered after taking broadcasting classes and offered a show filled with world music. it could be cuban, or asian she had a passion to share her taste in music with her audiences. the two-hour program is called global dwroofs. her broadcast advisor says she was discovering new music, and
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giving them a wider audience. >> not too many students want to do unchartered territory. areas they haven't explored. she was a traveler. she would do that. she would take chances and really what a unique when she did a show on the air. >> she had fun at the station with fellow students. michael thought she had phone shall to be a teacher are perhaps, other volunteers were very numb after learning about the death. the station is in the process of trying to find old recordings of her show, hoping to replay them soon in order to make that a tribute to anaiis ritenberg. >> david, thank you. >> a crushing blow for city college. coming up next breaking news on the decision to revoke
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school accreditation how that will impact tens of thousands who go there. >> i'm sandhya patel. hot inland but the end is in sight. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> a top america's cup official refuses to bow to damaging allegations by the team from new zealand. >> a popular pet hospital shuts down leaving hundreds of animals without doctors and records. i'm michael finney. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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so nice-looking day. 69 daily city. downtown san francisco, 77 degrees. you'll see some triple digits. 95 san gnomea. 94 santa rosa. accu-weather forecast we're out of the heat wave into friday. low 90s inland. low 60s coast. cooler for weekend. and staying close to that level next week as well. >> thank you. >> well, coming up thousands
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of california prisoners will soon be offer the -- on the move. >> why a court ruled against a request to keep them where they are. sleep train's 4th of july sale doesn't just end sunday,
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producer traveled four blocks in just the past 15 minutes or so. this is a slow crawl because of the bart strike first approaching folsom right now. >> they're still negotiating. 49er should learn soon whether he will face charges for assaulting one of his teammates. the district attorney says it's investigating and will decide by early next week whether to file charges against brooks. he is accused of hitting teammate lamar divens then punching him in the face after a night of drinking on june 8th. >> a panel of judges denied a request to delay release, early release of 10,000 president yoon inmates. saying the brown administration has a long history of defying orders and
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argues it would threaten public safety. >> just ahead here what is going on now in the effort to end the bart strike? >> learning about how long it will take to get trains rolling again. >> a nation celebrating its second revolution in as many years. who is in control tonight? >> also what oakland police told neighbors about a brazen shooting in a fast foodññ;
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america's cup responding to criticism his safety rules are benefiting the home team. >> accusations have been flying around over proposed changes. >> abc 7 news has the latest. >> team new zealand and luna rosa team are protesting changes to the rules that govern configuration of the yachts. teams say they give an advantage to usa team oracle today, the director are hit back saying accusations that he is tilting the playing field should not be part of
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the maneuverings. >> he says motivation sin creasing stability and safety of the race boats. >> my credibility sits with the crews. who know what i'm doing. >> yesterday, he bashed the changes the ceo says he believes it is an honest man. >> i trust ferry. >> what happens will be in the hands of an international jury meaning monday if the jury rules against changes ferry says it will be up to the coast guard to decide if it will permit racing to continue. >> i will do everything had this situation. but safety is a serious matter. there are no short cuts
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they're saying boats are too expensive and extreme. >> if you want boats on the conditions of san francisco i won'miss this one. >> mark math use abc 7 news. >> just ahead sudden closure one of the east bay's oldest veterinary hospital autos veterinary hospital autos dozens of pets and
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you can. it's a good test of the team's resolve. speaking of which, homers chilling in the dugout tonight. 1-0 in the fourth. trying to score from first realizing he sknt have afor baie that is a solo blast right now,
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2-2 ball game. men's quarter finals today wimd wimbledon he makes it hard on himself. murray's own worst enemy at times. murray unable to find a rhythm. the scots man wins a third. and two selts a piece. surviving a high of relief but will be tested again in semies facing pole ynd who held off countryman 6-8 with a huge serve. he will be a test for murray. he can move for a big man. has shots and nothing to lose. he's the first polish man to
7:57 pm
reach a grand slam winning in straight sets. novack jokeavich looking for his second title. he's the favorite but the way it's going he won't relax. the 8th seed gone through without losing a sex he's been battling a knee injury. check out this forhand winner on match point. stage five of the tour de trance. and another near the finish line. and ending with a marriage.
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the star of scandal got married last week inhaley, idaho. the 36-year-old actress and 31-year-old athlete married june 24th. a lot of broken hearts on both sides of that aisle. >> i did not know they were a couple. >> thank you, shu, what a scoop. >> join me tonight at cable channel 13. at 9:00 cleaning up your contact skplis a direction for a silicon valley giant. >> and at 11:00 watching for developments in the bart talks. >> that is coming up but that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪
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